My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e15 Episode Script

The Reason You Can't Leave

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(Bong Bong Teahouse)
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 15, The Reason You Can't Leave)
Hae Jun.
Do you think this will bring back Hae Jun?
You should have been nice to him
when you had the chance.
Do you think hopelessly
waiting for him here would
bring my son back?
You're really getting on my nerves.
Darn it.
What's your deal?
What's your angle, you jerk?
Seriously. What do you want from me?
Why did you come to me?
Why did you blabber about finding me?
(Episode 15)
on hosting the 1988 Seoul Olympics.)
Mr. Yoon was on the news.
He said he saw the culprit's face.
Is that true?
I came here this afternoon too.
My plan had already fallen through.
And you seemed desperate for my answer.
I came here,
thinking I might consider telling you.
But I didn't see you here.
Some guy was here.
None other than the culprit.
It's easier to miss
what's right under your nose.
But you came to me for answers
after bringing him into your house.
What was I supposed to do?
What are you talking about?
You really had no idea.
I'm talking about Yeon Woo.
The son of the principal.
He's the culprit.
Why did you come find me?
Darn it.
Yoon Young.
I know where we should check.
On account of murdering
Lee Ju Young, Lee Kyung Ae,
and Yoo Bum Ryong
and attempting to murder
Lee Soon Ae and Yoon Hae Jun,
Yoon Yeon Woo was arrested.
To collect evidence, we will search
the house and seize items.
Let's go.
Gosh. Are you all right?
Listen. How did this happen?
What's going on, Dong Sik?
Mr. Yoon is transported to the hospital.
He's still unconscious.
Hae Jun.
Hae Jun.
What on earth is happening right now?
Hae Jun.
Hae Jun.
Hae Jun
What will happen to the culprit now?
We'll have to make him pay the price
after writing up the report well.
I'm sure
that's what Mr. Yoon also wants.
I thought this would be all over
once we caught the culprit.
The innocent victims
who had to suffer a horrible death.
I'm not sure if he can pay
for all the sins he's committed.
But now, I'm so afraid
that this whole thing has become
something that'll never end
for Hae Jun.
How can this be the ultimate answer?
I feel so bad for him.
So it was
It was really him
who hurt Hae Jun that badly?
When Yeon Woo flew back to Korea,
I even went to the airport myself
to pick him up.
I drove four hours in my own car
and took him back in the same car.
That was after the murder incidents
had occurred in the village.
We saw all the commotion together
after we came back,
so how is he the culprit?
Chairman Yoon,
did you not check his passport?
His passport?
Yeon Woo came back
way earlier than the day
you picked him up.
That was the reason
he was excluded from the list of suspects.
Yeon Woo fooled everyone
in the first place.
Even the date of his return.
It's time for you to confess
when, where, and how
you committed those crimes.
It hurts.
Don't you dare try to pull a trick.
Be straight with me!
I said it hurt.
The arm you shot at
hurts like crazy.
I think I need to get it treated.
Can you call my father?
Don't you know where you are?
Don't you know why you ended up here?
I'm not so sure.
Could you explain it to me?
- What?
- The evidence.
If you show me the evidence you found
What is it?
You don't have any evidence?
I'm sure you have already searched
my house and my room.
But you didn't find anything, did you?
Of course not.
Because I didn't do it.
Are you okay?
Are you feeling better?
What happened to the culprit?
It's all settled now.
Detective Baek took him in
and is investigating him.
Are you going to keep avoiding my eyes?
I'm sorry.
It was my father who hurt your family
and made you lose a family member.
And I was born to that horrifying man.
And that horrifying man hurt you too.
So why are you apologizing?
What you and I
and our families went through
None of that is your fault.
So don't ever say sorry
or feel guilty.
Whoever your father is,
nothing changes the way I perceive you.
Thank you for coming around.
Chairman Yoon.
(Ward 3)
I'm sure he's the culprit.
He fell into the trap we set up.
Also, he ran as soon as he found out
that I was there.
On top of that, he tried to run
with your car.
And he hurt you.
He even lied about the date of entry.
There are so many suspicious things
about him.
But we don't have
a dead giveaway.
He must know that because he seems
really relaxed.
I bet he's cleaned them up
so we wouldn't find them,
seeing how he asked me
if I had found any evidence.
What about his handwriting?
Have you checked if it matches
the one on the note?
What is all this?
The letters
Yeon Woo sent me
every week from the States.
I'm the only one who has these.
(Dear Chung Ah)
(I just arrived in the States
and have been busy sorting things.)
This is
different from his handwriting
that I know of.
That's because
he only wrote that way for me.
I'm the only one
who knows this handwriting of his
in the entire world.
might start to recognize it now.
