My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

Happily Ever After

["Haze" playing]
I wanna live
Out where the sky meets the sea ♪
With the haze and the mist
And the colors on me ♪
Find every place
That no one's ever seen ♪
How's it going?
Well, I think this is my best batch ever.
You wanna try it?
Uh, cupcake batter? Yeah, I want to try.
[George chuckles]
All right. Be honest.
Is that lemon?
Well, that's the easy one.
What else is in there?
Impressive. The boys are terrible at that.
It's delicious, George.
Thank you.
There is no way we are gonna be ready
for this wedding tomorrow.
[Jackie] Katherine, it'll be fine.
Oh, you think?
- Yes, everything is under control.
- [Katherine] Okay.
Well, then can one of you please remind me
why I said we could do this here?
- Because our son asked us.
- Yep, I remember that.
And because Jackie said she'd organize it.
Yes, and for that
I will be eternally grateful.
Don't worry. Organizing is my jam.
All I'd ever hope just to find a way ♪
Maybe all the bad will turn out okay ♪
Hey, you!
Come talk to me.
I haven't seen you all week.
Okay, but just for a second.
And I'll look until I feel it ♪
With my hands in the air and clouds ♪
With my feet living on the ground ♪
I have so much to do.
I have to put up the decorations.
I have to check the flower order.
I have to call the printers.
[sighs] Everyone's counting on me.
You love it.
- I really do.
- [both laugh]
How's it going?
[Alex] It's okay.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's just a few weeks.
And you'll be doing
that internship thing anyway.
I haven't heard back yet.
Aw, you know you rocked it.
Maybe? Or maybe while you're away,
I'll just be here hanging out
and studying.
Yeah, it's gonna be fine.
We'll be totally fine.
- Of course we will.
- Of course we will.
'Cause I'm looking for a feeling ♪
And I'll look until I feel it ♪
Okay. Well, better get back to it.
With my feet living on the ground ♪
'Cause I'm looking for a feeling ♪
And I'll look until I feel it ♪
Well, it seems like
that all sorted itself out.
With my feet living on the ground ♪
- Mm-hmm.
- All I wanna know is what road to take ♪
All I'd ever hope just to find a way ♪
Maybe all the bad will turn out okay ♪
Looking for an answer
Looking for a sign ♪
Will I be the same
If I cross that line? ♪
Maybe all the bad
Will turn out just fine ♪
[Katherine] We don't have
to talk about this right now.
Oh, it's honestly okay.
It's taking my mind off things.
- Jitters?
- No.
Okay, maybe a little.
Thanks again. Really. It means a lot
that we can have the wedding here.
It really means a lot to us too.
Yeah, it's a great last chapter
for this place.
About that, I did get to look this over
and it looks great. It really does.
But are you sure this is what you want?
Once it's signed, it's done.
Yeah. We're just out of options, Will.
I knew the last couple years
have been a struggle,
but I had no idea it was so bad.
Yeah. Things happen.
[tender music playing]
what is it you always say?
All roads have bumps in them.
It's how you navigate them that matters.
Listen, we don't need
to sign anything right now.
And we don't need to tell the kids.
Just enjoy this wedding.
Yeah, that's right.
We can worry
about the rest of this stuff later.
[Danny] I bet Richard's apartment
is gonna be sweet.
[chuckles] Yeah, you're gonna be
living it up with the hipsters.
I I don't think hipsters live
on the Upper West Side.
[rock music playing on stereo]
You okay?
I mean, you're going to New York.
Alex has a place at training camp.
Will's getting married.
And I'm doing what?
[sighs] Come on, man.
- You know, the great American road trip.
- Oh, yeah.
Cruising down the highway,
wind blowing through your hair.
You know, just living it free and easy.
That all sounds great,
you know, not a care in the world,
except, you know,
just figuring out the rest of my life.
Where you going?
It's Saturday.
Something I gotta do.
Hey, you mind if I come with?
I left a couple of things in my locker.
Leaving in five.
I'm sorry. Tara, I really am.
I didn't want to hurt you.
I don't know what you expect me to say.
You're still leaving, right?
- I'm sorry
- [Tara] Don't!
Don't say sorry again.
I might've come with you,
if you'd thought to ask,
but you didn't.
I guess that's my fault.
I expected too much of us.
- [Katherine] Where are you going?
- School.
Now? No. The wedding's in four hours.
- You're not going anywhere.
- I have to. It's for a class.
[indistinct chatter]
Do not be late.
I won't.
- I promise.
- Promise?
