My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


[gentle music playing]
[rooster crows]
Onions, celery, breadcrumbs.
I have cranberries.
- You wanna make yams with me this year?
- Sure.
- Me too.
- [Parker] You're making hush puppies.
We each make one dish.
Okay, well, I will get the yams
and you two can duke it out later.
- Morning.
- [Katherine] Morning.
- [George] Hey, guys. There's pancakes.
- Just coffee for me. Thanks.
- Can I take this?
- Yeah, didn't you run this morning?
Yeah, three miles, even with a headache.
- Another one?
- Yeah, always happens when it turns cold.
You definitely need to eat.
- Okay.
- [door closes]
Hey. These'll work.
We're gonna brine turkeys in those?
They're 16 pounds. This is all we got.
Hey, Isaac,
you might wanna swap out the leather
and get a warmer coat.
It's 80% chance of snow today, guys.
Sometimes you have
to sacrifice comfort for style.
Like, this leather jacket says
"tough, chill, smooth." You getting it?
Frostbite also says "tough,"
"chill," and "smooth."
You get it?
Did you hear from our dad?
Do you know what time he's calling?
Yeah, it's at eleven o'clock.
Jackie, do you wanna
make anything for tomorrow?
Everybody makes one dish
and then we all add it to the meal.
- Yeah, one thing.
- Except me.
What are you doing?
Setting my alarm.
Well, I make two turkeys, obviously.
So if there are
any Howard family traditions,
I can pick up the ingredients.
Yeah, pick your favorite thing.
I'll pass, if that's okay.
You know, I'm beginning to think inviting
her Uncle Richard wasn't the best idea.
No. No, no, no, honey,
it was a great idea. Really.
Look, it might be exactly what she needs.
All right, everybody, eat up. We gotta go.
[heartfelt music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Nikhil] With that said,
your reading assignment for the break
is gonna be Thomas Wolfe's novella,
The Lost Boy.
- Hey.
- Is there any extra credit with that?
Oh, how about 500 words or less
connecting the themes of the text
to a story from your own lives?
[bell rings]
[Nikhil] Have a good break, everyone.
[sighs] Sucks that we have to read
over break,
but at least it's short.
Mm-hmm. It's going to be a busy four days.
- It is?
- Mm-hmm.
I have homework,
that US history project, the food drive
- [Alex] Jackie.
- What?
What's going on?
Nothing? Why?
Because I feel like
you've been avoiding me since
[Jackie] No.
No, of course not.
It's just been busy, right?
I mean, we've both been so busy.
[Alex groans]
- She hates me.
- She doesn't hate you.
I should've done it when I had the chance.
- What, kissed her?
- Yes.
Didn't you say she was drunk?
- Which would've made me a total jerk.
- [Kiley] Yeah. Good thing you didn't then.
But now she thinks I don't like her.
[Kiley] Oh my God, Alex.
So you see the problem? What do I do?
Just stop obsessing for one thing.
You're just driving yourself crazy, okay?
And me too.
Honestly, this is all
I've been listening to for, like, weeks.
Whoever said "time heals all wounds"
has never been wounded like this.
You just need a do-over.
Uh, I'm not good at, like, making picnics
or buying flowers or whatever
Good, 'cause girls can smell basic
from a mile away.
Just find something meaningful to her.
[pensive music playing]
[Skylar] You're the only one in the school
taking all your books home.
Don't you plan
on having any fun over break?
I don't want to do
anything Thanksgiving-related this year.
- Right.
- Pretending it doesn't exist.
I just can't fake feeling festive,
you know?
- Without
- Cole.
Need a ride home, New York?
Going to the Lark for the food drive.
Suit yourself.
[heartfelt music playing]
It's pretty interesting
that the hottest boy in school
still talks to you
after you hurled all over him.
Thanks for the reminder.
It's not just Thanksgiving
I'm trying to forget.
[heartfelt music continues]
[Hayley] Two apple, two pumpkin,
and one pecan.
- Have a good one.
