My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

The Secret You Have

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger, Episode 3,
The Secret You Have)
I know how it sounds.
You must think it's absurd and odd
that there's something I must do
when I ended up traveling back
in time by chance.
It's colder in here than outside.
So let's get out of here first.
(Episode 3)
I highly doubt that we'll be able
to go back tonight anyway.
You should go in and change your clothes.
Ko Mi Sook and Mom knew each other?
They were even in the same class.
And the novel? What happened with that?
People don't really seem to like me.
So what I'm saying is
I want to die.
It had never crossed my mind
that my mom had
dark days like this.
But was this all of it?
All the moments I didn't know my mom had.
There was a time when I dreamed
of becoming a novelist.
What's the plot?
Can you give me a signed book too?
You're going to read it?
Why would I read books?
How much of Mom's time
have I missed all these years?
I can change everything here.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
How did she end up with this?
I don't think I can go back just yet.
There's something I must do here.
What do you plan on doing there?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
You remember them, right?
These 2 female victims died on May 14
and May 16, 1987, respectively.
And a woman went missing on May 20
and remains missing
to this day.
Yes. I saw them in my neighborhood
or knew them from the area.
But you didn't murder these women.
It really wasn't me.
If only those detectives
didn't pin everything on me
I was wrongfully accused.
You must believe me.
Okay. And right here.
This was the list of prime suspects
the police had back then.
There were three people
including yourself.
Do you also recognize
the other two men on the list?
Yes. It was a small neighborhood.
tell me everything you remember
about these six people including yourself.
Tell me everything even if you think
it's insignificant.
It's been a long time.
I'm not sure if my memory is accurate.
I'll only use it as reference.
Don't worry.
I'll verify the details once I get there.
There isn't much information
or evidence left for this case.
So I'll get as close as I can,
blend in as one of them, and observe.
I will watch every movement.
And I will have to wait
right before the incident takes place.
Can you think of a place where
at least half of these people
were part of in 1987?
A place they were part of
The school?
The school.
That will be my starting point.
I need to go to school.
The school. I need to be there.
It's hot!
- It's hot.
- Are you crazy?
It's hot.
(Call to inquire about spies
and communist criminals.)
Do they really give out cash rewards
for bringing in a spy?
Why do you ask?
Did you see a suspicious individual?
Everyone looks suspicious.
Look at that girl.
- Let's go.
- Let's go for another round!
- Kyung Hye.
- Goodness.
I even know how many pairs of spoons
and chopsticks her family has.
She's a lost cause.
I'm talking about strangers
who talk funny.
People who seem to have come
from a different world.
I see. Strangers from a different world.
Right. And those people
might not know where they are
or what year or date it is.
- Right. They might not know.
- Right.
On top of that,
they might be carrying a weird
machine and saying weird stuff.
A weird machine
Wait. I saw someone yesterday
who fits your description.
I see. Right. I'm sure.
I bet you see those people every day.
I see them clearly too
because I have good eyes.
Who is it?
Who are you talking about?
Do you think that makes any sense?
You want to go to school?
You want to go there as a student,
not a teacher?
Is it that shocking to you?
So shocking that
you couldn't feel the hot water?
Well, as you can see,
once I remove my makeup,
it's hard to tell my age.
If I tell them I am held back three times,
I'm sure people would
That's not what
you should be concerned about.
Have you forgotten where we are?
No. It's hot. Slow down.
I haven't forgotten. We're in 1987.
We won't be able to go back
for the time being.
You said having an identity would be safe.
You gave yourself an identity.
Can't I do the same?
Give me the other hand.
Did it cross your mind that
the order might be wrong?
There's no right order. It's fine
as long as I apply it to both hands.
Oh, you weren't talking about that.
It's because of what you must do here,
isn't it?
I think it's only right for you
to tell me what that is about first.
Are you expecting someone at this hour?
Are you sure we can do this?
He's a teacher
at Woojung High, nonetheless.
If the chairman finds out
Gosh, he's close to our chief too.
What is Detective Baek Dong Sik
doing here?
Hold on a second. I'll be right back.
What's going on at this late hour?
I'm Detective Baek Dong Sik
of Violent Crimes Unit
at Woojung Police Station.
We're here to check on something.
Please excuse us.
I think you forgot to tell me
what this is all about.
Do you think that's necessary?
Right now?
Mr. Yoon.
Try calling the chairman, at least.
That dude from Moon Night
always says this nonsense.
This is going to put you in a pickle.
Can I see your ID?
Let me see it properly this time.
- Sorry?
- Didn't you hear me?
