My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Kôshite karera no machigatta seishun ga hajimaru

I want to send them to you today
The suddenly serious look
I see in your profile
Makes my heart race faster and faster
You know? We go! Miracle
Jesus, Jesus! Please hurry
Every time I look at you,
my heart is pounding
I want to be closer to you
Please notice before this
sweet premonition melts
I want to be special to you
Why is that the only way
you can handle things?
See? It's easy.
I just created a world
where nobody gets hurt.
My Teen
After the cultural and athletic festivals
ended with no major problems,
the temperature dropped,
and a wind better described as
cold than cool blew through.
For that matter, it's even
more bitterly cold around me.
Nothing new there.
No fair leaving me out!
What Hikitani-kun is that?
Yeah, yeah. Very funny.
Also, my name isn't even Hikitani.
You're coming to club today, right?
Okay, I'll see you there!
I heard we're going to be picking groups for
the field trip in our next long homeroom.
I'd say everyone's pretty much
decided already, though.
You think so? I haven't decided yet
I want to protect this smile!
Want to be in the same group, then?
Yeah, that's true.
Hello, hello!
Hayato-kun, where've you been?
Going off on your own like
that Are you Whattytani-kun?
At least let me go to
the bathroom by myself.
Also, you use that joke too much, Tobe.
Yeah, go overboard with
that and you'll flop.
It's bound "Tobe" a flop!
I'm the joke now? Gimme a break, seriously!
Your tea's getting cold.
I don't like hot stuff
You know, I wish our school
could've gone to Okinawa, too.
What is there to do in Kyoto, anyway?
There are plenty of things to do.
Like seeing and experiencing
Japan's culture firsthand
I don't think that's what it's about.
Oh? Why are we going on
this field trip, then?
It's an imitation of social living.
On a business trip with your superior,
you don't get to choose where you
stay or what you have for dinner.
This trains you to fool yourself
into thinking that by compromising,
you get some enjoyment out of it.
I bet you're no fun to go on
a field trip with, Hikki.
There must be something you
two are looking forward to.
Bathing with Totsuka?
I haven't looked into it at all yet.
What about you?
Well, I'm looking forward to seeing
Ryouanji and Kiyomizudera,
but I'd also like to see famous
places like Rokuonji and Jishouji.
Don't combine them.
That sounds like some cool
name for a character.
I suppose Kinkaku and Ginkaku
are their more common names.
Then why didn't you just call them that?
I think that's about it.
You know a lot!
What are you, Jalan?
I think she's a little too
excited about this
Isn't familiarity with Kyoto
considered common knowledge?
Enjoy a Tour of
Now's the time
to visit Kyoto!!
Top 100 recommended lodgings
Nothing, nothing!
Come in.
Do you have business with us?
He wanted some help, so I brought him here.
Wait, I don't think I can ask
Hikitani-kun for help, after all.
We're the ones who came to ask for help.
Yeah, but you know, I can't tell
Hikitani-kun about stuff like this.
He doesn't seem trustworthy at all.
Tobecchi, was that really necessary?
Well, it's Hikigaya-kun's
fault. We can't help that.
It's only natural.
Then, forgive my asking,
but would you leave?
Okay, call me whenever
you're done with stuff.
Hold it. Where are you going?
I was asking them to leave.
No manners, no sense of propriety.
I don't see why we need to do any
favors for someone like that.
I'd appreciate it if you'd leave right away.
Yeah, you're kinda rude!
Well I guess we were wrong.
Tobe, let's go.
We should figure this out ourselves.
No, I can't back out of this now!
Look, the thing is, I
For real?!
So basically, you want to ask
Ebina-san to go out with you?
Yeah, something like that!
It'd hurt to get rejected, you know?
You don't want to get rejected, huh
I love that sort of thing!
We'll back you up!
I guess it won't be that easy, huh?
Well, I'd say not.
Sorry, but it looks like
we can't be of any help.
Aww, why not? Let's help him!
Wait a minute.
Don't try to force this decision on me.
Hikitani-kun I mean
Hikitani-san, please!
Wait, wait. You're trying to look polite,
but you lapped yourself and
just ended up more impolite.
And you're still getting my name wrong.
Please, please!
Yukinon, this is really bothering Tobecchi.
Well, if you insist, I'll think about it.
Um, Yukinoshita-san?
You're a bit too soft
on Yuigahama-san lately.
All right, let's do this.
So, what exactly do you want us to do?
Well, you know, I tell her I like her, right?
So you help me do that?
Okay, it's clear what you're after.
But isn't that a little risky?
A risk.
It means there's a possibility
of danger or loss.
I know what it means! I
meant, what kind of risk?
Well, he tells her, right?
Then she rejects him, right?
That's already established?!
Not only that.
