My Sweet Mobster (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

The Ex-Con CEO and Ms. Mini

(My Sweet Mobster)
(Um Tae Goo)
(Han Seon Hwa)
(Kwon Yul)
(My Sweet Mobster)
(Year 2013)
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
The incident took place ten years ago.
The infamous mobster Seo Tae Pyung who ruled the nation
had a son named
Seo Ji Hwan.
(Seo Tae Pyung's right-hand man Ko Yang Hee)
It ends here today!
The proof is in the pudding, after all.
Bring it.
(Kitty Gang, Bulldog Gang)
- You
- Boys, look away.
- Look away.
- Darn.
You think you're tough, don't you?
After taking down Kitty Gang
and succeeding his father as Bulldog Gang's boss,
he rose to the top of the industry
by taking down gang after gang
after gang.
Congratulations, Boss.
- After taking down the mightiest
- Congratulations, Boss.
and rising above all the competition,
Seo Ji Hwan
dissolved his organization.
He went to live in seclusion
and then disappeared without a trace.
(Year 2023, present day)
Mentor of the three worlds
The benevolent father of the living
My fundamental and proper mentor
Can only be Buddha
It's a bloodbath in here.
That pesky little druggie.
Where in the world did Taek go?
That smells about a week old.
What are we supposed to do with this?
Mentor of the three worlds
Wrap the chunks in plastic
to keep the floors clean
and ventilate the facility to remove the odor.
Also, clean up the blood on the floor.
Well, I
What the Just a second.
Can you please
What's up with my leg?
Gosh, this isn't on purpose.
My leg
You truly are impressive.
I will dismiss myself, then.
Hallelu Gosh, I'm sorry.
My location?
Well, I'm Yes, I see it.
To the left? What cat?
It's a blast in here!
You said it was urgent, so I didn't even get changed.
I thought something had happened to you.
But a club?
Forget it. I'm leaving.
What? Hold on.
Darn it.
What is she wearing that
Hey. I bet you thought I had left.
How did you get in,
- dressed like that?
- There's always a way.
Go home.
- Just this once.
- Beat it.
It's a surprise.
It is shocking, I give you that.
I needed a cape anyway, so it's a win-win.
That cost me ten dollars.
I'm keeping that as a prop.
Where do you think you're going?
To dance. I didn't get past the bouncer for kicks, you know.
Would you like to be splashed all over the news tomorrow?
Right, the cape.
I'm off to the restroom.
Boss, Taek wasn't at the warehouse.
It seems as though he's back on drugs.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
Wait, my back.
Thank you.
Can you watch your feet?
Not there! There's one over there.
Thank you.
Boss, Seo Ji Hwan is here.
Darn it.
What brings you by, Ji Hwan?
This isn't a place for just about anyone.
I'm sure you know Jung Yoon Taek.
Who's Jung Yoon Taek?
I don't know that name.
There are too many people around to know who's who.
You can't take that.
Did you lace it with something special?
Ji Hwan, come on.
We only added love and trust.
You fell and cost me
an expensive bottle of whiskey.
- My gosh.
- What's going on?
- What is he doing?
- What's his problem?
- Oh, no.
- This is terrible.
Stop beating up your employee.
- What on earth?
- My gosh.
I can't believe it.
- My gosh.
- That was insane.
What is it? What's going on?
That guy
Gosh, I'm sorry.
Wait, my back.
Thank you.
Hey, let's get out of here.
- Come on. Let's leave.
- Hey!
- It's the police.
- The police?
- Gosh, no.
- I'm not the police.
- I'm not.
- Intervene, will you?
- Go on.
- The police?
Please put that down.
- What?
- Put it down.
It's not what you think.
Get him up.
What What are you doing?
You have the right to remain silent
and have the right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You psycho.
Just a second. So you're a police officer.
There seems to be a misunderstanding.
You cannot cuff me without a warrant,
so take these off.
Without a warrant, you can't
Bedazzled shoes?
May I see your ID?
My ID? Well, that
I left it in my car.
