My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

Izentoshite karera no kyori wa kawarazu ni, matsuri wa môsugu kânibaru

I feel bad for doing that to Iroha.
If you're going to feel guilty,
you shouldn't have rejected her.
It doesn't work that way.
And you know that. It's pretty mean
of you to put me in that position.
I guess.
I'm honestly happy Iroha feels that way,
but that's not what it is.
I don't think it's really me
You're really amazing,
the way you change everyone around you.
Huh? Where's this coming from?
Don't get me wrong.
Remember what I told you?
I'm not the nice guy you think I am.
I'm complimenting you for my own sake.
The train will soon arrive at
Kaihin-Makuhari. Kaihin-Makuhari.
Well, the next stop is ours.
Isshiki, I'm getting off, too.
Which station are you—
Senpai, my bag's really heavy.
Yeah, that might be better.
That didn't work.
You shouldn't need to say that now.
You knew it wouldn't.
Well, what was I supposed to do?
I got all excited
That surprised me.
I thought you weren't the type to
get caught up in what's going on around you.
I was surprised, too.
I was expecting more indifference.
Huh? I thought you were trying
to look like a love-struck fool,
but were actually pretty clever
Not from me. From you.
Of course I'd be moved after seeing that.
Seeing what?
I'm starting to want the real thing, too.
You were listening?
Your voice was perfectly
audible through the door.
Forget about that.
I won't.
I can't forget it.
That's why I tried to take
a step forward today.
Well, um, you know
Don't let it get to you.
It's not your fault or anything.
What is this? Are you taking advantage
of my heartbreak to hit on me?
I'm sorry. I still can't.
No, I'm not.
Besides, it's not over yet!
In fact, this is the most effective
way to approach Hayama-senpai!
Everyone will sympathize with me,
and other girls won't go near him!
And you know what else?
It'll make people curious
about the girl he rejected.
People will feel sorry for me!
So this defeat is part
of the overall strategy.
To make the next phase
proceed effectively
You're really something.
It's your fault this
happened to me, you know.
Well, the student council president
thing is, but the rest
You'd better take responsibility.
My Teen
So, um, why did you call us all here?
To confirm our objective
and discuss the future.
The plan currently in place
is, frankly, impossible.
Even if we pull it off, only a
small part will be successful.
For all the ideas they threw out,
it'll end up being a pretty dull event.
What do you think we should
do to prevent that?
Uh I don't know
The problem lies in those meetings.
We've pulled a lot of opinions together,
but no one has made any actual decisions.
So let's have a proper meeting,
with none of the colluding.
We'll oppose, confront, and deny proposals.
We'll make it clear which ideas have won.
That kind of meeting.
Uh What do you think?
I think it's better if we don't make waves.
And I think it'll be difficult to bring
up counter-proposals at this point.
That's true
But we'll do it.
I personally don't want
this event to be dull.
Mihama Library
Takasu Community Center
That may be true
But personally, I think I'd
really like to put on a play.
If the audience can see both your
musical performance and our play,
it's a really good deal for them, right?
But if we separate, it would
weaken our synergetic effect,
and it doubles the risk
That's true.
But don't we also have a
budget to consider, as well?
Let's all think about that together.
That's what this meeting is for.
I agree.
Agreed, agreed.
That's the thing!
Um, can I ask something?
What's your reason for opposing
the two-part event structure?
Well, it's not that I oppose it.
I just think if we all share our visions,
we'll bring a sense of unity to this.
I think the joint event framework is a
must for building a positive image, too.
Is it necessary to do it jointly?
Of course. By doing it jointly,
we create group synergy and
make the event bigger—
There's no synergy here at all.
And if we keep this up,
we'll never achieve anything big.
So why are you still hung
up on the form it takes?
We've reached a consensus,
and we've shared our ideas
for the ground design.
I agree.
That's the thing!
That's true.
You're wrong.
I know because I had the conceited
idea in my head that I could do it.
That's why, even though I was
wrong, I couldn't admit it.
I guess I wanted to cover
up my own mistakes.
