My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Spinning Out

[gentle music playing]
[Jordan] Lying here is
a 24-year-old adult male,
which appears to be hibernating peacefully
in its natural habitat.
However, invisible to the naked eye,
a process known as quarter-life crisis
has officially begun.
- I'm not having a quarter-life crisis.
- That's not what Cole said.
[Will groans]
[rooster crows]
[Katherine] Morning.
- Morning.
- [Katherine] Did you sleep well?
Honey, I really wish you'd just let me
set up the barn loft for you.
It's getting warmer.
The kids hardly use it anymore.
It's fine. I already feel like
I'm imposing enough as it is.
You're not imposing. This is your home.
We just want you to be comfortable.
Thanks, Mom.
How are things at the Lark?
Fine. Yeah.
Weird being there without Hayley.
You know, we're
we're giving each other space, but
She's working days,
and I'm working nights.
But I'm still a yes
for the gala tomorrow night.
- Mom.
- [Katherine] Hmm?
You're in the paper.
- Oh God. I am?
- [Will chuckles] Yeah.
"Katherine Walter is to be recognized
as Veterinarian of the Year
at this weekend's
Colorado Association of Veterinarians gala
for contributions
to the agricultural community."
- Oh, I hate that picture.
- Look at that!
- This is going on the fridge.
- What? No.
That isn't refrigerator worthy.
It's better than Benny's
macaroni portrait of Berzurkey.
Wow. Don't let him hear you say that.
- [door closes]
- Don't let who hear what?
- Morning.
- Hey. Look, Mom made the paper.
Oh, I love that picture of you.
Fame at last.
Oh, yes.
I made the local news,
right next to the coupons.
Well, you're a superstar to me.
- You were up really early this morning.
- Yeah.
I had to get started cutting down
those pest-ridden trees.
- So you think that's gonna work?
- [George] Worth a shot.
You know, I'd rather lose
20% of our crop than 100% of it.
Oh, hey.
Will, you think you could
give your old man a hand today?
Today I actually took on
three more listings.
Oh, that's good.
So that means three times more paperwork.
I'm slammed.
Three more listings and the Lark?
You sure you're not maybe overdoing it?
Oh, no, Mom, it's fine.
I don't mind being busy,
and I need the extra cash.
Well, hey, listen.
You just I don't know.
We work hard, but we can't burn it
at both ends, you know?
Yeah. Thanks, Dad.
He seems so heartbroken.
I know.
I'll talk to him.
[vehicle playing loud music approaching]
[horn honks]
[door opens]
[George] And to Cole.
What is up with him lately?
This Rebel Without a Cause shtick
is getting real old.
Well, guess I'm playing chauffeur today.
Who's got the keys?
I I don't have the keys.
He did give us the keys, right?
- [Nathan] Oh my God.
- [sighs]
- [Nathan groans]
- [Danny groans]
[uplifting music playing]
Cole, is there a problem?
Keep writing. I'm right outside.
- You didn't finish your essay.
- Actually, I didn't start the essay, so
Well, I was looking forward to reading
your perspective on Heathcliff's journey.
And what's the point?
The point is to pass my class
and hopefully learn something.
Unless you'd rather spend
your vacation in summer school.
Summer school.
No. Thank you.
You see,
the second my Bronco's up and running,
I'm headed west through Independence Pass,
and I'm not stopping till I hit the ocean.
So I'll see you next year.
There you are.
Why aren't you warming up with the team?
Because I have a play rehearsal.
Didn't we agree playing pretend
isn't exactly the best use of your time?
We didn't agree on anything.
Be changed and on that field in 15 minutes
or I'm bumping up Jackie Howard
to run your event.
- There are scouts coming today.
- And my castmates are counting on me.
What about your teammates? What about me?
Mom, don't you remember
doing anything just because it was fun?
- If Daddy were here
- Well, he isn't.
Which means it rests solely on
my shoulders to safeguard your future.
The kids who are up for the same track
scholarships as you don't miss meets.
They don't miss training, and they
definitely don't have time for fun.
But by all means,
throw everything we've worked for away.
[door opens]
Long before the age of dinosaurs ♪
Before the beat was born ♪
Our rhythm started bumping ♪
Took control
And moved around the world ♪
Now for every single soul ♪
The globes are bouncing ♪
All right, ladies. Let's jump in. Ready?
[girls] One, two, three!
