My Roommate Is a Cat (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

I Call to You

1 Why is this happening? I clearly made the wrong choice! My Roommate is a Cat I Call to You Hey.
Why must you sleep on my laptop, of all places? I can't get my work done.
Damn it.
I'll have to move you myself It's like a mollusk! It won't move! Oh, I know.
I'll use cat food.
I forgot I gave it the last of the food yesterday.
I must have something No choice, then.
I'll order it online— Oh, right! No I should be able to order it by phone Weather or traffic may cause delays.
Place Order Expected Delivery Time 2-3 business days Total Shopping Cart But I need it today! Right now! What now? I-Is there no other way but to go buy it in person? No, no, no! I don't want to go outside or see any people! But the cat food But going outside Coffee Sale!! Canned Cat Food Adult Dog Food WANDa None! Sale!! Dry Cat Food Dry Dog Food I'll just Baked to Perfection get some bread for now.
That should work.
Hang on! Is it a good idea to feed cats human food? But I don't know where else I could buy it Is that Grooming, Kennel Services, & Supplies a pet shop?! Yes! What a godsend! Treasure It was a mistake to think that.
I've avoided contact with every sort of living thing all my life.
This is not the kind of place I should have walked into! I-I'll just buy the stuff and leave.
Cat food Cat food Which one is it? How are these different? Welcome! Is there anything you're looking for? Crap! Someone talked to me! U-Um Cat food Okay! Food for a kitty, then? So, what's the name? Huh? Huh? Do pet shops require you to give your name? Mikazuki Subaru.
Oh, Subaru-chan? Subaru-chan?! And how old? Twenty-three Wow! So, a senior citizen, then! When did the world start treating people in their twenties like seniors?! I wanna go home.
Oh, I'm sorry for all the questions.
But having more information helps narrow down my recommendations.
Huh? We offer samples, so feel free to give these a try.
I'm supposed to eat these? No, no! They're for Subaru-chan! Huh? Huh? Wait, was Subaru-chan not actually your cat's name but your name? A-And your age? I'm so sorry! My questions weren't worded clearly enough! I-I want to disappear Um So What is your kitty's name? It doesn't really have one.
It doesn't? Doesn't that make calling it to you difficult? I don't really need to call it to me.
No, no! You'll use it for visits to the vet, among other things.
And above all, the two of you live together, right? So you're family.
So please give the kitty a name, okay, Subaru-san? If it's a young kitty, this food will be a better choice for it.
E-Excuse me! Thank you very much Hi, this is Kawase of Koguma Publishing.
Do you have a moment to talk? Yes fine Seriously, are you all right?! Yes what is it? Uh W-Well, it's nothing urgent, really Sasaki Dentistry The response to your new book has been great.
I just wanted to let you know as soon as possible I see.
By the way, Mikazuki-kun Have you thought of a name for the cat? Why is everyone bugging me for a name?! I keep saying I don't need to call it or anything! Wh-Wh-What's the matter? Calm down! Thank you very much for idea for the assassin is very interesting.
I love the way the cat character seems to spring to life.
I wanted to what name is waiting next issue M-Mikazuki-kun I should have just ordered it online.
Then I wouldn't have had to come out here, and this wouldn't have Anyway, we've had many inquiries from readers wondering what the cat's name is.
Oh, he meant the cat in the story? H-Hello? I'm listening.
Giving the cat a name would certainly make readers feel more attached.
Please give it some thought.
All right.
A name, huh? Taro Hey, Subaru! Are you out? That's rare Hey, Taro.
Having a good day? There we go.
He seriously has nothing in this house.
Oh Meat and Potato Stew That'll do it.
You make too much food, Mom.
Subaru-kun, help yourself.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hFrom Hiroto's mom He should be set for a while with all this, though.
Hmm? Oh! Huh? Hey! Er What was his cat's name again? Well, whatever.
I'll ask him next time.
Every novel has readers.
But Hello, Koro-chan! She's always so energetic.
Is she ever.
I wish she could be quiet like Berry-chan.
