My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Kôshite, kare to kanojo to kanojo no seishun wa machigai tsudzukeru

What'd you call me out here for?
I thought we could check
answers, like we promised.
Did you find out what future
course Yukino-chan picked?
I do know, yes
But it wouldn't be fair for
me to be the one to tell you.
Ah, how dutiful of you.
But I see So she actually told you.
Yukino-chan really trusts you, huh?
I wouldn't call it trust
I don't think that's what it is, in my case.
Oh, so you do realize it.
You're right. It's not trust.
It's something much more cruel
Nothing's changed.
And she thinks it's fine that way.
That's part of what makes
her so cute, but still
It's what I can't stand about her.
If it's not trust, then what is it?
Who can say?
But at the very least,
I wouldn't call it the real thing.
Those were your words, right?
Does that "real thing" even exist?
My Teen
I wanna eat something sweet!
Know what I mean?
Don't you wanna eat a little chocolate?
Get it? A little chocolate?
Yeah, it's almost that time, isn't it?
You'll be fine, Hayato-kun,
but we're in big trouble.
Yeah, but you know,
Hayato-kun doesn't usually
accept Valentine's chocolates.
What a waste!
But it's kinda scary getting it from
someone you don't know well, right?
Well, yeah, giving handmade is kinda heavy
I can understand why he
wouldn't accept those.
That's true
Just a little chocolate?
Handmade, huh
Why'd you leave first?
Wait, I never said I'd go with you.
I thought you were waiting for me.
You stayed in the classroom for a while
No, I was just checking out how
Hayama and Miura were doing
Oh Yeah. I think they're okay now.
That kinda thing is nice, isn't it?
It's like they really treasure
what they have right now.
Like the present time is the best time
Maybe the present time is the best time.
Wow! That's unusually
optimistic of you, Hikki!
Recalling the past dredges up
regrets that make me want to die,
and when I think of the future,
the anxiety just makes me depressed.
By process of elimination, you could
say right now is my happiest time.
It was pessimistic after all!
You're so quick to say stuff like that
Do you have any free days coming up?
Y-Yeah Um, probably
I'm pretty much free I guess
L-Let me think about it.
Senpai, you're late!
And again, why are you here?
By the way, Senpai,
not that it matters, but do you like sweets?
I think Hayama would be glad
to eat anything you give him.
But they were saying Hayato-kun
doesn't accept chocolates.
What?! Why not?
I'm not sure
Because it would cause arguments, obviously.
In grade school, the mood in the
classroom the following
day was always strained.
Okay, then I guess you'll do, Senpai.
Do you like sweets?
That's not the right way to ask that.
does like sweets!
Yes, he does.
I'm not sure why you two
answered that, but
That's perfect, then!
Uh, what is?
I wasn't sure how sweet I should make them.
Everyone has different tastes, right?
How sweet? Are you planning
on making your own?
Why is it surprising?!
I'm really good at making sweets!
Anyway, so I thought
I could use you as a reference
to make obligatory chocolate.
Obligatory, huh?
Oh, are you one of those guys who's
never gotten chocolate before?
will get chocolate.
Huh? Does that mean
That's right.
I've got Komachi, you know.
Komachi? Who's that?
The rice?
She's not rice.
Oh, Komachi-chan is Hikki's little sister.
Sister complex?
Idiot! No!
I'm not sure I can deny that.
So you do like younger girls, Senpai.
I do not.
Besides, since your birthday's in April,
there's less than a year between us,
so I don't really think
of you as younger than me.
Uh, nothing
I was just a little surprised.
Whoa, scary! Why do you know her birthday?
That's creepy, Hikki! Seriously creepy!
You certainly know her well.
No, Isshiki said it herself the other day,
when the little sneak was trying
to look pointlessly appealing.
Pointlessly?! It wasn't pointless!
And I'm not a sneak!
You're a bigger sneak than I am!
How do I put it?
I want to try making chocolate.
We'll be studying for exams next year
So I figured I could at least try it once.
Yumiko, didn't you say giving
handmade is kinda heavy?
Hey, I think handmade is a great idea.
Hikitani-kun, why don't you make friendship
chocolate for Hayato-kun, too?
Not happening.
He doesn't accept chocolate anyway, does he?
It's okay if it's between boys!
