My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

Soshite, sorezore no butai no maku ga agari, matsuri wa saikô ni fesutiba tte iru

Future Plans Questionnaire
Year Class Number Name
1. What would you like to do after graduation? (Circle your answer.)
1 Go to college 2 Get a job 3 Undecided 4 Other
Which course are you guys going for?
Hina and I are probably
going into liberal arts.
Yumiko's still thinking about it.
Really? Maybe I'll go with
liberal arts, too
What about you, Hayato?
I've kinda decided, but I'll
give it some more thought.
Which do you think I should do, Hayato-kun?
It's your own life.
You need to give it some serious thought,
or you'll regret it.
By the way, Hayato-kun,
is it true you're going
out with Yukinoshita-san?
Who said something irresponsible like that?
It's just a rumor
My Teen
Did you hear about Hayama-kun?
Someone saw them together over winter break!
Yeah, it seems like the
real deal, doesn't it?
Yukinon, over here!
What's wrong with where I am?
Happy birthday!
So your birthday is January 3rd,
By the way, mine is April 16th, Senpai.
I didn't ask.
Why are you even here, anyway?
Oh, come on. What's the problem?
There's actually a little
favor I wanted to ask.
Oh, right!
Yukinoshita-senpai, are you really
going out with Hayama-senpai?
That obviously isn't true.
Y-Yeah, you're right!
I thought there was no way it could be true!
Remember when you went out the other day?
Seems like someone saw that
and got the wrong idea.
I see. The petty suspicions of a lowlife.
Well, you know They say a
rumor only lasts 49 days, right?
That's 75 days.
I hope so
Hayama-senpai's never had
any rumors specifically about
him before, weirdly enough.
He's, like, everybody's Hayama Hayato.
So since this rumor came up,
there are more people
trying to mess with him.
How so?
Well, like girls confessing to him,
or if they don't go that far, they try
to appeal to him by "just checking."
Checking? On what?
And that appeals to him?
Are you going out with anyone
right now?
No I'm not
See? That's what I'm talking about.
Th-That's just an issue of how you say it!
Right, Hikki?
Well, I can't say that
wouldn't appeal to me, yes.
In fact, it sure as hell did.
Why aren't you saying anything?
W-Well, anyway, you know
I understand what's going on with Hayama.
Yep. I understand very well.
Those really do look great on you!
D-Do they?
Did you always wear glasses, Senpai?
These reduce blue light.
Maybe I should try a pair of those, too.
You don't look at the computer that much.
I do! I look at it all the time!
Yukinon, let me see it, too!
Oh, there's an email.
No Title
How is everyone deciding whether to pick liberal arts or sciences?
Got a minute?
I want to talk to you.
Well, I appreciate your help with the
future plans counseling sessions.
Huh? No one told us about that
So, what'd you want to talk about?
Is something going on with you and Hayato?
Nothing of significance.
We've known each other since
we were young. That's all.
Is that true?
Would lying benefit me in any way?
That sort of thing has always annoyed me.
What? Why do you have to talk like that?
It really pisses me off!
I really hate that about y—
I already explained that to you before.
They just bumped into each other
That's all it was!
If that's all it was,
Hayato wouldn't be so bothered by it.
Something happened, didn't it?
Even if it's not now,
something a long time ago
Even if something did happen,
and I told you all about it,
would it change anything?
Would you, and everyone else, believe it?
Ultimately, it's meaningless.
That part of you seriously
Is there something else you'd like to say?
Come on, calm down. Okay?
You, too. Calm down.
I am calm.
I'm used to this sort of thing.
As long as the people closest to
me understand, that's enough.
Obviously. That's exactly why.
The thing about the people closest to you.
That's what I want to be.
That's why I asked.
No Title
How is everyone deciding whether to pick liberal arts or sciences?
What you want to know isn't what
happened a long time ago, is it?
I just I mean
I just
thought it'd be nice if we could
be together a little longer
All of us, I mean.
Hayato's been distant lately.
Even I realize this is weird, but
I don't know anything else
It's not weird.
