My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e14 Episode Script

Meeting You Will Bring Me Joy

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 14, Meeting You Will Bring Me Joy)
(Episode 14)
(Woojung Hospital)
That shameless, disgusting jerk!
How dare you come here?
How dare you threaten us
with that stupid note?
I should have seen
that brazen face of his!
- Please calm down. Get in.
- Gosh.
That shameless jerk!
Yoon Young, get in.
You should come with us to our house
for the time being.
That crazy jerk.
That jerk has some nerve to show up here.
He came here and left a threatening note.
It means that
he's not scared of getting caught.
Is that what you think?
To me,
it looks like the complete opposite.
This guy is utterly scared
in case he gets caught.
He's trying to threaten her
with this note,
so she stays quiet.
This was the first time
he failed to kill his victim.
The fact that the victim is alive
has shocked him.
But how come there are
only two detectives on this?
- What?
- Is there
another important case
in this village than this?
How come only two detectives came
when we reported this?
Well, that's
I bet the police don't want
to turn this into a big case
What do you mean only two of us will go?
We need every detective we can get.
And that still might not be enough.
The culprit was at the hospital.
Who said that was the culprit?
- What did you say?
- What if some guy
was playing with the note?
Why are you jumping to
the conclusion that it was the culprit?
Don't alarm the residents.
Just go quietly.
And bring that note to me right away.
I'll be the one checking it out.
(Case File
on Lee Soon Ae's abduction case)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
What choice do I have? He's been
on my back about getting the boy.
Forget about getting promoted
to commissioner.
He might lose his job over this.
So he can't give us any more time.
So what could I do?
Since we already have
Ko Min Soo in custody,
he'll have to be the culprit.
So Ko Min Soo killed
Lee Ju Young and Lee Kyung Ae.
Then another guy is responsible
for the latest incident?
That's right.
With that, we would have
at least closed one case.
We didn't find any evidence
on Yoo Bum Ryong.
But we found evidence on the girl,
Lee Soon Ae.
The same sentence in the same handwriting.
"Women who read are dangerous."
Right. This would have made sense
without that note.
Then the note
from the hospital room today
That should never have been there.
on hosting the 1988 Seoul Olympics.)
Gosh. Thank you so much
for driving us home.
Don't mention it.
By the way, you cannot tell anyone
about what happened tonight
for the time being.
It could interfere with our investigation.
You understand me, right?
Of course.
I just want you to do one thing.
Catch that culprit.
Why are you leaving?
The culprit could have been
one of the people who came by today.
But how come you're not asking her
who stopped by today?
Oh, that. There's a separate protocol.
Just wait a bit.
How much longer must we wait?
What do you plan to do
going forward with this case?
She even got a threatening note
from the culprit.
Sending her home like this cannot be
everything you're doing. Right?
I will go to the station
and check on that.
(Woojung-ri's 5th Firework Festival)
(Screen Adjustment Time)
Where have you been all night?
You said you'd be back soon.
I needed to find a way
to be able to face you.
They're inside, right?
Let's go inside and talk.
The news?
We can tell what happened yesterday
on the news.
I walked all over the village
after leaving the hospital yesterday.
But the residents and the police
were way too quiet
as if nothing had happened.
This silence will not keep Soon Ae safe.
On top of that, the culprit left
a threatening note to Soon Ae.
But no police officers
are guarding your house.
We need to get the public
involved in this case as much as we can.
The police must investigate
more aggressively.
If the police don't want to do so,
we must make them.
I believe the surest way to get them
to work is through the news.
If we disclose this case to the press,
the police will have no choice
but to start investigating.
Once the police start investigating,
the culprit will think twice
before approaching Soon Ae.
As of now, this is the only way
to catch the culprit
while keeping Soon Ae safe.
To do that,
Soon Ae will have to
be on the news herself.
For a victim's interview or whatnot.
I know what you are concerned about.
We'll have to make sure
they don't recognize
her voice or her face.
