My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Yôyaku kare to kanojo no hajimari ga owaru.

And it's been really dry lately, right?
So Yumiko brought this little
humidifier to school,
and it was spitting out a ton
of steam all through class!
You know, those new ones powered
by USJ? USA? That kind!
That slight smile hasn't
changed since that day.
Our days haven't changed.
I'd love to have one of those in my room.
Right, Hikki?
Days spent just trying not to run away
Earth to Hikki!
I'm listening. And it's USB.
Why should humidifiers have to
get their power from America?
Yeah, that's it! USB!
Cell phones these days can be
charged with that USB thing, too.
Anyway, what should we do for Christmas?
I'll be busy getting ready for the new year.
To keep from making the things
we've lost into excuses,
Yeah, but
we steel ourselves more than usual,
trying harder than usual
to act the same as usual.
Christmas, huh? I know about Ebina, but
What about you guys?
I'll have to pass, too.
You have plans or something?
You're looking at us too much.
My Teen
Huh? Er, I wasn't really looking
No, you were totally looking.
I was kinda freaked out, honestly.
You're the one who should
stop looking at me.
Huh?! Oh, that was
I just sensed something, that's all.
Some kind of pressure, or chill
Those two don't feel anything alike.
Is that what you meant?
Anyway, did you need something?
No, it's just
you guys were drawing
attention to yourselves.
Just then, somewhere inside,
something hit me.
Why was I watching them?
Morning, Sai-chan!
Something wrong?
I just thought it was unusual to see
you two talking in the classroom.
Y-You think so?
Did something happen?
No, nothing!
Well, we were kind of talking
about club stuff, I guess
Oh, your club, huh?
Well, if you guys are back to doing
club work like before, that's good.
Oh, hey, you can come to us
if you ever need help again.
Nah, you know what?
You can come, even if you
don't need anything.
You're welcome anytime.
You're motivated for once!
Well, later.
By the way, Hikki
Let's go to club together.
See ya!
Why'd you leave first?
I didn't. I'm waiting here.
Yeah, but
Wait, so you don't mind?
Let's go.
By the way, what do you do at lunch?
Huh? Oh Same as always.
I see.
Never mind.
I see.
Yahello, Yukinon!
And he said it's unusual for me and
Hikki to talk in the classroom.
How long will this continue?
Did he? I suppose it might be unusual.
How long will we be able to keep this up?
Not really. Right, Hikki?
What will happen when we
can't keep it up anymore?
No, that was probably the first
time we talked that much.
It kinda tired me out.
It tired you out?!
I was probably watching
Hayama and his buddies
because I felt like they'd teach me
how to mend something that's fallen apart.
Come in.
I'm in trouble!
I'm in trouble! I'm in trouble!
I'm in serious trouble!
A Christmas event?
So that's your first student council job
It's a joint thing with
Kaihin General High School,
and I guess we're supposed to entertain
old folks and preschool kids.
Who came up with that idea?
It was the other school!
As if I'd ever suggest something like that!
I figured.
So of course, I'd normally
turn them down, you know?
I have plans for Christmas, anyway.
You'd turn them down?
You're handling your
freedom too personally.
But Hiratsuka-sensei is telling us to do it.
I should've known she had a hand in this
So I got started with things,
but it's just not coming together.
That's how it goes when you
deal with other schools.
Don't feel bad.
Actually, you should've talked to
Shiromeguri-senpai before coming here.
Oh w-well I mean, uh
Oh, yeah!
I can't bother her when she's
studying for entrance exams, right?
Um, you just don't like
Meguri-senpai, right?
You're the only ones I can turn to!
Okay I have an idea of
what's going on, but
What do you think?
Sounds good! Let's do it!
It's been a while since anyone's
asked for our help, you know?
We haven't done anything like this lately.
So, just like before
I mean it couldn't hurt
to try I think
I think it's fine, then.
No, I don't think we should mess with this.
It's the student council's problem.
Plus, I don't think it's a good
thing to rely on other people right
after you take over as president.
Huh?! What does that mean?
We're not a jack-of-all-trades service.
We only help people out.
Anyway, this is your job. Got it? Go on.
I took over as president
because you said I should!
I want you to do something about this!
Being told that weakens me.
It only makes sense that I should take
responsibility for Isshiki Iroha.
Which means there's one other person
I need to take responsibility for.
Would you object to me helping you
on a personal level, not for the club?
Huh? Well, yeah, I'm fine with that
If it's just you alone, I can use—
I can rest easy. I mean, I can rely on you.
