My Sweet Mobster (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

The Uninvited Guest

(My Sweet Mobster)
(Um Tae Goo)
(Han Seon Hwa)
(Kwon Yul)
(My Sweet Mobster)
Look. An airplane is passing by.
They must be happy up there,
looking down on us over the clouds.
How about the person over here?
Is she happy?
I'm a little bit happy now.
Keep doing the videos.
The videos.
Don't stop making them.
Oh, that
Are you talking about "Play With Mini?"
Didn't I tell you I'm taking time to repent?
Keep making them even when you're taking time to repent.
How can I do that when I'm repenting?
What should I do?
miss you.
Wait, what's the time?
I should head home.
My gosh.
Ms. Mini,
you're heavier than you seem.
What the Hold on.
I blame you
for having needlessly long legs.
Anyway, aren't you going?
Let's go.
It isn't mine.
Isn't someone calling you?
(Joo Il Young)
He only had one glass to drink,
so I don't know how he got so wasted.
Tell me about it.
He drank himself to the point of sweetness.
Sorry? The point of sweetness?
He becomes a sweetheart when fully intoxicated.
One drink would do that and then some.
I see.
You should come with us. I'll drop you off.
That's all right. I've sobered up
and live close by.
Well, then
Have a good night.
Il Young.
Yes, Boss.
I had some fun today.
You must've enjoyed the downtime.
It feels
Hit like and subscribe.
(My Sweet Mobster)
- Landing.
- Mr. Seo.
Ms. Mini!
I'll give you a safe ride.
Transformation. Flashman!
My neck.
I want to see them.
I miss you.
I should've given it to him yesterday.
Please call me whenever you need it.
We can go for a drive.
(CEO Seo Ji Hwan, Thirsty Deer Corporation)
I thought it was the driver's business card.
Darn it.
Why did I do that?
Was I out of my mind?
Hold on. Was the soda drugged?
Only that explains why I was drunk.
She saw it all.
What else did I do? Was I on the swings?
Darn, the Flashman act.
What else?
(Yang Hong Ki)
(CEO Seo Ji Hwan)
- Yes?
- Why haven't you been picking up?
We're ready for the meeting, so come on down.
Got it.
Did you get home all right last night?
I wasn't able to give back your coat.
When can I bring it over?
(Prosecution Service)
(Prosecution Service)
It's actually this way.
(Prosecution Service)
(Prosecutor's Room 301 to 307)
I see. Thank you.
How did he know?
(Prosecutor's Room 307)
Ms. Ko Eun Ha.
In here.
Yes, come on in.
(Prosecutor's Room 302)
(Prosecutor's Room 302, Prosecutor: Jang Hyun Woo)
(Prosecutor: Jang Hyun Woo)
(Prosecutor: Jang Hyun Woo)
I hope it wasn't a hassle coming here.
No, it wasn't at all.
Is your name really Jang Hyun Woo?
Yes, it's Jang Hyun Woo.
Is it your birth name and not one you changed to?
That's right.
Shall we begin, then?
Your name
is Ko Eun Ha.
You're 30
What about you?
- Sorry?
- How old are you?
I was born in 1988.
No way.
So you're 36?
Was being a prosecutor a childhood dream of yours?
Ms. Ko.
You see,
I'm the one who should be asking the questions.
You should stick to answering them.
Right. Sorry about that.
Fire away.
Sure, let's continue.
Place of residence Seoul
That's enough personal information for now.
On March 20 at Club Cat,
you reported Seo Ji Hwan on charges of assault.
Well My friend was the one who called the police,
and I handcuffed him
Were you perhaps one of us?
- Sorry?
- Do you remember
the faces of those who were involved in the scuffle?
I remember the employee who was on the floor.
- It's the police.
- There was also Mr. Seo.
- Go on.
- The police?
There was also a man with a scar on his face.
Is this the man?
Yes, that's him.
Do you know what this man and Seo Ji Hwan
talked about?
I arrived at the scene
after the scuffle had taken place,
so I can't say I witnessed anything.
Mr. Seo was holding a broken bottle
which led to a misunderstanding on my part.
