My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Tsumari, kare wa tomodachi ga sukunai.

Gonna go there?
Class 2-F
Got a minute?
I wanted to talk to you about
what to do on Saturday.
Wait, didn't you hear?
I was talking to Orimoto-san via email,
and we decided to hang out on Saturday.
No, I didn't hear.
Then, want to come along?
Yeah, right.
Will you think of it as a favor to me?
I can't be of any help to you.
You're not the type who'd
need help with that, anyway.
Besides, I don't want
to go out on a day off.
I see
Hey. Phone.
Huh? Whoa
I'm going to bed.
Leave it there when you're done.
Yukinoshita Haruno
My Teen
Are you fighting with your sister?
Not much of one, compared to you and yours.
I hear ya.
Anyway, I heard the news.
You were invited on a date,
and you don't want to go?
I wasn't invited.
Hayato invited you. You should go!
Um, I don't think so.
Aww Hayato never bows his
head to ask favors, you know.
He's got more pride than you'd think.
I can't help wondering why he went
that far to try to bring you along.
Just go!
It'll be romantic to go on
a date with your old love!
I wouldn't call that "love."
What wouldn't you call "love"?
I was just pushing my own desires onto her.
It was a mistake.
I couldn't call it the real deal.
You're like some kind of logic
monster, you know that?
What's that supposed to mean?
It's nothing like that.
Okay Then you're a
self-consciousness monster.
Anyway! You're going on the date!
If you don't, I'll come to
your house and drag you out!
Sorry to have you come along.
I only came because Yukinoshita's
sister scares me.
Thank her, not me.
And why'd you move this to a
weekday just to get me to
Oh, isn't that them?
Sorry we're late!
Ready to go?
Were we going to a movie first?
Yeah! I want to see a movie!
Let's go see one.
What genre should we go for?
Hmm Romance?
Yeah, totally!
I can't believe I'm seeing a movie with you.
If I told the girls from middle
school about this, they'd freak!
I'm sure.
Looking back, I feel like this is
how it was in middle school, too.
We never once got any closer to each other.
Orimoto Kaori just acts this way toward
people she has no interest in, too.
That's all it is.
Now, I finally feel like I managed
to end something that never started.
Anyway, that explosion
was really huge, huh?
Hikigaya jumped out of his skin!
The way he was moving was so
creepy, it was hilarious!
Well, it was louder than I expected
Yeah, it startled me, too.
Buy Hayama-kun, you were
totally calm, weren't you?
Yeah, I thought the same thing!
I jumped a little, but Hayama-kun
didn't even flinch!
The way Hikigaya
Well, I hope my antics amused you.
We should hurry, or we won't
have time to hit the stores.
Ebina, what's up?
Panties! Pink! Unexpected!
Hey, Yumiko, are you okay?
We should be going.
I want to check out the snowboarding gear.
Hey, is that Hayato-kun?
Dude, Hayato-kun!
What is it?
Listen to this! Irohas wanted a new tracksuit,
so we came to buy one, but all
we've seen is protein stuff!
Uh Sorry!
Did I interrupt? My bad! We'll leave!
Right, Irohas?
You're fast! Irohas, you're fast! Scary!
What brings you here, Senpai?
You've got some nerve, playing around with girls instead of working.
Oh! Were you out to have some fun?
Sounds like that's what she really means
No, I wouldn't say fun—
Who's the girl, anyway?
Oh! Is she your girlfriend? Wow.
But there are two of them.
What's your relationship with them?
She's scary! Irohas is scary!
How can she sound so cold when
she's smiling like that?
Sorry, Iroha.
I dragged him out with me.
Oh, so that's it!
Hey, I was just killing time here, too.
Why don't we hang out together?
C'mon, Irohas, let's get going, too, okay?
All right! Irohas, let's go to Riding Sport!
I'll pass. They have mostly
baseball stuff, anyway.
I guess even Iroha lets
you see her that way.
Iroha wants to look cute to everyone.
I think she wants to be liked.
So it's unusual for her to be her real self.
That would mean she can be herself
around me because she doesn't
want me to like her
So you liked her in middle school, huh?
Hey, don't you think this one's better?
Was that the type you liked?
I'm not sure I like this one!
Didn't expect that.
Shut up.
This one? Okay, I'll get this one!
It wasn't just Orimoto.
There were much quieter girls
and noisier girls that I l—
That were my type, too.
That's not what you'd call a "type."
Just because it was true then
doesn't make it true now, anyway.
We've probably never really,
truly liked anyone
You and me both.
I actually think Ebina-san's pretty cool.
What about you, Hayato-kun? Huh? Huh?
Nah, I'm saying nothing.
C'mon! That's no fair, Hayato-kun!
Just give me an initial!
I guess that's why I had the wrong idea.
Are you hungry?
What do you want to eat, then?
Anything's good.
What should we eat?
Maybe Saize?
You said anything was good.
What? You don't like Saize?
Or you don't like me?
Saize? Saize?!
Well, we probably don't
want anything that heavy.
How about that café?
Yon-Marc Café
The food here is so good!
I know! It's awesome! And so trendy!
I'm so full.
I know, right? Trust Hayama-kun
to pick a good one!
Compared to Saize
Whoa You're going there?
I'm not, no.
Oh, come on
Seriously, though, who suggests Saize?
Yeah, really.
It took me ages to figure out what
he was even talking about at first!
I know what you mean!
I'm so glad we came to this café.
I don't like it when people do that.
I know, right?
No, I don't mean that.
I'm talking about you two.
Oh, they're here.
You guys
Why are you here?
I called them.
Hikigaya isn't the loser
you two think he is.
He's friends with girls who
are much cooler than you.
Could you stop making selfish comments
after making only surface judgments?
