My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Kitto, dareshimo hitoshi nami ni nayami o kakaeteiru

Here y'go, Onii-chan!
It's my recommended souvenirs list!
Dun da-da-dun!
Number three
Raw yatsuhashi
Ganso, Honke, or Honten would be accepted!
Number two
The classic: oil blotting paper.
Remember to get enough for Mom, too!
And the much-anticipated number one is
Komachi's Recommended
Souvenirs List!
#1 will be revealed
after the commercial
#2 Oil blotting paper
#3 Raw yatsuhashi
#1 will be revealed
after the commercial
What is number one?
The number one souvenir would be
Your wonderful memories, Onii-chan!
Sly, but cute.
Hachiman, come on
You didn't say "Uno." Yay
You're not even in my class.
My Teen
The Most Terrifying Haunted House in History
Hayato, I'm scared!
Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!
I just heard a weird voice!
I can't handle stuff like this
Ghosts in haunted houses aren't scary.
What's really scary are people.
There's that cynical attitude again
I find it kind of reliable, though.
What I mean is, haunted houses
where people scare you
are the most terrifying.
Never mind! I can't rely on that!
Hey, Totsuka, you seem
totally cool with this.
Yeah, I like this sort of thing.
S-Sorry! Did that hurt?
Yeah, it hurt like hell.
N-No, I
I mean, you know
Well, let's go.
The Most Terrifying Haunted House in History
It's over
That was pretty scary.
That was really fun, huh?
Well, I think we've played enough.
Ready to get going?
Okay, I'll get Ebina.
Wooden swords are so expensive!
Ebina, let's go.
I wonder if the haunted
house had any effect
Hard to say.
There we go.
Well, what a coincidence.
You're here, too?
This garden is also called "Tiger Cubs
Crossing the Water," you know.
Which parts do you think are the tigers?
Hmm Did that interest her
because tigers are cats?
She loves cats like they love Friskies.
Oh, Yukinon!
Let's go somewhere else.
How's that job coming?
It's pretty tough Right?
We don't want to push too hard and
make Ebina-san like him less.
There's one person who can't catch a clue.
Plus what?
Oh Nothing.
I'm sorry to leave this all to you.
No problem! Don't worry about it!
It's no substitute for actual help,
but I have been thinking about this.
About what?
Famous places in Kyoto
that girls might like.
I thought it might help them.
You're always on the ball, Yukinon!
All right, I'm heading back now.
Okay! See you tomorrow!
Yes, tomorrow.
Hey, it's Hikio.
Listen, what exactly are you guys up to?
Could you stop trying to mess with Ebina?
Are you listening?
I'm listening. And we're
not messing with her.
Yes, you are. It's pretty obvious.
That's a nuisance, you know.
Is it?
There's someone who's asking
us to do it, though.
Besides, it's not like it
hurts you or anything.
It's about to hurt me.
If you're with Yui,
you should know about Ebina.
I-I-I'm not "with" her.
What did you think I meant? Gross.
As if Yui would go out with you.
We Love
Long Knit
Coordinate casually
with a girly knit sweater
Girlfriend denim
That's not what I meant.
I meant, if you talk with
Yui a lot, you should know.
You didn't have to add
that on a second time
Ebina appeals to guys as
long as she's not talking,
so a lot of them ask to
be introduced to her.
But once they're introduced,
she turns them down really gently.
I thought she was being shy,
so I tried pretty hard to push things along.
But she laughed and said,
"Oh, never mind, then."
As if I were a total stranger.
Ebina doesn't talk about herself
much, and I don't ask,
but I don't think she
likes that kind of thing.
That's not exactly right.
If you had to sacrifice many
things to protect one,
you're more likely to give
up and throw it away.
Including the relationships
you have in your hand now.
I'm having a lot of fun right now.
So I'd appreciate it if you didn't butt in.
You don't have to worry, then.
Hayama said he'd do something about it.