I mean it, Cole!
Got it.
You okay?
Sure, just a lot to do.
I really want this wedding to be perfect.
It will be.
Are you getting ready for the road trip?
Actually I'm taking this to Mr. C.
You did the essay?
I figured maybe I should try
to pass the class.
It's a good book, so
- Okay, well, I should
- Yeah, I'll see you later, New York.
Will? Shouldn't you be getting ready?
when you got here,
what did you think of it?
Oh, well, that's easy. All that sky.
this place is like nowhere on Earth.
It's special.
And I think you could see that right away.
[tender music playing]
[horn honks]
I don't know, Jim. I thought
we discussed we'd need two boxes.
Can you drop the rest off
in the next hour? Thank you.
- Okay, great. You're all here.
- Not for long.
Hey. What are you doing? You don't get
a pass. We're all roped into this thing.
All right.
Okay. So, Nathan, you have the music,
and everything is all set up?
I got you.
And, Alex? You're on meet and greet.
Show everyone where to go when they
get here and give them their programs.
You should take those outside
so they're ready when people arrive.
Oh, and Jim from the print shop
is dropping off another box
in about an hour.
I heard.
Lee, can you put the covers on the chairs?
- Covers?
- Yes, they go on the back of the chairs.
- Why?
- Because they look nice.
They're outside with the tablecloths.
Don't tell me.
I'm doing tablecloths, right?
[Lee] I don't get it.
Why would anyone want to cover a chair?
they have this whale skeleton
hanging from the ceiling.
Yeah, it's gonna be awesome.
I'm gonna catch up with you.
What are you doing here?
My mom asked me to pack up
some of her stuff.
- Um, well, I better
- Look, Erin, wait. I
I know I crossed the line with Olivia.
- I shouldn't have done that to you.
- It was humiliating.
But I'm mostly mad at myself
for going along with the on-and-off thing.
I guess I haven't treated you very well
for a long time.
What happened, Cole?
It used to be so good between us.
I used to be someone else.
I'm trying to get back there.
But I'm sorry I hurt you.
The Cole that I've always known
would never say sorry for anything.
[tender music playing]
I kind of like this new you.
Cole, what are you doing here?
Brought you this.
Better late than never, huh?
What did you think of the book?
Well, I guess, I get why
he was so angry all the time.
He felt like he was powerless,
like, ignored.
Heathcliff? Well, yeah,
but he did some pretty awful stuff.
Sure, but it all just made things worse.
I guess it kind of made me feel sad
for the guy, you know?
I'm going to enjoy reading this.
Does this mean I'll get a grade?
Yeah, why not.
You think I could still sign up
for summer school?
Of course,
but didn't you have plans for the summer?
America isn't going anywhere.
I'm running into lots
of Walter boys today.
Yeah, it's kind of hard not to
in this town. [chuckles]
Well, I better go. My mom's waiting.
But good luck at Juilliard.
Thanks. Have a nice summer, Erin.
And you can text me,
if you want,
about New York or whatever.
[uplifting music playing]
- Hey, Jackie.
- Hey. I didn't know you're working today.
Yeah, just the dinner, Will asked me.
Uh, where do you want this stuff?
Could you just take it to the tent?
- Sure thing.
- [Jackie] Thanks.
Are you staying for the party?
Yeah. Yeah, why not?
[gasps] Oh, they're stunning!
Could you just have them here? Thank you.
Hey, guys, are you busy?
- No.
- Yeah.
Can you do me a favor?
I really need these cupcakes frosted.
Come on, Jackie. Looking good
takes time and I need to get ready.
It's for Will, please?
Dude, come on.
Fine, okay.
Thank you.
[Isaac scoffs]
[Lee] You're supposed to put
frosting first and then sprinkle.
[Isaac] Watch this.
You think that's funny, huh?
- Yeah.
- That's crazy, huh?
You think that's funny, huh?
Hey, stop!
We don't have time for this!
Hey, Richard,
great to have you here. Welcome.
- Congratulations.
- [Will] Thanks.
- Uh, can I help you with that?
- No, it's it's fine. Um [sighs]
I forget how stunning this place is.
Jackie around?
Uh, yeah, she's somewhere.
She's in full battle mode right now,
so I wouldn't get in the way.
I bet.
Actually, Richard, there is something
I want to talk to you about.
An agenda, sure. What's on your mind?
Well, let me show you to your yurt first
and get you settled.
Yeah, lead the way.
[line ringing]
[female voice recording]
We are now closed, please
[sighs] No answer.