Sorry. I'm going home.
Sorry I'm going, too.
I see.
I was told we were meeting
to discuss the election.
Election? The student council one?
Uh, actually, we thought we'd ask Hayato-kun
to run in the election so we
Putting Hayama in the running
There's nothing strange about that choice.
I just wanted to do whatever I could.
Hmm I see.
So you're not going to be student
council president, Yukino-chan?
And I was sure that's what you'd do.
The way you push things like that
onto others is just like Mom.
But maybe that's fine for you.
You don't need to do anything, after all.
Someone else will always
do it for you, right?
Yes, that's right.
If there's nothing else
to discuss, I'm leaving.
W-Wait, Yukinon!
Why did you do that to Yukinoshita?
You even have to ask? It's just the usual.
That was too elaborate to say
you were just messing with her.
Was it?
Well, I have a little sister myself,
so it's not like I don't understand
You understand everything,
don't you, Hikigaya-kun?
Don't make that scary face.
I'm honestly impressed.
Well, thanks.
You're so interesting.
You always try to read what's
behind every word and action.
I kind of like that, you know.
It's so cute, like you're afraid
everyone has evil intentions.
There's nothing interesting
about someone who can handle
everything flawlessly, is there?
Well, I found out what I wanted to know.
I guess I'll get going, too.
This is boring now, anyway.
Don't get weird ideas like that.
That wasn't my intention.
I only did what I wanted to do.
Including what you said to
Orimoto and her friend?
You sure that was a good idea?
I'm in a crappy mood now.
I never want to do it again.
Then you shouldn't have done it.
Gonna sit down?
I've been thinking all this time
of how I can get back what I destroyed.
I put my hopes in you
That's why I relied on you,
even though I knew how you were.
And because of that, you
You need to realize how much you're worth.
And so do the people around you.
What are you Huh?
But that's hard to do.
I wish I'd done it better.
But this was all I could do.
This is how you've always lived, isn't it?
Why don't you stop making
yourself a sacrifice?
Don't put me on your level.
Sacrifice? That's bull.
This is what's natural for me.
Because I'm always alone.
So what everyone else thinks
doesn't mean a thing.
Whatever happens in front of me
happens to me, and me alone.
Don't get weird ideas and try to butt in.
Isn't the reason you help people
because you want someone to help you?
Don't force your disgusting
idea of sympathy onto me.
I don't need your pity.
Don't screw with me!
I won't let you call it self-sacrifice.
Why the hell would I sacrifice
myself for any of you?
Even if I didn't say it out loud,
I had my own solid conviction.
The one conviction that I
shared with someone else,
and now I've lost it.
Yukinoshita came to talk to me this morning.
She says she's entering the running
for student council president.
I see.
Hikigaya, what will you do?
Speaking strictly of credentials,
she's fit for the job.
When the teachers and everyone else
finds out, they should be thrilled.
You haven't told anyone yet?
So let me ask you again.
Hikigaya, what will you do?
You plan to announce your candidacy?
You didn't know?
I was just about to discuss it with you.
I wouldn't call that a discussion.
Is it because of what your sister said?
That has nothing to do with it.
This is my decision.
Yukinon, will the club
Don't worry.
This club isn't that demanding,
and I understand the work that comes
with being on the student council.
It won't place much strain on me.
Objectively speaking,
my doing this was the best choice.
Even against Isshiki-san, I can win easily.
And I don't mind doing it.
That may be, but not trying
at all is also an option.
Are you talking about your own suggestion?
Thinking that anything you say or do
will move the entire
student body is arrogant.
Then I just have to think of how
to do it with that in mind.
Thinking that everyone
concerns themselves with you
enough to hate you is overly self-conscious.
You and I don't go about
things the same way.
I see So that's what you're
going to do, Yukinon
W-Wait up!
Let's walk home together.
So Yukinon's
gonna run in the election, huh?
I think
I think I'll try it, too.
Try You mean you'll run, too?
But why?
Because I don't have anything.
There's nothing that I can do at all
So I thought, on the other hand,
that might be a good thing.
"On the other hand"?
You can't make a selfish decision like—
It's not selfish!
It's everyone else who's selfish!
Have you thought this out?
I have.
I thought about it and realized
it's my only choice.
This time, I'm going to work hard myself.
I realized that I've always
just relied on you before.
I didn't do anything.
You think so?
I do.
So you don't have to work that hard.
That's not the only reason.
If Yukinon becomes student
council president,
she'll be the best student council
president the school's ever had.
It'll be good for the school, too.
But it would probably
be the end of our club.
The club won't go anywhere.
It will.
Just like with the cultural festival.
You know Yukinon only focuses
on one thing at a time.
You know
I like this club.
I like it.
W-Well, you know
Even if I end up as president,
I could just do whatever to get by,
and then I'd be able to stay in the club.
I mean, it's me we're talking about!
People don't expect much of me.
I'll beat Yukinon.
Oh, I'll be fine from here.
S-See you later.
Bye-bye, Hikki.
If it's a choice both Yukinoshita
and Yuigahama can live with,
I'm fine with that.
And Then,
Yuigahama Yui Makes a Declaration.
#05 The Scent of Tea Doesn't Fill That Room Anymore.
Let's see
Milano-style doria, peperoncino,
and the drink bar
And chicken wings!
You're getting too much.
Well, what's great about Saize is the
reasonable prices and classic good taste!
That's right! Saize is the greatest, right?
Ah, I'll have the focaccia
and the drink bar.
Is that enough?
Sure. Focaccia is really good
with sweet syrup on it.
What?! That sounds delicious!
I think I'll have that, too!
Oh, and
Chorizo Prosciutto!
Is that a finishing move?!
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