My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Tamani rabu kome no kami-sama wa î koto o suru

Did something happen?
No, nothing.
In fact, I'd say there's actually too
much nothing happening in my life.
They say "inscrutable are
the ways of Heaven,"
but maybe things go better when
there's a little something going on.
What happened, Onii-chan?
Oh, well, you know
That just means nothing happened.
Hey, did you know?
What's this, Mameshiba?
You always say all that hopeless stuff,
but when you're down,
you sound even more hopeless.
Oh, do I?
Did something happen with
Yui-san and Yukino-san?
Did they say something?
It's just what I thought.
I see.
So? What did you do?
Why do you just assume that I did something?
Well, you might have done something
without realizing it, right?
Oh, fine. Tell me every detail, okay?
What do I say to that?
Nope, nothing happened.
What, again with that?
So what happened?
You're getting pushy. Give it a rest.
Why'd you have to say it like that?
What did I say that wasn't normal?
You were being pushy,
and it was annoying me.
I see.
Fine. I won't ask anymore.
Good. Don't.
I'm leaving now. Remember to lock the door.
Something totally happened!
My Teen
A world that wants nothing to change
that wants stagnation, huh?
Morning, Hachiman.
Oh, morning.
What is it?
Ah, nothing
I just thought that was a
pretty normal greeting.
Oh Well, yeah.
That's normal.
Yeah, and that crêpe place
by the station is so good!
Is it?
Let's go there together, Yukinon!
The choco-banana is be—
So you're here.
Yeah, I guess.
Come to think of it,
everyone seemed pretty normal, huh?
I mean, uh Everyone
Nothing seemed out of place
as far as I could see.
Really? That's good, then.
Man, I was pretty nervous,
but now it's like I shouldn't
have been worried.
They're all totally normal
I don't know what you're thinking anymore.
We could never tell what he was
thinking in the first place.
Even if we know each other,
understanding each other is another matter.
Well, no point in worrying about it.
Isn't it best for us to just be normal?
We should be normal, too
Normal, huh?
So that's what's normal for you, is it?
To not change, right?
H-Hey You know
I'm coming in.
I want to ask you guys a favor.
Did something happen?
No, nothing. Did you need something?
Yeah. You can come in.
I wanted to ask for your help.
Yui-senpai! Hi!
Yahello! It's been ages!
You're running for student
council president?
You just thought I don't seem
cut out for that, didn't you?
Uh, no, not really.
I get that all the time, so I can tell!
That I seem slow, or dumb
So, is there a problem?
Isshiki-san is running for
student council president,
but, well how to put it
We want to make sure she's not elected.
Um Then you don't want to be
the student council president?
Yes, that's right.
Then why are you running?
Well, I didn't volunteer myself.
Someone else put me in the running.
Wait, what is this? What idol are you?
I guess you could say I
stand out, in a bad way?
She does seem like the type that
other girls would despise, though.
I'm the soccer team manager,
and I'm friends with Hayama-senpai,
I knew girls like that in middle school
so I guess that's how people see me now
Girls who'd play guys like
some kind of juggler.
A lot of people say I'd
be great in the role.
That's rather elaborate for a prank.
I believe you need at least 30
supporters in order to run.
That many? I'm impressed they got that many.
I'll give the student who did
it a talking-to, of course.
If you don't want to do
it, just lose the vote.
Actually, isn't that the only way?
Yeah, but the thing is, Isshiki-san
is the only candidate
So it's a vote of confidence, then.
It'd look really pathetic to
lose in a vote of confidence!
Do you have someone in mind
to give your campaign speech?
Then this'll be quick and easy.
Uh What do you mean?
Even if it ends up a vote of confidence,
we just need to make sure
she can definitely lose without
taking any damage, right?
In short, everyone just
needs to understand that it's
not Isshiki's fault she lost.
Can we do that?
If people lose confidence in her
because of her campaign speech,
no one will give Isshiki a second thought.
So, who's going to give that speech?
