Mystery Road: Origin (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Come on, cowboy.
Josh called me from a pay phone,
asking to get picked up.
I told him to walk home.
Feeling guilty doesn't make you guilty.
Whitefella man come down here
and gave us some money
to sign some papers.
Jack was director of a
civil engineering company.
What were they meant to build?
20km stretch of road.
Never got made.
Jack was caught up in something.
Why are YOU still standing, champ?
Call Peter.
You gotta go before them mob wake up.
You want me to come today?
Go on.
There's a bear in there.
You could brush his hair,
and I can brush YOUR hair.
- Yeah.
- I want to comb his hair!
Mr Bear. ♪
Brush the back.
It's alright, bub.
He'll be going in a minute.
Pretty hair.
Coffee on the table there for you.
Thanks, Mum.
He awake yet?
Xavier, you awake?
We're going soon.
The doors were wide
open. That was all
- The couches were overturned.
- So everything was
All of the artwork's gone, of course.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Something on that wall.
Do you know who did this?
I mean, everyone in town knows I
have an extensive art collection,
Anyway, this is a list of all
the items that were stolen.
What was here?
Oh, that was, um,
just a set of antique
neck-chains that belonged to Dad.
- Were they stolen too?
- Mm-hm.
Chains for hanging
around people's necks?
Well, people pay good
money for real history, so..
Anyway, uh, we'll make a list
of all the stuff that's missing.
I mean, Gerry was very upset.
You know? She's been
collecting all this for years.
- So you didn't see or hear anything?
- No.
Is this the same people
who robbed the pub?
Could be.
Are we being targeted?
Have there been any threats?
Uh, I don't think it's
gone that far, but
Could you give us a minute?
What's this?
I was hoping you could tell me.
Ah. Yeah, the launch.
That was a good night.
It was good of your dad to
come down and show his support.
How's your family involved?
Um, we act as trustees
for the roadworks money.
Make sure it actually goes to
legitimate Aboriginal businesses.
Businesses like Jack's?
How do you mean?
I've been going through his paperwork.
Jack's a director of an earthmoving
company funded by Abcorp.
And he used that company to
defraud SOS Hire of $40,000.
Hired equipment. Did
no work. Never paid.
Oh, mate.
I I had no idea.
Well, I'll call the foundation
and I'm sure they can cover the debt.
I'm sorry, Jay. I
don't know what to say.
The truth would be good.
Oh, come on.
You knew Jack was involved in Abcorp.
Why didn't you tell me?
Your dad came to me as
soon as we announced.
You know? He could
see the possibilities.
He asked to be a part of it.
I said, "OK. You don't know
anything about earthmoving,
"but we could get
people to run it for you.
"You know? You could sit
back like a figurehead,
"earn an easy 200,000 grand."
So what happened?
He was drinking, Jay.
And he started to gamble.
And pretty soon, there was no
money left for the hire company.
And then he was back at
me, asking for more money.
I didn't tell you because
what was the point, you know?
Jack's Jack. He was gonna
do what he was gonna do.
And I'm sorry you found
out like this, mate, I am.
I was just trying to do the
best thing for the both of you.
Love you.
Love you, Mum.
Where were you?
Oh. Oh, sorry, Mum.
I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed.
Come on, baby.
Come and lay down with Nanny.
How was it?
You knew what today was.
And you didn't give a shit.
That's not fair.
Oh, it's
Thought you were on afternoons.
Huh, bought a camcorder.
No, I didn't buy it.
What's this, 20 Questions?
It's the Kelly Gang's.
You're kidding.
This one?
- How's this fucking work?
- How'd you get it?
Oh, good old-fashioned police work.
And on it are all the answers.
Are you meant to open it?
I just haven't figured
out how to play it yet.
Alright, here we go.
Come on, we want to see the faces.
Hear the voices. Come on.
- Is that your car?
- Yes.
Go, go, go!
Oi! Oi!
Someone's stealing my truck, mate!
Hey! Hey!
Hang on, they're inside here?
The smell.
How dare you speak to me like that?
Out you get, you little shit!
Piss off.
Cindy, go with him.
Alright. What do you want?
You want my car?
You want my gun?
You want my gun?
Can you give us a moment?
I was thinking if we can
find Phoenix Lovell
- Yeah?
- Stop.
This is going around in circles.
Come on.
You know, what about Ziggy?
If if she's innocent of
Josh, it could be someone else.
You know, it was Josh's birthday today.
He would have been 24.
That door was unlocked.
I swear I locked it.
Have you moved anything?
What is it?
Josh Allen's file.
It's gone.
Hey, Sissy. We're just
taking a look around.
And gave me a Vegemite sandwich
And he said, "I come
from a land down under"
Oh, yeah
You hungry, bub? Come
on, we'll go get a burger, eh?