One's ID isn't like a rabbit's liver,
so why leave it in your car?
You don't even have your badge either.
You're not real police, are you?
- Hey.
- Wait.
- What kind of a joke is this?
- Over here!
Help us. Over here.
- Gosh.
- Coming through.
- Over here.
- Over here.
We're coming through.
Please help. Over here.
Excuse us.
- Please be patient.
- Excuse us.
- Coming through. Sorry.
- What on earth?
Sorry about this.
You'll be the death of me.
Why did you put on an act?
Tell me about it.
His haughty attitude
- made me lose it.
- We apologize.
- Make way.
- You know I hate people like him.
We ask for your cooperation.
- I should go home.
- Let us through.
- Make way.
- I told you it wasn't me.
Check the camera footage if you want.
We'll do that in due time,
so come to the station with us for now.
She saw me holding the bottle
and cuffed me out of nowhere.
Sure, we get it.
Why won't you believe me?
You can tell your story down at the station.
What is it?
- These don't look like real cuffs.
- What?
It's a toy.
A toy?
It's fine. That's understandable.
May I go now, then?
- For now
- A toy!
Who on earth is that woman?
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(My Sweet Mobster)
(The big bad octopus showed up.)
This child is mine to take.
(Take that!)
Stop. I'm police officer Mini who is here to rescue the child.
(Laser beams)
As if that will keep me down.
Defensive gloves on.
Mini power!
Officer Mini successfully rescued the baby.
("Play With Mini": Police Officer Mini)
Ms. Mini
was having a blast
playing a police officer and eliminating the monster.
(Police play set)
But you forgot to promote the police play set in the video.
Since it's an endorsement deal,
the CEO which is me told you two times
that you had to promote the play set.
I was so lost in the moment that it slipped my mind.
It slipped your mind?
The play set
costs 80 dollars.
It's too expensive for children.
It's their mothers who buy these for them.
Some kids may not have moms,
and some moms could be broke.
They could have dads,
but 80 dollars is a lot even for dads.
And some kids don't have dads either.
Did this have to cost 80 dollars in the first place?
How is that your concern?
It's the parents'.
Stop worrying about the children and worry more about our company.
No, worry more about yourself.
Still, the video got more hits than usual.
The same goes for the comments.
Apparently, the uniform looks good on me.
(CEO Ma Yeong Ho)
I bet it'll only get more hits.
Just how many views did your video get?
Did it get 5 million views like 1 of Ye Na's videos?
Of course not, Mr. Ma.
Ms. Mini,
if you continue down this path, I won't renew your contract.
- Sorry?
- Your contract renewal
is coming up.
Now, listen to me carefully.
If you go against my order again,
it will be
over for you!
- Darn, my throat.
- Are you okay, sir?
It hurts.
- Leave.
- Sure.
(CEO's office)
The boss is on his way.
Get the door.
Good morning, Boss.
Is that for me to eat?
They must've served it since you haven't seen
the insides of a police station in a while.
It was only a brief visit,
so we went for silky tofu instead.
- Let's sit.
- Yes, Boss.
Who will say grace today?
Me, Boss.
thank you for this food we are about to eat.
Please bless the life of the pig
who gave us its front and back legs.
Then what?
Man Ho, please.
Please look after it in the afterlife
so that it can live in peace.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Let's eat.
- Please enjoy, Boss.
- Please enjoy.
- Please enjoy.
Boss, which punks
were brazen enough to call the cops on you?
Who else?
It was Lee Kang Gil, Ko Yang Hee's right-hand man.
(Group Meow Lee Kang Gil, Kitty Gang Ko Yang Hee)
Kang Gil?
Are you kidding me?
Could this be what you saw at the club?
It's a new drug that's been circulating through clubs
ever since batches came in from Thailand last year.
Kitty Gang has been showing interest in it.
Wasn't Taek in an organization
over there in Thailand?
This is the drug?
Doesn't it look like children's candy?
Can you watch your feet?
Not there! There's one over there.
Thank you.
I saw it.
That police officer.
I'll do my best.
