My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Izure karera kanojora wa shinjitsu o shiru

You don't have to force
yourself to attend anymore.
Well, the joint event is a week away, right?
So I went to check on the meeting,
but it was already over.
I was on my way home, too, when I found you.
Is this the car you drive?
It doesn't look like the
one you had in summer
Oh, that was a rental.
This baby's mine.
Mind if we make a little stop?
My Teen
Here we are.
Mihama Bridge
I love Yuu-kun-chan!
4 month anniversary!!
We'll be together forever!
You look kinda cool like that.
Because I'm trying to look cool.
So, how are things going?
It's looking pretty bad.
What's looking bad?
It's hard to say exactly
Well, try telling me anyway.
I guess time is the problem.
I don't see how we can turn this
situation around in a week.
Tamanawa and Isshiki are both scared
to think of this thing
failing because of them.
So, to distribute the responsibility,
they ask for others' opinions
Christmas Event
-Jazz concert
-Dramatic reading
and try to implement those.
And the result is this
plateau we're stuck on.
We were wrong not to decide
who's on top, and who should
bear the responsibility.
I guess that's about it.
You have a good eye.
You're very good at reading
people's mental states.
I'm not
You don't understand emotions.
One's mental state and the emotions
they feel aren't always equal.
That's why they sometimes reach conclusions
that seem completely illogical.
That's why Yukinoshita, Yuigahama, and you
all give wrong answers, too.
Uh, they have nothing to
do with this, do they?
They're the ones I was asking
you about in the first place.
But, well
In essence, they're both the same.
Both problems have the same root.
It's in the heart.
But that's not something you can
understand by thinking, is it?
You don't understand?
Then think harder.
If you can only think in terms of
calculations, then calculate it.
Lay out all the answers,
and knock them out one by one
via process of elimination.
What's left, in the end, is your answer.
Still, it's not something you
can really understand, is it?
Then either you calculated wrong,
or you missed something.
You just have to calculate
it all over again.
You're nuts.
You imbecile.
If emotions could be calculated,
they'd have been digitized by now.
The answer left behind because
you couldn't calculate it
is what you call "human emotion."
Of course, I say that,
but it's probably because I keep
miscalculating that I can't get married
Just the other day, my friend got married
No, that's because the guys
you know have lousy taste.
If I'd been born ten years earlier
If I'd met her ten years earlier,
I probably would've fallen
madly in love with her.
Not that there's any point
in hypothesizing about it.
Wh-Where'd that come from?
N-Never mind
I wouldn't call it thanking you,
but I'll give you a hint.
When you think, don't pinpoint
the wrong thing to think about.
For example
The reason you're helping
Isshiki individually,
and not as part of the Service Club.
Try thinking about that.
For the Service Club's sake,
or in other words, for Yukinoshita's sake.
It's plain to see.
Yukinoshita came to report
to me after the election.
She won't talk about herself,
but just watching her,
I thought it might be the case.
Does that go for you, too?
Uh er I don't know
If you had the same thing in mind,
you might arrive at the idea of distancing
yourself from them so
you wouldn't hurt them.
Hypothetically, of course.
Well, yeah
Hypothetically, of course.
But that's not what you need to think about.
In this case, what you should
think about is why you
don't want to hurt them.
And that answer will come
to you immediately.
You don't want to hurt them because
they're important to you.
But you know, Hikigaya
It's impossible not to hurt someone.
Humans unconsciously hurt
others simply by existing.
Whether you're alive or dead,
you keep hurting people.
Getting involved will hurt them,
but trying not to get involved
might hurt them, too.
But if it's someone you don't care about,
you won't notice you've hurt them.
What's important is your awareness of it.
It's because you care about them
that you feel like you've hurt them.
Caring about someone means
being resolved to the fact
that you'll hurt them.
That's your hint.
The more people care for each other,
the farther out of reach certain things get.
But that's not something to be sad about.
I think it's probably
something to be proud of.
Isn't that kinda hard to do?
Oh, yeah, it's hard.
But you can do it. I could, after all.
It's a little arrogant to say someone
else can do it just because you could.
You're so unlovable!
I'll be honest.
It probably doesn't have to be you, really.
Yukinoshita might change on her own.
Someone might show up
who can understand her.
Someone might get inside her.
The same can be said for Yuigahama.
For you kids, right now
feels like everything.
But that's not true at all.
At some point, everything will balance out.
That's how the world is made.
I just
think it'd be nice if it could be you.
I'm hoping you and Yuigahama
can get inside Yukinoshita.
I don't really know what to
Right now isn't everything,
but there are things you can only do now,
and things you can only have here.
Now, Hikigaya. Now is the time.
Think. Agonize. Struggle. Worry.
Otherwise, it's not the real thing.
Just because you suffered doesn't
make it the real thing, does it?
Seriously, you're so unlovable.
The biggest immediate obstacle is,
obviously, the joint Christmas event.
The problem with Isshiki
Iroha is attached to that.
Employment consultations on the rise
And the situation with Tsurumi
Rumi ties into that.
Where is the ideal solution
to all three problems?
Diversifying Communication
The uses and shortcomings of modern tools
start a
now and
Requesting the Cooperation of Students
I can't turn that situation around alone.
