My Roommate Is a Cat (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

For You

1 The False Accusation Trap Books are fantastic.
As long as I have books, I don't need anything else.
This is my own world.
A world all my own, where it's always quiet and I'm free to— Hey! I brought stew! Good morning! I came to see Haru-chan before I head to the office! It was supposed to be a world all my own so why is this happening?! It's an honor to see you again today! What a scary face! You just look mean all the time, huh? That's not true! Haru-chan is always adorable! Good for you, Haru.
Haru-chan is my angel! By the way Have you two been friends for a long time? Yeah! I'm Subaru's best bud, Yasaka Hiroto! I've known him for ten years now.
It's more like I'm stuck with him.
That sounds nice.
Oh, I'm Kawase of Koguma Publishing.
Ah, how very polite of you.
By the way, Mikazuki-kun, there's something I feel I should let you know about.
It happened yesterday evening Koguma Publishing I was about to eat a doughnut my colleague had given me when Yes! It hit me like a divine revelation! Haru-chan doesn't have a collar yet! Huh? My Roommate is a Cat For You Why do I have to go out? Damn Kawase-san! She needs to have a collar right now! It'll help if she happens to get lost! You don't want someone to mistake her for a stray and take her home! Or, even worse, to a shelter! Go buy her a collar, right this instant! Understood?! R-Right He said all that, then went straight to the office! Also Why are you going with me, Hiroto? I have to go to the station to get back to my place, anyway.
Let's see It should be around here There it is! That store is Welco— Oh, Subaru-san! She called you by name? Good morning! What brings you here today? H-Haru needs a collar Oh! So your kitty's name is Haru-chan now! That's very cute! Aw, thanks for always helping Subaru out! He's never had a pet before.
Could you teach him all he needs to know? Yes, of course! Leave it to me! That's reassuring! Right, Subaru? No, not at all Oh, I'm his best friend of ten years.
He's a little shy, but I hope you'll put up with him.
It makes things more annoying, but Hiroto is a lifesaver at times like these.
Well, I'll be taking off.
Huh?! Hey! Why— I told you, I have to clean up my apartment.
Good luck! Don't leave me! Well, right this way.
R-Right Cat Collar I'd you'd like a cat collar, you can find them here.
Huh These days, there are even collars that unfasten when pulled too hard.
That prevents accidental strangulation when the collar gets caught on things.
I see You can put your contact information on the back, too.
Huh But Many cats don't like to wear collars.
The stress of having one forced onto them can make them sick.
They're all cats, but each one is unique.
What matters most is how it feels to Haru-chan.
So please be careful not to overlook that.
This doesn't sound as easy as I had thought By the way, is Haru-chan a girl? Huh? Oh, yeah I think.
Oh, then you'll want a cute design! What type I mean, what color is she? Uh black, with a white triangle over her eyes and mouth.
Oh, so she's a tuxedo cat! I have a tuxie at home, too! He's a boy! Why is she enjoying this so much? Excuse me.
I'll be right there! Excuse me for a moment.
Please go ahead and choose the perfect collar for Haru-chan.
Th-Thanks Cat Collar Does it really matter which one I get? It's just for the self-gratification of whoever chooses it, anyway.
Oh, look at that! I knew it! This blue sweater looks lovely! Mom, you're actually enjoying this Well, I knew it would look good on you! Thank you very much.
Er I-I'll take this one.
Oh! That's a very cute choice! I hope Haru-chan likes it! Uh Yeah.
I'll wrap it up for you.
I'll never get used to this.
Do you have a cat, too? Y-Yes! S-Someone I don't know is talking to me! M-Mine isn't as calm as this one Huh? I'm talking like normal Well, this one is quite an old man now.
But when he has to visit the vet, it's chaos! No matter how old they get, there are things they'll always hate.
Is he sick? What? Oh, no! I meant his regular check-ups.
You take yours, too, don't you? Check-ups? No, I only recently started keeping mine, so not yet What?! You haven't taken her to vet's office yet?! Stray cats can carry diseases! They need to be examined! You should take her right away! R-Really? The animal hospital we're affiliated with is close by.
Health Check Campaign Midori Animal Hospital I'll refer you.
Do you have a carrier? You'll need one for vet visits.
For average cats, I recommend one like this.
I'll put the collar right in here for you.
Thank you very much! Th-Thanks for everything Midori Animal Hospital Mikazuki-san, we're ready for Mikazuki Haru-chan.
Well, now! This says she was a stray until recently, but she's quite a plump one! R-Right D-Doctor, this is a first exam.
Let's see, now Just hold her still, and I'll have a look.
She's certainly energetic! Looks like she's getting proper nutrition.
Um Doctor, is she too fat? No, she's still okay right now.
I'd just say she's a bit pudgy.
You can't help wanting to give snacks to a cutie like this, right? Huh? W-Well Obesity is dangerous because it puts stress on the heart and respiratory system.
It can be fatal, so just be careful.
