My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

Far or Close

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 10, Far or Close)
(Episode 10)
(Inn Entrance)
Perhaps, some truth
is bound to reach its destination.
Even if it has to travel for a long time,
it reaches the intended person.
Do you think you can walk?
Let's go to the hospital.
I came out of the inn alone.
I can't be that shameless.
I don't deserve to be treated.
Until my brother comes out,
I'm not going anywhere.
That's what you probably thought.
You probably let your leg go untreated
when you were here alone.
But not now.
I won't let you do that.
- Let go of me.
- Be careful.
Just leave me alone.
I have to go to my brother.
Please take good care of Hee Sub
once he comes out.
Actually, as soon as
they took Baek Hee Sub,
I called my colleagues right away.
They will arrive in 50 minutes.
So they'll be here soon.
- Are you sure it's Woojung Inn?
- Yes, that's it.
- What room?
- Room 204.
- Seriously? What's the room number?
- It's Room 204.
Hey, go up to Room 204.
Darn it.
I understand our current situation.
No, sir. I'm sorry, sir.
Just like you said,
there might not be a good plan here.
But there is someone
even those people can't beat.
Someone who knows the future.
TV reporters got a tip
and will arrive here shortly.
Fifteen minutes.
Someone who knows that
everything will end in 15 minutes.
You are the only one
in the room who knows that.
Get your brother out first.
And stall as much time as you can,
so you don't worsen your injury.
Just be safe for 15 minutes.
For your family.
Yes. I'll do that.
Let's pull out.
Did you torture him?
You tortured them, didn't you?
Let's get out of here.
- Answer our questions.
- You tortured them, right?
- Answer our questions.
- You tortured the kids, right?
Why did you bring
a high school kid to this inn?
- Say something!
- Why can't you say anything?
- Answer us!
- Did you torture the kids?
- Why did you bring them here?
- Answer the question!
- Why?
- Answer us!
Thank you
for making the future I know come true.
(Woojung Hospital)
Did your colleagues go back
to Seoul safely?
They got what they came here for.
I bet they're having a party
at a makgeolli bar after work.
We're in 1987.
There's no way this would air on TV.
They still came here, knowing that.
And I happen to know direct lines
to people who would come anyway.
Then tripping like that
must have been staged as well.
I see. It was all part
of the performance. Right?
Oh, that.
You saw that.
That was cute.
It reminded me of the time
I was new to my job.
The world is a scary place.
I'm worried if he can survive
in this tough world.
Gosh. He did more than survive.
He had the longest career
as director of the news department.
That guy who looked like a total newbie?
No way.
What kind of future
do you think they will have?
I hope
they can start over from here.
Since they have suffered
and been in a lot of pain so far,
I hope they can now live the life
they want.
They will.
The surgery went well.
The two of them will recover
from this as good as new.
I'm sure a lot has changed already.
When we go back, you should see
what kind of family awaits you at home.
You know what? I want to buy you a meal.
Do you have money from this era?
You have to lend me money.
But I want it to be my treat.
I'll pay you back when we go back.
Buy me a meal tomorrow.
I'll look for an expensive restaurant.
Yu Sub.
What on earth happened?
I couldn't get a hold of you for a while.
How could you show up
all banged up like this?
Does it even make sense? Let me go!
Do you think this makes sense?
How could you send him away
when there was no evidence?
You knew what kind of jerks they were!
You didn't even tell me!
Don't be ridiculous, you prick.
If you were so worried about your nephew,
why did you arrest him and drag him here?
Why did you do that to Baek Hee Sub?
What? How is that any different?
Oh, right.
If he was a murderer, it'd have been
a plus for your evaluation.
But with a protester,
it'd put us in trouble!
He even has history! Don't you agree?
- Calm down!
- What?
Hey, either way,
we're all doing this to make a living,
so don't go overboard.
It's embarrassing for both of us!
Dong Sik! What's wrong with you?
What is this?
Hey! Wait.
The chairman is here.
We were in the middle of a meeting,
and we got worked up.
What a disgrace.
Two people died in our village.
I treated you all
to drinks and food every day.
The villagers are shedding bitter tears
because they lost their family,
and yet, you're fighting among yourselves.
Were you always this pathetic?
I apologize.
- I apologize.
- I apologize.
I'm truly disappointed.
And about Baek Hee Sub
Don't you dare lay a finger
on my student barbarically again.
Darn you guys.
