Mystery Road: Origin (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

You gonna tell Mum what
you do? Who you rob?
You gonna tell her how you
keep a gun in a baby's bag?!
You know Texas, who drinks in here?
We think he might be
involved in the robberies.
I'm sorry.
This was about reminding
this town of its past.
Someone has to stand
up and talk for our mob.
The real injustice is anything
we've done won't change shit!
Josh's body was found in the vacant lot.
- By Phoenix Lovell.
- Phoenix Lovell?
What did you do to Josh Allen?
She's been fully rehabilitated
and we are ready to resume
low-cost, high-grade gold production.
What was here?
Just a set of antique neck
chains that belonged to my father.
Chains to hang around people's necks?
Hi. Won't be a sec.
Hey, cowboy.
Sorry about Jack.
Any trains come through today?
Does anything come through here anymore?
Not since the mine closed, way back.
There's someone in the roadhouse.
Funny you should ask,
though. You're not the first.
What do you mean?
Oh, there was this
young couple from town.
Had their little girl with them.
When was this?
A few days before the robbery.
That little girl wouldn't stop crying.
Poppy, get down.
Stay inside if you wanna live!
Constable Max Armine
It's Poppy at the roadhouse.
Matey, what's
going on down there, mate, over?
Geraldine, get out.
Get out now.
- What what are you doing, Teesh?
- Is is this about money?
Because I've got plenty of money
Shut up!
Why do you think that
you always get to speak?
Put it down, Texas.
Lower your weapon! Show me your hands!
I don't understand
why you're doing this.
We're your family.
You're not my family.
Hey. It's us.
Can you just put the gun down, please?
You rounded up our mob,
you shipped them off their country,
so you could mine it for
your precious fuckin' gold.
Lartesha, the mine is gonna
make this town great again,
- for everybody
- There's no more gold in that mine.
You're selling a big,
empty hole in the ground.
Just drop the weapon!
Come out slowly, with
your hands in the air.
It's not too late!
- We gave you everything.
- Sis, listen to me.
I know you're angry. And
you've got every right to be.
But I can help, OK? I can sort this out.
You're on the wrong side of this fight.
You wanted to be heard.
Well, you've done it.
Everyone's listening now.
Teesh, it's over.
Think of Anya.
Oh, fuck.
You alright?
Not really.
Yeah, I don't think you ever
get used to being shot at.
Hope not.
I reckon it's time for me to leave.
Head home.
Before someone else comes for payback.
And the wife's got the shits.
Yeah, can't have that.
It was good to see you, mate.
You, too.
Sorry about the circumstances.
Sorry about your dad.
I'll I'll see ya, mate.
You hurt?
I'm alright.
Where is he?
He's still with the doctors.
He's in a lot of trouble, isn't he?
Stupid girl.
What if the Southwells
try to take Anya off us?
You won't let that happen.
Mary Allen?
Family can go in now.
I'm leaving town.
You dickhead.
I got shot, like Tupac, sis.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪
I'm Xavier's legal
representation for today.
Where's Anousha?
Can't get hold of her?
I thought you might
know where she'd gone.
I know, sir, I know.
We're doing everything we can.
I know the Coroner's on site, but
The officer's here. I'll
I'll actually call you back.
Max, this has turned into a
complete fuckin' shit-fight.
I quit.
You wanna talk about it?
You look good. You look fresh.
- Your hat looks good.
- Yeah, I'm getting used to it.
Who you showering up for?
Hmm Might go into town.
- Meet up with a woman.
- Oh, yeah.
Being dirty never stopped you.
What do you wanna do with this bloke?
Should we split it, or what?
Should have brought Anya.
I didn't want her to
see you like this, bub.
It's OK.
She's the one going to jail, not you.
I'm going to ring that Legal
Aid woman in the morning
and we'll get her on the case.
She's gone.
- Bitch.
- Mum
Yeah, well, whoever they
send in from the city next.
This is not your fault.
I need some air.
You got a lighter?
I gave up.
Hey, you go arse over tit again, Muz?
Yeah, I wasn't even on the
piss this time, Phoenix.
Must be gettin' past our use-by date.
