My Sweet Mobster (2024) s01e02 Episode Script


(My Sweet Mobster)
(Um Tae Goo)
(Han Seon Hwa)
(Kwon Yul)
(My Sweet Mobster)
The accused, Ko Eun Ha.
For the charges of impersonating a public servant and manslaughter,
the accused is sentenced to life in prison.
You have the right to remain silent
and have the right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You're not real police, are you?
(Impersonating a public servant)
- Gosh.
- Boss.
- What's happening?
- Call 911.
Guilty of manslaughter? I
I didn't kill him.
I didn't kill him, Your Honour.
(Life imprisonment)
- Boss.
- Boss.
- Boss.
- Can you hear me, Boss?
- Boss!
- Wait.
- Excuse me.
- I'll go with him.
- I'll go.
- Boss!
- I'll go with him.
- Hop in.
What do we do, Boss?
- Take me with you.
- Hey.
- Hey, let's go.
- Where are you going?
- Where?
- Hurry up.
(Kids Food Festival)
He has got to be alive, right?
Hit like and subscribe.
(My Sweet Mobster)
This is the right size.
Get the coffin made of paulownia. It's the most expensive one.
We should serve yukgaejang to the guests, right?
For the shroud,
get the black suit, which was his favourite when he was alive.
The shroud should be white, though.
I'm not dead.
- Goodness, gracious.
- My goodness.
- Big guys are coming too, - What?
- What?
- don't be stingy with beef.
Enough is enough.
- My goodness! Boss!
- Boss!
Are you all right, Boss?
Where am I?
Oh, no. Don't you remember?
Boss. How many fingers do you see?
Gosh. What are you doing?
I'm sorry, Boss.
I'm sorry, Boss. Goodness.
You're up.
He fractured his ribs and had a mild concussion.
I'm relieved to hear that.
You need to take it easy for a week.
Forget it. I don't need to
- Goodness.
- Boss, don't get up.
I knew you'd do this.
To be specific, you fractured the 5th and 6th ribs.
That's impossible.
- Because of the mere mop?
- "The mop?"
I saw it with my own eyes.
That tiny woman swung the mop like a cudgel
and stabbed it right into your chest.
As for you, Boss, you got tossed
like a paper doll.
What is he saying?
These idiots. Stop pretending that you're crying and get out.
Take it easy, Boss.
(Seoan General Hospital)
(Seoan General Hospital)
- Director Lee!
- You shouldn't throw it at me.
- Yes. It's snow.
- Gosh.
- Guys.
- Ms. Mini.
- Ms. Mini.
- Ms. Mini.
(Tasty playtime with Ms. Mini)
(Ms. Mini)
"A kids' content creator?" What is that?
(Ms. Mini: WeTube)
Right, the WeTube.
A WeTuber?
"Save a baby from Monster Octopus."
"Playing make-believe as a special police squad member?"
She is unbelievable.
If she plays make-believe as a special police squad member again,
an innocent person might end up in prison for life.
Right. She's a WeTuber.
(Officer Mini Catches a Thief)
I got you!
Officer Mini successfully caught the thief.
She is better at catching the perps than me.
(Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office)
Mommy will come back in no time, so stay right here.
Don't go anywhere. Got it?
(Prosecutor's Room 307, Prosecutor: Choi Young Joon)
(The child is with us in Prosecutor's Room 302.)
Play with Mini.
- Everyone, it's Ms. Mini.
- I don't understand
why he always brings the child of the victim
visiting another prosecutor to our room.
I'm going crazy or dying to know.
Didn't you know that our room was also a nursery?
We can't leave the child alone in the hall unattended.
Yes, of course.
All right.
- Guess what's in here.
- Snacks.
You're correct.
Ta-da. Let's eat them.
What? I know this video too.
How would you know it? You don't even have a kid.
I've seen it a few times.
I haven't watched this one. Should we watch it together?
Sounds good.
We have two kids in this room.
Guys, big news.