I know reporters who will do that for her.
I trust you, of course. But
Even if we alter her voice
and blur her face,
the culprit will recognize her.
Since it involves my daughter,
things could become even more dangerous.
Honestly, I'm not so willing to do it.
I have never
cooked for you, have I?
I've always wanted to cook for you.
There isn't much because
I had to prepare it in a hurry,
but please eat up.
Eat up, sweetheart.
All right.
No matter what happens
Even if
something heartbreaking happens to my kid,
I must feed the rest of the family.
That's how a mom feels.
Mr. Yoon, you may not be my son,
but I still think of you as my family.
how could you have cared about us,
thought of us, worried about us,
and helped us
all this time?
Just as you said, it wasn't your matter.
It couldn't have been your business.
So if you
think being on a news show
is that important,
then I'd like to trust your words.
Will you be able
to keep Soon Ae safe, though?
Do you know what the police
have told us the most?
"Calm down. Keep quiet."
Has anything been resolved
for keeping quiet?
If we just stand idly
because we are scared,
then what will we do about Soon Ae?
Until when will she have to stay hidden?
I want to be on the news show.
I want to be on it too.
I'm not the one at fault.
The one who should be afraid
is the culprit, not me.
I know how difficult this must be for you,
but please do well
since it's an important interview.
Focus on the mother and the daughter.
- Mr. Kim. Fix your shirt.
- Okay.
Make sure to blur their faces properly,
and alter their voices completely.
The viewers should be curious
about the assailant, not the victim.
Of course.
It'd be better
if we could show it directly.
The police must've taken the matchbox
and the note inside it, right?
Yes, we submitted them all.
All right, then.
We'll just start the shoot as is.
Mr. Kim. Let's start with the interview.
What are you doing here?
What about you?
What are you up to in there?
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
How could you reveal the case
the police are still investigating?
Without evidence, at that.
But is it okay to pocket
a piece of evidence like this?
I just figured it'd be destroyed
if it stayed in there.
You were right, after all.
I doubt that a man from the future
lied to me.
Still, I didn't know we'd become
that horrible.
There's another thing
that actually disappeared.
(Case File
on Lee Soon Ae's abduction case)
The note that was
in Lee Soon Ae's pocket
when she ran out
of the abandoned house. It's gone.
You must know what that implies.
That's why you called them.
The journalists.
I will never let it go unnoticed.
It will cause quite a stir.
- Captain!
- What is it?
The reporters from
a broadcasting company from Seoul
are poking around here and there
to investigate the case.
The whole village has been stirred.
A broadcasting company from Seoul?
In 1, 2, 3. Start.
At Woojung-gun, Woojung-eup, Woojung-ri,
which has been chosen
as a crime-free village
for five years in a row,
a total of 3 murder cases occurred
in the last 30 days.
The village will be stirred up
even more from now on.
Last May, the culprit
brutally murdered two women,
and they left their signature sign
with the victims.
And one of them is the note
where they left their message.
It was in this matchbox.
It was made by the teahouse
that the youths of this town
frequent the most.
Based on such facts,
the police assumed the culprit
to be a young man
from the same town
who frequents the same teahouse.
They've been checking the customers
who could be
Everyone will be talking
about the culprit every day.
And the culprit will be
watching this from someplace.
The whole village is anxious
because the culprit hasn't been caught.
On fourth, the victim who survived
another incident,
was blackmailed by the culprit once again,
leaving the whole village in shock.
The moment I saw this handwriting,
I felt as if
the culprit was watching me
right next to me.
And the police aren't taking any action.
That can't be true.
We, the police,
will do our best
to protect the victim.
Things will start to change
little by little.
Report to me if you see anyone suspicious.
Hello, sir.
We'll be guarding the place
around the clock,
so you can be reassured.
It's been a month
since the investigation started.
Hasn't there been any progress?
Of course, that's not true.
