My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) s01e09 Episode Script


[country music playing]
[rooster crows]
This is gonna look so cute on you.
Here, try it on.
I don't wanna go.
You have to.
Look, the county fair is part of
your assimilation into Silver Falls life.
You should look the part.
I don't think Alex cares
if my outfit screams hoedown or not.
I think he has
more important things on his mind.
- Like?
- Like competing.
And, like, why he's still mad at me.
He's still mad at you?
From the awards dinner?
That was ages ago.
And all because of Cole,
who is just so awful.
People say horrible things
when they're drunk.
No, they say honest things.
And Cole said
he wishes I'd never moved here.
Yeah, well, maybe it's like, uh,
you know, a boy tugs on your pigtails,
it's actually because he likes you.
I hate that idea, though.
Anyway, I'm with Alex.
At least, I think I am.
You need to go talk to him.
I've tried.
Try again.
Okay, I have an idea.
Look, these will fit you.
Ah! Come on. Let's try them on. Let's see.
I'm not sure I can pull those off.
Maybe you should wear them.
No, the county fair is, like,
the one time of year
my parents let me stay out past curfew,
which means my fashion choices
carry mega weight.
what about
It was Lucy's. I think
she'd really love for you to wear it.
Oh my God. Are you sure?
Thank you.
Okay, I'll wear this
as long as you wear this.
Falling for you ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Babe, I think I'm falling for you ♪
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, honey.
- Did you take your meds this morning?
- You don't have to ask me every day.
- I know, but it's just Okay.
- [knock on door]
You're right. I'm sorry.
[Skylar] Here he is, a cowboy.
[indistinct chatter]
[door closes]
[Skylar] Gosh,
I'm so excited for this fair.
Mom, we're going to the fair.
Hi, Dr. Walter. Bye, Dr. Walter.
I told you to call me Katherine, Skylar.
Okay, Dr. Katherine. [chuckles]
- Honey, did you charge your phone?
- Yes.
Okay. Thanks for looking out for him.
- Mom.
- [Katherine] Sorry.
Thank you.
- Honey.
- Hmm?
He's gonna be okay.
This came today.
Neurologists are doing well.
Yeah, that was just for 20 minutes.
I think it's time I call Mato's friend.
The developer.
Just see what he has to say.
[knock on door]
Potassium plays a key role
in reaching peak athletic performance.
Or so my chemistry book says.
Not hungry.
Okay. Listen.
I just I need you to know
that I did what I did at the awards dinner
for your mom, not for Cole.
I didn't want her big night
to be completely ruined.
That's what I was thinking about.
Nothing else.
So you weren't choosing Cole over me?
No, I swear. I was choosing your mom.
But it's not just that.
You didn't tell me
the extra credit assignment was for him.
You let me think it was for you.
Mr. Choudhry asked me to give it to him.
What was I supposed to do?
You could have just told me the truth.
Could I?
You and Cole have been
at each other's throats.
I just
I didn't want you
to read too much into it.
You really think I'm that much of a dick
that you can't talk to me?
Well, I wasn't gonna say it.
[Jackie chuckles]
It's just It's really hard
being in the middle of this thing
between you and Cole.
- You've gotta get past it.
- It's not that simple.
Why not?
Okay, well, for what it's worth,
I'm here, and I'm choosing you.
[sentimental music playing]
[fridge door opens]
[country music playing]
[cheering and applause]
[Cole] Hey.
Poulticed his legs this morning.
Put electrolytes in his grain.
He's good to go.
What about his shipping boots?
Was he wearing those on the ride over?
This might be your first rodeo
This is why I don't want you as my groom.
You don't take it seriously.
I did everything on your damn checklist
and then some.
Okay? Hey, how about a "thank you, Cole"
for working all damn morning.
And he rode over in his shipping boots.
[Alex clicks tongue]
[horse whinnies]
[horse neighs]
[cheering and applause]
Thought I smelled manure.
Damn. Calamity Jane's
got her spurs on today, huh?
Nice touch, though.
Cole, don't.
What is it this time?
Oh, like you don't know.
