Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Did you see anything?
Her husband died recently, didn't he?
That's right.
It's been three months and a half.
There's an issue with his burial site.
Bad energy is preventing him
from resting in peace.
-Bad energy?
He's been yelling at her in her dreams.
Moving him to a sunny place
will restore her health.
Weol-ju, are you on your way home?
Yes. Have you been sleeping well
at nights now?
Of course, and it's all thanks to you.
I'm glad.
Has your sister's engagement
been sorted out?
Yes. If it weren't for you,
he would've fooled us all.
He had a wife and child on the side!
No wonder some woman
kept popping up in your sister's dream.
Tell me about it.
You have no idea how relieved I am.
-Anyway, good day.
-You too.
I've been praying with all my heart,
but why hasn't the Crown Prince
gotten better?
Oh, Sacred Tree,
I urge you for a response.
My Queen.
Really? Such a girl exists?
I told you to stop this.
Why won't you listen to your mother?
How can I turn a blind eye
to an old lady in pain?
I'm glad to have an ability like this
to help my neighbors.
I don't want my fate to become yours too.
Why not?
I'm proud of myself
every time someone tells me
I brought them life and joy.
-It's electrifying.
You're old enough now.
You should think about marrying instead.
I asked the matchmaker
to set you up with someone,
so don't voice your resistance
and stay out of trouble.
But that's not something I want.
Love is supposed to be like fate.
Once the love of my fate appears,
I'll marry even if you tell me not to,
so don't rush me.
Always so naive.
Forget about it. It's my fault
for wanting a mature response.
Weol-ju, receive the royal command!
Are you Weol-ju?
Yes, Your Majesty.
I hear that your mother is a shaman.
I'm ordering you to read
the Crown Prince's dreams.
What's wrong?
-There are too many.
-Too many of what?
The vengeful spirits of those
who died in the hands of the royal family
are haunting the Crown Prince
in his dreams.
What? Vengeful spirits?
Then what can we do to annihilate them?
Actually, they need to be comforted.
Dig up the bodies buried in the woods,
move them to graves where the sun hits,
and have a memorial service.
How can we find the buried bodies though?
Please spare me a few days.
I will hear the spirits out
and tell you where.
Sure. Go ahead.
To save the Crown Prince's life,
I'm willing to do anything.
You won't enter his chambers again?
Yes, I've comforted
the vengeful spirits haunting him
and his dreams seem to be
more pleasant now.
It's as you said.
There's color back on his face again
and he's even smiling now.
I couldn't be more grateful.
You saved him.
No, you save the royal family.
I'll make sure you are well compensated.
That's not necessary.
I'm glad I was able to help His Highness.
Still, it'd be wrong of me
not to thank you.
Your Highness,
now that you're back to full health,
His Majesty has ordered you
to proceed with your studies again.
Your Highness?
Doesn't His Highness seem odd to you?
He smirks at odd moments
and only responds
after he is called many times.
It's as if he's bewitched.
I feel awful, Your Majesty.
He's been this way for several days now,
but the royal physician said
he's perfectly fine.
Could it perhaps
be a side effect
of the human dream catcher's service?
Bring Weol-ju back here.
That minx, Weol-ju, now has it good
after her trip to the palace.
I hear she scored
a large sum of valuables.
No way.
They wouldn't have given her all that
for yapping about some dreams.
She probably serviced
the Crown Prince well every night.
I think she's on a path
to becoming his concubine.
-That minx
must've seduced him in his dreams!
How else could the Crown Prince
be mesmerized by her?
She got him so good
that he comes by
to see her every night now.
I knew it. Those born of lowly status
only know how to sell their bodies.
-My gosh.
Why are you telling me
to dress in your clothes?
Go to your uncle's in Suwon.
You're running out of time.
-You need to tie your hair in a bun.
-A bun, too?
Mother, why are you being this way?
People will point fingers
when they see an unmarried girl
wearing her head in a bun.
Why would they?
A wedding
isn't the only confirmation of a marriage.
What matters is love.
You knew?
I'm sure you're aware
of the vicious rumors.
Everyone's out
to put your neck on a stick now
which means
you can no longer stay in Hanyang.
Leave and don't look back.
But why are you
making me leave alone?
You won't be alone.
Whenever you need extra strength,
hold this binyeo tightly.
