Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Are you Weol-ju?
I hear you're opening a bar
in the Living Realm.
Why do you need
this much water from the Afterlife?
When the living drink this water,
their souls linger momentarily
in the Dream World
between the Afterlife
and the Living Realm.
Since I have the ability to travel
the Dream World freely as I wish,
I am planning to settle the grudges
people hold in the Dream World.
Is it 100,000 souls?
You took your life
out of hatred for humans.
-Are you sure you'll be okay?
-What if I'm not?
I don't have a choice.
Anyway, who are you and
why are you asking all these questions?
I am Junior Manager Yeom.
You may also know me as Death,
but I was ordered to watch over you
whenever I visit the Living Realm.
That's not necessary.
There's no need to get all prickly.
Just think of me as a liaison.
If it turns out to be too much,
-I will--
-Stop right there.
I'll succeed no matter what.
I'll lie to them, scam them,
or use another human
if that's what it takes.
-Make way, will you?
-There's no room.
-Get off that way.
Coming through.
-What a jerk.
-Stop it.
Stop leaning on me!
When I commute to work,
I want to ride on the subway.
It will be amazing.
Think of how alive it will make me feel.
That's how I would like to celebrate
my new life as a normal human being.
You're a weird one, you know that?
You're going through this much work
to be normal again,
and all you want to do is ride the subway.
Kang-bae, forget the subway.
Head to a sauna first.
-Have you ever had your body scrubbed?
You poor thing.
Getting a body scrub when you're tired
is like being in Shangri-La.
-Of course.
How about a demonstration?
-Turn to the side.
-To the side.
How's that?
-Turn around.
-There we go.
-That feels great.
Now, face me directly.
-Lift your arms.
-Say, "Ho."
Just thinking about someone
scrubbing every inch of
-my body
People will think you're a pervert.
You don't get this for free.
You have a job to do
and it all starts by
bringing in customers.
-I have to bring in customers?
-What's your day job?
-Customer service.
What's your ability?
People spill their worries on me
when they touch me.
You have everything you need
to bring people in,
so what are you doing
loitering around in here?
I'm going to make use of your talent
every way I can.
Every way?
-May I have your ticket?
I've been dating a younger man these days.
I don't know what to do.
It's my son's birthday soon.
I want to get a decent job!
Come visit our bar.
Drinks and snacks are on the house
and the owner there
is an amazing problem solver.
What's wrong with me? I have a problem.
Of course.
-A pop-up bar?
Drinks and snacks are on the house.
Keep it just in case.
That thing you've been
giving out to the customers.
Is it a coupon for the place
you work at during the night?
I'd appreciate it if you kept it a secret
from Mr. Ma.
Don't you worry.
If you're in charge
of quality control at a bar,
shouldn't you be handing them out
good looking people?
The people you gave the coupons to
look rather depressed mostly.
My boss likes people
who have a lot on their minds.
Apparently, they're easier to work on
-and to take advantage of.
-Take advantage?
-Would you like one too?
No, I'm good.
I don't have any worries at all.
It's all rainbows and sunshine for me.
No matter what she does,
she can't seem to lose weight.
She's now seeing a psychiatrist
for her depression.
I only eat minuscule portions.
I gain weight from just drinking water.
But people say that I'm weak,
that I have no self-control
-and that I don't take care of myself.
Miss, I'd like another bottle.
-Are you sure this is on the house?
Yes. Eat and drink as much as you want.
Can I get another pajeon?
She's already had five of them.
-Get out.
Stop stuffing yourself and leave.
Get out there and run!
Ms. Weol-ju, she's in a lot of pain--
-You too!
So you and your husband
haven't been connecting lately?
My husband must not
love me as much anymore.
You see, we used to do it
seven times a week.
Now, that number's gone down to five.
How we've aged
Five times a week is just as admirable.
His stamina
My gosh, it must be terrible.
-Ms. Weol-ju.
-You call that a grudge?
It looks more like she's blessed.
Don't let her push you around like that.
Didn't I tell you
that you're the red bean paste
and this bar is the bun.
How can I not be intimidated?
She's really scary.
I heard she killed 100,000 people
in her past life.
Says who?
Didn't you know?
She said so herself
when we got drinks last time.
-And you believe her?
-Yes, she said it's true.
She's no Genghis Khan or Hitler.
