My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Me In Your Darkest Night

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 9, Me in Your Darkest Night)
What do you mean he's not the culprit?
You clearly heard him confess!
Yes, I did.
I heard answers that
didn't match the questions.
The question I asked him
at the house started with "why."
What is this?
Why did you hide it in there?
When I asked him why he hid it there,
he told me it belonged to him
out of the blue.
This is mine.
It was already in his room.
I get that he could have been flustered.
But why would he confess
without giving an excuse,
even if he truly committed the crime?
- Honey.
- Let go of me!
- I'm going to kill that jerk.
- Honey.
- This won't change anything.
- Gosh, don't say that.
- No, honey.
- Let go of me!
- Dad, calm down.
- Hey.
What's going on?
Mr. Baek arrested his own nephew
with handcuffs.
That jerk killed my sister.
Let go of me!
- Gosh.
- I'm going to rip his face off!
- Dad, you can't do that.
- Calm down.
- Let me go. I'm going to
- No!
Hee Sub didn't do it.
He would never do that!
Did you really do it?
Of all people, how could you
You How could you?
How could you kill someone?
What do you mean?
There's no point in playing innocent now!
All the evidence points to you
as the culprit!
The matchbox.
(Women who read are dangerous.)
And the note.
Gosh, Hee Sub. What's all that?
Oh, this? This is nothing.
You should clean up your room.
Come out. Let's eat.
No. You've got it all wrong.
I didn't do it!
If you didn't do it,
what's this doing here?
Whose is this then?
Hee Sub came to our house last night.
He saved us yesterday
in front of Woojung Inn.
The inn?
He came to check on me
because he was worried.
But he was the one who got hurt.
Look at these cute lovebirds. Gosh.
So you guys are dating?
Gosh, no. We would never
I just thought
she might be a bit shaken up.
I was only worried about Soon Ae.
That's it.
I see.
You should go.
You said you needed to meet someone.
I'm leaving.
You coy little cat.
You'd better treat my sister right.
Look at this. You have a cute face.
Don't go around, picking up fights.
Got it?
Yes. I got it.
Just leave already.
- Come home early.
- Okay.
Mom and Dad will scold me for this.
I will leave you two alone now.
Have a good time.
Here I go.
- Come home early.
- Okay, miss.
Gosh. Lee Kyung Ae.
What's wrong with her?
- How's your injury?
- Yes.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I can just put some doenjang on it later.
Since I saw that you were fine,
I should get going now.
I have a lot of doenjang
on the rooftop of my house.
The rooftop?
The rooftop of our house?
You two were together at that late hour?
What was the exact time?
Do you remember the exact time he left?
he said he would wait with me
until Kyung Ae came back.
He stayed with me all night
until the morning.
So Hee Sub can't be the culprit.
Does anyone else
know about this?
And it must stay that way
from this moment on
and forever.
Then what about Hee Sub?
Stop worrying about him!
He had just moved here!
Why are you calling his name
as if you guys are close?
Don't you know what
people gossip about your sister?
They're wondering why she went
to that abandoned house
so late at night.
They're saying she went there
to meet guys after drinking.
Don't you know all the awful things
they say about your sister?
They'll now start talking about you
for staying up all night
with a man on the rooftop.
This village is already small as it is!
It'll only be a matter of seconds
before there are awful rumors about you.
Are you going to make your mother
put up with those rumors too?
- Dad!
- If he's innocent,
he will be released on his own.
no one here
is allowed
to bring this up ever again.
Mr. Yoon.
I know I'm asking a lot.
But please
don't tell anyone.
(Period for voluntary returns
of illegal weapons)
Gosh, come on. Look at this jerk.
His mouth must be glued shut.
Hey. Look at this.
The blood splattered
when you killed the victim, right?
Last night
when you smashed Lee Kyung Ae's head
in the abandoned house.
Answer me, you punk!
I'll interrogate him.
How can you interrogate your own family?
It'll be heartbreaking.
And it's not legally allowed either.
Hey, make him speak.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Come here.
