My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e13 Episode Script

Time Flies, Love Remains

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 13, Time Flies, Love Remains)
(Episode 13)
(TV, record player, radio, on-site repair)
(Time flies)
You're certain
this is a good watch. Right?
Of course.
If you take good care of the watch,
it will be good for 100 years.
No, for even 200 years.
Yes. It ought to be.
My future grandson will wear this too.
Your grandson? Yeon Woo
Is Yeon Woo engaged?
- Did he get the girl pregnant?
- Hey.
Are you trying to ruin his future?
It's nothing like that.
Then what is it?
You know what?
I recently had a dream.
I was walking on a foggy path.
You know the old underpass
near the hill in the back, right?
Then I saw
Roar! A tiger as big as this
jumped out of the underpass.
Then it came into my arms.
That's a great dream.
So I'm going to treat it
as a dream for my future grandson.
Gosh. I don't know when it will be.
But I guess you will have
a very bright grandson.
I'm buying this in advance
for meeting him in my dream.
I wonder when I will
actually get to meet him.
Gosh. I can't wait to find out. You know?
It's a misunderstanding.
It's not what you think.
Move. Or you'll get hurt.
Wait. No!
I explained everything to you.
He's the one who told me to go find you.
How do you think he could kill anyone?
It makes no sense!
Didn't you hear me? Get out of my way!
Yoon Young, it's okay.
It's okay.
Let me talk to her for a second.
She's my family. She will be
on her own while I'm away.
I'll give you three minutes.
You trust me, right?
Of course.
Why are you even asking me that?
By the time I arrived,
it was already over.
I think he faced the culprit
to save your mother.
What should I do?
Tell me what to do.
I'll be back soon. Don't worry.
You should stay with your mother.
She must be in a safe place
with other people.
By the way,
do you drive?
Do you know how to drive?
Why are you asking me that?
You said you would be back soon.
Why are you asking me that right now?
If I
There's no if.
I told you what kind of future I wanted.
Whatever happens,
I will wait for you at our house.
In fear.
So don't take too long.
Don't get hurt. Okay?
I won't.
I'll make sure of it.
Gosh. You brazen punk.
Forget it. This evidence is rock solid.
We don't have to stall
just to get a confession from him.
Wrap it up with the evidence we have.
Let's transfer him
as soon as the sun comes up.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Gosh. I'm so sick of it.
It's finally over.
Hey, what is this? Darn it.
This is driving me crazy!
You said you had caught the culprit!
You said the case was basically over!
How could this happen?
Why my daughter again?
What if the culprit had really killed her?
- Dad, stop it.
- Gosh.
He tried to hurt Soon Ae too
after taking Kyung Ae from me?
That jerk!
I'm going to rip him to pieces
once I get my hands on him!
My poor daughter. Oh, no.
Soon Ae.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Women who read are dangerous.)
I found a matchbox
from Bong Bong Teahouse from Lee Soon Ae.
And the note was in the matchbox too.
It said, "Women who read are dangerous."
And it was the same handwriting.
I'm sure of it.
It matches the notes
the culprit had written before.
Ko Mi Sook wasn't the culprit
but a witness.
The culprit is a man,
and the only person who saw his face
is Ko Mi Sook.
I think the guy at the abandoned
house is the real culprit.
Call me as soon as Lee Soon Ae wakes up.
Mr. Yoon Hae Jun.
Tell me your alibi between the night
of the 16th
and the morning of the 17th.
the times when Lee Ju Young
and Lee Kyung Ae were murdered.
What were you up to during those hours?
Tell me.
What is it?
Who is the culprit?
Who is it?
Why are you asking me?
Another person died.
It was a boy this time.
A boy from your school,
who was in your grade,
died in an abandoned house out of nowhere.
If not, Lee Soon Ae would've died.
What are you saying?
Soon Ae could've been killed
by the actual culprit.
He died while trying to save her,
and that's all because of you!
How come that's my fault?
If you made a report in the first place,
if they didn't arrest someone wrong
because of the false report
you made in the first place,
this would not have happened.
I don't know why you are
behaving like this,
but I don't know anything.
Cut the nonsense and tell me.
Who is the real culprit?
Who are you to accuse me of such things?
Why do you keep appearing
in front of me and interfering?
Your plan has become all messed up,
Ko Mi Sook.
