Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

This is only our third date.
Don't you think we're moving too fast?
Do you still want me to wait
when I've already held back twice?
How can I when I have such
a beautiful girlfriend?
Your girlfriend?
Does that mean
this is our first day as a couple?
He sure is enjoying himself.
Poor thing
Wake him up already.
It's time to sign the contract.
Isn't that a bit too mean?
He's just getting started.
I'm sorry, Special Case.
I don't want to do this, but
Hey, wake up!
Where is she?
Where did she go?
How was the dream I designed for you?
Didn't it make up
for all those missed chances?
Have I been cured then?
Not exactly.
That was just a sneak peek.
Sign the contract and work for a month,
then I'll grant your wish.
Work for you for a month?
What's with that sigh?
You only have to touch nine people.
No? Forget it then.
That's not it.
Let me at least read it first.
I don't know
if I should be doing this though.
Some people may want
to keep their worries hidden,
so who am I to make them talk?
Come on, now.
What's the problem
when I'll be solving their issues
right away?
We're doing them a favor. Don't you agree?
I'm right, aren't I?
Yes, of course. You're absolutely right.
"Your spiritual vision may be enhanced
during work
and the effects may be permanent."
-What does this mean?
It's nothing. Don't worry about it.
It doesn't seem like "nothing."
Your ability doesn't work on us.
Let me be brutally honest with you.
A spiritual vision
is like a passage that connects
the Living Realm with the Afterlife.
You're a special case
whose spiritual vision is still intact.
Working with us
might cause your spiritual vision
to expand.
Even though we enter dreams,
we still travel back and forth
on the road that leads to the Afterlife.
What will happen to me then?
Well, it could cause people
to spill their guts out
from just brushing against you
or just looking at you.
Just by looking at me?
That'll never happen, so don't worry.
Bring me nine people within one month
and I'll fix this condition for you.
Must I tell you again
that it's my specialty?
What if I can't do it in one month?
Won't you help me then?
It's not that she won't,
she can't help you.
This hag will be dragged away
if she doesn't meet quotas.
You'll be dragged away?
It's the same story for any employee.
Even in our world,
if you can't meet your quota,
you're forcibly transferred.
Then what about me?
You'll be stuck like that forever.
Forever in a worsened state?
What the hell?
I'm sorry, but I can't agree to this.
I wouldn't have come
if I knew there was a catch.
I'm telling you not to worry.
I solved the issues of
99,991 people until now.
Nine more is a piece of cake.
But you're trying to hire me
because you can't do it.
Anyway, I'm out.
Yes, you.
I'm going to kill you tonight
and walk into hell myself.
-Don't come any closer.
-Let go of this.
-Get away!
-You're dead.
-Get back here!
Just by looking at me?
I can't let that happen.
It's too much of a gamble.
-Kang-bae, are you in there?
-Ms. Andong?
-Ma'am, come on in.
-Good evening.
I thought you'd be a little peckish,
so I brought you these.
They look delicious.
Thank you for always looking out for me.
It's my pleasure to help out
a hard-working young man.
Thank you for the food.
Eun-su's wedding is on May 9, right?
Isn't that on her birthday?
That's right.
She's getting married on her birthday.
Are you going to come to the wedding
instead of seeing your girlfriend?
How can I miss Eun-su's wedding?
Besides, I don't have
a girlfriend.
But Weol-ju
Is there even a way to cure Special Case?
All I have to do is
take him to the Dream World
and shut down his spiritual vision.
That's simple enough.
All he needs to do is sign the deal,
but how do I get him to do so?
Don't I know it.
-It's good.
-It's a proper meal
Ms. Weol-ju?
You guys must have had
a tough day at work.
Please dig in.
Who is she?
She's someone I know.
May I ask how you know
our employee Mr. Han?
I run a small business in the neighborhood
and I'm here to offer Mr. Han a job.
A job?
We're not in the same business,
so don't worry.
We'll have him work briefly
at night with me,
so he can work both jobs.