(For a crimeless village)
When we were talking earlier,
you said she had to see someone.
That night when Kyung Ae went out.
But she told me it was someone
really nice.
She said he was her savior
who saved her during the day.
You already knew who it was, right?
If his confession was false,
there could be only one reason
why Baek Hee Sub made a false confession.
It wasn't Mom whom Dad wanted to protect.
Are you hurt?
That night.
The last person Lee Kyung Ae went to see.
Baek Yu Sub, the owner of the blue hat.
Dad was trying to cover up
for his brother
whom he had dearly cared for all his life.
It was Hee Sub before,
and now, you're after Yu Sub?
I really appreciate you
for saving Yong Woo last time,
but what on earth
do you have against our family?
Don't you know there's a family
going through something much worse?
And it's Dong Sik's job
to solve that case.
We just want to ask him something
in private.
You had to reach him anyway
to tell him about what happened
with Hee Sub.
I can't reach him.
It's been three days since he
didn't return to his boarding house.
It happens all the time.
He went to a prestigious college in Seoul,
but he works part-time at a factory
so he can take his brother with him
to Seoul too.
Uncle Yu Sub did?
He cares for his younger brother dearly.
Despite his busy schedule,
he'd come here every weekend
to see his brother.
I bet he barely has time
to sleep at the boarding house.
Gosh, what a headache.
Do you know where his boarding house is?
I heard it was near his college.
It was somewhere in Sillim-dong.
So Uncle was
a Seoul National University student?
A third-year student
in the Department of Korean Literature
at Seoul National University.
She will be your student teacher
for a month.
Her name is Lee Ju Young.
She's a fourth-year student
at Seoul National University,
majoring in Korean literature.
They were in the same department
at the same university.
That means he knew
the first victim somehow.
Everyone took part in letting him hide,
so how could anyone doubt him?
Dad even got arrested on his behalf
to protect him.
Grandfather decided to ignore
the fact in case a rumor spread.
Thanks to that,
Baek Yu Sub could go into hiding.
But still
How was he not mentioned at all?
He was.
Just briefly, though.
He was brought up briefly once.
Stand still, you punk!
Hey, wake up.
Hey, get up.
Gosh. I told you to get up.
(Assailant Baek Hee Sub)
He's driving me crazy.
Speak up, will you?
Officer Kim picked this up
near the abandoned house.
- Near the abandoned house?
- Yes.
Should we submit it as evidence?
What is it?
It looks like a necklace.
Try it on.
Well, you can just put it
Didn't you say he confessed earlier?
Hee Sub.
Are you okay? Hee Sub.
What is that?
Hey, Baek Dong Sik!
What do you think you are doing?
Hee Sub. Wake up.
It's your brother's, right?
It's Yu Sub's, right?
Tell us the truth!
This is mine.
Gosh, what a nutcase.
He finally opened his mouth.
I let him borrow it before,
but it's been a while
since he returned it to me.
It's always been mine.
It's not Dad's.
I'm sure of it.
Uncle didn't even let him touch it,
saying it was all his.
Baek Hee Sub will insist that it's his.
And they will believe it too.
If things hadn't gone this way,
he'd have been released no matter what,
but we don't know
how things will turn out
because of his confession.
We need to find Baek Yu Sub
as soon as possible.
We just need to find him?
But you said the necklace
couldn't become circumstantial evidence
for the murder.
Because we're not certain
of the time and location
at which it was dropped.
That's why I'll locate one in advance.
The lost evidence.
The shirt from the wardrobe
could've become
a much more important piece of evidence.
- Officer Kim.
- Hey, Detective Lee.
- How's your wife doing?
- She's been well.
Scientific investigation wasn't
a method they were familiar with,
- so a trivial mistake
- Salute!
ruined everything in an instant.
The contaminated evidence.
They couldn't reach any conclusions
from that.
On top of that,
they lost the evidence for good
after the investigation was completed.
It completely destroyed the hope
of finding the real culprit in the future.
But it'll be different this time.
