My Roommate Is a Cat (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

An Encounter with the Unknown

1 They were in a bus accident while on vacation, I heard.
Imagine, losing both parents Their son is an only child, right? Yes.
I hope Subaru-kun is all right Subaru My Roommate is a Cat An Encounter with the Unknown This world is full of annoyances.
Here you go.
The reference materials you asked for.
Thank you.
Tricks of the Courtroom Trade Use These Tricks to Win Any Trial.
You sure do read a lot of books, Mikazuki-kun.
So, do you think you'll be able to come up with an idea for your next book? No, not yet.
Well, reading is great, but you might find some new stimulation by going outside.
You know, this place is really popular right now.
I decided a while back that our next meeting should be here— Kawase-san Did you become my editor just so you could get in my way? Huh? This is so good! Really? And then what? Bringing me to a place with so many people Excuse me! I can't think with all this noise! So I'll be going.
Excuse me.
O-Okay Thank you for the books.
He's more than I bargained for Mikazuki Subaru, mystery author.
Eccentric and not fond of people.
His previous editor was transferred last month due to gastritis.
Ohbayashi Flower Shop Handle with extreme care.
I wish I could just live on a deserted island and bury myself in books.
Mikazuki Family Grave Come to think of it, my parents always wanted to take me places, too.
But going out means seeing people.
Hey, I've read that book! Really? What's it about? Well, it turns out the protagonist's friend Stop! For real?! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Yeah! I didn't even realize he had been around then! Don't take the fun of imagining what happens away from me! I don't want anyone interfering with me anymore.
Mom, Dad Thankfully, I'm able to eat and get by on my own imagination.
So don't worry about me.
That's another reason I need to come up with a new story.
Before Kawase-san does anything else I got a bite! Oh, it's a cat.
I thought it jumped out of the grave Its mouth reminds me a little of Mom's Oh, come on.
That's just ridiculous.
I've got my new book idea! From the shadows From the smallest opening From beyond the darkness The moment I saw those keenly glowing eyes, I was captivated! And now There's a cat after my life.
Hello, this is Kawase of Koguma Publishing.
I saw your email.
A mystery about a cat, huh? It sounds interesting! And the cat is after someone's life, even! I see.
So this will be the new book everyone's been waiting for.
I'll need the first chapter by the end of this month.
Is that all right? Yes.
I have the full plot laid out already.
Bye, then.
Those are murderous waves! You're definitely a killer.
Is it signaling a partner? Stop that, Taro.
Be quiet.
Oh, is that Subaru-kun? What is he up to? The path to its secret hideout! With one spark of inspiration, the wings of imagination unfold! I never dreamed I'd find anything besides books that inspired me so much.
Who would have thought? Hey, Subaru! Hiroto Are fish sausages all you have here? That aside Damn it, Hiroto! Don't just waltz into someone's house without permission! And don't raid my fridge without permission! Your parents live just three houses down! Yeah, about that Just listen to this, Subaru.
My wallet was stolen overseas, and even after I somehow made it home, there was a fire or something on the floor above mine, and my entire apartment was drenched.
I had no money, I was starving, and when I went to my parents' house, they weren't home.
I've had it rough, man.
Oh, right I got you a souvenir! I really don't need that.
Anyway, Subaru what is that? Huh? It's a cat.
Uh, yeah, I can tell it's a cat.
I took it in not long ago.
You're keeping it?! You? The guy who doesn't care about anything but books? Keeping a cat?! Shut up.
Really? You, of all people? Why are you crying?! I don't know, I'm just so happy.
Hey, kitty, I'll bring you a little something next time.
Be good for Subaru, okay? Just go home already! Kitty Life Kitty Life For the kitty!\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hFrom Hiroto Incoming Call Kawase Atsushi-san Koguma Publishing Ah, hello, this is Kawase.
Did you get the cat books I sent? My Cat's Favorite Spot Yeah, just now.
There really are a lot of reference materials about cats.
I'll send some more later.
Oh, by the way, did you know that cats— I don't need any useless information.
Cats Are Wonderful Huh? I hate it when people cut my imagination short like that.
O-Oh, of course! I'm sorry.
Please just be more careful in the future.
Was that Mikazuki-san? He looks like a sweet kid, but he's got some bite.
He's merciless.
He may be hard to handle, but he's a popular author.
Don't do anything to make him mad so he runs off to another publisher.
Oh, by the way, you'll want to keep an eye on him when his deadlines are close.
I just can't get a break from him.
I want to think for myself here.
This is why I hate people.