I'm sorry for asking, but is Mr. Seo an acquaintance of yours?
- Sorry?
- You've been
saying his name with ease.
Oh, that.
We ended up crossing paths a few times after that incident.
I heard a video of yours
created bad blood between you and Thirsty Deer.
Did they make threats or retaliate?
You must be on top of everything being a prosecutor and all.
Do you know about that too?
But not at all.
The video incident was all a huge misunderstanding too.
That might not be the case.
It being a misunderstanding that day
doesn't mean that's the case for other days.
The employees are all ex-cons.
That means on one of those days,
they were guilty.
Okay, Man Ho. What's our company motto?
- Flesh from Bones.
- Yes, Flesh from Bones.
In short, FB.
(Company Motto: Flesh from Bones)
It's all good, but the wording is harsh.
The company image is too harsh.
So I propose a brand ambassador who children take a liking to
and funwash our image
I mean, differentiate ourselves from other companies.
For instance,
a brand ambassador on Kang Ye Na's level
will help people view our products
as those that are promoted by her and not
And not
by us.
But that will never happen.
Anyway, starting a video content channel for kids
that introduces a cooking series
with our products is also in the planning stage.
But to be honest, even that
Did you get home all right last night?
Gosh, yes.
Shamelessly enough, I made it home all right.
I I'm so sorry.
I should've taken you home myself,
and I apologize for that.
When can I
give back your coat?
My coat? Oh, right.
If you tell me where you live, I'll come by for it myself.
No, wait. My asking for your home address
would be burdensome and somewhat scary.
What should I do, then?
Maybe we can meet at a halfway point.
A halfway point seems good.
But to bring it over, you might
be scared No, not scared.
Gosh, sorry about that.
You won't be scared, but the coat will be heavy.
And that wraps up my presentation
for how to promote Frank Sausages for Kids.
(Frank Sausages for Kids)
I should first ask how she is.
Yes, that seems right.
- What?
- The presentation is over.
I see.
Hong Ki, you did great.
Good job. You may go now.
(Company Motto: Flesh from Bones)
(Yes, you sh)
You f
Hold on. What
What the
Why did I
(Frank Sausages for Kids)
That seems to be enough for today.
Come to think of it, I didn't give you my card.
Please give me a call if there's anything else
that comes to mind.
Thank you for your time.
Gosh, watch your step.
One step at a time.
(Construction in progress)
(Prosecutor Jang Hyun Woo)
Prosecutor Jang Hyun Woo.
Prosecutor Jang Hyun Woo.
What's your dream?
I'm going to grow up and become
a prosecutor.
Really? That's so cool.
("Play With Mini")
- Are you all right?
- Prosecutor?
Wait, this umbrella.
("Play With Mini")
Do you remember me?
Take it. You'll catch a cold if you get soaked in the rain.
I have another one.
Wait, are you the one who got rejected that day?
Were you the guy from that day?
No way. This is fascinating.
Did you get home all right that day?
Take it. You'll
- Didn't you bring your car?
- Well, no.
I'll get going, then.
I'm the one rejecting you.
That's right. Anyway, I owe you one.
That's a relief.
It'd be too sad to get caught in the rain after being dumped.
- I wasn't dumped but
- That happens.
We can't all be favored and loved by everyone.
You must have the wrong idea because I don't get rejected
Did you bring the umbrella knowing that it was me?
How did you know though?
Are you a subscriber?
I can't say I'm an avid fan, but
Did you perhaps leave any comments?
I've memorized most of the usernames, you see.
Don't tell me you're Justice.
Justice. Articles 307 and 311 of the Penal Code
deals with defamation and slander.
They are subject to criminal punishment.
So please think once again before writing your comments.
Gosh, no. A prosecutor wouldn't be that obvious.
It's fascinating though.
"Justice?" Goodness.
I have work to get back to, so
- Prosecutor.
- It isn't me.
You said I should call
if anything else came to mind.
Actually, there's something I want to ask you.
Regarding what?
Can you excuse me?
Yes, Chief Oh?
Right now?
I see. Got it.