There's no way I'll be able
to get another florist in time.
What's going on?
Albert ate Hayley's wedding bouquet.
Does she really need a bouquet?
For a wedding?
Yes, Lee, she really needs a bouquet.
What am I gonna do?
I can get some flowers for you.
From where? What kind of flowers?
You know there's a theme, right?
Yes, I'm not an idiot.
But if you don't trust me, come with me.
How long is it gonna take?
Thirty minutes, tops.
I mean, fine, if you have a better idea.
This better be worth it, Cole.
Lee, you have the bridge while I'm gone.
- Really?
- Yes.
And guys,
please finish the cupcakes, okay?
[Lee] You heard her, guys.
Come on. Let's go.
- Finish the cupcakes!
- Cole's such a try-hard.
- Do I have to?
- [Lee] Yes.
So, you see these yurts here? I'm thinking
something like this for the accommodation.
Uh, I'm also thinking group cookouts,
dark sky tours,
cider making, guided horse trails.
It'll be like an old country experience
meets luxury spa getaway.
With some backing, I think we can get
something up and running within a year.
Well, what about your dad's business?
That's the thing. It's so much land here.
All this would be separate to the ranch.
Then who would run it?
I guess that would be me.
[inspirational music playing]
- [horse whinnies]
- Is that Jackie on a horse?
[Will] Yeah, with Cole.
[gentle music playing]
She seems happy.
Is she happy?
I think so.
It's hard not to be here.
Yeah, I'm getting that.
Like the wind changes mountains ♪
I erase what I have been ♪
And I don't wanna move ♪
What's really gonna happen? ♪
Like the water when it's rising ♪
Something changing under my skin ♪
um, how's the wedding speech coming?
Working on it.
I don't know why Will picked me though.
Danny or Alex
probably would've been better.
He chose you
because he wanted to hear from you.
Just speak from the heart, tell the truth,
and you really can't go wrong.
Cole, these are perfect.
Yeah, they're they're my mom's favorite.
Thank you.
LIke a levee when it's breaking ♪
On the edge of awaking ♪
I won't let you ever fall ♪
So, it looks like I'm gonna be around
for the summer after all.
You are?
Summer school.
Cole! That's fantastic. I knew it.
I knew you would figure things out.
Okay, New York, don't get so excited.
It's just summer school.
Okay, let's get back to work, all right?
We don't have all day.
And it's so alive ♪
Turning into something ♪
I see the ways ♪
I am becoming ♪
And it's all so fleeting ♪
And it's all revolving ♪
I see it now ♪
Hey, look, about the other night
when the truck broke down.
It was
It was cold, and, uh, I was tired
and upset after my interview.
I know, and I know
that you've been avoiding me.
You don't have to.
All that stuff I said, just forget it.
It didn't mean anything, okay?
Oh, yeah.
I know.
And I'm glad things are going well
between you and Alex.
You guys are good together.
I see it now ♪
I am dissolving ♪
[upbeat music playing]
Okay, so we have to give you
something old, something new,
something borrowed, and something blue.
Yeah, do we really?
Yeah, we do. It's tradition.
Okay, well, this is mom's wedding dress.
So, it's old.
I would've bought you a new one.
Yeah, I had a new one.
This is better.
And I wanted to lend you this.
I mean, if you like it.
[Hayley] Oh, it's beautiful.
I wore it at my wedding.
Well, you think you could put it on?
Are you kidding? I have,
like, 700 boys. This is my dream.
- That seem like a good spot?
- [Hayley] Yeah.
Thank you.
Okay, so that's borrowed.
And here, somewhere,
is the blue.
Oh God.
It's blue and new.
- Okay, it is a little tacky.
- Sexy.
I think you meant sexy
because Will is going to love it.
Stop, just give it to me.
Sorry, moms, my bad.
I know your father and I weren't keen
on the idea of you and Will
getting married at first.
We were just worried
about how young you are
and how you're still in grad school.
I know, Mom.
It's okay.
I see how in love you two are,
and we are so happy for you.
- But no babies yet, okay?
- Mom.
You need to finish school
and find somewhere decent to live
before you even start
Okay, thank you.
I know, we're not having babies
anytime soon, just so you both know.
I'm not so sure.
After he sees you in that underwear,
all bets are off.
Yeah, if he can figure it out.
Thank you for hosting us.
And for embracing my Hayley.
Of course.
Hayley's been a part of this family
since she first swept through our door.
We all love her so much.
Are you okay?
I told Nik I would've gone
with him to London.