The note left by the culprit
to the victims
That handwriting is
the same as this.
can't really fake your handwriting.
That's why it's frustrating.
Just like with Ko Min Soo,
if there was anything
with his handwriting,
I could compare the handwriting.
But I can't find any
no matter how hard I look.
About the lady who came to you
after the news aired
The owner of Bong Bong Teahouse.
She's the one who told you
Yeon Woo was the culprit, right?
I thought I could get something from her,
so I've been looking everywhere for her.
She closed the teahouse and disappeared.
She's nowhere to be found.
She must have left town by now.
She wanted to.
What are you talking about?
He said he wanted to write me
in a special way.
He said he'd use the other hand
only when he wrote me.
I thought it was romantic.
Because of that idea,
I liked him even more.
Then one day
detectives came to me.
(From Yoon Yeon Woo, To Lee Chung Ah)
And they showed me the note in a matchbox.
Since it was the matchbox of my teahouse,
they thought I could recognize
the handwriting
if it was by a regular.
I recognized it immediately for sure.
It was the handwriting that only I knew.
why didn't you tell them at that time?
Do you
I wanted to run away.
I just
I just wanted to run away.
I really was going to.
Yoon Hae Jun.
I ended up confessing to him.
But I don't think he has proof.
You know Yeon Woo is smart.
He wouldn't have made any mistakes.
Except for these.
(Dear Chung Ah)
- So
- Chung Ah.
What is the real reason you came to me?
Detective Baek.
about the owner of Bong Bong Teahouse.
Is there anything I can do
to help you find her?
She seems like an important person.
Of course, to us now
and more to him.
Are you
If she had left town,
she might have dropped by
the general store.
I'll go to my grandpa
and see if I can find something.
Thank you, Yoon Young.
The owner of Bong Bong Teahouse?
Yes, I saw her.
She was sitting alone
in front of our store for a while.
I felt bad seeing a woman
sitting alone like that.
So I sat with her for a moment
to see her get on her bus.
Then you must've seen what bus
she took and where she went.
I'm not sure about that.
I don't really remember.
Thank you.
Are you all right?
Because of Chairman Yoon's son?
To be honest, I still can't believe it.
Chairman Yoon
is such a good person.
How could the son of such a decent man
be like that?
On one hand,
I do hope he's the real culprit.
How so?
Then that means
the culprit has been caught.
It's all over.
Other people
don't have to go through the pain
that my kids went through.
Since it's a pain
that I don't wish
upon anyone or any family
in the whole world.
thank Mr. Yoon for me again.
Tell him that I thank him
for catching the culprit.
And that I'm truly thankful
that he ended this for me.
There's no proof?
There's no handwriting of his
that I remember.
I don't remember seeing his handwriting.
What is this?
I told Dad that I could read now,
and he sent me a letter, Grandpa.
(From Yoon Yeon Woo, To Yoon Hae Jun)
(Dear lovely Hae Jun)
What a horrible brat.
He knew.
He knew about it all along.
Hae Jun.
(Dear Chung Ah)
(I hope you'll use
the diary I gifted you well.)
What are you doing here?
What do you think you're doing?
Hae Jun, this is
This is evidence
with the culprit's handwriting on it.
What? Are you going to burn it down?
I know.
I know that this is a crazy thing to do.
And that this is something
I would never be forgiven for.
And what?
The rest of your life depends on this.
Since your future relies on it,
I had no choice.
This was the best choice
I could make for you.
The baby in your mom's belly now,
which is you.
How could I let him live
as the son of a murderer?
How can I just let that happen?
Hae Jun.
I'll be punished for everything.
Even if I'm sent to the fiery pit,
I'll take responsibility for it.
Can you just turn a blind eye
and live a normal life like others?
I'll keep him away from you
so he doesn't do anything horrible
to you again, Hae Jun.
You did this back then as well.
Even you decided to cover this up,
so everything was swept under the rug.
If you did this
If you buried this problem,
would I live as happily as you wanted?
Don't make an excuse,
saying this was for my future.
You couldn't live in peace
after hushing this up,
so you even shunned your grandson
for the rest of your life.
All my life,
the only thing I saw was
your back turned toward me.
Knowing that future,
would you still choose to do this?
He saw her get on a direct bus
at the general store.
But he didn't see
where the bus was headed.
It's all right. We don't have to
look for her anymore.
Why is that?
Mr. Yoon just stopped by.
What are you talking about?
He should be at the hospital. Why
He gave me evidence that shows Yeon Woo,
the culprit's handwriting.
He found evidence?
Yes. This will be enough
to close the case.
Thanks to his help, I'll be able
to put away the right guy.
You're not going to ask where I have been?
I heard everything.
