My Perfect Stranger (2023) s01e16 Episode Script

My Perfect Stranger

(All characters, organizations,
locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(Final Episode)
Hey, isn't that the car
that broke down a while ago?
Gosh. You've fixed it up now.
Goodness. Good for you.
You must be going somewhere. Drive safely.
(Battery, 2 percent)
How big of a mess
are we in?
I'm not sure.
I've never experienced this before.
Are we going to get stuck here
for the rest of our lives?
Does it mean we can't go back home?
Don't worry.
I just have to fix this. I can fix it.
I can just fix it.
I can fix it. I can do it.
Let's go back home for now.
(My Perfect Stranger,
Episode 16, My Perfect Stranger)
I didn't think
it was necessary for me to ask you this
because the existence of a time machine
didn't make sense
in the first place, anyway.
It didn't matter who invented it.
Even if it came out of the Genie's lamp,
I wasn't going
to make a big deal out of it.
You didn't invent it, right?
Then where did you get it?
I just found it.
You just found it.
You happened to come across
a time machine.
You just found a time machine.
You just found a time machine.
on hosting the 1988 Seoul Olympics.)
Hyung Man.
Don't call him by his name like that.
I don't want to talk to you. Please leave.
I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry.
It's my fault.
I raised him wrong.
Because I didn't do my job right,
you had to lose your precious daughter.
I know that
nothing I say
can erase the pain you feel
or comfort you in any way.
For the rest of my life,
I will live in atonement.
I will never live in peace
even for a moment.
I will live my life in suffering.
I'm sorry.
Do you think you can really do that?
Do you
really think you can live
the rest of your life in suffering?
I will.
I will live in suffering.
I'm really sorry.
I want that jerk
and his family to live in suffering
and be tortured
for the rest of their lives.
I know how difficult it is for a father
to reveal his son's crime
no matter how heinous
it may be.
I thank you for doing what you did.
I'm glad we at least
have a home to come back to.
Why don't we get drunk today?
We can't get anything done today anyway.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
I thought he had fixed everything.
But he didn't.
It's not all bad.
Even if I were to go back now,
I would probably have to start working.
At least while I'm here,
I won't have to set the alarms
at 6:30 a.m., 6:35 a.m., and 6:40 a.m.
I won't have to hear the alarms
at five-minute intervals.
It's not all bad.
I get to hang out with my mom more.
And I can breathe in
more of this fresh air.
And grilled eels are only two dollars.
You don't even have two dollars.
Are you telling me I'm on my own now?
I know you have money.
Actually, I'm running out
of the money I brought over.
I didn't plan on staying this long.
I didn't plan on getting stuck here.
The lottery.
You didn't memorize
any winning lottery numbers?
What do you think?
Darn it.
You are conscientious for no good reason.
It's all right.
We're both healthy.
We know the future. You know?
It's more likely that we'll make
a fortune. We won't be poor.
how could you just happen to find it?
Finding a 50-cent coin on the street
isn't even easy nowadays.
That puzzles me too.
How did you come to find it?
It rained a lot that night.
Deviated from the course.
Redirecting to a new route.
The GPS was broken that night,
and I could barely see ahead
because of the rain.
I was driving around without knowing
exactly where I was.
That's when I ran into it.
In front of the underpass.
It was sitting there
as though it were abandoned?
The door was wide open too.
On top of that,
there was an owner's manual
that told me
to drive past the underpass
in front of me and such.
The underpass in front of you.
It sounds like it was waiting
for someone to discover it.
Now that I think back,
that wasn't the only strange thing.
The day I crashed into you.
Do you remember what you asked me?
About the phone call?
This car can't bump into things.
Did you make a call or something?
You did.
Isn't it likely to lead to an accident
when you do such a thing while driving?
But what's so strange about that?
Actually, I did
get a phone call that day.
You're the only one who can
resolve this from start to finish.
I was so out of it then
that I just disregarded it,
thinking it was a random call.
But it sounded like
it came from someone
who knew about this.
Who could it have been?
I'm not sure.
Are you all right?
