My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e11 Episode Script

Women Who Read Are Dangerous

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
Did you like the movie?
- We should
- Oh no.
Oh, no. My corn went to waste.
What am I going to do?
- Sir, are you all right?
- That's not the problem.
- Look at your delicate body.
- Yes.
Are you hurt?
Darn it.
How dare you glare at him?
She bumped into him.
An apology is in order.
He was just standing there.
You bumped into him.
Why are you glaring at him?
Can't you see his clothes are wet?
I didn't tell him to block the path.
A man must be able to move aside
when a lady walks by.
How dare you talk about him like that?
You don't even know him!
Apologize to him first and then go.
How dare you raise your voice
at me, you wench?
Why are you making a fuss?
Who do you think you are? You little
Hey, Jo Sam.
What? Is that you, Yeon Woo?
Gosh. Hey.
I thought you were in the US.
When did you come back?
Sang Sook, say hello to him.
His father owns the building
Jo Sam, before that,
you should apologize first.
You yelled at her and called her a wench.
She's my girlfriend.
I see.
I didn't know.
And he's also a good friend of mine.
His clothes are soaked.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. My bad.
Sir, I'm going to leave.
Okay. Bye.
- Have you been well?
- Yes, of course.
How have you been?
You know, same old same old.
Your mother left the village
the day she gave birth to you.
You were crying your eyes out,
but she left
without even giving you a hug.
She considered you a mistake in her life,
so don't even be curious about her
or think about her from now on.
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 11, Women Who Read Are Dangerous)
(Jidong's Steamed Buns and Dumplings)
He was really odd.
(Jidong's Steamed Buns and Dumplings)
He just stood there and stared at me.
At first, I was wondering
why he was staring at me.
Then all of a sudden, it got sad.
For some reason, it felt like
something was weighing on me.
My heart kept pounding.
Are you telling me
you're falling for another man?
I'm serious.
I guess there is something about him.
When I met him,
something felt off with me too.
Or should I say it felt like that
even before meeting him?
My father told me he wanted
to introduce me to someone
and told me his name.
His name is Hae Jun.
His name is Hae Jun?
The letter you sent me
when I was in the US.
If we get married and have a child
We should name him Hae Jun.
Is that why?
I strangely feel attached to him.
But he is odd.
No wonder.
I never liked her from the start.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Did you eat?
Do you know me?
We can get acquainted now.
It's your first time here.
I'll give you ssanghwatang.
That's my specialty.
Gosh. Are you crazy?
Why did you pop the egg?
Don't you know how to drink that?
Why does it matter to you
how I drink my
Wait. I'll make another one. Gosh.
It's fine. Wait. I said I was good.
I can't let you ruin the tea
even before you drink it.
This is how you drink it. Okay?
- Open your mouth.
- No, I'll do it myself.
It's okay. Just drink it.
I already got it ready.
Make things easier for me.
- No. This is in no way easier
- Gosh. Drink it.
- No.
- Oh, no.
Well, why did it fall
I get the feeling that
I will be coming here often.
I don't want you to talk to me, touch me,
or interrupt me in the future.
I don't need your recommendations either.
Just treat me indifferently
like some stranger.
Well, I don't know you anyway.
Okay. I'll try.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
No wonder. She does whatever she wants.
That's why she abandoned her own kid.
She's nobody to me.
She's nobody. That's it.
After that night,
time flew by.
But surprisingly,
nothing had changed in the village.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Is this the best you can do?
It's been two weeks.
Forget about catching the culprit.
You don't even have a suspect.
(Detective Division 2)
Are you kidding me right now?
"Incompetent, Irresponsible Police
Chief of Woojung Police Station."
Darn it.
"His Qualifications Are Questioned
Before the Promotional Exam"
"to Commissioner of Gyeonggi Province."
Hey, Hyun Kyu.
Are you determined
to ruin my career? Is that it?
I'm sorry, sir.
Don't you get that my career
will affect yours?
Get your act together.
Bring me some results.
I will give you one week
to bring in a suspect.
And don't be stupid.
Come on. Why are you still here?
Get out of here.
You should be investigating!
(June 1st)
Where did you go?
You should've woken me up
and taken me with you.
Did you have a nightmare again?
What kind of dream is it?
You've had the same one
for the whole week.