- [Will] Mmm.
- This brown butter pumpkin is amazing.
- [Hayley] Okay.
If you keep eating everything,
we'll have nothing left to sell.
Babe, if I hadn't already proposed,
I'd be on one knee right now.
- Martha Stewart's got nothing on you.
- Okay. Thank you.
Don't think that compliment
earned you another slice. It did not.
- Double mocha, please, dear.
- [Hayley] Okay.
- Extra hot. It's freezing out there.
- I know.
- [woman] And don't forget
- Extra whipping cream. I know, Edna.
You girls have any extra food?
I've gotta figure out dinner for tomorrow
now that the tavern's closing.
Sure, we'll make you a bag. For how many?
- I'll be eating alone this year.
- No, you don't have to be.
- We're staying open for the holiday.
- We are?
You are?
Count me in then. Thank you.
Since when are we staying open
on Thanksgiving?
[Will] Mato texted.
He heard about the tavern closing
and asked if we could open the doors
for people that needed somewhere to go.
And you said yes without asking me?
It's not like we could've said no.
No, I guess not.
But we don't have the staff.
- Kylie has the weekend off. I wanted
- I'll work.
No way. My mom will kill me.
- That's okay, I will stay and help.
- [Will] I can handle it.
I know how much you love
a Walter family holiday.
Yeah, but part of the reason I love them
is because you're there.
It's just this one time, okay?
- Yeah.
- I promise.
How was that?
13, 14, 15, 16. Okay.
Okay. Anyone want a coffee
before I shut off the espresso machine?
- No, thanks.
- I'm good.
There's still 11 unclaimed bags.
I don't get it.
Everybody confirmed yesterday.
They probably didn't want to brave
the cold, or maybe they're just flakes.
It's just a shame. All these people
won't have a Thanksgiving meal now.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna deliver
the rest of these myself tomorrow.
Hope your bike has snow tires.
Don't worry about it.
- I'll figure it out.
- Okay.
Or maybe I should go with you.
- I'd
- Look, I'm social chair.
It's my responsibility.
Plus, I have a car.
[horse whinnies]
[upbeat music playing]
[Katherine] Hmm.
You're putting raisins
in your brussels sprouts?
- Yeah.
- [scoffs]
- And the pancetta?
- [sizzling]
- Oh, Danny, I don't know about this.
- Dad, his is my dish and that's your dish.
So how's the incision looking?
You should check yours.
It's looking kind of dry.
[laughs] You wish. The stuffing's perfect.
[Katherine] Good. And his appetite?
- Yeah, smells good.
- [Katherine] Okay, excellent.
All right, I will be over on Saturday
to take out the sutures.
Tell Marta I said happy turkey day.
You two are ridiculous.
- This isn't a competition.
- I know.
Sure it is.
Says the guy who contributes
a carton of vanilla ice cream every year.
- [Alex] Mom?
- [Katherine] Yeah?
Um, Nathan and I are
going to the Summerhill's.
Oh. Okay.
Don't be gone too long though.
This is one of the only days
we all get to spend together.
- Are you going too?
- Where?
Skylar's dad's doing a talk
on the real history of Thanksgiving.
I can't. I'm doing food-drive deliveries.
[Katherine] Well, I'm gonna need
you all home by 2:00.
I'm not sure
how long deliveries will take,
so don't wait for me 'cause I can
grab leftovers when I get home.
[optimistic music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
What are you doing here?
Oh, uh, I saw the flyer.
I invited them, son.
This is about our history
and understanding
our connection to Mother Earth
and to all living things.
That means everyone.
Good to see you.
Please find a place to sit.
Happy to be here.
- He didn't get anything?
- No.
[Mato] Hi, everyone.
Thank you for coming.
As usual, when we gather
this time of the year,
I just like to say a few words,
and most of you have
heard me say this many, many times before,
so I'll keep it short.
Today, we are gathered here
to mourn the loss of our ancestors
and the devastation of our beautiful land.