I'm all right now. Can I get discharged?
Of course, not. Not yet.
I want to go home now.
My grandpa told me to thank you.
He said that he ran into
the owner of Bong Bong Teahouse
in front of the general store.
It seemed she didn't know
which bus to get on.
Even when the bus stopped,
she didn't seem to want to get on.
He said she kept looking down
at something.
Are you going far?
You have a lot of time left
until the first bus.
It's early in the morning.
Hold on. Let me open up the door.
You should stay inside.
I'm good.
Gosh. I'm good too.
After losing a daughter,
everything in this world worries me.
But I'm glad that
the culprit got caught. Right?
Goodness. How beautiful.
She kept fidgeting with baby socks
for a long time.
She barely brought herself to
get on the bus.
That's what your mother did.
You knew?
Should I see if I can find out
where she went?
No. I'm okay.
The suspect in the serial murder
in Woojung-ri was caught.
Can you give us a status update?
The police successfully
arrested the suspect,
who is responsible for three murders
and two attempted murders
that have taken place in Woojung-ri
since this May.
The suspect, Yoon, had stayed abroad
to study for a long time.
He was an international student
in his mid-20s.
An arrest warrant for his charges
has been issued.
So we arrested Yoon.
We plan to thoroughly investigate
the motive and his whereabouts
and send him over to the prosecution.
Gosh. Oh, dear.
To Chairman Yoon, his only child
was the apple of his eye.
Are you really sure he was the culprit?
Gosh. He was smart,
and his family was rich.
He had everything he ever wanted.
What more did he want?
Why did he do such a horrible thing?
- Gosh.
- Goodness.
Does growing up in a poor family
give you the right to kill people?
- Gosh. We didn't mean that.
- Oh, no. That's not it.
My daughter was the apple of my eye too.
Seriously. You and your gossips.
- Goodness. That guy.
- Oh, my.
The serial murder in Woojung-ri
lasted a month. And the suspect
was finally arrested.
The nightmare of the local residents
who trembled in fear
- finally ended.
- Seriously.
Let's hear the coverage
from Reporter Kim Sang Woo.
A series of murders took place
in Woojung-ri in the past month.
The suspect, Yoon, was arrested.
And he was brought into the station.
Yoon was moved to the interview room
at the police station
while facing a barrage of cameras.
Yoon denied the murder charges.
But the police announced that
they had acquired evidence
that showed Yoon's handwriting matched
the handwriting of the culprit
from the notes he left at the scene.
I think everything is over now.
They got the culprit.
I've done everything I can do here.
The car is fixed too.
We should get ready to go back now.
Leave here?
We can't live here as invisible people.
We should go and check
how the future has changed.
You'll need time to say goodbye
to your parents
and the rest of the family.
What do you think
about leaving tomorrow night?
Let's do that.
Do you want it?
I said no.
Did my dad call yet?
I trust you. Come out
once you're done talking to him.
I was wondering
who would be the lucky guy.
I guess that guy was Hee Sub.
You always drooled over the guitar
because you didn't have money.
Good for you.
Your girlfriend bought it for you.
- Don't be ridiculous!
- Don't be ridiculous!
- This isn't right.
- Come on.
- We're not buying that.
- Too late.
Have you gone mad?
Two hundred dollars is a lot of money.
Why are you buying me that?
It's probably not your money anyway.
You stole Mr. Yoon's money, right?
- If you get caught, I will
- Hey!
I'm going to pay him back.
Stop fighting me on this.
Get the guitar and come out.
You're so loud.
Here. It's really yours.
- Thank you.
- Gosh.
(Sun and Moon Record Shop)
Don't tell me
you bought this for me because you like
It's a bribe.
I want you to be good
to my best friend, Soon Ae,
for the rest of your life.
If you make her cry even once,
I'm not going to let that slide.
Is this a bribe or a threat?
I'll take care of that myself.
So why would you
No matter what obstacle you face,
don't ever break up
and stay next to each other.
That way,
I'll be able to see you two again.
Are you going somewhere?
We'll be able to see each other soon.
Well, it might take you a bit longer.
What are you saying?
Is your head hurting again?
It looks like you don't have a fever.
That's enough. You can get going now.
Gosh, I don't feel too good about this.
Dad, make sure to live happily
with Mom this time.
Don't be sick.
Do whatever you want in life
without getting hurt.
Why on earth did you kill me?
I've really wanted to ask you this.
I won't be able to learn the answer now
since the future where you can
kill me is no longer possible.
(Safety first, Safety always)
(Owner of Bong Bong Teahouse, Chung Ah)
("A Woman Killed
in the Abandoned House")
("in the Mountain in Woojung-ri")
("The Whole Village Trembles in Fear")
("after 2 Women in Their 20s
Get Murdered in a Row")
(Testimony Record)
(Testimony Record)
(Time Traveling System, Owner's Manual)
I see. Was that it?
