My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


[sentimental music playing]
Almost lost you there.
Can't get rid of me that easily.
So, you're finally unpacking?
- Oh, wow. This is really nice.
- Careful.
- [Alex] What is this?
- Thanks.
See you downstairs.
[overlapping chatter]
[George] Well, I'm gonna
Wait, seriously, Lee?
That's what you're having for breakfast?
It's a ham and mushroom pizza.
It's, like, all the food groups.
- Morning.
- [Katherine] Morning, Jackie.
Oh, I got you some more tea bags.
They're in the cabinet
next to the coffee beans.
[Danny] Hey, Mom?
I have Drama Club after school today,
and then we're gonna go to Monty's.
- So I'm gonna miss dinner, okay?
- Okay, honey.
Yeah, I'm working late at Tony's,
so, uh, I'm gonna miss dinner as well.
- Wait, really?
- Yeah, he's been really busy.
[teapot shatters]
Parker, Be careful!
It was an accident!
[Katherine] Oh God.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
Okay, everybody, we need to be outside
in 15 minutes, so let's go.
- Sweetie, I just I feel terrible
- [voice breaking] It's fine.
[somber music playing]
I got it.
Thank you, honey.
I'm just gonna go check on her.
[tender music playing]
Okay, please tell me you're driving.
- Yeah, the girls are coming with me.
- Ah! Amazing.
Um, why aren't you wearing your jersey?
- Coach has the new one in the office.
- Oh.
Also, my brother got us a case.
- Beer's in the Jeep.
- [Erin] I cannot wait for this afternoon.
You're very quiet today.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah. Fine.
Just a headache.
He falls so easily, I almost can't watch.
Then stop looking.
The amount of money
this school spends on football.
Look, there's, like, maximum two games
till the football season's over.
And then the hallways'll
be free and clear.
Well, mostly clear.
Just gotta make it to lunch.
That's the spirit.
[saw whirring]
Excuse me. Thank you.
Thank you.
Babe, you could have gone
to the library. I got this under control.
Opening night is tomorrow.
Kiley's at school,
and you haven't learned
the espresso machine.
Once we get through opening,
it'll all calm down, I swear.
Yeah, I'm sure you're right.
Babe, who are they?
- Band auditions!
- [hammering and whirring]
- Okay, babe
- Sorry. You got this?
No. No. I
[indistinct chatter]
- Hi.
- Oh, hey, Nathan.
I have your shirt in my locker.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [opens locker]
What's up?
I was wondering
what you're doing Sunday, uh,
'cause there's trivia night at Monty's.
- I was thinking we could go
- I can't Sunday.
But I'm gonna be
at that Lark thing tomorrow.
So I'll see you there, right?
I was kind of hoping
we could do something just two of us?
Wait, are you asking me out?
But, yeah,
it doesn't have to be like a date date.
Nathan, you live with Jackie.
- So a date might be a little
- Weird?
Yeah, exactly.
But I'm glad you liked my playlist.
Wait, how did you know
You know it tells me
everybody who's favorited, right?
Oh my
- Wait.
- Are you okay?
- No, I just
- Are you sure?
I think it's just, like, low blood sugar?
I'm good. I'm good.
I'm good.
[upbeat rock music playing]
Great work, Jackie!
I think you just became first team leader.
No, I'm first team leader.
And when you beat Jackie's time,
you will be again.
But she's only a sophomore.
Why don't you run five more laps
instead of your mouth?
That's not fair!
Actually, ten laps might burn off
this energy a little bit better.
Okay, you can't
You say one more thing
and you will be grounded
on top of the laps.
Can you not? We're at school.
Five laps. Make 'em good.
- I didn't know you and Erin were
- Related. Yeah.
She doesn't like us mentioning it.
Okay, all I'm gonna need from you
is a parent's guardian's signature
for the next out-of-town meet, okay?
- [whistle blows]
- [sighs]
[somber music playing]
[door opens]
You're really going without me?
Sorry. You weren't invited.
But Dylan is looking extra tasty today,
and I'm looking equally as hot,
so it's Darwinism.
I really need somebody new to flirt with.