At Club Cat last week
It looks like a pencil, doesn't it?
- Now, we'll grab
- Nothing happened.
Fold it vertically once.
There was an assault case at Club Cat,
and Seo Ji Hwan was taken in.
Seo Ji Hwan assaulted someone?
Don't look so hopeful with stars in your eyes.
He got released right away.
It wasn't even a case. It was just a simple incident.
Okay, then.
Why are you coming back?
This is more than a simple incident.
Why do you find it strange?
Everyone knows that Seo Ji Hwan and Ko Yang Hee
hate each other like a dog and a cat.
But Ji Hwan went to Yang Hee's club?
That's already strange, isn't it?
That makes sense.
Did I watch all of them?
(Knock-knock, Mini's Package Delivery)
(Mission: Make Bubbles With Sticks)
"Mission, bubbles"
- Mission, go!
- Play with Mini!
Everyone, this is Ms. Mini.
Even when you don't have a bubble gun,
there's nothing to worry about.
With this homemade stick made by Ms. Mini
(Make bubbles with sticks.)
These bubbles are huge!
There are so many!
(Tasty playtime)
(Make Bubbles with Sticks)
Let's do it one last time. Come on.
This is lovely.
What's happening?
What? Is it because I hurt my head?
Why aren't you going away?
(Play With Mini)
For goodness' sake.
But I turned it off.
Gosh. What?
What's going on?
Go away.
Okay. That's the last one.
I'll finish you off!
This one doesn't pop.
She's no ordinary woman.
I swear.
She's a trained killer.
A trained killer who makes video content?
That's nonsense.
- Hey, Dong Hui.
- Yes?
I told you
to look into the broadcasting stations. How did it go?
None of them came to make a report, right?
None so far.
Is it really the Kitty Gang's doing?
Was there a woman in Kitty Gang?
Maybe she was scouted?
- Like a girl scout?
- What?
- Come on.
- No.
Lift it!
Hold it up.
Her codename
was "Ms. Something."
It's Ms. Mini.
- "Ms. Mini?" - "Ms. Mini?"
Well This is soy milk with calcium.
I hear it's good for your bones.
Okay. You can put it there.
you dropped these back then.
Right. Yes.
How is your injury?
Oh, well, it's all right. I'm fine.
I can even hit it like this.
You're supposed to
- It doesn't hurt.
- I see.
You're supposed to relax the muscles.
I see. I'm glad to hear that.
I'll be going, then. I don't want to bother you when you should rest.
Wait. Your bag is
(Taser, pepper spray 1, knuckles, expandable baton, pepper spray 2)
Are you
on your way to hunt a tiger?
It's better to be safe than sorry.
Yes. You're right.
Your life is precious.
To keep children safe
and to beat up the monsters,
you should always be well prepared.
- Okay. Thanks.
- Get home safely.
Hey, no!
Is there something going on?
- Boss.
- I'm changing my underpants. Wait.
I took off his underpants yesterday.
Can you go in there for a second?
Is it okay if we go in?
- Shouldn't we go in?
- We should.
- We should go in.
- We should, right?
Please lie down for a second. I'm sorry.
Please lie down.
We're coming in.
Did you get some rest, Boss?
Do you feel better?
Yes. I'm good.
Boss, we found out who that tiny rat was.
- "That tiny rat?" - That woman
who ambushed you.
That tiny woman rat is
Was it Christmas?
- Yes, she's Christmas.
- Yes, Boss.
She's a creator, not Christmas.
She's a kids' content creator.
There's more.
The gang she is affiliated with is
Is it Macau?
It's not Macau. It's Papillon.
It's neither Macau nor Papillon.
It's Macaron. Macaron Soft.
That's what it is. Stop being a show-off.
Okay. Well done.
- Get going, then.
- Also,
I'm guessing
that she's a spy sent by the Kitty Gang.
Otherwise, she can't be that skilled while playing with kids.
Should we get her now and beat her to a pulp?
Jae Soo, get out.