What the heck?
Well, if Hayato said that, then it's fine.
Wow! Awesome!
What a great view! I can see the city!
Break time
I agree.
Oh, it's Tobecchi!
Wow, we meet again, huh?
Hikitani-kun, you haven't forgotten
what we discussed, have you?
Huh? Oh
Well? How's it going among the men?
Happy and harmonious?
They're getting along fine, I guess.
They play cards together at night.
But I can't see that!
That's not tasty at all!
What I really want is for the guys to be
all close together where I can see them!
Well, we're going to Arashiyama,
too, so maybe then
I'm counting on you.
Randen Arashiyama Station
You're going to spoil your dinner.
Then you can have it, Hikki.
No, thanks.
Why does she just take one
little bite from each thing?
If we were splitting them
half-and-half, I'd eat it.
What do I do with these, Yukinon?
All right, just a little.
You help, too.
Well, I can eat some, I guess
Oh, then
I sort of feel like an animal being fed.
Not bad. Food I didn't have
to work for tastes awesome.
This place is amazing!
Yes And look at the ground.
Lanterns, huh?
This is it! I bet this is the place!
For what?
To be c-confessed to.
Why the passive voice?
It does look like a good location.
Doesn't it?
If Tobe's going to go for it,
I guess this is the place.
Oh, man! I'm getting nervous! Oh, man!
It'll be fine.
Tobe's getting a girlfriend, huh?
You probably won't want to
hang out with me anymore
That's so not true!
Anyway, oh, man!
It'll be fine.
Even I'm getting nervous.
Hey, Tobe
What, Hayato-kun? I'm kinda
freaking out right now.
Uh, nothing.
What is it?
I was just going to say "good luck,"
but once I saw your face,
I didn't feel like it anymore.
Harsh, man!
I feel a little less nervous, though
You're being awfully uncooperative.
Am I?
You are.
In fact, it felt as if you
were trying to interfere.
That wasn't my intent.
I just like things as they are now.
I like Tobe and Hina, and the
time we all spend together.
If this is enough to ruin that,
was it really that strong to begin with?
You might be right, but
What's lost won't ever come back.
It's more ridiculous that you're
trying to enjoy superficial
relationships like that.
Is it?
I don't think of it as superficial.
Right now, the environment
I'm in is everything to me.
No, it is superficial.
What about Tobe, then?
I told him over and over to give up.
I can't see Hina opening her
heart to him right now.
But still, I don't know
what's in the future.
So I didn't want Tobe to
rush to a conclusion
Pretty selfish thing to say.
That's just for your own convenience.
What about you?
What would you do?
What I'd do doesn't matter.
Just thinking "If it were
me" is a waste of time.
Hayama isn't like me.
Neither is Tobe, of course.
How I think or feel means
nothing whatsoever,
and it's pointless to talk about.
So in other words, you don't
want anything to change.
Yeah, that's right.
You're the last person I wanted to turn to.
The feeling is mutual, idiot.
I don't understand what
Hayama's trying to protect.
And I don't need to.
That's why there's something I can do.
Uh, Hikitani-kun
This is nuts! I'm totally
freaking out right now!
Listen, what'll you do if she rejects you?
Isn't it kinda harsh to say
that before I tell her?
Just hurry up and answer me.
Ebina-san will be here soon.
I still wouldn't give up!
I'm not a very serious person, you know?
But I'm pretty serious about this!
I see. Then do the best you
can, until the very end.
You're a good guy after all, Hikitani-kun!
I am not, idiot!
So you can be nice, Hikki.
What brought that on?
It's nothing like that, seriously.
At the rate it's going,
Tobe will be rejected.
You may be right.
For what it's worth, there's a
way to wrap this all up neatly.
What sort of way?
Well, I'll leave this to you.
So, um
For starters, there's no
doubt she'll turn him down.
Tobe must be somewhat prepared for that.