Except that Jackie girl is like cornering
the market on all the available boys.
You think she's pretty?
You don't have to be pretty
when you're new.
Boys love novelty. But novelty wears off.
Yeah, well,
plus that whole helpless orphan thing.
Like, she won the lottery
when her parents died.
And they were rich too, weren't they?
- Yeah.
- So she, like, literally won the lottery.
[girl] Yeah.
- [girl 2 chuckles]
- [door opens]
[door closes]
[bell rings]
Yo, New York.
Hold up.
I'm late for class.
Hey, wait.
Can't really run on this leg yet.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Are you okay?
Me? I'm fine.
You keeping secrets from me, New York?
Today has just been
a lot.
Uh, do you wanna get out of here?
With you?
Unless you had somebody else in mind.
Look, Dylan has a lake house.
- I mean, it would involve cutting class
- You know I can't do that.
Well, I'm going,
and looks like
you're having one of those days
where you just kind of need to escape.
- I have to get to class.
- Come on. It's one afternoon.
You're gonna catch up.
You gotta relax for once.
Take your mind off things.
[girls laughing]
[indistinct chatter]
She was talking about you in math class.
Okay. Yes.
Let's go.
And the flag of your president
Or your parliament ♪
The money that keeps
Right on that policy ♪
Spreading the disease ♪
Yo. So I would like to just practice
Okay. Can you pass me that blanket?
- And the bag too.
- [Olivia] Bags. Perfect.
I'm so excited.
Never mind.
Guess I should have asked who was coming.
- It'll be okay.
- [Dylan] Yo, Danny!
Hi, Erin.
Didn't realize I was gonna be having
such a Jackie-centered day today.
How'd I get so lucky?
- Why does she want my life?
- I don't know.
Yo, the part-ay is this way.
[bell rings]
[Nikhil] Settle down. Settle down.
It's time to get serious, you know?
No Jackie today?
She's sick.
Uh, flu, I think.
Really bad.
All right, we're gonna continue
our journey into great American poetry.
- Where is she?
- [Nikhil] Next up, Emily Dickinson.
- I don't know.
- [Nikhil] Brace yourself for a gigglefest.
Just kidding. You're all
probably gonna cry, but it's okay.
All right. Poetry!
Ladies and gentlemen
Raise your glasses ♪
They call me Def3
I came to slang in some classics ♪
Sorta like a bartender
How I'm serving the masses ♪
And I got two cups of soul
For every one of your asses ♪
So shake that ♪
[Olivia] Shots?
Oh, come on, Olivia.
She'd never.
I'm hittin' hard
Like a double shot of Jameson, yo ♪
Don't think you're a big deal.
I'm still a better runner.
I don't think I'm a big deal at all.
I was lucky today.
I just really needed to run.
Well, I'll be back in first soon enough.
I have no doubt.
When ain't nothing to go 'round
A special kind of woman ♪
All right, who wants
to go skinny-dipping with me?
Dylan, it's, like,
40 degrees in there, man.
Then I guess I'll need somebody
to keep me warm.
Yeah, and someone to build you a fire
so you don't get hypothermia.
I'm down if you go first.
[Dylan] Perfect.
[song fades]
[somber music playing]
Hey, man. It's not the NFL.
You know, we don't retire numbers
and since I took over your spot
It's fine. It's not like
I'm on the team anymore, right?
Danny's right. One fire coming up.
I thought we were skinny-dipping.
[girls laughing]
All right. Who else?
The water's warm!
[water splashing]
Angry lumberjack is a new look for you.
Did you just make a joke?
Did I?
- You buzzed, New York?
- Me?
No. I'm a good girl, didn't you know?
I don't drink or skip class.
I don't need rescuing.
I get all the best grades.
I lead the track team,
and everybody loves me.
[Cole] Okay.
Let's go.
You're gonna help me start this fire.
Want this?
No worries. It'll keep you warm.
[both chuckle]
That's really nice of you.
["New Summers" playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Everything okay with him?
You know Cole.
Sometimes, things are good.
Sometimes, they're less good.
But he always
comes back around eventually.