It's not weird at all.
It's only natural to want to stay together.
Miura probably wants to know
what future course Hayama will take,
and what he'll do beyond that.
And she knows things can't
stay the way they are now
But that just makes her want to
stay close to him all the more.
But you know, Miura
Doesn't the fact that he won't tell anyone
mean that he doesn't want anyone to know?
He might not like being asked.
Hey, Hikki!
Do you still want to know?
I do.
I still want to know.
It's the only choice I have.
All right. I'll do something about it.
Here. Take this.
Oh, thanks.
Already using them, I see
You guys can go on home.
But it doesn't feel right
leaving it all to you.
Nah, it'll be easier to
ask him alone. I think.
Well, then Sorry to leave it all to you.
No big deal. Work is work, can't help that.
I never expected to hear that from you.
My future plans?
Did someone ask you to ask me?
No, just for reference.
Then can I ask you a favor, too?
Could you stop being so intrusive?
If I said something contrary
like that, what would you do?
I'd cross that bridge when the time came.
I see.
As for your question,
I'll leave the answer to your imagination.
Future plans, huh?
Since I've been playing tennis for so long,
I guess I'd like something related to that.
Can't you get a recommendation
or something, then?
Only a precious few get those.
At our school, only someone like
Hayama-kun would have a chance.
Guys! Dismissed!
See you after school!
This doesn't suit me?
No I just didn't know you did
captain-ish stuff like that.
It surprised me a little.
I'm doing a pretty solid job, right?
I might be a little unreliable, though.
Nah, I could rely on you.
Not that I'd know yet, of course
But I'm pretty sure I could.
You're late, Senpai!
And you guys, too! Thanks for coming!
Yahello, Iroha-chan.
What do you want us to do?
We have to rearrange all this stuff.
Some of the alumni came to help.
Hey, it's Hikigaya-kun!
Nee-san, there's something
I want to ask you.
Soubu High's Annual Winter Event
Marathon Race!!
Don't worry, it's not that you're weak.
I'm just too strong.
Hayato's future plans? Is that all?
Do you know anything?
And I thought you could handle
things on your own now.
Here you are relying on others again.
That was cute when you
were little, but now
Think about it on your own.
Walk me to the station.
It's not often you get a chance to walk
home with a gorgeous older girl like this.
Well, ready to go?
Have you heard which curriculum
Yukino-chan wants to go into?
No, I haven't.
Well, I guess she wouldn't
volunteer the information.
Make sure you ask her, okay, Hikigaya-kun?
We'll check each other's answers.
I don't think you'd call that
"checking each other's answers."
Don't sweat the little details!
By the way, did you try
asking Hayato directly?
Yeah. He said some stuff,
but wouldn't tell me.
Huh I see.
Hayato was hoping for it, too
For what?
For someone to find him maybe?
Everyone's Hayama Hayato, huh?
I'm not the good guy you think I am.
Hey, it's me.
Sorry to call this late.
It's okay. What's up?
I need a favor.
Hayama-senpai! Good luck going
for your second consecutive win!
H-Hayato g-good luck!
And good luck to you, too, Senpai!
No, not you, Tobe-senpai.
G-Good luck!
Good luck.
Well, let's do this.
On your marks!
Damn, I'm glad I ride a bike to school!
Otherwise, there's no way
I could run this long!
I'm impressed you're keeping up.
Yeah, well
As long as I don't think about pacing
myself, it's not impossible.
I wonder how people feel as they
approach a halfway point in a trial.
Do they despair at the knowledge
that half the trial still remains?
Or do they feel relieved to
have made it halfway through?
Most would probably feel one of the two.
And both of those emotions create
openings in people's hearts.
That's why I've pushed myself this far.
Was Miura handy for keeping girls away?
Well? Was she useful?
Be quiet for a minute.
Did you pick liberal arts or sciences?
I'm not telling you.
Then let me put it another way.
Pick sciences.
I don't know which one you had chosen,
and I don't really care.
But it can still be changed, so change it!