Fatal?! But To be honest, I'm more worried about you! You're skin and bones! You'd better eat well, or you'll keel over! P-Please don't be rude, Doctor! Why am I the one being examined in an animal hospital?! Also, I've never given her any snacks! Yeah, he got too fat.
You know, he was a stray I guess he still has that feeling of urgency.
He eats all of his food at once.
All at once Keep to your deadlines! I have to finish the manuscript by tomorrow Oh I might be glued to my laptop for a while, so I'll put in a little extra.
She'll stop when she's full.
Better put more in.
So it's totally my fault! So I've put him on a diet recently.
Really? How do you do that? H-How? Like, at meal times, I'll Mikazuki-san! Wha— Mikazuki-san, are you ready to check out now? Yeah.
Lousy timing! Cat Care Guide Regular check-ups are vital for preventing illness.
Midori Animal Hospital This is our hospital's card.
Also, may I give you information on regular check-ups? Sure To keep your cat healthy, it's best to bring her once a year for check-ups I guess there's more to it than just giving them food.
Jeez I had no idea it'd be so— Stop that! I'm so sorry about that! Um Your kitty isn't hurt, is it? Huh? Ah No, she's all right I'm sorry! Huh? Aren't you that neighbor boy Who would've thought, eh? Finally home I'm not leaving home again for a good, long time.
I don't even want to accept phone calls.
I won't be seeing anyone for— Oh? Is that you, Subaru-san? I was right! Oh From the pet shop I live in this neighborhood, too.
What a coincidence! By the way, how'd the exam go? They said she's a little pudgy.
Oh, I get that.
I only recently got mine back down to a normal weight H-How did you do it? What am I even saying? She's not on the job right now.
I'm losing it.
There are plenty of ways I could find out for myself.
Uh Sorry.
It's nothing.
I don't want to associate with people anymore.
Um, if you don't mind, maybe I could give you advice on cat diets? There are too many things I don't know.
The more I learn, the more I realize that.
Something I can do I-I'd appreciate that.
P-Please It's not that big a deal, Subaru-san! I'm not exactly an expert on it, either.
Besides, we've got to help each other out, right? Well, it's already pretty late So I'll talk to you tomorrow.
I-I'm exhausted Jeez This is all happening to me because of you, you know.
Oh, right I got this.
Guess I'll try it I can't even get to the point of "trying"! If that's how it is I have no other choice! Watch the amount Now! I did it! H-How's that? Looks like it's okay? I knew it would look good on you! I have my own world, and other people's worlds are flowing into it, making it expand little by little.
I'm still more bewildered than anything, but slowly, a bit at a time I'm scared! Touch me and I'll bite you! Wh-What is this place? He just suddenly brought me here, but it's way too scary! Hey, are you okay? I-I'm not the least bit scared! I-I-I've been here three times before.
It's no big— I-I told you, I'm not scared! Kagawa-san? We're ready for Kagawa Leo-kun.
I'm going home! I wanna go home! Please, I wanna go home! This place is terrifying! But I can't be like that! If I show weakness because I'm scared I can't protect him! If you show weakness, you lose.
That's the nature of this world.
Mikazuki-san, we're ready for Mikazuki Haru-chan.
Okay, let's have a look inside your mouth I'm scared! I'm scared! I'm scared! I'm scared! Why are you doing such awful things to me?! I was right all along! All humans are cruel! Why are you just watching? Is he really just like the rest? I just went through hell.
Wh-What now?! You wanna fight?! Hey I know you.
Huh? You live in the house next to mine, don't you? I always hoped we could be friends.
I've always been watching.
There used to be a nice old lady living in your house.
She would always pet me.
I haven't seen that nice lady recently.
I wonder where she went H-How would I know? Besides, humans aren't nice at all.
This place proves that.
What? But I had fun.
You're so carefree One time, my paw hurt so bad that I couldn't go on the walks I love so much.
I came here, and I could go on walks again after that.
Ever since then, I don't mind this place at all.
Huh But I don't hurt anywhere.
They just want to do awful things! Oh Then maybe they were worried that you might be hurting.
Worried? I'm the one who's worrying all the time! But that's just what a family does Family? What's that? I'm not sure But my mom, my dad, and my big sister all call me their "family.
" I love all of them.
When they don't feel good, I feel sad, too.
Worried Worried? Come on, let's play! Hey! Stop that! Was he that worried about me? You don't need to worry about me.
You're in far worse shape than I am.
What? That's an unusually serious look I know! You want me to improve the areas where you need work, right? Fine, then! I accept! Not that I'm ever going to lose to him, of course.
Food! Huh? What's this thing? There's that worried look again I'm fine, okay? As you can see, I'm eating lots of food! Huh? It feels so warm Must be because I have a full belly.
Well, don't just watch me! You eat, too! What is this noisy thing? Wait This sound I've heard it before.
What a pretty cat So when I hear this sound It means "pretty"! Yay! Yay! The "pretty" sound! I'll just take off the bell Hey! Why'd you do that?! You don't have a jingly thing on your collar.
I used to have one.
So you used to be pretty?! Huh? Sure