You're really not going to tell me?
Where did you go?
Baek Yu Sub.
He was getting discharged today.
I went to see him
because I had something to hear from him.
Then Uncle Yu Sub must know
who died in this village.
I know you have nothing to do
with the murder cases.
But you're the one
who had the most contact
with the victims,
not Baek Hee Sub.
Could you share with me any details,
if you know any?
Lee Ju Young returned to the village
because of Baek Yu Sub.
She wanted to leave with him.
She actually came to this village
in the first place
because of Baek Yu Sub.
I'm sure they were more than colleagues.
Then why didn't he leave with her?
Because a few days after that
was the anniversary
of his parents' deaths.
He didn't know
when he'd be able to be back
if he had to flee to avoid the police,
so he wanted to stay
with his brother, Baek Hee Sub.
That's why he decided to hide
in the village for a few days.
And the place they chose to hide
was an abandoned house.
- It can't be
- It is.
The very abandoned house
where Lee Kyung Ae was found.
On the day of the incident,
I think they tried to look for us.
Are you okay?
It looks like Lee Kyung Ae
followed Baek Yu Sub
on the day she disappeared.
What should we wear?
Anyway, the three of them became friends.
And Kyung Ae kept their secret.
I was wondering about the same thing.
After hearing about our story,
she wanted to help us
in any way she could.
She asked us if we needed anything.
I think
she was trying to bring that to us.
If only I didn't leave for Seoul
If only we didn't miss each other,
I'd have been able to protect them both.
The biggest mystery for me
was this sentence.
"Women who read are dangerous."
What on earth could this mean?
Why did the culprit have to choose
this sentence
and leave it to the victims?
Lee Ju Young had a book, though.
it was just Lee Ju Young.
The culprit didn't leave this note
with Lee Kyung Ae.
That's what I thought.
The reason Lee Kyung Ae went
to the abandoned house that night.
Baek Yu Sub and Lee Ju Young.
The only item they said they needed.
What do you think that was?
It must've been a book.
That means
all the victims had something in common.
They had books with them.
This could be some sort of warning.
But where do you think the book went?
Why wasn't it on the scene?
If the culprit was so mindful
to write such a phrase,
they could've taken it.
Although I'm not sure why.
Hae Jun. You see
I know the condition we agreed to, but
I know that I agreed to be
in the garage only, but
Why on earth are you so out of breath?
I'm dying here. Number two.
I need to use the bathroom.
- Wait here.
- No
Yoon Young, we need to clear this up.
Where is it?
It happens sometimes.
I forgot that he had weak intestines.
This could work.
He works there all day,
so it'd be too mean
if we didn't let our hero
use the bathroom.
But why did it have to be a book?
"Women who read are dangerous."
And I happened to be an editor
who read and published books.
Do you think this is all coincidental?
At the end of the day,
my mother wanted to be a writer,
and Ko Mi Sook was an author too.
Perhaps all of this
isn't just a coincidence.
I keep having this thought.
What will you do for me?
What do you mean?
I mean, I'm paying for your tuition fee.
What will you do for me?
You stole Dad's stash for this.
But it's still legit money.
You little brat. I'll take it back.
What do you want?
My name.
If you become a novelist,
could you mention my name
somewhere in your book?
What is that?
What do you mean?
It's something incredible.
You see, humans can live
only up to 100 years, if they're lucky.
But books last forever.
So if you write my name in your book,
it'll tell people that there once
was a girl named Lee Kyung Ae.
That's what lasts forever.
And you like that?
Why wouldn't I?
People will remember my name
even after a thousand years.
What's not to like?
I'll make sure to become
someone really famous.
You're laughing?
Hey, Mr. Yoon also told me
that I have what it takes.
They said there was a way
to appear on TV
even if I didn't become Miss Korea.
Soon Ae, when I become really famous,
I'll leave traces of myself
here and there, literally everywhere.
Everyone, we're here
with the first daughter
of Mr. Lee Hyung Man and Ms. Park Ok Ja,
Lee Kyung Ae.
She has lived a fun life.
I'll make them say this.
So, make sure to add my name, okay?
("Small Door")
You're not answering me again.
- I'll just take that back then.
- Okay, fine.
Do you know how many bottles of alcohol
- I can get with this?
- It hurts.