Can you hear, can
you hear the thunder?
Hey, what are you doing? Jay.
A land down under
Women glow and men plunder
You better run, you better take cover
Living in a land down under
Women glow and men plunder ♪
This gang have been telling
us who they are the entire time.
We've been thinking
Ned Kelly's a message.
But it's just a mask.
This was never about the robberies.
88 isn't 1988, it's 1788.
Boundary Road was the line
blackfellas had to stay one side of.
Massacre Creek.
Even the neck chains
from the Southwells.
That tree near the roadhouse
would have a story too.
They didn't care about the robberies.
This was about reminding
this town of its past.
So they're Aboriginal?
Except for the white guy.
Got time for a chat?
What have you been up to?
Oh, just working on the car, you know?
Keeping your nose clean?
So the Kelly Gang is Aboriginal.
Do you know anything about that?
That's what I told the sergeant.
Got a woman.
Good dad.
There's no way Xavier would risk that.
He's one of the good ones.
I need a few wins in my corner.
You understand?
..if you see anything, you
hear anything, you let me know.
He got me, he got me!
He got me.
What am I arresting you for?
Blackfella being drunk.
Country, you know anything about
any young mob running around?
Running around how?
Running around with guns.
Stealing from people.
Who asking, nephew or policeman?
I'm asking.
Whitefella, American name.
Come down to our salt bush mob.
Talk about being a big hero over there.
And he gonna fight for us.
He's gonna fight for you?
Yeah, he's gonna fight for us.
You get his real name?
Nah. American man. American name.
Hey, anything?
- Anything?
- What?
20 dollar.
I'm not going to pay you
every time I talk to you.
You're my nephew. You're good boy.
Fella, hey! My favourite boy!
Here, come.
Hey, what beer now? Good one.
Morning, bub.
What did you call me?
You trying to kill me or what?
We've gotta go soon.
You right?
So he was an American!
Just a name.
What's that mean?
That's all he said.
"American name."
No-one I know in this town.
There's been a lot of
new workers at the mine.
Yeah. Right.
- Yeah, I'll put Max on it.
- No, I can handle it.
No, no, you won't have time today.
Geraldine Southwell has got
a group of foreign investors,
doing a mine tour,
and she wants you
there as police back-up.
Oh, Cindy.
- You're with Jay today.
- Where?
Welcome some investors.
Chinese ones.
Walk of shame.
Has she had breakfast?
What, you don't think
I can look after her?
You right, baby?
Where teddy?
- Wait here.
- I'm not waiting in the car.
I think this will go
better without uniforms.
Find out what they
want and move them on.
You gotta move, Country.
Let these mob through.
Don't talk.
This our land.
Our Dreaming. Our story.
You go along.
Tell them.
The heritage report has been approved
with full community consultation,
so I don't know what
they're singing about.
I can't move them, Geraldine.
I don't have the authority.
You're the police, Jay.
You are the authority.
What happening here, Ms Southwell?
It's, uh
It's just some local troublemakers.
They don't speak for the community.
This is Cindy.
We have a gathering at the
entrance of the Southwell mine.
Might need some assistance.
How long we got to wait this?
I just want to reassure you
Alright, come on.
You can do your little
singsong somewhere else.
How you doing?
Come on. Up you get.
Fuck me, Jay.
You were supposed to take care of this.
I'll be forced to take further
actions if you do not move.
Come on, up you get.
Come on. You need to move.
Max, get out of it.
So you've made your point, right?
Now you've gotta go.
- Alright, mate?
- OK.
Come on, mate.
Got that.
We'll talk about this later.
This was so generous of
you to let me in here.
When's your editor back?
The pub bistro closes at 1:30.
What exactly are you looking for?
Not sure.
- How long you worked here?
- Second year.
- Enjoying it?
- Not really.
So, here she is. Alice.
- Alice?
- Mm-hm.
Named after my
grandmother, Alice Jardine.
And now she's been rehabilitated,
so we're ready to resume low-cost,
high-grade gold production.
With processes that we have
now, we can extract gold from
- Thanks.
- ..ore that was previously unviable.
Here you go, champ.
The prices are at an historic low,
and a new millennium is approaching.
- Texas.
- The only way is up!
Detective Jay Swan.
Good to meet you.
Alice was my
Well, we have a witness
who says Josh told her you
were on your way to get him.
She's lying.
I never did.
Mary, what happened to Josh?
No-one's been in there for a while now.
So what'd you find out about him?
Uh, his name's Texas Hoffman.
He's a junior metallurgist at Southwell.
He's only been in town
a couple of months.
So why is he robbing trucks?
Hey, you shouldn't leave me like that.
I was following my instincts.
Yeah, well, I'm a police officer too,
so why don't we start
talking about our instincts?
So which way do you think he went?