It will bring you the person
you desperately seek.
Tell me.
Have I ever been wrong?
-There's a fire.
-My goodness.
-The house is on fire.
Everybody, there's a fire.
-Oh, dear!
Mother, no.
Mother, please open your eyes.
Please don't die.
It's all my fault.
I'm so sorry.
Mother, no
Even in my death
Even in my death, I will curse you all.
But I didn't order this.
It's a freebie for today's first customer,
so eat what I give you.
What will you drink?
You can have Like a Boss.
Why's that?
You spent all day being tossed around,
so you should at least drink like a boss.
Bloodshot eyes, chapped lips,
and a yellow complexion.
She's having a nervous breakdown.
A grubby shirt and trembling hands too?
Look at the bags under her eyes.
Fine. I choose you today!
It's nothing.
Go ahead and drink. Bottoms up.
So what's going on?
You seem deeply troubled.
Does it show?
Of course. I'm no noob, you know.
I can tell by how you grab your glass.
-Go on. Let me have it.
Forget it. It's nothing.
That rotten face tells me
it isn't just nothing.
Now, spill!
You see, at my job--
What about your job?
It's nothing.
I guess that's how life is, right?
I shouldn't stress over it
and be glad I'm still physically healthy.
Forget it. Pay up before you eat.
You said it was on the house.
Why look for freebies
when you're physically fine?
Pay up!
Getting up to 100,000 is no joke, is it?
Serves you right for hanging yourself
to die on the Sacred Tree.
Guibanjang, you say that like
I've caused you some inconvenience.
If you had killed yourself
on some other random tree,
we wouldn't have to do this.
And now I'm here as the manager too.
I went from catching evil spirits
to peeling onions.
How is this not messed up?
Jeez, these sting.
Suicide doesn't involve
rational thinking, you know.
Anyway, I thought about it,
and a bar won't cut it.
I should get into
another line of business.
-How about I open my own online channel?
A lot of people pour out
their worries via chat.
It'll save them the trouble
of having to come down here,
so it sounds perfect.
That's only for people
who are gifted in that way.
You really don't know, do you?
"Greetings, guys. I'm your host Weol-ju.
Onion peeling Guibanjang,
thanks for the donation.
You'll hit like
and press subscribe, right?"
I sure am tempted to squash you.
No wonder people leave
all sorts of hate comments.
-They can't physically hurt people,
so they can only use their words.
Look at my fist trembling too.
Onions aren't balls, you know.
Look at you. You've gotten better at that.
Are you kidding me?
Do you have any idea
how much pressure I'm under?
I need something to report
to the higher-ups.
And you do.
I haven't been slacking off.
That can only be proved
with your achievements,
but you haven't even opened the door
to the Dream World for six months.
Tell them to give it a shot.
It's not easy
to infiltrate a human's dreams
and calm their worries.
If only they knew what I've been through.
Little by little
We saw and saw
Bring us the treasure
Present the treasure
What the
Why? What did I even do?
As if you don't know.
What's wrong is you being
a selfish and greedy bastard.
You kicked your brother out,
took your father's inheritance,
and slapped your brother
when he asked for help.
That's not all. Blinded by greed,
you snapped a swallow's healthy leg.
Now, do you know what you did wrong?
Chun-hyang, just look at
the state you're in.
I can't stand it anymore.
One can't possibly tell
if Lee Mong-ryong is coming back or not,
so why must I wait like this?
He could've died
on his way to the state exam
or locked eyes with another girl there.
How can I know what happened?
Still, maybe you should
wait a while longer.
I should tell the governor straight away
that I'm down for tonight.
Let's not make any hasty decisions.
Have a drink for now
and readdress your situation.
I see this is the good stuff
you've been stashing away.
This is the bomb.
No way.
Jeez, that's good.
I didn't expect him to pop up in my dream.
The paper flower hat must mean
that he passed the state exam.
All right.
I've been waiting all this time,
so I can wait some more.
Here comes the royal inspector!
General MacArthur,
you're drinking more than usual today.
Yeah. Well, I have a lot on my mind lately.
We have to find a way
to break through the lines of the enemy.
I can think of nothing better
to solve your issues.
What's that?
It's a sweet soju and beer cocktail.
Go ahead. Bottoms up.
Thank you.
go to Incheon.