Man Ho, put that down.
Take them away.
She destroyed your ribs!
So, we should at least separate her spine
and check her sirloin and tenderloin.
Jae Soo!
Can't you see?
Jae Soo, please.
Get out!
Jae Soo, I'm in pain. I'm sorry.
- Please
- What are you doing, Dong Hui?
I wanted to put the blanket over you.
I'll do it. Thanks.
Can't you see? It hurts so much.
The doctor told me to be alone.
Hurry up and get out.
You get out first.
she's not what you think she is.
Don't even think of laying a finger on her.
Don't look into her. Especially you.
Don't do anything.
We should still break her in half, though.
He'll break you in half if you keep doing this.
Take it easy, Boss. Let's go.
We'll get going.
Shouldn't we catch her and beat her to a pulp?
- What was that?
- I'm not sure.
Gosh. They are gone.
I think they're gone now.
- Yes.
- Yes.
I'll also get going, then.
I see.
- Please get back safely.
- Okay.
(Seoan General Hospital, VIP ward)
Gosh. He was the one who laid a finger on me.
What? They know your name and where you work?
Within one day?
I don't know about my name,
but they did know where I work and what I do.
They were threatening to break my bones.
I should be okay, right?
Who is this guy?
Is he a gangster or the CEO of a meat processing company?
I heard it's a company of ex-cons, so it might be both.
Right. I heard gangsters pretend to be entrepreneurs these days.
And you went there yourself while knowing this?
Hey, he got his ribs fractured because of me.
What was I supposed to do?
His ribs are fractured?
Yes. He said they were fine, but apparently not.
I thought people like him were made of nothing but muscle,
including their brains.
- Why is he so frail?
- He wasn't that frail.
- What?
- It's nothing.
Anyhow, carry those self-defence items
- with you for a while.
- Okay.
If they did a background check on you, they are no ordinary people.
Hey. Where is this noise coming from?
Isn't it your phone?
It's from the comments.
Why am I getting so many comments?
(You have a new comment on the recently uploaded video.)
(The villains who make evil sausages)
What? How come there's a video uploaded that I don't know of?
(Macaron Soft)
Hey. Have you seen Director Lee?
- He must be at his desk.
- His desk? Okay.
Director Lee.
- Hello, Mr. Ma.
- Look who's here.
It's our new star.
What brought you here? You don't have a shoot today.
To celebrate? I was going to throw you a party tomorrow.
Mr. Ma, a video
I don't know of was uploaded to my channel.
What? Did you upload it?
It doesn't matter who uploaded it.
What matters is that it's a big hit, right?
Let's go in. Let's talk inside, our new star.
- Let's go.
- Mr. Ma.
These sausages are made by ex-cons.
- Who knows what they put in them?
- What?
(These villains made evil sausages. Let's defeat the villains!)
(How could they make a little boy cry?)
"Patch things up."
(Go away, you evil villain.)
The video already got 2.5 million views.
At this rate, the video will easily get ten million views.
How could you post this video without running it by me first?
What am I supposed to upload if not a video like this?
What's wrong with this? Do you think you look too unpolished in it?
Should I get them to add some filters?
No. That's not it.
You made the men from the meat company
look like thugs, causing a scene.
Well, that's not so far from the truth.
The company is run by thugs,
and there was indeed a fight.
Director Lee did a nice job, turning lemons into lemonade.
What's the fuss?
This video was edited based on facts.
He edited the video with an evil intention.
That's right. He's evil, so he did it with an evil intention.
- If he was kind
- Seriously.
Eun Ha.
Do you think you would have gone viral
without this kind of video that captured a crazy scene?
I don't want to go viral with this kind of video.
Because if I keep this up,
I really might be gone for good.
It'll make your bones healthier and make you grow taller.
It's the milk you love.
This organic milk
- Come on. I can't believe them.
- is made from happy milk cows
- Is this the best they can do?
- that drank clean water
- and had organic feed
- The camera didn't do her
- justice even a bit. Seriously.