What you said to me?
At your mom's award dinner.
Don't really remember that night.
You know what.
Everyone uses that as an excuse,
but I don't buy it.
Drinking doesn't give you
a free pass to be an ass.
[cheering and applause]
[announcer] Next up,
we have number eight, Alex Walter.
[Danny] He's in the living room.
[TV chattering]
[Will] Hey.
Sorry. You know
I always cry at sad movies.
Dr. Strangelove?
- Who knew it was such a tearjerker?
- [Hayley chuckles]
[clears throat]
What are you doing here?
Oh, I just came to drop these off for you.
I was in the area so
- All the way out here?
- To hike.
Would you wanna
I mean, if if
[chuckles] Sorry.
Would you want to come with me?
I mean, we should probably talk
about the apartment lease anyway.
Yeah. You know what,
some fresh air could be good.
[Hayley] Yeah.
I'm just gonna change.
That was amazing.
I think I held my breath the entire time.
Honestly, so did I.
Yeah. I was worried I'd be too slow,
and I'm not used to
all those people watching me.
Well, I couldn't tell at all.
You looked like a pro.
Oh, and I had a good day today too.
I just got an interview
for a summer internship
working for a Princeton alum.
that's amazing.
The job's in Lockwood,
but they have offices in Denver,
Chicago, New York, Houston.
But the interview is tomorrow,
during your competition.
That's fine.
Hey, I know
how much Princeton means to you.
And I'm so proud of you.
[Erin] I'm way too fried
to write another sentence.
Me too. Should we just call it?
Can we do a marathon sesh in the morning?
I don't want school hanging
over us before the concert tomorrow night.
You're going to the concert?
Cool, it's gonna be awesome.
Your fave.
Triple latte, extra vanilla and honey.
Hi, Olivia. We were just leaving.
Come on. Give me five minutes.
If you still hate me after,
I'll leave you alone.
I've tried everything with her.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Two words, Olivia. Girl code.
As in, don't sleep
with your best friend's boyfriend.
It's gonna take a lot more
than a free latte to fix what you broke.
That was way more than two words.
It's better to suck at math
than at girl code.
[buzzer sounds]
- Hey, me next!
- Wait. Seriously?
That thing looks like it's held together
by masking tape and rusty screws.
- I'll be fine.
- Nathan!
[Nathan] What?
Okay, I'm ready.
[crowd chanting] Nathan! Nathan! Nathan!
[man] Come on, Nathan! Come on!
[Skylar] Oh my God. Are you okay?
- Did you hit your head?
- [Nathan] No.
I'm fine.
- That was so dangerous.
- [Nathan] Why?
- Because I have epilepsy?
- No, it's dangerous, period.
For anyone.
[gentle music playing]
I have to admit, I'm a little embarrassed
that you saw me like that back there.
Do not feel bad.
I have listened to our song
like 500 times.
I think I sing "All of Me" better
than Jon Legend by now.
That's not our song.
Yes, it was.
"Let My Love Open the Door" is our song.
- What?
- Yeah.
Yeah, from the road trip.
To Telluride.
Oh my God, that's right, and you thought
the lyric was "Let Marlo open the door."
Okay, that's not my fault. That's because
Pete Townsend doesn't enunciate.
- [Hayley] It's the accent.
- [both chuckle]
It makes more sense
that Marlo would be opening the door
rather than, you know, love.
- But okay, Pete.
- Okay, Pete.
- Do your thing.
- Do your thing.
[Hayley] I can't believe I forgot that.
Why'd you quit Lark After Dark?
- It was your baby.
- It was our baby.
Yeah, but you loved it more.
It was too hard being there without you.
I screwed everything up.
No. It wasn't just you.
I am confused, though.
You chose the Lark over me,
and then you quit.
And you're still doing
your real estate job.
- You hate that job.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
I have no idea what to do next.
I'm too old to be this lost.
Okay, first of all, you're not old.
And you'll figure it out.
There is one thing I have figured out.
You are more important to me
than any job will ever be.
We are more important than any job.
It should not have taken us breaking up
for me to realize that.