Chairman Yoon. Wait
Have a nice day, sir!
Darn it!
(It's better if you dip it in soy sauce.)
What are you doing there?
What's that?
I'm not sure.
It's twisted breadsticks.
Kyung Ae used to love these.
Dinner is ready. Let's go inside, Ok Ja.
(Woojung-ri Serial Murder Case Suspects)
He finally came back.
Our hero.
There are two conditions
I'll ask of you.
So suddenly?
I usually prefer having one meal
a day in the evening.
And that will be a grilled cheese.
It'd be best if you could prepare it
between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.
The second condition
is not interrupting me
except for the meal.
I hate getting interrupted
once I'm focused.
- Okay.
- And the premise
is that you can solve
a Rubik's Cube in five seconds.
Five, four, three, two
All right. I'll fix it for you.
You're quite domineering, aren't you?
Once you open the hood,
you'll be begging me
to let you fix it.
I also have two conditions.
First, do not share
whatever you see here
with anyone.
You'll only be in the garage,
so the lady I live with
won't feel uncomfortable.
You have conditions
when I'm doing this for free?
What is this?
What? Is it different from others?
No, I mean, the battery
So? Do you think you can fix it?
Yes, Hae Jun.
Now that the time machine is being fixed,
we should do all we can here
before we return.
We'll catch those who need to be caught
and save the ones who must live.
The last victim of the year 1987.
(Personal Information
of the 1987 Murder Case Suspects)
(Lee Ju Young, Lee Kyung Ae)
Here. Try it. Do you know how it goes?
- Okay, I'll play with you.
- Try it.
It goes like this.
- Impressive.
- You saw that, right?
Then I'll go like this.
Gosh, you.
She's here!
Hae Kyung!
Kim Hae Kyung, a third-year student
in Class One at Woojung High.
We no longer have suspects to look into,
but maybe it's neater this way.
It means we could take the lead
without having to
overlap our paths with the police.
We know a suspect
whom they missed.
Do you still think Ko Mi Sook
isn't a possible suspect?
Because it's just a story in her novel?
The only person who claimed
that Kim Hae Kyung was the victim
But nothing particular
is written in the story.
Is there anything
Ko Mi Sook has told you
about Kim Hae Kyung?
There is.
How she was going to write
about the third victim.
She told me about it.
I'm on a diet!
You gained weight.
- No, I lost some weight.
- No, you gained weight.
Come on.
She said
Kim Hae Kyung
You're here.
was in love with the narrator,
which is Ko Mi Sook.
Ko Mi Sook
knew about it also.
Listen up. Since we're all here,
I'll show you.
- All right.
- What's she doing?
My mom's been working on the side.
They pay her two cents
per ribbon she attaches.
But they sell the hairband
for three dollars.
Isn't that a total rip-off?
So I stole some
so you could wear one each.
Are you out of your mind?
Why would we wear the same hairband?
It's tacky.
How do I look?
Is it pretty?
Mi Sook, you make the hairband
look like it costs nine dollars.
I'll put it on too.
You must have one extra.
I'll take one.
I took one for you, of course.
You're so pretty.
- Chung Ah.
- Chung Ah.
How does it look? Does it
look like it costs ten dollars?
No, it looks like it costs a dollar.
You gained weight.
Can we talk?
What will you do now?
About what?
It looks like Baek Hee Sub
has been released.
It's for the better.
Why didn't he listen
when I told him not to act up?
He just wouldn't listen.
I thought he'd act up
because of his darn brother.
So I was going to lie for him,
but he got dragged away.
But I think it's for the best.
He earned us some time.
They weren't completely healed yet.
His hands.
Mi Sook's friend.
Can you
Can you call her? Please?
Tell her that I'm hurt.
Are you
really going to frame
your brother?
Why do you keep asking again?
That's annoying.
Hae Kyung, who knew about her secret,
kept making her uneasy,
which got on her nerves.
Then Hae Kyung even ran away from home.
It's true that she ran away.
Since she even left a handwritten letter.
(The People I Killed)
She became fearless as she even left home.
She told Mi Sook
that she'd disclose her secret
if she didn't come to Seoul with her.
The secret that she's the culprit?
Let's take that story
into account as well.
"As well?"
There's a story I discovered too.
The reason why Hae Kyung
ran away from home.
We should drink on a good day like this.
- Right.
- Congratulations.
- Here. Cheers.
