My Sweet Mobster (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Life Is Transitory

(My Sweet Mobster)
(Um Tae Goo)
(Han Seon Hwa)
(Kwon Yul)
(My Sweet Mobster)
(Seoan General Hospital)
- This is me.
- Right.
Miss, you forgot to pay!
Boss. We loaded the car.
- Right.
- Get in.
Dong Hui, pull over for a second.
What is it? What?
Why did he get out?
(Seoan General Hospital)
Here's a photo of the organic milk for children uploaded online.
There have been multiple posts,
complaining about having food poisoning symptoms,
such as diarrhoea and stomachache,
after drinking milk promoted by a kids' content creator
at the recent Kids Food Festival.
The controversial creator
promoted it as a safe and kind milk.
You said we could give it to our children!
How will you take responsibility for this?
You'll pay if something happens to my kid.
- I'm sorry.
- Darn it!
If the milk is that good, drink it yourself!
(Organic Milk)
Oh, no!
Close your eyes and count to ten.
- What are you doing?
- Who are you?
Save the milk, and throw it to the milk company.
Put me down at once.
(Accident and Emergency)
Put me down, or I'll call the police.
Were you going to wrap me up to send somewhere?
The only wrap I know is a lettuce wrap with pork.
I just brought you out before you got roasted.
Why did you bring me out?
You were about to get hit by all the milk cartons in there.
That was why I brought you out.
They'll throw it to me. It's none of your business.
I guess you were leaving the hospital. Go ahead.
What are you going to do inside?
Are you going to take all the blame by yourself again?
The actually responsible ones haven't even shown up.
Why are you trying to take all responsibility?
They had the milk after watching my video.
I'm also responsible for it.
You can go in if you can fix this.
Here you were.
The two of you.
(Accident and Emergency)
I thought it was a good company.
Its people were nice.
The product looked clean.
I trusted them based just on how they looked.
It's so stupid that I made the same mistake twice.
Yet here I am, running away.
Well, actually
Fleeing is the best option in a fight.
They were not there to fight.
They were just upset because their children were sick.
Because it was organic milk
Because it was good milk from the milk cows
fed with clean water and good feed,
they gave it to their children with confidence.
But their children got sick.
So, they got upset.
You're hurt too.
If you underestimate an ankle sprain,
it can be a big problem.
Put it on the injured area.
Thank you.
What? Eun Ha.
Thanks for the ride.
Please call me whenever you need it.
We can go for a drive.
- Bye, then.
- Okay.
Look how bad the stains look.
Hey, it looks like a map.
Is it the American continent?
Is it Europe?
Thanks for your help earlier.
You ruined your clothes because of me.
No, it's all right.
I was just curious.
- Please go in.
- Is it really okay?
Yes. I just wanted to check it.
You can go in.
We're sorry.
What is it?
Yes, it's Australia!
I'll dry-clean it for you.
No. It won't cost much.
I spoke too loud, didn't I?
I'm sorry. You can go now.
Is it Australia? Maybe not.
I'll get going.
Hey! It looks like Asia if you look at it from this angle.
Hey, Il Young.
What do you think it is?
It's India, right? Or Indonesia?
Hit like and subscribe.
(My Sweet Mobster)
Just tell me.
- How do you
- How do you comfort a woman
when she's upset?
Do you read minds?
I don't have to read minds. It's written on your face.
- Is it written on my face?
- Let me tell you one thing.
Usually, people don't care about pain relief patches
when they're injured.
Rather, you empathize with them and try to understand them.
"Does it hurt?"
"It hurt me too."
"Are you upset?"
"It upsets me too."
Are you saying I should repeat myself?
Have a good night.
Right after the food poisoning issue was raised
on the organic milk launched by one company on the 27th,
the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety inspected the company.
The results showed
some products contained
Why are you turning it off? It wasn't over.
Are you going to watch every news out there about it?
- They are about to explain why.
- They reponed the package to
What are you going to do after finding out about everything?
Are you going to write an article about it?