We've already gotten our hands
on the prime suspect.
We'll be forwarding him
to the prosecution soon.
If things don't change,
then we'll have to change them.
You can be at ease.
Even if they cover up the case,
it looks like they'll make
Ko Min Soo the actual culprit.
As long as he's stuck in there,
a proper investigation seems impossible.
What about Ko Mi Sook?
Has she not spoken yet?
What on earth are you saying?
I have never lied, Mr. Detective.
Ko Mi Sook.
Do you know how dangerous it is
to lie to the police?
If you tell me honestly now,
I'll look past your mistake,
but you must know that this is
the last chance I can offer.
If we find the real culprit,
we don't know how much
we'll accuse you of.
Do you think it's easy to confess
that the only brother I have
is a culprit?
I barely managed to confess
after contemplating
turning in my own brother
thousands of times.
And you're accusing me now.
I actually saw it.
I saw my brother
by the riverside that day.
Even if we provided her with evidence
that Ko Min Soo isn't the culprit,
she'd say she couldn't see it.
It must've been the last resolution
for her.
We can't just wait for her answer.
The more the reporters press,
the faster the police
will try to reach a conclusion.
If we use our means,
we might be able to
get the confession in a few days.
No matter how trash of a man he is,
we can't make him take a fall
for something he didn't do.
And that'd be advantageous
for the real culprit.
Ko Mi Sook isn't even budging at all.
How am I supposed to get Ko Min Soo out?
Is it okay
for me to meet him?
Someone will be guarding the door,
so be done with it in five minutes.
Do you remember
bumping into me at night on the 16th?
Goodness. What do I do?
He won't die.
Gosh. It hurts. I broke my arm.
I'm trying to get you out of here.
Don't try to get smart with me.
Just try to remember.
What did you do,
and where did you go after that?
About Lee Kyung Ae
Are you going to tell the police?
That night
you hurt your hand.
How did you treat that?
Did Mi Sook help you?
Mi Sook?
Oh, dear.
Hey, I'm dying of thirst.
Go get me something to drink.
I think we took a taxi
and went to the hospital.
But I kept falling asleep.
Mi Sook must know
where we went.
(Woojung-gun Taxi Driver List)
Hello, excuse me.
I'm Detective Baek Dong Sik,
who called you earlier.
So you drove some customers
between the night of the 16th
and the early morning of the 17th?
Were they these people?
The police claim that
Ko Min Soo is the prime suspect.
This is his alibi.
(Hospital Admission
and Discharge Certificate)
(Medical Certificate)
Oh, my.
You're the one who tipped us off,
but where do you get these things?
Do you really just teach Korean?
I don't think so.
By the look of him,
he looks like one of us.
How many minutes do you think it will air?
To be honest, I thought
of one minute and a half on the way.
Then it became 3 minutes and 5 minutes.
I became more ambitious
as there seemed to be more to it.
How about 20 minutes, then?
Mr. Yoon, you don't seem
to know how news works.
There's a certain format.
If you cover 1 story
for 20 minutes, people will
Will they get bored?
I don't know much about it,
but there must be viewers
who are interested
in watching in-depth reporting.
As reporters, you all must have
dreamed of doing it as well.
Hey, isn't it the format
you've been wanting to do?
How about covering the top 2 stories
for 20 minutes each?
Well, it is, but I'm not really there yet.
You could push yourself.
Would it work?
I think so.
Gosh. The work environment
in broadcasting got a lot better.
When I was younger, it was much worse.
It goes back to 1989.
I suggested covering
two in-depth stories
for 20 minutes each for the weekend news.
I was so young,
but I insisted on doing it.
Don't you get tired of talking
about when you were young?
Hey, do you know how groundbreaking
it was in our station's history?
That kid.
Will someone take out the one
who wrote history, please?
That's what an anchor ought to be.
He's firm and adamant.
He's admirable.
Am I capable of that?
I think once you do it,
it will be groundbreaking.