I don't want to do that.
we just need someone who can do it, right?
I can't approve of going about it that way.
Your reason being?
It's too uncertain.
And a speech that breaks
confidence in Isshiki-san
would cause problems for her.
And even if it worked,
do you think they'd have a second election?
There's not much interest
in the student council,
so if they just announce the results
without giving the numbers,
no one will care.
That means if they wanted to, they could
I shouldn't have said that. I take it back.
The only way is to back another candidate
and have them win the election.
If there's anyone willing to do that,
wouldn't they already be
in the running by now?
But, I mean
If we try asking some
people who might do it
Looks like this one won't
be solved right away.
Let's try another day.
Do you have a moment?
What are the standings right now?
A showdown to see who can
do the most service,
and solve the most people's problems.
The winner can order the
loser to do anything.
We were doing that?
Well, you did work together
on several of those cases
I think you're all coming along well. Yep.
If you want a relative assessment
of the three of you,
I can give you one from my
own biased perspective.
That would be fine.
If I'm just evaluating your results alone,
Hikigaya's a step ahead.
But if I consider your
methods and follow-ups,
Yukinoshita's faring better.
But either way,
you'd never get anywhere without
Yuigahama's contributions.
So you're saying there is no winner yet?
That's what I'm saying.
Then even if our opinions are divided,
it won't be a problem, correct?
Huh? What do you mean?
I mean he and I don't have
to use the same method.
Yeah, true.
No point in working together
against our will.
So what's the club going to do
until you reach a solution?
I suggest free participation.
I guess that's reasonable.
And I thought that kind
of deception was what you
and I both hated most.
Did something happen?
I see.
Never mind.
You're such a nice kid
I know you've helped a lot of people.
That's not
Despite appearances, there are
certain people I'm partial to.
Is that acceptable for a teacher?
I believe in helping people
grow through praise.
I wouldn't have thought so.
But I give just as much discipline, too.
With the way you do things,
when you meet someone
you really want to help,
you won't be able to.
New Message
Totsuka Saika
Hi, it's Saika
Dinner with My Cat Little Hero 5 The Theory of All Things Goatman
The Turing Test Childhood Still Bob Intergalactic
Thank you very much.
Hey, there's a face I don't see often.
There was no need to run away, you know.
Talk about rude.
Tell me something interesting.
That super disgusted reaction!
Yeah, it's everything I expected!
Hey, how's Yukino-chan doing?
Well, same as ever, I guess.
Yeah? Glad to hear it.
And? Have there been any developments?
Didn't you have a field trip?
You know about that, huh?
She sent souvenirs home.
She had them delivered?
She probably didn't want to see us.
Yet she bought souvenirs for you?
Dutiful of her.
Oh, I don't think that's it.
She hates us, but she doesn't
want us to hate her.
But there won't be any more
big events at school,
so I guess the rest will be
preparing for exams, huh?
Won't you be bored?
Not particularly.
There's still the student council
election and other stuff.
Oh, yeah.
Meguri'll finally have to retire.
Knowing Meguri, I bet
she asked Yukino-chan to be the
next president, didn't she?
No, actually, she didn't.
No? How boring.
So Yukino-chan won't be student
council president, then.
Guess not.
Um, is that a problem?
Oh, no, it's just that I wasn't president.
How boring
Huh? Hikigaya?
Whoa! This totally takes me back!
It's rare to see you!
I thought all my middle school classmates
had been discarded into the
deepest corner of my memory
And now Orimoto Kaori's name
pops up, just like that.
Hey, Hikigaya, you go to Soubu High?
Oh, you must be smart, then! I had no idea!
You never talked to anyone, after all.
Your girlfriend?
Yeah, I thought not! No way!
Why am I forcing myself to laugh? Creepy
Could it be this is a friend
of yours, Hikigaya-kun?
When you say it like that,
is it my imagination or does it sound
like "You have a friend?" Is it?
She was in my class in middle school.