Chum, chum, chum
Like a dromaesaur ♪
Howard, come here.
- Yeah?
- You got a 400 in you?
- Sure.
- You're up, kid.
Long before the history was told ♪
The animals that roamed ♪
The planet was so lonely ♪
[Skylar] What's up, Jackie?
Collins just said she wants me
to run the 400 meter.
- Erin's out.
- So wait. Who's running the relay?
Um, also me. And I'm freaking out.
Hey. Hey. You got this.
Just, uh, remember to breathe.
Oh, I forgot something in my locker.
Watch my stuff.
- Uh, you guys seem fine.
- We are.
We are. We're tuning everything else out.
All quiet on the Walter front.
Interesting, because I heard
Cole and Alex still haven't spoken.
It's not my fault
Nathan shares a room with your boyfriend.
I can't believe you still haven't
told Alex what happened with Cole.
- I just can't, okay? But
- [Collins] Howard!
- To your mark.
- You got this, Jackie.
Have fun.
Hey. Look who I found.
Do you mind if I get in there?
Hi, Sky.
[Alex] Jackie.
[woman] On your marks. Get set.
- [whistle blows]
- [Alex] Go, Jackie!
- Go! Yes!
- [cheering]
Hey, Jackie. Hey, uh,
Coach Collins said I might catch you.
Congratulations on the win, by the way.
Thanks, Mr. Choudhry.
What can I do for you?
Cole didn't get a chance
to finish his essay.
So I was hoping you could pass along
an extra credit assignment?
There's an extra credit assignment?
Only for students who need it,
and you don't.
- I need
- You don't need it.
Students who really need it.
How bad is it?
Oh, well, let's just say it may
benefit Cole to have some guidance
from a student with your work ethic.
- Of course. I'll get it to him. Thank you.
- [Jackie] Thank you.
There you are. Everyone's waiting outside.
Hey, I knew I could count on you.
Thank you. Alex, nice finger.
Mr. C.
What's that?
Oh, just an extra credit assignment.
She doesn't run like that in the morning.
She's not doing that.
[Grace] She literally went, like, pew!
There she is!
Ladies and gents, future
Olympic gold medalist Jackie Howard!
- So proud of you, Jackie.
- You killed it.
I'm gonna have to step up my game
on our morning jogs, huh?
100%. We are, however, burning this.
Whoa, never.
So, what's our game plan for tonight?
I told my folks I was tutoring freshmen,
so the night is limitless.
Until 9:00 p.m.
Well, we have pizza plans.
Really? I'm starving.
Oh. You meant "we" as in "you and Nathan."
It's just all our dates
have been within shouting distance
of my entire family since the seizure.
Yeah, no, it's okay. I'm fine.
Okay, go. Have couple-y fun.
[Nathan] Okay.
Bye! And then there were three.
Well, we're
Going to Mountain View. Wanna come?
Yes, I wanna come! I'll drive.
Mountain View?
Yeah, it's like this, um, retro arcade
and bowling alley.
- You'll love it.
- But it gets busy.
So I booked us a lane at 6:30,
which means if we leave now, we'll have
exactly 45 minutes in the arcade first.
Exactly, huh? Better get going.
[woman on TV screams] What are those?!
[man] They're sneakers!
[woman] You're not wearing sneakers
to the wedding!
- [knocking]
- [man] Why not?
[woman] Because it's my wedding!
- [knocking]
- Okay, I'm coming.
Coming. Coming.
- Thought you could use some comfort carbs.
- Thank you.
Tara, really, I'm I'm okay.
All right, you didn't need to do this.
Ah, didn't know if this was a red wine,
white wine, or rosé breakup,
so I brought all three.
- A little of that for ya.
- Okay.
- A little of this for ya.
- [Hayley] You were not kidding.
No. When do I kid about wine?
And, in case you wanted
to express your anger in a healthy way,
a punching bag.
I'm not angry. Really. It's not like that.
And this is Friedrich. He's a ficus.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Yeah.
You're welcome.
But really, I'm fine. You know,
you don't need to worry about me.
Everyone knows "I'm fine"
is code for "I'm not fine at all."
And if that crime against fashion
is anything to go by, I do need to worry.
Will got me this when we went
to the Museum of Nature and Science
in Denver.
He let me look at fossils all afternoon,
even though the Broncos were playing
and he was clearly bored out of his mind.
Have you tried talking to him again?