- on a vast meadow.
So, if your stomach hurts
or your mouth feels dry after drinking milk,
you won't have that problem with this milk.
In fact, compared to regular milk, it has twice as much fatty acid
What? I haven't watched this one yet.
"Fighting the Villain,"
"Spreading the Evil Sausages."
What are you doing?
Oh, my. She must fear nothing.
How could she post this video?
Maybe she didn't know who they were.
Is there a way to get rid of this video for good?
If our prosecutor finds out about this,
he might get fixated on Thirsty Deer and say they assaulted this father.
I see a hassle coming up ahead.
- Well done, kids!
- What hassle?
Well, starting this year, we will be two years younger.
So I wonder if people who were born in December should address people
who were born in May of the same year as elders.
What were you watching?
Not to give you any dull moments,
I've been getting updates
about Seo Ji Hwan from various sources.
What updates?
Similar to a freshly slaughtered piece of meat,
Thirsty Deer is being dissected, scrutinized,
and torn apart by the people on the Internet.
You can see it right here.
Who are you?
I see. You guys are in on it together, aren't you?
- What? We're in on it together?
- Let go of me!
Why is that on her channel?
Right. She should've played only with kids.
How is she going to clean up this mess?
Why did she come after these scary men?
You have no idea how many awful comments she's been getting.
"You fudge nuggets." "You stupid girl."
"What an idiot." "You should be stoned to death."
"You dirtbag." "What a loser." "Grow up, you jerk."
I hope the kids haven't learned how to read yet.
(I've never heard of this channel. It will go down for sure.)
What exactly happened?
She acted as if she was on moral high ground.
Look at this. She got her views with a trolling video.
Maybe, she had it all planned
when she volunteered to go to the festival.
Who knows?
She might have said things like "I only think about the kids."
But who knows what she was planning on her own?
If you're going to badmouth someone, do it somewhere more private.
If you do it where everyone can hear you,
you're basically attacking her right in the open.
It's not like she's here. Why do you care?
Why do you care?
How do you know she's not here?
I didn't post the video.
I didn't know either.
But now, you do.
We make unboxing videos of toys. In your eyes,
aren't we villains too?
Villains? Not at all.
Eun Ha. Do you think you can be a hero of justice all alone?
You have to be right when everyone else is wrong.
Only then you can stay on your moral high ground.
Let's not give her any attention.
How does it feel to meet real-life thugs?
Can't you see? He grabbed her hair.
- She might've planned it.
- Who would make a lame plan
- like this?
- Making a living is tough.
She risked her life for money.
Risking her life to go viral like this is worth it.
I've been a loyal subscriber. I'm very disappointed.
I'll unsubscribe.
Leave this industry.
(Add comment)
What? Why am I signed out of the account?
(You failed to log in.)
Did they change the passcode?
Who is this girl?
She made one satisfying video to watch.
She's a kids' content creator.
She makes videos for kids to watch.
A kids' content creator?
Oh, right. Didn't a six-year-old kid buy a building
with his channel? Is she running a similar channel?
I know all about that.
By the way,
why is she still doing this when she's a grown woman?
You don't know? Okay. Sorry.
he will be busy, trying to get a handle on this.
He won't be able to spare a moment on the Jung Yoon Taek Incident.
It doesn't matter if he gets wind of what I'm up to.
He's got an urgent matter to take care of.
Wait, no.
Did he already have a hunch that something bad
was going to happen to him?
I can't let it slide this time. Okay?
She turned me into a villain. What? I have prior assault charges?
How dare she call me violent? I served time for illegal gambling.
The illegal gambling charge is as bad as an assault charge.
Anyway, this is all because of that peewee.
Ambushing you was one thing.
But she's determined to drive down our business.
Why do you keep taking out your anger on him?
Well, we've been mocked before. This isn't anything new.
But this was a cheap shot.
I sacrificed my sleep
and worked hard to develop this product.