She lied to straighten you out
nice and early.
This is the time for you to be strong
and hold your ground.
We don't have to let her boss us around
because we're her employees. No way.
Come to think of it, being the boss
doesn't give her the right to give orders
without doing anything herself.
You know what? I'll show her--
How many breaks do you two take in a day?
Get back to work!
You heard her. Come on.
Get back in there.
Kang-bae, peel some onions.
Do you not understand what a grudge is?
I do. It's a feeling of anger,
frustration and things like that.
And yet you still bring in
useless people like that.
-People like them don't even count!
Calm down, will you?
There's no need to bite his head off.
You can teach the boy one step at a time.
Let's start with what qualifies
as a grudge.
He needs a guideline of sorts, right?
Here. Have a seat.
Then listen up.
First of all, a grudge is something
that cannot be settled by one's own will.
Others can't help you lose weight.
Weight-loss is an arduous journey
that one must take alone.
That's how you lose weight.
I see.
You should take notes.
Don't let her words of wisdom go to waste.
Here. Write it down in red.
"A journey that one must take alone".
they must not desire
more than what others have.
That's not a grudge.
It's greed.
She's right. It's greed.
Winning the lottery, a nine-figure salary,
or doing it seven times a week.
All of those cases fall short.
And this is most important.
They must be desperate.
They should either be desperate
enough to kill
or they can't die because of their grudge
or be in a life and death situation.
That's what you call a grudge.
Got it?
-It won't take long.
-No can do.
I just need to ask HR something.
I said it's out of the question.
The results have already been announced.
That's how desperate I am.
Please just let me in.
The Chairman is coming.
Chairman Choi!
I'm Park Byeong-jae
who applied for an opening here.
I at least need to know
why I didn't make the cut.
If you tell me why--
Let go of me!
What is the requirement for passing?
How dare you get your filthy hands on me.
Sir, please!
Let go, you bastard!
Where do those rats even come from?
Are you all right, sir?
I apologize for not seeing him coming.
It's not your fault.
The men outside
should've dealt with him sooner.
They're hardly worth the money I pay them.
Meanwhile, you're quite useful.
Definitely worth the fat paycheck.
Look at how fresh the octopus is.
Don't be too harsh on Kang-bae.
No one is good right off the bat.
Look at the clients he's bringing me.
How can I not be on his case?
I'll take a peek later
to see how he's doing.
Just let him be for a while.
-Ms. Weol-ju?
-It's been a while.
I see you're grocery shopping
with your husband.
That's nice.
You must have it easy these days.
-Have you been bored
because the customers
haven't been bothering you?
Then how about this?
How dare you call him my husband?
Again with the temper. Cool down a little.
All you have to do is correct her,
not bite her head off.
She's the boss and I'm just an employee.
Gosh, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
It's okay.
Anyway, are you done
with the free samples?
-You must be good.
companies have been
announcing their new recruits lately.
The moms must be
going the extra mile for dinner.
So, the moms whose sons were accepted
are throwing a party,
while the less fortunate
are eating their sorrows away.
More or less, yes.
-Company recruits?
Why Noryangjin of all places?
Because companies
are announcing their new recruits.
The streets are filled
with men and women who were turned down.
You're right.
There's only a slim chance of getting in.
And all the depressed souls
will be gathering where?
Right here.
Come on and take a pick
It will be harder not to score today.
Come on. These guys already have it tough.
He's right.
Your attitude is a little disturbing.
My attitude? What about it?
It's called strategizing.
All you two do is follow orders,
so what would you know
about the big picture?
Can I have a bottle of soju?
See what I mean? Right on the mark.
Hold on.
He's crying. Maybe it's too spicy.
It's a stir-fried octopus.
Of course, it's spicy.
Is it spicy enough
to bring someone to tears though?
-What the
-Oh, no.
I'll go buy some milk.
If it's too spicy, have this with it.
I wanted to
have it with Yu-mi.
Stir-fried octopus.
Byeong-jae, it's been a while.
Hi, I'm sorry about that.
Since you're sorry
I'm sorry about that too.
I'll pay the rent by this month.
Come on. You haven't paid
your rent for three months now.
If you don't pay this month,
you'll be thrown out.
Here you go.
-Have a good day.
-You too.
-Hi, Yu-mi.
-It's me. Is your shift over?