Do you think so?
Why don't you talk to the director?
It looks like he used a fake name.
He was in the hospital from
the night of the 16th to the 18th.
If that's true,
Ko Min Soo can't be the murderer.
To confirm that fact,
I need you
to wrap this up for me.
The police arrested and investigated
Mr. Ko as a prime suspect.
However, we obtained proof
that Mr. Ko had an alibi
on the day of the incident.
Film the chief as soon as he comes out.
He's coming out. Record!
- Sir, can we interview you?
- Excuse me.
Is it true that your prime suspect
Mr. Ko had an alibi?
How do you already know that?
How will this change
the direction of the investigation?
Do you have more suspects?
The residents are demanding measures
to strengthen security
in the neighborhood.
The police will be able to overcome
Woojung-ri residents' distrust
and win their trust back
only by conducting
a responsible investigation.
What's wrong?
Can I stop by somewhere?
- Okay. See you at home.
- All right.
I'll be quick.
Mi Sook.
Why are you standing there? Come on in.
What are you doing?
Hey, Mi Sook.
Who is this?
It's good to see you. It's been so long.
What are you doing?
Did you forget to meet me today?
What? Are you two friends now?
That's good.
Why don't you come in with us?
Do you want to go back in
as soon as you're released?
Aren't you coming?
I'll be back.
Okay. I'm in a good mood today.
Go. I'll see you at home later.
Why did you help me?
That darn necklace.
When you're nervous, annoyed, or bothered,
you fidget with your necklace.
And my stupid habit
of spotting that before anyone else.
That's why.
How do you feel
now that Ko Min Soo has been released?
You're finally crying now.
You weren't affected
when you saw other people in pain.
Even when you saw Ms. Lee
dying by this cold riverside
without knowing
why she deserved such a death,
and when you saw your classmate
in agony after losing her sister,
you only treated it as a chance
to make things better for you.
And this is when you're going to cry?
I'll hold on to this.
Is that something important?
You're not married.
Why do you have baby clothes?
Gosh. Look at that.
Baby clothes and baby shoes.
You have so much stuff in there.
Are you pregnant?
Gosh. It must be a boy.
I won't
throw this box out.
Just throw out the rest for me.
I was curious about
how the case was going
and concerned too. So I asked you to come.
I'm hearing a lot of chatter
in the village. Is everything okay?
Your grandson is responsible for it.
You should have stopped him
if it was going to be dangerous.
He's not even from here.
What if it puts him in the spotlight
and they start wondering about him?
But thanks to him,
we solved a lot of problems.
Soon Ae has protection
from the police now.
And the police
stopped framing an innocent guy.
You've done enough.
You should leave the rest to the police.
Are you listening to me?
Gosh. Look at that.
Baby clothes and baby shoes.
You have so much stuff in there.
Are you pregnant?
I won't
throw this box out.
Just throw out the rest for me.
My grandson.
Sure. Okay.
Are you sure?
Don't insert yourself
into dangerous situations.
Don't do anything. Okay?
Right. I have a favor to ask you.
Yes, go on. What is it? Tell me.
Soon Ae probably
didn't get treated properly
because she had to leave
the hospital all of a sudden.
I wanted her to stay in a safe place
with her family.
But not in this village.
Right. I was actually worried about her.
I'll look for a great hospital in Seoul.
I'll have the officers
- accompany her.
- Yes.
can I borrow your car?
Yoon Young.
Were you waiting for me?
What's this car?
I'll answer questions on our way.
It will take a while anyway.
Are we going somewhere?
A beautiful place.
Get in.
What do you think about the sea from 1987?
The water seems clearer.
Is it just in my head?
You should check it yourself
once you go back.
There are so many things to check.
By the way, what made you
decide to bring me all the way here?
Come to think of it,
after bringing you so far into the past,
I had never taken you
to see a pretty sight.
After discovering the time machine,
I lived as if I were racing against time.
