My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Tomoare, natsuyasuminanoni yasumenai no wa nanikaokashî

Komachi's Present List
Book card
Gift cards
Large appliances.
Komachi's Present List!
A book card.
Gift cards.
Large appliances.
But what I want most of
all is your happiness!
Wow! I'd give myself tons
and tons of points for that one!
But what I want most of
all is your happiness!
Wow! I'd give myself tons and
tons of points for that one!
Also, we're out of detergent. Buy some on your way home.
We're out of detergent.
Buy some on your way home.
My Teen
Hey, Onii-chan, welcome back.
Komachi, don't study under the kotatsu.
It'll make you sleepy, and if you sleep
under a kotatsu, you'll catch a cold.
These things ruin people.
You know, it doesn't help when you
say that as you crawl under the kotatsu.
By the way, Komachi-chan.
What might this be?
Huh? Just what it looks like.
I see
Does she seriously want large appliances?
I know she's my own sister,
but what the hell?
Oh, yeah. Mom said to order chicken.
And cake.
Oh, that, huh?
I told her I'd do that, but
Same thing every year.
It's that parental instinct thing.
Don't worry about it. Just work hard
to get ready for entrance exams.
Eh, when you put it that way
Sorry. I couldn't think
of another way to put it.
This is hard.
It might just piss her off to hear that
from someone who's not working hard.
Onii-chan, at times like that,
you can just say "I love you."
Really? I love you, Komachi.
I don't feel the same,
but thanks, Onii-chan!
Hikki, are you coming to club today?
Yes, I know. I'll go.
Yeah, guess we should get going, huh?
I'll go get my bag!
Why'd you leave first again?
Like I told you, I'm waiting.
So, um, I might leave early today.
Actually, I might be doing that
every day for a while, maybe
Helping Iroha-chan?
You knew?
It's plain as day just watching you.
Yukinoshita, too?
Hm, I don't know
She doesn't talk about you.
Are you going to do this alone again?
I'm only doing it because there's
something I have to do.
You don't have to worry about it.
I will worry.
You have bigger things to worry
about than me, don't you?
Do you think Yukinon wanted to
be student council president?
I don't know.
You know, I think the whole club
should've accepted that request.
I think that's what Yukinon
would've done before all this.
What makes you think that?
Well I think trying to overcome stuff
like that is what Yukinon likes to do.
I thought it might be a good chance
I see.
Yeah, before, it might've been.
But I wonder if that's true now.
Hey, can I ask something?
What is it?
Is it okay if I leave early
every day for a while?
Well, it's not as if we're particularly busy.
Yeah, well, I mean
I've got stuff going on.
Komachi's entrance exams, for one thing.
I see.
That might be better, though.
There's not much we can do for Komachi-chan.
You'll just have to work
harder to cover for us.
Right, Yukinon?
Yes, that's right.
Sorry about that.
Oh, yeah! I should send
Komachi-chan an email.
Chiba City Mihama Ward Takasu Community Center
Where's Isshiki?
Not here yet.
She's not with you?
Did you guys hear anything?
I did send her an email
She might still be at her club.
Talk to each other!
Iroha said she had something
to do and left early.
She's doing a lot of stuff for
the student council, right?
You knew about that?
She won't say what she's doing,
but I can tell she's really busy.
You know, if you know
that, you could help her.
It's not like she asked me to.
You're the one she counts on.
She's just using me because she can.
And you can't refuse, huh?
That's what our club is for.
I don't have any reason to refuse.
And unlike you, I have time on my hands.
Is that all it is?
What are you saying?
You never refuse her either, do you?
And not because of the club you're in.
I don't know about that.
I'm not the good guy you think I am.
Take care of Iroha.
Takasu Community Center
Mihama Library
Sorry. Did I make you wait long?
I didn't even wait. I went looking for you.
Aren't you supposed to say "Not
at all, I just got here myself"?
It's not heavy today, so I'm good.
Yep. And we're late now,
so let's get moving.
We'll be focusing on all of
your individual manpower.
Let's figure things out together.
Come right out and say
whatever comes to mind.
We look forward to working with you!
He calls them here and
then just leaves them?
Should we ask what we're supposed to do?
Who's gonna ask? I don't want to.
Let's have our teacher ask.