Mr. Yoon has been arrested.
He might have to take all the faults
for whatever happened.
What are you talking about?
It's all been messed up.
Who could Ko Min Soo,
who was apprehended by the police,
have killed?
The police needed a new culprit,
and that happened to be
I know why you did that.
But this isn't right.
So many people have fallen into danger.
If you need any other way, I'll help you.
So please help me this once.
If you tell me who the culprit is
Let go.
I don't need help from you.
I don't know anything, so just get going.
I already know that you were there
on the scene of Lee Kyung Ae.
I'm questioning your time before that.
Where were you, and what were you up to?
I was with Yoo Bum Ryong back then too.
Because Yoo Bum Ryong got a call
back then too.
She's already dead.
She's dead.
That's what happened.
You were looking at the dead body
of Lee Ju Young.
She looked for me, all scared.
She was afraid of telling the police.
I heard she was a commie.
They might arrest me
for not reporting her
He was that afraid of getting
involved with Ms. Lee.
I bet you know why
since you have nephews too.
If you're thinking
of dumping all these on Yoo Bum Ryong
I only answered with all my heart
because you asked.
Yoo Bum Ryong isn't the culprit.
You can tell from the handwriting alone.
It's the same thing
for what I'm researching.
You'll be able to tell in detail
once you're at school.
The test papers and assignments
I couldn't have fooled them all.
Then what is this?
How come this was in your pocket?
I picked that up by accident.
Are you kidding me right now?
I know how complicated my situation is,
but there are many ways
in which you can check.
My handwriting.
And Lee Soon Ae.
You should listen to her
when she wakes up
and find out who she ran away from.
Why Yoo Bum Ryong had to die there.
I can't wait to find out the truth.
There were many things
I found suspicious
whenever I ran into you.
That's why I want to take this
chance to get to know you.
Why you were always there
when the incident took place.
Please look forward to it.
This time, you won't be able to get out.
I know that this will make no sense.
But it feels as if you came here
on purpose just to save me.
Thank you.
I was really going to give the money
to Soon Ae to pay for her tuition.
It's me, Soon Ae.
Mr. Yoon!
The culprit is following us.
Get to your senses, Bum Ryong.
Whatever happens,
I will wait for you at our house.
So don't take too long.
Don't get hurt. Okay?
I'll make sure of it.
Who is he, though? He's been here
all night, crying his heart out.
He's been to our rooftop.
Then that's the jerk
Come on. Let him be.
He went through a lot because of us.
He was arrested by the police
when he didn't do anything wrong
for our Soon Ae,
with his mouth closed.
It looks like he didn't eat all day.
What is he to starve, though?
Who are you to starve because of Soon Ae?
It must've been because of shock.
It's not like anything's wrong.
She'll wake up soon. Okay?
Start eating.
I don't think I can.
Soon Ae is lying in the hospital.
She was so scared
and terrified
that she couldn't even wake up.
What a jerk.
Once I catch him,
I'll make him pay for it.
Then you should eat more.
What kind of man is scrawny like you?
Come on.
Open your mouth.
Open it.
Eat like me now.
Hold your chopsticks now.
(Truth and faith)
Come out.
(Teaching Certificate)
(Safe Woojung, happy citizens,
together with police)
What's going on?
Your ID, resume, and teaching certificate.
They're all fake.
What's with all this?
I also checked
your previous work, address,
and everything you wrote down
just in case.
But there was no proof that you existed.
No. You haven't even been born.
Do you know what this could mean?
Do you know this is more dangerous
than being a murderer?
Tell the truth
when I'm giving you a chance.
You and Baek Yoon Young
I'm dying to arrest and report you two
as spies.
But I know I owe you one.
Uncle Dong Sik, you're wrong.
You never visited us
while we were hospitalized,
so you might not know this.
I don't know what would've happened
to me and my brother
if it hadn't been for Mr. Yoon.
He came to our room every day
and gave me a pat on the shoulder.
He was like our guardian.
The guardian
that my brother and I don't have anymore.
You took care of my poor nephews
instead of
this stupid, pathetic uncle.
Because I owe you that,
I came to ask you
about these obviously ridiculous,
suspicious moves.
So talk!
Give me an explanation
I can understand. Okay?
If I do,
will you believe me?
If I were honest
and told you the entire truth,
would you believe me?