(Thinly-sliced pork belly)
(Thinly-sliced pork belly)
I thought it would be a cow or a pig, but it's a bottle of soju.
How adorable.
(The Greatest)
Hey. I'm at my part-time job.
I bet you're in a mascot costume again.
Can you please stop working those jobs?
It's not like they pay much.
It probably pays more than what I get from filming.
When will you be done today?
The job is for about four hours, so
Mi Ho.
I think I saw something.
What? What did you see?
- I'll call you back.
- Hey!
(Hyun Woo's Handmade Dumplings)
(Hyun Woo's Handmade Dumplings)
(Handmade meat and kimchi dumplings)
What the
You have the right to remain silent
and have the right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You're not real police, are you?
What's going on? Why is he here?
You. Get out here this instant.
Darn. How did he know?
Give it here.
Your shoe.
There are eyes everywhere.
Don't think you're in the clear because one person didn't see you
and don't take what isn't yours. Got it?
Yes, sir.
- Louder.
- That heartless punk.
- Yes, sir!
- What a prick.
Get going.
It wasn't me. Over there.
My gosh.
Could he be more horrible?
He even takes money from little kids.
Darn. I should've smacked him harder.
I hope you paid for those.
Lock the door whenever possible when going to the restroom.
Or else, you'll turn kids into thieves.
Let them take whatever they want if there are any.
Having nothing is the problem, not having them.
Stealing from this place alone won't be a problem.
But they say he who steals an egg steals a cow.
Really? But there are those who start off by stealing cows.
Must you hurt me first thing in the morning?
How are you these days?
Everyone in town seems to be struggling.
It was better when you were here.
That does not mean you did well.
I know better than anyone else that I did nothing well.
It's nothing new.
Look at you. You've matured.
You know what you've done wrong.
Ji Hwan. You're ready to get married now.
Are you trying to ruin someone's life?
Especially when I'm finally starting off with a clean slate.
Since we're on the subject, I'll set you up with a girl.
The owner of the side dish place
across the street has a daughter.
I heard she was 30 or 31 years old this year.
Apparently, she got a divorce last year.
But she has no kids.
What is it?
Did her divorce make you lose interest in her?
If she's that nice, introduce her to your grandson.
Oh, goodness. My grandson has already found a girl
and has three kids.
It's okay to live like my grandson now.
The guys I have right now are enough of a hassle.
I'm leaving.
- What?
- Put it on my tab.
Good grief.
Being bad at math is the very reason you can't get married!
Take a facial mask.
It's made with bamboo sap, not soju.
Take a facial mask.
It's made with bamboo sap, not soju.
- Soju!
- Take a facial mask.
- I love soju.
- Is that so?
- Let me give you a hug.
- Sir.
I'm not your beloved, sir.
- Just a hug. Please.
- Stop it.
It's just one hug.
No. Please leave with this facial mask.
Here. Take a facial mask.
It's made with bamboo sap,
- not soju.
- Soju?
It's our tenth-anniversary event.
Good gracious. Keep this up, and I'll call the police, sir!
"The police?"
- My son-in-law is a policeman.
- Seriously.
Stay still.
Fooled you.
(10th Anniversary Event)
Take a facial mask.
- It's made with bamboo sap.
- You
- Take a
- You!
Stop right there!
Defensive gloves on!
Mini power!
Darn it. For goodness' sake.
Why not act like a police officer again?
You hit the back of my head earlier, right?
- Are you a member of Kitty Gang?
- What cat?
I knew it.
No wonder you acted like a police officer and helped him out.
- Back then, I
- Who gave you the goods?
Sorry? What goods?
The red, yellow, and blue thing you gave out at the club.
"Red, yellow, and blue thing? At the club?"
Yes, that drug.
Those aren't drugs but snacks for kids.
Stop lying. I know all about it.
I'm sorry to cut you off, but I have no time to waste.
I'm truly sorry.
Answer me before you go.
But I know nothing to answer your question.
Follow me, and I'll give you some of that drug.
I've experienced all sorts of part-time workers.