Like a boomerang.
Or skinny jeans.
- [chuckles] Yeah.
- [chuckles]
My dad had insomnia.
I don't have insomnia.
It's just late at night is
the only time that I get to study movies
without interruptions.
You're studying movies?
Yeah. The, uh the actors.
Just trying to figure out where I fit in.
Don't all actors want to be the lead?
I'm never gonna be the lead. [chuckles]
You know, not in a world
with people who look like, uh
Trust me.
I know what it's like
to live in someone's shadow.
L Lucy was so cool.
Like, so not like me.
Everything just came so easily to her.
But now she's gone.
If you ever want to talk about it
Not today.
I get it.
Open offer, though.
- Okay. Olivia?
- [Olivia] Hmm?
Truth or Dare?
- Ooh! It's that time?
- Hell yeah, it's that time.
Truth or Dare, like,
12-year-old-sleepover Truth or Dare?
[laughs] No, not the way we play.
I hope that's strong,
because you're gonna need it.
Mr. Choudhry totally knew you were lying.
I know.
It just came out.
Jackie was, I don't know, off today.
Well, then it was nice of you
to cover for her, I guess,
but do you actually know where she is?
Or who she's with?
[indistinct chatter]
Ruby, truth or dare?
What do you really think of Paige?
[mysterious music playing]
[Olivia] Ooh. Okay.
What just happened?
In our super awesome version of the game,
you can pass on your turn
by kissing the person to your left
and then changing places.
It keeps things interesting.
[Tara] Mmm. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, everything is fine, Richard.
No, she's doing great. Beyond great.
She's actually one
of only three sophomores
allowed into AP English.
In fact, her teacher is right here.
No, I just want you to hear from him
how she's absolutely soaring, truly.
Mr. Choudhry,
what brilliant insight
did Jackie make in class today?
Oh, uh, she actually
wasn't in class today.
I think she's sick?
Um, Alex's explanation was
a little vague and
[Richard] She must be very sick
if she missed class.
I'll call Katherine and check in on her.
You know, I'm sure she's fine Okay.
Yes. Okay, yep. Ye Bye, Richard.
Well, that just made things worse.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
- Hey, um, would dinner make things better?
- [romantic music playing]
Only if there's dessert involved.
I'm quite certain
every third date involves
[bell rings]
But honestly, it was completely worth it.
I am genuinely impressed.
[Olivia] Okay. Okay.
Now it's my turn, and I pick
[pop music playing on stereo]
Truth or dare?
What do you really think about Dylan
stealing your spot and your number?
I'm actually done with this game.
I quit.
Not surprising.
Quitting things is
kind of your MO these days.
Okay, whoa.
- You wouldn't.
- Oh, I wouldn't?
[mysterious music playing]
[Danny] Hey, Jackie, wait.
[Ruby] Aw. Hmm.
[somber music playing]
Looking good out there.
You've been out here a while.
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine. Just need practice, so
- Hey, Murphy.
- [horse nickers]
[Katherine] I just love being on a horse.
Love how it helps me think
and process everything
I'm going through, you know?
Oh, I brought you this.
Oh, I'm fine. Thanks.
Yeah, I know.
But it's there if you need it.
[Danny] Okay.
Hey, Cole.
Look, man.
I honestly didn't think you'd care,
but, I don't know,
maybe I was an asshole
about the whole number thing.
Only maybe?
Good luck in the playoffs.
Hey, are you okay to drive?
Because if you're not,
you guys can come with us.
I'll bring you back for your car tomorrow.
You know,
serious athletes don't actually drink.
But thanks.
Sweet of you to care.
Drive safe.
You too.
[tender music playing]
- [vehicle door closes]
- [Danny] There's water under the seat.
It's just a number.
You know that, right?
- It's not who you are.
- Dude, it's already forgotten.
You guys, it's fine! Sh!
Hi, Katherine!
Where have you guys been?
Oh, wow. That's a look.
Can't wait to hear this explanation.
We went to a party.
Which I practically forced her to go to.
- And I just drove, so
- [keys jangle]
Good night.
Yeah, good night.