I'm sorry, but I'm still on the clock.
Can you tell me over the phone sometime?
I'll call you.
- Sure.
- Good.
this is a gift, so keep it with you.
- A gift?
- Yes.
Sure. I'll call you, then.
(Construction in progress)
(Yes, you sh)
You, sh
- Hello, Boss.
- You, sh
(Words that start with Sh)
(Shine, Shrine, Shoot, )
(Shake, Shore, Shirt, )
(Shame, and)
(Words that start with Sh)
Oh, no. Darn it.
- Hello, Boss.
- Right.
Prosecutor Jang Hyun Woo.
- Hello?
- Yes, hello.
I'm afraid I made a huge mistake.
- Sorry?
- It's nothing serious,
but the text just now was a typo,
so please delete it without reading it.
What do you think you're doing?
I'm sorry. I'm also clueless as to what I'm doing.
This is my unit.
I live here, you know.
But I'm at the office.
Why are you moving out my things?
- Do you live here?
- Yes.
I was told to move everything out.
- By whom?
- Your boss.
Mr. Ma, what's going on?
Eun Ha,
- what's the date today?
- The 10th.
What day was it a year ago?
- The 10th.
- Exactly.
Exactly one year ago,
you signed a contract with Macaron Soft.
As of today, your contract expired.
But Does that mean
- I'm fired?
- Gosh, no.
I'm not an arsonist who sets people on fire.
All you have to do is return your key
and walk out of the office like you normally do.
Was it your plan to dismiss me all along?
Not from the start.
We can't tell dung and doenjang apart from the start.
Of course not. I'm not a psychic.
You only figure it out after time has passed.
Whether that person is worth keeping
or should be flushed out.
Are you saying I'm dung?
No, what I mean is that
you went ahead and dunked yourself in the toilet
which makes you dung.
That's just my opinion.
It was fun while it lasted.
So long.
So long.
So long?
Mr. Ma, wait!
He swore at me for sure.
If you don't like my idea, then just tell me.
Throughout the meeting,
you were frowning scarily and ripping paper.
Am I supposed to keep working on this or not?
(Chief of Marketing Yang Hong Ki)
Hello, Chief Yang.
This is Kang Ye Na.
You should also tell me your affiliation.
It's not like Korea only has one Kang Ye Na.
Kang Ye Na?
Mr. Ma, you can't do this while I'm taking a break to repent.
Eun Ha, the reason for that is
- How about lunch tomorrow?
- Don't you get that?
But you can't let me go like this.
- Director Lee, stop her.
- This is wrong.
- Director Lee, wait.
- Eun Ha!
- But
- Stop it, will you?
I'm sure Mr. Ma has his reasons.
Mr. Ma, I didn't get to say goodbye to the kids!
Today, she was notified of her termination of contract
and was kicked out of her apartment unit.
Does she have a family?
Isn't she from Seoul?
I don't know about the details,
but she doesn't have any family in Seoul.
- What now?
- Hey. What is it?
Aren't you at the salon?
It's my dad's birthday today, so I closed up early.
Is it his birthday?
Wait. If it's Eun Ha, invite her over for dinner.
- We cooked more than enough.
- Eun Ha, is that you?
Come over for a drink!
He has already had a few bottles to drink
and is in the best mood.
Put me on the phone.
- Stop it.
- Give it here.
Anyway, why did you call?
I can't believe I forgot that it was his birthday.
It's nothing.
Wish him a happy birthday for me as well.
- What?
- Give it here.
I can't hear you properly,
so I'll call you back later.
What are you going to have?
- Hamburger!
- Hamburger. And what else?
- And cake.
- Cake.
Hyun Woo.
Hyun Woo!
Hurry on up.
Is it exhausting? Why don't we slow down?
It's been a while.
I can't believe it's still here.
It's hot, so be careful.
- Thank you.
- Sure thing.
I'll give you half.
- This is for you.
- Thanks.
- It's hot, so cool it down first.
- Sure.
- It's tasty.
- That's nice.
It's still here.
Hyun Woo.
It's me.
Hyun Woo?
Hyun Woo!
