My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

All This Is a Coincidence?

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 4, All This Is a Coincidence?)
Who are you?
Why in the world did you come here?
What on earth are you talking about?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
How do you have this?
It was on the floor,
so I happened to pick it up.
If you were trying to hide it,
that's too bad.
Why would I want to hide
something that was picked up?
No. I'm the one who picked it up here.
I also picked it up by chance.
You picked that up by chance?
Where and when?
Before I ended up here.
It was an hour before you crashed into me.
I saw this floating around
by the riverside in this village.
I picked it up
without thinking much about it.
"By the riverside."
What on earth
were you doing late at night?
I was
(Dear Yoon Young)
Is that one more thing
you can't tell me about?
Just like why you had to meet Ko Min Soo.
I just had some questions for him.
That's all I can explain for now.
Then this is all we can talk about.
You didn't answer my question yet.
When I asked you
how you knew I would be there,
you only gave me
What's this?
What does this mean to you?
The thing that made me come here.
The thing I must keep looking for.
The cause and result
of everything that's happened.
That's all I can tell you right now.
Unfortunately, it looks like
both of us aren't ready
to tell each other everything yet.
Yes. You're right.
On May 11, 1987.
Three days before the first murder.
It's a critical moment,
but the past I knew is changing.
A new incident had happened.
The prime suspect No.
Ko Min Soo, who was accused
of being the real culprit,
has already been arrested by the police.
Then what will happen now?
You picked that up
by chance?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
What on earth is she hiding?
Why did she make that face?
(Woojung Police Station)
(What did you do after that?)
This is everything we can tell you.
Okay. That's good for now.
You can go back home now.
(Detective Division 2)
That punk won't talk.
That's good news.
He's stalling time on his own.
What do you mean?
Punks like him should be locked up
as long as possible
for the village's safety.
You never know what else he might do.
So keep doing that.
Don't say anything or do anything.
Stay in there
and try to last a week
without stepping a foot outside.
If nothing happens during that week,
it will be confirmed that
you did indeed kill them.
Or your innocence will be proven.
"Kill them?"
Darn it.
What on earth are you talking about?
Be quiet, you punk!
Please keep a close eye on him.
(Police Station)
What does this thing mean to him?
No, I'm okay.
It's all over. I'm okay now.
I really don't have an appetite.
You haven't eaten anything.
You should eat something to sleep well.
We're not close enough
to have a meal together.
(H Teahouse)
He wanted me to have coffee
on an empty stomach?
(H Teahouse)
That's the name of the teahouse?
How unique.
Hey. Can you stay open
for 30 more minutes today?
All the restaurants are closed.
I can't let a man starve
a woman on a date.
No. I never said
Why do they sell these at a teahouse?
It's up to the owner.
She's quite unique.
She's very nosy too.
By the way, did people from this time
dip the bread in soy sauce?
Well, I'm not sure.
There wasn't any bread that tasted salty.
Give it a try
and see how their bread tastes.
I really don't have an appetite,
but since you bought it already
Do you like
salty and sweet stuff that much?
Don't you know it's a must-have
for modern people?
I got off work in the morning
every day for a month
to meet the deadline.
When I want to
finally take a rest on the weekend,
the writer I'm in charge of
calls me out
to complain about the fountain pen ink
that she doesn't like,
which makes me lose the will to live.
But sweet and salty stuff
brings us back to life.
You used to work at a publishing house?
Were you an editor?
What about you?
I was jobless.
Of course. You wouldn't tell me.
I'm the one who told you the truth again.
That's not exactly the case.
Gosh, this is the worst.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to apologize.
We just have different palates.
I promised not to put you in a pickle.
But I made you come down to the station.
I'm really sorry.
But you didn't make that happen.
Whether you had something
to ask him or other issues,
such a thing should not have happened
even if you followed him
for whatever reason.
He created this mess, not you.
So you don't have to apologize.
And don't be too scared.
I will never let such a thing happen.
I'll make sure to fix the light soon.
(Woojung Cinema)
Do you think you can run?
Of course.
They must be crazy.
Why dip twisted donuts in soy sauce?
Go inside
and get things sorted out quietly.
Don't tell anyone.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
What story must he have?
I'm leaving early because
I have something to attend to.
Have breakfast, get the meal box,
and go to Soon Ae's across the street.
They must be expecting you.
I told them in advance.
Make sure to put more ointment
on your wound.
You don't have to do the dishes.
Just put them in the sink.
Don't ever be late.