To do that, I used tricks and words.
I tried to put myself at ease by
getting promises out of people.
Because when I messed up, it was easier
if I could blame it on someone else.
I get the feeling that's just
a lack of communication.
Why don't we take time to cool
down and then discuss this again?
I agree.
That's the thing!
If you want to play pretend,
could you do it elsewhere?
You've been saying all kinds of
things that have no meaning.
Is it so much fun for you
to pretend you're working
by using words you just learned
and mimicking a debate?
You use vague terms to
feel like you spoke up,
to feel like you understand,
but you take no action whatsoever.
You'll never move forward that way.
You won't create anything.
You won't gain anything.
You won't give anyone anything.
You're just a pretender.
Could you refrain from wasting
any more of our time?
Uh, wouldn't it be more fun
to let people enjoy the event twice
than to force it all into one?
It would show the individuality
of both our schools!
Uh Right. I think that sounds great.
Wh-What do you think?
Uh, yeah That could be cool, too.
Right? Right?
Well, that makes sense
That's not a bad idea.
Why did you two have to say stuff like that?
You totally destroyed the mood!
I don't believe anything
I said was mistaken.
You may have been right, but you
could have read the mood a little.
There were other ways to
handle that, weren't there?
If you expect him to read a
mood, your hope is in vain.
Even in our club,
he only reads lines of text.
Sorry, but no. When you become
a reader of my caliber,
you can read between lines, too.
Also, aren't you the one
she was just chewing out?
But Isshiki-san acknowledged
that I was right.
So there's no reason for
me to be chewed out.
Yeah, that. That's exactly
why she was chewing you out.
Listen to what she's saying.
Excuse me!
Were you guys listening to me?
I was talking to both of you!
Here. My treat.
You've kinda changed, Hikigaya.
I used to think you were totally boring.
D-Did you?
But if someone looks boring,
it might really be the looker's fault.
Still, I don't think I could
ever go out with you.
Uh, I didn't ask you to do that
As friends, I guess it might work.
I mean, you're hilarious.
If we have a class reunion or
anything, why don't you come?
No. Never.
I figured! That's hilarious!
No, it's not.
Hachiman, it's okay.
I don't need help.
I can handle it by myself.
Yeah, maybe you can, but
It's fine.
But you know
I can handle it by myself even better.
What are you talking about? That's dumb.
So you, uh
I'm not "you."
I'm Rumi.
Okay, so, Rumi
Want to be in our school's play?
Yuigahama-san, did you finish
bagging the cookies?
Yeah, I just finished!
Want me to bake a cake, too?
No need.
So don't touch these, no matter what.
No matter what, okay?
That's kinda mean!
Oh, God
We're totally in trouble!
The scenario was well-written.
What's there to be worried about?
My secretary worked hard on the scenario.
And, Senpai, you
Oh, right! I'm gonna go
join the others, okay?
Oh, and be sure to check
with the vice president
on how to time the ending!
And take care of the cakes for me!
You got it,
Welcome back!
Good work today, Yuigahama-san.
Eh? What?
What's this?
Your Christmas present!
Giving just one person a
paper cup would be wasteful.
I picked the shape,
and Yukinon picked the print.
I should've known.
But I don't have anything for you guys
You don't need to worry about that.
It's just a substitute for a paper cup.
You're welcome!
And for handling my request uh
Thanks. You really saved me.
It ended in success thanks to you.
We haven't finished your request yet.
We said we'd accept your request, didn't we?
Uh, yeah And that just ended, right?
What is this, a riddle?
Yes, maybe it is a riddle.
I figured out the answer.
Maybe it's okay if you don't, Hikki.
Well, that aside
It's still Christmas, so let's have a party!
No, I don't think so.
Do you have plans, Yukinon?
If we're having a party,
I'll keep my schedule open.
Really? Yay!
You're not gonna ask if I have plans?
Or was that a roundabout way
of saying I'm not invited?
Well, I know you don't have any plans.
I want to eat some of the
cake you made, Yukinon!
I made the cake you were eating earlier.