Yeah, good idea.
I'll go.
What should we do?
The girl from Chiba Village in summer
At their camp school,
I destroyed the relationships
among Tsurumi Rumi's friends.
And I forced Hayama and his
buddies to play bad guys.
Is something wrong?
No, nothing.
What should we do?
Don't ask me.
Oh, sorry.
What should we have the kids do?
Well Nothing's been decided yet
Maybe it'd be best to check with them.
Since we agreed to deal with them,
we have to think about it ourselves.
I guess you're right
We should start with something
that'll keep them out of the way,
but is still important.
Like making decorations.
They could do that, right?
That's true. We'll do that, then.
That'll work for the moment,
but if they don't decide what the actual
event will be, this won't last.
If Isshiki has her reservations
with Tamanawa, then
Got a second?
What's up?
Well, if we don't decide
what the event will be,
no amount of help will make a difference.
Then let's all think about it together.
No, you'll never decide anything just
saying vague stuff back and forth.
I think it'd be best to narrow down what
we'll do, and deliberate on that
But wouldn't that restrict our outlook?
I think we should all search
for a solution together.
But we're running out of time.
You're right.
We'll all have to consider
what to do about that, too.
I understand you feel rushed,
but let's all do our best
to cover for each other.
But you should really
start that meeting now.
Okay, then let's start the meeting.
Now that we've worked together
on the ground design,
let's focus more on discussion
of the creative end today.
That's very typical of
Christmas, and of us, right?
A classical Christmas concert seems
like a standard for local events.
Isn't jazz more Christmasy?
Christmas Event
-Jazz concert
-Dramatic reading
But I think we should take young
minds into consideration.
Maybe a band?
In that case, we could get a choir,
or even rent a pipe organ.
That's the ticket!
Okay, let's consider each one.
Christmas Event
-Jazz concert
-Choir -Charades
-Dance -Quiz Contest
-Play -Bingo
-Gospel -Gift Exchange
-Dramatic reading
-Christmas Cake
Wouldn't it be faster to pick from
among what we've got right now?
Instead of rejecting anything right away,
we need to take all suggestions into account
and come up with something
everyone can agree on.
Yeah, but
Some of these ideas are similar,
so it may be possible to combine them.
Why don't we put all the music ideas
together into a multi-genre concert?
That's the ticket!
From the standpoint of
putting ideas together,
music and musicals are highly compatible.
That'll work!
Why don't we just do it
all and make it a movie?
So, a musical movie?
All right, I'll take the initiative on this.
That's the ticket!
Hachiman, over here!
The heat's turned up pretty high in here
Not right! This is not right!
It's the heat that's
making my face red, too!
That, or it's likely I'm
catching a cold or something.
Totsuka is a guy!
Calm down. Calm down and compose a haiku.
Me, sick in the head? I am not sick
in the head. I'm sick in the head.
Me, sick in the head?
I am not sick in the head.
I'm sick in the head. (Sick)
I'm definitely sick.
Just that fact that I'm composing
haiku is proof I'm sick.
This is good!
You eat some pretty heavy stuff, huh?
I think that kind of food
is best when you're tired.
You've seemed that way lately, so
Have I?
Did something happen?
Nothing happened.
Oh, yeah. You don't say
stuff like that, huh?
It's not that, really.
Isshiki asked me for help,
so I'm just busy with that.
And I'm the one who pushed
her to where she is
Yeah. So you don't have to worry.
You really are cool, Hachiman.
I don't mean that in a weird way.
Like, even if it's tough or painful,
you work hard on your own,
without complaining.
I think that's really cool.
That's not true.
I complain, and I say spiteful
things all the time.
Yeah, maybe.
But if anything's bothering
you, tell me, okay?
Cool, huh?
I'm not cool at all.
I think I'm just trying to play it cool.
I'm just being stubborn so
I won't betray the image
that I've decided I should have.
But seeing Yuigahama force herself to smile,
and the gloomy looks Isshiki gets sometimes,
and Tsurumi Rumi standing
there by herself
And most of all, the quiet smile of
Yukinoshita's that says she's given up
It makes me ask again and again
Am I really doing the right thing?
Oh, Senpai
Hey. Buying snacks on the way again?
No, it looks like there's no meeting today.