I went to all that trouble
to help out 99,990 cases,
but you're telling me
that I've achieved nothing?
You must have a death wish.
Still, you need to help out ten more
and complete the count.
Also, be more polite to your customers.
It's as if you're bullying them
to tell you their worries.
How will that ever work?
Being too nice
will only make them back off more.
Getting people to spill their guts
over a drink?
That's old news now.
People these days
don't spill their stories easily.
Also, I've been visiting people
in the Dream World
to appease their souls.
How does one get politer than that?
Fuck it. If I could,
I'd never speak to these people.
Then at least give out more free dishes.
Everyone likes free food.
I have something to say about that.
As you know,
people don't often come
to tent bars anymore.
I can't give them freebies
because they don't come.
How am I supposed to compete
with all these food delivery services?
If the higher-ups ask,
make sure to tell them
that times have changed
and that I haven't been slacking off.
You sure are commanding for someone
with a 500-year sentence.
We sincerely thank our customers
once again for shopping at Kapeul Mart.
Kapeul Mart is open today
until 10 p.m. in the evening.
-Second and fourth Sundays
-Jeju black pork is on sale!
That's 25, 26, 27,
28, 29
One broke, so it's 29 in total.
You checked three times, so are we good?
-Let me check one last time.
You know, the thing is
my youngest son is 29 years old,
but he still hasn't gotten a job yet.
I see, ma'am. You must be upsetting.
Customer 36.
Please let me have your number ticket.
That's right.
I am 36 years old.
I met a man
and was madly in love.
People may point fingers at me
and call me a homewrecker.
But it made our love become
more secretive,
yet fervent.
Our love was burning hot
like the magma, deep down on earth.
I see.
I will now announce
the kind employee of the month.
All right.
She won it five months in a row.
Isn't that a new record?
Congrats, Ms. Song Mi-ran
from the meat section.
-I know.
Give her a round of applause.
That's impressive.
She got picked for five straight months.
Tell me about it. She and I started
on the same day as contract workers.
I bet she'll get
a permanent position soon.
If you're envious of her,
you should do your job better.
Stop chit chatting with customers.
I'm sorry. I'll fix that.
Come on, sir.
Kang-bae might be a bit slow
when handling his tasks,
but his customers
were very satisfied with his help.
It's a quality-over-quantity approach.
Don't you agree?
It's getting late. I have an appointment.
I'll get going now.
Why did he dodge?
Don't tell me
you're bullying other employees.
No. It's nothing like that.
Kang-bae hates it
when other people touch him.
Even at the supermarket,
he's like a loach.
You should see how good he is
at dodging customers.
Look at you, Kang-bae.
You haven't changed at all.
How long has it been?
I haven't seen you after we graduated.
Right. I forgot.
Gosh, you're still the same.
Well, you know.
Let's sit.
You're the first guy
who called me after
It was nice hearing from you. Thanks.
Don't thank me.
I've been working my ass off
for my business.
And all of a sudden, it got lonely.
It made me think about you.
-I'm sorry.
Use this.
Are you okay?
If I'm okay, do you think I'd be here?
If things weren't bad,
why would I call you?
Only a slow-witted guy like you would be
touched to get a call from his high school
friend and come out to see me.
No one will pick up my calls now.
Everyone is so selfish.
When I try to mention jade mats,
they figure out it's a pyramid scheme.
A pyramid scheme?
But thanks for calling me.
It's nice to see a friendly face.
Friendly face?
I'm just taking advantage of you
because you're easy.
Think about it.
In high school, you were always
stuck at a corner, looking depressed.
You were a legendary outcast.
I really hated you, too.
Okay. I see.
Hold on.
What did I just say?
Gosh, I'm losing my shit.
Hey, I'm leaving.
Damn it. He was my last customer.
True feelings?
Will those true feelings
be only beautiful?
Here's what I realized in my 27-year life.
If you want to be
on good terms with other people,
it's better to be in the dark
about other people's feelings.
You jerks!
Stop. I told you to stop!
Damn it. Shit.
Now, even the taxi drivers
are ignoring me.
You must think
I'm a joke because all I do
is smile like a fool.
I'm going to kill you!
Damn it.
Everyone, try a sample.
We got this from Jeju Island just now.
Jeju pork is on sale today!
Please try a sample.
Please try it.