Maybe you just need to sit down
and really talk, you know?
I don't know. I mean, last time we talked,
he basically told me
that work meant more to him than I did.
Come on, Hales.
You never said
something you didn't mean in a fight?
Look at that.
Listen, if that's truly what he thinks,
then, yeah, he's not the one for you.
But if it were me,
before I walked away from something
as good as you and Will had,
I'd wanna be sure.
Look, Cole's had a tough year, right?
But I worry
that he's gonna let this leg injury
define the rest of this life
and just quit.
- I think he's stronger than that.
- I don't know.
I do.
I mean, the way he's acting
makes me want to slap him upside the head.
Will, oh, I'm telling you. [chuckles]
But you know,
moving on is a process.
He just needs time.
Speaking from experience?
Is that why you asked me here today?
To talk about Hayley?
Look, come on. Can't a dad
have a beer with his firstborn?
Hey. Your mom and I
are worried about you, of course.
But if you don't wanna talk about it,
we don't have to talk about it. Okay?
You know, scratch that. [chuckles]
I really wanna talk about it.
We're just we're just concerned.
What happened?
Hayley thinks I'm obsessed with work
and we're living like we're 50 years old.
No offense.
- Can I get two more?
- Sure.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Hayley loves beer,
but she would always order
the craziest cocktail on the menu.
The second it shows up,
she changes her mind and wants to trade.
So I end up with this crazy cocktail,
and I don't even
You don't like cocktails.
But it made her happy.
[phone ringing]
- Take it. It's fine.
- No.
Dad, it's fine.
- All right, I'll be one second.
- [Will] Yeah.
Mato. Hey. Hey, can you hear me?
Yeah, no. Sorry I didn't get back to you.
Look, listen.
Look, we just
we were just looking for a loan.
Right? Just something to hold us over
for a couple of months. Selling is
Yeah, I know.
You're right.
Okay, well, look, why don't you, um
why don't you text me his number.
Maybe I'll give him a call.
Yeah, I gotta I gotta jump, okay?
All right. Thanks, buddy.
You're keeping the faith
You happened to lose ♪
- Oh, she's almost there! Go! Go! Go! Go!
- Oh my gosh. No!
- No!
- [Grace] Yes!
- Yes!
- No!
Okay. Okay, that's just not possible.
I am literally the king of this game.
Well, you've been dethroned.
Okay, my turn. Here you go.
Ready? Let's go.
Excuse me.
Oh, you wanna be humiliated too?
Yeah, okay, city girl. We'll see.
Ooh. No, sorry. Uh, we gotta go.
Our lane time starts in five minutes.
Alex, it's fine. We'll just start later.
I really think we should
It's okay.
It won't take long for me to beat Grace.
That's what you think.
- Are you ready?
- [Jackie] Yeah.
[tires squeal]
Where'd you score that?
My cousin opened a dispensary in Boulder.
Gives me the friends-and-family discount.
You good, bro?
It's stronger than you think.
Yeah, it is.
Thank you.
Told ya.
Remember third grade football?
How could I forget?
Coach Scott used to give me nightmares.
A guy that intense has no business
teaching kids defensive tackles.
Like that time we filled
his thermos with mouthwash?
Okay, wait, "we"?
Uh, that was that was you.
And then you threw me under the bus,
and I took all the blame for it.
Oh, yeah, that was me. Sorry.
[Cole] Yeah, well, it was pretty funny.
Look, man, uh, there's something
I've been wanting to tell you.
I'm the one that wrote
that text about Alex
that went around the school.
Look, I just I wanted to show you
that I still had your back.
I did not think
it would blow up like that.
If it wasn't the text,
it would've been something else.
People just wanna assume
the worst about me these days.
No, I wouldn't
Yeah. That actually really sucks for you.
You know, my whole life,
football was everything.
But now it's just so
So what?
Nothing. "So what?"
Come on.
All right.
Where to next?
By my sword, Beatrice, thou lovest me.
Okay, uh, we've done some great work,
uh, so let's call it for tonight, okay?
Just remember we still have
another week before we open,
so we'll start
smoothing out all these kinks
at our first dress rehearsal tomorrow,
Thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
I can see Isaac's really trying.
I mean, he learned all the lines.
But he's, like, really bad, right?
So it's not just me thinking that
'cause I didn't get the part?
I wish you'd gotten the part.
It'd be way easier
to pretend to be in love with you.
