My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Dakara, karera no matsuri wa owaranai

I'm sorry about the other day.
No problem!
My mom tells me all the time
that I come home too late.
Well, that's what moms are for.
They always have something to say.
Komachi's entrance exam is coming up,
so she and Mom have been
arguing about that lately.
Oh, yeah, Komachi-chan's
exam is tomorrow, huh?
It gives us the day off, too.
If I know Komachi-san,
I'm sure she'll do fine, though.
But as her brother, you've gotta worry, huh?
Komachi's too cute, so she's
bound to be popular, right?
And then I'll have to start
watching out for boys.
Above all, I have to make sure nobody finds
out she has a useless brother like me.
Komachi's reputation depends on it.
That's what you're worried about?
Also, you're assuming she'll pass?
I'm not sure if that's thinking
positively or negatively.
Did you make those, Yukinon?
I just made them last night
I see!
I've kinda been trying since then,
too, but it's not going too well.
Here, if you'd like.
Um Just for me?
Why am I averting my eyes?
What about Hikki's?
If you'd like
My Teen
Okay, see ya!
Uh I'm gonna go on ahead.
What should I do?
Yukino-chan, I'm here to pick you up.
I see no reason for you to pick me up.
Mom told me to.
She said I should live with you for a while.
Why would she say that now?
I think you have an idea why.
That's something for me to do myself.
It has nothing to do with you.
Do you even have your own "self"?
I've watched you all this time
to decide what should be done.
Can you really talk about your own ideas?
You've always been allowed to
live as you please, haven't you?
But you haven't made any
decisions on your own.
Even now, you don't know how to act, do you?
What is it you want to do, Yukino-chan?
If you sisters are going to fight,
could you do it elsewhere?
This can't even be called a fight.
We've never fought once, you know.
Whatever it is, this isn't the place for it.
We We have thought on our own.
Yukinon and I both have.
Then tell me all about it when you get home.
You only have one home you
can come back to, after all.
Oh, I know!
Wanna come to my place?
She told me to come,
so I did, but now
I'm sorry to trouble you.
Don't worry! It's no trouble!
That's right! You don't
have to worry at all!
You're Hikki-kun, right?
Uh Yeah
Yui talks about you all the time.
Mom! You don't have to tell him that!
Aww, I want to talk to Hikki-kun, too!
That's enough!
Oh, Yukinon-chan is spending
the night, right?
I'll have to get out a futon.
I'll handle that!
Sorry about that.
I guess Mom's a little too excited
to have you here, Yukinon.
How embarrassing
Not at all.
You two are very close. I'm a bit jealous.
With the mother and sister she has,
I think anyone would have trouble,
Yukinoshita or otherwise.
I'm sorry. That was an
awkward thing to bring up.
I'll head home now.
Hey, about that
Why don't you stay over?
You let me stay over all the time.
And I know sometimes it's hard to go home.
Well, neither you nor your sister
are thinking clearly right now.
I don't see a problem with taking
a night to think things over.
Just give them a call first.
Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
Yes You're right.
Neither of us is thinking clearly right now.
I'm going to take a night to think things
over, and then I'll talk to you.
I just called to let you know.
She just
Hmm All right.
Hikigaya-kun's there, isn't he?
Put him on.
My sister wants to talk to you.
What is it?
You're such a nice guy, Hikigaya-kun.
Are you still awake?
What do you want to do, Yukinon?
I have something I want to do.
I decided on it.
Want to go on a date?
Brr, it's cold
Got your exam admission slip?
And your eraser and handkerchief?
Spare pencil?
I'm all set!
I'm going now!
Yep. Off you go.
Sine, cosine, tangent
I'm free for the whole day.
Hikki! Let's have a date!
If you two have plans, I'll head back
This is fine.
I want the three of us to go together.
Kasai Rinkai Park
Compare your height
with a tuna
An aquatic park?
This is where you want to go?
Yep! The snow doesn't matter here.
Wow, sharks!
Sharks, indeed
Yukinon! I'm sorry I didn't tell you, okay?
Be a little more excited!
That's easy to say
Wow! Hammerhead sharks!
Huh? What? We can take pictures?
See? Even Hikki's having fun.
Nothing. I was just a bit surprised.
I'll take a picture of you with the sharks.
Really? I'm gonna show this off to Komachi!
That's a "nurseryfish," it says.
"They live in muddy rivers,
where they don't move around
too much," apparently.
If a shrimp passes by,
it'll swallow it up in an instant, huh?
That's the ideal way to live.
You're sympathizing with it?!
Now that you mention it, this fish
does remind me of someone
It's nothing like me, and that name
is nothing like mine, either.
Ugh, it looks creepy!
Don't say stuff like that.
They're doing their best to survive.