You don't have to correct yourself.
What about Hayama, anyway?
Aren't times like these when you
should get him to help you?
This is a tough job, so I didn't
want to bother him with it
But you don't mind bothering
me? I mean, not that I care
Still, who knew she'd say something noble
like she didn't want to bother him?
I guess even Isshiki can
act like a girl in love.
I've gotta admire that.
Besides, with stuff like this,
it's cute how he can't handle simple things.
It's his mistakes that I like about him.
Asking him to do something that's
actually hard would just scare him off.
Oh I see.
Some winning personality she's got.
Give it back! Return to me my admiration!
Okay, let's meet at the
school gate afterward.
What? We're starting today?
We don't have much time.
Okay, then change the meeting location.
It'd be embarrassing if my friends saw
us leaving together and started rumors.
Hm, is she in the wrong generation
to get the humor of that?
She's not even responding with
"But you don't have any friends."
Total poker face.
Okay, then
You know where the community center is?
We'll meet there.
Fine. I'll head there after I get ready.
Okay, see you there, then!
You really are sneaky
What did Iroha-chan say?
She whined a lot, but she
seemed to understand.
I see
And that was the first time in a while
that I hoped we could do something
Something else will come up soon enough.
Maybe it's actually better if
we don't get any requests.
If we just don't do anything.
Then what have I
What have we
been doing all this time?
Sorry I made you wait.
I had a little shopping to do.
It's fine
What's that irritating face for?
You weren't trying to call attention to how
heavy your bags are so I'd carry them?
Uh, no, that was just a natural reaction.
You weren't trying to hit on me, were you?
I'm sorry. My heart fluttered for a moment,
but after calming down, I still can't.
Huh? I see
How many times do I have to
get rejected by this girl?
Th-Thank you
No big deal. It's part of my job.
Wow, you're so dependable!
In that case, take care of
the next part, too, okay?
Lecture Room 1
Hi, everyone.
Chiba City Mihama Ward Takasu Community Center
I'm Tamanawa, student council president
of Kaihin General High School.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah hello.
I'm really glad
we had the chance to plan this together,
as two fresh, rookie presidents.
I'm hoping we can forge a
partnership of mutual respect
and bring about a synergetic effect.
He throws a good punch
right from the get-go
Iroha-chan, got a minute?
Huh? Hikigaya?
You're on the student council?
Same as me, then!
I'm here because my friend
asked me to come
Huh? Wait, you're alone?
All the time, pretty much.
What the heck? That's hilarious!
No it's not
Well, see ya!
Senpai, there's someone here you know?
The way you said that sounded like
"Someone exists that you
know?" Don't do that.
Besides, you've seen her before.
Who's the girl, anyway?
Yeah, she was my classmate in middle school.
Oh, the meeting's starting.
This way, Senpai.
Uh, I'd rather stay on the sidelines
About the Christmas Event Plan
Okay, so just like last time,
let's start by brainstorming.
First on the agenda is the event concept
and sharing of ideas for activities.
Considering the demands that fall
on us as high school students,
I believe we need to come up with some
innovation befitting of young minds.
In that case, naturally, we need
to ponder on the premise of
a win-win relationship with the community.
Then we'll probably have to think
strategically in terms of cost-effectiveness.
What is going on right now?
Huh? No idea.
The other school is making
suggestions for us, I guess.
Everyone, isn't there something
more important to consider?
We should use logical thinking
to think logically.
Aren't those the same thing?
How many times are we supposed to think?
We should put ourselves in the customer's
place to see from the customers' perspective.
Again, aren't those the same thing?
How many times do we have
to become the customer?
Then we could give some thought to outsourcing.
With our current method, that might
be tough to fit in the scheme.
What do you think?
There's a chance it could
be rescheduled, too.
Shouldn't we give ourselves
more of a buffer?
Oh, that's true. We should
look at the whole picture.
Are you getting an idea of how it all works?
No, I didn't understand a thing.
Yeah, they were saying some
difficult stuff, huh?
But when I say stuff like "Wow,
I need to work hard, too,"
that goes over really well.
Otherwise, all I really have to do
is email back and forth with them.
You're gonna get stabbed someday.
But you're like that sometimes, too, Senpai.
Like you're trying to look
smart or interesting
Don't put me on their level.
I don't care about looking interesting.
I'm just self-conscious.
Huh I don't get it.
Anyway, I've worked out what we need
to do, so let's start tackling it.
You seem to be getting on
well enough with them.