Oh, really?
Too bad for you, huh?
You don't get to win points with me.
I don't need points that
can be won that easily.
Hey, it's Isshiki-chan and Hikigaya.
That's right. You know Senpai, don't you?
Yeah, we went to the same middle school.
I guess even you have some friends, huh?
I wouldn't say we're friends
It's, well a thing.
What "thing"? That's a
suggestive way to put it.
Senpai, what "thing"?
A lot happened in the past.
Well, it was a long time ago.
What? What happened?
No matter how I calculate it,
we don't have the budget.
What should we do?
Either cut out some
activities, or raise funds.
I guess all we can do is wait
until the next meeting to decide.
Senpai, they're almost finished
making the decorations.
What should they do next?
How about the tree?
We've already got the tree,
but wouldn't it get in the
way if we put it up now?
Negotiate with the center so they'll
let us put it by the entrance.
It's one week away,
so that should be perfect.
We can just carry it to the
venue on the day of the event.
That makes sense. Okay, then!
Doing it this way is very bad.
I'm actually giving directions.
This is clearly different
from just offering support.
I should talk to him
so I can change where this is going
and leave the rest to Isshiki.
There were a lot of ideas,
so our side examined them.
Here's what's possible,
and what's not possible.
Though, in terms of our budget,
most of them are impossible.
Oh, thanks.
This clarifies where we have problems.
Now we'll all think about how to solve—
I don't think that will work.
We only have a week.
Right And there are several
bands we could outsource.
Depending on how we structure it,
I think we can create
an event in our own way.
So for starters, let's all
consider this together.
If we don't make a decision at the next
meeting, we can't finish the work in time.
Keep that in mind.
Of course.
This is bad. I'm out of options.
She's making decorations?
Making those by yourself?
You can see that much, can't you?
How long did you have to delay that?
What are you doing?
You can see that much, can't you?
Don't you have anything else to do?
Nope, I don't.
Lay off.
I'm borrowing the cutter, okay?
Senpai, you're not into
younger girls, are you?
I can't say I have a problem with them.
I've got a little sister.
Were you just hitting on me?
I'm sorry. I like older guys, but I can't.
No, that's obviously not what I was doing.
Why do you have to treat me like that?
So that's the last of them?
Okay, I'm heading back.
U-Um, thank—
The tree.
I think they're still working on it.
Why don't you go see?
Oh Okay.
I know I've saved some people with
the way I used to do things.
But I'm sure that alone isn't enough.
My responsibility The answer I need
I still don't know what it is.
Good evening.
Were you shopping?
And what brings you out at this hour?
I just had some stuff.
I see.
You're helping with Isshiki-san's
request, aren't you?
Oh Well, yeah, as it turned out
You didn't need to lie like that.
I wasn't exactly lying.
That was one of the reasons.
That's true. It wasn't a lie.
Sorry I acted on my own.
I don't mind that.
It's not as if I can do anything where
your individual actions are concerned,
nor do I have the right to.
Do you need my permission?
No, I was just checking.
Really? Then was there
any need to apologize?
Besides, I'm sure Isshiki-san
feels more comfortable
working with you alone.
I believe you can solve this on your own.
You always have before.
I'm not solving anything.
And I'm only doing this
alone because I am alone.
Same goes for you, doesn't it?
For me
Maybe I only thought I had it all together,
that I understood everything.
Listen, Yukinoshita
Why don't you take a break from the club?
If you're only staying out of consideration
for us, it's not necessary.
I'm not showing consideration or anything.
You always have been.
Ever since back then.
But you don't need to push yourself anymore.
If you were to break down,
that'd be all there was to it.
Am I wrong?
You don't have to force
yourself to attend anymore.
Yet, That Room Continues
to Play Out the Endless Days.
#08 But Still, Hikigaya Hachiman Is
We should start verifying the
agenda of our next meeting.
Agenda! That's totally important!
We can share our schedules
on the cloud, right?
Cloud! That sounds totally strong!
We can upload our resumes, too.
Resume! That sounds delicious!
We'll give ourselves a buffer
Buffer! I totally want one of those!
Good. I think everything's decided.
Okay, let's brainstorm
and commit to results.
Commit to results! That'll work!
So, what should we talk about?
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