You're not walking straight.
I'm fine.
I can't be covered by insurance here.
That sounds oddly familiar.
I'm fine.
If I died here, things would get so iffy.
I was so lost then,
but now, I don't feel that lost,
to be honest.
Now that I'm with someone I like.
This is hypothetical.
Even if we get stuck here for good
because we can't find a way back,
I think I'll be okay with it,
as long as I'm with you.
What about you?
You don't even need to ask.
Of course, I don't want to be here.
This is different
from what you told me last night.
What do you mean?
You said it'd be okay.
You said it'd be okay
to be stuck here forever
as long as you were with me.
You almost drilled a hole
in the back of my head with your glare.
You've been watching me for hours.
I was just curious
to see if things were going all right.
You were only curious,
but you sighed so deeply
every time I looked confused.
I was the only one who meant it, wasn't I?
Of course, I meant it too.
it'd be nicer to be together in 2021,
enjoying modern conveniences.
I'm sorry! I won't look anymore!
But could you
leave the door open a little?
All right, then.
Okay, fine. I'll get back inside.
I'm going inside.
("Small Door")
I hear this novel
is really popular these days.
- Really?
- Yes.
- It looks fun.
- It looks fun, right?
- Would you like to read it?
- Sure.
("Small Door,"
full-length novel by Lee Soon Ae)
Thank you so much. Come again!
- Thank you.
- Sure.
I read it,
and it was fun.
You're a great writer.
Can you sign your autograph
on the cover later?
Are you feeling better?
Yes, I'm better now.
That lunatic.
He should've been caught long ago.
By the way,
why don't you come to school
when you're out of the hospital?
Is it because of us?
No, it's not like that.
I should go soon.
Come back soon.
The teachers and everyone else
are waiting for you.
Thank you.
- I'll see you at school, then.
- Okay.
See you at school, Soon Ae.
I used to be so scared
when they said, "See you at school."
But now I'm totally fine with it.
I'm glad.
Oh, right.
I got you a gift.
It's the first edition.
("Small Door" by Lee Soon Ae)
Lee Soon Ae.
Your name is printed on it too.
Can you give me your autograph?
I already did.
Check out the first page.
(To my closest friend,
To my Y, Yoon Young)
(From Soon Ae)
To my closest friend.
To my Y, Yoon Young.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
It's the best gift of my life.
Do you have any idea how to fix the car?
If I did, I'd have fixed it long ago.
How's everything going?
The rest of the procedure
will be carried out well.
Chairman Yoon told his son
to admit everything
and pay for what he did.
It seems like that's the only thing
he's telling
your father.
Chairman Yoon
is going through a tough time.
Who else can be there for him
other than family?
But now, he has no one by his side.
(You're brazen and shameless.)
(You raised a murderer.)
Why did you leave the gate open like that?
Hae Jun.
Didn't you see what people did outside?
It's dangerous.
What if someone comes in to harm you?
Who could be more dangerous
than my own son
in this town?
I thought you had gone back.
I thought all your family was
so horrible
that you got sick of them
and decided to leave
without saying goodbye.
I was going to if I could.
Thank you for not doing that.
I wanted to see you again
for the last time.
Don't you hate me?
You are going through something
you shouldn't have to because of me.
You don't even know
how long it's going to last.
I wanted to see you again
in case you thought that way.
I wanted to tell you that I was okay.
That I was rather thankful.
I really wanted to tell you this.
Thanks to you,
I can correct everything at least now.
I'm so sorry
that you had to see me
doing something shameful like this.
I wondered
how long I should wait to tell you this.
I'm so glad that I could do this
30 years earlier.
It's a relief.
Where have you been?
I had to see someone.
Why do you look depressed?
can jump 30 years
in the blink of an eye.
Then I realized
that there are people
who have to endure
each and every day of those 30 years.
Did you see your grandpa?
I'm not saying I regret what we did.
I know, and I get it.
This could be an opportunity for us.
We might not go back right now,
but that means we have
more time left to spend here.
Why don't we spend some quality time
that we couldn't have before?
