Mystery Road: Origin (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Xavier Allen says he's a
criminal informant for you.
MAX: Lucas Miller! Come out
slowly, with your hands in the air!
I'll call the Inspector. Tell
him we got our Kelly Gang.
MARY: You think I DID lie.
I'm not here to judge you.
- JAY: Ziggy?
- Where's Jack?
You here to take his ganja?
Did someone say they
were gonna hurt Jack?
He was a hard man to love.
But I miss you, Dad.
We've had a confession.
To murdering your father.
You can leave.
I'm Anousha. I'm a lawyer.
Do you know why you're here?
You gave a statement to
the police last night.
Do you remember what you told them?
Do you understand we have to go to court
because of what you
told the police about
What is it?
Devil can hear us.
He said he can.
The Devil?
Ziggy, did the Devil
tell you to hurt someone?
Hurt Jack?
Tell Mr Swan I'm sorry.
They rushed the tests through
because it's for a
relative of an officer
and, luckily, we had
Ziggy's prints on file.
You wanna see it?
They got a full thumb
..and a partial index finger.
It's her, Jay.
We've got her.
- Hey.
Does no good looking at 'em.
WOMAN: (ON TV) And our focus
today is men who have had
You right?
I know that look.
What look?
The look when Catherine stirs you up.
You two been sparring for days now.
You know what she's like.
It'll be me today, you tomorrow.
LARTESHA: Xavier, let's go.
Now, remember to breathe.
You are 100% confident.
Go kick some goals, my boy.
I finish at 5:30.
I'll be out the front
from 5:15 to pick you up.
Remember that dog I had,
that we got from the pound?
She got the tick.
We had to put her down.
Why are you thinking about her?
Loved her.
How about I come in and watch for a bit?
ANOUSHA: Further, I have concerns
about Ms Well's mental health, Your
Worship, should bail be refused.
Ms Wells lives independently and is
under no current psychiatric care.
Your Worship, Ms Wells
instructed me this morning
that the Devil is watching
her and propels her actions.
I will make an order for
a psychiatric assessment.
But I accept the police submission
insofar as bail is concerned.
Ms Wells, stand up, please.
I am refusing your bail application.
You will be remanded in
custody until your trial date.
Do you understand?
I'm going to stand this matter down.
WOMAN: The court is
now adjourned. All rise.
ZIGGY: Wait Wait wait.
I didn't hurt him. I didn't.
Please, let me speak!
You stalking me, Detective?
Neighbourhood Watch.
You OK?
Wanna come for a cruise?
Yeah, wait here.
- Faster.
- I'm scared.
Fang it!
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down!
Should we do another lap?
- Lefty or righty?
- Righty.
Bring your hand in,
underneath the strap.
Take the grip.
Bring the stock in, just up
against your shoulder there.
Firm, but comfortable.
Now, line your target up.
And when you're ready
..squeeze gently.
(LAUGHS) That's my gun!
Damn it.
Ah, my little brother.
Yeah, family, eh?
Do you reckon it's cold?
Yeah, I reckon it's cold.
You comin' in or what?
Don't like water.
(MOCKS) "I don't like water."
What, you scared?
Come on, cowboy.
Keep the hat, eh?
It is cold.
Oh, you funny?
You gonna open this one?
Yeah? (GASPS) Big rip. Big rip!
Oh! Hello!
"Hello, Anya!
"Hello, darling!"
(LAUGHS) Do you like it?
Yeah? Oh, she likes it.
Gonna play with Dad?
- Come on, come on.
Come on. Shh-shh-shh-shh.
I told you not to buy anything for her.
I didn't buy it. It was mine.
It's an heirloom, alright?
So, you ARE opening the mine again?
I heard you ran into
a couple of problems.
Well, I can't imagine what you heard,
but the mine's gonna be
excellent for this town.
Why am I here?
I was wondering if maybe you'd
like to open your own business.
That's something that
I could help you with.
How much help?
- Lartesha
- A million dollars, cash?
You'd give it, too.
To keep our little family secret.
What would your shareholders think?
We don't talk about money like that.
What? You broke?
Old man not give you what
you thought you were getting?
Lartesha, I care about you. Alright?
I care about Anya.
And Dad was very fond of your mother.
When you look at me you see him?
The king of the Southwell empire
crawling into a gin's bed at night?
- Don't be disgusting.
- Do you see that?
Or is it Anya that he looks like?
What kind of future can you
offer her? I mean, really?
You are very close to becoming
your mother at the moment,
and we both know how she wound up.
Fuck you.
Look, I didn't mean to offend you.
Lartesha, can we just?