Might have jumped the
fence into the back alley.
Then what?
Where are you going?
Hey, do you want ice with this?
I'm fine.
Didn't know Rex the cabbie was your dad.
I told you, you spend a
month here, you'll know everything.
He was a cop too.
He'll live longer as a cabbie.
Dad told me being police in the
'70s was all ham, cheese and tomato.
Assault police, resist
arrest, offensive language.
No sensitivity training back then?
Oh, God, no, no.
He must be proud of you.
What you've achieved.
Are we really talking about my dad?
Rex ran the investigation
into Josh Allen.
And you were the first
officer at the crime scene.
Why didn't you tell me?
I knew you'd put two and two together.
Josh had bruises on his wrists.
These were written up as defensive
wounds from his fight with Ziggy.
But they can also be
caused by handcuffs.
There's no record of police
picking Josh up that night.
Here's something you don't know.
Catherine Allen found
her daughter, Mary,
blacked out drunk in
the front seat of her car
the morning after Josh died.
Those injuries, the defensive wounds?
GP told us they could have
been caused by falling backwards
after colliding with a motor vehicle.
Are you saying Mary ran him over?
She covered it up.
I don't believe it.
She's a liar.
What did you do to Josh Allen?
Should I tell your father?
This isn't good, mate.
He knows who I am.
Yeah, I'll, uh, be there.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Bye.
You're not in trouble.
Sounds like I'm in trouble.
You know Texas, who drinks in here?
The one always trying to chat you up?
You jealous?
Have you seen him?
We think he might be
involved in the robberies.
If you see him, you'll tell me, yeah?
Get off!
Over there!
That was Texas Hoffman.
Was that Sissy with him?
Where were you?
What the fuck?
No, Siss, this is good.
How is this good?
Because it's it's happening.
It's about time people woke the fuck up.
You've taken it too far.
What are you talking about?
It's payback for this racist town.
You're so full of shit. Payback?
You never even grew up here.
Oh, so you're the real
blackfella, are ya?
Domesticated, submissive, silent?
Someone has to stand
up and talk for our mob.
Look around. Xavier. Me.
We're this town, not you.
Your country is up there on that hill.
The Southwell house.
Southwell money.
How fuckin' dare you.
Don't you ever tell me
that I'm not a blackfella!
You'll be right, Teesh.
You'll do a bit of time.
Southwells will come in with
their rescue squad of lawyers.
And the real injustice is anything
we've done won't change shit!
I'll still be who I am and
you'll still be who you are.
You know you can park in the driveway.
Did you know?
What your brother and sister-in-law
have been a part of all this time?
Don't lie to me, Mary.
I found little girl's
bear at a crime scene.
Police will be here soon, and when
they get here, I can't help you.
We don't need your help, Jay.
Oh, don't be stupid, Mary.
Let me talk to them.
You know, since you came here,
you brought nothing but trouble.
I reckon it's time you leave.
Xavier, we've gotta go.
Come on, bub.
Go where?
Ah, sick of this hole.
We need a holiday.
Have you seen the baby bag?
- Oh!
- Mary!
You gonna tell Mum what you do?!
Who you rob?
You gonna tell her how you
keep a gun in a baby's bag?!
What gun?
Look at all the shit
we've gotta deal with.
Coppers flog us.
Our mob in this town,
drinking, fighting.
And whitefellas getting
rich raping our country.
Doesn't it make you angry?
You don't think I'm angry?
Yeah, so why you dating a coconut?
Huh, yeah, you've picked your side.
You're a fuckin' idiot.
That girl's gotten into
your head. This isn't you.
- Fuck you, Mary.
- Knock it off, you mob!
You call yourself a mother.
What are you saying?
Anya's not going with you.
You tell me the truth.
Where you're going, what you're doing.
You think that's safe for her?
Come here, baby.
Come here.
She said she didn't know
anything, and I believe her.
Of course she knew.
My question is, why didn't YOU?
Bullshit. You don't know
what you're talking about.
The gang we've been chasing for weeks
ends up being right across the road.
Family of the woman you've been fucking.
Oh, but you didn't know a thing.
That's some bullshit right there, Jay.
- Careful.
- Yeah.
And up at the mine,
with the salt bush mob?
This is why blackfellas
don't make good police.
There's too much family.
There's too much obligation.
Yeah, you're right, Peter.
- Keep the fuckin' thing.
- Oh, that's weak as piss, you know.
And good luck.
The gang's not done yet.
I tried to call you.
- Where's Anousha?
- I can't get hold of her.
I thought YOU might
know where she'd gone.
You only sign up bush
mob to build a road
that you actually don't wanna build.
Who signed you up?
I'm not gonna ask you again.
I'm just trying to find out what
happened to my brother that night.
Please. Right now all we've got is pain.
You're on the wrong side of this fight!
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