I have something to show you.
I would never want
to think that you owe me,
but if you do, will you do me
one last favor?
Chairman Yoon Byung Gu.
Would you bring him to my house?
What is going on?
Well, this is
- Please come up.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Go ahead.
What's all this?
(Serial Killer Ko Sentenced to Life)
How do you have an article from 1988?
(October 17, 1988)
(Witness, Ko Mi Sook,
Officer in Charge: Baek Dong Sik)
(Witness, Ko Mi Sook,
Officer in Charge: Baek Dong Sik)
(Witness, Ko Mi Sook,
Officer in Charge: Baek Dong Sik)
Why is my report here?
I thought you had to see it
for yourself to believe it.
The fact
that I came from the future.
I traveled from the far future,
but we're not too distantly related.
My dad's dad
is Chairman Yoon Byung Gu.
The future daughter of your nephew,
Baek Hee Sub,
is the one I'm living with,
Baek Yoon Young.
You must've bumped into her
many times already.
So, you took something
called a time machine
and came here?
The wrong person was caught
for the crimes committed here.
It caused you to die,
so you came here
to catch the culprit yourself?
Is that what you're saying?
I'm sorry, Chairman Yoon. Let's go.
I trusted this lunatic
and brought you to hear the nonsense
in the middle of the night.
No. You get up.
Get up, you punk!
A jerk like you should be sent
to the National Security Agency
or a mental hospital.
Anyway, I'll send you
to either of those places.
That one.
Can I take a look at that?
(Tempus fugit amor manet)
Are you really
my grandson?
Dong Sik.
What are you doing, Chairman Yoon?
Are you going to believe
that ridiculous story?
I know that sounds absurd.
But that's the watch I bought
at the jeweler's yesterday.
He said he managed to get
this one watch from overseas.
I spent good money on it
to give it to my future grandson.
Besides, that's my handwriting.
Even the engraving on the back
is exactly the same.
How could I not recognize
my own handwriting?
Where is the watch?
Didn't he steal the watch?
I received it this morning.
You arrested him last night.
I'm just as confused as you,
but he says he's my grandson.
I feel close to him for some reason.
No way, Chairman Yoon.
This is nonsense.
He needs to be thrown back
in the cell right now.
Soon Ae.
Soon Ae.
Soon Ae, can you recognize me?
It's me, Yoon Young. Soon Ae.
Soon Ae.
Thank you.
Yoon Young.
Gosh. Soon Ae.
- Gosh.
- Mom.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing?
It's okay. I'm glad that you're awake now.
It's okay.
- It's all right.
- It's okay, my baby.
Soon Ae.
Did you see the culprit's face?
Yoon Hae Jun, the teacher
who lives across from you.
It was him, right?
What are you talking about?
What do you mean he's the culprit?
That's absurd.
Thank you for coming back in one piece.
I'm sorry.
Do you think
we looked like two relatives
sharing a hug?
Right. They might not think that way.
It's okay.
I've already told them everything.
But you knew I was at home?
Soon Ae woke up.
And she told everything to the detectives.
What happened that night,
and who saved her.
Mr. Yoon
came to help me.
Let's go.
Yes. I got it.
What? Well,
I didn't find anything suspicious.
Yes. Okay.
Thank you, Dong Sik.
It's not because I believe him.
You begged me not to say anything.
That's why.
But I need more than this to believe him.
I need something more definitive.
This TV show reunites people with
their families from North Korea.
You've seen that, right?
I hear that this is used
to find separated families.
Didn't it hurt?
They just drew my blood.
But I'm not sure
how the results will come out.
You'd better be certain.
If the results don't match,
I'll send you
to a mental hospital at the Agency
for National Security Planning.
I cut you loose because
Chairman Yoon vouched for you,
not because I believed you.
I don't believe
any of this silly nonsense.
I'll be watching you
until the results come out.
Don't even think about doing
anything funny. Stay home.
Don't even go to school.
I'll be checking up on you
around the clock. Got it?
Gosh. No. Well,
whom did Hee Sub marry?
Oh, that. My mother is Lee Soon Ae.
Lee Soon Ae.
Hyung Man from the general store
Gosh. I see.
did you know about me from the start?
I only found out about you
after coming here.
I had no idea that
my father had a relative.
Why is that?