[Dylan] The game winning kick.
- Ah!
- [chuckles] Not even close.
I don't know.
Check the highlights on that.
- For the win, the Broncos!
- Whoo-hoo-hoo!
Guys! Guys,
can you keep the volume down a bit?
- Sh.
- Cole.
[phone chimes]
[Cole] I'm sorry.
[chuckles] Gotta go. Ruby just hit me up
and, well, booty calls.
Well, you wanna hang tomorrow?
Uh, TBD.
Let's just see how late of a night I have,
if you know what I mean.
[Cole] Okay. Okay.
[Dylan] Right. Right here.
There you go. Yeah. See ya.
[door opens]
[door closes]
You didn't hear this from me,
but we've been
Oh. So that's what that smell is.
- You know what I like about you, Kylie?
- Um, my cheery disposition?
You don't judge me.
You don't know that.
I could be judging you right now.
Nah, I can tell.
You gotta admit
this is kind of weird, though.
You and me talking.
You're Alex's best friend.
Alex doesn't dictate who I talk to.
You know Jackie, right?
Yeah, rings a bell.
Her and Alex they're not right together.
They aren't?
Why not?
Come on.
I know you're into Alex.
- I'm not gonna judge.
- [chuckles] What?
Okay, Cheech, now I know you're high.
- Eat this.
- Aw.
You're about to get
an attack of the munchies.
- I knew I liked you.
- Mmm.
Sorry I'm late.
We had more to work through than expected.
There's plenty left if you're hungry.
[somber music playing]
Jackie won both her events.
Well she won her event
and your event that she ran instead.
Well, I knew she'd be great.
More than great.
A Chapel Hill scout was
asking about her afterwards.
I'm pretty sure
Jackie's looking at Ivys, Mom.
Well, it's nice that she has options.
Oh, good morning. Was I making
too much noise in our room at noon?
Hey, it's Saturday,
and I didn't get to sleep
until very late last night.
Please leave me alone.
Why don't you get some coffee
and some bacon like a normal person
and just get your shit together
before Mom's award tonight?
Yeah, her awards thing.
You're gonna thank me later.
Yeah, I doubt it.
I wanna thank the CAV for this lovely
but totally unexpected honor.
Yeah, and then I wanna thank my family
for their unwavering support.
- I wanna thank Jamal for being a
- Hey.
- How's it going in here?
- Fine.
great assistant.
"husband George whose"
Hey, is there any roast beef left
from last night?
Oh, no, Alex ate that for breakfast.
- For breakfast?
- [Katherine] Mm-hmm.
Oh my God.
[horse whinnies]
- Hey, where's your article?
- It's in the recycling where it belongs.
No, no.
- [Katherine] Yes, yes.
- Mm-mm. No.
No, I prefer the macaroni Berzurkey.
Well, I think the fridge is big enough
for both of your accomplishments.
Macaroni Berzurkey
and Veterinarian of the Year.
You're ridiculous.
It's so impressive, honey.
Really. It's awesome.
You know, I have to say you don't seem
very excited about it.
No, I am.
Hmm. It shows.
It's just we have so many
more important things to worry about
here at home than some silly award.
- For me?
- Yes.
Oh. Thank you.
The award's not silly, love.
[clears throat]
Seriously, you're great at your job,
and the kids should see that.
[indistinct chatter]
Why aren't you dressed?
I I think I'm gonna
Yeah, no,
I'm I'm definitely quitting the play.
We open in a week.
Look, this is what you wanted.
The the part's yours.
Oh, first just tell me why you wanna bail.
You saw me last night.
I can't do this, all right?
I'm not gonna lie.
Rehearsals have been kind of rough.
But you learned all the lines,
which is the hardest part.
You just gotta work on how to say them,
and you'll be great.
- You think I can do that in a few days?
- Yeah.
Nah. Pass.
[Danny] Come on.
I'll give you a crash course.
Hey, Erin?
If you don't mind, could you help?
- Sure. See you guys.
- See you later.
The key to acting is
committing to what you're saying.
Right? So just watch.
I love thee.
Why then, God forgive me.
What offense, sweet Beatrice?
I was about to protest I lov'd you.
And do it with all thy heart.
I love you with so much of my heart
that none is left to protest.
[sentimental music playing]
It's all about believing the other person
and trusting in the words.
Wow. I actually thought
you guys were gonna kiss.
It's just acting. Right, Erin?