That's the only way to meet your condition!
You told me to stop being intrusive, right?
In other words,
you want to stop being the
Hayama Hayato everyone wants!
If you go with sciences,
there won't be as many people,
and there aren't many girls.
You can put distance between you and
the problems intruding in your life.
Plus, if your choice doesn't match theirs,
they'll all accept it and
drift away from you.
If it ends naturally, nobody gets hurt,
and you won't have to betray
anyone's expectations.
I was right. We never could've been friends.
I don't like you.
I feel inferior to you,
and I can't stand that.
I wanted us to be equals,
so I could accept losing to you.
So I won't do as you say.
Sorry for blocking your
second consecutive win.
No, I'll win. That's what I do.
I don't want to lose to you.
Damn it
Why is he so cool?!
Congratulations, Hayama-senpai!
I knew for sure you'd win!
I was able to finish the race
thanks to all of your support.
Thank you.
Okay! A round of applause for Hayama-senpai!
I don't need to announce who
placed after him, right?
So he wasn't really going
out with Yukinoshita-san?
I guess rumors are just rumors.
Nurse's Office
What are you doing here?
I stopped to rest for a bit,
and they made me forfeit.
Did you hurt yourself?
Yeah, a little.
You could've had them treat it out there.
No one was there by the time
I crossed the finish line.
Oh. I guess it was bad timing.
Or maybe it's your luck that was bad.
Or maybe your eyes, or
My personality, my pride
A lot of me is bad.
Looks like your hands don't
work so well, either.
Sit over there.
Uh, I can do this much by myself.
Just sit.
H-Hey That stings.
I can't help that. It's to kill the germs.
It only makes sense that it
would be effective on you.
Would you stop treating me like a germ?
It looked like you were
running with Hayama-kun.
Did you get any answers?
If nothing else, he's not
going into sciences.
That's a funny way to put it.
All done.
Uh Thanks for this.
It's fine. It's not a big deal.
Can I ask which course you're going into?
That's the first time you've
asked me a question like that.
Is it?
For what it's worth,
I'll be going into liberal arts.
For the time being, we'll all stay together.
Well, in terms of categories, I guess.
Okay, I'm gonna head back to the classroom.
All right.
See you later.
Whoa, you scared me!
Oh, Hikki
Oh, it's you, Yuigahama.
Ah, yeah I just got here
Yukinon, sorry I took so long.
Yumiko and the gang are
going to the after-party.
Want to go?
Sorry for the trouble that
crazy rumor caused you.
It didn't particularly trouble me.
I'm grateful that you were concerned for me.
You've changed a bit.
I don't know about that.
It's just that so many things
are different from back then.
Yukinon! The food's here!
It's all these chickens!
And they're totally cooked whole!
She really has changed a bit.
It looks like she's not chasing
Haruno-san's shadow anymore.
But it's no more than that.
Isn't that good enough?
You haven't noticed?
Noticed what?
Well, if you don't know,
I guess that's fine.
Oh, right. There's something
I forgot to tell you.
Things like moving up to the next grade
or to college don't reset relationships.
Yes, that totally does reset them.
That's only for you.
You and I aren't the same.
Then why wouldn't you tell anyone
which course you're going into?
If I chose something because
I had no other choice,
I couldn't call it my own decision.
There's something I forgot to tell you.
I don't like you, either.
I see.
You might be the first person
who ever said that to my face.
I won't choose.
I believe that's the best way to go.
Hayama Hayato
Always Responds to Everyone's Expectations.
It's my self-satisfaction.
#12 Still, The Thing He Seeks Is Out of Reach, And He Continues to Mistake What's Real.
Oh Hayato's going into liberal arts?
Then maybe I'll do that, too.
Are you sure you should make
that decision so easily?
There's nothing I particularly want to do.
I can put off starting college,
but this doesn't work that way.
It's gonna be tough to put up with him.
What? I don't need to hear
that from you, Hikio.
And, you know
I think all of him is cool,
including his troublesome side.
I see
It could've been that much simpler
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