(Let's achieve national harmony)
(through self-help, self-reliance,
and cooperation.)
Hey, did you see the bookstore on the way?
I did. I can't believe
Ko Mi Sook is a novelist.
It took me by surprise.
It's impressive.
Hey, I heard Ko Mi Sook became a novelist.
- Really?
- Yes.
(Lee Soon Ae)
(Lee Soon Ae)
Dear Y.
Whenever I feel lonely
I end up imagining it.
They're not welcome either.
My small secret door hidden somewhere
I missed it.
I didn't expect it to happen at this time.
"A genius female high schooler novelist
has been discovered."
"This year's new novel.
This year's new novelist."
"She stuns the publishing industry."
"A 19-year-old female novelist is born."
"The genius girl bursts
onto the literary scene."
"Ko Mi Sook."
She's the Ko Mi Sook
that goes to our school?
Yes. The Ko Mi Sook in my class.
It's true.
A newspaper company wants
to come and interview her later.
They asked if they could come
with the publisher and a reporter.
They can, right?
Should I style my hair a little?
By the way, how come
she never mentioned it to us
until she published the book?
She did a great job hiding it from us.
She came to me with that out of the blue,
which really surprised me.
("Small Door")
I can't believe it.
(College Admissions, Literature, Notice)
(Ko Mi Sook, the genius girl,
bursts on to the literary scene.)
(A 19-year-old female novelist is born.)
("Small Door")
I wanted to achieve the dream
that she couldn't.
She said her dream was
to write a novel back in the day.
Just like my dream.
She used to be
a great literary enthusiast.
She was my junior in school.
Then she got that talent from you.
- It looks like it.
- No.
My daughter is better than me.
It's my first novel,
so I have a long way to go
to be as good as her.
Still, I hope it's a special gift to her.
My mom's birthday is coming up soon.
- I see.
- Is that so?
Happy Birthday.
The mother and daughter
are so sweet to each other.
It's going to be the best gift.
You have no idea
how well it was received in Seoul
on the first day it came out
at bookstores.
They're already saying that it could
be one of the best sellers.
- Is that so?
- That's great.
It's great news
for Woojung High School as well.
We've never had such news
since its establishment.
If I had known this in advance,
I would've had a big banner printed.
Ko Mi Sook.
We need to talk.
How could you do that?
Tell me. Why on earth
How could you steal that?
Steal what?
What are you talking about?
My novel.
Don't be so brazen
and try to lie to me too!
Your novel?
I really don't know
what you're talking about.
Mi Sook, please.
You're having a rough time
these days, right?
But you can't insist
on something like this, Soon Ae.
You've been doing
writing assignments for me.
So are you even confusing my work
with yours?
I didn't know you could be this bad.
I won't stand this.
I'll tell them everything.
What you asked me to do.
Why are you so annoying, Soon Ae?
I have to make a move, then.
What a hassle.
Do you
have proof?
Your lost notebook?
Is there anyone
who knows you wrote that novel?
You're helpless, anyway.
Just sit still.
Don't get in the way if you don't
want to end up like your sister.
I wondered why
girls who like reading were all like that.
They act like they're the main characters.
Like they are smart and know
how the world works.
As if reading some words on paper
will make them special. It makes me sick.
But now that I've tried it,
it's fun.
It's not too late, Soon Ae.
It's not too late to make it right.
Mi Sook is right.
It's my word against hers.
Who will believe me?
My notebook is already gone,
and her book has already been published.
The only person who saw me write it
was my sister.
But she is
Why are you giving up without even trying?
If Mi Sook says no, is that it?
If Mi Sook says no,
everyone will say no too.
("Small Door")
If this becomes a thing,
my parents will find out too.
My parents
won't be proud
even if I become a novelist.
It will just make things harder for them.
If I give up
and just let this go,
it will be as if nothing ever happened.
That might be better
for everyone.
that's how you felt
when you gave up on writing.
But no.
Get yourself together, Lee Soon Ae.
Are your parents the only family you have?
I have my brother and my sister.
Are they the only family you have?
Then who else?
Pretend that there are
more people in your family.
Someone in your family
treasures your novel the most
in the world.
That someone wants her favorite novel
to have your name on it,
not anyone else's.
With the novel you wrote,
you can become an amazing novelist.