What did he say?
Uh, nothing. Nada. Zip.
Well, he said sorry again.
Thank you.
I'm sorry. I'm fine.
It's fine. I'm fine.
- She's fine. You're fine.
- [Tara] I'm fine.
Opa! Okay.
Parker, you need to get ready.
We're gonna start soon.
I'm not wearing it.
Why not?
I'll look stupid.
Everyone's gonna laugh at me.
You mean the guys?
They always make fun of me
'cause I'm a girl.
Why can't I just wear
what they're all wearing?
Well, you can wear a suit if you want.
But if you decide to wear a dress,
that doesn't mean you're not still you.
I promise
no one is gonna laugh at you,
and you're gonna look great.
Shall we give it a try?
Okay, but there is no way
I am wearing those shoes.
[indistinct chatter]
[heartfelt music playing]
Jackie, you look great.
Thanks, you too.
I guess you don't scrub up too badly,
New York.
You either, Colorado.
Come on. Let's go.
- Hey.
- [Kiley] Hey.
You okay, bro?
Parker, beautiful.
Where did you
The first thing I do
when I go to a wedding?
Make friends with the bartender.
- Are you James Bond?
- [laughs]
Well, I'm not gonna say no. Thank you.
It's Tara, right?
Yes, hi.
Hi. Richard, Jackie's uncle.
- Richard?
- Yeah.
The Richard? Oh, wow, hi.
I don't know about "the." [chuckles]
[gentle guitar music playing]
Love you.
Hi. [chuckles]
Thank you.
[Mato] Welcome, family and friends.
We are here today to witness and celebrate
the marriage of Hayley Althea Young
and William John Jefferson Walter.
Hayley and Will have decided to embark
on a new chapter of their lives.
Today, they will confirm that special bond
and start their new lives together.
We are all honored to be here
and to behold the love for
and the commitment to each other.
Hayley and Will mark this day by not only
celebrating their love for each other
but by recognizing the love
between all of us here.
Parents, siblings, family, and friends.
That love is what makes this day
so special and full of joy.
Benny, rings, please.
A ring is an unbroken,
never-ending circle.
It is a symbol of infinity
and of your everlasting love.
Please turn to each other
and say your vows.
Hayley, you are the most beautiful,
smartest, kindest person I know.
Every day you challenge me
to be the best version of myself.
You are my heart,
my love, my home,
my everything.
I'm so lucky to have found you.
And I can't wait to start
the rest of our lives together.
on our very first date,
I knew you were it for me.
You are talented,
funny, smart, passionate,
and just pretty darn fantastic.
Our journey is just beginning,
and I want to travel with you always.
Will, do you take Hayley
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
- I do.
- [Hayley chuckles]
And Hayley, do you take Will
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
I mean, I do.
Of course I do.
["Let My Love Open the Door" playing]
Hayley and Will, you may now kiss.
When people keep repeating ♪
That you'll never fall in love ♪
When everybody keeps retreating ♪
But you can't seem to get enough ♪
Let my love open the door ♪
Let my love open the door ♪
Let my love open the door ♪
To your heart ♪
Let my love open the door ♪
[indistinct chatter]
Let my love open the door ♪
Jackie, you did such a great job today.
Everyone did. [chuckles]
Oh my God, when the bouquet got destroyed,
I thought I was done.
Yeah, but the one you made great.
[Nathan] You know, my grandma said
that these flowers
are a symbol of unrequited love.
Mmm. [chuckles]
[Nathan] Yeah.
- [George] Everybody good?
- [kids] Yeah.
Well, you ready for the speech?
- As I will ever be.
- Great. Let's do it.
[Skylar] So fill me in, what happened
with this bouquet of flowers?
[Nathan] It was destroyed.
[Alex gasps] Oh!
[indistinct chatter]
Take it slow, man. Those are strong.
It's like drinking sunshine.
You know, for what it's worth, I'm really
I'm really glad
you and Cole worked things out.
Mmm. Yeah.
Yeah, me too.
[glass clinking]
Ladies and gentlemen, hi.
When Will asked me
to make the toast tonight,
he wanted just two things.
Keep it short and don't embarrass him.
And I gave my solemn promise yes to both,
which is why I'm not gonna mention
his goth phase
Oh no.
[guests laugh]
[Cole]where he painted his room purple
and dyed his hair black.
And I'm definitely not gonna mention
when our dad caught him smoking
behind the stables.
[Skylar] What?
[guests laugh]
Because these weren't regular Marlboros,
if you know what I mean.