At night?
What kind of business
are you talking about?
will wait for you in the car, ma'am.
I can't go into any details,
but I offer comfort to customers
by serving them alcohol.
So a bar
-that only opens at night?
-It's obvious.
Mr. Han is just the talent
that I've been looking for,
so I have taken the liberty of
offering him the job in person.
Talent? Kang-bae?
What kind of a talent?
It's not about what he's good at.
Let's just say that
he has the perfect physical trait.
He wins over my customers
like nobody's business.
-The perfect physical trait?
-No way.
Could we talk in private?
Enjoy your lunch then, everyone.
-Have a good day too.
-Come on!
I already said no.
You can't come in here like this.
It's a crime to let talent go to waste.
True happiness finds you
when you do something you're good at.
And this can help you.
You'll be happy, I'll be happy,
everyone will be happy.
No matter how hard it is for me,
I'm going to live my life as it is.
I've been coping
without my limbs just fine.
I don't want to gamble and go blind.
You should leave.
If I were going to cave in easily,
I wouldn't have come.
Here we go.
The surprise discount starts now.
Marinated pork!
Sold to just five people for only 990 won.
Hurry up, everyone.
Run, ladies. Yes, run for it.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Let the discount begin!
What the hell are you doing?
-A discount?
Young man, hear me out.
I think my husband is cheating on me.
I think my kid is going
to flunk the entrance exam again.
My mother-in-law is driving me nuts.
-Young man!
-Hear me out too.
Over here.
-Hear me out.
-Me too.
My husband
-I'm sorry.
-Young man!
-At least hear me out.
-Let us talk.
-Don't go.
-Stop running.
-Come on.
-Where are you going?
Should I tell them where you are?
You're unbelievable.
The ladies are coming.
Where did he go?
I wasn't done talking.
I need 15 more days
to tell him about my evil mother-in-law.
I have a lot to tell him too.
-Okay, fine. I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I'm glad you changed your mind.
You can't live like this.
Do you need a pen?
Okay, fine.
How about a test run first?
-We'll try it with one person
and think of it as an internship.
Then I'll be able to know
if I'm cut out to meet your quota.
We'll finalize the deal afterwards.
What do you say?
Your cautiousness will be your downfall,
but fine.
Be at the bar later then.
Why on earth would you buy me
something so expensive?
You know I can't even wear makeup.
These are organic products
that are mild enough
for people who are allergic to cosmetics.
You need a pop of color
since it's my wedding day.
It doesn't make a difference
if they're organic or not.
Use these yourself
and explain my condition
to your future in-laws
so that they don't get the wrong idea.
I won't be wearing any makeup
because I'm allergic to cosmetics.
My gosh.
All right, fine.
Jeez, I'm famished.
Mom, this place serves grilled mackerel.
It smells incredible.
Let's eat here, okay?
Come on, let's eat. It smells delicious.
It's the oil that
makes a grilled mackerel perfect.
The taste of grilled fish
and the crunchy skin.
Mom, here you go. All right.
Moist and strongly seasoned.
It really is delicious.
Kang-bae, why haven't you told us that
you work at a bar with delicious food?
It's my first day today.
It could just be a temporary job.
Then we should come by often.
It's even better than grilled beef.
I've always been known
for my grilled mackerel.
It's not as good as
what my mom makes though.
Eun-su, don't be rude.
You have way more experience
cooking mackerels.
She raised me by herself
while running a grilled fish restaurant.
Isn't she incredible?
Don't praise me
for something everyone does.
She's right, you know.
It truly is admirable.
Hi, honey.
That was today, wasn't it?
Gosh, I totally forgot.
I'm with my mom right now.
Sorry. I'll be right there.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I forgot that I had dinner plans
with his friends.
How could you let that skip your mind?
You should get going.
Make sure you stay and finish this, okay?
Kang-bae, look after my mom for me.
Sure thing. Don't worry. See you around.
Your daughter seems like the sweetest.
There's no doubt
you did a good job raising her.