I'm Orimoto Kaori.
Oh, I'm Yukinoshita Haruno,
What am I to you?
Uh, don't ask me
It'd be weird to say I'm a friend
An older sister?
Why don't we take the middle ground
and say I'm your girlfriend?
Can't we just say you're an
alumna from my high school?
Aw, you're no fun.
Anyway, you went to middle
school with him, huh?
Got any interesting stories?
Oh, like love stories!
I wanna hear about Hikigaya-kun's love life!
Actually, Hikigaya asked me out once.
No way!
That makes me curious!
He had never even talked to me
before, so it was a total shock!
I talked to you. I emailed you, too.
To the address you gave me out
of either sympathy or pity.
I made up the dumbest reasons to email you,
then bounced between excited and depressed,
waiting to see if you'd respond.
Orimoto has no idea that happened,
and probably doesn't even remember.
Wow, Hikigaya-kun asked a girl out, huh?
Well, it was a long time ago
Yeah, it was ages ago, so it
doesn't really matter, huh?
Oh, hey! If you're at Soubu
High, do you know Hayama-kun?
Yeah, you could say that.
Hear that, Chika? He could
introduce you to Hayama-kun!
Oh, that's not necessary
Well, he's not a friend or anything.
Oh, yeah, I can't see you having
any connection with him.
Hmm This sounds fun.
Okay! I'll introduce you!
Hey, Hayato? Can you come out right now?
In fact, just come.
We're in the donut place by the station.
What are you doing?
Bye, Hayama-kun!
We'll email you!
Oh my God!
He's so hot!
Why'd you do this?
Well, it seemed like fun.
That again?
And why is he here?
What'd he have to do with anything?
Not true at all.
That girl with the perm is the
girl Hikigaya-kun used to like!
I wonder how Yukino-chan
would react if she knew
Well, that was great for killing some time.
I'm gonna take off now.
Thanks for keeping me company, Hikigaya-kun.
Haruno-san really likes you.
Huh? Are you nuts? She's just tormenting me.
She doesn't mess with people
she's not interested in.
She doesn't do anything.
She either kills people she
likes with too much attention
or thoroughly crushes
people she doesn't like.
How scary.
Are you coming to the club room today?
No, I'm not.
Y-Yeah, I guess not
Listen, we decided to talk with
Iroha-chan a little more.
Like, we were hoping to
figure out some plan
And It didn't feel right
not to let you know, so
Well, if it's just to listen
How long has it been since I faced
off with Yukinoshita one-on-one?
It'll be the same now.
Yukinoshita will reject my methods again.
If it's the same, there's no problem.
Hey, you're here
All right, let's begin.
For starters, I think it'd be best
to find a candidate other than you
and have you lose peacefully
in the final vote.
But I'd feel better if I lost
to someone really amazing.
I came up with a campaign pledge and
speech for the candidate we select.
If you guys come up with the pledge,
that makes them a puppet candidate.
Is that what you want?
If that candidate wins,
what happens to the student council?
L-Like we said, we just have
to find someone capable—
That'll just make it even harder.
If you think about what comes after,
you'll realize there's not much point.
It's not a very good idea.
Then what point is there
in doing it your way?
Speaking strictly of this case,
she'd avoid being elected and
lose the voters' confidence,
then decline to run in the by-election
"Speaking strictly of this case"?
No, you're not.
You avoided the problem last time, too.
And? Was there a problem with that?
You're the one who said there's no
point in something that superficial.
You're not changing that stance,
are you?
H-Hey, um
I'm going home.
Yukinoshita Yukino Makes a Decision.
#04 And Then, Yuigahama Yui Makes a Declaration.
Will this be okay?
If we find someone good, it'll make
things easier for me, too, but
It'd have to be someone like Hayama, then.
Not Hayama-senpai!
Well, if it comes to it, I'll do something.
I appreciate it!
No one else will help me.
You guys are the only ones I can count on.
Well, I've got club.
Thanks for your help!
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