But playing hooky like you is a first.
I'm sorry. I'll get back to work.
"Get back to work?" After all the mess you've made?
Leave. And you're not getting paid for today.
Ma'am. Wait, ma'am.
I'll work right away. I can do it.
(The Greatest)
I really can't believe this.
Hey. You.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy? Spit it out!
Spit it out!
You'll die, you know?
Has this woman gone mad or something?
Do you have a death wish?
What is it?
Did it get stuck in your throat?
Did it?
Come on. Spit it out.
Spit it out already!
Spit it out. Come on.
Spit it out.
Spit it out!
Water! Hurry up!
Water! Here!
You punk!
You should've called me over if there was such a spectacle.
You were dining with Mr. Park.
He won't die overnight. I could've met him next time.
Perch could've waited.
I'm happy right now. Very happy.
It's a bummer I couldn't witness Seo Ji Hwan
get humiliated in person.
Kang Gil. There's CCTV footage of it, right?
My apologies. We got rid of it just in case.
You little
Did you erase it?
I'm the owner of this place, so why?
It wasn't your call to erase it.
You punk.
My apologies.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay?
Don't erase it next time.
Watching it before bed
will help me sleep like a baby.
It could get bad if he digs deeper.
Do we still let him be?
Let him try. He left the dogfight pit.
It won't take long until he stops.
If he doesn't stop,
we can simply throw him a treat.
The results are negative.
- Mr. Kim Byung Heon. This way.
- Yes.
I told you they weren't drugs. They were kids' snacks.
Why did you have to drag me all the way here?
Then why on earth did you act like
a police officer that day?
You shouldn't beat up a person like that.
So, I
Do you think a guy like me, who beats a man to a pulp,
won't beat up a woman?
This is my territory.
If you beat me up,
the others will do the same to you.
Listen carefully.
If you're reckless
and brainless, you'll end up with a broken skull.
Unless you want that to happen,
don't ever come near a person like me.
Keep a distance of at least 50m. Understood?
- "Brainless?" - Keep a 50m distance.
That was a bit harsh.
Run away 50m.
I clearly told you those weren't
- A 50m distance!
- Okay!
Gosh. He must be crazy.
What? Drugs?
Yes. He thought the kids' snacks were drugs.
Hold on. Wasn't he a real thug
if he also did drugs?
Are you sure?
Of course. I've seen more than dozens since we were kids.
So why did you have to go to the dumpling store?
Right, the dumpling store.
- Gosh.
- Seriously.
Nothing good comes out whenever you get involved
with the name "Hyun Woo."
- It's so good.
- It is, right?
I told you.
The ice cream
(Hyun Woo)
"Hyun Woo?"
Welcome. How much do you need?
Oh, I came to meet this guy named Hyun Woo.
Look over there.
"Cash first."
You misread it.
(Hyun Woo: Not a person's name)
I'm sorry.
(Yoon Hyun Woo)
(Yoon Hyun Woo)
Excuse me?
(Yoon Hyun Woo, 31, 10th year preparing for civil service exam)
There was a time you talked to a random guy
who tortured you for a month.
- Stop.
- Excuse me?
She has a pure spirit.
- Hold on.
- Welcome.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, I remember.
I got mistaken for an adulteress
and almost got into huge trouble.
What is it?
(Song Hyun Woo, 34, A pharmacist scared of his wife)
- What's going on?
- Honey.
What the heck?
I thought you were behaving yourself these days.
- That's not it.
- Honey!
- I so knew it!
- Wait.
No. I'm innocent, honey. I swear.
Where are you going? Seriously!
Yes, I remember.
That did happen.
It's like finding a guy with the last name "Smith"
among thousands of people.
At least Smith is a last name.
But I know his first name. Isn't it a similar situation?
Seriously? Are you saying that for real?
I've only ever called him by his first name,
so it's impossible to recall his last name.
He could've had a unique first name, at least.
Gosh, I don't even know if he's dead or alive.
It's been 23 years since I last heard from him.
I'd be more than grateful knowing he's alive and well
somewhere on Earth.