But I won't get a fair evaluation now.
This is upsetting.
I plan to take this to the civil and criminal court.
The video had spread to other platforms already.
Our brand's reputation has taken a huge hit
before the launch of our new product.
Are you certain she posted this video?
Her stage name, Ms. Mini, was clearly on the channel.
She must have no fear. She didn't even try to hide it.
Creators are also the producers of videos.
The agency couldn't have posted it without her permission.
I see.
Okay. I got your point.
What's going on?
(Ms. Mini is on the move!)
It's nothing new that people get into fights.
Uploading this kind of video online is a bigger problem.
People take out their phone cameras these days when something happens.
I doubt that was her intention.
Maybe, it happened in the middle of her filming.
But she posted it for everyone to see. That's a different matter.
Well, this is her job.
I get that. But she posted a video that would certainly cause trouble.
I would say she knew what she was doing.
To me, it doesn't look like she knew what she was doing.
If you watch her other videos, this video has a different style.
The agenda of the video is too obvious. I doubt she posted it.
How clueless. They must spell it out for the people to catch views.
They must expose the bare bones.
Well, they must leave comments like these because they all agree.
You see, people
don't even give a second thought when they write comments online.
They leave comments because they've got fingers.
I've got fingers too.
Anyway, other people might think
that you have a soft spot for this girl.
- Pardon?
- The truth is,
you hate Thirsty Deer.
But it sounds as if you're worried about her.
People might get the wrong idea that you like her or something.
(Chief Oh Chul Min)
Did you look into the incident at Club Cat?
Oh, of course. I found out why Seo Ji Hwan went to Club Cat.
One of his employees went AWOL.
So he went there to find his employee.
What employee?
Did he used to be in the Kitty Gang?
Oh, I didn't look into it that far.
But I should have.
I get the feeling I should look into that immediately.
Right. You're watching me leave.
Good luck.
- All right.
- This one?
Gosh. I wanted to do that.
This? Let me do it.
Gosh. Then I'll take this one.
- Hey.
- Yes.
- Let's do a special video.
- What?
"Ms. Mini Makes Thugs Go Crazy." What do you think?
- This will go viral. The thugs
- Sir. He's
are you?
Who are you?
- Sir. Here's your coffee.
- Yes.
- Director Lee.
- Yes.
- Director Lee.
- Yes?
Sit down.
Well, how about a cup of coffee?
Have some coffee, please.
All right, Mr. Joo.
I'm Director General Joo Il Young of Thirsty Deer.
I see.
You kept dodging our calls.
So excuse us for showing up without making an appointment first.
As you can see,
because of the video you posted without our permission,
you have damaged our company's social reputation
as well as credibility.
You compromised our social standing.
We plan to file a lawsuit
seeking compensation for this financial damage.
We also plan to file a lawsuit seeking compensation
for the psychological damage
suffered by our employees in the video.
Of course, we will also pursue a separate criminal lawsuit
for obstruction of business and slander.
According to the Information and Communications Network Act,
any act of slander with malicious intent
can result in imprisonment for up to seven years,
a ten-year license suspension,
and a fine of 50,000 dollars. You were aware of this. Correct?
(Imprisonment, license suspension, fine)
Yes. Well,
we were just about to take down the video. Right.
We're very aware
that slander is a serious matter.
Well, how should I put it?
Our profits are based on the view counts.
These creators can get quite competitive.
We've been telling them to stop competing against one another.
But they wouldn't listen. You know?
It's up to the creators to post these videos.
So there's only so much we can do.
It's a bit embarrassing to say this to you.
As for unpopular creators
with a low number of subscribers like Ms. Mini,
the only thing they care about is their own success.
She was so determined to make a name for herself.
Hey, aren't I right?
Yes. She's very determined to make a living.
Right. So
I'll take this opportunity
to impose serious disciplinary action on her.
Even if I have to make her pay the fine
and suspend her from posting videos,
- I will make sure this never
- Hold on.
