My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e12 Episode Script

A Man Who Doesn't Exist

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 12, A Man Who Doesn't Exist)
Who am I?
Who do you think I am?
(Episode 12)
(Period for reporting
suspicious individuals)
What are you talking about?
I'm wondering who you wanted me to be
when you came to my house.
If you really wanted to know who I was,
you should have gone to the police.
"I found this matchbox in his house."
"And there was"
"an item that seemed
even more suspicious."
"He's a very suspicious man."
You would have asked the police
to find out who I was.
You had plenty of chances to do that.
But you came to me in the end
because you couldn't go to the police.
Am I wrong?
- Hey, hurry!
- Hurry up!
Hurry up. Let's go!
- Where?
- There you are.
- Hey.
- You punk.
- We finally caught this jerk.
- Gosh.
- Hey, what's happening?
- Step back, please.
What are you doing?
I found it.
I found one too.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Because you think I'm not him.
Because you don't want me to be him.
That's what you think.
Only then would you be able
to get an answer to your question.
That's why you came to me.
Not the police.
If you need me to answer that,
my answer is no.
I can't explain everything right now.
But I didn't do anything
you're suspecting me of.
I don't trust you.
Is that so?
There's nothing I can do.
if you cover this up,
you'll have a chance
to keep fixing this car.
Why does that matter right now?
When you do,
you'll be able
to find the answer on your own
and find out who I am.
And what this all means.
What's wrong? Did something happen?
What did you two talk about?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
It's my fault.
I should have been more careful
letting him into the house.
Don't worry.
He returned it to me.
So he doesn't want to tell anyone yet.
It's not for my sake.
It's probably because of that car.
Are you all right?
Do you want to go out for a walk?
I know that we don't have a lot of time.
But still.
We at least have some time
to get some fresh air.
Meeting your family
Not just any family.
Facing a family member whose face
you didn't even know.
That can't be easy.
I have not been traveling through time
as long as you have.
But I have a bit more experience
dealing with family here.
It's more frightening than you think,
and it keeps testing you.
I know all about that.
Meeting your mom here is one thing.
And you have to keep
facing your father.
So all sorts of things happen.
I'm sure there's a lot going on
in your mind right now.
But as for the matchbox,
I'm relieved it was your father
who found it, not anyone else
because I don't think
he just let that go because of the car.
He couldn't probably explain it.
But he must have gotten
this feeling that
made him want to trust you.
I'm sure of it.
I'm not sure.
The principal really adores you too.
He's drawn to you.
For some reason, he can sense
that you will be his grandson.
Something like that.
I get that you want to comfort me.
But you keep missing the mark.
You think he can sense
that I'll be his grandson?
If that had been the case,
he would have hated me.
He was the only family I lived with.
But he ignored me my entire life.
He treated me as if I were invisible.
How come?
I have no idea
why he hated me so much.
But why was he your only family member?
Didn't you live with your father?
He must've been shocked
after my mother left.
He went back to the States.
He continued his studies there
and became a professor.
He lived there his whole life.
He came back to Korea
to see me only during breaks,
so I only saw him about twice a year.
But even during those visits,
he only stayed for a short while
because he had some research to do.
He was a sweet man,
but I don't think
he was affectionate enough
that he'd want to trust me.
Did I share too much?
You must've been lonely.
During the times
when you must've thought
that no one loved you.
But you know,
I think of you fondly.
I think that's how I feel about you.
In the dream I had,
I went back to our time
after getting the time machine fixed.
It was exactly as I had imagined.
How come your eyesight is so good?
They seemed happy.
you weren't there.
I couldn't find you
no matter how hard I looked.
You were not in that world.
You didn't exist.
You disappeared without a trace.
I kept looking for you in the dream,
and then I'd wake up.
That's the nightmare I've been having.
I'd just think of it as a silly dream,
but it was so horrifying,
scary, and sad
that I didn't even want to mention it.
I mean the future without you.
What I want is a future
where you're in it.
I'd take you to my favorite restaurants,
walk on the paths that were newly paved,
talk about silly things,
not just scary ones.
I think that's what I want to do with you.
Is this also the wrong way to console you?
Should I
just think of it as consolation?
I thought I was the only one
who came to
want that kind of future.
So I was going to disregard it
until the end.
We don't have much time,
let's just think that it has paused.
There they are!
- They're here!
- Over there!
(Reliable Woojung Police
who are always with the people)
Get out!
Is he the real culprit?
- Please say a word!