Ah, not quite yet.
Hey, got a lighter?
No, they took 'em off me.
Aunty Lovell?
Do you remember me?
I'm Mary Allen.
I heard you moved away.
I live out in the bush.
How's your family?
Mum's sick.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Honestly, since Josh
..nothing's gone right.
You found him, didn't you?
Behind your house?
Was anyone else there?
Did someone threaten you?
Was that the reason you moved away?
I'm just trying to find out what
happened to my brother that night.
Right now, all we've got is pain.
Pain that never goes away.
Need a ride?
Back into town?
OK. We'll just drive
around for a bit, then.
Xavier's alive. Main thing.
He's a good kid.
Under all the bullshit.
Is he the reason you started
coming round to the house?
I see your brother was growing up wild.
I thought, what with all the
trouble your family's been through,
having a man around might help.
Turns out
..I'm just a silly old bugger.
Can't help anyone.
Do you know Anousha?
- New Legal Aid?
- Yeah.
She left town all of a
sudden. No-one knows why.
- You heard anything?
- Nuh.
Maybe she took off
..with one of her young clients.
Female lawyer.
It happens.
No, it's not like her.
Only person she was close to was Abe.
My Abe?
Reckon you can come
with me to his house?
Just need to talk to him.
Ever thought's actually a good thing
that lawyer's taken off?
These crims in this town,
they don't need hand-holding.
They need a kick up the arse.
Put the fear of the Devil into them.
Forget it. Just take me home, eh?
I'll come to Abe's with ya.
Nah, it's fine. Just
take me home, please.
It's mainly wood they burn 'em in.
What's this fella doin'?
How's it going?
What are you two doing out here?
Oh, you know, family business.
- Your meter's running.
- Is it? Oh
Gettin' forgetful.
Bit of a scratch there.
Uh, had a blue with a customer.
Silly bugger.
So, where's your spot, old fella?
Oh, can't give that
info away, young fella.
But when you find
that big gold nugget
- ..remember whose country this is.
- Of course.
Royalties where due.
Good man. Hmm?
I'll see you around.
Hey Where you goin'?
Little Jayco.
Let her go.
You could have been one of them.
The forgotten boys.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Look at you, with your badge and
Are you hurt?
Well, this is a mess.
She say how many?
Max just quit.
I think she's not cut
out for this anymore.
You should go home.
Let Mary get some sleep.
We can get your statements later.
You need this back?
It's yours. You hang onto it.
What do you reckon?
You just come in when you're ready.
There are questions to answer
from the shooting of
an ex-police officer
in the Goldfields region yesterday.
Police believe the now
deceased Rex Dean Stout,
a former station commander at Jardine,
was responsible for the
deaths of three teenagers
from the 1980s to the '90s.
It's alleged that when
detectives followed Stout,
believing he'd abducted a local woman,
he aimed a pistol at
them and was shot dead.
Three boys killed in 10 years,
and families now looking for answers.
That story tomorrow night.
Join us then, but for now, goodnight.
If we saw kids out at
night, we'd throw 'em in the van,
dump at the roadhouse
near the edge of town
so they'd have to walk back.
Stop them, stealing or
..getting into trouble.
So, how
..did these kids
..end up at the bottom of a mineshaft?
Or left for dead in an empty lot?
Sometimes, things
Like Josh Allen?
What happened that
night you picked him up?
..we saw Josh and Ziggy leaving a party.
Walking home together.
We pulled them up,
asked them what they were
doing, where they were going.
It was all normal, but, uh
..then Ziggy swore at Dad.
It's not her fault.
You know how she is.
But, uh he snapped
and went, "That's it."
I tried to talk him down.
That Ziggy's harmless.
But he gets out and I know
..I know he's gonna
hurt her, when Josh
..Josh stands in front of Ziggy
and slams the car door into Dad's legs.
Ziggy bolts and Josh tries to,
and Dad's screaming at
me, so I tackle Josh,
and and, um
..and I throw him in the
back and we drove off.
Then what happened?
Dad went off.
..he's just driving like
..just mad.
And, um
Josh was bouncing around in the back.
By the time we stopped
driving, the kid was half dead.