Yeah, I guess so.
But you're the one who taught me
that younger girls trying to
learn something are cute, right?
I didn't teach you that.
But now you don't need me, do you?
Ah Well
Iroha-chan, can you take care of these, too?
Also this, and this, and this, too.
Ah, okay.
If there's anything you don't
understand, let me know.
I'll explain it so you can understand.
So as you heard, getting the minutes
together will be our job, too.
I'm counting on all of you.
Doesn't look like we can say the
student council is functioning well.
I'm sure there's some
reservation between them,
but it looks like that's
hindering their communication.
President, is this okay?
Oh I'll check.
Also, about the way this
work is progressing
Actually, never mind.
He's the vice president.
Looks like you've got it rough.
I don't think he likes me much
But that's how it always goes at first.
He'll get used to me eventually.
Takasu Community Festival
Your reactions are too weak.
Because you're just being sneaky with that.
Oh, come on. I'm just being natural.
But you know, I think that's
pretty sneaky of you, too.
Oh, come on. I'm just being natural.
Hey, wait up!
Lecture Room 1
Our outline of the plan hasn't
completely solidified yet,
so let's continue our
brainstorming from yesterday.
As long as we're doing this,
I'd like to make it more flashy.
Yeah! That's the thing!
We should do something big,
something with a real bang!
Yes, we may have been pulling
everything together too closely.
Huh? Really? Something
was "pulled together"?
The minutes don't have anything in them
but "logical thinking blah blah blah."
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Well, that's because nothing
specific has been settled on yet.
I think we should increase the scale.
What do you think?
You might be right.
We don't have the time or the
personnel to increase the scale.
No, no, not like that.
When brainstorming, you don't
reject another's opinion.
"We can't make this any bigger because
we lack the time and personnel."
"So how should we deal with that?"
We expand the discussion in that way.
We mustn't come to a conclusion right away.
So your opinion doesn't work.
For all you said, you wasted no
time rejecting my opinion
Let's discuss how to make it possible.
Why don't we bring in
more local high schools?
Whoa, whoa. Why do people
who want to look interesting
love working with others so much?
There's no merit in bringing in more schools.
Sounds good. We'd be
involving the community.
But a simple objection like
that would be crushed.
In that case, we could work
toward closing generation gaps.
That'll work!
I'll have to say this in a
way that fits their rules.
This is just a fresh idea.
As a counter to your previous suggestion,
I feel it would be better to strive
for the maximum synergetic effect
by having our two schools cooperate
to build a closer relationship.
What do you think?
I see
So it shouldn't be a high school.
Perhaps college students
It didn't work!
No, wait. Then we can't take initiative.
Even if we're to reach a consensus
with our stakeholders,
we need a partnership in which we can offer
clear suggestions of a solid manifesto
Senpai, what are you talking about?
I'm the one saying it,
and I don't know myself.
That's true.
He understood that?!
Then how about a local elementary school?
What do you call it? "Gameducation"?
If we can make the work enjoyable,
maybe we could get a local
elementary school to help.
That'd be win-win.
Yeah! That's the thing!
What's the thing?
If we handle the appointment and
negotiation of an elementary school
If you could handle them after
that, I'd appreciate it.
Good idea.
What do you think?
Okay, got it.
Were you on the student council
or anything in middle school?
You seem used to it.
I'm not.
Did you break up with your girlfriend?
I mean, it just seemed like you
had your sights on Isshiki-chan.
I couldn't have broken up.
I've never had a girlfriend.
Really? I thought you were going
out with one of those two girls.
Which two girls?
You know, the ones who
showed up on that date.
They're just in the same club as me.
You're in a club? Which one?
The Service Club.
What is that? I don't get it!
That's hilarious!
No, it's not.
Seriously, what does that club do?
That's my first "seriously" of the day!
Yeah, it is a club that
doesn't make much sense.
I've never heard of a Service Club before!
But it's not funny.
Without Incident,
The Congress Dances, But Does Not Progress.
There's really nothing to laugh about.
#07 Yet, That Room Continues to Play Out the Endless Days.
We should consider the priority of each task
and come up with an order of priority.
That'll work!
Those mean the same thing.
How many times do you want to prioritize?
What's being demanded of us now
is the flexibility of flexible ideas
that only young minds can invent!
That's the thing!
Those mean the same thing.
How flexible are we supposed to get?
All right. Now our scheme to drop all of
our resources into this event is ready.
I look forward to our next brainstorm!
Getting ready is all we've done
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