(Prosecution Service)
(Prosecution Service)
(Prosecution, together with the people)
(Public Official ID: Jang Hyun Woo, Public Prosecutors' Office)
(The Holy Bible in Big Letters)
Some might mistake you for the judge.
(Former Leader of the Obong Gang)
Both pastors and judges.
Don't they have the same goal
of guiding the people to the right path?
Let's see. You beat up your church believers
because they didn't pay tithe or Lord's Day Collection properly.
Oh, that?
I simply taught them that those are the basics
for the followers of the Lord.
You calculated the tithe as monthly compound interest.
And at 40 percent instead of the maximum legal interest
of 20 percent.
The tithe is paid voluntarily
- by the believers.
- In this business,
you had the church elders involved.
These church elders were your underlings back when
you were the leader of the Obong Gang, right?
That's right.
Thanks to me, all of them
can meet the Lord,
which is such a great honor.
"A great honor?"
Oh, this?
"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give,"
"not reluctantly or under compulsion."
From the Second Epistle to the Corinthians 9:7.
"Do not defraud or rob your neighbor."
It's from Leviticus.
Here's from the Gospel of Luke.
“Don't collect any more than you are required to."
"Don't extort money."
You must also be a Christian, Mr. Prosecutor.
I believe
people don't change.
Drugs I need drugs.
I beg you!
(Frank Sausages)
(Thirsty Deer's Sausage Gift Set on Sale!)
There is a miracle cure for a drug addict like you.
And that very cure is this contract.
Feel the joy
of rewarding yourself by working properly.
Shall we reveal our cards now?
I've prepared enough Gosh.
(Thirsty Deer is recruiting new workers.)
What is this?
Your bullet is earnestness.
Work earnestly
and earn as much as you work.
- I made the transfer.
- Why can't I reach you?
Have I been scammed?
What's going on? Darn it.
Why won't it stop?
You can become honorable too.
Do not fool others. Nor fool yourself.
You shouldn't pick a fight with the innocent.
Hold back one more time before throwing a punch.
You can hold back.
After beginning a new life,
I stopped feeling thirsty.
You too
can start anew.
(Thirsty Deer)
I have gathered all the board members
for the first time in a while to hear your thoughts
about the recent disgraceful event.
Jung Yoon Taek, in charge of the Hanam warehouse,
went missing before his probation ended.
It's as expected from a druggie.
He couldn't hold back and turned to drugs again, no?
He begged us,
wanting to earn money earnestly
upon getting released from jail. So we gave him a job.
What an ungrateful punk.
While others became certified butchers,
he asked for simple jobs like managing the warehouse.
He was a bad egg to begin with. Aren't I right?
- Yes.
- Totally.
- I knew he'd cause trouble.
- Goodness.
Forget it.
- I can't believe this.
- Look at the mess.
(Company Motto: Flesh from Bones)
From what I see, every single one of you
was a bad egg in the beginning.
(Assault charges)
(Gambling charges, theft charges)
(Fraud charges, assault charges, blackmail, married scammers)
(Financial scam, vehicle theft)
(Bank robbery, assault charges)
Yes, I know people don't change.
But if we stigmatize him right away,
wouldn't we be the same as everyone else?
I believe dead wood can be burnt to be used as fuel
or buried to be used as compost.
Or it can miraculously become something better.
By the way,
why did the Obong Gang's leader suddenly become
a crook acting like a pseudo-religion pastor?
He was on a roll back in the day, right?
Hey, Song.
This is all because of that jerk, Seo Ji Hwan.
Ever since he set up a social enterprise or whatever,
he's been scouting
the necessary guys one after the other.
Rock and roll.
Great work. The bouquet
Goodness, gracious.
No one on Earth can be trusted.
- That is the reason
- Let's go.
I turned to the Lord.
How embarrassing.
I should quit being a thug.
The Kitty Gang, formed by Ko Yang Hee,
the only guy who survived, and Seo Ji Hwan.
These two
still bear a grudge against each other.