- Cheers.
The school drill teacher?
You mean my homeroom teacher?
What does he have to do with this story?
He had feelings for Hae Kyung's mom.
She was also into him.
- Ma'am, here.
- Ma'am.
- Two more bottles of beer.
- Do you want more beer?
- Yes.
- Okay. Let me bring you more.
How's business these days?
- Come on.
- What are you doing?
- Stop moving.
- Please. Why are you doing this?
- What?
- What was that?
- What?
- What did you say?
Is he out of his mind?
- No.
- Let me go!
- Let go of me.
- Calm down.
How could you make my husband look
like this as a teacher?
Let me apologize for him.
I'll pay for the medicine.
Can you please leave
before Hae Kyung comes back?
So you're too embarrassed
to face your daughter at least?
You're fooling around with her teacher.
Please watch your mouth.
She doesn't deserve to hear that.
Let's just go home, Mom.
Come on.
How long have you been standing there?
Did you have dinner?
It's kimchi soup again?
We don't even have that on the menu.
It's his favorite.
I want to have seaweed soup.
Okay. I'll make it tomorrow.
Only make seaweed soup.
If you make kimchi soup again,
I am not coming home again.
Are you saying she'll run away
tomorrow because of kimchi soup?
Sort of, yes.
So, Hae Kyung likes seaweed soup,
and my teacher likes kimchi soup.
But as her mom chose
to make kimchi soup in the end
That's the misunderstanding Hae Kyung had.
Actually, she did that for her daughter.
She made him the soup for the last time,
asking him not to come back again.
What matters to us is what she did
after she left home, isn't it?
Not why she ran away.
It would be if it were in the past.
Because we used to think
it was important
where and when
they came across the culprit.
But now
I don't want to leave room
for any other possibilities
so that she doesn't run away again,
whatever variables appear.
this could be our last chance
to run into the culprit.
There must be another way.
Before that,
let's make sure to keep her alive first.
(The People I Killed)
If it was because of an understanding,
she could easily change her mind
about leaving home.
"Your mom chose you over your teacher."
"It was seaweed soup, not kimchi soup."
We just have to let her know the truth.
(Let's achieve national harmony)
(through self-help, self-reliance,
and cooperation.)
(Forward with our autonomy,
creativity, and intelligence.)
- It looks so good on you.
- Do you think so?
Are they a group
of four princesses or what?
Why are they wearing matching headbands?
Besides, they're tacky pink.
Did she like pink?
Then are you garaetteok or what?
That's what you compare me to? Gosh.
I mean, how can handsome men understand?
Are you going to propose today?
Yes. Today is a very good day.
Aren't you too optimistic?
You don't think you could be rejected?
No, I don't. I'll make certain
that she doesn't say no.
You must have heard it already.
People only speak ill of her
because she runs a bar alone.
People are gossiping more about her
because she got involved with me.
It's not like I can take my feelings back.
I'll put an end to the rumors now.
I'll become
a pillar of support for them
so that the mother and daughter
are not on everyone's lips anymore.
When will he come to his senses?
Look at his outfit. Is he chalk?
I heard he got into a fight
at the bar of a parent yesterday.
He goes out with a parent
and even has a fist fight
with another parent.
Oh, dear.
Should I just fire him already?
You always say that, but you never do.
How can you fire your family, right?
I heard your dad was
totally humiliated last night.
Are your dad and Hae Kyung's mom
really having an affair?
Hey, what if Hae Kyung hears you?
She went to the cafeteria.
You should watch out.
Her mom is really pretty.
Do you want a piece of me?
You know Hae Kyung's mom
and our teacher are an item.
Doesn't she feel ashamed?
After bewitching all kinds of men,
she even messed
with her daughter's teacher.
Oh, my.
Can't she live without men?
- Be quiet.
- Be quiet.
It's okay. Sit down.
Page 58.
- My goodness.
- Gosh.
Did you see my mom bewitching guys?
How does that even work?
How would I know?
But I saw it. I did!
Kim Hae Kyung!
Stop it.
- Stop it!
- Get off of me!
- Get here!
- Stop, Kim Hae Kyung!
Pull yourself together for your mom.
It's none of your business.
Stay out of it.
You're a teacher
who can only date a bar owner like my mom.
You brat!
- Hae Kyung.
- Oh, dear.
I'll be back.
Oh, no.
No. Go back inside.
Go back inside.
You left a letter for your mom,
didn't you?