In reality, I don't have anyone to call by name anymore.
I don't want to talk to anyone, anyway.
And calling out to a creature that can't understand me Go, Ryutaro! Over here! What's the point? All right! Good boy, Ryutaro! Okay, let's go! Huh? It's gone Where'd it go? Oh, well.
Guess I can work now.
I think I had some other reference books over here Why would you be in such a tight space?! What the heck are you thinking? A name, huh? I don't see how giving you one will change anything, but Maybe I'll think of a name for you while I'm thinking of one for my character.
But that said As a writer, I can't just throw around names without any thought.
The name represents the individual.
It has to fit their personality and traits The cat's personality? It's just a cat.
It's no use! I've got nothing! Oh, I know! I'll just let it choose its own name.
If there's anything it responds to A Amane.
I Iroha.
U Uguisu.
E Enishi.
Ryu Ruri No response What the heck am I doing? Wakaba This is stupid.
I'm getting nowhere.
That's my answer.
Neither people nor animals have anything to do with me.
The Moon and the Sun Hey, Mom! Will you read this to me? Oh, again? You must love this book.
"The Crescent Moon said, 'It looks like the Sun is awake.
I will go to sleep.
'" Crescent moon? That's our name, "Mikazuki"! That's right.
But the Crescent Moon went to sleep.
I'd like it if the Crescent Moon was out all the time.
Really? But you sleep at night, too, don't you? Uh-huh.
It's just the same.
The Moon at night, and the Sun during the day The two of them work together to shine on the world.
Are they friends? That's right.
They're both very important to each other.
The Moon and the Sun Sun, huh? Yo Haru Haru.
Haru? D-Did it just answer me? Oh! The food! I completely forgot! Better get that free sample I definitely did a bad thing, huh? I told you, there's no more of that.
I'll go buy more, so just wait here and be good Haru.
It's not as if the cat understands me.
I must be losing my mind, talking to a cat The two of you live together, right? So you're family.
"Haru" I know that word.
That warm word with its gentle sound I've realized something recently.
When I sit here, it feels so nice and warm.
It's my favorite place to take a nap.
What?! What's going on?! I found this spot first! I'm never gonna let you have it! I won.
What is that? So noisy Aw, it gets cold so quickly.
But that's fine.
I'm getting hungry, anyway.
After all, I can eat food whenever I'm hungry now! This is the greatest! No food? He seriously has nothing in this house.
Wh-What's that?! You make too much food, Mom.
He should be set for a while with all this, though.
Hmm? Oh! What?! What was that?! Did he eat my food, too?! I got careless.
Thinking I could eat whenever I wanted now Taking for granted that there'd be food there Of course there wouldn't be.
I'm so hungry Kitty! You're here again! Wait here a sec! Here you go! Make sure it's cool first, Haru.
Looks like it's fine.
Doesn't Haru's mom make the best food? Haru? I love it, too! Does that mean "food"? Mom, watching the kitty is making me hungry, too.
What am I going to do with you? Haru Haru It has such a warm sound That scared me! What's your problem? You want in here that bad? Well, you can't have this spot, either! Ryu Ruri What the heck are you still mumbling about? Wakaba Shut up! Hey, it's actually quiet now.
Good! Haru Haru.
I know that word.
That warm word Haru? Food?! Huh? That's where it is! Food! Food! See?! It does mean "food"! Gone already? Hey, look! It's all gone! I want some more! Please Wait here and be good Haru.
Yeah! "Haru"! I want more of that! I know what that means! It means food is coming, right?! Eh Huh? Where's the food? I really don't understand that human at all! Hey Where'd you go? I bought more food.
Haru! Food! Food! My shoulders feel so heavy lately You need to stick on one of these! Haru (stick on)! My lower back Slap it on! Haru! Food?! It's all you need! Haru! Where's the food?! What are you doing? Food! Hey, say "Haru" ten times.
Haru, Haru, Haru, Haru, Haru, Haru, Haru, Haru, Haru, Haru! Now I'm hungry for some reason Me, too.