I wanted to try out the future
based on what I knew at certain times.
I was all over the place.
So I had never thought about what
I wanted to do at those moments
or with whom and where I wanted to be.
I never had the luxury
to think about such things.
So when you gave that some thought,
you wanted to see a pretty sight with me?
I guess so.
- What else?
- What else?
I wanted to order someone's favorite food,
sweet and salty food,
and watch her eat with gusto.
What else?
I do want to listen to her
talk on and on
about trivial things like
what she likes and hates.
I like all of your answers.
Should we do a trial run with each answer?
The best sweet and salty dish
is tteokbokki.
An old bookstore.
I like the smell of old books.
I like how it feels on my fingers
when I flip through faded, yellow pages.
And I like the excitement of playing
a treasure hunt
with old, hard-to-find books.
What else?
Friday at 3 p.m.
It feels like I have
the whole world to myself
three hours before getting off work.
You know what I mean, right?
I used to run the weekend news.
I see. You worked on weekends.
Then you must hate Mondays.
Sunday at 9 p.m.
That's the exact time
my mood gets spoiled.
That's the exact time
I start appearing on TV.
I'll start liking Sunday evenings.
This must be a popular
tteokbokki stall in 1987.
The rice cakes are so chewy. It's so good.
Have a bite.
I have my own plate of food.
I'll eat it from mine.
Bus 540.
When I feel gloomy,
I just sit at a bus stop.
I just get on a random bus
and sit there thoughtlessly.
I just look out the window.
Once the bus finishes the route,
I feel somewhat better.
And among all the buses,
Bus 540 has the best view.
I should remember that. What else?
What else
I want to stop here.
It was supposed to be a trial run.
I want to hear
whatever you were going to tell me.
That's why you brought me
all the way here.
The case isn't even closed.
There's no way
you brought me here for no reason.
How tough is it for you to bring it up?
Why are we here?
Whatever I do,
you will trust me, right?
What's this about?
I can't tell you
what I plan to do right now.
But I can promise you
that nothing will happen to me.
So don't worry. And just wait for me.
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(Permanently closed)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
Are you leaving now?
I see.
Can you walk me to the bus terminal?
It's scary because it's dark.
People have been filming
this and that around the town.
I heard it was because you reported it.
I heard you've been
providing information to them.
Everyone's been talking about it.
It's not even your business.
Aren't you even scared?
It is my business after all.
Living in a town
with a murderer on the loose
means someone close to me
could be in constant danger.
And there are many people
I want to protect.
You're a nice guy.
But I bet your mom wouldn't think so.
Did I cross the line again?
Sorry. I just
If my son were to sacrifice himself
to save someone,
I'd be so worried.
I don't think I've ever asked
your opinion.
Okay, fine. I'm sorry.
I guess I've been having
such thoughts a lot lately.
(Woojung General Store)
(Woojung General Store)
What are you holding on to?
The baby in me.
I've been collecting these for the baby.
I made some of them,
and I bought some of them
because they were pretty.
Isn't this shoe really cute?
How can it be this small?
It's even smaller than my hand.
It feels strange to think of him
walking in this.
Only those who are desperate
to have a child collect those, don't they?
Yes, I've been waiting.
I've already named him.
Hae for "greeting"
and Jun for "happiness."
Someone you'd be happy to see.
Hae Jun.
You were startled because he has
your name, right?
I felt the same way.
Well, I bet the meanings are different.
I've really wanted to meet
my precious baby I had
with someone I loved.
If my child
were to look at me with sparkling eyes,
I'd find them so beautiful.
You even had such thoughts.
So why are you leaving?
Because I'm not sure anymore.
I'm leaving.
Thanks for walking me.
Well, then.
Take care.
("KSBC 9 o'clock News")
"KSBC 9 o'clock News" will begin now.
Our news show will exclusively report
on two cases, which is a format
we have never taken before.
It'll be divided into two parts,
and each case was investigated in detail.