He sounds like Mom.
(A wonderful and remarkable life)
- Mom!
- What is it?
Didn't you see my sparkly tights?
I might be late for the salon.
Darn you.
You cause a scene at night drunk
and sober in the afternoon.
Gosh, I have to make fried eggs
for Oh Bok.
- Honey.
- Yes?
How come there aren't any intact socks?
You took a pair from the basket,
not from the wardrobe, right?
I told you I put the socks
with holes in the basket.
Why do you always take pairs
- from there?
- Mom! There's no tissue.
Oh, right. I'll get you a roll.
Mom, I asked you about my tights first.
Where did I put my wallet?
Oh, right. I changed my pants too.
My wallet.
- What?
- My wallet.
- I didn't take out your wallets.
- Mom.
- Mom, are fried eggs ready?
- Fried eggs?
No, not yet.
Gimbap isn't seasoned at all.
- It's not?
- What are you saying?
Just eat it. She always makes it bland.
You should eat some too.
Gosh, you.
That darn book!
You'd have been done folding them
and making fried eggs for your brother.
Here. Stop folding them.
Go and make fried eggs for Oh Bok.
I'll be right back.
Are you Oh Bok?
Who are you?
It's me, Uncle. Yoon Young.
What is it?
Who are you
to be standing in my yard,
just blinking your big eyes?
It's me. Yoon Young.
I might not have enough time
to change my socks.
Just hurry up and give me a pair.
- Honey!
- Coming!
Stop calling me already!
And then
Hello, Mr. Yoon.
Give me the matchbox
from the hallway yesterday.
are so pretty. Who are you?
Like heck she is, my gosh.
She looks like a wet weasel.
Aren't you late?
Just be quiet and go to work.
You drunkard.
- Gosh.
- Wait for me.
- See you.
- See you.
So you're Mr. Yoon's
parent's in-law's family's
I see. You are Mr. Yoon's relative.
You should've told me earlier.
Nice to meet you.
You look smart just like Mr. Yoon.
You look intelligent.
Mr. Yoon couldn't go with you,
so he asked me to make sure
you went with Soon Ae.
When I was packing lunch,
I also packed some for you and Mr. Yoon.
- Eat it for lunch.
- I packed my lunch too.
That's your packed lunch.
And this is from me.
Chew well when you eat.
Come back anytime if you want my food.
Gosh, come over often, sweetie.
Okay. Thank you.
That's good.
My goodness.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
- A love letter?
- Yes.
You put a note in that
and give it to your crush
or a girl you like.
Kids in other classes must do this too.
It's trending in our school.
The stupid trend made things
more complicated.
"My love."
Love who?
How can you love her already?
I have a different matchbox
for the transfer.
That's for a different girl.
If you already have a crush,
why would you give it to her?
Are you avoiding it?
I won't give it to her, then.
Why would you hit me in the mouth?
Get back here.
(Let's use it as though it was our own.)
What do I do?
Why aren't you coming out?
Fine. I'm coming.
The main reason why Yoo Bum Ryong
was named as the prime suspect
was because of the things he hid.
So there's nothing so far. Is that right?
What is this?
I'm sorry
about yesterday.
You just wanted to help me,
and I was mean.
It bothered me all night,
so I couldn't sleep.
That's why.
You always write a letter
when you'll eventually say sorry
in person.
You always did this every time we fought.
I meant my mom.
I just suddenly remembered.
She must've loved writing.
I guess so.
(Hello, Yoon Young. This is Soon Ae.)
I never thought
that could be the reason
until now.
- Hello.
- Hello.
The second forehead?
Mr. Yoon. Right.
You have a matchbox
in the front pocket. Give me that.
Do I have a matchbox in my bag? Where?
You can't go through
someone else's bag like that.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
There's really one in there.
You just transferred yesterday,
so you couldn't have known the trend.
Why would a student have a matchbox
from a teahouse?
How did it get in there?
I got it.
My brother came over this Sunday
and wanted to introduce coffee to me.
He took me to a teahouse in town,
and I made towers with matchboxes there.
It was so much fun, and he
Does your brother still have the lock too?
Of course.
A lock?
Why is your back so light?
Should I have brought books
on a field trip, then?
Didn't she pack you lunch?
It's not that.
She did, but I just forgot to bring one.
Ask your friends to find you my bag.
I went through your bag,
so you can rummage through mine.
Take the packed lunch in my bag.
Get yourself a soda
and also buy some
for the kids in the other class.
It's an errand.