- Where have you been? Whoa. Whoa.
- [Katherine] I already did that part.
Okay, well, have you done the part
where they're grounded all weekend yet?
Really? I've never been grounded before.
I should be the only one that's grounded.
Although, I've never
actually been drunk before either.
Before you say anything else,
I'm just gonna get you upstairs to bed.
- No.
- [Katherine] Oh, jeez.
Not you.
Hey. How was your night?
Uh, yeah, great. Thanks.
No drinking?
No, of course not.
Good girl.
I wanted to show you this footage.
Here. Look. Look at these drills.
They are doing AT tempo runs
mixed with paced intervals.
We should try that.
Those are State Champions.
Okay. Sounds like a plan.
I thought you'd be excited.
I will set the alarm
for 6:00 a.m. training.
This will be fun.
[door closes]
Do you even understand
everything that she's been through?
And how hard all of this is?
Look, we are supposed to be
making this easier for her.
Okay? So you have to be better.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
I'll be better.
Good night.
Drinking and staying out all night?
Quitting on your school work?
This isn't who you are.
We're gonna have
to turn all this around, right?
- If you want to get to college
- Maybe I don't want to go to college.
We all know I'm not the smartest.
Okay? And now that I don't have football,
I don't have anything to offer colleges.
- [George] No.
- But I already figured that out.
So why haven't you?
Cole. Cole.
I'm gonna go work on my truck.
Okay, at least I can do that right.
Hey, can you get back in here?
Or what?
You gonna ground me twice?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[knocking on door]
You'll thank me for this tomorrow.
I also covered for you at school
and got your homework.
Thank you.
No problem.
I mean thank you for everything.
For being you.
I don't know how to be anybody else.
I don't think you
I don't want you to kiss me
because you're drunk.
Get some sleep.
[rooster crows]
Oh boy. How you feeling?
Okay, I guess.
You know, usually greasy food helps.
I could make you some bacon
or fry an egg?
- [sighs]
- [Katherine] Okay. Got it.
You know, in college,
your mom used to swear by grilled cheese
and pickle sandwiches.
With Earl Grey tea
and tons and tons of honey.
Not that that happened very often,
of course.
It was just, like, once or twice or
ten times a semester.
You know, Jackie, I was thinking
that maybe one weekend,
you and me and Parker,
we could go into the city,
check out a gallery or something?
I'd like that.
Sweet. Pancakes.
How'd you sleep?
Like a baby.
Good morning.
Is, uh, Cole awake yet?
I haven't seen him.
I'm gonna yell.
Cole! Please come down!
[door opens]
[indistinct chatter]
- Where's the fire?
- [George] Good morning.
Sleeping Beauty,
this is for you, and this one is for you.
And what is this?
It is a list of chores that we expect
the two of you to get done today.
[George] What?
You didn't think
you were just gonna, you know,
hang out and watch TV all day, did you?
- Call me if you need, honey.
- [Katherine] Okay.
[door opens, closes]
[pensive music playing]
You should eat up. It could be a long day.
- [chuckles]
- [Danny] What?
You don't need to yell at me.
I've already been banned
from taking the stick inside the house.
It's not that.
I just I wanted to say
that I'm sorry for yesterday.
I know you didn't mean it.
I'm new at being an older sister,
and I'm sure this isn't the only mistake
I'm ever gonna make,
but if you bear with me,
I'm sure you'll be showing me
how to hit that puck before you know it.
Field hockey uses a ball.
Great. Lesson One, complete.
I'm sorry too.
- It's just
- Here it goes!
I'm used to dealing with
You got a whole ranch to play in
and you gotta kick it there, huh?
with that.
- Come on.
- [chuckles]
Trust me.
I get it.
[both chuckle]
[clears throat]
Hey, Jackie.
Well, what are you, uh
what are you doing?
Just packing paint supplies.
Uh, last night.
- You almost
- I know.
I'm so sorry.
- I I didn't mean
- It's okay.
I just didn't want you to
To, like, regret it
or anything.
But it wasn't because I didn't want to.
Jackie! Hey!
Okay, I know you're grounded,
but Katherine said I could ask you
about your very urgent school project.