What if we
learn how to communicate better?
Let's stick
to some work-life balance ground rules.
And take it one day at a time.
Okay, but Will, to make it work,
we both really gotta want it.
Hayley, I really want it.
- So what are we waiting for?
- What?
Look, I want to marry you.
I have always wanted to marry you.
So, yes, we can tiptoe into the baby pool
or we can cannonball into the deep end,
which is a little risky,
but we know the waters
'cause we've been swimming in them
Have I gone too far
with the pool metaphor?
- Little bit. [chuckles]
- [Hayley] Sorry.
[Will] The wedding
was part of the problem.
Yeah, so forget the big wedding.
I don't care. We could go to a courthouse.
I just want to get that part behind us
so we can start our lives together.
Okay, but my mom
and your mom would never forgive us
if we go to a courthouse.
It's true.
You know
being back home
has been pretty great in some ways.
- [Hayley] Hmm.
- Connecting with the land and all.
It's beautiful out there.
Wait, you want to have
the wedding at the ranch?
We would keep it simple,
and get the Lark to do the catering.
The kids could pitch in to help.
Dad can make his killer cupcakes.
But a small wedding
is still a lot to organize.
I mean, how are we gonna get all
[both] Jackie.
- Yep. [chuckles]
- You think your parents will mind?
They will love it.
I love you.
I love you too.
[upbeat music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Appreciate you coming.
Take care.
[bell ringing]
Your mom told me to look out for you.
- That is so embarrassing.
- She's just worried about you.
Yeah, I know.
But I feel like I need
to prove I can still do things.
To who?
Maybe I'm trying to prove it to myself.
I get that, but you
don't have to prove yourself to me.
You know that, right?
[Nathan] Okay.
[Jackie] Ms. Howard,
tell me what makes you a unique candidate
for our prestigious firm.
Well, I have a very strong work ethic,
and I'm extremely organized.
[knock on door]
Come in.
Hey, you busy?
Just practicing for my interview tomorrow.
Is that
Yeah. It's from Juilliard.
I can't open it.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- I got in?
- You got in.
- [Danny] I got in?
- Yeah, you got in.
What's wrong?
I mean, I
I don't know
if I'm gonna be able to go.
I'll need room and board,
and plus, there's the tuition.
I'll call Uncle Richard.
He has more bedrooms
than he knows what to do with,
and I'll bet he knows somewhere
you can get a job to help cover tuition.
- Really?
- [Jackie] Of course.
There's no way you're not going.
- Okay.
- [Jackie] Okay.
[Danny] Thank you.
[joyful music playing]
Whoo! Yes. [chuckles]
[door closes]
[clears throat]
- [upbeat music playing]
- [rooster crows]
- [knock on door]
- [clears throat] You okay?
[Jackie] I'm so nervous.
Are you nervous?
No, I just have to ride
like I did yesterday.
You're gonna crush it.
Yeah. I'm more excited
about going to the concert tonight.
I've never been to a county fair concert.
You haven't lived. So I'll meet you there?
Yep. Danny's picking me up
after the interview.
After you crush it.
- Pony up ♪
- If there's trouble, we gon' find it ♪
- Pony up ♪
- If there's a buzz, we gon' ride it ♪
- Pony up ♪
- Make it rain till that sun's rising ♪
[Kiley chuckles] Thank you.
- Hey.
- [Kiley] Oh, hi.
Do you wanna go on the Ferris wheel
or the swings first?
Um, swings, but first,
you wanna see something?
- Okay.
- Okay, ready?
[Kiley] Okay.
- Grace!
- I know. Isn't it so pretty?
Okay, but wait.
Wow, okay.
You are not at all over dressed
to go on carnival rides all day.
I know,
but we're going to the concert later,
and this dress goes from day to night
like the perfect
transitional wardrobe staple. Ah!
- Hey, Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. Come on.
- [Grace] Let's go.
Next up is Alex Walter, number eight,
who made an impressive debut run.
Let's give him a loud welcome back.
[whistling, cheering]
[rock music playing]
[announcer] Oh, no, what a disaster.
It looks like a broken rein.