You're wrong.
I have never been a good mother.
Can I have some water?
Here you go.
This is a plate for the bones.
Who told you to serve water
and give out empty plates?
You're supposed to touch
the person I choose
and make them tell their story.
Ms. Andong?
Of course.
Do we have another customer here?
Now go over to her. Come on!
Get going.
So how much is everything?
I'd better get going.
Ms. Andong, please stay a little longer.
Why not?
I have wronged my dear Eun-su.
You wronged her?
I'm not even sure where I should begin.
I became a widow at a young age
and opened a grilled mackerel diner
to make a living.
A young woman by the name of Lee Sun-hwa
helped me out.
She was an orphan and quite lonely too.
That's how we bonded so quickly.
Why haven't you married yet?
Have you even had a boyfriend?
I'm too shy, you see.
I've been moving from place to place
working as a housekeeper, so no.
You can't die a virgin though.
What if
I got married and gave birth to a child
only to let it become an orphan like me?
Gosh. Why would you say such harsh things?
If that happens by any chance,
I'll take care of the kid for you.
So just find someone already.
Your only worry should be
about snagging the right guy.
I got married once,
but I wouldn't mind doing it again.
You should go for it.
Then a guy entered the diner.
We're closed
I fell for the guy hard.
He was tall, handsome,
kind, and sincere.
I wanted to make him mine.
Is Sun-hwa not here today?
Yes, she went to the sauna.
I see.
It must be exhausting
to drive the truck around the country.
Mr. Ko, go ahead and have some.
But I didn't order any oysters.
Dig in.
I hear that oysters are good for men.
Whenever he was in town,
-he came by my diner.
-I'll eat it myself.
-No, let me.
-I thought he had feelings
for me too.
-Boy, was I wrong.
-How fascinating.
You've been bragging
about that new camera of yours,
so make us look good, okay?
All right then.
There we go.
Make sure you develop one for each of us.
Sure thing. I'll take the photo then.
In one, two, three.
-Thank you for doing this.
-Don't mention it.
We have something to tell you.
What? We?
Sun-hwa is with child.
It's been three months.
We're planning to get married soon.
No wonder Sun-hwa has been
rejecting all the men around here.
She was already taken!
There you go.
-My blood boiled.
-All right.
-Bottoms up.
-I couldn't keep a straight face.
So I applied layers of makeup
to mask my expression.
Darker, thicker, and more colorful.
It was as if I was mad.
Sun-hwa gave birth to a girl,
but I never visited.
I hated her guts for stealing my man,
so how could I?
Is that so? There, there.
It was a disgusting act of jealously.
Good evening.
Goodness, it's you, honey.
Or should I say Baby Daddy?
I stopped by to show my gratitude.
Thank you for taking
good care of my Sun-hwa.
Your Sun-hwa?
Your Sun-hwa?
Look here, Mr. Ko.
I'm glad that you two
are in love and all, but
Should I tell you this?
No, I shouldn't.
Did something happen to Sun-hwa?
Your problem is that you're too naive.
Come on.
Do you really believe
that you're the father of the baby?
-You two had a long distance relationship.
You don't even know
anything about her past.
how could you know
when that minx never told you?
What do you mean by that?
I'm only telling you this
because you're like a brother,
so take what I tell you to heart.
What happened is that
Honey, that's not true.
Rumors don't come out of nowhere.
That's ridiculous!
Honey, please
Damn it.
You crazy bitch.
What did my drunk brain yap about?
I need to go over there
and tell him that I lied.
The door to hell opened there and then.
The baby only had me to take care of her,
so I had to raise her
even though I wanted to die myself.
As Eun-su grew up,
she resembled her mother more and more.
The amount of guilt it brought
was truly too much to bear.
What I said while intoxicated
put me in Hell forever.
My dying wish
is to have Eun-su meet her birth father,
but I've had no luck finding him.
It's frustrating
because this lung cancer I have
will take my life soon.
Don't tell Eun-su.