Hey. You suffered enough today.
Stop watching it, and go home.
No, that's not it. Eun Ha.
Tell me what's going on with those deers.
What happened?
Did you make up and suddenly become friends?
Why did they drop you off here?
Right, also
Did he buy the whole pharmacy?
He just went a little too far.
Are you taking his side already?
That's not it.
Hey. Let me see it.
Goodness. There's no need. I just twisted my ankle slightly.
Come on. Let me see.
I told you I was fine.
Gosh. Stay still.
Hey. If you only twisted your ankle slightly,
why do you look as if you broke your leg or something?
You didn't
break your leg.
You just twisted it slightly.
Mi Ho. You see,
no one ever played with me until I was seven years old.
My mom was always busy, exhausted, and tired.
There were more days I didn't see my dad
than days I did.
Tell me where your husband is! Tell me right now!
I don't know where he is either!
I don't know!
Stop it!
I don't know where he is either.
I don't know!
On the other hand, to a seven-year-old girl,
her day felt so long.
She kept climbing up the stairs again and again.
Then she repeatedly climbed down the stairs.
But time moved ever so slowly for her.
Then she met Hyun Woo.
I wanted to be someone like Hyun Woo to other kids.
Someone who would tell them
a pocket with a hole was not a big deal.
When their coins fell on the ground,
- they could play a coin game.
- Odd or even?
When there were holes in their socks,
they could use the socks to make earmuffs.
I wanted to be someone who could tell them what to do.
- You can't hear a thing, right?
- No.
If scary guys come to your house again,
put these on. They won't hear them.
So creating videos for kids
brought me joy.
I was thrilled.
But I shouldn't have treated it as a thrilling job.
The weight of this career was
a lot heavier than I thought.
But I didn't know that.
"Are you hurting?"
"I'm hurting too."
"Are you upset?"
"I'm upset too."
"Are you hurting?"
"I'm hurting too."
"Are you upset?"
"I'm upset too."
(Accident and Emergency)
- Yes?
- The kids from yesterday
What happened to them? I don't see them here now.
They all went home except for one.
They did?
Luckily, their condition wasn't severe.
(Accident and Emergency)
Will this be safe to drink?
Because you bought it at the hospital,
will it be safe to drink?
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
My daughter was your fan.
I don't have a husband.
Raising a daughter on my own is tough.
This coin
helps the flying dish spin
- smoothly.
- Luckily, I can work from home.
So attach it thoroughly.
Sometimes, she distracted me from my work.
So I let her watch online videos.
- We only have one more left to go!
- At first,
I played videos from another channel.
But she kept asking me to buy toys for her.
Odd or even?
Ta-da. You got it right!
Yes! It's spinning!
Look at it spin!
It's spinning! Look at it spin!
Yes! Nice.
One, two, three.
It's spinning!
Isn't this fascinating? Look at that spin!
We finished!
After I started playing your videos,
she started to play alone.
I was grateful to you.
What that man said was true.
It was my responsibility to play with my child.
But I pushed my responsibility to you.
I also put the blame on you
when my daughter got sick.
She's my child.
Why did I want to do that to you?
You must have trusted my videos to be safe. I'm sorry.
I should have done a better job.
I should have looked into the company more.
"I should have done a better job."
"I should have looked into the company more."
That's what I want to tell myself.
Thank you
for playing
with my daughter.
We didn't make her promote it. It was her decision to promote it.
- It was her own decision.
- Yes.
- Our company had no part in this.
- No.
- We don't
- What?
will you take responsibility for this?
Why don't we post an apology video?
- Director Lee.
- Yes?
Do you think an apology video will make this go away?
Our company got close to being mentioned
in the current affairs sections, not the entertainment section.
The festival agency hasn't made any announcement.
It's a bit odd for us to make an announcement.
We merely made a video about the product.
Hey. Listen to me carefully.
If this had been her first time getting mixed up in a scandal,
people wouldn't have blamed her.
But this is her second scandal.
