My Roommate Is a Cat (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

What I Want to Tell You

1 An old house showing no signs of life sees the shadow of a visitor approach.
Hello! It was It's Okami.
Yeah, right! That kind of mystery novel scenario would never actually happen! Thank you.
And I'm sorry When I stopped to think about it, I realized I never really introduced myself to you.
So My name is Okami Nana.
Uh Same here.
Anyway, what brings you over here today? This must be the Haru-chan I've heard about! Hello! She's not nearly as fat as I expected.
I'm sure you can bring her weight back down in no time.
I hope so But it seems like there's a problem with the way I feed her.
Really? If you don't mind, can you show me how you normally feed her? Normally Normal That's too much! My Roommate is a Cat What I Want to Tell You I'm sorry! It was so much more than I'd imagined, I couldn't believe it She's always eaten every last bit, so I thought it was right A cat with a big appetite will eat as much as you give them.
A cat Haru-chan's size only needs around this amount, twice a day.
That's not much! G-Got it.
I'll go with that amount from now on.
Oh, but If you suddenly reduce the amount, it can end up causing stress.
So just make sure she gets lots of exercise and gradually reduce the amount of food you give her.
For example I'd recommend something like this.
I-Is that a drink bottle? Yes.
You cut a hole in it just big enough for the food to fit through I'll just show you how it works.
Haru-chan! There! She'll have to roll it several times to get the food out.
Huh Looks like she's having fun.
Eating too fast is one cause of obesity.
By making them take their time to eat, they'll feel full faster, and it's a good form of exercise that utilizes their hunting instincts.
This works really well.
I never would've thought of something like this on my own.
Haru-chan seems very active, so I'm sure she'll slim down in no time.
My cat hates exercise, so I had a hard time with him.
Really? This is him when he was at his fattest.
So round! H-He looks like a ball of yarn.
I spoiled him too much And this is a recent picture.
Wow! Oh, you have two? Yeah! This one is Hachi, and the one that was fat is Roku.
I see Haru in that same pose a lot Roku is three years old, and Hachi is still under six months, I think.
They both sort of bear a resemblance to you.
Huh? You think so? No one's ever said that before But they do say that your looks and behaviors end up being similar when you're family.
Hey, Subaru, Dad! Oh, gosh! You two are just like twins! That's true Mom liked animals, too.
If she were still alive Mikazuki Family Grave Family, huh? Haru must have had a family once, too I wonder if she ever wishes she could see her family again.
Thanks for all your help today.
Don't mention it.
If you ever have any more problems, drop by the store anytime.
Wait, isn't that Okami-san's key? Don't hiss at me! Come on, let go of— It's stuck on her claw! It's probably her house key! And I don't know her number It's only been a few minutes She should still be close! Wait, just calm down.
She'll come back when she notices it's missing.
I don't need to go We've got to help each other out, right? There's still time! There she is! O-Okami-san! Subaru-san? Wh-What's the matter? Oh! My house key! But why'd you bring Haru-chan, too? Oh Her claw is really stuck.
It's probably safer to cut it than to try to force it out.
I'll bring the tool from my house right now.
Just wait here for a bit! Uh, but Isn't this your house key? R-Right, it is Sorry about this, Haru-chan.
I'll be right back with something to cut it.
You're welcome to wait inside.
Uh No, I should H-Hey! Hachi, Roku, I'm home.
When you get involved with others, sometimes things go in directions you never expected.
Just like this! Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you doing?! Haru! You hurt someone else's cat! Haru— Thank goodness! Looks like the other cat isn't hurt! Now's my chance! Come on, get over here! Haru! I must've been crazy.
There's no way a human and an animal can understand each other.
Subaru-san, I'm sorry.
I can't seem to find my safety scissors Huh? I thought it seemed noisy, but it looks like they're getting along great.
P-Please get that cat away from Haru, quickly! She bit his neck a minute ago! I'm sorry! Huh? Oh It looks like everything's fine.
Hachi isn't acting scared at all.
I'm sure she was just scolding Hachi for getting too rambunctious.
Is that what it was? Hachi! Hacchan! You're in a good mood, huh? Did she play with you? How nice! H-He comes when you call him? Huh? I call Haru, but she never comes to me.
O-Oh, no A lot of that depends on the cat's personality.