We protest the mythology
about the first "Thanksgiving,"
and instead of celebrating this massacre,
we remember and we honor
all of those who suffered
at the first Thanks Taking.
Hey, um
what's the deal with you and Cole?
So that's why you wanted to help.
So you could corner me?
I just
At the cabin, I thought
Absolutely nothing.
What's the deal with you and Cole?
Sorry, you don't have to tell me.
No, it's
It's not nothing, but it's not something.
Does that make sense?
We've known each other forever.
It's complicated.
Does it have to be?
I mean, you're
Not my business.
What? What were you gonna say? I'm what?
You remind me of my sister, Lucy.
Your sister?
You're cool and you're really smart
and you're pretty.
I mean, don't you think you're worth more
than being another girl in Cole's lineup?
[heartfelt music playing]
Cole doesn't do the girlfriend thing.
That's his problem.
Like, what's wrong
with having a relationship?
I know 100 guys in New York
that would fight to the death
to be your boyfriend.
[doorbell rings]
- Richard.
- Hi, Katherine.
You're You're early.
Yeah. Sorry. Hope you don't mind.
No, not at all.
Come on in.
That's what you're wearing?
Dad doesn't care what we wear.
Like [scoffs]
Fine. I'm starting it.
[Parker] Coming through!
- Sweetie.
- Whoa!
Parker! Parker! Parker!
Outside with that. Come on.
- [Parker] But you always
- [Katherine] No, no, no.
That's good. All good. Thank you so much.
Sorry about that.
It's not a problem.
Thank you for inviting me
for Thanksgiving.
Oh, I know it was last minute,
but we're really glad you could join us.
I'm sorry I wasn't more hospitable myself
when you and George came for the funeral.
It's okay. We were all in shock.
How's Jackie doing?
I think seeing you will lift her spirits.
Where is she?
She's actually out delivering
Thanksgiving meals for a food drive.
In this weather? It's freezing.
She has a warm coat.
- Thank you.
- [Jackie] You're welcome.
Careful. I'll get the door.
- [Erin and Jackie] Happy Thanksgiving.
- [man] Happy Thanksgiving.
Okay, only three more houses
and then we can share credit for making
this year's food drive a success.
[Erin] It's not that I wanted the credit.
It's that my mom's
not really into Thanksgiving.
What about your dad?
He died when I was ten.
I'm sorry.
[heartfelt music playing]
[Erin] Holidays suck now.
You're just figuring that out, aren't you?
It's the worst, I know.
The first year is
full of "they'll nevers."
They'll never hear
their favorite song again or
watch a track meet or get to go
on that trip they talked about.
They'll never
Celebrate another Thanksgiving.
I know what it's like,
and I know
that it's three times worse for you.
[rock music playing]
[door opens]
You want the highlights?
Hit me.
Bridgewater fumbled at the goal line,
which means it's not looking
too good for the Broncos,
but, uh, we'll see.
And in other news,
if Dad doesn't get his defense in shape,
I think Mom's gonna
take that guy Richard down.
My money's on Mom.
What are you working on?
Uh, mmm, nothing.
[Danny] Wow, you're
you're fixing Jackie's teapot.
That's, uh, really kind
and sensitive and thoughtful of you.
- You feeling okay?
- It's stupid.
- I think I'm just going to forget it.
- No, no, it's not stupid at all.
Give it to her.
Girls like guys who make an effort.
I read that somewhere.
Okay, I'm gonna go.
Just keep it up.
Bro, he's not coming.
There's a million reasons
why he'd be running late.
Well, we're gonna miss
the second half, so
Who cares about football right now?
It's Thanksgiving and Dad promised
that he would at least show up and
Bro, what the
Do you like kimchi?
I do, actually. Do you like ceviche?
Mom, do I like ceviche?
How did it go?
- [Benny] Mom.
- You've never had ceviche, Benny.
But you like sushi, so I think
that you would probably love it.
What's the matter?
Grandmother's crystal.
We haven't used that since
The last special occasion.