So you're partially responsible for getting mixed up in this!
You were the one who got this sponsorship.
- Gosh. You
- I'll take a break to repent.
As this is a serious matter, I'll apologize thoroughly too.
I'll stop posting videos for the time being too.
- Good work.
- Okay.
Should I drive you to your house today?
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
Have you already finished filming?
I started early in the morning.
I heard you were taking a break.
How did you already
Don't you know that whatever is discussed in his room
spreads even before you leave the room?
You're stubborn too.
This would've blown over with time.
I didn't think that was a proper way to handle this.
Or maybe, you're not desperate for your job.
Eun Ha. You're not going to have anything to do for a while.
Do you want to clean my house?
Clean your house?
I was joking.
Didn't that sound like a joke?
That sounded more genuine than a confession.
Do you know Mr. Seo Ji Hwan well?
Mr. Seo Ji Hwan?
Yes. The CEO of Thirsty Deer.
Why are you asking about him?
He's the CEO of a company whose employees are ex-convicts.
He rarely attends public events.
There's no picture of him on their website
or in the articles about the company.
He's turned down all the awards from the government.
Is there anything you know about him other than this?
Never mind then.
(Thirsty Deer Corporation)
(CEO Seo Ji Hwan)
Just like you instructed,
we transferred the kids to available rooms and VIP rooms.
They were discharged after their condition was treated.
We also gave them legal support, so they could file
a class action suit.
I see. Good work, Dong Hui.
I'm here to see Mr. Seo Ji Hwan.
Where? The Prosecutors' Office?
Yes, the Seoul Central DPO Violent Crimes Unit. I'm Song
Hello? Ms. Ko Eun Ha?
Did the line get cut off or did she hang up?
What's going on?
You wanted to meet
- the Club Cat witness, right?
- Yes.
I wanted to ask for her testimony,
but she hung up.
(Name: Ko Eun Ha)
"Ko Eun Ha?"
(Occupation: Kids Creator at Macaron Soft)
I'll take care of her.
(Prosecutor Jang Hyun Woo)
- Hello?
- Hi, Ms. Ko Eun Ha.
- This is the Seoul Central DPO
- Seoul Central DPO
Violent Crimes Unit or something, right?
I heard there were no more voice phishing,
but it wasn't true.
Who would use such an old-fashioned method in this day and age?
"Voice phishing?"
I have nothing in my bank account. You can't even get a penny.
And because I'm a temporary worker, I can't get a loan.
What's more, I'm temporarily unemployed starting today.
I've got to find myself a new job.
Even a good luck phone call might not cheer me up.
So why must you do this to me?
Did you quit your job?
I didn't quit, okay? It's only temporary.
Wait. Is it hard to understand because you're not Korean?
Right. How about momentary? This could be hard, too.
- What else is there?
- For now.
Yes, "for now."
You're good at Korean.
(Channel Closed: Play With Mini is closed for the time being.)
Well, you must be upset.
Would I be crossing the line if I asked why you were
taking a break for now?
I no longer have the confidence.
Things you started with good intentions
might bring about bad results.
Yes, you're right.
Because the result is bad, it feels like everything was bad.
If the results were good,
even the tough times would've been delightful.
But results aren't everything for Ms. Mini, right?
Do you even train in counselling or something?
I almost fell for that.
Did you also do a background check on me?
Why are you using such a talent to scam people?
You'll pay for it later, you know?
Go further, and it might look like I'm really deceiving you.
Listen, Ms. Ko.
You do know about the assault at Club Cat, yes?
How do you know about it?
I called since you were a witness to the incident.
(Channel Closed: Play With Mini is closed for the time being.)
Wait. Let me answer it.
Yes, you've called the Prosecutor's Room.
Who are you?
Do you not know me?
(CEO Seo Ji Hwan)
- Do you know me?
- Do you not watch the TV?
I do watch it occasionally.
- And yet, you don't know me?
- Must I know you?
It's natural for people to know me.
I was everywhere on TV.
I came to settle my debt.