My poor daughter
shouldn't have
the best day of her life ruined.
Think about it.
That girl has been calling her mom
all this time,
not knowing what she had done.
You're a fraud. Your daughter
Actually, she's not even your daughter.
Aren't you sorry for what you did?
Gosh, what on earth did I say?
Get out.
I refuse to serve drinks
to a murderer like you.
Ms. Weol-ju, how can you say that?
She's not a murderer.
Swords and guns are not
the only weapons that can kill.
It was your tongue that killed her
and destroyed a family.
She probably serviced
the Crown Prince well every night.
I think she's on a path
to becoming his concubine.
I knew it. Those born of lowly status
only know how to sell their bodies.
And all you do
is apologize?
Do you think you can avoid going to hell
if she forgives you?
That won't happen.
You should carry your sins with you
until you die
and be judged at the gates of hell.
I think that's enough.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
I'll be going now.
Ms. Andong.
Ms. Andong.
Don't you think you were being too harsh?
She's dying. Shouldn't we try to help her?
Just because she's dying doesn't mean
we should go easy on her.
Why did you even want me to work here?
You said we'll help people
and grant their wishes.
You never said we'll be scolding them
and kicking them out!
Are you going to take responsibility
if she collapses from shock?
"Take responsibility"?
She's the one
who should take responsibility.
You reap what you sow, got it?
What are you doing?
Why did you skip lunch?
Are you tired?
Is it because you have
that side job at night?
I'm quitting that job for good today.
Why? You said you had
the perfect body for it.
There's nothing I can do alone.
I need that drink.
That's right.
With that drink
I guess Special Case isn't coming back.
We don't need that idiot.
Are you sure?
I can manage alone.
A bottle of soju, please.
-Anything else?
That jerk. I'm going to grill him alive.
That's it. Let it all out
and it will make your drink taste better.
He fooled me.
Apparently, he's married.
His wife showed up at work today.
She pulled out my hair
and accused me of being a homewrecker.
Okay, got it.
Let me pour you one.
That jerk.
Let's teach him a lesson.
I loved him.
I loved him with all my heart!
I get it, but try not to spill the drink.
No, you shouldn't
Oh, my.
You sure managed yourself just fine.
It was a bad case.
-Darn it.
-Gosh, she's heavy.
Why did she drink so much?
-Put me down!
-What's with her?
-Fine, I get it.
Pull yourself together. Hey!
My goodness.
If I drink this,
I can enter people's dreams.
Ms. Andong.
Ms. Andong, wake up!
You have cancer?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why did you suffer alone?
Hey, Special Case.
By any chance, did you
Why did you do that?
You are never to use that drink
no matter what.
Don't drink and don't touch it, okay?
That brat.
Hey! Where are you?
I'm sorry.
Gosh, this is bad.
What? Where am I?
Gosh, I'm scared.
Hello? Anybody here?
I knew this would happen.
Mom, I'm so scared.
Is anybody there?
Excuse me! Help!
You fool.
Why didn't you turn on the light?
How dare you steal the ssanggapju?
Ms. Weol-ju.
Ms. Weol-ju. You came for me.
I was scared.
Why didn't you listen?
If you enter the Dream World
before I plan it thoroughly,
you could end up trapped
in the person's subconscious forever!
So we are in Eun-su's dream?
This looks like a movie theater.
Is this also your design?
This is just a basic template.
You can see what goes through
the person's mind on the screen.
Forget it. I don't know
why I'm telling this to a thief like you.
Oh, the movie is starting.
Since we're already here,
let's watch a little bit, shall we?
Eun-su, hang in there.
Mommy is taking you to the hospital.
My baby.
Discipline your kid better, woman.
People say she's a spoiled brat
because she has no father.
Fine! Then why are your kids such
spoiled brats when they have a father?
Stay away from my daughter,
or I'll teach you a lesson!
Goodness, what exactly
are you going to do?
-I said, stay away from her!
-Break it up!
What are you talking about?
No way.