How did you know that?
Take a look at yourself.
That's what kids
who run away from home do.
Go back inside and grab it.
Should I go in and grab it myself?
Gosh. Come on.
"Mom, I truly hate that you are my mom."
"I'm sure you feel the same way."
"So we should never see
each other again until we die."
- "Let's go our separate ways."
- Gosh, stop reading that.
I only read it nine times.
If you really left this note,
your mother would probably
have read it thousands of times.
Then it would have broken her heart
into pieces.
What? You can't handle it
only after nine times?
Where are we going?
I'm sure you don't want
to go back home right away.
You did run away from home.
You should at least get some fresh air.
There it is.
Get on the bus.
Can I leave early today?
- I have to
- Sure. Go ahead.
Thank you.
Sit down.
This is a one-day field trip.
We'll observe the 300-year-old tree.
It's just some stupid tree.
Do you have any idea
how long 300 years is?
There must have been
several droughts and floods.
But it managed to stay
in this spot without
getting swept away in the water.
For 300 years.
That's how all trees are.
Trees don't have a choice.
But why do you think people do that?
I know someone
who lived just like this tree.
(August 2013)
(Please help me find my daughter.
Kim Hae Kyung)
Thank you.
Thank you.
- I already took this
- Thank you for taking it.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
(December 2015)
- Okay.
- Thank you.
(August 2020)
- Thank you for lunch, Hae Jun.
- Thank you for the meal.
I'll buy you lunch again.
(Name: Kim Hae Kyung)
(October 2020)
Goodness. Oh, no.
Are you okay, ma'am?
- Please get up.
- Gosh.
Thank you.
Are you sure you don't need
to go to the hospital?
Gosh, I'm all right.
Thank you.
But still. You should get some rest.
What if
my daughter comes back when I'm resting?
What if she hears that I'm here
and somehow comes here to find me?
But if I'm not here,
she might be disappointed and leave.
Then what am I going to do?
People tell me that she's probably dead.
But I don't believe that.
only believe the letter she left
for me to read.
She wrote she hated me
and that I was a terrible mother.
So I believe that
she's just hiding from me.
I really hope that's the case.
I want her to live a good life on her own.
But I just wish
I could see her just once before I die.
I would want nothing else
if I could just see her once.
I want to tell her
I wasn't a good mother
and that I am sorry.
I had missed her
very much.
She did that for 40 years
in the same spot,
whether it rained or snowed.
Then she passed away.
But in the end,
she never got to see her daughter.
I was just going to be gone
for a while, not 40 years.
I know that. Then
why did you run away from home?
Didn't you fight that girl
because of your mom?
You should only hate those
who spread rumors about her.
Why are you trying
to hate your mother too?
You don't even hate your mom.
Soon Ae.
Yoon Young.
What are you doing here now?
What about school?
I left early because I knew
you would be doing this.
Did you eat?
I'm okay.
No one's home, right?
Yes. Did your parents go somewhere?
To the police station.
To collect my sister's body.
We have to hold a funeral for her.
But the police kept delaying it.
Baek Hee Sub was released.
Where is he right now?
How is he?
Is he hurt?
Do you want to see him?
Why did you come?
I only want you to see my handsome side.
You should respect my priverse.
You mean "privacy."
It's because I hurt my head.
Why didn't you tell them?
If you had told them you were with me,
you wouldn't have been dragged away.
Gosh, that's your priverse.
I mean, privasy.
You fool.
You can't even remember what I just said.
Soon Ae.
There is nothing
that you did wrong.
When you lose someone you love,
you tend to think this way.
"Would it have been different
if I had acted this way?"
"What if I did this?"
Because it feels like it's all your fault.
But it's not true.
There was nothing you did wrong
that night.
I saw it myself.
You did nothing wrong.
Go on inside.
Go inside and see what she made for you.
Hi, sweetheart. You're back.
You haven't eaten, right?
I made seaweed soup for you.
Come here.
Take a seat and have this.
I don't know if it's seasoned all right.
All right.
Here you go.
I thought you made kimchi soup.
Oh, I made that too.
But he didn't come.
He won't come anymore.
I was going to tell him
to stop coming here too.
I'm serious.
I was going to tell him that today,
but he said he wouldn't come.
It's all fine.
I only need you in my life.
Even if you don't run away from home now,
you'll eventually part with your mom
one day.
When you turn 20,
you'll go to college and live alone.