I don't see any need to take it that far.
If you can make sure to delete the video on other platforms
and sign a written promise that this would never happen again,
I may be able to let this incident slide just this once.
Let this slide?
Yes. Of course. I must delete the video.
We'll make sure to delete any traces of that video.
I wonder why anyone would want
to slander such generous people like him.
(Macaron Soft Creators, Playing Courthouse)
(Origami: Paper Flowers, Outdoor Footage)
(Kids Food Festival, original footage)
"Original footage?"
Watch your steps, sir. Goodbye.
Hold on.
I'll head back down first.
What is it? Do you have something to say to me?
I didn't know that they posted the video.
I should have known.
- I'm so sorry.
- If you get ten million views,
do you earn 10,000 dollars?
- What?
- Or 100,000 dollars?
How much would you earn that you were willing to do this?
If you want, I could give you that money.
What do you mean
Do you not want my money because money from an ex-con would be dirty?
Hold on. I understand why you're saying this.
My employees
weren't some thugs who went there to cause a disturbance.
Nor did they go to get criticized
or mocked by the people.
They just worked hard to develop a product for kids.
So they went there to promote that.
They participated in the festival
with the same goal just like everyone else.
I think you're the one with a different goal.
(Let's meet again.)
(Subscribe and like the video.)
I heard the numbers of subscribers and likes were money here.
Now that you know how to make money, you can focus on being rich.
Or maybe, you already knew how to do that all along.
How could you make food for the kids
- to rebrand your image?
- Thugs like him shouldn't have
- been accepted, to begin with.
- That's the class of a company
- run by thugs.
- That's the problem. You know?
Dirty hands, dirty food.
- We don't need you.
- They did all sorts of things
for kids to improve their image.
- How could she post this video?
- She's trying to make money off
a video of grown men fighting.
Don't give her any attention. That's the best you can do.
What an easy way to make money.
- Is she happy with her life?
- She runs a channel for kids.
Can she post a video like this?
(Justice: Articles 307 and 311 of the Penal Code)
(deals with defamation and slander. Both in-person)
(and online comments are subject to criminal punishment.)
This is why I didn't want to buy their products.
Darn it.
Frank? Frank, my foot!
Get rid of them now!
- Okay. Just go on. Bye.
- Seriously.
Sir, why are you getting rid of these?
I've been getting complaints all day because of these darn sausages.
I'm going to return all of them.
All of them?
I have sausages from other brands. I can't sell them.
(Thirsty Deer Corporation)
The department stores won't take our products.
Small stores and supermarkets have been returning our products.
Okay. There's nothing we can do.
Penetrating into the market was harder for us than other people.
But we're getting pushed out in a matter of days.
It's happening so quickly that it doesn't even feel real.
We may be patient 100 times, but if we lose our temper just once,
people will only focus on that.
(Customer Management Team)
("Man from Ruckus at Food Festival Is from Company, Run by Ex-Con")
("Man from Ruckus at Food Festival Is from Company, Run by Ex-Con")
I should have held myself back that day.
It's finally here.
We're done with the packaging, Boss.
Come and try the sausages for kids.
Kid, do you want to try some?
- Try the sausages.
- Come here.
Come here.
Come and try our sausages.
A chance to try out sausages doesn't come every day.
(Creator Festival)
(Hello, Ms. Mini.)
(I love you.)
(Kids Food Festival, original footage)
(Thirsty Deer Corporation)
So you want to get a refund for our product.
- You consumed it five months ago.
- Once again,
- I'm so sorry.
- So we can't give you a refund.
I see. You bought our product.
But you want to get a refund for our product.
Sir, there aren't any drugs in our sausages.
Give me that.
Hello, sir. Have you heard of Drug Gimbap?
It's so tasty that
people get addicted to the gimbap as if there's drugs in it.
But you've tried Drug Gimbap before?
There aren't any drugs in our sausages.
- Because they aren't tasty
- Hello?
There's nothing we can do.