(Seo Ji Hwan)
"Seo Ji Hwan."
What a familiar name.
Good grief.
I wonder what a tough time
Ye Na will have at the awards ceremony.
Now then,
let us divide the toys.
Okay. Then I'll take
the gummy maker
and this sugar toy.
I'm taking the felted blocks and this wiggly toy.
- Okay.
- I'll take the doughnut maker.
- Okay.
- This was
at the top of my list from the beginning.
All right.
Who wants to go to the Kids Food Festival?
Who would want to go when you'll only end up
having a hard time?
I'll go.
What? You will, Eun Ha?
It's a festival. Aren't you going to go?
It'll be fun if it's a festival.
Good. You can go ahead and have fun, Eun Ha.
You have to film every single participating company.
Can you
- Can you do it?
- Can I participate in it too?
I want to do this one thing.
(Thirsty Deer Corporation, Conference Room)
Have a good day.
Why are you giving him a chance, instead of breaking him into pieces?
When I think of what I went through that day
How could he run away leaving all this behind for us?
- One, two.
- Gosh.
- Darn it.
- It smells terrible.
- Darn it. I'm exhausted.
- It's darn heavy.
We need him here before we break him into pieces or not.
Look into the places Taek might be at.
And keep me posted as soon as you have news.
We have one more agenda.
It's finally here.
Our new product.
We're done with the packaging, Boss.
(Jung Man Ho, 32, Chief of Product Development)
But isn't it too yellow?
We changed it to yellow because you said it was too pink last time.
(Yang Hong Ki, 28, Chief of Marketing)
(Frank Sausages for Kids)
Do we really need the illustrations?
Without it, customers will complain,
saying that we didn't mark that it's for kids.
(Kwak Jae Soo, 39, Chief of Customer Management)
What does our youngest one think?
I think it's good.
(Lee Dong Hui, 22)
(Management Support Team's employee and CEO's secretary)
Frankly, it doesn't match our company's image.
So, it might not work.
(Joo Il Young, 29, Director General)
What should we do, then?
(Seo Ji Hwan, 36, CEO)
We should check the customers' response with a sample.
(2023 Kids Food Festival)
(Korean Wheat Bakery)
(Balanced Multigrain Drink, Ddeokbae's Mill)
(Kids Food Festival)
- Nice.
- Cool.
(Thirsty Deer's Sausages for Kids)
(Organic Milk)
It'll make your bones healthier and make you grow taller.
It's the milk you love.
This organic milk
is made from happy milk cows that drank clean water
and had organic feed on a vast meadow.
So, if your stomach hurts or your mouth feels dry
after drinking milk, you won't have that problem with this milk.
"Twice as much."
In fact, compared to regular milk,
it has twice as much fatty acid, which is good for your body.
It will be healthy for you, won't it?
How does it taste? Ms. Mini will try it for you.
It's savory.
- Cool.
- I want to try it too.
Can I try it?
(2023 Kids Food Festival, Activities in the Main Tent)
(Put the rice in the bag. Make fried tofu rice balls.)
(Make a sweet cupcake pot of my own.)
(It's time for a break)
(Tasty playtime with Ms. Mini, Make pizzas.)
Eun Ha.
- Director Lee.
- I'm done with shooting that area.
- Really?
- Yes.
Are these food products all verified?
They must be to have come to the expo.
- I see.
- Yes.
Why is that place so empty?
That place is Goodness.
Come and try our sausages.
A chance to try out sausages doesn't come every day.
Hey, focus on grilling the sausages.
People are getting scared because of you.
That's why no one is coming.
- Is that why?
- Just grill the sausages.
How adorable!
Kid, try this sausage. It's delicious.
Try it.
It's okay. Try it. Yes?
Open up.
Open up.
Hey. Don't eat this.
These sausages are made by ex-cons. Who knows what they put in them?
That's a rude thing to say.
Do you think we put poison in food for kids?
Yes. You're ex-cons. You might have put it in.
(Thirsty Deer's Sausages for Kids, Korean Wheat)
Son, don't look.
- Why?