You right, sis?
Hey, Tones?
Reckon you're free?
No. No, I reckon you
were sold into slavery
the minute you were born, mate
Grass won't cut itself,
mate. Keep going.
Tony, I'm talking about Y2K.
Oi. Keep up the good work, Tony!
Hey, hey. Hey. Hey?
- Don't cut the wildflowers.
- Why not?
MAN: (ON P.A.) Attention,
Block B. 30 minutes to lockdown.
I repeat, 30 minutes to lockdown.
So, what's your assessment?
Well, Ziggy's clearly suggestible
but, uh, she still exhibits
a highly attuned sense
of what's right and wrong.
The wrong she externalises
through this Devil
or a Mr Devil figure,
which which I believe is
the violent part of her self
that she can't acknowledge.
- She's delusional?
- Or Ms Wells a fantasist.
She's not delusional. My advice
is that she's fit for trial.
Are you serious?
Well, maybe I missed where you
got a Masters in Psychology.
You don't need a degree to
know when someone is innocent.
(SCOFFS) Yeah.
I heard about Ziggy.
And your father, drug-dealing.
Is it true?
I just might get you some more, eh?
Found this today.
Oh, fuck. (LAUGHS)
Starting to realise how
much. I didn't know about him.
Yeah, you and me both.
I remember when I was five
and you took us to Aunty
Fay's place after he left us.
- And there was that little
- Jay.
Dad didn't leave us.
I left him.
It wasn't a good time for us.
I remember him walking out and
leaving you crying on the floor.
I've forgiven him, Jay.
RAY: Is your brother still coming?
I got no control over that bloke.
I tried to pick him up
but he wouldn't come.
Is he still living with them mob?
No, he's at the homestead, with me.
Maybe you and I should
move in as well, eh, Ray?
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, sure!
Look out. Thank you.
Gonna visit your mum again
in the next few years?
Well, Ray's cooking
should keep me comin' back.
I'm proud of ya.
Hey, Jay boy. Wait up, wait up.
Here y'are.
Take this gogo for your brother, eh?
And, uh, his mail.
Just tell him to pay his bills.
I don't wanna know about 'em.
Thanks for dinner.
- Yeah, right.
- 'Night.
'Night, Mum.
What the hell is wrong with you?
No more wearing dead man's clothes.
Put it in.
I'll burn it when you stop drinking.
So, what's this Sun City Enterprises?
The company you're a director of?
Director? Right.
I sleep on a dead man's couch.
That's not what this says.
It was sent to Mum's.
Yeah. Right.
You didn't have a scheme going with Dad?
Laundering money for ganja?
SOS sent him the same late notice.
That company you were both directors on.
That's a bill for $40,000.
That's big money.
Better go hide my guitar, then.
- Don't bullshit me.
- I'm not.
I don't know what that is.
I'll ask around. See
what my friends know.
Why would your friends know?
COUNTRY: Hey, now! Policeman comin'!
Hide the kids! And the women.
Hey, you mob.
- Country.
- Yeah?
You hit the jackpot or what?
Yeah, big jackpot.
What was the lucky number?
- Lucky number seven.
- Lucky number seven?
I could have sworn it was 31.
No, that was the night before.
Ah, true.
Where's the money really from?
You a policeman or a blackfella?
What, I can't be both?
You a bullyman. That's you.
I'll give you another 50 if you
tell me where that money's from.
Whitefella man come down here
and gave us some money
to sign some papers.
- What papers?
- Company papers.
What'd he look like?
His eyes? His hair colour? What kind?
We, uh we don't know. Uh
What car was he driving?
You see Jack sign them papers?
Hmm, no.
- Thank you.
MAN: (ON RADIO) ..rights includes
both being able to hunt
JAY: Back at work?
MAN: (ON RADIO) But, of
course, every time a mining
We all grieve in different ways, eh?
Lawyers to pay.
I've got a couple of
questions, if that's alright.
Course you do.
MAN: (ON RADIO) ..the
importance of the mines,
the mines to our national economy.
You got one son dead,
another on the run.
When we get him, and we will,
we both know which way
his trial's going to go.
But I can speak to the
prosecutor, and he'll listen.
If you cooperate.
MAN: (ON RADIO) That wasn't
enough. They're now going after
You're an uppity boong, aren't ya?
MAN: (ON RADIO) ..the
Native Title Council.
Fuck's sake.
Outstanding invoices -
where would I find them?
What do these codes mean?
I just sweep the floors.
That tone's not very cooperative.
Sun City.
They hired a grader, roller, whole deal.
Never paid.
What'd they need a road grader for?