My restaurant is still doing pretty well.
A high school student shouldn't work.
Just focus on your studies, okay?
Here. Use this money.
Get everything you need for your wedding.
Ms. Andong
was a real mother.
It's the least she should do.
What happened?
Is there a fire or something?
Doctor! Help!
Excuse me.
Please wait outside.
Ma'am, can you hear me?
Ms. Weol-ju, shouldn't we grant
Ms. Andong's wish before she
Cut it out.
Steal my ssanggapju again,
and you're dead meat.
Ms. Weol-ju
I'll do it.
I'll sign the contract.
Nine people within a month.
I'll sign the contract.
So please grant Ms. Andong's wish.
Gosh, what should I do?
He wants to sign the contract?
That changes everything.
Should I forget everything and help her?
But that hurts my pride.
Wait, who cares about pride
when I'm so close to my 100,000th case?
Ms. Weol-ju?
Let's sign it right now.
Fine, wait here.
I'll go get the contract
and ssanggapju from the bar.
Look who's here.
I didn't expect to see you here.
What are you doing here?
Can't you see my uniform?
What do you think Death is doing
at the hospital?
Let me see.
The name of the deceased is
Mom, no!
Mom, don't leave me!
There's some time left
until the funeral anyway, right?
Everyone says they need just a few days.
In the end, I have to chase them.
Come on, I'll be with her all the time.
Also, Guibanjang at the bar
will make sure she doesn't disappear.
If I don't grant her wish, her spirit
will wander the Living Realm forever.
I really shouldn't.
Why are you glaring at me?
Fine, you can take her.
But she has to be back by morning
the day after tomorrow.
Don't be late.
Don't be late.
-So you're going to look for her father?
After you've lashed out at her like that?
I guess you're that desperate, huh?
It's not just one case.
Nine cases depend on this.
He signed the contract.
You didn't have to.
Now that you're dead, let me pour you one.
Are you saying
Ms. Andong is here sitting with us?
Is she a ghost now?
That's right.
Thank you so much for being nice to me.
I'll never forget your kindness.
Rest in peace.
My goodness.
I'm the one who should thank you.
I know it's shameless of me,
but please help me.
When I'm gone,
my daughter will be left all alone.
Please tell us everything you know
about Mr. Ko.
All I know is that his name is
Ko Dong-gil.
I don't even know
his birthday or hometown.
Oh, wait.
It's an old photo of him.
I'm not sure if it'll be of any help.
This is more than enough.
What's this?
Unbelievable. It actually works.
Did you get it?
I'm looking for a man called Ko Dong-gil.
The photo was taken 30 years ago. Okay.
-What is he doing?
-He's tracking down Mr. Ko.
The Afterlife Police Agency
has an incredible network.
With a name and a photo,
they can find anyone in no time.
I might not look it, but I used to be
in the Criminal Department.
Mr. Ko has a daughter?
Yes. He never told you?
Who knows anything about his past?
Not even he does.
What do you mean?
He tried to take his life once.
He did survive, but he lost his memory.
When he first came here,
all he remembered was his name.
He's in that room. Go talk to him.
Thank you.
He lost his memory?
What should we do?
Let's see what we can do.
Go get some mackerel first.
Oh, my. This is delicious.
You're a good cook.
But why are you making all this for me?
That's not the point.
Does the mackerel remind you of anyone,
by any chance?
Not really.
It should.
A long time ago, you met your wife
at a mackerel restaurant,
do you remember?
I've never been in a relationship
my whole life.
You must be mistaken.
We have no choice.
Sir, eat slowly.
The mackerel
does remind me of something
-What is it?
-What is it?
It was a long time ago.
After that day, I couldn't eat
mackerel for quite a while.
having mackerel,
a huge bone got stuck in my throat.
I tried eating rice, drinking water,
and all that, but I couldn't get it out.
I thought I was going to die.
Other than that?
Other than that?
He doesn't seem to remember anything.
What if we get into his dream?