Do you use her name often at home? Her name? Well, I do when I feed her And also when I feed her I guess Now that I think about it, I doubt she understood any human language at all, though.
That's true Animals don't understand our language.
That makes it difficult to communicate with them, doesn't it? But that's why, instead of using words, you need to do all you can to convey your feelings.
Rather than whether they understand or not, I think what's important is that you try to communicate.
That's easy to say But I've been calling her since we got here Mikazuki-kun! You're here by yourself again? Let's go play with the others.
I'll go with you, okay? Come on! Doing things that way won't move anyone's heart.
I thought I knew that.
Haru C-Come here.
All those times I called you, you never came.
What the heck is up with you, huh? Haru What is this? I don't understand But This house has been awfully busy lately.
Another human I don't know is here.
This isn't gonna be another annoying one, is it? That guy isn't too bad, but that guy Well, since he's just sitting there spacing out, I'll have to be the judge myself! This must be the Haru-chan I've heard about! Hello! She's not nearly as fat as I expected.
I'm sure you can bring her weight back down in no time.
She's not trying to grab me.
But I can't let my guard down yet.
That sound That smell! It's food! She's always eaten every last bit, so I thought it was right I know it's up on this thing! He's guarding it more than usual! Haru-chan! That signal! There! See?! There's the food! Huh? It's here, but I can't get it.
Hey, you! Stop right there! Huh Looks like she's having fun.
Hold it, I said! Hi-yah! How'd ya like that? The rest of you are all mine, too! I'm full This human There's something strange about her.
I've never seen her before, but something about this feels familiar If you ever have any more problems, drop by the store anytime.
Ah, that was fun.
What's this? It's This smell Wait, isn't that Okami-san's key? Huh?! Wh-What?! Don't hiss at me! No! Come on, let go of— Don't take it! This smell It's Huh? I'm sorry you had to come along.
It's right here.
Sorry about this, Haru-chan.
No! I won't let you take it! I'll be right back with something to cut it.
You're welcome to wait inside.
This smell Hachi, Roku, I'm home.
H-Hey! This smell is S Sis? I can't believe it I never thought I'd see him again.
It's really you, isn't it, Sis? Sis! I missed you! H-Hey! Sis! Sis! Sis! Calm down, would you?! I'm sorry! He's warm.
Sis? I'm so glad you're okay.
Yeah! I've been doing really good! Oh, yeah You know, that day Those things came back.
We ran right away, just like we promised you we would.
We ran and ran so they wouldn't catch up to us.
The next thing I knew, we got separated I was so scared, I ran away by myself.
You were so scared But you tried so hard.
You did great.
Hey, Sis That lady there is Nana-chan.
She saved me.
That human saved you? She gives me food, and she's really nice! Hey, Sis Give me a bath! Oh, honestly You're as spoiled as ever.
Sis, give me a bath! Me, too! Me, too! His fur's so sleek.
Sis? I guess he's going to be fine now.
He doesn't need me to protect him.
Sis? I'm glad you found such a nice human.
Haru— Oh, jeez! What's with you today?! This is no time for food! Food? What about food? That word means "food," doesn't it? I'm not sure, but I don't think so.
Because He's looking really closely at you.
I think he's trying to call for you.
Call for me? But if that's true, then why? Am I supposed to go to him when he calls me? And when you call me, call me "Hachi"! Hachi? The lady said that's my "name"! It's a special thing, just for me! Isn't that awesome? Nana-chan seems really happy when we go to her, so I'm happy, too! Hachi! Hacchan! She's calling me.
I'll be right back, okay? Happy? But I'd never even thought about anything but food before.
What should I do? I don't understand I Haru C-Come here.
What? Does he want me to come to him? But he doesn't look like he's in any trouble What is it? All I did was come over What's going on? Is he happy? Haru A special thing, just for me? You're so weird.
So "Haru" really is your name, huh? Subaru-san?! When you get involved with others, sometimes things go in directions you never expected.
Just so you know, this guy is hopeless without me! So he needs me to stay close and keep an eye on him! That's all! You're so great, Sis! Are you all right? Just like I-I'm fi— this.
And just what's going on between you and Nana? Hey! Are you listening? This is Roku-kun.
Hey! And who are you? I'm his older sister! Thanks for taking care of my brother! What kinds of dreams do you have, Roku-kun? Dreams of an endless fluffy paradise of bonito flakes.
Wow, cool!