Some quality time we couldn't have before?
The moments you wanted to share
but couldn't.
We can see them again after 30 years.
We can make good memories
for them to reminisce about.
Do you like fishing?
I know a good spot,
but I don't really want to go alone.
Do you know what my dream was?
I wanted to live an ordinary life
with a regular job
and go fishing
and laze around alone after I retired.
With a family or children?
That's understandable.
Your family
didn't do you any good.
But I think I changed my mind a little.
I kind of hope I have someone by my side.
We could chat about silly things
and be there for each other.
I might want that kind of life too.
Of course, that's what life is.
You can have that life for sure.
Do you think I can?
Why not?
Once you decide to have that kind of life,
I'll do everything in my power to help.
Then please do me some favors.
Cut down on alcohol from now on
if you don't want
to take all kinds of pills.
Don't skip any meals.
Starting eight years from now,
get a health checkup every year.
I shouldn't have any worries,
so I can banter and make jokes.
Those favors are for my own good.
What else?
Is there anything
you want me to do for you?
You could take me fishing sometimes.
My colleague first introduced it
to me when I was a newcomer,
and I liked it.
I wished back then
that I had known sooner.
If you like fishing today,
you can introduce me to it earlier.
The real fun is night fishing, though.
You can make ramyeon too.
All right.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Blow on it.
That would be nice.
Would that be enough, though?
That's more than enough for me.
Gosh. The float was
Grandpa, I told you to wait.
But the float just moved.
No, it didn't.
The beauty of fishing is patience.
Put that down now.
Okay. We'll go over there
and come back here.
The one who comes last
will buy tteokbokki.
Then Go!
That was a cute trick.
What are you doing?
I can't.
What? Say it louder.
I can't bike!
Why don't you two go and leave me here?
How is it possible
that you can't bike at this age?
Why didn't your dad teach you?
He can't bike either.
He has difficulty with his legs.
Is that so?
he didn't,
would he want to teach me this too?
What kind of dad wouldn't?
He must have been sad
to see other people teaching
their children how to bike.
Saying, "I want to do that."
"I want to teach her too."
Don't worry about it.
I'll teach you instead.
Here. Put your feet on the pedals. Try it.
And just keep pedaling without thinking.
Even if you wobble and feel like falling,
don't stop and keep going straight,
all right?
What if I actually fall?
No, I'll be behind you. No worries.
Here we go.
You better not let it go
without telling me. Don't let it go.
Oh, dear. She's not athletic at all.
You should've held on to it
since it was her first time.
Why did you just let it go?
You shouldn't get involved
so one can learn on one's own.
What are you talking about?
What if it becomes a scar?
I was wrong. I'm sorry.
I'm so upset.
- Were you wrong or not?
- I was wrong.
I wondered why it felt so unfamiliar.
It was because we'd never had
this time before.
- Was it your fault or not?
- It was.
In my changed future,
would I have
more of this kind of memory?
Ribbit, ribbit, the froggy is singing
The son, the grandson,
and the daughter-in-law
All gather around
I hope that's the case.
I really hope that will be my new future.
Yoon Young.
Do you want a bite of the rice cake?
I'll eat it myself.
Gosh. Let me feed it to you. Here.
- Open it.
- He's apologizing. Just eat it.
I said I was fine.
How is it? Isn't it tasty?
Isn't it tastier because I fed it to you?
It's just tasty.
Hey, it's tastier because
the rice cake is nice and chewy.
Who is that guy,
looking through Mr. Yoon's house?
I told you not to come for a while.
What are you doing here?
How could I not?
I know how hard this must be for you.
You have helped me so many times
over the years.
- Let's go inside.
- Okay. Thank you.
Can you tell me before you leave?
Sure. I'll do that.
Okay. I'll wait for you then.
Okay. You should go inside now.
How am I going to fix that?
So we meet here.
Who are you?
Gosh, you're hurting my feelings.
I thought
you would recognize me right away.
Don't you remember my voice?
"Only you can make this right
from start to finish."
The phone call at the underpass.
What? Hello?