If we can salvage that piece of evidence,
Baek Yu Sub won't be able
to hide anywhere.
Oh, dear.
It's dangerous to drive
with a cup in your mouth.
What is this?
So it's that one.
Detective Lee said he forgot.
He told me you should keep it safe
since it's important.
Drive safely.
I'll go find Baek Yu Sub
before the result comes out.
His school, the factory,
and the boarding house.
I'll look for him everywhere he could be.
To Sillim-dong, Seoul, please.
Father, please open the door!
This isn't right.
Who cares what others say?
Hee Sub
will never mention me first.
I hate myself too.
I had no idea what was happening
to Kyung Ae.
If I had told her not to go,
she wouldn't have died like that.
I shouldn't have let her go.
It feels like it's all my fault.
So I'm disgusted at myself,
and I hate myself.
But still.
Just because
Just because we lost Kyung Ae,
it's not right to just sit by and watch
whatever happens to others.
It's just not right.
We really shouldn't do that.
Yoon Young, help me.
Where are we going now?
To the police station.
If he's still arrested,
we should get to the bottom of this.
Hee Sub must be so scared alone.
We should hurry and go there.
Stop it.
It's not time for you to butt in.
What do you mean?
The adults will take care of it.
So if we just wait
What adults?
The kind of adult
who puts the cuffs on his nephew
without any proof
and lets the word get around the town?
You have Mr. Yoon, and I have my parents.
If he had those adults
who would always have his back,
I wouldn't do this.
But Hee Sub doesn't have anyone.
I have to be there for him.
Just sit still unless you know the truth.
Do you think the police are stupid?
It's also Hee Sub's fault
that he's in that situation!
What do you know?
I have to go.
Let me go.
Please let go of me.
I have to go.
I must go.
I promised him.
I made a promise.
Are you really going
to put doenjang on me?
That's what we talked about.
Show me the wound.
I think I would look funny.
It would stink.
Come on.
- Now!
- Well
Don't open your eyes.
(Hoo Hoo Ointment)
Who puts doenjang
on wounds these days, dummy?
You dropped
the honorifics.
You don't like it?
I do.
That's why I'm scared.
I'm scared that you'll become
too precious to me.
What about it?
I lose people easily.
My mom, my dad,
and even my big brother
Whoever I cherish and care for,
they leave me.
I see.
when I feel lonely and scared,
I imagine a small door.
A small door?
There's a small door in my heart.
Behind that door,
there's always someone waiting for me.
When you're scared and lonely,
close your eyes and imagine a small door.
I'll always wait for you behind that door.
You just have to open it.
Pull yourself together, Lee Soon Ae.
If you think he cares for you
as much as you care for him,
you're mistaken.
Who are you to say that?
Soon Ae!
You disappointed me.
Be disappointed as much as you want.
That would be much better for you now.
I saw it with my own eyes.
My parents saw it too.
You remember the cute guy
who played the guitar so well
- Yes.
- on the field trip?
He had the cuffs on him like this.
He was trembling, looking fragile.
The one who sang "Should've Told Her?"
That guy!
I can't believe it.
He doesn't look like the type, right?
- I know.
- My goodness.
- That's so scary.
- Indeed.
- Right. He must be so scared.
- Stupid.
He makes things complicated.
Your homeroom teacher can't come
to school for a few days
for personal reasons.
During that time, stay out of trouble,
focus on your studies, and
Who hasn't come yet?
It's the murderer's seat.
How immature you guys are.
Nothing is certain for now.
How could you call
a friend in your class a murderer?
My dad said
no one in our town would do such a thing.
But Hee Sub is a transfer.
He came all the way up here.
His uncle is a police officer.
But he still got arrested.
Doesn't it mean something?
- Right. He was still taken away.
- He's right.
- That's true.
- He was still arrested.
- What did he do?
- I know.
- My gosh.
- Mom.
- Mom.
- Hey.
- Mom.
- Are you okay?
(Emergency Center)
Are you her family?
Are there any adults in your family?