What's going on, Eun Ha?
Are you all right?
Let's get you inside.
Hyun Woo.
Come on.
It's all right.
Listen to me carefully.
Starting now, we'll play hide and seek.
So don't leave this box until I find you.
- Got it?
- Sure.
(Snow Removal Equipment Box)
No, let go of me.
- No
- Let go!
It's been blocked.
Mr. Seo?
Ms. Mini.
What are you doing here?
I could ask you the same thing.
Hold on. First, take this.
You're drenched.
- Gosh, thank you.
- Let me take that.
I used it to shield myself from the rain.
I'm sure the plastic kept the coat dry.
I tightly secured it on both ends.
That doesn't matter right now.
I'm going on a vacation,
but I had to change my plans due to the rain.
You must live around here.
Yes, I live up there.
- This house?
- Yes.
What? Since when?
From about eight years ago.
Eight years?
I see. So you must have moved to this neighborhood.
I can't believe this is where you live.
thanks for this. I'll get going.
Ms. Mini,
this coat is quite expensive,
and I need to check if the stain has properly
been removed.
I see.
Let's head inside for a bit.
- I'm sorry about this.
- It's all right.
I'm glad to hear that. Sure thing.
I'll take my time, then.
What did he say? Did he find her?
Where is she?
Is she all right?
You don't have to worry.
She's with my boss.
Right, your boss.
That's a relief.
Wait. Your boss as in
that man from before?
He may seem scary,
but you can trust him.
There's nothing more doubtful than one of his people
saying he's trustworthy.
Are you his right-hand man?
Well, I guess you can say that.
Then are you also
Am I an ex-convict too?
I'm not, but I might as well be one.
I see.
Is it like how people argue that they weren't driving drunk
when they drove after drinking alcohol?
I drank and did drive intoxicated.
But I just didn't get caught. I got lucky.
What? That's not getting lucky. You know?
You should've been caught and faced the consequences,
so you wouldn't repeat the same mistake.
You're right.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience on a rainy day.
You should get back inside.
Did you
Did I eat?
You must have been looking for her all day.
If you haven't eaten anything, come in and have some food.
My family was celebrating today. So we've got so much food at home.
I see. I don't have much of an appetite.
You don't need an appetite to have a meal.
Don't people eat when it's time?
I see. Okay.
If you get an appetite, come back then.
All right then.
("Play With Mini" posted a new announcement.)
("Play With Mini" will take a break.)
(We'll come back after we regroup!)
(Ms. Mini, you really have to come back.)
Ms. Mini, you really have to come back.
I miss you, Ms. Mini.
Please come back soon.
Ms. Mini, we love you!
Ms. Mini, stay strong!
Ms. Mini, we'll wait for you.
- I'll always root for you.
- Please come back soon.
- Hang in there, Ms. Mini.
- Ms. Mini, cheer up!
Everyone, it's Ms. Mini.
Today, we're going to play with sand today!
Yes! This is so fun!
Fill it up with sand.
Press on it.
Ta-da. Gosh. It collapsed.
Eun Ha. Something urgent came up. I'll get going first.
- Clean up for me.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Eun Ha. Could you clean it up quickly?
Let's set it up before Ye Na arrives.
(Yena TV)
Why not? Why won't you promote
- toys and the cosmetics?
- Sir.
Eun Ha. Just your head.
Right, my head. Let me try again.
"The three little pigs"
"Sir, why"
Gosh, come on. Eun Ha! You pushed the backdrop.
- Let me try again.
- Let's try it again. Focus.
My daughter was your fan.
Thank you for playing with my daughter.
- Check it. It came out so well.
- Let me see.
Give me a high-five.
(Seoul Central DPO)
("Play With Mini" will take a break.)
(We'll come back after we regroup!)
(Prosecutor Jang Hyun Woo)
I no longer have the confidence.
I didn't ask if she was doing okay.
Actually, there's something I want to ask you.
(Name: Ko Eun Ha)
Today, she was notified of her termination of contract
and was kicked out of her apartment unit.
Does she have a family? Isn't she from Seoul?