Make a note that gimbap with real drugs actually exists.
- Yes, sir.
- So you want to get a refund?
("Boycotting Thirsty Deer After the Assault Video")
We can't release a rebuttal, stating that there wasn't
a fight.
We can't clarify that our employee served time for illegal gambling,
not assault.
Darn, how am I supposed to spin this story?
You've got to be kidding me.
Yes, this is Yang Hong Ki.
Video? What video?
Another one?
You've got to be kidding me.
Eun Ha.
You and I need to talk.
It was you, wasn't it?
What was me? Wait, did someone steal from you?
You stole the original footage and uploaded it.
This is the product I promoted.
Can I take a few cartons?
As if I don't know that you took the footage
from my desk yesterday.
I'm not aware of it. Are you?
Do you know who edited the footage
and only posted the section that was damaging to them?
No one likes to be chewed out and insulted,
but I believe
that it's okay if that person deserved it.
I got a lot of hate yesterday, didn't I?
I'll leave before Mr. Ma gets here.
I have a feeling
he'll be hysterical today.
Come and try them.
Try our sausages.
Come and try our sausages.
- Kid, try this.
- I'm good.
No wonder the kids aren't trying these.
- Are you kidding me?
- I'm sorry.
Do you know how expensive this shirt is?
- Why you
- What's the issue here?
Your employee got food all over my shirt.
Your shirt looks fine.
As if. Do you know how expensive this is?
It doesn't look that expensive to me.
Aren't I the customer here?
Sir, goodness me. I see he ruined your shirt.
We're terribly sorry.
Why don't you give us a call some other time?
Thank you, sir.
Who said anything?
Let's pick up the sausages. We don't want kids to slip.
Got it.
(Original footage)
(Drag and drop the video to upload.)
(Upload complete)
Here's the original footage from that day.
What you think of it is up to you.
It was uploaded by someone unknown.
This person didn't say who he or she was,
but we can probably guess who.
Why didn't she upload this
on her own channel?
I must've gotten it wrong.
She must not have authority
over her own channel.
You're just telling me that?
- I'm so sorry.
- If you get ten million views,
do you earn 10,000 dollars?
Now that you know how to make money, you can focus on being rich.
Or maybe, you already knew how to do that all along.
(Seoan General Hospital)
Why is she here?
Why am I hiding?
A humongous apple fell with a loud bang.
But then a mole appeared
and chipped away at it.
It's so fresh.
Then a rabbit appeared
and also chipped away at it.
Gosh, it's delicious.
Then a honey bee appeared
and sucked away at it.
Could it be sweeter?
The pig and squirrel also came together
and munched at the apple.
So delicious!
I see it's the day Ms. Mini comes to volunteer.
Look at how thrilled they are. They were dying to see her again.
(Seoan General Hospital)
It's so good.
The pig ate the most.
Yun A, why did you cry earlier?
Cheol said that the pig ate the most.
Did you cry because you were upset?
No, because I felt bad.
You cried because you felt bad that he fell.
Why don't we go to Cheol
and tell him how you really feel?
How one feels doesn't show on the outside,
so he will never know unless you tell him.
- Right?
- Sure.
Cheol, I'm sorry.
Yun A apologized.
It's all right.
(Seoan General Hospital, VIP ward)
(VIP Patient: Seo Ji Hwan)
(Seoan General Hospital)
I made the right choice.
(Documentary "Penguin")
(How the male emperor penguin protected his nestlings)
- Hey.
- Gosh.
Is this a hole?
What are you doing here?
There's a hole.
I wanted some beer.
Is that a problem?
No, I guess it isn't a problem.
Didn't you see what I left for you?
Did you leave something for me?
- I'm really sorry.
- Wait.
I'm terribly sorry.
Without knowing better,
I said some harsh words to your face.
I hate being misunderstood,
but that's
how I treated you.
Gosh, no. I got the wrong idea about you first.
- No, I was
- No, I was worse.
I guess not, but
Anyway, how are your ribs?