I got a report that
a suspicious person is here,
so take out your ID.
I lost it last time.
It seems like this wasn't prepared
with that much effort.
There seems to be no other way
to prove their identity.
All right, then.
I'll take you down to the station.
Wait. The police station?
- Follow me out.
- To the police station?
- Follow me!
- Wait.
Are you out of your mind?
Are you acting this way because
you've got the chairman's back?
I get that you're desperate
to arrest her
because of your performance.
I'm only helping you so you don't
waste your energy.
This is only a waste of time.
She has a valid ID,
and I have a way to prove it.
If you want,
I can have you see it for yourself.
She has a valid ID?
She is
She is
a senior in Class One
at Woojung High School.
- Are you serious?
- Of course.
Forget it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, gosh.
When was I born again?
Oh, right. It was 1965.
May 15, 1965.
Sir, good morning.
Oh, good morning, Mi Sun.
- Hello.
- Was it Mi Sook?
- I'm Mi Sun.
- Right.
I'm really sorry,
but what came after 63 for my ID number?
Come over here.
What? The school's right there!
Where are we going?
- Gosh, follow me for a second.
- What's this place? What is it?
Why does it have to be her of all places?
You are aware of how dangerous
this is, right?
If things go wrong, both you and I
will suffer a really awkward ending here.
I know that.
I realized it
after what happened yesterday.
I'm going to school
so things don't get messed up.
You need to state it clearly.
You're only going to school
because you need to.
Well, considering how
much of a crisis it was,
this actually played out
really well for me.
"Played out?" I'm saying
that you must be careful
not to use such expressions.
All right, I'm sorry.
I'll be more careful.
It's my first time traveling through time.
I know.
Why go to school
when it's your first time time-traveling?
I must have a backstory, just like you do.
You thought I wouldn't know?
You could time travel freely,
yet you bought a house
in a different time
and went to work
as if you were an ordinary teacher.
Going to work itself
is already horrible in our lifetime.
You must have a reason
that's more important
than coming up with
a dangerous lie so diligently.
But I won't ask what that reason is.
Don't ask if you can't tell me
what your reason is.
Let's just focus on our own stuff first.
But I'll try my best
so I won't put you in a pickle
like I did yesterday.
Until we return to our time,
we're in the same boat.
You're only going to attend the school.
You'll come home straight after school.
Try your best not to stand out
and stay quiet.
If you get in the way of what I do,
then your school life will be over.
Whenever that may be.
Will the detective from yesterday
come look for me again?
I'm not sure.
Let's get going for now.
Let's go.
You don't have to worry about that.
Don't worry.
It's natural for things like that
to happen while they work.
Just come visit me
with a bottle of makgeolli.
Think of your friend
who must feel empty
after sending his son to a faraway town.
All right, then.
I'll talk to you later, Chief Kim.
(Principal Yoon Byung Gu)
Goodness. I'm sorry about that.
That lasted for quite a while, didn't it?
All right, now.
I'm really happy today.
You are our first transfer students
since our school was founded.
And we have two students, at that.
And on the same day, of all days.
And they kind of look alike too.
- No, we don't.
- No, we don't.
I know that you saw each other
in a club a few days ago,
but please greet each other officially.
This is Mr. Yoon Hae Jun.
If you look at him closely,
- he
- No, we don't look alike.
he'll be the homeroom teacher
for your nephew starting today.
Dad is someone's nephew?
Then he's related to me too.
Thank you in advance.
He's Detective Baek Dong Sik,
and he's very competent.
Thanks to a guy like him,
our town is much safer.
We should always be grateful.
I'd like to thank you in advance.
Why did you do that last night
when you're so competent?
Gosh, I'm so sorry, Chairman Yoon.
It's all right. You must've had no idea
that he was one of us.
As a teacher and a parent,
we all belong
to the family of Woojung High.
So please get along
with each other from now on. Okay?
The second forehead.
And I get to see
the first forehead here too.
It's so fascinating!
Uncle, I get to meet
the two foreheads here.
From what I saw,
it looks like you don't have a father.
Can you not talk to me?
What was it again?
You're transferring to a new school.
But seeing how you came here
with your distant relative's uncle,
it's obvious what the answer is.
I know a dad who just
doesn't show up for anything.
For 12 years from elementary school
to high school.
The entrance ceremonies,
graduations, and sports days.
A dad who has never shown up
for any meaningful occasion.
A dad who was never part of my life
because he was too busy drinking
and fighting some random people.
Someone like him used to be my dad.
He sounds like an awful dad.
It sure feels weird to hear that
from you of all people.