- Please move.
- That's enough.
- Clear the way.
- Please move.
- Do not push!
Is he the real culprit?
The police found the strings,
and matchboxes
were found at his place, right?
Why are you already drawing a conclusion?
He's only a suspect.
They said he was highly likely
to be the real culprit.
Right, Detective Jang?
And you arrested him yourself.
Well, that's true, but
Just wait.
And stop writing rubbish articles
that put our chief in a pickle.
Of course.
He'll now get promoted as planned.
He turned the crisis into an opportunity.
- All right, now. Clear the way!
- Please make way!
- Please say a word!
- Move!
Yes, that's right.
Yes. I think they're here.
- Yes, I'll wrap it up
- Take a seat.
- as soon as possible.
- Sit down.
- Yes.
- Sit here.
Min Soo.
So you were the culprit?
You punk.
- That's right.
- My goodness.
How much did he have to drink
that he's confessing smoothly?
He can't even get himself together.
He's confessing smoothly because he drank.
Mi Sook.
My sister. Where is she?
Hey, let him take a nap first.
Get his confession
as soon as he comes around.
Let's wrap it up as quickly as we can.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
You punk!
- Get it together, you punk.
- Goodness.
I can finally go home now.
- Gosh.
- Darn this punk.
- Captain.
- Grab him, will you?
I have something to tell you.
We found matchboxes but not the notes.
He could've written them
on the spot and put them in.
What matters here is that
he kept empty matchboxes.
He prepared them in advance.
(The police will turn over a new leaf.)
I looked through the notebooks
in Ko Min Soo's room.
His handwriting is completely different.
Are you the one examining it?
Besides, he wouldn't have written it
like he normally does.
He'd have scribbled.
We definitely need to investigate it more.
Hey, Baek Dong Sik.
There's a witness,
so what's more to investigate?
Besides, who would be foolish
like you to turn their family in?
We have a credible witness and evidence.
It's a done deal.
Gosh, I thought you were quite talented,
but ever since I beat you to it,
you keep barking up the wrong tree.
I won't disappear.
Let's catch the culprit,
make sure your mother and I
are still alive in the future,
and return together.
And let's have fun together
for a long time.
- I wasn't sure because it was dark.
- Goodness.
Did you just call me that?
Grandpa called earlier.
Oh, right. We should go inside
and call him back.
We'll head inside then.
Hold on.
Well Mr. Yoon.
About our Soon Ae
I heard she became a novelist.
It's something incredible, right?
Of course, it is.
It's a big achievement.
It's great news,
but I can't really tell anyone.
I'm scared
that people will find fault with me,
saying I can't be so happy about it
after losing my first daughter.
But congratulations are in order,
so you should celebrate it.
Congratulations. You must be so proud.
Thank you.
My second daughter wants to study more.
Maybe I should help her with that.
We're going to go.
Okay. Have a good night.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(The Prime Suspect
of a Serial Murder Case Arrested)
Ko Min Soo
He must be under arrest by now.
If he was already caught,
it'd be hard to take him out now.
The police
wouldn't let him go easily.
The witness who reported him
is his family.
Who would doubt her?
They would release him
only when they found a real culprit
or hard evidence.
Min Soo got badly injured
only a few hours
before the murder.
- He had been perfectly gone
- Goodness.
- since then
- I broke my arm.
and reemerged completely cured.
- It hurts.
- I don't think
Mi Sook planned it all.
If all of that was in her plan,
that means it was all her
who hid Min Soo's condition from others
right after the murder.
It must've been a busy night
for Mi Sook.
It'd be nice
if a real witness came forward,
not a fake one.
Kim Hae Kyung.
She seems quite afraid.
If Mi Sook's novel was true,
she did witness something in person.
But we don't know
how she will act differently now.
She might've been doubtful so far,
but she saw Min Soo arrested for real now.
(The Prime Suspect
of a Serial Murder Case Arrested)
You all saw it by the riverside, right?
The red string tied around the wrist.
That was found in the room
of Mi Sook's brother.
The newspaper said
someone saw it in person too.
The killings.
- My gosh.
- I feel bad for Mi Sook too.
She said it was horrible
and terrifying as well.
It turns out it was all her brother.
Hey, honestly, Soon Ae is the one
to be pitied, not Mi Sook.
She even stole Soon Ae's novel.
And her brother killed her sister.
Still, I feel sorry for Mi Sook.
Why do you feel bad for her?
I didn't say anything.
I'm just here to get some fresh air.