Probably ABCorp.
Which is?
What am I looking at here?
Aboriginal Infrastructure Corporation.
Multi-million-dollar fund.
Government gave out blackfella contracts
to clear the land and grade the roads.
Sun City got one of them.
Typical bloody Abos.
Get an opportunity and
fuck it up like this.
Where's the contact number for Sun City?
In this?
You can step outside.
RECORDED MESSAGE: The number you
have dialled has been disconnected.
CINDY: It might be Lucas Miller again.
This time it was a
flatbed transporter truck.
Hijacked and, um, pulled
over by a police car.
Obviously that'd be Max's.
I'm gonna start on the reports.
Do you smell something?
PETER: Now, the Sons of
the Soil was your idea.
Now you think it's something else?
MAX: Yeah.
You know how the gang get really cocky,
and they really know
how to work together?
Like it's like
they're going up a level.
- Sarge?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm listening.
It's the football team.
- Mm
- Think about it.
Teamwork, planning, strategy
It's not the football team.
If you wanna do something useful,
you could go and find me Lucas Miller.
Mm, look who's back.
I thought he was
supposed to be on leave.
ABCorp. There's a bit here.
What are you doing?
Looking at court dates
- What are you doing?
- Looking at court dates.
- For Jay.
- Really?
MAX: If someone could call
me back, that'd be great.
You. Want a word.
What are you doing here?
Jack was director of a
civil engineering company.
Sure, pull the other one.
Sun City Enterprises.
40 grand? What were they meant to build?
20-kilometre stretch of road.
Never got made. It's a fake company.
No address and a disconnected phone.
Jack was caught up in something.
Stop swingin' your dick around
like you're in some
sort of investigation,
because you're not.
Go home.
It's a scam, Peter.
Somebody took off with a lot
of money, and Jack was involved.
Listen, I don't know where this
came from or what it is, right?
But I want to give you some
advice, as an old friend.
Don't come in here, getting Cindy
to do computer searches for ya.
Go home.
Grieve for your dad.
I don't want to see you here anymore.
What'd you get?
Proper scary ones.
What, no Drumstick?
- I'll take it back then.
- Nah, nah, nah, that's good.
What's up?
Step out of the vehicle, please.
By law, he only has to
provide his name and address.
I have reasonable suspicion
that you're in possession
of a dangerous drug.
Step out of the car, please.
It's alright, I'll handle it.
- Keep moving.
- What are you doing? I'm with my kid.
- You need to help me.
- I did.
- It's alright. Shh-shh-shh. It's OK.
(WHISPERS) I need you to help me.
- I already did.
- By talking to your lawyer?
I need you to find out
where Lucas Miller is.
(SCOFFS) How am I gonna do that?
Oh, sorry, sir, I'm gonna
have to search you now.
- WOMAN: What's going on?
- Turn around.
Turn around!
LARTESHA: Fuckin' stand
up for yourself, Xavier!
Be quiet, Lartesha. I'm handling it.
Better listen to your man.
What did you say to me?
Stay away from my kid!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Where you been?
- Sorry I'm late.
- Get that feed?
You right?
You were meant to be back hours ago.
Where's my medication?
Taking it an hour late
once won't kill you, Mum.
Don't start.
You been with Jay Swan.
I was working.
Oh, is that what we're calling it now?
Oh, shut up, Mum.
Nah, Mary's here, looking after you,
and you just keep runnin' her down.
You're under my roof!
My house, my rules!
And if you don't like
it, you can get out!
Let's just eat, eh?
didn't live here sometimes.
(MAN: RADIO) And in last place,
we have Debbie's Goldfish, five.
And in equal second, My Drinking
Team Has a Trivia Problem
and Get Fact on eight,
with Me, Myself and Him on nine.
Alright, everyone's
favourite, the movie round.
Last one. Last one.
Which '80s classic starred
Hollywood heart-throb Patrick Swayze
as a small-town bouncer?
WOMAN: Shh! Bloody hell.
- MAN: If you're gonna do that
- WOMAN: No way!
- Really, mate? Every week?
- Yep, thank you.
Um, uh, sorry everybody. Uh
- Where was I?
- Mm.
I've got a name of the
fella you're looking for.
What action movie
about a hijacked bus
Father Christmas.
..spent eight weeks at number
one in Australia in 1994?
- Don't look at me like that.
- Father Christmas. White beard.
Whitefella, hands out
cash from his sack.
- Father Christmas?
- Yes.
- Mm, yeah. I've heard of him.
- Father Christmas.
TRIVIA HOST: Alright, we might,
uh, take a short break, everyone,
and I'll draw the meat raffle.