- [Jordan] Mom, Lee's drinking wine.
- [George] Lee.
Hey, Lee, what are you doing?
- We're allowed wine on special occasions.
- No, that is absolutely not true.
- [George] Name one time we let you.
- Why don't you drink this?
[Richard] Good.
Speaking of alcohol,
I heard Jackie skipped school, got drunk,
and went to an unsupervised party
at a lake recently.
That sort of thing happen often?
Jackie got drunk?
Um, everybody under the age of 35,
let's get out of the kitchen.
Now. Come on, you guys. Let's go.
You, you, you, you, you, you. Come on.
We try to edit out
certain things for small ears.
But, yes, that did happen
and she was grounded.
You can't blame me for being concerned
my niece is doing things
completely out of character.
She's a teenager, Richard.
50% of what they do
is out of character,
which I happen to know
from raising seven teenage boys.
One left. Let's see.
[phone ringing]
Here, I can
- Hello?
- [Katherine] Jackie.
Hi. Um, I'm just checking in, sweetie.
I wanted to see when you'll be home.
We actually have a lot more to do,
so I probably
won't make it back in time for dinner.
That's not an option, honey. Um
I didn't want to ruin the surprise,
but your Uncle Richard's here to see you.
What? Are you serious?
Okay, okay, yeah, I'll hurry.
Uh, bye.
Um, I have to get back,
but let's do this last bag.
Hold on. If we're done,
then who's this last big for?
Did we miscount?
It's mine.
I took it 'cause my mom's gonna be
at school late grading papers,
which she likes to do on holidays,
because, you know, holidays suck.
You should come to the Walters'.
[laughs] No.
I'm serious.
There are, like, a thousand kids already.
I couldn't.
No because of Cole?
I mean
I don't know.
It won't be weird,
and honestly,
I'm not feeling festive either,
so we can keep each other company.
[gentle music playing]
Sure this is okay?
Oh! You made it.
[Richard laughs]
- I missed you.
- [Jackie] Me too.
[Jackie sighs]
Jackie said it was okay if I came.
Sure, the more the merrier.
Hey, Erin. It's so great
you could join us. Come on in.
- [Kiley] Bye, guys.
- [Alex] Thanks for having us.
[man] Yeah, nice seeing you.
Actually, give me just one minute, okay?
That was really amazing.
And, you know, I really did come
because I wanted to learn.
[scoffs] It's not just that.
It's happened before.
Kids have turned up just to seem woke
or snap some shots
for their Insta or whatever.
I get it.
But I'm honored
that your dad and your community
shared this with us today.
See you around?
[optimistic music playing]
Yeah, see you.
We didn't burn it this year. Right?
- Oh, hi!
- [Hayley] Hi!
- Hey.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
- Thank you.
- [Hayley] Top one is apple and cinnamon.
The bottom one is pecan.
[Katherine] Yum.
- Do you want a glass of wine?
- [Hayley] Yes, please.
So [clears throat]
how about I show you
how to carve the turkey?
Do Cole and Danny know how?
Would you trust those two
with a knife like this?
Come on.
[music fades]
So, are you comfortable here?
You know, with all the "ma'am."
Took some time getting used to,
but, you know,
so have a lot of things lately.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
[Jackie] Okay.
I consulted a lawyer
about getting custody.
Of me?
No. No, no, of one of the other
three dozen kids out there.
Jackie, when they read your parents' will,
I was in shock and grieving,
and I just wanted
to honor my sister's wishes,
so I went along with you coming here.
But I'll admit
I was pretty hurt
that your parents chose Katherine.
But now I realize
that they wrote that will 15 years ago
when there were
only three Walter kids, not ten.
You know, you were a baby,
I was in my 20s, partying up a storm,
so I understand why your mom
didn't think I could take care of you.
You're a city girl
who likes museums and the ballet.
- And there's definitely none of that here.
- [Richard] No.
I wanna get you back home
where you belong.
Into your old high school,
back on the Princeton track,
with me the only family you got left.