Well, they're fine.
I'll be discharged tomorrow.
I'm glad to hear that.
(Seoan General Hospital)
Well, I should walk to the next bus stop
to sober up a little.
Watch your health, then.
Right. Please get home safely.
I wasn't able to apologize properly which is why I came by.
I don't know if you'll be able to sense how sorry I am,
but I wish to apologize rather late than never.
I'm sorry.
Swing by for some kimchi.
Haven't you run out by now?
What should we have with the drinks?
Boiled pork? Jokbal?
Both boiled pork and jokbal sounds nice.
The weather's incredible, so how about a picnic?
That should be enjoyed with a guy.
I didn't know I had one.
It would be the perfect day to run into Hyun Woo.
Tell me about it. It'd be perfect.
Got it. Sure.
It would be the perfect day to run into Hyun Woo.
Tell me about it. It'd be perfect.
Wait, it's dangerous.
(42 Children Who Drank Organic Milk Hospitalized for Food Poisoning)
(42 Children Who Drank Organic Milk Hospitalized for Food Poisoning)
I know that wasn't easy.
Will you be heading to the office?
I should. I've been absent long enough.
Why isn't this working?
I thought Boss hated soy milk. He said they were bland.
He must've been embarrassed.
It's not like he has osteoporosis.
Being enlightened regarding his bone density
Do you actually know what "enlightened" means?
Yes, it means entirely and as a whole.
Get all of it, okay?
If you're ready, we should get going.
(Seoan General Hospital)
- This is me.
- Right.
Miss, you forgot to pay!
We loaded the car.
Kindergarten children who drank organic milk
have been seeking out doctors complaining about stomachaches
and other symptoms of food poisoning.
The milk in question turned out to be one that was promoted
by a kids' content creator at the recent Kids Food Festival.
Jongno Public Health Center
received reports at around 3:30pm from three kindergartens
that a total of over 30 children started complaining
about a stomachache moments after having their snacks.
The health authorities have banned the milk that was handed out
from being distributed and sold.
A recall will be issued for the products
that have already been distributed.
It's the milk you love.
This organic milk
is made from happy milk cows that drank clean water
and had organic feed on a vast meadow.
So, if your stomach hurts
or your mouth feels dry after drinking milk,
you won't have that problem with this milk.
Cheol, you love milk, right?
Why don't you have this?
Thank you.
Cheol, are you all right? Are you sick?
Ms. Mini.
Ma'am, is Cheol all right?
(Organic Milk)
I'm so glad.
What a relief.
- Darn it.
- Unbelievable.
They always make us wait. Let's go to another doctor.
(Accident and Emergency)
Over here!
We need some help out here!
Please hurry.
Will she be all right?
Why is this happening? How could
something like this happen?
- Doctor.
- My gosh.
Why aren't there any doctors around here?
This is what he drank.
I'll soon check on him, so please wait.
- Doctor!
- Doctor.
- Help her.
- I'll be right back.
Come on. Let's go.
Please help us!
Someone please check on our child.
She said on her channel that this was safe to drink.
It was her.
I'm sorry.
You said it was safe.
You said so yourself! You said it was safe to drink.
You said we could give it to our children!
Is that her?
I'm sorry.
How will you take responsibility for this?
You'll pay if something happens to my kid.
Darn it!
If the milk is that good, drink it yourself!
(Organic Milk)
- My gosh.
- What on earth?
- What just happened?
- Who's that?
Who on earth is he?
Close your eyes and count to ten.
(My Sweet Mobster)
How do you comfort a woman when she's upset?
Does it hurt?
My neck. I'm hurting too.
Ask if she's upset.
Hey, it looks like a map.
Doesn't it look like India?
That was too loud, wasn't it?
Seoul Central District
Voice phishing?
I almost fell for that.
For the time being,
- I will be closing down my channel.
- What?
(Life is transitory.)
Were you really a mobster?
Please keep posting videos on your channel.
I miss you.
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