I don't know about the details,
but she doesn't have any family in Seoul.
Gosh. By the way, this is a big house.
I see. I live here with other people.
I see. You have more roommates?
But I only saw one toothbrush inside.
The six of us live in this house.
Are you married?
- Gosh. I guess not.
- No.
Thank you.
If you don't mind,
- would you like some ramyeon?
- What?
Would you like to have some before you go?
- What do you think about ramyeon?
- Ramyeon?
- Well, it's raining too.
- Ramyeon is tasty.
(Yukgaejang Ramyeon)
Hyun Woo.
Hyun Woo
Must I go on the late-night snack run too?
The forecast didn't say it would rain. Why is it raining?
There shouldn't be a box for weather in our diary.
Once you finish writing the diary, the weather will change.
It was embarrassing to hold this umbrella outside.
It shouldn't be called an umbrella. It's a semi-brella.
- You used my umbrella?
- I got wet.
I had no choice. I should at least cover up my head.
If you don't have use for it, can I give it to my daughter?
She does kendo with her umbrella.
Take that!
It's amazing how she always breaks her umbrellas.
Chief Oh.
Do you remember that case from last year? An old woman
got charged for theft when she took her neighbor's bicycle?
Was there a case like that?
She used it briefly and returned it to the neighbor.
Her intention to take someone else's property unlawfully
was recognized. So she was punished.
Don't you remember that?
I think I vaguely remember that.
But why are you bringing that up now?
So do you remember that or not?
I sort of remember it, and don't at the same time.
"Sort of?" Gosh. You either remember it or don't.
- It's a yes-or-no question.
- Well, it was
I don't know how you investigate cases
when it's so obvious what's going on.
Well, please find me that case file.
I'll buy an umbrella for Sol.
Since she'll do kendo with that, it must be nice and sturdy.
You should have told me everything.
I was wondering why you suddenly began watching a channel for kids
and obsessed over an umbrella for kids.
It's what I'm thinking, right?
What do you mean?
You got a nephew or a niece, right?
This is why I like you.
You're so quick.
I have my wits to thank for 90 percent of my successful career.
You really should get married soon and have a child.
So we can get off work on time.
Yes. I'll try my best for your sake.
Right. What's this?
Oh, that? After Jung Yoon Taek got released from prison,
he joined Thirsty Deer and then vanished.
Seo Ji Hwan has been looking for Jung.
If Seo Ji Hwan did have an argument and make threats at Club Cat
against Ko Yang Hee's underling, Lee Kang Gil,
I'm certain drugs are involved.
You're probably right.
I've been hearing a lot of chatter about Ko Yang Hee's gang too.
(Personal Information, Name: Jung Yoon Taek)
We must find Jung Yoon Taek
before they do.
Where am I?
Yes. Get it.
What a nice performance.
Gosh. It smells amazing.
(Cabbage kimchi)
Oh, my. It's nicely fermented.
Don't even think about it.
It's spicy. Go away.
We have a guest staying in the house. What is a surprise.
- Do you know who it is?
- I don't know either.
Hey, look at this fermented kimchi. It's so red. Doesn't it look tasty?
Come on. Why are we having kimchi with the steak?
You must consider the food pairing when you have a meal.
Besides, I told you to wear plastic gloves.
The last ingredient of kimchi is our hands.
You're so clueless. Seriously.
Even my hand is so red.
- I should wash it.
- Bring it here.
Gosh. Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like a swear word.
Seriously. He drives me crazy.
What an energetic morning this is.
This is going to be a super "red" day.
You should've washed your hands before you took out the kimchi.
What's the point of washing your hands now?
My gosh, it's Hanwoo.
- Which country is this from?
- What?
It's Hanwoo.
Right. I know that it's Hanwoo.
So which country is this from?
What's he talking about? Hey, the meat looks so juicy.
That looks tasty.
You startled me!
What are you doing here?
How did you get into the house?
Where's the rest of your crew?
- Come out now!
- No.
No. It's just me.
I see.
Were you Big Boss' guest?
Guest, my foot! She's an intruder.
Lock the doors, so she can't get out.
You're up.