(Promissory Note)
(Principal: 80,000 dollars)
(Debtor: Kang Chae Mun)
This isn't our company.
Opposite this building is Kitty Money's office.
Settle your debt over there.
Do you truly not remember me? Eight years ago
Countless people have borrowed money from me.
Excuse me. I have prior plans.
Look, Mr. Seo.
Our guest is leaving, Dong Hui.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
The fried chicken place?
Oh, a chicken costume.
Isn't there anything else than eating?
You're right.
Most costume-related works involve eating.
Eating is really not my thing.
I can do everything other than that, regardless of the day.
Yes. I leave it to you. Bye.
Excluding sample tasting events, there are practically no jobs.
But without a set comeback date,
I can't get a different part-time job.
Or maybe, you're not desperate for your job.
You're not going to have anything to do for a while.
Do you want to clean my house?
No, forget it.
Pride gets you nowhere.
Throw it away, and it'll get you something.
Right, Eun Ha?
(Mild Caffe Mocha)
Seo Ji Hwan! It's Seo Ji Hwan!
- Seo Ji Hwan!
- What about him?
- He's here.
- What? Darn it.
Guys! Come here! Hurry!
Has everyone gathered?
Stop overreacting.
Ko Yang Hee is inside, right?
Tell him I'm here, will you?
I'm back. Gosh.
Is it true?
Is the Club Cat witness
that missy from back then?
I can finally get the picture.
It made me wonder why she uploaded such a thing.
So, there was a backstory we didn't know about.
Either way, she got deeply involved with Seo Ji Hwan twice.
Those two must be fated.
It's usually called an ill-fated relationship
and not fate.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't tell you he wasn't here.
I really hate you.
Did you look into it?
There was a reason I returned late.
Here. Have a look at this.
(Clean civil society, upright prosecution administration)
What is it?
The worker from Thirsty Deer who went AWOL is Jung Yoon Taek.
I investigated, and he had two drug convictions.
This guy belonged to a drug ring in Thailand.
He got a plea bargain by exposing all members of the ring.
You've seen these, right?
(Evidence Number 1)
The candy drugs.
Isn't this the drug Lieutenant Yang from the Seoul Police Agency
has been investigating since last year?
A new ring distributed this very drug.
This person, Dawin, is the leader.
And look at that corner of this photo.
It's Jung Yoon Taek.
The only member Jung Yoon Taek didn't disclose
was Dawin.
Did you come empty-handed when it's been ages
since we last saw each other?
Can't you see this?
(Mild Caffe Mocha)
I brought a total of 120 sticks of coffee.
So how am I empty-handed?
Really, punk.
You should've bought something more sophisticated.
But don't we both like instant coffee?
I don't hide my childish appetite.
Hold on.
Who's the one acting all clean now after serving time in jail?
Do you not wash yourself?
It's very important in this day and age.
Stop trying to drag him into it. He washed his hands off.
Let him go.
Why are you looking for your guy here? Darn it.
Isn't this the very method you always used?
I came knowing you looked into a route to Thailand.
Ji Hwan.
Ji Hwan.
Ji Hwan.
You think you know everything, don't you?
I only need to know what I want to know.
Jung Yoon Taek.
I came to tell you that
I will soon take him back.
So this was where you were.
You wouldn't answer your phone.
Have you dropped by Taek's house?
The kid is alone when his grandmother is at work.
With how wary he is, he refuses to talk.
- He's seven years old, yes?
- Yes.
It seemed like Taek visited quite often.
There were plenty of daily necessities.
The house was thoroughly repaired.
He even cleaned up
when he learned about his younger brother.
I'm sure he's taking good care of him.
Do you think Taek decided to go on his own?
I don't know that.
I'm sure there were many temptations.
It's so easy to go back on your decisions.
If we could all live the way we wanted, we'd all be saints.
The fact that we cannot do that is what makes us human.
We always change our minds.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Am I a sack of rice or something?
Why would he pick me up like that?
Is the stain gone?