It is kinda cute, though.
Whether or not it's cute aside,
it has a certain charm.
The fact that you called it creepy
means you see nothing cute about it.
Wow, "inuzame"!
They look a little like Sable!
"Nekozame"? I don't get it.
Since the name means "cat shark,"
it must be catlike in some way
I see
You have to react to anything
with "cat" in the name, eh?
She really does love cats
like they love Friskies.
It does feel a little like a cat's tongue.
That's just what shark skin feels like.
Oh, there's a ray, too!
Eww! Something was just slimy! It was slimy!
What did you touch? Hikigaya-kun?
You should wash your hand quickly.
Excuse me?
Don't treat me like a ray.
I'm not covered in mucus.
Neko "Cat shark" Cat
Meow Or is it "shaa"?
I'm pretty sure sharks don't say "shaa."
What? Done already?
Yeah. Getting touched too much
probably makes them tired.
I see. That's just like you.
What is "just like me," I wonder
I'm not as nice as you think I am, really.
Hikki, Yukinon, let's go!
Oh, God, what are those? They're so cute!
I've gotta send Komachi a picture.
Wow, look! They're swimming!
When I see them this way,
penguins look like birds.
Penguins are birds, actually.
Huh? I-I knew that
Adult Humboldt Penguin
There's Something About the Way Those Two Are Acting
Do you see a pair of penguins standing close
to each other? They are a mated pair. Most
Humboldt penguins remain with the same
mate for life, unless one partner dies. To
reaffirm their bonds, two mated birds will
groom one another and talk to each other.
Try and observe how the mated pairs behave.
What's up?
I'll be waiting inside.
Where's Yuigahama-san?
Taking pictures of the fairy penguins.
Some of them are moving freely
Yeah, it's a pretty huge fish.
If it has nowhere to go, it won't
find the place where it belongs.
It'll hide, ride the current,
follow something else,
and crash into walls it can't see.
Which fish are you talking about?
Hey, guys! Sorry for the wait!
They look kinda like fireworks, don't they?
They do?
You don't see it? Look, like that one.
It's like, fwoom, bang
You're close
I'm glad the three of us
saw this together.
Hey, want to go through again?
What's the point in seeing
the same stuff again?
H-He's right. I'm a bit tired, anyway.
Really? I think it'd be fun.
And we still have some time
A Ferris wheel disguises its instability
as it keeps slowly turning
around and around.
It never moves forward,
but just keeps spinning
in the same spot forever.
But still, eventually
It's almost over.
What should we do now?
Aren't we going home?
I don't mean that.
About Yukinon,
and about me.
About us.
What do you mean by that?
To thank you for that one time.
Remember when I asked for your help?
Handmade cookies
You made them on your own?
I screwed up a little, though.
Yuigahama-san, you are amazing.
I said that I'd try it on my own,
that I'd try to say it in my own way.
And this is what I came up with.
It's just to thank you.
You already thanked me.
It's just to thank you.
I want everything.
Now, and from now on
I'm unfair. I'm a mean person.
I've made up my mind.
I see
If we each find out how the other feels,
I don't think we'll be able
to stay the way we are.
So this will be the last help we give.
The last request I have for us
is about us.
Hey, Yukinon, that contest we
were having is still on, right?
Yes. The losers have to do
whatever the winner says.
I know the answer to your problem, Yukinon.
I think it's probably the
answer for all of us.
If I win, I'll take everything.
She didn't say any one specific thing.
If she said it out loud,
that would set in in stone.
She's been avoiding that.
I know it's unfair
But it's the only way I can think of.
I want things to stay this way forever.
What do you think?
Yuigahama is, most likely, not wrong.
I have a feeling
she's the only one who has seen
the right answer all this time.
Surely it would be easier to just accept it.
Is that okay?
Yes, this is wrong.
She's wrong.
Yukinoshita can't entrust
her future to someone else.
There's no way that can be right.
wouldn't mind tha—
I can't go along with that.
Yukinoshita should solve
her own problem herself.
Yuigahama Yui is a nice girl.
I had decided that for myself.
Yukinoshita Yukino is a strong girl.
That's the ideal I had forced onto you.
And that's nothing but
a deception.
Vague answers and mutual back-scratching
I don't need any of that.
I know I'm an idiot.
I know there's no such thing.
I know that if I try to pursue
it, I won't gain anything.
But still, by thinking,
agonizing, struggling
I thought you'd say that, Hikki.
Don't decide how I feel for me.
And this isn't the last.
We still have your request.
It's okay to be wrong.
When we are, we'll just ask again,
and keep on asking.
And one more thing
Would you listen to my request?
Spring, Bound Beneath the
Thick Snow, Begins to Sprout.
Okay. Let's hear it.
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