- [guests] Oh!
- [Hayley] He doesn't do that.
And I am absolutely, 100% positively
not gonna tell former Principal Sykes,
by the way,
it's great to see you here, sir,
that it was indeed
William John Jefferson Walter
who TP'd his office
six years ago after graduation.
I knew it!
[guests laugh]
So I'm not gonna talk about that stuff.
What I am gonna talk about
is how Will has always been
the most awesome big brother to all of us.
He's the one who taught me
how to play football.
He never got tired
of reading lines with Danny,
or listening to Nathan play guitar,
helping Alex ride,
show Jordan how to use a camera,
play hockey with Parker, skateboard
with Lee, video games with Isaac,
and reading bedtime stories to Benny.
That's just the kind of guy he is.
Always there for his family and always
thinking of everybody else before himself.
And I'm gonna tell you
about when he met Hayley.
[Cole] When Will met Hayley,
it was just after New Year's.
And none of us could figure out
why he agreed to go out on a date
in the freezing cold.
[guests laugh]
Or why he went out in five feet of snow
to see her the next day.
And the next day.
But then we met Hayley
and we all understood.
So I guess when you meet your person,
you know, nothing else really matters.
[emotional music playing]
So, Hayley,
we don't know how you put up with Will
or with all of us [chuckles]
but we're real glad you do.
[guests] Aw.
Welcome to the family.
Thank you.
So let's raise a glass.
To Will and Hayley.
[guests] To Will and Hayley.
[both chuckle]
- Cheers.
- [guests cheer]
[Cole] And now, the first dance.
After you.
["Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)" playing]
[guests] Oh!
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
Let's go! Come on! Tara.
Hey, did you hear Cole's speech?
Yeah, it was awesome.
Come on.
Come on. I wanna dance with you.
[Kiley] Hey.
Come on.
Enough of this.
Let's go dance.
You don't wanna dance with me.
What, you got two left feet?
[chuckles] Something like that.
Whatever you say, Cole.
[man] Whoo!
I love you.
Hey, it's okay.
You don't have to say it back.
I know I know it's a lot.
I just wanted you to know.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Congratulations again.
- Thank you. Thanks for coming.
[indistinct chatter]
[slow rock music playing]
Pretty good.
[Kiley] I'll be right back.
Alex, come on.
That's enough, okay? This isn't you.
Why didn't she say she loved me back?
You told her you love her?
Yes, I did.
I do.
Kiles, I love her.
Do you think she loves me?
She she didn't say anything.
- I'm cutting you off.
- Hey!
Come on.
Come on.
Such a great wedding.
Congratulations again.
Thank you. Jackie did most of it.
I seriously don't know
what we'd do without her.
And thank you for inviting Danny
to stay with you this summer.
When Jackie asked, I was happy to help,
and I'm super excited to fly coach.
But I have to admit
I was a little, uh, surprised
that you and George would entrust your son
to an irresponsible playboy like me.
Honestly, we're all just hoping
he'll be a good influence on you.
And, uh, Katherine,
what happened at Thanksgiving
I really do just want
what's best for Jackie.
Of course, Richard. I understand.
And it looks like this place
is exactly what she needs.
And you now what? If Will gets his way,
you'll be seeing
a lot more of me around here.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
[Katherine] Look at this smile.
I could squeeze your face.
[indistinct chatter]
[Kiley] Okay.
Jackie's so great.
Isn't she? She's so great.
Yes, Alex, she's great.
[Alex] Why didn't she say it back?
[Kiley] I don't know.
You should ask her.
[Alex groans]
Yeah. Yeah, I will.
- I'll ask her.
- No. No, not tonight.
Okay, yeah, tomorrow.
[Kiley sighs]
Okay, champ, I'm gonna get you some water.
- Okay.
- And you're gonna get some sleep.
And tomorrow,
everything will feel better, okay?
[sentimental music playing]
[breathing heavily]
I think
You're so cool.
You're, like, practically a dude.
Let's do yurts.
So there are three yurts to the left.
One, two. Left and right is hard.
It's so hard.
I could get lost in a box.
Give me a map.
Ooh! [blows raspberry]
[squeals] Ah!
Oh, no, this is [laughs]
This is not my yurt.
- Hi.
- Hi, yourself.
[both laugh]
Uh, need help finding your way?
No, I think I'm good.
[both] Oh!
[laughing] Whoa, I thought I was
gonna take the whole yurt down.
I'm sorry.
[gentle music playing]
I'm I'm sorry. Um
I'm just going through a breakup
at the moment.