His shoulders are broad.
His arms are long.
Why do I feel a breeze?
Come to my house by 10am tomorrow.
Why are they all gone?
(There are no videos available.)
What's wrong with this?
(There are no videos available.)
Oh, my.
Is this it?
You really came.
Oh, my.
Gosh. Your house is so nice.
Oh, my.
You can just come in.
- I can just come in?
- Yes, just come in.
Oh, it's American style.
Gosh. Your house is so nice.
That picture
It's so cool.
Is there a second floor too?
Your house is so cool.
Oh, right. Here's a present.
Someone might think this is a housewarming party.
The vase is a bit small, right?
I have to leave right away.
This is the bedroom. Inside, there's a bathroom.
That's the walk-in closet, and this is the study.
Study? Okay.
I have many clothes in the walk-in closet.
Take clothes that need cleaning to the cleaners.
Okay. Don't worry and go ahead.
The walk-in closet is over there.
I can understand why you're still at the company.
I didn't know you'd make an opportunity out of a joke.
I told you.
It sounded more sincere than a confession.
Aren't you running late?
- I'll get going.
- Have a good shoot.
(Life is transitory.)
(Life is transitory.)
(The videos)
(are gone)
(the Internet.)
(There are no videos available.)
Aren't you going to eat?
Are you going somewhere?
I'm going to head out. Do you need something?
Do I need something?
(There are no videos available.)
I don't.
I'll be back, then.
Did anyone call?
I want to go out too, but I don't have a coat.
I can only go out with a coat.
I really like coats.
And it's still cold.
Is the coat she took to the cleaners not ready yet?
Did she not call? Is it not ready yet?
"Favourite Award."
(Korean Marketing Grand Award)
(2023 Korean Influencer Grand Award)
(Korean Power Influencer Award)
(2023 Korean Favourite Brand Award 1st Place)
(2022 Good Influencer Excellence Award)
Come play with Mini.
Friends. I'm Mini.
(Yena TV 2022 Monthly Views)
(Reason for low view counts, I didn't develop my content enough.)
(Reason for high view counts, The song I hummed was popular.)
Or maybe, you're not desperate for your job.
(Miho Hair)
Is she asleep?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Well What brings you here?
I came to get my hair done.
But your hair doesn't need to be done.
I thought you would wash my hair.
You're Mi Ho, right?
"Miho Hair."
Take it off.
- Pardon?
- Pardon?
Not everything. Just your jacket.
Take your jacket off first.
Your laces were untied.
Well, since this is my first visit.
Thank you, although I don't know what this is.
It's a new product from my company.
It's a gift set. I'm sure it'll suit your taste.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Please take your time.
One moment.
Hi, Eun Ha.
I just wanted to see what you were up to.
I have a customer.
Kang Ye Na's house?
Why would you go there?
Here is the current location of the suit that you need.
Something came up. Could you pick it up instead?
It's already so late.
Let's see.
Ye Na?
You're back?
- Eun Ha?
- Oh, my.
What are you doing here?
Oh, my.
Good work, everyone.
Gosh, I'm tired.
- I want to change.
- Okay.
Do you have time today?
Did you invite Eun Ha too?
It's a creator gathering, so I invited her too.
Aren't those
garbage bags in your hands?
Oh, right
Did you clean this place?
Yes, I cleaned it.
I heard Ye Na would have guests today.
I made it especially clean, so please enjoy yourselves.
I'll go.
I heard she was broke. She's even cleaning this house now.
Please make yourselves comfortable.
Building 101.
Calm down, Ji Hwan.
I came to pick up my coat.
I didn't come with other intentions.
I came to pick up my coat.
Have you been well?
I'm here for my coat.
My coat
Take your pay for the day.
I almost forgot.
- Gosh.
- Here.
(1,000 dollars)
This is 1,000 dollars.
It seemed like you needed money,
so I thought I'd be generous.
It's true that I need money,
but this is too much.
I don't have any money on me,
so can I give some back when I get home?