The pork is very delicious.
The sample is always delicious.
It's nice and salty.
Right. This is from Jeju Island.
The pigs only ate green tea,
so the gamey odor--
Stop talking.
Just pick up the speed and grill.
You're pretty slow.
I'm sorry.
You're so slow. That's not how you do it.
Let me see. Which one is cooked?
Let's make three layers of meat.
Sir, you must give back the tongs.
Get off me.
Don't stop me from your sample.
You're slow and dense.
This is why you grill meat
at a place like this.
What is "a place like this"?
-This is my place of work.
Those are my tongs. Give back.
-Have you gone mad?
-Give back my tongs!
-Give back my tongs!
-Look at her.
My goodness. What's wrong with you?
-Give them back!
Get off me!
-Are you okay?
-Oh, no.
-Is she okay?
-Shouldn't we call security?
-What are you doing? What?
-Take that!
Hey, take the tongs. Fine.
Do you even earn one million won
with this job?
Seriously. Those born of lowly status
make it obvious about their place.
I bet you didn't study hard
when you were in school.
And now that you're getting old,
you're grilling meat here.
All you've got is your nasty temper.
You ought to know your place.
How dare you?
Do you even know who I am?
You're the one
with a lowly status and vulgar mouth.
You are no more than a beggar who wants to
fill his stomach with free food.
At least, beggars show respect
to those who feed him.
How dare you disrespect her
when you're mooching off her samples?
You're no better than a beggar.
-What was that?
-Is he okay?
-Oh, my gosh.
-It looks like he's hurt.
-This is awful.
-Are you okay?
-Are you all right?
-Oh, no.
-What happened?
-I think he's hurt.
Why are there so many lunatics
at this supermarket?
Get me your supervisor.
I want your supervisor!
Yes, I'm here.
I'm sorry, sir.
It seems
we've poorly trained our employees.
Ms. Song, because a few people
complimented on your work,
you have misjudged your place.
Do you want to get fired?
Kneel and apologize to him right now.
The customer used
inappropriate language as well.
I think they should both
apologize to each other.
Why are you butting in now?
You're a contract worker. Know your place.
Mi-ran, kneel right now.
-That lunatic.
How will you compensate for this?
Sir, we will take
full responsibility for it.
Why stop there? Why don't you just tell
people that you're a 500-year-old ghost?
Why don't we put up a banner here?
I lost my temper in the heat
of the moment. I let him go, though.
Seriously. Why did you lose your temper?
Some people might think
you're a vigilante or whatnot.
You said you hated the entire human race
and didn't want to talk to them.
Yes. I don't want to.
I hate every human being,
but I especially hated that jerk. So what?
Here's what I think.
I don't think you hate people.
From a very long time ago,
something has been lurking
around deep down in your heart.
How should I put it?
You were born with a nasty temper.
Your temper is beyond repair.
You just have one heck of a nasty temper.
That's it.
What? You jerk.
Hey, where are you going?
Aren't you going to work?
The higher-ups are on my ass. So are you.
Let me go out and de-stress.
Darn it. Whatever.
Hey, what's your problem? Are you crazy?
If you want to die, die somewhere else.
Are you trying to ruin my life? Damn you.
I am sorry on multiple occasions today.
Get home safely.
Do you
have anyone waiting for you at home?
Like your family or a friend?
Then, do you want to get something to eat?
I'm hungry.
I don't give out
this special ssamjang to anyone.
Try it.
It's good.
Isn't life so shitty?
No, it's okay.
I'm not the only one struggling.
It's the same for everyone.
That's right.
Everyone struggles.
But that doesn't mean
everyone jumps in front of a truck.
Oh, that. I was preoccupied, so I didn't--
You have shitty customers.
They curse at you and go on a power trip.
Aren't you pissed? Upset?
I'll resolve all of your worries--
I can put up with that.
No? That's not the cause?
Then, why did you jump
in front of a truck to kill yourself?
It's nothing.
She's driving me mad.
How many times must I ask her to vent?
Mi-ran, I'm sorry for making you wait.
Aren't you the lady
from the supermarket earlier?
Yes, I'm that lady. Why do you ask?
Thank you. You were awesome.
Where did you go?
Oh, this.
The tongs must have scratched
your chin earlier.
You should put on some ointment.