Now come on. Let's go. You got this.
All right.
Look, Cole, hurry up.
I gotta get ready, man.
[shower running]
He's been in there for like half an hour.
I'm sure Jackie won't mind
if you use the downstairs shower for once.
There's no way there's any hot water left.
Cole, come on.
- Cole!
- [knocking]
[somber music playing]
- Hey, I was just coming to talk to you.
- Sorry, Dad, I gotta be somewhere.
Give me two minutes, will you?
What is it?
Gonna lay
some of your Walter words of wisdom on me?
I guess not.
[door opens, closes]
[chuckles] Great rehearsal.
It's not a huge role, so
Hey, I know you wanted Benedick, but
Yeah, why didn't I get Benedick?
I mean,
I could play that part in my sleep.
[Nikhil] Exactly.
But what makes a great actor
is the ability
to go outside of your comfort zone.
You think I'm a great actor?
I see big things in your future.
Just keep your head up.
- Hey.
- Just so you know.
You weren't terrible today.
And you weren't horrible today either.
What are you doing here?
Watched the dress rehearsal. I wanted
to see why you've been missing track.
Mom, I'm exhausted.
Can we not do this right now?
[tender music playing]
Your father would've loved
seeing you today.
I know I'm hard on you.
Okay, very hard on you.
Life is hard on women.
We have to be twice as good
for half the opportunity, and I
I just want you to have
a better chance than I did.
I'd be up for a 5K tomorrow if you are.
6:00 a.m.?
I'll set the alarm.
Hey, you think
I should put on more cologne?
I don't think that's possible.
[sighs] Alex, what are you thinking?
A or B?
I'm thinkin' A. That one.
- [George] We're gonna need to leave soon.
- [Katherine] Or we could just not go.
[chuckles] Funny.
With everything that's going on
with the kids and the ranch,
I don't feel like standing up
in front of all those people
and talking about how great everything is.
All of those problems
will be waiting for us tomorrow.
You have earned tonight.
And your good thing is our good thing.
And we need that right now.
I'm so proud of you.
Hang on a second.
Why is there suddenly
a random nail in our wall?
Oh. I don't know.
That's weird,
I don't know why that's there. It's
I don't know, unless, uh it's for this.
[Katherine laughs] You are ridiculous.
- [George] Right here
- [Katherine] I'm gonna take that down.
Thank you.
- You know, you do clean up quite nicely.
- [George chuckles]
Well, I've always known
you married me for my looks.
Oh, am I that obvious?
[doorbell rings]
That's the babysitter.
Good. You finish up,
'cause I wanna see you get that award.
Hey, guys! Ten minutes!
- [Katherine] Honey.
- Yeah?
Do you think Cole's gonna show up tonight?
Honestly, I don't know.
I waited up for him last night.
I tried to talk to him today
before he left.
And I just don't know
how to get through to him.
Me neither.
You're tired now ♪
Lie down ♪
I'll be waiting ♪
To give you ♪
- [Alex] Ready?
- I'll be down in a minute.
It might take patience ♪
And when you wake up ♪
It won't be over ♪
So don't you give up ♪
We've got the time to take the world ♪
And make it better ♪
Than it ever was ♪
Let's go.
If I safely share ♪
It's 'cause I mean it ♪
- Hi.
- [Nikhil] Hi.
- Hi.
- How's it going?
- Got you a beer.
- [Nikhil] Oh, thank you.
You're very welcome.
So, how did it go today?
- [chuckles] Well, you know.
- [chuckles]
High school kids, Shakespeare,
iambic pentameter.
- We'll get there, though.
- Yeah. Yeah, you will.
Do you wanna eat? I'm starving.
Sure. Uh, but, hey,
I need to talk to you about something.
Okay. What is it?
Um [chuckles]
- Uh
- Nik?
I got offered a new job.
Head of Humanities. It's a huge promotion.
- What are we doing? We should celebrate.
- [Nikhil] Yeah.
[chuckles] Um
The job's in London.
London, England.
I I have family there, and
I haven't said yes yet.
But it's such a great opportunity
Why didn't you tell me?
I interviewed last summer
before I got here.
- Are you gonna take it?
- I mean, I know it's a long way away.
And I am pretty happy here
Sure. Yeah.
Well, that sounds really exciting.
It is, but
- Feel like a burger? They're good here.
- Sure, um
I'm just gonna go to the ladies' room.