By the way, what's "elementary school?"
Primary school.
I see. That must have been the name.
Elementary Primary School.
Hey, seeing how you're here
Does it mean Soon Ae also
Remember what I told you yesterday?
- Stay away from her.
- Hold on.
I warned you too yesterday.
I told you not to meddle in my business!
Hey! Let go of my ear!
(Teachers' Office)
Didn't you say that
your distant relative's niece
was nice?
Yes. She promised to be nice.
- He's so handsome.
- No. He's the hottest.
- Hey.
- She bought it.
- Hey, I ran out of my allowance.
- Let me try this.
- I knew it.
- Not these girls.
- Hey, do you have some left?
- No. Give me one.
(Career Research)
- Is that right?
- Yes, it is.
- Oh, no.
- Goodness.
- Are you all right?
- Oh, no. That must have hurt.
Class President.
Attention. Bow.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Come in.
(Ko Mi Sook)
She's a new student who will join
your class starting today.
Her name is Baek Yoon Young.
Because of a family matter,
she took some time off from school.
So she's a bit older than you.
Who cares about age here?
As long as we're in the same class,
we're the same age.
- Right.
- That's true.
All right. You guys can sort that out.
Kim Hae Kyung. Lee Eun Ha. Park Yu Ri.
You three. Kim-Lee-Park.
You'd better behave.
If I catch you bullying her,
I'll scold you. Okay?
Goodness. You are high school seniors.
You guys are hopeless. Seriously.
Except for you, Mi Sook.
(Ko Mi Sook)
You can take the empty seat over there.
That's all.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Come here.
- Come on.
- Hey.
- I told you no.
- Seriously? Come on.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Nice!
- That's it. I won.
- Hey. He's here.
- You.
- Bring it back.
Be quiet.
Sit down. That's fine.
We have a transfer student today.
Introduce yourself however you want.
I'm Baek Hee Sub.
What? That's it?
Giving a long introduction
goes against the spirit of rock and roll.
- Nice.
- Did you see that?
I see.
Okay. That's your concept.
You can't go against the spirit.
Sit wherever you want.
That's it.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What happened?
I thought I should stay here
for a bit longer.
Aren't you happy to see me?
Do you like Virginia Woolf?
Can I take a look?
Do you know this book?
"Give her another hundred years."
"Give her a room of her own"
"and five hundred a year."
"Let her speak her mind"
"And leave out half that she now puts in,"
"and she will write a better book
one of these days."
"'She will be a poet,' I said"
"In another hundred years' time."
That was the lamest thing I've ever heard.
(Career Research)
Hey, it's nice to see you.
(Diligence, Honesty, Commitment)
You must be an amazing guitarist.
You can hear that?
You put the selector
on the fourth position.
You played the E chord
with down-stroke picking.
Gosh. You have fast fingers
and a good sense of rhythm.
I finally met my partner.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Yoo Bum Ryong.
You sound crazy.
Nice to meet you.
Didn't you hear me?
I said, "It's nice to see you."
Shouldn't you at least say something?
It's definitely childish.
But you are being childish.
What's that?
I wonder if she's making good use of that.
- Come with me.
- Okay.
Come with me.
Gosh. This is bothering me.
Can you give me a minute?
It won't take long.
Don't act like we're friends.
Do you want to die?
I don't have much time. So listen up.
All right. Look right in the eye.
And glare like me.
You're good. Yes.
And then say this. "Oh, my. What's that?"
That's it. Then they'll lower
their heads. Right?
At that moment, crouch down,
pretending to pick it up.
Then come up while lifting your head.
That's going to cause a big nosebleed
Hey, you're hopeless.
Now, pretend that
you're pulling this trick on me.
See? I lowered my head.
Oh, my. Is your head made of rock?
So why are you teaching me this?
Darn it.
My father taught me this.
When I started primary school,
he told me to use this trick
to intimidate anyone
who tried to pick a fight with me.
By the time I graduated,
both of my parents had passed away.
So this is the only thing I learned.
It's been quite useful so far.
Gosh. I'm saying all dads would want
to teach tricks like this.
I'm sure your dad didn't mean
to miss out on these occasions.
He must have had a reason.
- What do you know?
- What?
This is such a childish trick
for a 19-year-old kid to share.
I don't need your trick.
Are you all right?
- Your nose is bleeding.
- Darn it.
Have you gone mad?
Can you be quiet?
I can't focus.
I think you've done enough.
Darn it.
Five-Second Prince is coming!
- Attention.
- Sit down.
- What's the countdown for?
- Quiet.
You must enjoy these five seconds
as much as you can.