Thank you. I should be
the one buying you medicine.
I hurt your face.
My gosh, I'm fine.
No, I don't think so. Let me see.
I jumped in front of the truck earlier
because of Mr. Park.
-All of a sudden?
You said it was nothing.
If you have some time,
will you listen to my story?
Sure. I have a lot of time.
I can listen to you.
-Have a piece. It's a limited time offer!
-As you know,
-I started as a contract worker.
-Ma'am, try one, please.
-To switch to a permanent position,
-Thank you.
I put up with countless customers
who were rude to me.
Congrats on winning
the kind employee of the month.
Thank you.
I have you to thank for.
So you know.
I know a lot about you, Mi-ran.
About a few things
here and there.
Right. Mi-ran, your parents passed away.
Your sibling is retaking the CSAT.
You must switch to a permanent position
as soon as you can
to support your sibling.
Then, you should keep a nice reputation
like this for a few more months. Okay?
Once you do that, I'll switch you
to a permanent position.
Don't you know that I have
the deciding power?
you should be nice to me, too.
-What are you doing?
Don't say stuff like that.
People might think
I'm violating you or something.
You just remind me of my younger sister.
I adore you. That's all.
-Enjoy your meal.
Oh, my.
My life was like a living hell.
I tried my best to bear it,
but once I got home,
I exploded with anger.
I couldn't control it.
But this made me feel more miserable.
-The next day morning,
-Try a sample.
-I had to go to work
-The pigs had green tea,
-with a smile on my face.
-so it's so tender.
-Isn't it good?
-I had to make a living.
-Thank you. Try a sample.
-That bastard.
What? His younger sister? He adores you?
Why are there so many crazy jerks
in the world?
-I ought to--
-I ought to pull out
his tongue. Damn him.
That fucker.
Anyway, those who abuse their power
over someone's job
and taking advantage of your weak spot
are the dirtiest of all.
So what do you want to do?
-What do you want to do with him?
I don't want to take any actions.
I just want him to know
how it feels to be cornered,
with his backs against the wall.
Hey, go out and turn right.
Go out and turn right.
And you'll see the restroom.
Go wash up.
I need to talk to her in private.
Take this and sober up.
I'll leave you two to it.
You want him to experience how it feels
to be cornered with no ways to turn.
Okay, I got it.
On that note, let's drink up.
I don't usually share
this drink with anyone.
Bottoms up.
Thank you.
Why am I so sleepy all of a sudden?
Everyone is gone. Are you still working?
No, I was waiting for you.
What a surprise.
I like this feisty side of you today.
Do you like it?
Should I dial it up a notch?
Who are you?
Who do you think?
I'm Weol-ju from Mystic Pop-up Bar.
Why is she
Damn it.
Damn it.
Don't come near me.
If you do, I'll kill you.
What is that?
Did I drink too much?
Where did the owner go?
Mi-ran, wake up. Let's get you home.
Hey, go. Go!
-Go away.
Go away!
-Go away.
Hey. Darn it.
What should I do?
Hey, what is this?
What are you doing here?
Exactly. Why am I here?
I thought I entered the bar.
Exactly. Why am I here?
I thought I entered the bar.
The pop-up bar?
When you came back from the restroom,
you could see the bar?
That can't be.
Who the heck are you?
Did the Inspection Office send you?
"Inspection Office"? I work at
the Customer Satisfaction Center.
Give me a straight answer.
A human cannot jump
into someone else's dream.
What? I'm in someone's dream?
Whose dream?
The girl from earlier.
What took you so long?
I told you I needed to de-stress.
My gosh, I feel refreshed.
-What's he doing?
I'm in Mi-ran's dream?
Then, what are you two doing here?
how should we put it?
We make people's wishes come true
and help them take revenge
in their dreams.
That's what we do.
To put it simply
Right. We're like spirits.
We're somewhat similar to what they do.
That's all you need to know.
We solve problems in people's dreamland.
We don't have time to explain that to him.
A human has entered the Dream World.
This is a huge mess.
It's because his spiritual vision
is unlocked.
What? What about me is unlocked?
No way. He's not some kind of
a high priest or a grand shaman.
He seems to be a special case.
His spiritual vision
wasn't locked at birth.
Ever since you were young,
people complained
and asked you for favors, didn't they?
-Yes, that's right.