Hold on.
Where have you been all day?
Something happened to your uncle.
What is it?
chose his brother again this time.
It didn't matter
how heartbroken Mom would be
or that he was ruining his own life.
Once again,
he chose Uncle
over Mom and me
just like it had always been.
(Woojung Transportation)
(Intercity bus stop, ticket booth)
Seoul is pretty big.
Even when his own brother
was arrested for his crime,
he pretended to be clueless
about it and went into hiding.
It would've been weirder
if it had been easier to find him.
We were wrong.
Baek Hee Sub wasn't trying to cover up
the murder.
It was odd.
All those years ago
even when we weren't here,
Baek Hee Sub became a suspect
just like now.
Remember the shirt and the lock?
They said they all belonged to him,
but he said he didn't kill anyone.
He was ready to take the fall,
but he said he didn't kill anyone.
That was because
he knew there wasn't enough evidence,
so he wanted to avoid being charged.
It really wasn't him.
I asked everyone I met there
the same question.
"When was the last time
you saw Baek Yu Sub?"
(Baek Yu Sub, 23 years old)
(Works at a leather factory
on an hourly basis)
I don't know anything.
I can't know everything about him
because we live in the same house.
We don't know anything.
Don't ask us.
That night,
I saw him getting dragged away
in the front row.
But I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't even attempt to go after him.
He was bleeding a lot.
I wonder if he managed to get away
when he was bleeding that much.
No one was able to get in touch
with him after that day.
I'm so worried.
Half of them pretended
they didn't know him.
But the other half told me the truth.
On the night of the 16th,
everyone saw Baek Yu Sub
in the heart of Seoul at that.
Wait. What about my dad?
If Baek Yu Sub is not the culprit,
what will happen to my dad?
that shirt will help him.
The police won't find
what they're looking for.
But still.
But still
All right.
The blood on the shirt
The blood type is A.
Type A? Hey,
what were the blood types of the victims?
Lee Ju Young's blood type is O.
Lee Kyung Ae's blood type is B.
What about this guy's blood type?
- It's O.
- What?
What is this?
Whose blood is this then? Come on.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I see that you're working hard.
Who are you?
We're from Seoul. We're in the force too.
We've already called your chief.
Did you not get the news?
I see.
Why did you waste your time on this?
I bet this isn't even his.
Right, Hee Sub?
- What are you doing?
- What am I doing?
I'm trying to catch college students
who are worse than murderers.
Hey, Hee Sub.
You have to come with us now.
To find your brother, Baek Yu Sub.
Look at this guy. He was expecting us.
- Hey! You jerk!
- Be careful.
- Hey. Okay.
- Stop that.
Hey. Okay. Just let go of me! Darn it.
Let me just talk to them.
Hey, you jerks!
Hey, Hee Sub!
Hey, stop. Hee Sub!
- I told you to stop!
- Hold on. Those jerks.
You jerks!
You jerks! Hee Sub!
Hee Sub!
Hee Sub!
You jerks!
(Woojung Police Station)
Wait for me here.
Baek Hee Sub
Baek Hee Sub
Baek Hee Sub
Baek Hee Sub
I brought your stuff.
You should just live here
to make things easier on yourself.
Did you come to see Mom in the hospital
even once?
- But you
- You are
there with her.
That's why we're good.
We don't need you, Dad.
I'm sick of this.
Just in case
Just in case you might show up late,
we keep waiting for you
when we know you won't come.
I'm so sick of waiting for you!
I'm scared.
I'm scared, Hee Sub.
Hee Sub.
Let's hide.
Hee Sub.
Hee Sub, let's hide.
Let's hide.
(People's awareness to report
strengthens national security.)
(Seoul W2557)
It keeps circling around.
Hee Sub
Where is Hee Sub right now?
You jerk!
This punk
Hey! Move!
Where is Yu Sub?
Hee Sub.
It hurts, doesn't it?
Let's not go the harder way.
I don't know.
I don't know where he is!
Then I'll bring back your memory.
Who? Who died?
