My Roommate Is a Cat (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

I Touch You

1 My eccentric childhood friend who hates people Mikazuki Subaru.
He seems to be getting used to his first time living with a cat.
I'll never get used to this! What the hell? Why do cats go crazy for no reason like that? That little Don't use my gut as a springboard! What now? Damn you! My Roommate is a Cat For crying out loud Did you have to mess with my altar, too? I Touch You What are you thinking? I hope you're sorry for— You couldn't care less, could you? I swear Incoming Call Kawase Atsushi-san Koguma Publishing Hello? What? Why do I have to leave my house just to meet with you? Well, seeing you in person, instead of talking on the phone, means I can see your face, and that makes little details come across better.
Hey, why don't we visit that robot café everyone's talking about? Huh? I hear they have a robot running the counter! Huh? That sound Are there cats with you? Yes.
They've been coming to my yard lately.
Got it! I'll be right over! Who cares about a robot café? I wish I could have a robot as my editor What the hell is with everyone? Ever since that day, being alone makes me feel it even more.
Being around others is unbearably annoying.
Hey, check out Mikazuki.
He's reading again.
For real? Guess he has nothing else to do.
Shut up! He'll hear you! Anyway, what do you think about what I mentioned yesterday? Oh, yeah Maybe over the weekend? You guys are the ones with nothing else to do.
Pain in the ass Summer break is the best! I can read every day with no one to bother me! Subaru! A fun journey for less! Listen to this! Your dad got a whole week off work! A fun journey for less! Let's go on a trip! Mom, can't you knock? And I keep telling you I won't go on any trips.
Hokkaido in Summer Kyushu Hiroshima Okayama Tokyo Where should we go? I told you, I'm not going! All right, all right.
Why was a kid like me born to parents who traveled at every chance they got? I guess I'll never know now.
You said something about cats, so I rushed over! So, where are the cats? I already ran them off.
Huh?! Kawase-san Why did you even come here? Well, since you're here, we can have that meeting.
Oh, actually, I know a great place near here for that.
And I keep telling you that I don't like to go out.
If you stay in the house too much, you'll end up out of shape.
Leave me alone.
H-Hey, Mikazuki-kun! Is Is that Oh.
I took that one in a while ago.
Oh! So you like cats, too?! Huh? No, I— What's its name? It's Haru.
M-May I pet it? Why are you asking me? Hi there, Haru-chan.
Let me pet you just a little, okay? Just a little Haru-chan Haru-chan Haru-chan, Haru-chan I can tell you were a stray! You're so nimble! What about this is so enjoyable to him? I know! Let's have our meetings here at your house from now on! Huh?! You want to come here every single time? Deepening a friendship always takes time! What is he talking about?! Besides, if you don't want to go out, isn't that perfect for you? Isn't that right, Haru-chan? Well, he does have a point If I don't have to go out and deal with noisy crowds, it can't get any better than that.
Besides, our meetings only happen a few times each month I'm here! Wait, they weren't this frequent before! Why is he coming here every day?! Kawase-san Are you coming here to work or to play? Huh? Not to worry! I brought all of today's work with me! Do that in the editing department! Sorry I really like cats, but my wife's allergic, so I can't have one.
I was so happy to play with one here, I couldn't help myself.
I think you're the only one doing any playing.
When you put it that way Um Would you try holding her for just a bit? It might make her a little less nervous.
I can't.
I've hardly ever touched her at all.
Huh? You don't pet her? No.
Or even floof her fur? Floof? Oh, I did touch her when I brought her here.
I can't believe it! You have such a cute little kitty right beside you! K-Kawase-san Are you okay? Aw, it looks like I spooked her a little.
That was my fault.
Oh, look at the time! Mikazuki-kun, I'll be heading back now! Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then.
He's coming again tomorrow?! I want to go back to when my days were quiet He's only so persistent because you keep ignoring him, you know? Jeez You could try to be a little friendly Everyone, let's keep things friendly while you play together, okay? I just want to read my book No Never mind.
I'm sick of all these interruptions that don't even make any sense! H-Hey! Every damn one of you Why can't you just try to consider how I feel?! Out of ink? Damn.
I'm out of spare ink, too.
It's been a while since I went into Mom and Dad's room Oh, Subaru! What is it, dear? Hey, don't come in here.
You can't play in— You're such a That's a lot of dust.
Oh, this is Mom's album.
Come to think of it, she always liked putting albums together.
What's this note? "Not during the day.
Too many tourists.
Maybe in the evening.
" Former home of Subaru's favorite author Yard visible from the entrance Former home of Subaru's favorite author Former home of Subaru's favorite author Subaru would love it! Only open Wednesdays and Fridays Subaru would love it! Only open Wednesdays and Fridays.
Subaru would love it! Only open Wednesdays and Fridays.
The desk where he wrote his books The desk where he wrote his books The place used as a model for Subaru's favorite book The desk where he wrote his books The place used as a model for Subaru's favorite book What is all this? Are you sure you don't want to go? It's not too late to What are you talking about? Go on, or you'll miss your bus.
Okay Well, look after the house, then.
Hey, Subaru Tour Bus Collision Accident \h\h\hCollision with truck whose driver fell asleep "Daytime Disaster" Seven killed in tour bus accident If I had stopped them from going "Traveling just makes me tired.
" I said that every time and turned them down, but still, they always invited me along.
In all honesty, I'd grown sick of it.
Hey, Subaru How must they have felt Come with us next time, okay? when they smiled at me like that? Exactly 15 years ago! With Dad I never even cared to find out.
I hope the three of us can come here together again someday! And now It's too late What? You want more food? Please, just let me be alone right now What Why did you Why won't anyone consider how I feel? I never considered how anyone else felt, either.
I wonder if there's still time, even for me I didn't know cats felt this warm I never thought this human would touch me like this.
That's right! There are so many nice places to take a nap here.
I have delicious food, too.
I kinda like it.
And yet What is that?! There shouldn't be anyone in this house but me and that human They feel cold when they get close to me! I can't chase them away! D-Did I get rid of them? They're gonna take all my favorite spots from me! I can't expect any help from that human.
So I'll just have to fight them myself! You won't get away from me! Get out of this house! Huh? Did they run away? Damn you! H-Huh? What? The human has never been that loud before Anyway I need to calm down Is that guy from before gone now? He hasn't used that loud voice again since then, but what was that about? Hey, don't come in here.
They're here! Those things just don't give up! You can't play in— Get out! This entire house is my place! All of it! Huh? Wh-What happened? Get away from him, you weird things! I guess you were scared of those guys, huh? But look.
It's okay now.
Honestly, you're so helpless.
You're a boy, aren't you? Come on, it's okay.
I'll protect you.
I'll always stay beside you.
Huh? Th-That startled me But I guess this might not be so bad.
You're back again?! Thank you.
Huh? They disappeared.
Mikazuki-kun! Mikazuki-kun! Are you okay?! Th-Thank goodness! I couldn't get through to your cell phone I thought you'd passed out again I'm sorry.
I drifted off for a bit.
Your eyes are red! You didn't sleep last night, did you? No, this is He got himself soaked in this rain Um, Kawase-san I want to than— Haru-chan! Did you come to say hello? You're such a good girl! You're so cute! Kawase-san, would you like to feed her? What? Can I?! Uh, sure She's so cute.
I love the smell of food! I love the smell of humans.
Naps are the best! I love walks.
We're lucky to have so many things we love.