You don't have to decide this second.
think about it
and know I'm ready
to pursue this if you want me to.
[upbeat music playing]
Angle, get it down.
Point it down a little. There you go.
Then you're gonna start
to try to split it split it open.
There you go. There you go. Nice.
[indistinct chatter]
- Okay.
- [Katherine] This goes on the left.
Ladies first. Excuse me.
Coming in. Coming through. Coming through.
plate. You're so dainty.
- You thought it was a
- I thought it was a charger.
[overlapping chatter]
Okay, guys. Let's all, uh
Let's have a seat.
I thought before we dive in,
why don't we go around the table
and share what
we're thankful for this year?
Cole, let's start with you?
Uh, I guess I'm grateful that the Broncos
didn't actually wipe out this year.
I'm thankful for the long weekend
and the chance to watch a bunch of movies.
I'm just grateful
that I didn't have to cook today,
and you all should be too.
[all chuckle]
I am grateful that I had a chance
to find out more
about the native day of mourning.
I don't feel like it.
Well, I'm grateful, um,
that the ladies love me
for my charm and my good looks,
and we're both grateful to be
a part of this family, right, Lee?
And we love having you in it.
I'm just grateful to be here.
Thanks for having me.
[Katherine] You're welcome.
I'm grateful for so many things.
I mean, you guys, of course,
but mostly Will.
I should go.
Of course, sweetie.
Let me just pack up
some of this cranberry-almond stuffing,
because it's Will's favorite.
But, Mom, we have to hear your turn.
Gosh, there's so much to be thankful for.
Just go ahead and eat before it gets cold.
- Bon appétit.
- Let's do it.
- It is the coolest thing, right, Jacks?
- Mm-hmm.
What's it called?
- [Jackie] Manhattanhenge.
- Oh, like Stonehenge.
[Richard] Exactly.
It only happens twice a year
when the sun aligns perfectly
with the Manhattan street grid.
This glow of light cuts right through
these two tall buildings
and rays shoot in every direction.
Her mom lived for those two days a year.
- She really did.
- [Cole] Whatever.
Big cities are overrated.
Jackie's realizing that now.
Maybe we can see
Manhattanhenge together next year.
You know, if you decide to come visit.
Too bad she's not moving back.
Jesus, Lee. Don't be a jackass.
Lee, I don't think it's Jackie
that you're mad at, right?
- She's not going anywhere. So let's
- Actually I might be.
[in Spanish] Are you sure?
[in Spanish] You're moving back?
What's going on?
I'm considering filing for custody.
- What?
- [Katherine] Is that why you came?
You invited me here, remember? And no.
[George] Jackie's guardianship
was settled in the will.
I realize that,
but I'm her only blood relative,
and that can be contested.
You'd really leave?
[George] Richard, have you
really thought this through?
Raising a teenager and you work full-time.
I am traveling less now
and she should be with family.
- We are a family.
- You know what I mean.
[George] Still, you have to admit
that your lifestyle
isn't really conducive
to parent-teacher conferences
and home-cooked meals every day.
You don't know me that well, George,
with all due respect.
[stammers, sighs]
Look, I think that for us,
the bottom line is that
we just want Jackie to have stability.
Consistency is so important.
[Richard] I want that too.
What do you want?
[somber music playing]
He's right.
Do you know what you want?
The only thing I know for sure
is what I want is impossible to have.
You know, Richard,
if there's one thing I've learned,
it's that family
isn't always defined by blood.
Did you know I was adopted?
My parents were wonderful,
but I was always really curious
about my biological parents.
So after college, I went on a road trip
to finally meet my birth mother,
and guess who came with me?
My mom.
Angelica was with me,
by my side in that car for hours
while I processed all the hopes and fears
that had built up.
And when we finally got to Colorado,
she waited in the motel
while I went to the diner
where my mother had agreed to meet.
But she never showed.
I was devastated.