Only you can make this right
from start to finish.
I knew you would remember me.
You're a smart guy.
You can solve the Rubik's cube
in five seconds.
You know who I am?
How could I not?
You're my dad.
I missed you, Dad.
But you broke the time machine
I gave you. Right?
Did you have fun fishing
with your grandfather?
We should go fishing together next time.
I know how to ride a bicycle now.
The place I went to today
had a great view.
I want to go there with you too.
That place doesn't exist in 2021?
It probably does.
Wait. Did you fix everything?
Had I known, I wouldn't have said
I would see them tomorrow.
We don't have to leave tonight.
We were never supposed to be here.
We can't be here.
Once I go back, I'll see them right away.
What about you?
Are you sure you're okay
leaving right now?
did you find me here?
I'm sorry to barge in like this.
I won't tell other people where you are.
I'm going to forget
about this place after today.
Can I sit down?
Are you really going to give up
your baby once he's born?
Will you really give him to Chairman Yoon?
I've already said that.
Because you find your baby
awful and scary?
Then live a good life.
Don't feel guilty.
Forget about everything and move on.
I know how things are with you.
I understand why
you would find him awful and scary.
If this is too tough on you,
you don't have to be in his life.
I understand that.
Chairman Yoon
is rich and a good person.
I'm sure it will be good for the baby too.
The baby will live in a good house
and have everything he needs.
He'll be able to live his life
without hating
or resenting his mother.
I'm sure of it.
How can the baby not resent me?
How can the baby not hate me
for leaving the baby?
In the end, I'm a mother
who abandons her child.
Trust me on this.
You said he had the same name as mine.
I'm sure your baby will have
a similar thought.
Do you
really think so?
He will be more than grateful
that you let him into this world.
I bet that's what he will think.
Did you get it off your chest?
I said goodbye to the woman
who abandoned me.
For some reason,
a part of me feels liberated.
Then we can finally go back. Right?
Are you sure you fixed the car
properly this time?
We won't run into
the village head again, will we?
I don't think so
because the right man
came to fix it this time.
Did someone come by?
The man who called me at the underpass.
The one who made this time machine.
At first, it was hard
for me to believe it too.
I thought his existence was impossible.
No way.
- How
- How can you have a son?
When you died in 2022?
Because you didn't die.
Well, you almost did.
But you survived in the end.
There was a big loophole that you missed.
And I was the one who was born
in the hidden future.
I wanted to give you another chance, Dad.
A chance to make another choice.
you did it in the end, Dad.
I had a hidden future,
and thanks to that future,
everything here started.
So who was that guy?
It's a secret.
Are you serious?
Let's go.
We're here.
Yes, we are.
Thanks to that mysterious someone,
we get to go back.
There were many nice moments too, right?
There were many grateful moments.
And it's thanks to you.
But do you think
things will have changed
once we go back?
What if nothing has changed?
Let's go and check now.
Are you ready?
Yes, see you in the future.
All right. See you in 34 years.
(Year 2021)
(20 new messages)
(42 new messages)
- Hello.
- Did you arrive well, Hae Jun?
You must've waited a long time.
I arrived safely, Grandpa.
(Incoming call, Mom)
(Incoming call, Mom)
Hurry up and pick it up.
(Incoming call, Mom)
Is that really you, Mom?
And so
we arrived in the future safely.
A lot of things
have changed in our present.
The house
is different.
(Working title, "His Smile")
(Dear Novelist Lee Soon Ae)
(From your fan who loves
your novels the most)
(Lee Soon Ae)
Yoon Young!
You brat!
Where on earth have you been?
I went to see you, Mom.
What What is she saying?
My mom and dad
who waited for their daughter
- who was gone for a month
- I was so worried.
They looked just like the ones
I saw in my dream some day.
- You brat.
- Don't hit her.
(The day Hae Jun will return)
For over 30 years,
he waited for me in the same place.
He didn't forget
the promised he made with me.
Hae Jun.
finally met the novelist of my dream
and became her editor.
I think it'll be better
to remove that sentence.
I don't want to.