Why aren't you saying anything
when you know I invited them here on purpose?
- What?
- You need to show a reaction
for me to find this fun.
It wasn't even subtle, so I had nothing to say.
I don't think I wronged you in a way to warrant this kind of hate.
I'm sick of it, that's all.
I hate that people like you make this job look like a joke.
I got into this line of work hoping it would seem light and fun.
I wanted children to play along easily.
Maybe I succeeded in that sense.
I'll make sure to wire you some money back.
I'll get going.
- Mr. Seo?
- What the
What on earth?
- Are you here to see me?
- Not really.
How did you know where I live?
Did you contact my agency?
Are the two of you not on good terms?
I'll get going.
Where are you going when you just got here?
- You should head inside.
- Mr. Seo.
Sir, it's me.
- You're here.
- Hey.
What should I have today?
Rolled omelet, spicy stir-fried pork
- A table for two?
- No, it's just me today.
Why on earth are you here?
Weren't you at Ye Na's place?
Let me see.
- But
- I'll have a soda, thanks.
You're having soda at a tent bar?
I can't I mean, I don't drink.
I see you can't hold your liquor.
Weren't you holding a beer bottle that one time?
Anyway, is this where you're going to sit?
There aren't any empty tables.
Allow me.
Why didn't you go home
and come here at this late hour?
How is it late when it's only 8pm?
- The night's still young.
- Gosh.
Allow me.
Thank you.
Do you also like Ye Na?
My gosh.
Oh, dear.
Are you all right?
I only asked because even I would be interested in her.
She's pretty, smart, popular,
and has an average of 100,000 likes.
I didn't hit like on her channel.
Don't you watch videos for kids?
What do you watch, then?
Are there channels you've subscribed to?
There's one.
Which one is it? One about mixed martial arts?
Anyway, it's no longer active.
You must be busy being a prosecutor.
Sorry? Oh, right.
I actually came from work, so I have to head back in.
Prosecutors don't earn a lot of money.
We don't get paid as much as we work, but there's honour.
I take it you own a house, though.
Yes, I need one if I'm to sleep and have a life.
Is it in your name?
Where is it? In Gangnam?
I'm sorry,
but interrogations are what I do most of the time,
so a conversation is what I want outside the office.
Not something that mimics an interrogation.
We're not here as suspects.
When did it start to rain?
Didn't you bring your car?
I work nearby, so
I'll get going, then.
I'm the one rejecting you.
Take this.
It's all right.
Take it. You'll catch a cold if you get soaked in the rain.
I have another one.
- I see. Then
- Go ahead.
Thank you.
("Play With Mini")
I'll get to see her tomorrow.
Why don't I
let you in on a secret.
I hate thugs and mobsters.
They'd come by
and always leave something broken in their wake.
One time it was glass,
and one time it was my piggy bank.
Did you know
that something broken
can never be mended?
All you can do is sweep up the broken pieces.
I'm sorry about that.
Why would you be sorry?
Were you at my house when I was young?
Were you really a mobster though?
Why do you want to know?
I would've liked it if you weren't.
I would've liked that
as well.
I'm too drunk to walk.
Why did I stuff myself? I feel queasy.
Where do you live?
I live far from here.
It's way over there
across the street and
And now I My gosh!
Shall we?
Isn't that how it's supposed to go?
Can you please wake up?
Don't tell me a single drink knocked you out.
Walk on your own two feet.
Talk about being a lightweight.
I would've liked it if you weren't.
Just a second. Try walking properly.
Hold on. Just a second.
Oh, no.
He's literally twice my size.
Wait. I should call a taxi.
No. This is no good.
It's dangerous.
Wait. Where did he go?
Mr. Seo.
Where is he? Mr. Seo.
Where did he go?
Mr. Seo.
Mr. Seo Ji Hwan. Where are you?
Do you hear me?
Mr. Seo.
Where on earth is he?
Are you ready?
Mr. Seo.
Okay. Landing.
Mr. Seo.
I mean What is this?
Wait, you are Ms. Mini!