- Ta-da.
- I'm not dead.
- So Hee.
See? It's not poisoned.
Stay with Auntie for a minute.
Here. Try it.
Try it.
What are you doing? Take them away.
It's been 40 minutes.
It's nice and lovely in here.
Why don't you read a magazine like me?
You're holding it upside down.
(Where is Cusen where Chairman Lim is a regular?)
Excuse me. Do you have a girlfriend?
I'm working right now, so I'll let you know after work.
I see.
Then, here.
What's your secret?
- My face.
- I knew you'd say that.
You're early.
I'm late because I had other stuff.
No problem. It's all right.
Was it Thirsty Pig?
It's "Deer."
You don't sell venison, though.
That's a funny name.
We talked about it.
But our department store
can't work with you.
One time, we displayed a problematic product,
which almost led to a boycott.
Is there any problem with our products?
Don't get me wrong. Your products are fine.
How they taste isn't the problem.
If the people who make them
are the problem, we have a problem. don't we?
I was going to play nice, but this is too much.
- Do you think food is a joke?
- Oh, no.
What's wrong with our products?
Did our sausages commit a crime?
Hey. Are you proud that you've been to jail, then?
- You know nothing about pride.
- Come here.
- Let go.
- Just because I'm an ex-con?
You know nothing about pride, punk.
- Why are you crying?
- Darn it.
If I let this go, you're dead meat.
- Let go, then.
- Please talk it out.
- I don't want to kill anyone.
- You're an ex-con, anyway.
Ex-cons love
to quote about the thirsty deer.
If you're not thirsty, are you an angel, then?
What are you talking about?
Stop talking nonsense.
Do you understand it now, punk?
- Do you think I do?
- Are you kidding me?
- Hey.
- Please let it go.
Okay, everyone. Get ready to clap.
Clap three times. "I love you."
We'll try it one more time.
Clap three times. "I love you."
- I love you.
- I love you.
Great job, kids.
This time, only the grown-ups will do it.
Clap three times. "I am sorry."
What? They have to let go of each other to clap, right?
You should stop. Kids are watching.
- That's right.
- Stop it.
- What are they doing?
- They are watching.
- It's nothing.
- Clap three times.
- "Patch things up." - Right.
- Patch things up.
- Patch things up.
- Patch things up.
- Patch things up.
- Okay.
- Patch things up.
- Patch things up.
- This is
- For goodness' sake.
- Darn it.
Are you belittling me because I'm a lefty?
- Punk.
- Hold on.
Okay. Let's call it off, then.
We distribute our products to 11 hotels
and about 80 major supermarkets.
Consumer perception has changed,
so our sales aren't that low either.
Our repurchase rate is much higher than other products.
I think our Frank line
comes with consumers' trust in the brand.
I'm sorry. He said something about trust.
I couldn't hold my laughter.
They say, "When you cook, your hands should be clean."
It's because you don't want germs in your food.
To be honest,
I don't want our customers
to have the food
made with dirty hands.
Your chairman is a regular of Cusen, right?
He loves charcuterie.
Yes, that's right. I'm surprised you know that.
Of everything, he loves jamon, the whole hind leg of pork
dry-cured in salt,
and prosciutto, the slices of a wild boar's thigh
that has been salted and dry-cured.
How did you know all that?
It was written in here.
(Where is Cusen where Chairman Lim is a regular?)
(Wine and charcuterie)
(Jamon, prosciutto)
I see.
Mr. Kim Seung Joon.
(Kim Seung Joon, Chief, Yeojin Department Store)
The supplier for Cusen
is us.
(Supplied by Thirsty Deer)
Mr. Joo.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go.
(Entrance to Yeojin Department Store)
I think we have a problem.
Gosh. Why did you have to get into a fight?
Oh, that stings!
Dong Hui, be gentle.
Gosh. What a crybaby!
You are making a fuss,
but you got scratched just a tiny bit.
Hey, don't you know that the key to customer management is the face?
Really? Then
the key to customer management is missing.
Maybe it's dead.
Don't you dare tell Big Boss about this.