What you're assuming is not okay.
That's right
If he says he won't accept
any, that makes it tough.
That's for sure.
Yikes, they're scary.
So, did you need something?
Er Well
You know, I wasn't done talking yet.
What? You're just drinking tea.
Now, now
Sakisaki, you had something
to say, too, right?
Just tell us about it.
Well It's about chocolate
You want to give someone chocolate?
That's hilarious.
Look, could you stop assuming I'm like you?
Stop! Please play nice!
What about chocolate?
My sister said she wants to make some.
Is there a kind that even
a little kid can make?
That even a little kid can make
But, Sakisaki, aren't you good at housework?
The stuff I make is sort of plain
I'm not sure a little kid would like it.
What kinds of things can you make, anyway?
Simmered taro balls.
Yeah, that's plain.
I think that sounds nice!
I mean, I can't cook at all,
so I think that's amazing!
Don't you, Yukinon?
"Nikkorogashi" sounds a
bit like "nekkorogashi,"
so it sounds rather cute.
That was a weird comment to follow up with!
Cats have nothing to do with anything.
This is quite a problem, though.
Yeah. It's kind of a problem that
Miura-senpai seems to be serious about this.
I was talking about the number of
requests for help we've received.
I kind of understand how
Hayato-kun feels, though.
Well, I mean, you know
It would probably give me all kinds
of weird ideas about stuff
Oh That sounds like you, Yui-senpai.
You think so?
That sounds like me, huh?
Well, wouldn't you just need an excuse, then?
Like, a front that's convincing to Hayama.
If he has no choice but to accept them
Or if the situation makes it
natural for him to accept them,
it's a different story, right?
In other words,
you mean she just needs to have an excuse?
For example, instead of
saying it's for Valentine's,
if you just ask him to taste-test
it, he'd probably eat it.
Probably. Not that I'd know.
That's it! We should make some together!
That's a great idea!
It'll be like an event for all
of us who came with requests,
where Yukinoshita-senpai can
teach all of us how to make it!
Y-Yes That would be fine with me
Hey, Vice President? I'm gonna
need a project proposal!
What about me?
You can make some with me.
You don't trust me at all!
Uh, then what should Hikki do?
I can't cook.
That doesn't matter.
You can taste them and give your opinions.
Now that I can do. It's my best subject.
Okay, thanks.
Honmoku Makito
So anyway, I'll handle the details.
Let's have a cooking class!
Chiba City Mihama Ward Takasu Community Center
Almost Valentine's Day!
Cooking Class
Inexperienced cooks welcome!
No minimum requirements!
Very at-home atmosphere!
Gain the experience and know-how
to be independent in the future!
Yeah, the reaction to our
last event was great,
and it generated a lot of buzz.
I hope we can continue working
in alliance from now on.
Me, too.
Y-You guys are here, too?
Oh, didn't I tell you?
Well, I don't think I had a
log of it in our emails
What the hell? You look way too cute.
Hey, Pres, we'd like to get started.
All right, then
This is a business chance, as well.
We can use crowd funding to raise funds
What's with them?
It's best if we can make this a joint effort
and pull some of the budget from them, right?
And luckily for me, it saves me
the cost of obligatory chocolate!
Well, that idea aside
You're more impressive than
I thought, Isshiki-san.
Sorry I'm late.
Anyway, this is today's special
instructor, Haru-san-senpai.
Hi! I'm Haru-san-senpai!
Why did you ask her to come?
Well, she seems like a total
veteran at this stuff, right?
I would have been sufficient on my own
Cut up the chocolate and
warm it with hot water.
Then let it cool and pour it into molds.
That's it?
Well, basically, yes.
Huh That seems kinda easy.
You're naïve, Yumiko!
Warming it with hot water doesn't
mean you put it in hot water!
You do it more like this! Like this!
You really don't mind me bringing her?
I don't see a problem with it.
Kei-chan, what kind of candy would you like?
O-Oh, really?
O-Our family had eel the other
day, and she really liked it
In other countries, it's common
for men to give the gifts.
I think we should focus on
that sort of globalization.
You really thought this out.
This way,
they can all act natural.
It's even made Tobe happy.
I don't care about chocolate or Tobe.
Especially Tobe.
That's harsh.
You're really good at cooking.
What is this? Are you hitting on me?
