My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Mata shite mo, kare wa moto kita michi e hikikaesu.

Want some coffee?
Hey, Komachi
Can I talk to you?
Sure, I'll listen.
But first
Don't you have something to say?
The other day, well
I shouldn't have said it that way.
It wasn't just the way you said it.
Your attitude was lousy, too.
And your personality.
Also, your eyes.
I bet it's your fault because
of something you did, anyway.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
And you haven't apologized.
Very true
But you're my brother,
and that's who you are.
I'm your sister, after all.
So I'll forgive you.
I'm sorry, too.
Hey, don't sweat it. I forgive you.
I'm your brother, after all.
Ugh, you're so full of yourself.
So, what happened?
This could take a while.
That's okay.
My Teen
I see. That's so like you.
But you know, the only reason I
understand that is because I'm me.
I understand because I've
lived with you all my life.
I can just say, "He's so stupid,"
and laugh it off.
I can think, "He really is hopeless."
And then I feel a little sad.
But other people aren't like that.
They don't understand at all,
and I'm sure it really hurts them.
You're nice to me,
but you can only do that because
I'm your sister, right?
If I weren't your sister,
you'd probably never even
come anywhere near me.
Well, that whole mechanism aside
I'm glad you're my sister, really.
I'd give myself a lot
of points for that one.
Oh, Onii-chan!
Well, I know I'd never go near you.
I wouldn't even take notice of you.
Yeah, you say that, but I have
my good qualities, don't I?
Nope. Come on, don't be such a pain.
After fifteen years together,
you just think that's how it
ought to be, and grow fond of it.
Ah, I'd give myself a lot
of points for that one!
Yeah, after fifteen years together, I guess.
It could be another fifteen
No, even longer than that from now on.
Don't split hairs.
How many years do you think I've
listened to you splitting hairs?
You're going to now,
and you're always going to.
Get it?
And it's not just you.
I'm going to be around a while longer, too.
I like Yukino-san and Yui-san.
So I don't want that club to go away.
So, for me
For my friends
Is there anything you can do?
If it's for my sister, what choice do I have?
That's right. It's for me.
I'm a selfish girl, after all.
What're you gonna do?
You got that right.
You're welcome.
That's one answer, given to me by Komachi.
All this time, I've been
trying to find a reason
A reason for me to protect that
place, and our time there.
To keep both Yukinoshita Yukino
and Yuigahama Yui from becoming
student council president
What can Hikigaya Hachiman do?
absolutely nothing, and it's killing me!
Hey, how about wearing our
own clothes to school?
That's it!
And it'd be nice to get rid of the
personal belongings searches.
I hate those.
I sometimes have doujinshi I
borrowed from my friends in there.
That's just you, Ebina.
I-I'll write it down, at least.
You don't have to write that.
Anyway, I want to eat lunch up on the roof.
I'm in!
You look pitiful, Hikigaya Hachiman!
Don't be stupid.
Pitiful is my default state.
You want something?
A foolish question.
I spend my lunch breaks in here,
and I saw you, so I thought
I'd come pester you!
What's wrong, Hachiman?
Nothing. It's dumb.
Tell me.
Nah. It's not worth talking about.
Don't be ridiculous!
How many times have you
listened to my idle chatter?
I'll gladly listen to yours.
Heh, look at me, reaching out
to the weak. I'm so cool.
That last line was cool, at least.
So who'd you steal it from?
It's mine.
Idiot. Don't say stuff that's actually cool.
Zaimokuza, I need a favor.
So the question is what exactly I should do.
Hey, there you are!
What are you doing here?
If you're gonna work hard for my sake,
I figure I've gotta work hard, too. So
Ta-da! I got some people to help!
Why am I doing this?
So this is
Operation: Stop Yukino-san and
Yui-san from Leaving the Club!
Look, not that I care,
but if Yukinoshita and Yuigahama don't
do it, who's gonna be president?
You know, you're
Um Why can't we let
them be elected, exactly?
Indeed. The very idea of battling
them is wrong in itself.
Yeah, it is, but
Onii-chan, I just want Yukino-san and
Yui-san to stay in the Service Club.
Honestly, I couldn't care
less about any election.
But then Isshiki would
Is this Isshiki-san person important to you?
No, not at all.
Then why is there a problem?
Well, I mean, a request is a request
Which is more important, your work or me?
You, of course.
I have no intention of working.
Process of elimination?
I can't really be happy about that, but
Okay, then.
What are you gonna do?
Good question
I need to assign top priority
to Komachi's request of keeping
Yukinoshita and Yuigahama in the club.
But it's going to be tough to
back any other candidates,
so the only card I have left to play is
I guess all I can do is
negotiate with Isshiki.