Such a promising start earlier
in the competition for this newcomer,
but that's gonna be disappointing
for Alex Walter.
Good job, Alex.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey. It's okay.
- You trying to kill me?
- What?
You didn't double-check the rein.
It snapped.
I checked it three times.
It's the rider's responsibility
to check it too.
I did.
Then you know it was fine.
You can go. It's over,
so I don't need your help anymore.
Look, right here. The leather's worn thin.
Okay, it probably snapped around the turn,
but you're not gonna admit that, are you?
Not when it's much easier to blame me.
Oh, that's rich, coming from a guy
who takes zero responsibility ever.
I know you don't think much of me, Alex,
but I hoped you'd know
that I would never do anything
to deliberately hurt my own brother.
Oh, seriously?
Well, that's exactly what
you've been doing my whole life.
What are you talking about?
The Paige thing, right? That was ages ago.
She was my first girlfriend.
How could you?
I didn't know about you guys!
Why can't you just just give me
the benefit of the doubt for once
instead of always assuming the worst?
I didn't know!
- I was gone all
- All summer. I know! I know.
You're with Jackie now, right?
So then what does it matter?
Oh, it's about so much more
than the Paige thing,
and you know it.
It's about how everything
is effortless for you.
It's about how every single time
anything good happens to me,
you destroy it.
It's about how you just waltz in
and conquer and plant your flag
without considering
who the casualties are.
I've lived my whole life in your shadow.
Do you know how hard that is?
You get all the attention.
You are the charming one.
Everyone wants to hang out
with the football star,
the most popular kid in school.
Even my girlfriend leaves me
to help you when your dumb ass is drunk
and ruining Mom's night.
I regret that night, okay?
I regret all of it.
You can't even imagine how much,
but do you really have no idea what
it's like for me to live in your shadow?
- My shadow?
- Yes!
Your shadow.
The perfect Alex Walter,
so smart and kind and reliable.
Nobody makes Mom and Dad prouder.
You know how often I wished
I was just a little bit more like you?
Look at me, man.
My grades are tanking.
My leg is totaled.
Football was my shot.
Now, it's gone.
Any chance I had at a scholarship is dead.
Well, I mean, you said it.
I peaked sophomore year.
[horse whinnying]
- Hey, Cole, I didn't mean that.
- [Cole] Yeah, well, you were right.
I'm a worthless loser.
My rehab cost Mom and Dad a fortune.
And for what?
I'm just a failure and a disappointment.
- I'm a burden.
- Don't say that.
You hear me?
You are not a failure.
You are not a disappointment.
And you're not a burden.
You are Cole Walter,
and you're my brother.
And even though
I want to kill you sometimes,
nothing is ever going to change that.
I know you're not gonna believe me.
But I am sorry.
I'm sorry too.
Let's get this tack put away.
[woman] Well, you have excelled
in a great variety of extracurriculars.
Are you interested
in any leadership positions as well?
Absolutely. And junior year,
I plan to make that happen.
I'm not surprised.
Your dad was an excellent leader.
You knew my dad?
[woman] Not well.
He lived down the hall from me
freshman year at Princeton.
Oh my God.
[woman] I read about the accident.
I am so sorry for your loss, Jackie.
Thank you.
I'd like to end with one final
out-of-the-box question, just for fun.
[woman] How would you describe
the color of gold to a blind person?
[pensive music playing]
I'm so sorry.
Um, what, uh what was the question?
How would you describe the color of gold
to someone who is visually impaired?
I, uh
I don't know.
[Alex] Hey,
I'm gonna grab the rest of the stuff.
No, I got it.
Well, does that mean
World War Walter is over?
Yeah, I guess.
Well, I won't ask,
but I'm glad you guys worked it out.
Tough break out there.
Yeah, tough break.
Hey, it didn't go your way, but when
it went sideways, you kept your cool.
And you did the right thing
for your horse.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
So listen. After your go around,
a guy from the Intercollegiate
Riding Association came up to me.
He wants to meet you.
But I I didn't even finish.
Doesn't matter.
Those guys recruit potential.