So you can read books
to your heart's content.
And you can listen
to all the music you want.
You can sip on warm coffee while you read.
Do just that. Don't give up on anything.
Just do what you want in life.
You should live your life
the way you want.
That someone in your family could
desperately be hoping for that.
(Woojung Hospital)
Get in there.
- Talk to him.
- Where are you going?
Soon Ae.
Do you know a band named Hallasan?
They perform at the club,
Moon Night, from time to time.
They are known as a copycat band
of Baekdoosan.
But I still have so much respect for them.
Especially the drummer.
One day, this drummer was
in a major crisis.
What crisis?
Number two.
To die or to discharge.
He had to take care of
the business right away.
Then he took a look around him
when that happened.
It's just a show
at a club in the countryside.
Stopping the show for a while
wouldn't have been a big deal.
But for the audience,
he didn't go anywhere.
So he just went in his pants?
What's the lesson
of this disgusting story?
Once you start something,
you must see it through to the end.
That novel. That's yours.
Then you must protect it
even if it costs your life.
I'm rooting for you right by your side.
You can't give up. Please.
Don't forget that I'm cheering you on.
You foolish girl.
- Mom.
- Why won't I be proud of you?
- What?
- You
When your sister told me
that she wanted to be a singer
and participate in the beauty pageant,
I never encouraged her.
Do you know how much I regret that?
Don't feel intimidated.
Show them what you're made of. Okay?
(Woojung General Store)
Let's go.
How many people did you tell?
You're supposed to tell
the whole town when it's bad news.
That way, the thief gets punished.
That path to the building
looked quite similar
because it was the publishing house
where I was going to work in 30 years.
But that was the first time,
going there with my mom.
And I saw
a familiar face, sitting in the office.
The real novelist is here.
Let's talk about this thoroughly.
That's not true.
These two girls conspired together
and are lying to you.
How are you going to fix this?
This is a huge problem.
The books have already been published.
They are being sold
at every bookstore in Korea
with my name and photo on them.
Can you be responsible for this
if this becomes a scandal?
Do you have proof?
Your parents are already suffering.
Are you sure you want to cause trouble?
Let's talk when our lawyer gets here.
The culprits always ask for proof.
By "proof," are you asking
if we have the notebook
you stole from her? Then no.
But do you think
you will only need
one notebook to finish a novel?
This is the novel
I started writing two years ago.
When you look through them,
you will see the sentences I erased
after writing them halfway through.
I scribbled down some words,
trying to pick the right word
to convey the plot and the meaning.
There are chapters I didn't include.
They are all in there.
You'll know once you read them.
You will. I assure you.
She made them up after reading my novel.
Ask me any questions.
I can answer all of them.
I can answer everything about my novel.
I can answer every question.
But you can't.
Ko Mi Sook.
Hey, what are you doing?
She said I would know if I read them.
So I must.
And I should ask her
because I have a lot of questions too.
Yes. We plan to retrieve
all the books we have sold so far.
The interviews with the novelist
are all canceled.
No. We will republish the book
as soon as it's ready.
I see. The plot of the novel won't change.
The name of the writer
and the cover will change.
Let's schedule an interview again then.
All right. Thank you.
On the first page of the novel
written by Mom,
Mom asked to include this phrase.
"I'd like to dedicate this novel
to Lee Kyung Ae,"
"the daughter of Lee Hyung Man
and Park Ok Ja"
"who live in Woojung-ri."
And I got to learn
about her little secret.
I have a question.
In the letter to Y,
who is this Y?
The name
of a friend I really want to meet
later on.
It was
the initial of the daughter
she'd have in the distant future.
Namely, the Y of Yoon Young.
Thank you, Yoon Young.
It was all thanks to you
that I got my novel back.
I'm grateful too.
It's all thanks to you.
It was
It was a truly happy day.
I don't think I've had
a perfect day like that
where I was so happy.
- This is all useless.
- Mom! Please!
- Mom!
- If you were to do something
so vulgar, what's the point
of reading books?
I should just tear them all!
I'm sorry, Mom!
A gift for me?
You accomplished the dream
I couldn't achieve on my behalf?
How ridiculous.
It is humiliating to have
a daughter like you
who is so lacking.
Do you know that?