But she's a girl, right?
Can you talk to a girl?
If Isshiki Iroha is putting
on that character as an act,
that's actually ideal for negotiations.
In short, Isshiki wants to protect
her own self-branded image.
That's exactly why she didn't want a
high-risk, low-return vote of confidence.
Which means
I've been taking the wrong
approach from the start.
Give me the names of some
people you think might make a
good student council president.
And you, I guess?
Ha, very funny.
But you're not gonna find
thirty people to back me.
I know that. I just thought I'd say it.
Make sure you talk to
Yukino-san and Yui-san.
Sure, but it won't do any
good if it's not convincing.
I need to prepare first.
You seem so logical, but you always
blow things off along the way.
It worries me.
It'll be fine.
I've been given a reason, established the
problem, and obtained the means.
Now I just have to carry it out.
Hayama-kun Support Account
Hayama-kun Support Account
Hayama Hayato-kun for President!
Not much time left until the
student council election!
Hayama Hayato for President
Oh, I think we should have LCD
graphics tablets in the art room!
Yukinoshita Yukino Support Account
Yukinoshita Yukino Support Account
Not much time left until the student
council election! Yukinoshita Yukino
for President Hayama-kun Support
Account This is our candidate! Seeking
backers. RT if you'll let us list you as a backer!
A third of the entire student body, huh
It is I.
We've got enough.
Let's move to the next phase.
Hayama-kun Support Account
Hayama Hayato-kun for President! / This
account is seeking backers for Hayama-kun.
Please follow & RT to show your support!
I can't say I wholly commend this method.
It's dangerous.
Ah, don't get me wrong!
I'm not worried about you.
I'm worried that I'll be held
responsible for executing it,
that you'll drop me like a lizard drops
its tail to save itself. Nothing more!
I'll warn you that I am prepared to
expose you, should that be the case.
You're such a scumbag,
it's almost refreshing.
Don't worry.
Even if anyone tries to find us,
Edit Profile
the person behind this
account doesn't exist.
Hayama-kun Support Account
No one will take any damage.
Are you aware, Zaimokuza?
So long as a problem doesn't cause
problems, it can't be called a problem.
Class 1-C
Could you get Isshiki-san for me?
Sorry it's just me.
Senpai, it's such a pain to copy this.
By the way, was that girl you were out with
the other day Hayama-senpai's girlfriend?
Who knows?
Aww, come on. You can tell me.
After we finish this.
Well, if that's all it was, it doesn't
seem like there'll be a problem.
I guess it's okay.
So anyway, do you l—
What do you think of Hayama?
What is this? Are you hitting on me?
I'm sorry. I can't. There's someone I like.
I don't mean that.
I only wanted to know what you
think of him, nothing more.
Well, I don't know
If I thought things were going
well, I'd try to make a gr—
To hold his hand, I guess.
She just started to say
"make a grab," didn't she?!
Hey, Senpai! Is there any
point in doing this?
Well, there isn't not one.
That's kind of a vague answer.
No matter what you try to do,
you can't beat Yukinoshita and Yuigahama.
In that sense, no, there's no point.
Well, it's not like I want to win
But if I'd actually happen
to win, it'd be kinda scary.
There's nothing you can top them in.
Well, no.
And even the people who initially
backed you won't vote for you.
They must be laughing their heads off now.
And they'll laugh even harder
when they see you lose.
That probably pisses you off, huh?
If someone does something to
you, you should get them back.
Well, yeah, if I could
You can.
What do you think this thing
I've been having you write is?
Lists of backers, right?
That's right. But
It's Isshiki Iroha's list of backers.
Um, I already have my backers
The rule is that you need at least thirty.
You can get as many as you want.
There's a support account
for you on the internet.
A third of the student body follows it.
With this many supporters, you can win.
B-But I can't pull it off just like that!
And even if I did win, I don't
think I could handle the job.
I'm not really confident
And I have my club, anyway.
Well, it certainly would
be tough to juggle both.
But there's something great to gain from it.
What do you think that is?
Well, experience and stuff, I guess?
And it'd look good on my record
You know, Senpai, you sound like a teacher.
Wrong. Listen. What you'd gain is
"I'm student council president as a
first-year, but I still attend my own club!"
A first-year would be forgiven for failing.
And when you don't want to
do student council work,
you could use your club as an excuse.
The other way around would work, as well.
B-But it would be hard work,
wouldn't it? Or something
If it gets to that point,
you can talk to Hayama.
You might as well have him help you.
If you catch him after your club,
you'd get the perk of him walking you home.
Senpai, are you actually really smart?
Well, if I have this much support,
I guess there's not much choice.
And that proposal is
attractive in its own way.
And I don't want people in my class
laughing at me behind my back.