If you think whispering sweet nothings
will work because I'm making sweets,
then you're being naïve.
You're gonna have to try again.
I'm sorry.
Senpai, do you dislike
sweet things like this?
I guess you'd call it a difference in
awareness between Japan and other countries.
Hikigaya, got any extra chocolate molds?
Uh, sure.
Come to think of it,
did I ever give you chocolate?
No, you didn't.
Oh, okay!
I'll give you some this year, then.
Er Uh, really?
Speaking of, Yukino-chan gave
you chocolate once, didn't she?
Yeah, she did.
Right before we started grade school,
she gave some to both you and me.
So, who are you giving yours to, Yukino-chan?
I don't see what that has to do with you.
You didn't say you're
not giving it to anyone.
So you are giving it to someone.
Well, there are only so many
people you could give it to
This is nonsense. Say whatever you wan—
It's okay
Why is she all flustered?
Seeing her like that is gonna
make me flustered, too
Don't get flustered
You've still got a way
to go yourself, Yukinon.
I'm a master at handling
bowls and cooking utensils!
Yeah, it's the rest of it that
you're fatally flawed in.
This turned out to be a great event.
Yeah. It's an event I
don't really get, though.
That's just fine.
You're a guy who doesn't
really get much, anyway.
The people you're involved with
with don't get much, either.
It's only natural it would turn out this way.
Saying I don't get much is kinda mean
Well, I guess you understand a
little more now than you used to.
Your impressions of people
are renewed every day.
As you spend time with them
and grow with them,
you come to understand more.
I don't particularly feel like I've grown.
I always keep doing the same things.
When you're walking, you don't look
back at the distance you've covered.
Of course, from the viewpoint
of someone who stopped walking,
the more distance they've covered,
the more betrayed they feel.
I'm glad I got to see all
of this up close now.
Because I won't be able
to watch you guys forever.
Hikki! Try these!
All right. I'll eat it.
You look like you're preparing
for the worst, but don't worry.
I made them with her.
Oh, that's a relief, then.
Did you just say something really mean?!
Well, so
Is that the "real thing"
you were talking about?
Are times like these your "real thing"?
I'm not sure
Is this it?
I don't think you're that kind of guy.
Are you that boring?
If I were interesting, I'd be
the most loved guy in my class.
I like that side of you.
But the way you guys are being now
is kind of boring me.
I liked you better before, Yukino-chan.
I'm just not used to it.
I've never experienced it before.
I thought it just felt a little
awkward because of that.
I thought I'd get used to it,
and eventually accept it.
But you just wouldn't
overlook that awkwardness.
The student council will handle the
rest, so you don't have to worry.
We'll still help out until it's over.
Yes. There's no need for any reservation.
Okay, I'll take you up on that.
Yukinoshita Haruno attacks me with the things
that I've always tried not to think about.
It's not trust.
It's something more cruel
Something repulsive.
Mom? Why are you here?
Haruno told me about the
future course you've chosen.
Yukino, what have you been
doing until this late hour?
I thought you were a child who
wouldn't do these sorts of things
I let you live your own life
because I trusted you
No. This is my responsibility.
It was my mistake.
Was it my fault?
There was a student council event
today, and we were helping
I see. And you were walking her home?
Thank you.
But if you're out too late, I'm sure
your family will worry, as well.
I want you to live your own life,
and be who you are.
But I'm worried that you'll
take the wrong path.
I'll explain everything.
So please, go home for today.
Who she is Who I am
I think there's some part of us
that's pre-determined by others,
and that part is always a bit off.
We want to be who we are.
But who, exactly, decides "who" that is?
W-Well, I'm gonna head home.
Oh I'll walk you
It's okay.
I feel like it wouldn't be fair.
"Who we are" is always
clashing with us somehow.
So where is the real thing?
Where is
Still, The Thing He Seeks Is Out of Reach,
And He Continues to Mistake What's Real.
the real "us"?
#13 Spring, Bound Beneath the Thick Snow, Begins to Sprout.
There's something I want.
But I'm not smart or anything,
and it wouldn't be fair.
There's only one answer for me.
But I'm sure it's not the answer
that everyone else wants.
What I desire and what's
desired of me are so similar,
so why are they so different?
The truth is, I wouldn't
care if it was a lie
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