Sit here. Let's have breakfast together.
I see. So you guys all live here together.
Hey. Could you at least explain to me what's going on?
What's going on right now?
You little
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
What are you all doing, standing up?
Did you see a cockroach crawling away on the floor?
Not a cockroach. We've got a rat in the house.
Let's sit down.
- Should I join you guys?
- Yes, please sit down.
- Sit here.
- Please sit.
Okay. Thank you. I'll sit down then.
- You little
- You startled me. Be careful.
- You'll just let her off the hook?
- Jae Soo.
Yes, sir.
Here's the flower.
- Whose turn is it to pray?
- Is that important right now?
It's my turn, sir.
Thank you for blessing us with the food as usual.
But you sent us the rat along with the food.
So you're putting us to the test.
We will block out the ratholes
and use the traps and glue traps to catch the rat
in order to bring back peace to our house.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Let's eat.
- Thank you for the food.
- Would you like some coffee?
- Gosh.
Sir, I cannot eat at the same table with my enemy.
I thought you cleared up the misunderstanding that day.
Ms. Mini posted the original footage for us,
so it was much easier to get the articles published.
I'm sorry. About that
Gosh. I heard the CEO of your agency was behind it.
Big Boss told us everything.
If you can't appreciate this meal and enjoy the food,
leave the table. Don't disturb other people.
I'll enjoy the food, sir.
Are you also going on a protest?
I just can't believe that there's a woman in our house.
Go ahead. Try it.
Try it.
Let me wash the dishes.
I don't let other people handle my kitchen.
This is Man Ho's hobby.
Leave them and come out.
Let me help you.
It's fine. I'm almost done.
Should I help you?
No. Getting out of my way is helping me.
I see.
- Let me help you.
- Gosh, you startled me.
Gosh, you spat on me.
You got to eat Hanwoo for free. That's enough.
Do you want some free liquor too?
You have no conscience.
- Go away.
- I'm sorry.
You'll go alone?
Yes. Everyone is busy. I should go alone. Why?
What will you say when you get there?
I should ask where Taek is.
You'll ask that to a seven-year-old girl
without any explanation?
Well, we don't have a choice then.
When was the last time you talked to kids under ten?
- What?
- How about smiling
at a random kid on the street?
You made a kid cry before, though. Right?
Isn't that yours, kid?
Here. You dropped that.
I'm certain this trip will be a waste.
Why don't we get some help from someone who's good with kids?
Like who?
Do you need my help with anything?
(Prosecution Service)
Yes. Go ahead.
I can come with you.
You don't even know where I'm going. Why do you keep saying that?
You're going to an employee's house where a seven-year-old kid lives in.
You let me crash at your place for free last night.
I had a free Hanwoo breakfast.
If I don't help out, I'd be a thug.
When I went to her house, I didn't see anyone suspicious.
It won't be dangerous.
But Gosh.
Then let me take Dong Hui at least.
I need his help for something.
I didn't finish going over the meeting materials.
Gosh. This is
It'll be a long one. Be safe.
You can take today off.
- Take today off?
- Yes.
- The weather looks great.
- Should I play some music?
- Anything
- The weather Gosh.
Okay. Anything.
Last time
Gosh. Hold on.
("Easy Version of Heart Sutra for Peace of Mind")
Yes. Go ahead.
I wanted to apologize to you about the incident at the club.
I got the wrong idea that you assaulted him.
I don't think I properly apologized for that.
Oh, that. I'm sorry about that too.
- You're apologizing to me?
- Yes. Well
The candy
We both had the wrong idea about each other.
So there really are drugs that look like candy?
Drugs are dangerous.
They shouldn't look cute or resemble something people would crave.
Some people might have them, thinking they are real candy.
Kids might end up taking them too.
Right. You're right. I agree too.
The employee you're looking for
He used to be involved with drugs.
But he vanished into thin air. So I'm looking for him now.
He especially adored his younger sister.
But why are you only hiring ex-convicts
to run your company?
It's easier for ex-convicts
to go back to committing crimes than other people.
They've gone down that road before.