Ms. Andong's funeral is tomorrow.
Before that, we have to take him
to the bar, make him drink ssanggapju,
and refresh his memory.
Do you expect him to follow us
all the way to Seoul?
I don't think so.
Well, the thing is
I still have the ssanggapju
I stole yesterday in my bag.
I thought Ms. Andong's daughter drank it.
She did, but there's some left.
Just a tiny bit. A small glass, maybe?
Were you going to steal that too?
I'll let it slide this time.
If you don't, what can you do?
Kang-bae, the relationship
between you and Mystic Pop-up Bar
can be compared to that of
the red bean paste and a bun
or FC Barcelona and Messi
in terms of soccer.
In other words, you're completely equal.
You understand?
Cut it out. Let's go inside.
What's the point of living like this?
You've lived such a lonely life.
Is this his first memory?
Where could his wife and daughter be?
Should we go deeper into his subconcious?
I really
didn't want to do that.
Are we in Mr. Ko's subconcious now?
We're even deeper than that.
We are beyond his deepest subconscious.
We're looking for the memories
that have been locked away by Mr. Ko.
Be quiet and focus.
-A cockroach!
-Be careful!
Stop pushing me!
My gosh.
It's okay. Keep going down.
How deep is this place anyway?
-It's infinite.
-There's no end?
So be careful.
If you lose your footing,
you'll fall into the infinite darkness.
You'll keep falling until your ego
and your soul disappear.
It's like the black hole of the soul.
-Let's go.
Keep going down.
Gosh, unbelievable.
Come here.
You have to enter a password.
Why does this have to be so high-tech?
I wish we could just knock down the door.
Do you know the password?
I don't. Should we try "1111"?
Authorization failed.
-What's going on?
It's crumbling away!
It's collapsing!
How could you be so reckless?
You should use your head.
But we have nothing to go on.
We'll just have to take a wild guess.
At least try to think what's
the most commonly used password.
What's that?
-Authorization failed.
What's happening?
I don't want to die.
You have one more try remaining.
What? The "most commonly used password"?
"Use your head"?
Hey, stay still. We might fall.
Calm down, Ms. Weol-ju. Please.
Could it be his birthday?
It might be in Mr. Ko's profile
from the Intelligence Agency.
Let me see.
Where's my phone?
I can't move right now.
Can you two look for my phone?
Is it in my pocket?
I don't think so.
Hold on. Not there.
-Where is it?
-Is it there?
This is your phone, right?
I'll take it out.
-Please don't touch my armpit.
-Why isn't it coming out?
-Not my armpit!
-Hold on.
I'm sorry.
I should have stayed still.
But my armpits are extremely ticklish.
Don't worry.
I'm sorry I've been so harsh on you.
If only I had known
things would end like this.
Goodbye, friend.
What do you mean?
It's too crowded here.
Shouldn't you go first?
Hold on!
You said his birthday, right?
Eun-su's wedding is on May 9, right?
Isn't that on her birthday?
I think I might know the password.
Just a second.
What if it's wrong?
This is probably right.
Mr. Ko is a father after all.
Try it.
Access granted.
-It worked!
-You did it!
You aren't completely useless.
As expected,
it remained in the depths
of his subconscious.
That's a relief.
Now we have to pull it up.
It's okay. Goodness.
That is why
it's only now that I'm here.
It's okay.
I don't know
what to say to you now though.
After the funeral,
after I pick up the pieces,
I'll get in touch with you.
This is Sun-hwa,
your real mother.
She looks like me.
this is Ms. Andong when she was young.
My mom can't wear makeup
because she has allergies.
That must've been
an atonement for her.
she didn't have the courage
to face her foolish self
just like me.
Was that why you didn't wear makeup?
Was it?
You had been suffering alone
all your life,
but I had no idea
and told you not to come to school.
I even said you embarrassed me
in front of my friends.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you for raising me.
I was so happy to be your daughter.
I love you, Mom.
What am I going to do?
I miss my mom already.
Let's go.