How did this happen?
That shirt is mine.
Hee Sub knew all along
what I did that night!
Hee Sub.
That night,
your brother ran from us
and went to see you.
That never happened!
Gosh, Hee Sub.
Hee Sub. There, there.
Do you know where we are?
I bet you have no idea.
It's on a completely different level
from a countryside precinct.
If things go wrong here,
you could just vanish without a trace.
You see, I am
What? Yes?
quite ignorant,
so I don't know such stuff.
This punk
Gosh, how troublesome.
You're so much trouble.
So? Do you remember now?
Do you think you can talk or not?
This won't do. Here we go again.
Yu Sub?
What happened?
- Hee Sub.
- Yu Sub.
Hee Sub.
What is this?
Tell me!
Did you go protest again?
Did you?
I'm sorry, Hee Sub.
I'm sorry.
I told you not to put yourself
in danger again!
I told you not to do it again!
Where did it go?
You jerk.
You fool!
Did you forget about it all?
Did you forget about this?
If I did,
I wouldn't be doing this, Hee Sub.
Dad! Mom!
This is bad.
They're shooting and killing people
on the streets.
What? Yu Sub must be out of it.
It's not even summer yet,
but the heat must've gotten to him.
I'm serious!
Come on in. Stop that nonsense.
- Ms. Baek!
- What is it?
Ms. Baek!
You must hurry to the hospital.
- Why?
- What are you talking about?
So many students from that college
who were protesting were shot.
So they pushed aside the bodies
on straw mats.
Doesn't Jin Sub go to that school?
- Gosh.
- Goodness.
- Mom
- Mom
Your dad and I will be right back.
We'll make sure to find your brother,
so don't ever leave the house.
If anything happens
Yu Sub and Hee Sub.
You two have to cherish each other
and live happily together.
Live a good life.
Promise me, okay?
- Mom!
- Mom
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Dad!
- Mom!
- Dad
- Mom!
How can I forget that day?
Hee Sub.
How can I forget the gunshot
from that day?
what about the promise we made with Mom?
How can I go on with my life
if you end up dying too?
Then what was I supposed to do?
You tell me.
Our brother.
We lost them all.
I feel so bitter
and resentful.
Those feelings are firing up my heart.
So how am I supposed
to live quietly, Hee Sub? How?
How am I supposed to live?
Why do you still hold on to them?
They were of no help to us.
Hurry up and take your shirt off.
I'm going to make sure
you don't get caught.
- Hee Sub.
- Hurry!
If I lose you too,
do you think I can live?
Hee Sub.
My poor baby.
My poor little baby.
What do I do?
Yu Sub and Hee Sub.
You two have to cherish each other
and live happily together.
Live a good life.
You have to live, no matter what.
Do you understand?
What do I do?
I'm the one they're looking for.
Please take me to my brother.
(Period for reporting suspicious people)
Let's go inside.
Yoon Young.
(Woojung Inn)
He's in here?
Yes, I checked with my own eyes.
I'll go bring him out.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I have a plan. Don't worry
and wait here.
There is no good idea or plan here.
If something happens
to Hee Sub because of me,
I don't think I'll be able to live.
If my method works
and Hee Sub gets released.
take good care of him.
It's dangerous, so wait here.
(Inn Entrance)
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
It's only right for me
to be punished
for my wrongdoings.
What did you do wrong?
This must have happened
I did something wrong.
If not,
why would something like this happen?
If not, why in the world
would something like this happen to us?
do you know what I did wrong?
What is it that we did wrong?
Do you know?
Who am I?
And where am I?
I traveled to this distant past.
How should I respond to your question?
I don't know what to do.
I'm just sitting here like a fool.
on your darkest night
I am.
(Inn Entrance)
(My Perfect Stranger)
You've collected all of these?
Those are the tickets for the movies
I watched on my dates.
With Mother?
What was the movie
we first watched together again?
"Our Sweet Days of Youth."
But I was sleeping,
so I couldn't watch it.
Mr. Yoon.
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