How could you not have known about me?
I don't think
you stayed in touch with him.
He never told me about you either.
Let's go.
That brat.
He said he didn't believe any of this.
He seems pretty upset. Doesn't he?
So you really didn't get hurt. Right?
You're not hiding it from me
because I can't see it. Right?
He wasn't rough.
I was really scared
that something might happen to you
and you might be in danger.
I bet I was more scared than you
in case you ended up in trouble
because of me.
In case I had messed up everything.
Well, I think
it's gotten a bit messy already.
I will catch the culprit no matter what.
I'll catch the culprit and make him
pay for everything he did.
We're really close now.
We have a witness who knows
the culprit. And the police
At least, one police officer
is on our side.
On our side?
That might be a bit of a stretch.
He's surveilling us for now,
but he will help us soon enough.
He has already started to believe us.
And we will soon be able
to win him over completely.
No one can beat
people from the future.
- How much is it?
- Here.
Why are you reading the newspaper?
Today is June 7.
Was the article
about building the new expressways
on the front page?
From Daejeon to Jingo.
From Cheongju to Sangju.
From Cheonan to Nonsan.
I think those were the routes.
("Expected to Build 3 Expressways")
You're here to keep an eye on me, right?
The catcher is Kim Dong Ki.
He starts running to first base.
He's going for it.
- How suffocating.
- Safe.
I can't even go out.
All right.
The ball flies high into the outfield.
I already know the result.
So baseball games aren't fun to watch.
Pintos, 5. Lions, 4.
Pintos will win.
The game is over.
(Pintos: 5, Lions: 4)
He's offering it to his opponent.
All right. Given what happened last year,
this will be interesting to watch.
Counting all the matches,
- this is the fifth one.
- Right.
The guy with the red belt will come
from behind and win with 3 to 2.
Why don't you just trust us?
We don't have much time.
At this hour,
the culprit who has already killed
three people is roaming about.
I'm someone who isn't supposed to be here.
Even if we catch the culprit,
there's nothing much I can do from that.
You're the one who has to
wrap it up as a detective.
I'll share all the information I have,
and from now on,
how about we work together?
(Serial Killer Ko Sentenced to Life)
(Record of Statement)
Ko Mi Sook lied about it?
Instead of reporting the real culprit,
she thought of blaming it
on her own brother.
I knew she was somewhat off,
but how could she sell off her own family?
Well, I guess I'm in no position
to point that out.
You only wanted to do your best
to catch them.
You even thought that
a family member
had to receive the punishment
if they deserved it.
While Baek Hee Sub and Yu Sub
were in the hospital,
you went to see them. I know that you did.
Excuse me.
Here it is.
Things would've been bad
if they had been as they were.
Hee Sub would've blamed himself
and the world
for what happened to himself
and to his brother.
And you'd have lived all your life
in guilt.
Perhaps solving this case
could be a chance to change your life.
And that's the same case for me.
So you're saying
that you're willing to work with me?
I'll be able to tell
if you're a lunatic or not.
Now that I've talked with him a lot,
I feel like a lunatic.
Well, then
Shall we meet Ko Mi Sook first?
That punk. He's being helpful
since he's the father.
"Father?" But you never know.
Is that you, Dong Sik?
- What's going on at this hour?
- Hey, Dong Sik.
Can I take Mr. Yoon for a moment?
Well, that's
- I ask this of you, Dong Sik.
- Well
(Night Cart Bar)
I was told I could never leave.
Under the condition
that I'll be right next to you.
You know how credible I am.
I mean, your grandfather.
Why are you so startled?
I'm the one who should be awkward.
You must be used to it.
When I call you Hae Jun,
you should say, "Yes, Grandpa."
My gosh.
This feels
a little weird.
Now that we're at it,
why don't we try calling each other
- Have a drink.
- Sure.
I've always wanted
to have soju with my grandson.
The result isn't out yet,
but you've already accepted it.
The results are for others.
Why wouldn't I recognize my own grandson?
When it suits you so well.
Let me see it.
Go on.
Here, I wrote
the quote for you myself.
"Tempus fugit amor manet."
Do you know what it means?
Time flies, but love remains.
You know it well. I knew it.
Why did you write it, though? It's corny.
Was it?
I mean
I thought it'd be nice to see it
when things got tough.
"My grandpa used to adore me."