It's okay.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Um, but I should I should go.
I'm gonna go.
So you have a good night.
Sorry for barging into your yurt.
Your yurt your yurt That's ridiculous.
I'm gonna go. Have a good night.
Nice to meet you.
You don't need any more trouble, girl.
Jeez, I hope this is my yurt.
Your yurt.
Oh God. Whoo!
Jesus. [chuckles]
[romantic music playing]
I couldn't leave.
But what about your job?
I emailed them. I turned it down.
Oh my God. You're staying?
[both laugh]
Oh. What are you doing?
Jackie, leave all that.
George and I are gonna deal with it later.
It was a good day today, right?
It was a great day,
and we couldn't have done it without you.
- Everyone helped.
- Some more than others.
Hey, Katherine,
I just I wanted to say thank you
for everything.
For taking me in all those months ago.
You knew I didn't want to be here,
but you made me feel so welcome.
Jackie, we're the ones
who should be thanking you.
I mean,
you've brought this family so much.
Cole's going to summer school.
Danny has Juilliard,
and Alex is going to camp,
and Nathan just connects with you,
and Benny and Jordan love you.
Isaac and Lee,
they're learning so much from you.
And let's face it, I mean,
you're the sister Parker's always wanted.
I feel like I found my new family.
You have, Jackie.
Your mom and dad would be so proud.
Thank you.
[tender music playing]
You have done such a good job with her.
I haven't done anything.
She is a remarkable young woman.
She is, but she needed a mom.
And you gave her that.
You having second thoughts?
[Hayley] Maybe.
I can still get an annulment, right?
I don't think we can after
[both chuckle]
That's right.
No, I was just thinking
that I gotta thank Jackie tomorrow.
She worked so hard.
Yeah, she's a force of nature.
So is her uncle.
If everything works out,
we can quit The Lark and start
our very own business right here.
Let's not tonight.
- [phone dings]
- [Hayley groans]
[Will] Who is it?
It's just Tara.
Now, where were we, husband?
- Husband? [laughs]
- [Hayley] My husband.
[gentle music playing]
[Danny] Hey.
Hey. You okay?
No, I I don't know what to pack.
I have no New York clothes.
What? Just take your normal clothes.
I'm an expert packer, so let me help you.
Okay, yeah.
can you see my blue shirt anywhere?
It's got stripes on it and is a button up.
Blue-striped shirt, yeah.
[Danny] Thank you.
Oh my God. Yes.
I, um
Cole? What is this?
It just needed a little more work
after the breakdown.
And I'm a little over weddings, so
No, I meant this.
What is this?
It doesn't mean anything, okay?
Just I know how much you miss 'em.
You had it all this time?
I wanted to give it to you.
Whose fault is this ♪
That I'm crazy about you? ♪
You are in every single dream ♪
And I'm thinking about you ♪
If you wanna do, do, do me right ♪
Do, do, do, do, do ♪
When there's nothing left
Except you and this ♪
Champagne kisses ♪
Champagne kisses ♪
Champagne ♪
When there's nothing left
Except you and this ♪
Champagne kisses ♪
Champagne kisses ♪
Champagne ♪
And I won't be mad ♪
No, I won't be mad ♪
Champagne kisses ♪
And I won't be mad ♪
No, I won't be mad ♪
Champagne kisses ♪
[rooster crows]
[gentle music playing]
[Alex groans]
Oh, God.
[door opens]
- How's the head?
- Don't ask.
Apology breakfast?
Hey, uh, didn't Jackie run
with you this morning?
No, I think she wanted to sleep late.
[sentimental music playing]
Hey, you. It's m
[mysterious music playing]
- Whoa, what the hell, man?
- What did you do?
[Richard] I promise, Katherine,
it had nothing to do with me.
I'll call you when we get there.
You sure about this?
[stewardess] Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome on board Flight 345
to John F. Kennedy airport in New York.
Please fasten your seatbelts
and switch off your devices
as take-off is about to commence.
["Cornflake Girl" playing]
Never was a cornflake girl ♪
Thought it was a good solution ♪
Hanging with the raisin girls ♪
She's gone to the other side ♪
Giving us the yo heave ho ♪
Things are getting kind of gross ♪
And I go at sleepy time ♪
This is not really ♪
This, uh, this, uh
This is not really happening ♪
You bet your life it is ♪
You bet your life it is ♪
Uh, honey, you bet your life ♪
It's a peel out the watchword ♪
Just a peel out the watch ♪
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