What are you supposed to do
right after school?
- We go home.
- We go home.
Yes. Go home right away.
Don't stay outside past 10 p.m.
Don't even go
to the reading room to study.
Just study at home.
If you can't focus, just go to sleep.
Sleep is the best medicine.
Don't go to the hill or the river
even during the day.
Just don't go there.
Don't even go to dark places.
Don't trust any strangers.
Bad guys will approach you while smiling.
Only think about coming to school,
going home, and interacting
with your classmates
and your teachers for now.
Be patient for a few months
until you turn 20.
You'll be free after that.
- And
- Can you just start your lesson?
Open your book.
We only have five seconds
before he starts
nagging us.
He's a prince for only five seconds.
Five-Second Prince.
That's his nickname.
Do we have to listen to that
before every class?
That's awful.
There are so many things
he tells us not to do.
So he's also Don't-Do-It Prince.
Don't tell him that.
But why do you keep adding
"Prince" to his nicknames?
How could you not?
Study the purpose behind
the creation of "Yongbieocheonga."
Observe how the book was used.
Understand the distinct features
of the book
and the writing style.
All right. Firstly,
let's talk about the value
of "Yongbieocheonga."
As I briefly went over yesterday,
is the first epic poem
that was written in Korean.
As it's the most representative work
in musical literature,
it's considered an important piece
in Korean literature as well.
This is a great literary piece
to study the language
from the late Goryeo Dynasty
to the early Joseon Dynasty.
It's also deemed a valuable piece
for studying history
- Hello.
- Hello.
Goodness. I hate boomers.
I hate people who fight too.
I've told you many times
to keep a low profile.
You acted like a UFC fighter
on your first day here.
Let's just focus on our own things
instead of criticizing each other.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
And stop staring at me in class.
Don't go anywhere after school.
Stay in the classroom.
I'll come and pick you up.
- Mr. Yoon.
- Hey.
Go on your way.
Did he drop his honorifics on me?
Thank you for earlier.
You complimented my writing homework.
I said it was good
because you did a good job.
You don't have to thank me.
I was a bit shy about showing
my writing to you this time.
Do you really think
I can be a novelist when I grow up?
Of course.
It may not take that long either.
You may be a famous writer too.
So keep it up.
Does he know about her?
Well, she is a best-selling author.
(Academic Point)
She wasn't in the restroom.
Where did she go?
Did you bring it?
I fixed some awkward sentences.
And I also fixed some parts
that didn't add up.
The writing assignment
is taking up a lot of your time.
you mostly got rid of my sentences.
It's okay.
Well, the results
come out better that way.
I'm the one who wrote it, anyway.
But anyone can edit it.
Don't you agree?
Right. That's true.
Don't come out right away.
I won't.
It's received well
only when you review it,
so I can't really complain.
can edit it.
(Always beware of fire.)
So this is what
you have always been doing.
I wasn't sure. But you were the same.
Do you even know how to write
without other people's help?
I watched you do it for six years.
But it's shocking that you had to get
someone else
to finish your writing assignment.
If you truly believe anyone can do it,
you can do it yourself. How come
you're so brazen
after using someone else's time
and talent?
No. You're not brazen.
Because you know this is embarrassing,
you're hiding here to talk about it.
I can't
keep this a secret. Not here, at least.
Let's go to the teachers' office.
Are you okay, Mi Sook?
I did this
because I wanted to.
The class will start soon. Hurry.
Let's go, Mi Sook.
What on earth did she do to Mom?
Why can't Mom stand up to her?
I'm sure there's something between them.
I've never seen you before.
Are you a senior in Class One?
Lee Soon Ae is in your class, right?
Soon Ae? What about her?
Can you
pass this on to her?
Yoo Bum Ryong.
Do you know how suspicious you look?
Don't you know you can't pass
the hallways
where the girls' classrooms are?
Do you find school rules easy?
No, sir. I'm sorry.
- Please let this slide.
- Follow me.
(Let's move forward)
(with our autonomy, creativity,
and intelligence.)
- Are you going home?
- Bye.
If Ko Mi Sook actually stole
the novel that Mom wrote,
then what happened today
must've been the beginning.
She won't be able to sleep well
after what she did.
(Let us sacrifice ourselves
and love each other.)
What's taking him so long?
He told me to wait right here.
Watch yourself.
Watch yourself, Yoon Young.
Are you actually leaving?
The principal told us
to attend tonight's get-together
no matter what happened.
He's always extreme with things.
Well, then.
He's been here for only a month.
What does he know?
By the way,
why does the principal
adore him so much then?