You came to my mom's restaurant
and sat down there for no reason.
I did tell you I didn't know anything.
What do you keep bothering me for?
Okay. I won't ask you anything.
I'm not trying to bother you.
if you're afraid of the police,
just come to me.
You can tell me anything.
Oh, dear.
Don't talk to me.
I told you we were not friends.
go out with Soon Ae, right?
I'm not complaining.
Will you give it to her for me?
It's Soon Ae's.
I got it from Mr. Yoon
to hand it to her myself.
I think she would hate seeing me.
I feel like such a terrible person.
You can change
from now at least.
If you don't want to be more terrible,
think of it as the last opportunity.
You don't have to walk me home, really.
You even skipped class for me.
When I was discharged,
the doctor told me to walk around a lot.
I'd be bored if I did it alone, anyway.
You're going home, right?
Then let's take a walk
around the neighborhood and go home.
Did Soon Ae
leave early?
Is she suffering that much?
Well, her sister died.
The least her family wanted
must have been to catch the culprit
and make them pay
for what they did, right?
And it came true. What's wrong?
Hey, she must still feel uneasy.
You're so clueless.
Shall we take another walk
before we leave?
I skipped school, anyway,
so why don't I make the most of it?
How about the roller skating rink?
No, thanks.
What about the arcade, then?
Do you know Whack-A-Mole?
The moles look so adorable
that it breaks your heart a little.
But you'll feel better
once you whack some moles.
It's okay.
should I just give you a hug?
I can't believe her.
- I'm going to
- I just want to go home today.
My mom is alone.
I'll go inside now.
When I heard the news
about Ko Min Soo's arrest,
my mom kept washing the dishes
without saying a word.
She took out all the plates we had
and kept washing them
until I came out of the room.
I'm pretty sure
she's brought out a pile
of dirty laundry to wash by now.
And she's probably cleaning
my room and my brother's room.
My mom cleans when she's distressed.
When I think about her,
I get worried and scared.
Fine. Give me a hug then.
I took such a long nap.
I'm getting hungry. You know?
Do you want me to cook tteokbokki?
It's your favorite.
Right. The publishing house
sent you something.
They said it was
an advance copy or something.
They said it was your book,
so I got curious
and skimmed through a bit. Okay?
("Small Door" by Lee Soon Ae)
Your sister would be happy.
- Dad.
- Yes.
- About Mr. Yoon
- Yes. What about him?
He's not from our village.
What kind of person is he?
Oh, him. He's odd.
In what ways?
he keeps saving people.
Listen. I'll tell you
about the first day I met him.
A few of the students
from my school sniffed superglue.
It was a pretty big incident.
One of them almost
threw herself off the cliff.
Gosh. She could really have died that day.
But he quickly threw himself
toward her and saved her.
It was really cool.
And one day,
there was a fire in the village.
Gosh. I thought
I was going to have a heart attack.
Right. You know Dong Sik, right?
His kids were in that house
that caught fire.
Then Mr. Yoon went in there
and saved his son like before.
Gosh. People said he was really cool.
That's not all.
He springs up all over our village,
saves people, and goes away.
Think about it. It's not every day
you get to save that many people
in your lifetime.
You rarely find yourself in situations
where you need to save people,
to begin with.
Don't you agree?
So are you saying he's odd or cool?
He's oddly cool.
What could it be?
We shouldn't expect any help
from Kim Hae Kyung.
We can't force her to tell us the truth.
We must find another way.
Mr. Yoon.
I really
wasn't going to tell anyone.
I know.
Because she asked me
to keep it a secret
and I wanted to protect her.
Is that so?
Darn it.
But I don't know
what the right thing to do is now.
It was me.
That night,
I brought Ko Mi Sook to Ko Min Soo.
Is anyone there? Hey!
Down here!
I need help down here!
You're Mi Sook's friend.
Can you call her, please?
Tell her that I'm hurt!
I can't even walk.
Ask her to come and get me.
That crazy jerk.
I should just kill him or something.
Just don't come out here.
I called you just in case.
You can just say that I never called you.
- Say that you didn't know.
- Forget it.
I'll be there. Wait.
If my mom ever finds out,
she'll hate me for it.
I'm sick and tired
of looking after that jerk.
Should I beat him up for you?
He's lying down there. He can't even walk.
Should I go and beat him up to a pulp?
Be quiet.
Don't even breathe.
No. We must call the police.
We must call the police, Mi Sook.
I said, no.
This is a huge chance.