Okay. Come on.
Obviously there's no school project,
but there is a rumor
you went to Dylan's cabin party.
Is that why you skipped school?
Did you get drunk?
Did you play Truth or Dare?
I heard they play
some R-rated version of it.
Okay, go. Tell me everything.
Okay, we did play Truth or Dare,
but it wasn't fun. It was confusing.
Confusing how?
Cole almost kissed me.
Long story.
- Honestly, I thought you were into Alex.
- [Jackie] I don't know.
I messed up, and I drunkenly tried
to kiss him last night,
and then, just now
What, just now just now?
[chuckles] Jackie,
we don't talk for one day,
and your life gets so much juicier.
No, but I'm confused. So are you
into Alex, or are you getting into Cole?
The only thing I am getting into
is Princeton,
because Jackie's little walk
on the wild side ended yesterday.
I wish I could have
a walk on the wild side.
Or even just a stroll
near the blustery side.
Would you like me to almost kiss you too?
No. I'm out of your league. [chuckles]
Just promise not to make any big decisions
without consulting me first.
Like I could ever.
Okay, well, thank you so much
for your academic guidance, Jackie,
it was truly invaluable.
Okay, bye!
[indistinct chatter]
[mellow music playing]
Oh my gosh, you guys. Really?
You put nothing away.
I was thinking, um, uh,
maybe I should stay home.
And miss out on the party?
Why would you do that?
Uh, you're missing out on the party.
Well, I'm grounded.
Besides, aren't you
supposed to be helping Will?
Yeah. Okay.
I'll see you later?
[Danny] Hey, Alex! Are you coming?
You better go.
[George] Cole!
We're supposed to get a pretty bad storm,
so make sure we're all closed up.
- Get some of these bikes away!
- [engine starts]
Let's go.
[calm guitar music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Tara laughs]
- [Hayley] Aw.
I wasn't sure what to bring
to a grand opening.
Yeah. So you brought Nikhil?
It's not a big deal.
We had dinner last night,
and then this morning,
I asked if he wanted to come to this.
- [sighs] I really like him, Hayley.
- Okay, tell me everything.
- Oh, yeah?
- [Hayley] Yes.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Hi, honey.
- Hey.
Everybody is having an amazing time.
You should be so proud.
I'm just happy my business degree
wasn't a waste of time.
Hey, doing something that makes you happy
is never a waste of time.
Good evening, everybody.
You all know, I love to talk
And talk and talk and talk and talk.
[audience laughs]
Ladies and gentlemen,
my son, the comedian.
[audience laughs]
Um, but since tonight is not about me,
I'm gonna make this brief and just say
that this may be my café, but,
uh, this is Will and Hayley's night.
They're the ones
who put this all together,
so let's raise a glass
to Will, Haley, and Lark After Dark.
- [man] Hey, congrats, Will.
- Thank you.
[thunder rumbles]
I thought you said this was hot chocolate?
[chuckles] It's spicy hot chocolate.
But compared to how my family makes it,
there's maybe a tiny dash
of chili powder in the milk.
Okay, I don't know what kind
of chocolate they have in New York
- Okay. Hey. If you can't handle it
- No, no, no.
I'm not saying I can't handle it.
I'm just saying you know,
it wasn't something I was expecting.
[thunder crashes]
Truth or dare?
- I'm really not in the mood.
- Hey.
Truth or dare?
Are you happy here?
[tender music playing]
I'm not sure.
Not yet.
I mean, in New York,
I never would've done
any of the things that I did yesterday.
And I don't know if that means
I'm changing for the better or the worse.
Truth or dare?
[thunder crashes]
Are you happy?
Sometimes, I
I just feel kind of
[thunder rumbles]
[thunder crashes]
[Cole] Okay.
[mellow rock music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Hi. Excuse me, miss.
I'd like to speak to the manager.
The service here is atrocious.
You're literally wearing a Lark apron.
Oh, yeah.
And you use that line
when I work at Monty's.
You'd think a new venue
might encourage new material.
Okay. Uh, how about, um
You know what? I'm still workshopping it,
but it's gonna be great.