Given their environment and connections,
it's easier for them to give into temptations.
Despite that, do you still trust them?
Because you trust your employee,
aren't you going on this long journey to find him?
To be honest, I don't.
Because I don't trust him, I hired him.
Because I don't trust him, I'm going to his house.
I'm Chief Yang Hong Ki.
Well, why did you want to see me?
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
Yes, Mr. Park.
Sausages for kids?
That's not a bad deal for me.
It's not just any company. It's Great King Meat.
- Great King Meat?
- I'm in a meeting right now.
Let me call you back later. Okay.
If you don't mind me asking,
were you just on the phone with Mr. Park from Great King Meat?
You must know him too because you're both in the same industry.
They are going to release a sausage product for kids.
They asked me to endorse their product.
Gosh. Those jerks. They always seem to copy our strategy.
Gosh. You're not going to accept the deal, right?
What reason do I have to turn it down?
They're the number one meat company.
Number one
Well, there is one reason I could think of, though.
What's that reason?
I do have a personal debt to settle.
- Let go of me.
- You're so loud. Be quiet.
I didn't borrow any money. Why must I pay it back?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Let go of me!
This proves your father owes us 80,000 dollars.
Your father ran away without paying off his debt.
Of course, his daughter ought to pay it back.
How could 20,000 dollars turn into 80,000 dollars in 2 years?
- Give it to me.
- No.
It's not something you can easily rip it to pieces.
That was pretty easy.
(Royal Karaoke Bar)
Hey. Mister!
You thug!
(Royal Karaoke Bar)
What do you want?
Are you trying to buy me with this debt?
People can't be bought with money.
Do you expect me to believe that
you helped me without wanting anything in return?
You said it wasn't your debt.
Just go.
We must have arrived.
Oh, sorry.
It's okay.
Could you stay in the car for a moment?
Let me go out first and take a look around.
Don't come in here.
- Well, the kid Thank you.
- Let me handle that.
Are you Yeon Hee?
I'm Ms. Mini.
That man over there is
the owner of the company your brother works for.
He wants to take a look around your house.
We need your permission.
If you don't give him permission, he won't come in.
My brother didn't do anything wrong.
I see.
That man isn't here to take your brother away.
He came to find your brother.
In my opinion, he's quite worried about your brother.
She gave us permission.
Okay. Thank you.
Gosh. Is this a kite?
Did your brother make one for you?
But it's broken. You must be so sad.
Should I fix it for you?
I might not look like it,
but I'm a magician who can fix anything.
Let's do it together. Come.
(Grandma's clothes: Pajamas, underwear, socks)
(Taek's clothes: Pajamas, underwear, socks)
(Lee Geum Yi)
(Jung Yoon Taek)
(Written Promise)
(I pledge not to do bad things ever again.)
(Big Brother Jung Yoon Taek)
I would like to work diligently at this company.
The easiest and fastest way to ruin someone's life
is drugs. You know that, right?
You must be used to making easy money.
How could I trust you that you wouldn't go back to the old way?
Sir, hold on!
I have a younger sister.
The age gap between us is over 20 years.
(I pledge not to do bad things ever again.)
don't want to be an embarrassment to her.
Even if I can't be a cool brother,
I don't want to disgrace her.
A long time ago, an older boy made a kite for me.
He always wrote his wish on the kite.
He said the wish would reach the sky when we flew the kite.
Would you like to write down your wish too?
Let's write it here.
(I want my brother to come back)
Gosh. What if your wish does come true?
(I want my dad to come back to me quickly.)
We must write it big, so they grant us the wish.
(I want my brother to come back to me quickly.)
We're going to fly the kite. Do you want to come with us?
Let's go!
There it goes.
Prosecutor Jang.
Eun Ha.
(My Sweet Mobster)
Don't trust or follow someone like me again.
Seo Ji Hwan isn't a typical CEO of a company.
Gosh. I'm sorry.
Is there a special reason why you came to this house?
Of all the people I've met, he was the kindest person.
Let's go.
I'm going to teach you.
Three syllables.
Eun Ha. I like you.
Why are you so nice to me?
What am I to you?
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