My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Mitabi, kare wa moto kita michi e hikikaesu

Why did I do something that embarrassing?
I wanna die! I wanna die!
I don't wanna go to school tomorrow!
Am I stupid?! Am I stupid?!
Stupid! Stupid!
I want to die.
What's with you, Onii-chan?
Leave me alone.
I'm having a little identity
crisis right now.
Look, Onii-chan
Identity? What?
The people who yap about
identities all the time
are usually the ones with no identity.
Like something that changes so easily
could really be an "identity," anyway.
Komachi-chan, why are you
talking like that? It's crude.
Also, you're making a weird face.
I was imitating you.
That's nothing like me.
Well, I don't know what happened, but
As if that twisted personality of
yours is gonna straighten out now.
You're a scum-niichan, Scum-niichan!
But I kinda like you that way.
Oh, I'd give myself a ton
of points for that one!
Well, thanks for that.
I like me this way, too.
I'd give myself a ton
of points for that one!
What the heck?
My Teen
So About today.
Could you tell me when and
where the meeting is?
O-Oh, yeah
Can it wait until Yuigahama gets here?
Good point
There's no reason to say it twice.
You're close
Um, Yuigahama-san,
could you move away a bit?
Yeah, you're right.
Uh I didn't mean
We're ready to go, Iroha-chan!
It sounds as though the situation is not good.
Yeah, that's right
Oh, nothing.
Oh, yeah, nothing!
Lecture Room 1
At any rate, just be ready.
Oh, there's a pair of new faces,
I haven't seen before. Welcome.
I'm Tamanawa from
Kaihin General High School
It's worse than I expected.
Just watching them irritates me.
So, what should we do?
I have no idea.
Well, for starters, let's think
of something we can do. Okay?
Looks like you've completed your assignment.
We didn't have a modern
Japanese assignment
Well, let's hear what you wanted to ask me.
So you're starting with the budget, huh?
You guys don't seem to know
what Christmas is all about.
I'll show you what it's about.
Ta-da! Here it is!
Where'd you get those? And four of them
I won them at a wedding after-party.
Twice, no less
"You can go by yourself twice!"
They told me that twice
Wait, what is she saying?
If she went there alone four times,
she'd end up enjoying it so much,
she'd pay to go a fifth time!
Worst case, I could even get stuck
going with her the sixth time!
Seriously, someone please marry her already!
I'll give you these, so go do some research.
It'll also give you a break from—
Wow, we can?!
Thank you!
Why do we have to go now,
when it's so damn crowded?
He's right. I also don't really
Aww, why not? Let's go!
We can see Pan-san's Bamboo Fight!
We can go anytime.
I don't see the need to go
during a busy season
But it'll be all decorated
for Christmas now, won't it?
The Bamboo Fight is part of the
park's regular annual operations.
Emphasis is placed on the world depicted
by the attraction, not on the season.
You know a lot about it.
That much qualifies as common knowledge.
C'mon, let's go!
I refuse.
I really want to go with you, Yukinon.
You know, the way things
have been with us lately
And we have this chance
They'll probably have Pan-san
merchandise in Christmas versions.
I kind of want to get something
like that as a gift for Komachi.
That sounds great!
Let's all pick something for her!
If that's the case,
I guess we'll have to go.
So wait, is it going to be the four of us?
I have a yearly passport,
so there'll be one ticket leftover.
Oh, then we should invite one more!
Who are you planning to invite?
That's a secret!
Huh? Hikio's here?
Hikio! That's hilarious!
'Cause he's Hikitani-kun!
Those are both wrong, actually.
Why are they here, too?
Er Well
It's not right to just take
Iroha-chan's side all the time!
I've had it rough, being stuck in the middle!
Thanks for waiting!
Has her soul been sucked out of her body?
Yui, I got it.
Don't take pictures without asking.
But if I'd asked, you'd both have said no.
That doesn't mean you can take
them without permission.
Sorry. I'll ask next time.
There won't be a next time.
I said I'm sorry! Yukinon, wait!
There's nothing particularly
Christmasy about this ride.
I don't see how it'll help us.
What do I do? What am I gonna do?
Ride with me!
You know
You're interrupting.
No, it's I don't handle
these things well, you know?
Looks like Tobecchi's having a tough time.
He sure is. Why don't you help him out?
You should help him, Hikitani-kun!
How does "Tobe x Hachi" sound?!
Please stop.
Let's ride it together, Tobe.
Listen, I'm sorry about
what happened before.
Is that the reason things have
been awkward with you guys?
That had nothing to do with it.
Everything okay with you?
Thanks to you.
Thank y—
Hey, are you okay?
Oh, it's you, Miura-senpai
You really look pale.
Want some water?