What do you say? OK.
- Tickets ready?
Alright, and remember
to give me your address
so I can come over for the barbecue.
Whoo! Ha!
I'm so, so sorry, my
brothers and sisters.
I am so sorry but a brother
boy, he needs to eat!
Ooh, this is good.
Gimme a hug.
Good man, good man. (LAUGHS)
Yes, this is good!
Oh! Whoo, baby! Yes!
That's Italian sausages!
SPUTTA: Look what I brought.
- Hey
- Ohh
Meat tray.
WOMAN: Thank you for that.
- Black Jesus.
- WOMAN: Oh, thank you.
There you go, you mob.
You owe me money!
Yeah? I'll see you there!
Did you bring wine?
Ziggy. She needs care, not remand.
- Come on. I'm tired.
- This is not appropriate.
Do you really believe
she's capable of doing this?
- You've talked to her.
- What I think doesn't matter.
I just do my job.
- SONG: Ain't gonna rule
- My mind
No more
Leave them dishes.
The camp town man
He doesn't plough no more ♪
You hate me.
No, Mum.
I know you're sick.
I'm not sick, I'm dying.
You know what the doctor said
about positive thinking, Mum.
I'm dying.
Life's a bitch and then you die.
I've been a bitch to you, bub.
- True.
Thinking about Josh and
I know.
I just felt like I was
starting to live with it.
But you never do.
Singin', hard times
Ain't gonna rule my mind, honey
Hard times
Ain't gonna rule my mind, sugar
Hard times
Ain't gonna rule
My mind
No more. ♪
Peace offering?
I'll get some glasses.
Sorry, it's warm.
You asked me if I was lying
to the police in my statement.
- I'm sorry I did that.
I was.
The night he died
..Josh called me from a pay
phone, asking to get picked up.
But I was too busy with a fella.
A fella I wasn't meant to be with.
So, I told him to walk home.
And when I crept in, in the morning
..Mum was in hysterics.
"He's dead, Mary.
"He's dead."
That doesn't make you responsible.
Been trying to convince myself
of that for the last eight years.
Drank to forget some of 'em.
Mum never forgets, though.
She still blames me.
Feeling guilty doesn't make you guilty.
You really believe that?
You're not the only person
in the world with regrets.
Josh's body's found what time?
Seven. Goes to a party
on the south side at 8pm.
What street?
At 11:30pm, he leaves the party
and walks to the service
station to use the pay phone.
Outgoing call recorded at 11:47pm.
He asks me for a lift.
Which street was the pay phone?
Southside Petrol, on the highway.
Next, a witness hears a car
and another sees a red car,
both at approximately 2:00 to 2:30am.
Josh's body's found in the vacant lot.
MARY: (SIGHS) By Phoenix Lovell.
Phoenix Lovell?
Everybody knows she found Josh.
His body was behind her house.
Do you think she'll talk to us?
She gone. A long time ago.
If you're walking from
the south side to home,
what's the quickest way?
Straight up through
town, from the highway.
How did he end up all
the way on the west side?
PETER: I used to coach.
Yeah, AND I coached.
Yeah, OK. Well, I stopped
coaching for three years
Yeah, otherwise I'd still be
doing it but he's fuckin'
Eh? Yeah, yeah.
CINDY: Come on.
PETER: He'd be dedicated.
- PETER: He's come from Tasmania.
Yeah, he come from Devonport.
That's right, he came from
the Devonport Squirrels.
I think they were called the Squirrels.
Got something for you.
It's from ASIC.
Some dickhead's causin'
trouble down at Eve's Apple.
Can you get down there?
I'm on my way.
What you doin' with this vehicle?
This isn't your vehicle, is it?
Come on, out you get.
BOY: Fuck off!
What'd you say to me?
WOMAN: He won't pay.
JAY: Did you get a name?
We don't ask for names.
You think he'll make a
run for it if we walk in?
(LAUGHS) I shouldn't think so.
He's wearing a mask and
he won't take it off.
How dare you speak to me like that?!
Out you get, you little shit!
Piss off!
OK. Alright.
What do you want? You want my car?
You want my gun?
Hello, Suzy.
I didn't know you worked here.
Such is life, eh, brother?
- ANOUSHA: Have you moved anything?
- GRACE: What is it?
Josh Allen's file. It's gone.
JAY: Police will be here soon and
when they get here, I can't help you.
MARY: You know since you came here,
you've brought nothing but trouble.
I reckon it's time you leave.
PETER: Blackfellas
don't make good police.
JAY: Yeah, you're right, Peter.
Keep the fuckin' thing.
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