Won't be a sec.
[Nikhil] Okay.
I'll know you tried to ♪
I wish you could see him ♪
He looks just like you ♪
- Yes, please. Thank you.
- Yeah. Keep it flowing.
[indistinct chatter]
[elegant piano music playing]
[Will clears throat]
[whispers] You can put it in my lap too.
[rock music playing in car]
[phone chimes]
You going in, man?
like it. Oh.
[Katherine] Wow, he showed up.
He put on a tie.
I'd love a glass of that,
if you don't mind.
- Why are they serving him?
- I don't know.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
Maybe you should stick with water, Cole.
Maybe you should keep
your opinions to yourself, Alex.
Maybe you should both
just quietly eat your dessert.
For your mom's sake.
- [Isaac] Can I please have some?
- [Lee] No.
Come on. Please? Sharing is caring.
- Let me have a little.
- I don't care.
Hey. Hey. Take mine. Not hungry.
- It's okay.
- Dr. Katherine Walter.
Dr. Walter has run her clinic
for over 15 years,
and works tirelessly
to ensure that the animals
and their owners
receive the best care possible.
- Now, without further ado
- Right on the mantel.
Dr. Katherine Walter.
Thank you.
Thank you, Damon. That was really sweet.
It's so unexpected, and, um, it just means
so much to me, so thank you.
Thank you so much.
So when I was taking premed,
I thought my future lay in taking care
of the pampered house cats and lapdogs
and the occasional alligators
of Manhattan.
[audience chuckles]
But then I met my husband, George,
who swept me off my feet and into
That's enough.
Hey. Relax, okay?
It's like a party.
[Katherine]I found myself
on a beautiful path. I really count myself
so lucky to have a vocation,
to have a community and a family
- She sounds good up there.
- Cole, pull yourself together.
[Katherine]and rewards me every day. Um
Thank you. Uh, thank you for this award.
- Sit down.
- Jackie, I gotta hit the head.
You can tell me what I missed
when I get back,
unless, you know, you wanted to help.
Hey. Cole. Come on.
[Cole] Give me a break, man. Jeez.
- [clattering]
- [audience gasps]
[Cole] Why are you walking around
in the middle of her speech?
- She's trying to talk.
- I'm just gonna wrap this up.
But I wanna say I'm really honored
Turn around, please. She's still talking.
That's my mom.
[Katherine]share our knowledge.
[Cole] About important animal stuff.
And grow our community together,
so thank you so much for this,
and I hope you have a wonderful night.
- Thank you.
- [applause]
Like I said, Cole's a dick.
- [Will] Pull yourself together.
- Hey.
[Jackie] Go help him.
Jackie, don't.
I have to.
- [Will] This is Mom's night.
- What do you
Outside. Now.
[tense music playing]
Leave me alone, Jackie.
Come on. I know things have sucked
without football
Oh, you know?
You're smart.
You could've gotten out of here,
gone to Northwestern and been something,
but you chose
you chose to stay in this lame-ass town.
And now you don't know what it's like
to have that choice taken away.
You don't think I know what it's like
to not have choices? Are you serious?
Besides, you know
Mom and Dad couldn't afford it.
Yet they spent all that money
on my stupid leg that still doesn't work!
They don't care about the money, Cole.
They love you.
They wanted to help.
Yeah, well, it didn't.
And that's what sucks, Will.
'Cause now nothing's
the way it's supposed to be.
You know what, Cole?
I know things seem bleak right now,
but you do have choices.
This, whatever this is,
hurting everyone around you, is a choice.
Come on, Jackie. Let's leave him.
I'll be there in a second.
My life ♪
My life ♪
My life ♪
My life ♪
- Help me understand.
- Help you understand what?
That I don't know what I'm doing
or who I even am anymore?
[Jackie] I know things
are hard for you right now.
I get that.
But if you let me,
then we can fix this together.
I don't wanna fix anything with you.
I just I want you to
What, Cole?
What do you want?
I want you to have never come here.
Well, I want my family not to have died.
So I guess we both want the same thing.
No, Jackie.
Jackie, I didn't
From where it came ♪
Or where it flows ♪
But it lets you love ♪
And it lets you hope ♪
Then it lets you go ♪
Oh, life ♪
Oh, life ♪
Oh, life ♪
Oh, life ♪
Oh, life ♪
Oh, life ♪
Oh, life ♪
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