But there was this waiter,
and he kept refilling my coffee,
and I think he probably felt bad for me
because he brought me
this gigantic slice of pie
Okay, I didn't feel bad for you.
I just thought she was
the hottest thing I'd ever seen.
That's how you two met?
[Katherine] Yeah.
I went searching for blood family,
but I found chosen family instead.
[heartfelt music playing]
And I'm grateful every single day.
[indistinct chatter]
- Hey, I need table nine. Thank you.
- [man] Here you go.
[mouths] After work.
[mouths] Thank you.
All right. Three.
[Jackie] You're welcome.
So that was pretty intense.
[sighs] Do you know what you're gonna do?
Not sure what's left for me in New York,
but I don't know if I belong here either.
There are a lot
of crappy families out there,
but the Walters aren't one of them.
[Erin] I'd hold onto that for dear life.
Hey, you taking off?
It's cool that Jackie invited you.
Why, 'cause she's the bomb
and can do no wrong?
No, because I'm glad
you had somewhere to go.
Sorry, it's been a long day.
Do you want to come back with me?
Some other time.
Let me walk you out.
It's okay.
All right.
- Hey, you gotta start at "start."
- Come on. You guys started without me.
Okay, not that I want
to make a habit of it,
but tonight was pretty fun.
- See?
- [chuckles]
Feeding people on Thanksgiving
is just as great as being fed.
Yeah, well, I like the eating part too.
[phone ringing]
Lark Café.
[Mato] Hayley, hey. It's Mato.
- Hey, Mato.
- [Mato] So how did it go?
It went really well.
We had 15 covers,
and I think you'll be
pretty happy with our totals.
- [Mato] Well, that's fantastic.
- Yeah.
And actually, it was really, really nice
making Silver Falls' residents feel,
you know, welcome on a day
that can be pretty lonely for people.
- [Mato] That's great. Uh
- Yeah.
[Mato] I gotta run, but is Will there?
Yep, he's right here.
[Mato] Okay, just tell him thanks.
Oh, and, uh, congratulations on having
the genius idea to stay open today.
Uh, I owe you guys.
Uh, yeah.
Yep, I will tell him.
[Will] So?
He's pleased?
Yeah. Yeah, very pleased
with your genius idea
of staying open on Thanksgiving.
- Hayles, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lied.
- Then why did you?
- I don't understand why in the world
- I didn't think you would agree otherwise.
For the first time in a long time, I
I feel excited professionally
because of the Lark,
and I have all these new ideas,
like staying open today,
but I feel like you don't get it.
Okay, look, I'm sorry
that you feel that way,
I really am,
but it doesn't
justify lying to me about it.
- You should have explained it to me.
- I tried.
- When did you explain it? You didn't.
- I tried. Hayley!
Maybe I should've tried harder.
Yep. You should've.
- Wait.
- I don't want to talk about it right now.
- Come on.
- Can you Just
Hayley, come on.
I am unfolding ♪
I am not holding on ♪
Shattered in pieces ♪
I am the broken one ♪
If you only knew the chaos
Inside my head ♪
Peppermint tea. Took a guess.
Wish that I could run ♪
[Katherine] Is there anything else
I can get for you?
Just let me hurt ♪
I'm really sorry if I ruined Thanksgiving.
Don't be.
I can't begin to imagine
how hard this is for you.
And we've never had a holiday
around here without a little bit of drama.
Need to cry an ocean ♪
I overheard you and George talking
about how I'm an extra mouth to feed.
I don't want to be a burden.
Oh, sweetie, no.
No, no, no, not at all, you're not.
I promise.
We love having you here.
- You sure?
- Yes.
Don't want a lifeline ♪
And you should know
that we 100% want you here, but
George and I will support
whatever you decide.
Just let me hurt a little longer ♪
Just let me hurt a little longer ♪
Ah! Over here.
[Isaac] Shoot.
Hey, yo. Yo!
- Someone's on a video call for you guys.
- Dad.
He's not gonna wait forever, man.
Hey, how you doing, guys? I miss you guys.
Hey, sorry about yesterday.