If you're going to interfere like that,
just write your own.
You're being stubborn again.
You're more stubborn now. You
She's right.
You should write your own novel.
Should I give hers or not?
There you go.
It's so fun.
Stop it.
("My Perfect Stranger")
(A beautiful time travel between
a man and a woman stuck in 1987)
Dad. Quiet down. Stop playing.
I've become someone who loves
the 9 p.m. news on every Sunday.
Good evening.
"KSBC 9 o'clock News" will begin now.
The prosecution is looking
into the embezzlement
of Chairman Cho Myung Seok
of Songhwan Group.
The prosecution
have seized and searched
the headquarters and its affiliations.
He does look like him.
The core suspicion
is siphoning the company money
Hee Sub.
Hey, Yu Sub.
You're here, Uncle.
How come there aren't any customers?
Well, it's a retro bar, so
- The amount reaches four million
- Dad!
- They have captured the amount
- Quiet down.
- used for Chairman Cho.
- What is it?
Reporter Kim will follow up with details.
Let's go.
It feels weird walking here like this.
Don't you think?
It's better.
We can hold each other's hands
anywhere we want.
And talk about anything.
Did your parents not say anything
after seeing my face?
Why wouldn't they?
Whenever they watch the news,
they always say that you have
the same face and voice
as their old teacher
and talk about how fascinating it is.
Did they not suspect anything about you?
Of course, they did.
(Grandma's Garae Tteokbokki)
Let's try it.
- Oh, my. The garaetteok looks good.
- Yes.
Here you go.
- Oh, my.
- Here. Have some.
Let's try.
It tastes exactly like the old garaetteok.
Do you remember when we rode bicycles
in the park with Yoon Young?
It tastes like
Even after 30 years,
there's a friend
that your mom can't forget.
That's why I even named you after her.
But the thing is, you even started
looking like her as you grew older.
How is this possible?
Maybe you thought a lot
about her when you had me.
Then that can happen.
- Do you think so?
- Maybe.
They believed that?
What else can they do?
Would they think we time-traveled
just because we look like
their friend and teacher
from 34 years ago?
A few days ago,
I ran into that person by chance.
("Where the Black Butterfly Sat")
Do you not regret
what you did?
I do.
If I like something, I like it.
If I'm hurt, I'm hurt.
If I'm jealous, I'm jealous.
I wish I was more honest with myself.
But I wasn't.
And now it's too late.
I'll probably have to live a life
wandering around other people.
It's never too late.
Because the present
is the past to your future.
Do you think so?
I don't know
what her life is like right now.
But I thought that maybe
it was a little more honest now.
And I
am still living my life,
thinking of the future and the past.
Good night. See you tomorrow.
- I had fun.
- Yes.
But can't I take a closer look
at my mom's face?
Later. Now is not a good time.
It won't be fun
if she knows the end result.
I want our relationship to stay fun.
I guess people
who are meant for each other
end up meeting each other no matter what.
Seeing how you and Mom met here
and fell in love again.
In your opinion,
what does she like the most?
Since I know everything now,
give me a hint before you go.
It'll be helpful
when I need to give her a present.
Mom liked you the most in this world.
Also, she really liked it
when you bought her a flower
from time to time.
- What is this?
- A gift.
I like it.
I like it so much.
Don't you think you're too simple?
Why are you so happy
over something this small?
Why do I need more gifts
when I already have you?
- That's true.
- My gift.
By the way, can we not use
the time machine anymore?
It can only be used
for one more round trip
to anywhere.
Do you know that tomorrow is May 16?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
What if
What if we went back just one more time?
What do you think?
I think we'll be able to do
a proper job this time.
Should we go back just one more time?
To make things perfect?
What do we do
if something unexpected happens?
Then our future selves will find us.
Because we'll be together no matter what.
We didn't meet each other by chance.
We were meant to run into each other.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Let's go, then.
(We thank Kim Hye Eun and Jinyoung
for their guest appearances.)
(Thank you for watching
and loving "My Perfect Stranger.")
(My Perfect Stranger)
(My Perfect Stranger)
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