Now he he was meant
to go in the hole
..with the others.
It wasn't first time things had
gotten out of hand, but but
..that night, I, uh
So, I
I left him in the empty lot.
I thought, so close to Dad's house
Was Josh still alive when you left him?
Or you didn't check?
Young boy dying on the ground.
And you just drive off.
Jack didn't know about
any of that company stuff.
You know that.
You don't need to protect him.
Patrick told me what happened.
He told you what?
Jack was never a part of it, Jay.
What are you talking about?
I was the one who signed his name.
Country told me they were
paying 300 bucks for signatures
and I doubled up.
Why didn't you tell me?
'Cause I don't know
if you're my brother
..or a police officer.
But you only sign up
bush mob to build a road
that you actually don't want to build.
Who signed you up?
Glad I got you before you left.
Yeah, I've been trying to leave.
This town's like a magnet.
Is this an official visit?
Want me to get Gerry?
No, I'm here to see you, Paddy.
Should I call my lawyer?
What are you doing?
What is going on?
Patrick, do not say anything.
It must have been hard
..your dad dying
..discovering your inheritance
was an empty mine full of debt.
But you're an opportunist.
This was a town living on welfare,
and you saw the black dollar.
All those funds for new roads,
they could go to fake companies
and you could keep the money.
Get one of your lackeys
to sign up local mob.
Keep it at arm's length.
Then bills don't paid,
roads don't get made.
But no-one blames you.
It's just all those
hopeless blackfellas.
But you couldn't know Sputty
would sign up Jack's name.
And when he did
..Jack came looking for answers.
I tried to explain
it to him, Jay. I did.
But he had his rifle.
He wouldn't listen.
I'm so sorry.
Jack put you on his horse when
your own father was too busy.
Took you out hunting.
Taught you to drive.
Treated you like family.
I used to think you were.
But I don't know WHO you are.
It was an accident.
I loved your dad.
I loved him.
I'm so sorry.
Oh Oh, shit
What'd you say?
What are you lookin' at?!
Fuck off.
You wanna thank your lucky stars
they put us in separate cells,
because if I could get at you,
I'd kick your fuckin' guts in.
And I don't care what
family you come from.
You're in no position to
threaten anyone, Peter.
Oh, look at you.
Puttin' the screws on me.
If I put you in the lock-up
every time you ran amok,
you'd be wearing a
different uniform right now.
Why did you treat me different?
Because you always looked me in the
eye, even when you were in trouble.
You had the fire.
And I thought, "He's got it.
"He needs to know.
"And he doesn't care who
he hurts to find out."
And that's a detective.
You don't seem worried.
This?! It's nothin'!
I didn't kill anyone!
If I locked everyone up in
this town who was doing crimes,
there'd be no-one left!
And I thought you, of all
people, would understand that.
You think I'm like you.
I'm nothing like you, Peter.
You put a gun in my father's hand
and told me he killed himself.
You dragged his name into the dirt.
And you stood by in silence while
the rest of this town suffered.
When this is over, people won't
remember you as some kind of hero.
They'll just wish they could forget
how much of a coward you really are.
This town's got a long history, Jay!
It's up to us to make people forget it.
So we can all get along!
Mum not coming?
Oh, this looks lovely. Ohh!
She was arrested, charged
and detained most egregiously.
Therefore my client, Ms
Wells, has instructed me
to make a claim for
wrongful imprisonment
against the Police Service
and the state of Western Australia.
Constable Cindy Cheung?
Where are you? I
Actually, don't tell me.
I'm sorry.
Took a bunch of Mum's things
to a charity shop the other day.
But then, driving away
..I turned around in this panic.
"What am I doing? She needs this."
So, I dragged this poxy
chair all the way back here.
Never thought I'd miss her this much.
So, what's this new job?
Don't know yet.
Still waiting on the transfer details.
New station, though.
What, you're still gonna be
a policeman, after all this?
I feel like I have to.
So, what do you reckon?
You wanna come?
I got an old ute and a swag in the back.
Not interested.
A Toyota ute?
I mean, if you had a Range Rover
Oh, that's what you want?
Have you got three seats?
We'll make space.
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