Rochester's room caught fire,
and Jane put it out with a water bucket.
He grabbed her by the wrist
and said, "You saved my life."
How could I have stopped reading there?
Then my mom hit me with a spatula.
But you were just reading.
She hates it when I read.
She says I'm wasting my time
doing something useless
instead of doing housework.
I want to read all the books I love
and listen to music as much as I want.
I also want to sip my coffee.
I wish I could live like that.
That dream of hers
came true
through me.
I'm just happy.
If you're done, give me the cup.
You're almost done. I'll do it later.
Just give it to me. Leave it to me.
Just read as much as you want.
You left me
You left
I mean
I was just curious to know
what you were listening to.
Give me that. I'll clean.
No. It's okay.
When you get married, you'll get
to do it until you get sick of it.
I won't bother you. Get back to that.
I'm sick of hearing that.
I kept telling you I wouldn't get married.
was giving me the time
she couldn't have.
What are you doing?
I'll give it back to you now.
The time you lost.
Everything you gave up.
I'll get everything back to you.
We'll be late. We have to run.
Why are you going that way?
Our school is that way.
Didn't you hear it
at the end of the class yesterday?
Today is field trip day.
You're right.
Wait for me.
- Kim Hae Kyung.
- Yes.
- Lee Eun Ha.
- Here!
- Park Yu Ri!
- Here!
- Seo Ji Eun.
- Here.
- Yoo Eun Young.
- Here.
- Kwon Soo Kyung.
- Here.
- Baek Yoon
- Gosh. Come on.
Mr. Yoon.
Mr. Yoon.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be checking up
on your class?
Look at them. They're a disorderly group.
- Look.
- You've got this! Let's go.
No. Look.
They're all over the place. Seriously.
Kids who don't study always cause trouble.
I wrote very clearly
not to be late. Seriously.
She's making me nervous. Come on.
Why are you going down?
Go easy on it.
Why did the principal
pair my class up with his class?
You next to the cotton candy.
You'd better walk away now.
You punks.
Sun Jung Sook.
How did the second forehead know
that it was for a lock?
Soon Ae.
The guy from the terminal.
Seeing how we're meeting here again,
it must mean we are fated
As if!
Listen up, Soon Ae.
Take a look at his face.
You'd be wasting your time with this guy.
What nonsense is that?
He's not going to make
your life better in any way.
You seem to be out of breath.
Why don't we get a head start?
But still. That's
You're not taking her anywhere.
It's better to rest up first
when you're out of breath like this.
Take a break, and then climb up.
Soon Ae!
Darn it.
The sky looked beautiful.
- Goodness.
- Gosh.
Why are there so many hills?
Why would anyone come here
on a school picnic?
This is a tough hike for someone
who was born in 1965.
All right.
You guys are here today to have fun.
So just do that.
Don't read your textbook in secret
because you're worried
about the college entrance exam.
- Bum Ryong.
- Bum Ryong.
- Come on.
- That's awful.
All right.
Have as much fun as you can today.
However, do not leave this area. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Entertainment Leader, come on out.
All right. Guys,
you all know who I am, right?
- Yes!
- Yes!
What's the highlight of a school picnic?
- A talent show.
- A talent show.
That's right.
We're going to have a talent show.
Hey, this is an important moment.
And you brought me a valuable present.
- All right. Who wants to try it?
- I stole it for you
from my dad.
But do you think you can do it?
You said you had never
played a real guitar before.
I need to stop playing the air guitar.
I'll give it a try.
Shouldn't you practice first?
You might embarrass yourself
in front of the girls.
We'll start the talent show now.
Clap, everyone.
All right. Who wants to give it a try?
No one?
Come on. Is this all you guys amount to?
I'm sick of practicing.
All right.
If you guys take a break
just like everyone else,
you will fall behind.
- Come on, Mr. Park.
- You guys are high school seniors.
Don't get too excited.
Always think
about the college entrance exam.
I'm still talking.
Always think
about the college entrance exam.
Can you stop talking?
- What?
- We can't hear him sing.
Sir, let's take a five-minute break!
- Thank you.
- We'll be back.
- Where are you going?
- Thank you.
What a mess.
So nothing really happened?
I only said two things.
Then we ran into his homeroom teacher.
Mr. Yoon pulled on his ear
and dragged him away.
What were the two things you said to him?
He asked me about my type.
So I said I liked men
who were good at singing.
Let's go.
It's all right!
- Okay. You've got this!
- Go for it!
Did he know how to play the guitar?