The first case is regarding
a serial murder case
in a town
that had no crime for five years in a row.
- Hey.
- Yes.
That's the report they filmed
in our town for several days, right?
That's right. The punk who leaves
a note in a matchbox.
(Woojung-ri ticket office
for intercity buses)
At Woojung-gun, Woojung-eup, Woojung-ri,
which has been chosen
as a crime-free village
for five years in a row,
a total of 3 murder cases occurred
in the last 30 days.
Last May, the culprit
brutally murdered two women,
and they left their signature sign
with the victims.
And one of them is the note
where they left their message.
It was in this matchbox.
It was made by the teahouse
that the youths of this town
frequent the most.
Based on such facts,
the police assumed the culprit
to be a young man
from the same town
who frequents the same teahouse.
They've been checking the customers
who could be suspects
by questioning them,
but there hasn't been
any significant result.
The whole village is anxious
because the culprit hasn't been caught.
On fourth, the victim who survived
another incident,
was blackmailed by the culprit once again,
leaving the whole village in shock.
The moment I saw this handwriting,
I felt as if the culprit was
watching me right next to me.
Goodness. What a creepy guy.
I know, right?
Could he really be someone from our town?
- What?
- The police ought to give trust
Maybe he's among us.
That's such a horrible thing to say.
Don't you know how quiet this town is?
- I mean, it could happen.
- That's right.
- Don't say such things.
- I mean
Next up is the exclusive report
made by the witness
that the reporters obtained.
The witness whom we interviewed
is the additional witness
who has made a report
that could be crucial
in catching the culprit.
Dear viewers. Please pay attention
to it as you watch.
I'm a Korean Literature teacher
at Woojung High School,
Yoon Hae Jun.
On the night of the fourth,
I witnessed what happened
at the abandoned house
for the third murder case.
I chased the culprit
and ran toward to the mountain
at the back.
Mr. Yoon actually did an interview?
He said he'd blur my face,
but why didn't he reveal his?
According to what I saw,
he was wearing a black hat
and a black jacket.
And the back of his back
was torn vertically.
Is it okay to expose his face like that?
I know, right? He tried
to cover everyone else's.
- But with his identity
- I know.
Yu Sub.
- Yu Sub?
- Yes.
What are you thinking so intently about?
I was just
I was just so mad.
Is there anything else you'd like
to report on?
While chasing the culprit,
I saw his face myself.
If I run into him again,
I'm sure I'll be able to recognize him.
Can you go to Gyeonggi Province,
Woojung-ri as fast as you can?
Since both houses are empty now,
we just have to wait until tomorrow night.
Do you think he'll really show up?
If he watches the news,
he's bound to show up.
It'll be hard to resist
after hearing that I saw his face.
Why are you here?
What you said on the news
How you said
that you saw the culprit's face.
You were lying, right?
What are you going to do
if he comes and finds you?
Why would you do something so dangerous?
Let's get out of here for now.
How did you know?
How did you know I was lying?
How do you know
that I didn't see his face?
How are you so sure?
Because if you saw his face,
there's no way you wouldn't know.
There's no way
you could say something like that.
Do you know
who the culprit is?
In that baby box,
there was also this.
He's supposed to be born
in the winter.
I wanted him to stay warm.
I made it myself.
Do you think
you can tell what this is?
Everything's mine.
The string that was used
to tie those people up,
and the matchboxes
They all belonged to me.
Our Hae Jun
I wanted to see him so much.
But now I don't know what to do.
That jerk
That person.
The baby's father
is the culprit?
And that's why you left?
I was scared.
It was horrific.
I could no longer stay
next to a guy like him.
Even this baby that I've been
waiting so long to see.
I don't know anymore.
I don't look forward
to seeing my baby anymore.
I don't
want to meet him anymore.
The fact that the baby is his child
is so horrific
and terrifying.
What in the world?
Why is he
Darn it.
Yoon Yeon Woo!
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