-So you think that's how he ended up here?
It's possible.
He'll forget everything
once he wakes up, so don't worry.
So I've been living this way
because of my spiritual vision?
If you solve problems,
can you even change
a person's temperament?
Of course. Nothing is impossible for me.
My gosh, that's amazing.
Then can you help me--
Hey, he's running away.
Catch him!
Please forgive me. I'm sorry.
This is why I love my job.
Some jerks think they're above others.
And some jerks even mess around
with other people's jobs.
It's exhilarating to see jerks like you
shiver with fear.
Please forgive me just this once.
How does it feel to be cornered
with your back against the wall?
Someone even tried to kill herself today
because of you. Do you know that?
You're not just a horrible boss.
You destroy people's spirits.
Get off me!
Let me go!
That darn punk.
Should I throw him?
You know the answer. Throw him!
I swear I'll be kind from now on.
Okay, I'll forgive you just this once
since I'm in a good mood today.
So I really hope you better yourself.
Don't cry. Why are you crying?
Oh, my goodness.
Gosh, you're disgusting.
Did Mr. Park really fall off the rooftop?
Lucky him. He'll grow taller.
Don't come inside.
You can't see this.
Mi-ran, come outside. It's okay now.
She locked the door.
She locked the door? Why? What's in there?
That's the CCTV Control Room.
The monitors are busy
playing her past memories right now.
Mi-ran, are you a fool?
Are you scared that someone might watch?
Are you embarrassed?
Why would you feel that way?
You did nothing wrong.
You're a victim, not an offender.
Hurry up and come outside.
Come outside
and show those footage to Mr. Park.
The bad guy should be the one
who's scared and embarrassed.
Don't be afraid.
You saw how they punished Mr. Park
on the rooftop, right?
Do you know he got scared
and peed on himself?
It was totally crazy.
You just laughed.
It's funny, isn't it?
But unfortunately,
this is just a dream.
Once you wake up,
you'll have to punish him yourself.
Hey, forget it. That's enough.
Hey, just stay in there.
Live the rest of your life
getting bullied by people like Mr. Park.
It was completely useless
to take revenge for her.
You really didn't deserve any of this.
My gosh, you have such a bad temper.
Let's go. Come on.
-Let me go.
-Let's go.
Gosh, what's with you? Get off.
There she is.
I'm sorry.
You still haven't gotten to your senses.
Who told you to be sorry? Don't be sorry!
What's the name of the bar
you drank today?
It's Mystic Pop-up Bar.
And when you drink at our bar,
you become a boss.
That's what we both are.
Why would you succumb to him?
You should be cursing at him right now.
Act like you have claws
and growl even if you don't have fangs.
You got that?
Okay, I got it.
I'll do that.
I'll live like that from now on.
When did I come home?
I must've drank too much.
It's indisputable.
Not only will he be disciplined for this,
but you can even file a criminal suit.
Thank you.
I bet it wasn't easy to tell me this.
Thank you for being so brave.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I'll pay for the hospital--
No, it's okay. I didn't even get hurt.
I thought about what I did,
and I shouldn't have acted that way.
I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have
treated you that way.
Please forgive me. I'm really sorry.
Oh, okay.
Oh, gosh.
Who are you?
How should I put it? A fairy, I guess?
-A meat fairy.
I know you like meat. Here.
Eat up while you can
instead of causing a scene
at the supermarket.
Repeat after me. "I will eat at home.
The supermarket is only for samples."
"I will eat at home."
Say it properly.
Gosh, it's hot.
"I will eat at home.
The supermarket is only for samples."
If you cause another scene,
you'll have to talk to a crazy
I mean, you'll have to talk
to a very serious lady.
So keep that in mind, okay?
No one has ever apologized to me before.
Mi-ran, what's wrong?
No, nothing's wrong.
By the way, I'm sorry about last night.
I got too drunk, didn't I?
Thank you for safely taking me home.
What? I took you home?
Didn't you take me home?
I'm not sure. I blacked out as well.
But it kind of feels like
something interesting happened last night.
Really? I only remember
eating grilled pork at the pop-up bar.
And maybe it's because I ate well,
but for some reason,
I woke up today feeling very refreshed.
-Let's have a great day.
I think it was real.
No, that's impossible.
Maybe it was a dream.
It was real. It actually happened.