Stop thinking
And start talking
Stop the boring stuff
- Who is that guy?
- And start speaking your heart out
- He's a new transfer student.
- My body's fidgeting. I'm in a knot
I'm hesitating, feeling unsure
- My face is turning red
- My face is turning red
- I'm hesitating, feeling unsure
- I'm hesitating, feeling unsure
- I'd be alone after the breakup
- I'd be alone after the breakup
- And I'd cry with a broken heart
- And I'd cry with a broken heart
- I knew I'd regret it when she left
- I knew I'd regret it when she left
- But why couldn't I tell her that?
- But why couldn't I tell her that?
- My body's fidgeting. I'm in a knot
- My body's fidgeting. I'm in a knot
- I'm hesitating, feeling unsure
- I'm hesitating, feeling unsure
- My face is turning red
- My face is turning red
- I'm hesitating, feeling unsure
- I'm hesitating, feeling unsure
- I should have just told her
- I should have just told her
- I should have told her
- I should have told her
- I should have just told her
- I should have just told her
- I should have told her
- I should have told her
I should have told her
- I should have told her
- I should have told her
I should have told her
It's May 12.
- I should have told her
- Two days before the first murder.
One of the three suspects has
already been arrested by the police.
And the other two suspects
aren't showing any unusual movements.
The matchbox
which was the culprit's signature.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
It's everywhere.
Gosh. This is driving me crazy.
When everything seemed
to be getting more perplexing,
she arrived.
She was the first victim
of the serial murder in Woojung-ri.
It's her.
You remember them, right?
(Personal Information
of the 1987 Murder Case Suspects)
(Lee Ju Young)
- You're here, Principal Yoon.
- Yes.
You brats.
Stand up.
No. It's okay.
Sit down, everyone. It's okay. Sit.
She will be your student teacher
for a month.
Her name is Lee Ju Young.
She's a fourth-year student
at Seoul National University,
majoring in Korean literature.
She was supposed to start tomorrow.
But I brought her today
so I can introduce her to you
on a good day.
Give it up for her.
Where did I see her?
Ms. Lee! You should sing for us too!
- Sing for us!
- Sing for us!
- Sing for us!
- Sing for us!
- Sing for us!
- Sing for us!
- Sing for us!
- Quiet down.
- Be quiet!
- I'll sing.
Sure. Go ahead.
You're awesome!
You're amazing.
The strong wind blew
Fluttering Mother's tears
In this divided world
Where one cries with a bitter grudge
- The soul of the people
- What is that?
- No idea. Never heard before.
- Becomes the owner of this world
- She totally ruined the mood.
- For the freedom of that world
- Even if your heart becomes blue
- She's so charming.
Don't you think so?
- Keep rowing ahead
- Why is this song so sad?
It's "Dear Green Pine."
Dear green pine
Do you know this song?
- No.
- Don't be shaken by the wind
- From the east
- Why does it sound so familiar?
Under the bars where I'm tied
Stay alive until we meet again
I told you not to see me off,
but both of you came?
If it had to be just one,
that would've been me.
Then I'll just go back.
No, not you. You should stay.
Mr. Park. Don't you get the feeling
that Mr. Yoon resembles someone
whenever you see him?
I'm not sure.
I don't watch TV much.
No, not someone from TV.
Take a good look at someone close to you.
I'm not sure.
I'm not really interested in
the people around me.
Why aren't you?
Mr. Park, I like everything about you,
but you're so slow-witted!
need to go back to guide the students.
Please excuse me.
Darn it.
Gosh, I should just fire him.
I heard you went down
to the station yesterday.
- Oh, yes.
- Anything I can do to help?
No, it's all right.
- Thank you for asking.
- It's nothing.
- Actually
- Yes?
I asked you this before.
Can I take charge
of the new student teacher?
Right. We decided to do that.
Actually, instead of that
No, we don't look alike.
Let's go.
He strangely looks like
the younger version of me.
Yes, we do look alike.
Mr. Choi, let's go.
No way!
How come she looks so familiar?
It's impossible to find someone
familiar here, though.
Gosh, Five-Second Prince
I mean, Mr. Yoon made it himself?
It's so good.
Right? My grandma
The gimbap your mom made
is really good too.
You're talking to me casually
after the incident at the lab.
Because we're friends.
Right, we are.
You can call me whatever.
Baek Yoon Young.
"My love and passion for you."
It's a love letter from
one of the gentlemen over there.
Here's one for Soon Ae.
Please check out the gentlemen's feelings.