I'm sorry I'm late.
She's not here?
What is it?
You're not as smart as I thought.
only works on someone
who's afraid of losing something.
I don't know how you bound up Soon Ae
with such lame warnings,
but listen to me carefully.
The cowardly things you've done
and that you will do from now on
They won't go your way anymore.
I will stop all of them, no matter what.
So it is you.
Mi Sook.
Where on earth is she?
The new senior girl in Class One.
What are you doing there? Let's go.
Mother told us to come home early.
I need to stop by somewhere.
You can go ahead first.
Hey, Ko Mi Sook!
Do you think my sister
just ran away from you?
I didn't mean to eavesdrop.
I only happened to have the windows open.
I'm sorry,
but you don't know
what Mi Sook is like at all.
Isn't it normal to know
about your opponent
if you want to fight them?
Where are you headed?
I should write a note to that transfer
next time.
Hey, I thought you had a girlfriend.
Hey, don't you know that
your feelings can always change?
Whenever I see a pretty girl,
I want to courageously
give a love letter
to her.
I might as well
just hit on her for the sake of it.
For the sake of it? He can't even poop.
I should've asked for her phone number.
Gosh, if it weren't for
the homeroom teacher.
Tomorrow, I'll go to her without
the homeroom teacher knowing.
- And I'll make it cool.
- You jerk.
"What's your line number?"
It's 53-2355.
What? It's 53-2355?
Wait. I've heard of it.
Gosh, that's
the homeroom teacher's number!
Yes, that transfer lives with me.
Call me if you miss her.
I'll answer it for her.
Go home already.
(Let's use it as though it's our own.)
What do I do?
I'm glad I found you.
You must not have had an umbrella.
I can speak casually to you
since you're in high school, right?
I'm 22.
By the way, what did you mean
by what you said earlier?
That I do not know
what Mi Sook is like at all.
You said she blackmailed you.
If you actually felt
that she blackmailed you,
it's highly likely that she didn't.
I bet it was like a simple test on you.
A test?
You know,
how one tests what triggers you.
What flaws you might have.
Or if you have any secret weapons
she might find useful.
Until she finds out about all of them,
she never attacks first.
But once she figures it out,
it's the end.
only works on someone
who's afraid of losing something.
So it is you.
Watch yourself.
Watch yourself, Yoon Young.
You said she was your sister,
so is it okay to talk about her
this way when I'm a stranger?
I thought you were in danger.
When you charge forward
after the target only,
it is likely that you will fall
into a trap.
Are you okay?
You should've been careful.
Drink this slowly,
so you can come to your senses.
Darn it. She's driving me crazy.
Don't look at me like that.
This is my house.
It's not some dangerous place.
I admit it wasn't the best method,
but it's nothing much.
Let's just have a drink together
and have fun.
It's because I like you. Got it?
Does Ko Mi Sook know you're like this?
I'm not sure. She may know.
She could be turning a blind eye.
That means this isn't
your first time doing this.
It means you'll be okay soon.
You have a cut.
I said everything would turn out okay.
How dare you
You punk.
You punk.
Are you okay?
Come with me.
You begged me to trust you, didn't you?
It really isn't me.
I was falsely accused.
Please trust me.
I'll see you in Woojung-ri.
I'll tell you what on earth
I was talking about.
So make sure to stay alive.
I was worried that you might not come.
No. I was worried that you couldn't come.
I'm glad to see you.
Listen carefully.
Your life will become painful from now on.
I'm not going to take my gaze off
of you for even a second.
If you need to pay for your crimes,
whatever they may be,
I'll make sure you pay for them all.
So you better get your life together.
Inmate 4013,
Ko Min Soo.
Who are you?
Can you move your hair?
How did you know I'd be there?
Because it was his turn.
This was the list of prime suspects.
There were three people
including yourself.
(Personal Information of the 1987
Murder Case Suspects: Baek Hee Sub)
The first suspect in the murder
that will happen
three days from now, Baek Hee Sub.
The second suspect, Yoo Bum Ryong.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Yoo Bum Ryong)
The 3rd suspect, who served 30 years
after being convicted,
Ko Min Soo.
(Ko Min Soo)
Those are the people you met today.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Who are you?
Why in the world did you come here?
(My Perfect Stranger)
Two days before the first murder,
one of the suspects
had already been taken into custody
by the police.
The remaining two suspects
have not shown any singularities.
Right when everything
seemed to be covered in fog,
she arrived.
The first victim.
knows something.
If she is not aware
of what will end up happening here,
I need to let her know.
Since no one knows what's going to happen.
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