If Boss Ji Hwan finds out
If I find out, then what?
Good going.
I sent you to promote our products, but you got in a fight?
Well What brought you here?
I knew you'd be messing things up, so I came to check.
I shouldn't have come.
No, we didn't start it, Boss.
That's not the case, Boss.
He belittled us for being ex-convicts.
But aren't you an ex-con?
I am, but
Never mind, Boss.
Have you forgotten because it's been a while?
Or are you confusing yourselves
for normal company employees because you work like them?
Going to jail doesn't erase the fact that you committed crimes.
We got punished
for not doing what others think is common sense.
If he reminded you of that so that you wouldn't forget it,
you should have thanked him.
Why grab him by his collar?
I'm sorry, Boss.
My old habits came out without meaning to.
You had a rough day, so let's call it a day.
Let's have pork belly for dinner. Wrap it up.
Yes, Boss.
(Thirsty Deer's Sausages for Kids)
We'll wrap it up and leave, Boss.
Should I make a reservation at the black pork place?
- Wrap this up first.
- Come here.
Now, we will begin
the cooking class with Ms. Mini!
Today, we'll make something you like.
Ms. Mini loves it too.
We're going to make a pizza.
- It's a pizza.
- It looks good.
Okay. With this fine flour,
why don't we make some stretchy dough?
After kneading, the dough became stretchy, right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Should we check how stretchy it got?
- Yes.
- Take a look.
- Cool.
- Amazing.
- Director Lee!
- Don't throw it at me!
Stop it! Gosh!
White snow is falling down.
(Tasty playtime with Ms. Mini)
- Here.
- Hey!
- It's snowing.
- Don't throw it to me.
It's flour!
- Here.
- Nice.
It's snowing.
It's snowing in the summer.
I told you not to throw it at me. Gosh.
For goodness' sake. Don't do it.
Eun Ha, you can't do this.
That woman is
Here you go.
- Here it comes.
- Hey!
Wasn't it fun today?
Sure. It was fun, indeed.
I'll go back after cleaning this place up.
You can go first.
Okay. Got it.
(Tasty playtime with Ms. Mini)
See you later.
- Gosh. How long will it take?
- Why aren't they coming out?
Where did Boss Ji Hwan go?
Is he using the restroom?
He didn't look like he was going to the restroom.
- He won't answer his phone either.
- No?
I'll ask around.
(Tasty playtime with Ms. Mini)
(Women's restroom)
Gosh. There's so much flour on the floor.
(Men's restroom)
Oh, no.
Are you all right?
Gosh. I'm sorry.
What the heck?
I'm sorry. I didn't know you were behind me.
- It hurts, doesn't it?
- It's okay.
Wait. What should I do? Hold on.
Try to straighten your body. Hold on.
Do you want to hold this?
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Boss.
Big Boss. What are you doing?
- Wait.
- Oh, no.
- What?
- No.
Here. Take my hand.
If you're reckless
and brainless, you'll end up with a broken skull.
Don't ever come near a person like me.
Keep a distance of at least 50m. Understood?
A 50m distance!
(Experience various products and events!)
- Boss!
- Boss!
- Oh, no!
- Boss!
Oh, no!
- Boss.
- Oh, gosh!
Put him on my back.
- Hurry.
- What should we do?
Call the police.
- The police?
- Do you mean call 911?
- Don't touch him.
- Why not?
Don't touch him right now.
- How could this have happened?
- Don't touch him.
(Thanks to Kim Young Ok, Haha, Byul, Seo Nam Yong, Choi Daniel,)
(and Sung Dong Il for their special appearances.)
(My Sweet Mobster)
Could it be the Kitty Gang's doing?
It doesn't matter if he gets wind of what I'm up to.
He's got an urgent matter to take care of.
It's nothing new that people get into fights.
Uploading this kind of video online is a bigger problem.
Why am I hiding?
Who is he really?
The agenda of the video is too obvious. I doubt she posted it.
- What?
- What?
How is your injury?
I should be afraid,
but I'm not.
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