Way to go.
[Hayley] Yeah. Perfect.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
I am starving.
- I haven't really eaten all day.
- Not even sure I'm hungry.
We had the London talk,
if you can call it that.
He's leaving.
He said it so calmly, like
like I was so disposable, you know.
Like, um, he can just find someone else
wherever he lands, no big deal.
You know that's not true.
You are not disposable.
Hey, uh, silver lining,
we can cry
into our drinks together, right?
Breakup buddies?
Yeah, well, actually,
I, um
I saw Will yesterday.
Was it weird?
Oh, yeah, 100%.
- Um
- [chuckles]
[Hayley] At first.
But then, we just sort of, I don't know,
realized how miserable we were apart
and that we want to be married.
Oh. [chuckles]
We're gonna work on communicating better,
and he's not gonna get
so caught up in work anymore.
Right. Can we order some drinks over here?
But we want to do it right away.
I mean, his mom and dad said that we
could do it at the ranch, like, soon.
- Oh my God.
- [Hayley] I know.
Where is that waitress? [chuckles]
- Hi.
- [waitress] Hi.
Can we order
a bottle of champagne, please?
- A bottle?
- Yes, a bottle.
We've got a bachelorette to plan.
[Cole] Over here, New York.
Where's Danny? He's supposed to
Be your ride. I know. Benny wanted him
to read him his bedtime story,
so you get me instead.
Not gonna say anything about the truck?
I'm meeting Alex at the fair.
Almost a year of rebuilding
the entire engine.
It's finally up and running.
- We're going to the concert tonight.
- Yes, I know.
Okay. That's where I'm taking you.
Oh, well, does Alex know?
You can relax. He knows.
We had a good talk today.
About everything.
[uplifting music playing]
Caught your event, Alex.
You got a real knack.
You doing other events too?
Not yet, but I want to.
We've seen a real increase
in scholarship money last couple years.
And we're looking for kids
with a real horsemanship talent.
Not just adrenaline junkies.
- You interested?
- Like a college scholarship?
- Yeah. Yeah, we're interested.
- [bell dings]
Okay, I can maybe get you
a spot in a summer training camp.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Thanks, Chet.
You're prepared to spend
a summer in Montana?
- The whole summer?
- [Chet] Uh-huh.
It's gonna be a pretty boring drive
if neither of us speaks, so
Fine. How was Alex's competition?
- A disaster.
- Why? What happened?
Well, he struck out.
It's okay, 'cause he
You know what?
He'll he'll wanna tell you himself.
[engine sputtering]
Oh no.
No. No.
[engine hissing]
Can you fix it?
I don't have my toolbox.
I was on my way home to get it
when I got asked to pick you up.
Oh, I see. It's my fault.
Bet you really wish
I'd never moved here now.
Then you wouldn't be stuck with me
in the middle of nowhere.
I'll call Will to come pick us up.
[line ringing]
["Around and Around" playing]
I got a funny feeling ♪
- I don't think I can get on this.
- It's gonna break while we're on it.
It's from the 1800s. Hi.
A little stabler ground to hold on to ♪
[Noelle] What the hell?
Oh, well, like you said, it's gonna take
a lot more than a free drink.
No, there's nothing
So simple about it ♪
- I get it.
- Everyone deserves a second chance.
- This way.
- Did anyone ask you?
I'll go 'round and around ♪
Go 'round and around ♪
[indistinct chatter]
I just wanted a chance to explain myself.
You already have.
[Olivia] I should've known
what I did would hurt you,
but I didn't realize it because
because I didn't want to,
because getting attention
from Cole was like a drug
that I knew was bad for me,
but felt so good.
I got to pretend I was cool,
popular, whatever for a minute.
And that was hard to turn down.
We've been friends
since third grade, Erin.
Don't you miss the good times?
They've been obscured
by the backstabbing,
boyfriend-stealing times.
Hey, remember when the food
was so bad at sleepaway camp,
and we snuck out and walked through
the McDonald's drive-through
and you sprained your ankle?
Or the year we made
our own M&M costumes for Halloween.
You were peanut, and I was plain.