(Sun and Moon Record Shop)
("Small Door")
(Ko Mi Sook's Short Novel)
What are you doing out here?
I thought you were sound asleep.
Did you have another nightmare?
Can I sit next to you? I'm scared.
Now I feel better.
I thought you could sleep soundly
because of the trip you took to Seoul.
And something nice happened too.
I know.
I thought I could sleep soundly too.
It felt so rewarding.
It was as if the six years
of suffering under Ko Mi Sook
were all washed away.
But I can't stop having that nightmare.
What kind of dream is it?
Are you really not going to tell me
until the end?
I think it happened some time
near those days.
I went back to our time
on the time machine we fixed.
Both Mom and Dad
were just as I imagined them to be.
They looked really happy.
What went wrong when they looked happy?
Never mind.
You're cutting it off now?
It was just a silly dream.
Like a boring, meaningless,
and terrible movie.
I see.
I went to see a movie recently.
I saw my mom there too.
It felt weird.
To face someone who abandoned me.
(Woojung Cinema)
Year 1988.
A year from now.
Someone who will leave me as soon as
she gives birth to me.
Oh, this isn't
about a dream
but what actually happened, right?
Shall we just call it a dream?
I would've been able to find her
if I wanted to.
It's not that big of a world anyway.
I could've found her at anytime
even without a time machine.
I could've found out
where she lived and how she was doing.
But I didn't.
I didn't look for her. Not even once.
It was her choice after all.
All our lives,
she wanted nothing to do with me.
That's what she wanted.
I think.
So I led a pretty decent life until then,
but this car brought me here.
Was it just an excuse?
You just wanted to see her at least once.
But now that I've seen her.
I'm really done with her.
I'll just
think of it as a dream.
That's what I need to do here anyway.
Not interfering in the lives
of those with whom I shouldn't interfere.
You see, the dream
in my dream
Excuse me. Could I
talk to you for a second,
Hae Jun?
You wanted to talk more
with me?
What nonsense are you going
to talk about again?
What is it?
Do you remember?
In the summer that I was 13 years old,
you first
started to physically abuse me
in your room.
But luckily,
Mom witnessed it.
Imagine how sad she must've felt that day.
She was abused
by her own husband her whole life.
But she also had to see
her daughter being assaulted
by a jerk like you.
What are you saying, you lunatic?
I don't know if it was
because she felt so despaired,
but she just turned a blind eye
and walked away.
That's right.
Even after that,
there were so many more occurrences.
I felt like I was invisible.
I cried out for help,
saying I was in pain,
but I was practically
invisible in that house, right?
That's why I wanted to show her.
I wanted to be visible in her eyes.
Is your hand okay now?
You keep drinking.
That's why it's taking so long.
Are you nuts?
I called you ages ago!
Where's the umbrella?
It's pouring right now. Are you serious?
Did you bring the money?
Hey, do you think Mom will let you
off if you treat me like this?
Help me get up!
Easy. I said easy.
Gosh, seriously!
I said it hurt. Gosh!
does it hurt a lot?
How much?
Why does my hand keep
What is it?
What did you want to say to me?
Well, this car
At times, when I look into this car,
it makes me feel weird.
I know it doesn't make sense.
But I keep feeling like
I'm looking at something
that shouldn't be here.
No, never mind.
It doesn't matter. Right, it doesn't.
What are you talking about?
Detective Baek,
I have something to tell you.
Can you promise me
that you'll keep everything I say
from now on to yourself?
If word gets out, I might die.
No matter what you say,
I promise that you won't get hurt.
The incidents that happened
in our village
The culprit
I saw him.
I saw the crime take place.
It was my brother.
I heard
that a series of murders
took place in the village.
I also heard that the victims had
the matchbox
from my girlfriend's teahouse
along with a note inside.
Is that
It wasn't intentional,
but when I went to the bathroom earlier,
I picked it up.
But why
Why do you have something like this?
Is this really yours?
Calm down and listen to me.
Who are you?
- What is this?
- Hear me out.
Who in the world
are you?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(My Perfect Stranger)
- Mr. Yoon.
- Yoo Bum Ryong?
Mr. Yoon.
I think something happened to Soon Ae.
Come to your senses!
- This isn't right.
- She's already dead.
Can you save her now?
The culprit won't get caught, Hae Kyung.
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