It's a given that the whole class
will know about it the next day.
If they just know about it, that's fine,
but you'll hear it from all around
Hey, I heard Hikigaya
told Kaori he liked her.
Eww, poor Kaori!
I'm glad I didn't give him my address!
You're safe. He wouldn't say that to you.
Then you'll come up in their
merry little conversations.
There is a risk that you'll be slightly hurt.
You were talking about yourself again.
I've got more.
Such as, what happens after you
tell someone you're friends
with that you like them
Okay, we get the point.
We'll take care of that part.
Well, I've gotta get to my club.
So, let's start by looking
for Tobe-kun's good points.
I'm friends with Hayato-kun?
You're already relying on someone else!
Got anything else?
Uh He's cheerful?
If cheerfulness were enough,
bald guys could be popular.
You, Yukinoshita?
Let me see
He's loud No, he's noisy Raucous
He's very lively?
How's that?
Okay, I got it.
We're changing plans.
That was fast!
Instead of looking for Tobe's good points,
let's try appealing to what Ebina-san likes.
Oh, I get it!
By the way, how does Ebina-san
feel about Tobe-kun?
G-Good question
Ah. Looks like we've got our answer.
Oh, man! You totally got me all curious!
Are you sure?
You know what this is, right?
The final judgment.
Nah, I can't move forward if I
don't know the answer to that!
Okay, go ahead.
She thinks you're a nice guy I think.
Ugh, I could cry
When a girl says a guy is nice,
that means she couldn't care less about him.
That's a plus for me, right?
The only plus here is your outlook.
I've got it!
You get a good mood going
while we're exploring Kyoto!
Hina said she likes Kyoto,
so I think it'll work!
That means we'll have to create
a situation in which Tobe-kun
and Ebina-san are together, right?
Come in.
Sorry to interrupt.
Hey, Yui. Hello, hello.
What is that? Some tribe's
traditional greeting?
And Yukinoshita-san and
Hikitani-kun, hello, hello!
Please sit wherever you like.
What's up?
Well, actually
I wanted to talk to you about Tobecchi
T-T-T-Tobecchi?! What about him?
Well, Tobecchi
seems to be getting along
really well with Hayato-kun
and Hikitani-kun lately,
and I think it's making Ohoka-kun
and Yamato-kun frustrated!
I want to see more depraved
relationships between them!
This is ruining their triangle heart!
Tobecchi's been talking to
Hikitani-kun a lot lately, right?
And giving him suggestive looks
Listen, if you're going to invite someone,
I wish you'd invite all of them.
And then accept all of them.
To cut to the chase,
I want you to seduce them.
Nope. Not happening.
What are you saying?
Well, it feels like that whole
group isn't the same now.
But there's some complicated stuff that
goes on between guys, isn't there?
Like relationships with others
Complicated relationships between boys
Goodness, Yui, how lewd.
Did I say something weird?!
No, what you said was perfectly
respectable. Don't worry.
But it's definitely something
that's never happened before,
and I guess I don't like that.
I want them to get along as
well as they always have.
Oh, but I think it'd be great if you'd
get along with them, too, Hikitani-kun!
It'd be a feast for my eyes, too.
Well, I'll be looking forward to some
tasty developments on the field trip.
Invite them!
Counting on you, Hikitani-kun!
What was that?
No idea.
Anyway, we just need to make sure
they can all get along, right?
But, Hikki, how do guys get to be friends?
Don't you think it's a bit cruel
to ask that of Hikigaya-kun?
Yuigahama-san, try to be a
little more considerate, okay?
Yeah, what you just said.
Be more considerate.
Nozomi 19 9:10 Hakata Unreserved seats in cars 1-3
Out of Service 701 Out of service. Passengers may not board.
Kodama 645 9:56 Shin-Osaka Unreserved seats in cars 1-7, 13-15
So, how should we sit?
However we want?
I want a window seat.
Thanks, Hayato.
Come on, Yui, Ebina.
Okay, Hina can sit there,
and Tobecchi can sit next to
Okay, Yui, you sit there.
I'm sitting here.
Kawasaki-san, you're across from me.
N-No, I'll sit somewhere el—
Just come on!
Where should we sit?
Whew, this isn't easy.
Did something happen with them?
Tobecchi's so freaked out with
Kawasaki-san next to him,
he can't keep up a conversation at all.
Saki-san, do you think a window
seat or an aisle seat is more uke?
Hina-chan is even more incredible
than usual, though
That's a disaster for Tobe, too.
I hope they'll have time to be alone
I don't think anything would happen
if those two were alone, though.
You mean Tobe-kun's
Sai-chan, you heard us?
Yeah But I found out about it
over summer break, in Chiba Village.
Right, Hachiman?
I actually think Ebina-san's pretty cool.