You were killed by me,
so you came back to take revenge?
If you were that curious about the reason,
why didn't you let things be?
That way, I wouldn't have been caught.
Then I'd have been
able to kill you again.
I know we lived apart,
but I didn't know you'd have
such a different side.
The crucial evidence.
I became curious about something
after finding those love letters.
Hae Jun.
(I hope you'll use
the diary I gifted you well.)
You're a smart guy.
You didn't leave any traces at the scene,
but why did you not remember those?
I'm sure you knew
that they could be crucial evidence.
You knew that she could have
ended you with those letters.
Why did you let her go?
Did you actually love her?
What an unexpected question.
I thought you'd ask why I killed them
and how.
I loved her.
I did love her.
I thought she was someone
who could make my dream come true.
I thought she'd be different
from the dreadful woman
I know.
From what I remember,
she was mostly reading books.
She never looked at me warmly,
not even once. I have no such memory.
One day, when I was seven,
she ran away from home.
She said she no longer wanted
to live as someone's mom.
Should I
go meet my mom?
Your mom?
Have you heard about your mom?
I was abandoned
by someone who should've given me
unconditional love.
Do you know how miserable that feels?
Missing the person who abandoned you
and crying all night
without a sense of pride.
In that endless cycle of pain,
I promised myself
that one day,
if I had a son of my own,
I would
never let my kid live the life that I did.
I wanted to live happily with a woman
who'd love our child
more than anyone in the world.
So I did meet
the woman I wanted.
That woman
She was an orphan.
She was desperate to have
a family of her own.
Do you know that you almost achieved that?
- What?
- The perfect happiness
and family that you desperately wanted.
You ruined that chance yourself.
Do you know that?
What are you talking about?
It's why I'm glad.
That my mom
could get away from a jerk like you.
You are not
This can't be.
If you were really my son,
you wouldn't be able to do this to me. No.
How could I have killed you?
Thanks to having a horrible dad like you,
I was abandoned from birth.
I'll tell you what happened.
Everything you've said until now
It's just ridiculous self-pity
from a murderer with a victim mentality.
So you better live
the rest of your life
in pain, behind those bars.
This is my last request,
as your son
whom you wanted to have so dearly.
- Mr. Yoon.
- Goodness.
- Yes, sir.
- Gosh.
Why are all of you outside?
Is there something wrong?
Of course, there is.
I heard you're moving out tonight.
How could you leave so suddenly
without telling us?
I'm disappointed. Do you know that?
- Yes.
- It's so disappointing, Mr. Yoon.
I considered you family. How could
I'm telling you,
we're going to see each other again.
In about 34 years,
in your house.
I hate you.
Just say that we won't
see each other until we die.
That we won't be able
to see each other anymore.
So that I don't have to wait.
By that time,
you might look different than now,
but I love that face too.
That face
I miss it a lot.
I'm so glad I was able to come here.
I was able to meet this version of you
and have you back in my life.
And I'm so glad.
Me too.
Me too.
I'm so glad that I was able
to meet you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Yoon.
I'm so thankful
- that you were our neighbor.
- Thank you.
Thank you for saying that.
Thank you so much
for helping my sisters, Mr. Yoon.
Can you just tell us where you're going?
So we can think of you
being in some place.
Just the location.
Well, it's quite far.
Please stay healthy for a long time.
I'll make sure to come back
and visit you guys.
We're really leaving this place.
You're right.
I haven't time traveled in a while.
I'm slightly nervous.
Will you be okay?
What do you mean?
Leaving without saying goodbye
to your grandfather and your mother.
Especially your mother. This might
be the last time you get to see her.
I didn't come here to see them anyway.
I've already spent enough time with them.
It was enough.
What are you going to do once we go back?
What do you want to do?
An iced caramel macchiato.
Let's make it super sweet
and drink it together.
Do you know how good it is
with salted butter rolls?
There you go again
with the sweet and salty.
This is pretty nerve-wracking.
Don't worry.
It'll end in the blink of an eye.
Once we pass this tunnel,
we'll be back on home ground,
in 2021, like magic.
Sounds good. Let's go.
Are we here?
Is this it?
Are we in 2021?
That was smoother than I thought.
I'm not sure since it's been a while.
Is this 2021?
It has to be.
- Mr. Yoon!
- Yes.
Hey! Mr. Yoon!
I thought you were an anchor in 2021.
June 14, 1987,
at 10:40 p.m.,
we attempted to leave this place
after completing everything.
But we were still in the same place.
Perhaps it is our fate
to be trapped here forever.
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