[in Spanish]
The Internet here has been patchy.
How goes it?
Did you have a good Thanksgiving?
[in English]
Uh, I carved the turkey this year.
[in Spanish]
Congratulations, son. Congratulations.
[horse whinnies]
[in English]
Why do I feel like this is a sneak attack?
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe 'cause Angelica's
hotshot playboy little brother
has a ruthless streak
and a stable of attorneys at his disposal.
I mean,
I guess it's possible
that he has good intentions.
Yeah, maybe.
[horse whinnies]
God, I hope she stays.
Me too.
I mean, it's it's beautiful out here.
The quiet sets my teeth on edge.
You have no idea
how much I miss the police sirens
and screaming neighbors sometimes.
[Richard laughs]
So, you'll think about it?
I have.
I want to stay with the Walters.
For now, anyway.
It's not that
I don't miss you or New York,
or that I don't want to live with you,
'cause a big part of me does.
But an even bigger part of me
doesn't know who I am in New York
without my family.
Or if I'm even ready to find out.
[sighs] I understand.
It means a lot
that you were willing to fight for me.
I will always fight for you
and be there for you. No matter what.
And I'm going to keep checking up on you,
so tell Tara she's stuck with me.
[Richard] Come here.
I love you.
Love you too.
Don't turn into a cowgirl.
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
Come in.
- Hey.
- Hi.
So, uh, word is your staying.
Sorry to disappoint you.
No, I'm sorry.
What I said at the table,
it wasn't personal.
It's just it's hard
to get attention around here sometimes.
I totally get it.
[in Spanish] All good?
All good.
[door closes]
[in English] You don't have to knock, Lee.
Hi. Do you want to talk about the book?
Uh, no,
I came to say that I'm glad you're staying
and that I have a surprise for you.
Can it wait? I have ten pages left.
No, actually, it can't.
["Constellations" playing]
Lights are turned off ♪
Music is on ♪
Minds are unlocked ♪
This feeling is amazing ♪
Hands on your waist ♪
We're gonna go right over there.
- Up here?
- [Alex] Yep.
And then say,
- Whoa.
- [Alex] Good.
There you go. Look, you're a natural.
The wind blows west ♪
We're just in time.
You've got a darker side ♪
You know it's a mess
But you don't need to hide ♪
The sweat is dripping down ♪
[Alex] It's like our own Manhattanhenge.
Till it hits the ground ♪
It's not two tall buildings,
but, I mean, it's
Oh my God.
Lights are turned off ♪
Music is on ♪
You don't have to give up everything
about your old life, Jackie.
This feeling is amazing ♪
I guess I just wanted to show you that.
Liquor is all that we taste ♪
Your freckles lead the way ♪
I trace your constellations ♪
I see it in your eyes ♪
The wind blows west
Where the sun don't rise, yes ♪
You've got a darker side ♪
You know it's a mess ♪
But you don't need to hide it ♪
The sweat is dripping down ♪
Carresses your skin
Till it hits the ground ♪
You're digging deeper now ♪
You're biting your lip
So you don't make a sound ♪
Lights are turned off ♪
Music is on ♪
Minds are unlocked ♪
This feeling is amazing ♪
That was awesome.
Thank you.
Thanks for being brave enough
to ride with me.
[Jackie] Are you kidding?
I loved it.
Gone in the blink of an eye ♪
I try to remember what you look like ♪
Replaying in my head ♪
The smell of your body still in my bed ♪
Lights are turned off ♪
Music is on ♪
Minds are unlocked ♪
This feeling is amazing ♪
Hands on your waist ♪
Liquor is all that we taste ♪
Your freckles lead the way ♪
I trace your constellations ♪
I trace your constellations ♪
Lights are turned off ♪
Music is on ♪
Minds are unlocked ♪
This feeling is amazing ♪
Hands on your waist ♪
Liquor is all that we taste ♪
Your freckles lead the way ♪
I trace your constellations ♪
I trace your constellations ♪
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