What are you doing here?
Why did you take off your shoes?
- This one.
- Gosh.
Actually, I spin this really fast.
Yes. It's a roundabout, so it spins well.
I called a cab. It's getting late. Let's go home.
- Hurry.
- No.
- Let's go. Try it once.
- What?
Here. It's safe here.
I'll give you a safe ride.
Mr. Seo.
Ms. Mini, how is it? Do you like it?
- I'll get off now.
- Why?
I feel like throwing up because I'm drunk.
- I really feel like throwing up.
- Here.
- Ms. Mini.
- Yes.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Let's go home now.
No, Ms. Mini. Hold your vomit for now.
- I want to throw up.
- Okay. Ms. Mini.
There are so many things to play with.
Should we try the slide?
Follow me.
Hold on.
Aren't you going to go home?
One, two, three.
My shoes are off. Here I come!
Okay. Mission complete.
Gosh. One drink has changed him completely.
Transformation. Earth Defence Force, Flashman!
Mr. Seo.
My neck.
Gosh. Are you all right?
Let's go home now.
- What?
- We have to defeat the bad guys.
- What?
- Go. Transform!
It's slippery.
- Hurry up.
- Okay. I'm coming.
Hurry up.
- I'm exhausted.
- Hey.
Okay. Ms. Mini.
- Yes.
- Get on.
- Gosh. It's been a while.
- Be careful.
- Gosh.
- Is it fun?
I'll ride it myself.
- Will you?
- Yes.
In that case
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
I need to take a rest.
Good gracious.
Hyun Woo, can you do this?
I can stand on it to ride it.
Hey. It's dangerous.
Mr. Seo.
Can you do this?
One, two, three.
I can ride it standing. Look.
It's been a while.
So, it's a bit scary.
- Yes.
- Be careful.
Gosh. It's high.
You're good.
Now, you're sitting. Good job.
Yes. I'm good.
"Good job."
No one has said that to me.
I'm bad with chopsticks.
I'm a bad cook too.
I'm not even good at studying.
Since I'm not good at anything,
I thought I should do what I enjoyed.
I have to be good at what I enjoy to continue doing it.
That's not true.
You are good at so many things.
You're good at making bubbles.
You're good at drinking too.
How did you know I was good at making bubbles?
Did you see other videos too?
- Ms. Mini.
- Did you see others too?
You said you don't watch videos for kids.
Can you hear me? Let's hurry and move on.
- Hurry up.
- You saw them.
- Where are you going now?
- Hurry up.
Are you going to try all the rides here?
Hurry up!
- Alley-oop.
- Oh, dear.
Isn't it fun?
Wait, Mr. Seo.
It's so much fun. This is a fun moment.
Stop right there.
That was a blast.
That was a blast.
It was fun, wasn't it?
"It was fun, wasn't it?"
I feel a bit better now.
"I feel a bit better now."
It's been so long since I played like this.
"It's been so long since I played like this."
Why are you mimicking me?
What? Am I?
You mimicked me just now.
When did I?
Look. An airplane is passing by.
They must be happy up there,
looking down on us over the clouds.
How about the person over here?
Is she happy?
I'm a little bit happy now.
Keep doing the videos.
The videos.
Don't stop making them.
Oh, that
Are you talking about "Play With Mini?"
Didn't I tell you I'm taking time to repent?
Keep making them even when you're taking time to repent.
How can I do that when I'm repenting?
What should I do?
I want to see them.
(Thanks to Oh Na Ra and Wang Ji Won for their special appearances.)
(My Sweet Mobster)
Why did I do that?
Darn it.
Was the drink drugged?
Did you get home safely yesterday?
Is your name really Jang Hyun Woo?
Are you firing me?
Her contract was terminated today.
If it's all right with you,
- do you want some ramyeon?
- What?
Did you sleep with her?
What? You tiny witch.
Aren't you scared of Seo Ji Hwan?
Why don't we get some help from someone
who is good with kids?
Can I help you with anything?
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