Oh, it's Mount Fuji! Look, over there!
He's close
I wanna see, too!
Wow! Mount Fuji's so pretty!
You know, innocent moves like that
will give most guys the wrong idea
and put them in a position
no better than death.
If you understand that, never touch a guy,
sit in a guy's chair during
breaks or after school,
or borrow from a guy if you
forget something, ever again.
I'm gonna get back to my seat.
Uh, Hachiman
Is that long enough?
Got a second?
Did you forget we have work to do?
I already called Tobecchi and Hina! Hurry up!
Zuigu Hall Tours
Your senses will be sharpened as you proceed through the darkness, relying only on a rope to guide you. Eventually you will find the Sanskrit word for "womb" glowing faintly in a stone, and your heart will feel calm. Turn the stone and pray, then continue to walk forward into the sunlight to feel as if your mind and body have been reborn.
← Entrance This Way
Hours: 9:00AM ~ 4:00PM
It looks pitch dark.
If we all go in at different times,
they can be alone, right?
Okay, let's go through here in pairs!
Yumiko and Hayato-kun can go first.
We'll go last.
We don't have much time,
so we probably shouldn't leave
too much space between us.
Yeah, but this doesn't look like it'll
take long, so it should be fine.
Well, you can't go wrong
in getting back early.
C'mon, let's just go, Hayato.
It looks fun.
See you guys on the other side.
Man, it's seriously dark in here!
This is it! This is as dark as dark gets!
We're supposed to turn this
stone and make a wish.
Did you decide what to wish for?
Okay, let's turn it together.
That's what you do at a shrine.
All done?
Uh Yeah.
Okay! Then, let's go!
God of Marriage
Jishu Shrine
Prayers for a
Good Match
Your Love Fortune
God of Marriage
Jishu Shrine, Kyoto
No. 3: Bad Luck
I got bad luck
All right! I got very good luck!
Hey, but y'know what that means.
It can only go up from
here, so it's good, right?
If you're going to tie it on,
the higher you put it, the better.
Here, let me do that.
Thanks. Glad I had a guy around.
He's trying pretty hard,
even without our help.
I hope it'll keep going so well.
You think everyone's wishing for romance?
Huh? Yeah
What is she doing?
That's really good!
Here, Hikki.
I keep telling you
Nah, that's I shouldn't
Not right after you did.
Y-You don't have to worry about that
I will worry about it!
Besides, if I drank from that,
I wouldn't notice how it tasted at all.
Tranquil Forest Hotel, Kyoto
No Max cans
Only in Kyoto
Pan-san the Panda
Well, what a coincidence.
That's what you should've said a second ago.
What's wrong?
Felt uncomfortable in your
room, so you ran away?
If I ran away over that,
I wouldn't go on field trips.
The topic of conversation among
my classmates turned toward me.
Why do they enjoy talking
about things like that?
But if they're talking about you,
doesn't it mean they're interested in you?
Why don't you make friends with them?
You say that as if it's no problem of yours,
but it's all because of what you
did at the cultural festival.
Huh? Me?
Hang on. This isn't my fault.
It's society's fault.
And? How's that service request going?
Neither good nor bad, I guess.
Sorry I can't help very much,
since I'm in a different class.
Don't worry about it.
I'm in their class,
and I haven't done a thing.
You should worry about that.
Man, that was good!
It was certainly an intense flavor.
But why did we have to come with you?
Should a teacher be doing this?
You know I shouldn't.
That's why I bought your silence with ramen.
That's an even worse thing
for a teacher to do.
If you're caught, you'll get in trouble.
Being scolded isn't a bad thing.
It means someone is looking out for you.
I'm looking out for you guys, too,
so make all the mistakes you want.
I'm going to buy some liquor for the party.
Later. Be careful getting back.
Turn right here.
If you walk that far behind,
you'll get lost again.
You could just go on ahead.
I don't see much point in that.
It's right there.
Maybe you don't, but it bothers me.
What does?
It's late at night
If anyone sees us together
O-Oh, right
Tranquil Forest Hotel, Kyoto
Later, then.
Yeah. Goodnight.
Thanks for walking me back.
Nobody Knows Why They
Came to the Service Club.
Guess I'll head back and take a bath
with Totsuka.
#02 His and Her Love Confessions Will Reach No One.
Kyoto, huh?
Is there anywhere you'd like to go, Hachiman?
Well, no matter where we
go, we'll be together
Or I should say, as long as we're
together, anywhere's great.
That's just like you, Hachiman.
I think I'd like to see
Studio Park and Arashiyama.
Ah, Arashiyama has hot springs
Wh-What? Hot springs?!
Huh? T-Totsuka?
Shut up! Zaimokuza, you're
too loud! Keep it down!
Let's go together
I want to protect this sleeping face!
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