Oh, I have no doubt.
How come there was never a you and Kiley?
Me and Kiley?
Come on.
Uh, I've known her
since we were in kindergarten.
- [Skylar] So?
- She's, like Kiley.
- Hey, son.
- Congrats, Dad.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I don't wanna
take you away from the party.
- I just wanted to give you this.
- What's that?
Well, I was looking at the totals,
talking to people,
and it's a hit.
You're in this.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, thank you.
Take a rest, spend that money,
because starting Thursday,
Lark After Dark is
moving to four nights a week.
- Whoa, that's great.
- Congratulations!
- [Will] Thank you.
- [Lee] Oh my God, dude.
[Will] Thanks, guys.
Thanks for coming.
Oh, come on. Listen.
Thanks for giving Will a shot with this.
You know, I was a bit hesitant at first,
but if this continues,
um, I'm gonna be able
to buy that ski house in Aspen.
Well, that would be something.
So how's everything going with you, man?
We haven't had a breakfast in forever.
That's completely my fault.
We've just been insane out at the ranch.
Yeah, business
It's been booming. [chuckles]
You know, we're actually thinking
about expanding, so non-stop.
That's great. Not bad
for a couple of middle-aged ex-jocks.
[chuckles] Say that quietly.
- Well, congrats, bud. I'm happy for you.
- Thank you.
All right, Mato.
[thunder rumbles]
You okay?
I think those kids could sleep
through an actual hurricane.
[rain falling]
Do you even know what you're looking at?
Hey, my ice tray battery
won the sixth grade science fair,
so you might want to stand back.
Okay. I did not figure you
for an electrician.
Well, my mom always said
nothing is so broken
that it can't be fixed.
[Cole] Huh.
[thunder rumbles]
Lee and I were up at the orchard earlier
and the moths have gotten to the roots.
We don't know if this new spray
is gonna work until the spring,
so we'll probably lose
half of these trees through the winter.
And the orchard isn't all of it.
We are dangerously low on money right now.
I even went down
to talk to Darrell at the bank.
Try to get us a bridge loan.
We got rejected. So
Yeah. I was wondering
when you were going to tell me about that.
We share a bank account, honey.
I just didn't want you to worry.
That's all.
And I get that, but I
I just wish you felt like
you could talk to me about it.
This ranch
meant everything to my dad,
and I am single-handedly
driving it into the ground.
No, you are not driving it
into the ground.
You are doing the best you can
under circumstances
that are out of your control.
[emotional music playing]
Look, I know, I
I know that things
seem really bleak right now.
We have to look at what we have.
Look at the kids.
And we have each other.
[indistinct chatter]
I mean, sometimes
I can't believe how lucky I am.
- We're gonna get through it together.
- Yeah.
All of us.
[chuckles softly]
[Cole] Looks like the whole area is out.
Happens all the time.
Thank God. I thought it was my fault.
[thunder rumbling]
It was Lucy's birthday yesterday.
I'm sorry, Jackie.
That's why I was using her teapot.
It's part of our birthday tradition.
It was silly, but
we would buy each other tea pots
at birthdays and Christmas.
I don't even know how it started. I think
something to do with Alice in Wonderland.
You know? [chuckles]
But we would get them
at thrift stores and antique fairs,
and some of them were hideous, but
that one, um
That was her favorite.
What was she like?
[Jackie] Clever.
Funny, beautiful.
Everybody loved her.
Sounds just like you.
[thunder rumbles]
["You're the One" playing]
She would have been 19.
In a couple of years,
I'll be older than she ever was.
It is just a number, though.
It's just a number.
A decade had passed ♪
To bend the rules ♪
Or break them all ♪
- [door opens]
- [thunder crashes]
[Katherine] Ooh.
Honey, I'm gonna go,
uh, check on the kids.
[George] I'm gonna start the generator.
Why didn't Cole start the generator?
[thunder crashes]
[Katherine] Where are Jackie and Cole?
Found 'em.
That I want, that I want ♪
You're the one I want ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
That I want ♪
You're the one ♪
You're the one that I want ♪
That I want ♪
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