Now I have no regrets
even if end up in hell.
Ms. Andong.
am sorry.
It was all my fault. I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
Thank you
for doing a great job
raising Eun-su for me.
It was my fault.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Don't worry anymore,
and rest in peace.
Good shot.
Guibanjang, what brings you here?
I came here to play basketball.
Do you play basketball, too?
There is no reason not to.
Here I go.
A three-pointer!
Tell me the truth.
You aren't human, are you?
Are you a shooting machine?
You should play in the NBA.
What are you doing here?
You know,
if I play, people will chase me
instead of the ball.
You're right.
All I know in basketball
is how to shoot the ball.
Because that's all I can do alone.
You're here for the contract, right?
I was going to go see you anyway.
Won't you regret it?
I'm used to failing
whether it's sports or relationships.
That's why I hesitated to take the offer.
The price of failure was too much.
Life is about living with other people.
You can't just practice
shooting alone forever.
A real game.
You have to live a real life.
A real life?
You did a great job
with Ms. Andong today.
You and Ms. Weol-ju did all the work.
We couldn't have started it
if it weren't for you.
We were a pretty good team.
A team?
-It's mine.
Shoot it.
I'll join the game.
The real game.
You'll keep one each.
Special Case, you are Mystic Pop-up Bar's
official part-time employee as of today.
I'm happy to work with you, Ms. Weol-ju.
-You, too, Guibanjang.
Don't you dare steal ssanggapju again.
If you do, I'll replay the moments you've
been dumped repeatedly in your dream.
I will never steal it again.
Don't scare the kid.
Aren't we going to throw a welcome party
for the new employee?
Here you go.
Gosh, it's beautiful when a professional
pours a drink.
It's her job.
It's nothing. Don't flatter her.
What do you mean it's nothing?
This is how you should pour beer.
We're just getting started.
Are you drunk already?
I'm sorry.
You guys work at a pop-up bar,
but you can't even handle a drink or two.
I've drunk you both under the table.
Ms. Weol-ju.
I have a question.
Why does it have to be 100,000 people?
Isn't that too many?
Do you think so?
Yes, it's way too many.
Hundred-thousand people?
How can you handle that?
It's ridiculous.
How is that even possible?
It's because
I killed 100,000 people.
Because of your fault,
the Sacred Tree
that has been defending the country
suffered bad luck.
You're aware of that, aren't you?
That is why I've been stuck
in the Hell of Oil Cauldrons for months.
Yes, however,
the Hell of Oil Cauldrons alone
is not enough to cleanse you of your sin.
The country that had been relying
on the Sacred Tree waned
and was invaded by a neighboring country.
Hundred-thousand people died in this war.
What will you do about that?
Go down to the Living Realm and settle
the grudges of 100,000 people.
Listen to their stories and comfort them.
That will be your punishment.
I will gladly take any other punishment
apart from that.
What? I did not ask for your opinion.
That was an order!
I took my life because I hated humans.
Yet you want me to live again for humans.
How can you be so cruel?
If making the Sacred Tree suffer bad luck
is such a great sin,
I'd rather be thrown
into the Hell of Extinction
and be ripped to pieces and perish.
Is that so?
The Sacred Tree
isn't your only sin though.
Have a look.
So, will you go to the Hell of Extinction?
I can let you be ripped to pieces
and disappear forever as you wish.
No, Yeomradaewang.
Did you say 100,000 people?
I will do it.
I will
receive the punishment.
Subtitle translation by Min-jin Kim
I have to bring in customers?
I'm going to make use of your talent
every way I can.
-I have a problem
-Come visit our bar.
The owner there
is an amazing problem solver.
Can I have a bottle of soju?
What is the requirement for passing?
He was born a failure. What can I do?
That bastard, Chairman Choi.
-I'll deal with him myself.
-I didn't order any drinks.
It's on the house.
Where's this onion smell coming from?
There must have been a misunderstanding.
I came to the wrong room.
Give me back the thing
you stole from this room.
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