But the others
Tobe isn't the only one who
values their relationships.
That's why she came to us with that request.
And that's why he suffered so much.
He doesn't want to lose it.
He wants to keep it in his hand.
There's one thing all three of them want.
Listen, I
Um Um
To not see Tobe get rejected,
and to keep their group close while
staying good friends with Ebina-san.
Then there's really only one way!
I've liked you for a long time.
Please go out with me.
I'm sorry.
I don't intend to go out
with anyone right now.
No matter who tells me they like
me, I won't go out with them.
If that's all you wanted, I'm going now.
You heard her.
Hikitani-kun, that wasn't cool, man.
I mean, I'm glad I found out
before she could reject me,
but that was not cool. So not cool.
That just means this isn't the time, right?
What's wrong with enjoying
the friendship you have now?
Yeah, I guess
She did say "right now."
Sorry, but I won't let you win!
Come on, now.
I knew that was the only way
you knew how to do things.
I don't want your apology.
I hate the way you do things.
It frustrates me that I
can't explain why, but
I really hate that you
handle things that way.
I'm going back.
Sh-Should we head back, too?
I guess.
Well, that plan failed, huh?
I was definitely surprised,
and Hina didn't get to say what
she wanted to either, but
But I was pretty shocked.
For a second, I thought you were serious.
As if.
I guess, huh?
But, listen
Don't do stuff like that again, okay?
It was the most effective way. That's all.
I'm not talking about effectiveness.
There are some people who
don't want a solution.
Some want things to stay the way they are.
There's no way to make things
convenient for everyone.
And as I'm saying all this, it hits me.
So the only option is to find a compromise.
I'm just rationalizing.
This is the kind of deception I hated
more than anything in the world.
Tobecchi didn't get rejected,
and the guys seem to be getting along well.
Hina didn't have to worry, either.
Now things will be back to
normal from tomorrow on.
Maybe nothing will have to change.
But But, you know
You should give more thought
to how other people feel!
How is it you understand so much,
but you don't understand that?
I can't stand that.
Hello, hello!
Did I keep you waiting?
I wanted to thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
I didn't resolve the thing
you consulted me about.
Not on the surface, but
You understood, didn't you?
You wanted me to get the guys closer
so you could keep them at
a distance from yourself,
and stop Tobe from confessing
to you before it happened.
You probably talked to
Hayama about this, too.
That's why Hayama
became stressed and had no choice
but to act the way he did.
Thanks for everything you did.
It really helped.
Tobe's an idiot and a loser,
but he's a nice guy, I think.
Still, I couldn't.
Even if I hooked up with someone
right now, it wouldn't work out.
That's not
It is true.
I'm really messed up.
I guess there's no helping that, then.
Nope, there's not.
Maybe I'd be able to go out
with you, Hikitani-kun.
Don't even joke about that.
If you say stuff carelessly,
someone might fall in love with you.
I sort of like the way you
can be so honest with people
who don't matter to you.
What a coincidence.
I sort of like that about myself, too.
Hey, I can appreciate a
person who can say things
he doesn't mean so easily.
You know, I like myself and
everything around me right now.
I haven't felt like that in ages,
so I don't want to lose it.
I like where I am, and I like
the people here with me.
That's why
I hate myself.
Because it's precious,
because you don't want to lose it,
you hide it away and put up a front.
That's why everyone lies.
The biggest liar of all
His and Her Love Confessions
Will Reach No One.
was me.
#03 Quietly, Yukinoshita Yukino Makes a Decision.
Sure is quiet without Onii-chan around.
Right, Ka-kun?
I hope Onii-chan's getting along okay.
Right, Ka-kun?
It's so boring without Onii-chan around.
Ka-kun, let's play!
Good kitty, good kitty! You're so cute!
Your fur's so smooth!
Good kitty, good kitty!
Hey, Ka-kun! Where are you going?
I hope he comes home soon.
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