I'll let you twist my arm, Senpai.
You guys won't change your minds?
No. This is the best choice.
I won't, either.
There's no need for you to run.
I will run. And I don't intend to lose.
Why are you doing this?
Because without you, we'll have no club.
I don't want that.
It won't come to that.
There really is no need for you to run.
Not just for Yuigahama,
but for you either, Yukinoshita.
What do you mean by that?
I believe we rejected your idea.
You did. I don't mean that idea.
I gave up on that.
Did you do this?
It must've been some sympathizer.
I don't know who, or where they came from.
I see
That's a lot of people.
Yeah. At least a third of
the entire student body.
Those numbers are the truth.
Of course, it's not possible for Isshiki
Iroha to gather that much support.
Just don't end up making me take the
blame for this! Seriously, please!
That means there's just one big lie here.
I know. Later.
Edit Profile
This is nothing but a bluff.
Hayama-kun Support Account
A starting point for me
to convince the girls.
So I just have to get through today.
Isshiki Iroha Support Account
Miura Yumiko Support Account
Isshiki Iroha Support Account
Then I'll delete the account altogether.
Totsuka Saika Support Account
It will all disappear.
Isshiki Iroha Support Account
This clears all the conditions we were
bound by for making Isshiki president.
There's no need for either of you to
be student council president now.
"Support account"
It's solved, then.
I see
Then there's no problem, nor any
reason for me to do anything.
So it would seem.
You thought you understood, didn't you?
I'll go report to the teacher.
We'll go with you
I can handle it myself.
So, uh I'm sorry.
Huh? Wh-Why are you apologizing?
Well, you worked hard on
a lot of stuff, right?
Like your pledge, and your campaign speech
Oh That doesn't matter.
You did a lot, too, didn't you?
Look, you let your hair grow
out and get all scruffy.
I'll fix it.
You don't have to.
Now, come on.
You worked hard, too, didn't you?
You protected the place
that's most important to me.
You know, the truth is, I knew.
That I probably couldn't beat Yukinon,
and that if I did win and became president,
I wouldn't be able to come to this club.
So it's all thanks to you, Hikki.
You're wrong about that.
Are you done?
You worked hard!
Where's this coming from?
You worked hard.
Cut it out. I didn't do anything.
Yeah You didn't do
anything that we could see.
But if we could have,
I'm sure we would've seen you
doing something that wasn't easy.
I don't think your methods can be
changed, even if you wanted to.
Guilt doesn't go away.
I couldn't do anything,
but I still can't help thinking
this was for the best.
So it must be even more so for you.
We can all go back to normal now, right?
I don't know.
You thought you understood, didn't you?
This club isn't that demanding,
and I understand the work that comes
with being on the student council.
If they're not given a problem,
My doing this was the best choice.
if they're unable to find a reason,
Even against Isshiki-san, I can win easily.
And I don't mind doing it.
some people can't bring themselves to act.
Maybe I got something wrong somewhere.
Only that bit of doubt stayed with me.
Student Council President
Isshiki Iroha Winner
Vice President
Honmoku Makito Winner
Fujisawa Sawako Winner
Inamura Jun
You're starting work today already?
I doubt anything will come
of it at first, though.
My sister's going to be
starting here next year.
So make this a good school.
What is this? Are you hitting on me?
I'm sorry, you're trying too hard and
it's creeping me out and I can't!
That's not the reason you gave
for rejecting me last time.
Well, work hard.
Oh, Hikigaya-kun!
I'll carry that.
Thanks. I didn't realize
how much stuff I had.
It sort of looks like a different room now.
To be honest, I had my hopes up.
I thought it'd be great if
Yukinoshita-san became president.
And Yuigahama-san would be vice president,
and you'd handle general affairs.
I'm the only one who doesn't
get an official position?
And then
After graduation, I'd drop in to visit
the student council now and then,
and we'd talk about how much fun the
cultural and athletic festivals were.
I sort of always wanted to do that.
Rhetorically speaking
Strictly rhetorically
If it were possible to return to the
previous save point, like in a game,
and make a different choice,
would life change?
The Scent of
Doesn't Fill That Room Anymore.
The answer is "no."
#06 Without Incident, The Congress Dances, But Does Not Progress.
Hey, Irohas!
Looks like there's nothing
else to carry, Irohas.
Tobe-senpai, the fridge doesn't
go there. It goes in the back.
And the heater goes beside the desk.
I wish you'd said that sooner.
Irohas, I've got a Christmas
season part-time job to get to.
But I don't have anything to do.
I want to get the student council
room rearrangement out of the way.
I've got work, though
Man, Hayato-kun, hurry up and get here!
Tobe-senpai, that's enough. You can go now.
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