Thank you.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
This matchbox
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(You have the prettiest smile.
Please call me.)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Women who read are dangerous.)
I can't say this is a common item.
But it doesn't make any sense
that I picked up an item
from 30 years ago by the river.
You picked that up by chance?
Where and when?
"By the riverside."
What on earth
were you doing late at night?
He must know something.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Hurry up and take it.
- Take it.
- I said I didn't want to.
She doesn't want it! Go away!
Darn it. Fine.
What happened?
- Goodbye, sir.
- Goodbye, sir.
- Goodbye.
- Just go straight home.
Have you decided where to stay
for the month?
Yes, a relative of mine
lives in the neighborhood.
She's lying.
She doesn't have any family or relatives.
Why on earth did she lie?
I see.
But just in case
It's my home phone number.
I even make the students
memorize my number.
It's like an emergency contact.
Please call me anytime
if something happens.
Even if it's trivial, I wouldn't mind.
Thank you.
But I'll be fine
since my relatives will be around.
Still, you shouldn't throw it away.
Get home safely. I'll see you tomorrow.
Wait, my flask.
I must've left it up there.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
It's right there,
so I'll make it quick. Wait here.
Don't run! Be careful.
Are you responsible for putting
my brother in a holding cell?
It was your brother who did it to himself.
He got locked up for what he did.
So what's my vulnerable point
that you found?
What triggers me to react.
A useful card.
You know it already.
It was so obvious that I didn't
even have to try finding it.
Soon Ae.
Lee Soon Ae is your vulnerable point.
But I'm still not sure
why you're so vulnerable to her.
If you know it, then don't forget.
My warning from yesterday is still valid.
About my brother
Do you think I'm happy
about how he ended up,
or the opposite?
You're happy?
I didn't expect to hear that word.
But do I need to know that?
You should be trying to find out.
That way, you'll know
whether I'll use your weakness
or not.
Then I'll see you tomorrow, Yoon Young.
- Excuse
- Excuse
You can go first.
I'll wash my hands first.
Since we have a lot of time.
Sure. Since we have a lot of time.
If, by any chance,
she is not aware
of what will end up happening here,
I need to let her know now.
Since no one knows what's going to happen.
Something's strange.
There's definitely something going on.
That's impossible.
What's the matter?
I just received a call
from Principal Yoon.
He was supposed to meet Ms. Lee,
but he can't get in touch with her.
I'll be heading out for a moment.
- Wait.
- Right.
Don't go anywhere, and stay home. Okay?
I'll be quick.
Ms. Lee.
The student teacher.
This feels strange.
I know this situation.
("The People I Killed," Ko Mi Sook)
It can't be. No way.
(My first impression of her)
(was a little peculiar.)
Why is this in Ko Mi Sook's novel?
She could've just described
what she saw in the past.
My first impression of her
was a little peculiar.
Her thick eyebrows stood out
on her fair and soft face.
Also, the unique wood ring
on her slender index finger. Also,
her dirty shoes
mismatched her neat clothes.
That is why she felt familiar.
Excuse me.
Where is Ko Min Soo right now?
Where is he?
Ko Min Soo.
Ko Min Soo!
Nami, Kim Wan Sun, Min Hae Kyung,
and Sobangcha. Those are the singers
that the kids were expecting.
But with her soft but strong voice,
she sang that song.
All these things
made her look special.
That is why
(Woojung General Store)
What are you doing here?
Why did you come outside?
That woman
Is she going to die?
That day,
I picked her at first sight.
My beautiful
first victim.
It's not true, is it?
I was just getting ahead of myself, right?
Did you come here knowing something?
How did you know that?
It hasn't even happened yet.
How did you know that,
right here and right now?
I feel like
it's time for us
to become honest with each other.
The fact that we met here
is probably not a coincidence.
(My Perfect Stranger)
It's a novel written by Ko Mi Sook.
I kept feeling this weird deja vu
after seeing the student teacher.
So you reread the manuscript,
and everything was just like
the content of the novel?
Do you want Ko Mi Sook to be the culprit?
The Ko Mi Sook that I know is more
than capable of doing all of that.
You released Ko Min Soo?
I was only following orders.
I don't think I can stay here
for long, either.
Who is it that knows my identity?
(There is someone who is watching you.)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Are you aware that there was someone
who witnessed your crime at the time?
Do you know who that person is?
Didn't I tell you?
If you only look at one thing
and recklessly make a rush at it,
you'll end up falling into multiple traps.
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