Come to your senses!
This isn't right.
A woman is dead.
She's already dead.
If we call the police now,
do you think we can bring her back?
But still.
They should catch the culprit.
Catch who?
Did you see the culprit's face?
You didn't.
Then did you?
Did you see who it was?
Mi Sook.
My brother
That scumbag, Ko Min Soo, did this to me.
So that no one could see or notice it,
he only hit the parts
that couldn't be seen.
Hae Kyung, I'm so scared
that someone might see it.
That people might find out
how pathetic my family is.
And how trivial I am
to them.
I'm so afraid that people might find out.
Hae Kyung.
Please help me.
I can be done with Ko Min Soo with this.
I'm confident that I can end it.
Still, this isn't right.
The real culprit might be caught.
What will you do if they get caught?
That jerk won't be caught.
The culprit won't get caught, Hae Kyung.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
What did Hae Kyung have to say?
What's wrong?
It wasn't Ko Mi Sook.
Ko Mi Sook wasn't the culprit
but a witness.
An actual witness.
She wrote what she witnessed in the novel.
The culprit is a man,
and the only person who saw
his face is Ko Mi Sook.
Mr. Yoon.
Yoo Bum Ryong?
Why are you calling me?
Mr. Yoon.
Mr. Yoon, I'm so scared.
Speak clearly. What are you talking about?
About Soon Ae
You see, Soon Ae
Go on.
Hurry up.
I think something happened to Soon Ae.
What did you see?
When and where did you see it
that you're spewing such nonsense?
Earlier, I left school early
to go up the hill behind our village.
To return the ring to Ms. Lee Ju Young.
("Small Door")
I heard they scattered
Ms. Lee's ashes up there,
and I was on my way there.
I'll get going. Sorry.
I only walked past her.
I'm telling you the truth.
Soon Ae!
Soon Ae!
No matter how hard I looked,
I couldn't find her.
Soon Ae!
I called Soon Ae's parents,
and they said she wasn't home.
I even called the police,
but they said nothing would happen
because the culprit had been caught.
They said she must've just gone out.
But Mr. Yoon,
I think
Stop with all the nonsense,
and stay where you are.
I'll go get you.
Your mother disappeared.
The last place she was seen
was near the mountain where
Lee Kyung Ae's ashes were scattered.
We must tell the police.
It'll be faster to go to Baek Hee Sub
and go to Detective Baek Dong Sik
with him.
Do you think you can do it?
I'm sure nothing happened.
("Small Door")
Baek Hee Sub.
Baek Hee Sub!
Baek Hee Sub!
- What's going on?
- Soon Ae
Soon Ae is
Soon Ae!
Soon Ae.
Soon Ae!
(Woojung Police Station)
Hee Sub. What brings you here?
Help us, Uncle.
I think something has happened to Soon Ae.
Soon Ae.
Are you in here?
Soon Ae!
Are you okay?
You should get out of here.
Hurry up and run!
Darn you!
Lee Soon Ae, get up!
Soon Ae, it's me.
Mr. Yoon.
The criminal was chasing after me.
Soon Ae, do you think you can wait here?
Soon Ae!
- Soon Ae.
- Soon Ae.
Soon Ae.
It's okay. Everything's okay.
I thought the culprit
was Ko Min Soo. What's going on?
Soon Ae, everything's okay.
Hey, you punk, come to your senses.
- Take them to the hospital. Hurry.
- Okay.
- Let's go, guys.
- Hurry.
One, two, three.
- I can carry her.
- Okay.
(Under investigation, Do not enter)
(Under investigation, Do not enter)
Yoo Bum Ryong.
Bum Ryong.
Wake up, Bum Ryong.
Come on. Yoo Bum Ryong!
But Mr. Yoon,
I want to find her no matter what.
Please help me.
Earlier, when I saw her on the mountain,
Soon Ae looked at me,
and she had so much fear in her eyes.
I feel like I've become a horrible person.
Mr. Yoon.
this could be an opportunity
for me, right?
Don't move. Put your hands up.
Put your hands up
and get down here, you punk!
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Women who read are dangerous.)
You punk. Gosh.
(My Perfect Stranger)
Who is the culprit?
Why are you asking me?
Another person died.
A boy from your school,
who was in your grade,
died in an abandoned house out of nowhere.
If not, Lee Soon Ae would've died.
Come out.
Your ID, resume,
and teaching certificate
Everything's fake.
I dug into everything including your
previous workplaces and addresses.
But you've never even been born.
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