A spy! Ow! Cat food? What the?! What are you even trying to do? It must be a trap! A trap to throw the target off guard and finish him off! This is great for my book! You're pretty cool.
You don't butt into my business like people do, and you stimulate my imagination.
That's awesome.
I was a fool for even thinking that! I've seen this one enough already! What the hell? Kitty Life When your cat brings you things It's bringing tribute to its boss Tribute to its boss? Boss, this is for you.
Just what is it you expect from me? I'll just ignore it.
My deadline's coming up.
I don't have time to waste.
Incoming Call Kawase Atsushi-san Koguma Publishing Incoming Call Kawase Atsushi-san Koguma Publishing Who the hell said no one would interrupt me? It was me! I guess humans and cats are the same.
Nothing good comes from getting involved! Kawase Atsushi-san Close\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hRead Okay Almost done S-Something's coming closer! You brought the whole dish?! What the hell is your deal? Stop interrupting m— C-Crap Wait My manuscript isn't Incoming Call Kawase Atsushi-san Koguma Publishing I can't move anything Mikazuki-kun! Thank goodness! You're awake! Kawase-san? Why are you here? Well, you weren't answering my calls, so I got worried and came to check on you, and I saw you passed out in the hallway.
Man, what a shock that was.
What have you done?! I've already called someone to replace the glass.
Oh! My manuscript! Oh, right.
Can we just go with what's on this memo for the last bit? Huh? I found it lying around.
When did I write that? Anyway, I was told that you forget to eat and sleep when absorbed in work.
I'm glad I came by.
Don't push yourself too hard, okay? I had the strength to I ate that?! M-Mikazuki-kun?! Just because it happened to be in front of me? Really? Just happened to be? Was it really a coincidence? Um, Mikazuki-kun, maybe you should go to the hospital I'm okay now.
I just hadn't had any food or sleep.
You're sure? By the way um Why do you think someone would keep bringing you their own food? What's this, Mikazuki-kun? You have a girlfriend?! Huh? You're bragging about her cooking! Wha No I think it just means they're concerned about you.
If you want to know, I think you should ask them yourself.
There are some answers you can't find with imagination alone.
I've heard that meeting a wonderful human can change one's fate in a big way.
If that's true, then what's to become of my fate? He's been doing that all day again today.
I didn't know there were humans that moved so little.
I followed him because he had food, but I had no idea he'd be like this.
For the kitty!\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hFrom Hiroto Koguma Publishing Kawase Atsushi-san Incoming Call But he hasn't done anything mean, and he gives me food every day.
Even though he doesn't eat a single bite himself Sis, I'm hungry! Doesn't he know that if you get too hungry, you'll die? He didn't eat anything that time, either I don't really get it, but the tabby who helped me out before Make sure you repay any favors done to you! told me that.
So I'd better be sure to pay him back.
Since he won't eat for himself, I'll give him some of my food H-He moved! The human moved! I-I was just a little surprised because it was so sudden, that's all! Ow! Go on, hurry up and eat— H-H-H-How dare you waste food like that?! This human is bad! U-Unbelievable! For us, just eating enough to stay alive was so hard I guess that's how humans are, after all.
I'll just repay him and get out of here.
Why won't you eat?! Eat, darn it! How about this?! So you finally came out, huh? What the hell is your deal? If you don't eat, you won't be able to move when you need to! Stop interrupting m— Hey What's the matter? Why? Why won't you open your eyes? No Come on There's food right here! You can eat all of my food! He's eating It's done Wh-What was that? He's just sleeping? He feels warm.
Thank goodness.
That strange human finally left.
Are you strong enough to walk now? It's you.
Where've you been? I've repaid your kindness, so I'll leave now.
Now, make sure you eat your food, okay? Hey! Keep it together! Jeez And you call yourself a human? I just can't leave you alone.
Let's see I thought I had one more I think it just means they're concerned about you.
No way.
A cat wouldn't I found it! Real Tuna Hey! I had that just once before! It's incredibly delicious! Can I really have it?! What's gotten into you? Can I? Can I? Can I have it? I don't get you at all.
I want it! I want it! I want it! If you're that hungry, why did you give me Please! I want it! I wanna eat it! I wanna eat it! I changed my mind! I'll stay with you! I-If you interrupt my work again, I'll run you out of here.
You got that? It's so good! What is a truth that you can't find through imagination alone like? What is a fateful encounter that brings great changes like? I think a door to a new world just opened a tiny bit.
Here's a gift to celebrate your new home.
What is it? A rock.
How do you celebrate with a rock?! Well, doesn't it make you happy to get a rock as a gift? The Moon and the Sun