If I could be given what I wished for
If I could have what I wanted,
then I'd probably never
want or wish for anything.
Because the things I received and the
things given to me would be fakes
that would just disappear someday.
So I think I'll keep wanting.
Hey, what should we do about shopping
for Yukinon's birthday present?
Oh uh
Are you free tomorrow?
Y-Yeah, I am
Really? Okay, then tomorrow.
Oh, it's Yumiko!
Yahello, Yumiko!
Just a sec, okay?
Um, what are you all doing after this?
I'm going to head home.
I don't care for crowds.
What? But
We'll see each other at school
again soon, won't we?
Oh, shoot!
I forgot to buy a good luck charm!
I also forgot to write a wish to hang up,
so I'm gonna run back!
Oh, maybe I'll buy a good luck charm, too
What are you saying, Onii-chan?!
You stupid scum-niichan!
You dimwit! You Hachiman!
Hachiman isn't an insult!
Yukino-san, I'm gonna take off!
What's with you?
Stupid Dimwit Hachiman
It looks like Yukinoshita-san's
dictionary of insults was
just updated for the first time in a while.
Anyway, were you okay
heading in this direction?
I mean, it's the end of the year,
so I thought your family
might be doing something.
Oh I'm not going home this year.
I don't have any particular reason to.
And it won't make much difference
whether I'm there or not.
Why not go, then?
If it won't make a difference,
that's easier on you.
You wouldn't cause any problems for anyone.
There are people who ruin the atmosphere
just by existing, you know.
Is that how you introduce yourself?
Yep. That's why I've always tried
to avoid contact with people.
Well, this is my stop.
I look forward to this year.
Super Lightweight
Kinda makes me look smart, doesn't it?
Just the idea that glasses equal
intelligence makes you pretty stupid.
Oh, shut up, jerk!
Reduces blue light!
Computing Glasses
Hey, it's Hikigaya-kun!
Haruno-san and Hayato-kun!
Oh, that's right!
Yukino-chan's birthday is coming up.
So that's why you're here.
Seeing you two alone together, though
Still getting along well, I see.
My little sister was with us at first,
but she took off somewhere along the way.
Anyway, it's unusual to see
you two together, too.
Oh, we're here for a New Year's dinner.
Our parents have always been friends.
They just made us come along with them.
My parents are off saying
hello to some other people.
We're waiting for them.
Ah, I see.
Oh, right!
Hi, Yukino-chan! It's your sister!
Can you come out right now?
I'm hanging up.
Oh? Are you sure?
What is it?
Well, actually
Here you go!
Wha— Bu—
Uh, hello.
I can't believe this.
What are you doing there?
Um, well, I'm you know
I'll be right there.
Yukinon! Over here!
Yuigahama-san You're here, too?
Uh, yeah, well
I was shopping with Hikki
and we kind of got snagged.
I I see
Took you long enough, Yukino-chan!
You've got some nerve,
after calling me out here
Now, come on It looks like
Yukino-chan hurried over
What would you like to
drink, Yukinoshita-san?
I'll have black tea.
It's been ages since we all
had tea together, huh?
Oh, are you done talking?
Hayato-kun, I'm sorry to make you wait.
It's all right. With everyone
here, I wasn't bored.
Oh, Yukino, you're here?
I'm glad.
Your friends?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't know any schoolmates of
Yukino's besides Hayato-kun.
Please continue to be good friends to her.
We will!
Well, shall we go?
This is your birthday celebration, as well.
Yukino-chan, don't.
The Thing That the
Light in Each of Their Hands Shines On.
#11 Hayama Hayato Always Responds to Everyone's Expectations.
This must be my true nature.
That's why I could never let go of it.
I just sealed it inside
and pretended I didn't see it.
I just wanted to be condemned by the truth.
I wanted someone to see
that the idiotic things
I did for others were really for me.
In the eyes of the people looking at me
That's why I had hope
that, just maybe, someone would find me.
That someone would see through me.
How can you say with certainty that
it isn't just an empty delusion?
Does something that's "real" even exist?
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