You'll date people and get a job too.
And when you look back,
you'll see how aged your mom is.
She'll be waiting for you to come home.
Won't that be too much to handle?
The things you didn't like up close
will become sad from a distance
after some time passes.
That's how it is.
Did he not come because of me?
He slapped me in the face
earlier in the afternoon.
That crazy jerk!
I talked badly about you.
That's why he couldn't come.
Tell him to come.
I don't really like seaweed soup,
to be honest.
Eat up.
- Is it good?
- Yes, it's good.
(Woojung Shopping Arcade)
Maybe for some truths,
they're bound to reach them.
Even if they take the long way,
the person who needs
to find the truth will reach it.
You see, there was something
I really didn't get about my mom.
She said she hated Dad,
but whenever his birthday came around,
she'd prepare a feast for him.
And she'd be anxious
in case I don't make it.
I always wondered
why she couldn't let him go.
But from what I saw today,
I kind of get it.
He's someone who was next to her
during her most difficult time.
Did you see how the grilled eel
only cost two dollars?
You should consider the price level
when you pay me back.
We should've gone to a better place.
I wanted to treat you
to something more expensive.
Maybe next time. You can treat me
to a meal when we return.
There's this really nice restaurant
I know.
Let's meet there next time.
But I don't go to just any restaurant.
I figured so.
I know what an uptight person,
who doesn't even like
salty and sweet stuff,
would like.
Dishes that are mild and healthy,
which use good ingredients.
The expensive sorts that taste bad.
You know me well.
Just be patient with me and wait
for about 34 years.
Here's your grilled eel.
Thank you.
All right. Try it.
It's spicy, salty, and sweet.
The dish that's right up your alley.
It's really good!
Do you want to try it? You won't?
You won't eat it, right?
I'll just enjoy it myself.
(Woojung Shopping Arcade)
Be careful. You might fall.
It's really refreshing.
This is what I like about the countryside.
All right, now. You should come out.
Oh, no.
- Oh, no!
- Goodness.
Did you see that? My sense of balance?
I did, so come out now.
If you fall, you'll crack your head.
Isn't one time enough?
Can you come in just once?
It feels so nice.
Over my dead body.
Come on. Just once.
Why won't you?
I don't want to.
Come on.
Don't tell me you're sleeping right now.
All of a sudden?
You're so indifferent.
You're consistently indifferent.
I knew it
ever since you said it'd make me
feel better if you disappeared.
It makes me upset.
This is a problem.
(Safety first, Safety always)
Sorry, I'm late.
Someone was having too much fun
in the water.
You scared me. When did you get here?
I even knocked. Have some of this.
Thank you.
What time is it?
It's 10 p.m.
What? It's 10 p.m.?
Darn it. The movie started
at 9:30 p.m. Gosh.
Yes. What was it called again?
"Our Sweet Days of Youth?"
Where did I put it?
Gosh, she told me not to be late. I'm off.
(Year 2020)
You've collected all of these?
Those are just
the tickets for the movies
I watched on my dates.
I kept them for memory's sake.
With Mother?
That's right.
What was the movie
we first watched together again?
"Our Sweet Days of Youth."
But I was sleeping,
so I couldn't watch it.
I always fall asleep during movies.
(Woojung Cinema)
Why did I come
("Our Sweet Days of Youth")
What will I do if I see her?
What's the point of knowing
who she is now?
What was she like?
My mom.
(Year 1994)
What was my mom like, Grandpa?
Your mother left the village
the day she gave birth to you.
You were crying your eyes out,
she left without even giving you a hug.
She considered you a mistake in her life,
so don't even be curious about her
or think about her from now on.
- That was a great movie.
- Yes.
- Wasn't that great?
- Yes.
Some truths
end up reaching their destination.
No matter how long it takes,
the truth reaches the one
who needs it the most.
Mr. Yoon.
But why does that have to be now?
How is it you?
(My Perfect Stranger)
- Did you look inside the bookstore?
- I did.
I can't believe Ko Mi Sook is
a novelist. It took me by surprise.
I wondered why girls
who like reading were all like that.
They act like they're special.
They rub me the wrong way.
What puzzled me the most
was this sentence.
"Women who read are dangerous."
This could be a warning.
Don't try to lie in front of me too.
I'm going to expose you.
Why are you so annoying, Soon Ae?
Don't get in the way if you don't
want to end up like your sister.
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