"He couldn't wait to meet me
even before my birth"
"and got this for me."
As time passes
and I leave this world for good,
my love for my children
will last for hundreds of years,
being their support.
That's what I hoped for.
By the way, who is Yeon Woo's partner?
Then are you saying Chung Ah
of Bong Bong Teahouse
is your mother and my daughter-in-law?
Yes, I'm serious,
so start walking properly.
Walk properly.
Hey! Wait. It's here.
That's where your mother is.
Hey. Let's go up there.
Let's just go up there.
Let's see what your mother is up to.
Let's go take a little peek.
Come on. Why would we peek?
Just walk properly and head home.
Come on. Let's go in there.
- Walk properly, will you?
- We should've gone there.
It's easy for you to call yourself
a grandpa, isn't it?
You darn grandpa.
Stop drinking so much, will you?
You'll suffer
from high blood pressure later.
So I was his darn grandpa.
My precious grandson
And I must've not treated him right.
(Jegwang Electronics)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
You're it.
Everything is free for you today.
You've just won the chance
as the 20,000th customer
of Bong Bong Teahouse.
That's total nonsense.
I'm serious.
I know you told me not to talk to you
or recommend any menus,
but I can't give in
since you're our 20,000th customer.
Take a seat. I'll make you ssanghwa tea.
Why are you sitting?
You're the 20,000th customer.
That was an excuse to get to talk to you,
Yoon Hae Jun.
How is your name Hae Jun
out of the many names out there?
Did your boyfriend tell you my name?
The other day
in front of the cinema,
why did you look at me like that?
How did I look at you?
And after that,
why did you ignore me for a while?
Are you interrogating me right now?
It's nothing like that.
It looks like
I won't be sipping on this anymore,
even though it's good for me.
This is my tenth ssanghwa tea.
Why not?
Since this will be my last.
You're my last customer.
What do you mean?
I'm going to close down this teahouse.
I'm leaving this village.
You're leaving this village?
Yeon Woo, I mean,
your boyfriend
Does he know?
Of course not.
I'm only letting you know.
Why me?
I don't know.
It must've been your destiny to hear it.
Isn't that why you came
at just the right time?
I was feeling the urge to spill my secret.
Why are you leaving?
If you wanted to know that,
you should've made an effort
to get to know me a lot sooner.
It's too late now.
I should get ready now.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Why is she already leaving?
What? When did you get here?
Well, just now.
It's gotten pretty late.
Is that so? I was so focused
that I lost track of time again.
Especially because someone
forgot to make me toast again.
Right. Sorry.
You didn't get to eat dinner, right?
It's fine.
My brain stops working
when my stomach feels heavy.
You went through a lot today.
They mistook you for a criminal.
I heard you saved someone.
You were a good person.
I didn't even know that and I
Gosh, I should just go meet my girlfriend.
You're going
to see your girlfriend right now?
Yes. Lately, I've always been here,
so I haven't been able
to see her that often.
I think she's a little upset
because of that.
I should go and score some brownie points.
I can do that, right?
I'll have the toast next time.
(Funeral Home)
Did you get to see
your girlfriend yesterday?
Yes, we had a nice date in a while.
Is that so?
Did anything else happen?
Everything was the same as usual. Why?
Should something have happened?
No, I was just asking.
What the What was that?
- Here.
- Thanks.
Gosh, that's a lot.
I know, right?
Why did they bring so much stuff?
I'm totally fine.
It's their way of comforting you
and telling you to shake it off
and get back on your feet.
Are you feeling okay?
I heard you had to
go through trouble because of me.
I'm sorry that I couldn't find
the culprit sooner.
No, you don't have to be.
If it hadn't been for you,
I would've been caught by the criminal.
In the dark and scary woods,
when I saw your face,
I thought, "It's okay now,"
and felt so relieved.
How did you get released?
It just happened.
You must've had a lot of visitors.
Yes, a lot of people
from the village stopped by.
And you know how
our homeroom teacher is, don't you?
He came every night
with a bunch of students.
They were so loud.
I didn't get any quiet rest.
It was just hectic.
How long was this here?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(I'm glad you regained consciousness.
I'll see you again.)
The culprit was here.
Possibly to completely
get rid of his failed attempt.
(I'm glad you regained consciousness.
I'll see you again.)
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