It wasn't a dream.
No, wait. If it was real,
then Mr. Park should be dead.
Does that mean
I actually went inside Mi-ran's dream?
Gosh, that's totally absurd.
But what about this binyeo?
Why the chopstick? Where's your binyeo?
I left it on the rooftop yesterday.
I should go get it later.
We finally made some progress,
so let's drink to congratulate.
Yeombujang, what brings you here?
It's okay. Sit down.
Oh, you didn't even bother to get up.
What are you going to nag about this time?
What are you wearing?
Is it made out of a mosquito net?
As you can see,
we're having a party right now.
I'm celebrating my achievement,
so I figured I should wear
something fitting for the occasion.
It's no time for a party.
I'm here with Yeomradaewang's message.
She sends way too many messages.
What is it this time?
Just wait.
Hear me, Weol-ju.
I extended your atonement period
due to your virtuous acts
in your past life.
But that can no longer continue.
I'll give you just one month.
If you can't settle the grudges
of 100,000 people in that time,
you will perish in the depths of hell.
So keep that in mind.
The end.
What? One month? What's this nonsense?
Let's see. How long has it been
since you last made progress? Four months?
No, six months.
Good going.
I sent you here to supervise her,
but you're slacking off together?
Look. Take a look at this.
Yeomradaewang has been getting
so many complaints
from the judges, so you're done.
Complaints about what?
"All she ever does in the Living Realm
is to drink alcohol and eat.
How can you call this a punishment?
Stop wasting our time and resources
and send her to hell right now."
That's what they keep saying.
But that's not--
So what?
So she's going to send me to hell?
You know what? Tell her to go ahead.
I worked my ass off for 500 years.
And she's going to send me to hell
just because I'm short on a few people?
I feel like an intern
who's been slaving away.
This is an abuse of authority.
It's so fucked up.
I'm sick of this shit.
I'll just go to hell, okay?
Go ahead and take me right now. Let's go.
-Hey, come on.
-Don't even try. Move.
-Gosh, calm down.
-What's wrong with you?
Stop it. Hey, stay there.
-What's your problem?
-You! Who are you calling "Hey"?
And what's with your darn temper?
It's because you're taking way too long.
The term of punishment for the dead
normally ends after 300 years.
But you kept asking for an extension,
so she gave you 500 years instead.
You're glaring at me again.
Are you going to hit me?
Anyway, try to do a better job.
I'll be off now.
-Good luck.
-Hey. No, wait.
I feel like shit because of him.
A month, was it?
-Darn it!
It wasn't a dream. It was real.
A dream or reality?
A dream or reality?
If it was real
If you solve problems,
can you even change
a person's temperament?
Of course. Nothing is impossible for me.
Where are you going?
I should give out free coupons.
What else can I do? I only have a month.
Off to the bridge again?
Yes. If I'm lucky, I'll meet someone
who's about to commit suicide.
It'd be great if I have a magnet
that attracts sad people with grudges.
That's impossible. There is no such thing.
If you have some time,
will you listen to my story?
Ever since you were young,
people complained to you
and asked you for favors, didn't they?
Yes, that's right.
I found it.
Found what?
-A magnet.
I found myself a magnet.
No, I shouldn't be here right now.
I'll see you!
Ms. Weol-ju.
Hey, Special Case.
-Last night was real, wasn't it?
You told me you're a spirit
who settles grudges.
Can you help me, too?
To me, you're my last hope.
I'll be your last hope.
I'll do everything I can to help you.
But instead,
I want something in return.
Yes, I actually brought it with me.
You were looking for this, weren't you?
This was never yours, to begin with.
Not this.
That's not it? Then what is it?
What do you think?
Your body.
I need your body.
You won't be alone.
Whenever you need extra strength,
hold this binyeo tightly.
It will bring you the person
you desperately seek.
Subtitle translation by Hye-lim Park
Sign a contract and work for a month,
then I'll grant your wish.
What if I can't do it in a month?
She can't help you.
You'll be dragged away?
I refuse to serve drinks
to a murderer like you.
You said we'll help people
and grant their wishes.
You never said we'll be scolding them
and kicking them out!
I guess Special Case isn't coming back.
I can manage alone.
If I drink this,
I can enter people's dreams.
What? Where am I?
Mom, I'm so scared.
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