Should I ask someone for help?
Why do I immediately try to
depend on someone else?
Connections between people are a narcotic.
Before you know it, you get hooked
When I was dealing with the election,
Komachi gave me my reason.
"It's for Komachi." I used that
as a front to take action.
No, if I hadn't done that, I
I was probably wrong then.
And now, too.
The answer I found for myself
I have to act for my own reasons.
Why didn't I want to let Yukinoshita
or Yuigahama become president?
My true reason for acting,
after getting a reason from someone else
Because there was something I wanted.
Come in.
What's up? Why did you knock?
I told you that you didn't have to
force yourself to attend anymore.
I had business here.
W-Want to sit down?
Is something wrong?
You're not acting like usual
I want to make a request.
Hikki You're going to talk to us?
It's about the Christmas
event Isshiki brought up.
It's going a lot worse than I expected.
I'd like you to help.
No, I know what you want to say.
I took this on myself.
And I said our helping wouldn't help Isshiki.
But I'm the one who pushed
Isshiki to become president.
Do you remember the kids from Chiba Village?
The girl from there is helping,
but she's the same as back then.
Oh. Rumi-chan, was it?
That's why I want to do something.
My own actions are the underlying cause.
I know I'm being selfish.
But still, I want to ask for your help.
It's your fault.
That's what you're saying, correct?
Yeah. I can't deny that.
I see.
If you caused these problems yourself,
then I think you should solve them yourself.
You're right.
Sorry. Forget I asked.
That's not true!
Why does it have to be like that?
It's not right!
No, it is right.
I should take care of my own problems.
That's how it works.
That's right.
No, it's not! What you're both
saying isn't right at all!
Look, it's not just your fault, Hikki.
Maybe you're the one who came up with
that stuff, and carried it all out
But we were wrong, too!
We forced it all onto you!
No, that's not true.
It is true!
It's not just your fault
things ended up this way!
It's my fault, too
I think what you said was
a little unfair, Yukinon.
You're saying this now?
You're unfair, as well.
Hang on. This isn't what
I wanted to talk about.
Yukinon, you didn't tell us anything.
There are things we can't
know if you don't tell us.
You didn't say anything, either.
You only made conversation
to keep up appearances.
So if that's what you
If that's what both of you wanted, you
need to say so, or you'll never know?
But there are things you can't understand
even if you're told, aren't there?
Even if you'd told me, I probably
wouldn't have accepted it.
I would've thought there
was something behind it,
some circumstances making you talk that way,
even if it was my own selfish idea.
But if we'd talked about it
If I had talked to you more I
I don't mean that.
Saying you'd understand because
you were told is arrogant.
It's an ego trip for the person who said it,
or the conceit of the person who was told.
After things happen,
there's no guarantee everyone will
understand if they talk about it.
So what I want isn't words.
But if you don't say anything,
we'll never have any way to understand.
You're right.
Thinking you'll understand without
being told anything is an illusion.
What I want isn't words.
What I wanted was definitely there.
And it wasn't mutual understanding,
or to be friends, or to be together,
or anything like that.
I don't want to be understood.
I want to understand.
I want to understand. I want to know.
I want to feel at ease knowing.
I want peace of mind.
Because not understanding terrifies me.
Saying I want to understand everything
is extremely self-righteous.
It's a dictatorial and conceited wish.
It's shameless and repulsive.
And I'm absolutely disgusted
at myself for wanting that.
But if
If we feel the same way
If a relationship exists where we can force
that ugly self-consciousness upon
each other, and accept it
I know there's no way that can happen.
I realize that's completely out of reach.
But still
But still, I
I want
the real thing!
I don't understand.
I'm sorry.
We have to go!
Uh, but
We have to go together!
Yukinon said she doesn't understand!
I think she just doesn't know what to do!
I have no idea, either, but
But we can't let it end
without ever knowing!
This is our only chance!
I've never seen Yukinon act like that!
So we have to go now!
It's okay. I can walk myself.
Let's go.
Ah um I wanted to talk to you
Sorry, Iroha-chan. Later, okay?
Senpai, there's no meeting today.
I came to tell you that a-and
Okay, got it.
I'm not done talking.
If you're looking for Yukinoshita-senpai,
she's on the roof.
Sorry. Thanks.
I don't understand.
What do you mean by "the real thing"?
Yukinon, it's okay.
What's okay?
I didn't really understand, either.
So I think,
if we talk, we'll understand more.
But we probably won't really
understand even then, huh?
And then we'd probably never understand
But, like, we'd understand
that or something
Nope, I guess I really don't get it.
I don't like the way things are now.
Why are you the one crying?
You really are
I accept your request.
I'll help, too.
But Still, Hikigaya Hachiman Is
I appreciate it.
#09 And, Yukinoshita Yukino Is
This beer is so good!
Man, I said some uncharacteristically
awesome stuff there.
Go, me! I'm such a great teacher!
No a great woman?
I'm a great woman, so why
can't I get married?
Excuse me! The sampler, please!
And a husband, while we're
at it! Just kidding
Damn, Christmas already? Makes me sick
If only I didn't have to work!
If I didn't have to work,
I could go out for Christmas!
Excuse me! Highball, please!
I wanna get married
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