I'm really sorry.
Please forgive me,
'cause I really miss my best friend.
I knew Cole was with other girls,
so I don't
I don't really have
the right to blame you.
I mean, maybe a little.
Not forever.
[tender music playing]
Promise we won't let a guy
get between us ever again?
I promise.
Did you notice
all the memories were about food?
[Olivia chuckles] I'm literally starving.
I I ran out of the line
just to get in this ride.
- Okay, let's go get some food.
- Okay.
I kind of want those twirly chip things.
- You know the chips on a stick?
- [Olivia] Tornado potato?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry today didn't go so well.
Actually, I might be
going to summer training camp.
Might be?
Well, it means
leaving Jackie behind for the summer,
so I have to talk to her first.
You should do what you want to do, Alex.
I know. I know.
You guys coming in? It's gonna start soon.
[Kiley] Yeah.
Come on.
Oh, I'll I'll wait here.
Jackie should be here any minute.
Come on.
[owls hoots]
The engine got so hot it's still warm.
You could come try.
Less chance of freezing to death.
I'm fine.
Suit yourself.
[owl hoots]
[Katherine sighs]
I'm so glad Will and Haley worked it out.
And we get to have a wedding here.
It's amazing.
You remember when we moved in here?
As I recall, you, uh
you weren't very happy
about moving in with my parents.
[chuckles] Well, I wanted our own home.
Turns out our home is
wherever we are together.
That was 20 years ago.
It has been a roller coaster.
No one can take that away from us.
You did everything you could
to keep this place going.
You should be proud.
The developer did make a strong offer.
I think we gotta take it.
[emotional music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Paige] You know, a little bit.
- Oh my goodness.
[Alex] Paige?
- Go talk to him.
- No.
[girl] Just go talk to him.
Hi, Alex.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Look, I don't blame you
if you hate my guts.
- I completely
- I don't. I don't.
You're allowed to do what you want.
The thing is, I may not be Cole Walter,
but I am someone.
Someone who liked you a lot.
And you missed out.
[heartfelt music playing]
I know.
Things turned out for the best in the end.
I'll see you.
[Alex] See you.
[cheering and applause in background]
[Jackie sighs]
Is it really warmer?
See for yourself.
Will should be here soon.
How was the interview?
I got stumped on the last question.
Something actually stumped Jackie Howard?
She asked me how I would describe
the color gold to a blind person.
What did you say?
Nothing. My mind just went blank.
But I should've said
it looks like the taste of warm honey.
Or that it sounds like
Nina Simone's voice when she's singing
"I Put A Spell On You."
Or that it feels like
the sun on your face.
But I couldn't say any of that,
'cause I was thinking of something else.
I was distracted.
And I hate being distracted.
And I hate that you think
I wish you never moved here.
You said you didn't remember.
You just walked away
before I could finish.
Their color ♪
Match ♪
Things were bad between me and Alex
long before you got here.
Okay? And I was trying to fix it.
But then, you showed up
and made that impossible.
But didn't you say
that you and Alex did fix it?
Yeah, finally.
It doesn't mean
it's not still complicated.
I won't break
my brother's heart again, but
I can't not want you.
I said
All I need is this right now ♪
Got the wind on my back ♪
Got the sun standing tall ♪
All I need is this right now ♪
[car door closes]
What's wrong with it?
[Cole] A slip of the timing change.
You have to tow it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You left the concert?
Oh, yeah. It wasn't all that.
Everything okay?
[Will] Hey, Jackie.
How do you feel about adding
wedding planner to your resume?
- It's happening.
- What?
Oh my God.
- Will, congratulations.
- Oh, wow. Finally.
[Alex] Oh, yes!
All I need is this right now ♪
I love weddings.
I said
All I need is this right now ♪
All I need is this right now ♪
All I need is this right now ♪
I said
All I need is this right now ♪
All I need is this right now ♪
All I need is this right now ♪
I said
All I need is this right now ♪
All I need is this right now ♪
All I need is this right now ♪
I said
All I need is this right now ♪
All I need is this right ♪
I said ♪
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