Thank you.
They're all such nice people.
Yukinon, are you okay?
I'm fine.
It's just because of the crowd
Let's go.
Actually, there's nothing
Christmasy about this, either
Hurry up, Hikki!
Off you go to the world of Bamboo Fight!
Wow, this is pretty cool.
We're not allowed to talk among ourselves?
How hard is she concentrating?
Pan-san's eyes aren't cute at all, are they?
I'd rather look at Merry-chan
the Precocious Cat.
I think this is really cute!
Don't you think, Hayama-senpai?
Isshiki's just trying to make herself
look cute by saying Pan-san is cute.
C'mon, that's irritating and cute
and annoying and embarrassing!
What would you like to have, Hikki-kun?
Uh, I
I don't really want anything
It really is crowded, huh?
I can't believe people want to
come here during this season.
I'd rather never do it again.
But I want to come here again.
You can come here whenever
you want. It's close.
That's not what I meant
But I won't wait for someone
it's pointless to wait for.
Instead of waiting,
I'll make the first move.
Hey, coming to Land during this
season is one thing, but
I wonder what that newer
place next to it is like.
That one is pretty quiet I think.
Well, then someday.
Yeah. Someday.
Well, guess I should pick something.
Hikki! How about this?
Which one do you think
Komachi-san would like?
You really don't have to get
that serious about it
Hey, Yukinon!
Hikki! Take our picture!
Huh? S-Sure
You okay?
Oh, no!
Go on ahead. We'll catch up.
Ready to go?
She's not answering.
Call Ended
Now that we've come this far,
it'll be faster just to ride it.
They might be waiting at the exit.
Th-That's true.
Does this kind of ride bother you?
It's not that it bothers me, really
Tell me this stuff beforehand.
Let's head back.
I'm fine.
No, you don't handle these well, right?
I told you, I'm fine.
Are you dumb?
It's nothing to get stubborn about.
I'm not. I really am fine.
I wasn't very confident about doing this,
but when I rode with Yuigahama-san,
it wasn't a problem.
So I think I'll be fine.
It's not gonna drop yet.
You don't have to hold the bar.
Yeah You're right.
You really don't handle
these things well, do you?
Well, a long time ago, my sister
It was when we were little.
When we came to places like this,
she would always mess with me.
I think I can picture that.
And she really seemed to be enjoying herself.
She's always like that.
Hey, Hikigaya-kun
Save me someday, okay?
Thanks. How much was it?
It's fine.
I wouldn't feel right taking
money from someone who's sick.
But it doesn't work that way
Ambulances don't make you pay, do they?
Emergency rescue personnel
receive appropriate pay
Something like this has
happened before, hasn't it?
Has it?
The prize that employee got for us.
Oh, yeah, that.
We ran into my sister after that.
Everything you said about her was
right, even then. You surprised me.
It was just what came to mind when I saw her.
Besides, even when people see through
her, she doesn't try to put up a front.
That's true.
I think that's one of her strong points.
She's always been loved by many people.
People said I was a good, quiet girl
who didn't cause any trouble,
but I know that behind my back,
they also said I was
unfriendly and unlikable.
People said the same thing about me.
In your case, wouldn't they say you were
impudent, conceited, and a piece of trash?
Hang on. That last one
didn't really fit, did it?
But I didn't know how I
was expected to behave.
Still thinking you want to be like her?
I'm not sure I don't think
that so much right now.
But she does have something that I don't.
And you want that?
I just ask myself why I don't have it.
The same goes for you.
You have something that I don't.
We were never the least bit similar.
Of course we weren't.
I think that's why I wanted
something different.
I realized that there
was nothing I could do,
so I started to want something
you and my sister didn't have.
I thought if I had that, I could be saved.
Had what?
What, indeed?
Sorry for going ahead without you!
It's not a problem.
More importantly, did you
take pictures of the parade?
Yeah! I got some of Pan-san, too!
May I check over the data?
Um, if you'd said something,
we could have gone there.
Huh? Where's Hayato?
Hey, Yumiko, over here!
Wha— Tobe, what are you doing?
It's starting.
Brings back memories, doesn't it?
Hey, Irohas!
And, Yukinoshita Yukino Is
#10 The Thing That the Light in Each of Their Hands Shines On.
"Let it be said that of all who give gifts,
these two were the wisest.
Everywhere they are wisest.
They are the magi."
Wait, really?
They should have talked
it over more as a couple.
They don't communicate enough.
They'll probably break up.
You're pretty ruthless, Rumi-Rumi.
Don't call me Rumi-Rumi. It's creepy.
C-Creepy? I dare you to say that again!
I mean, please say it again.
One more time! No, three more times!
I'm surrounded by idiots.
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