Yes, the manager just arrived.
I'll be off soon.
Isn't it obvious?
I want to have dinner with you.
I have a lot of studying to do today.
It's our seven-year anniversary.
-You'll make your girlfriend eat alone?
of course I'll join you.
Sure thing.
Got it.
I've been studying for years
to find a job.
puts a toll on your finances.
My part-time job
couldn't even cover the rent
and soon it became harder for me
to meet up with my girlfriend.
Promise me that you'll take one
every day until the interview.
Sure. Thanks again.
I was too busy studying
to buy you a present.
Don't sweat it.
Dinner will be on me though.
We're here.
Hold on.
Is this where we're going?
The place is all over social media.
You love spicy food too. Come on.
What's wrong?
Are you sick?
My stomach has been acting up lately.
I don't think I can eat
anything spicy today.
It's good to see you.
Has it been two years
since our study group?
Sounds about right.
We're here to eat too, so join us.
I'm sorry, but you caught us
on our way out.
Really? That's too bad.
Where did you say you worked again?
Are you still searching?
Sangil Hotel.
The results will be announced soon.
We'll get together once they're out.
Sure, we'll meet up then.
Let's head inside.
Byeong-jae, let's go.
Come on.
Gosh, it's good.
-Why aren't you eating? It's delicious.
I just have an upset stomach, that's all.
You go ahead.
What a good looking couple.
We offer cheap rooms.
Will you be staying overnight
or for a few hours?
We were just passing through.
Come on, brother.
I can tell you don't have a lot of money,
so let me offer you something cheap.
Will you let your girlfriend down?
What? It's just
I am kind of tired today though.
Maybe it's the heels,
but my legs feel bloated.
-Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Come on. I'll take you home.
What? Byeong-jae, come on.
I mean
you've been under a lot of stress lately,
so it doesn't seem
like a bad idea
to squeeze in some shut-eye.
Here you go.
I have a lot to go over tonight.
Books aren't the only source of education.
Life lessons are taught
in these alleys every day.
Everyone knows that these places
offer more insight than schools.
That's enough.
-Let's go.
They used to say
that you can't put a price on love.
I guess it's no longer true these days.
We're offering cheap rooms tonight!
Still, when you're young you should
Right. It must've been hard for you two.
I feel
bad for her.
Because she's dating me,
she has to be self-conscious all the time.
What kind of a man
doesn't have the money
to buy his girlfriend stir-fried octopus?
You applied for a job
at Sangil Hotel for three years?
Working there is a dream
for people who studied hotel management.
It's a public enterprise
and has a decent salary.
Why couldn't you settle on a job
that had less competition?
You wasted all those years
because of your greed.
I could have settled on a lesser job.
But most people who do quit
after four to five years.
Once you're 40,
you have to worry about
when you'll get the boot.
I have to get married, have kids,
and save up for when I retire.
Finding a lesser job won't cut it.
Right, everyone has it hard these days.
I know because I saved a couple of people
who tried to commit suicide
after their companies went under.
So? What happened with the job?
Well, I aced the written exam
and I thought I had nailed the interview.
You're a sweet boy with a good heart
and that's why I saw a future in you.
But I see no end to the tunnel you're in.
I'm sorry.
I'm just worried that Yu-mi might end up
wasting all of her good days
to take care of her boyfriend.
I hope you don't take this personally.
This is how any mother would feel.
I'll leave then. Goodbye.
What's the occasion?
Is it to celebrate your new job?
Let's talk after we eat.
You got it, right? You got the job.
I knew you would get it. Congratulations.
I didn't get it.
I didn't get the job.
I want to break up.
You should date other men.
I can't do this any longer.
What are you talking about?
Aren't you sick and tired?
"Let's go someplace nice when I get a job.
Let's have an expensive meal then.
We should get matching rings
when I get a job.
Once I get a job, let's do this and that.
Once I get a job"
We've been saying that for three years.
The sooner I let you go,
the better it is for you.
That's the least I can do for you.
That doesn't make any sense.
Is it because you didn't get the job?
I understand that it's tough for you.
Let's not do this.
I'm going to be by your side
whether you get the job or not.
You've been through a lot to date
a guy like me. Thank you.
Thank you.
But when I'm with you,
it makes me feel pathetic and useless.
I can't date you anymore.
I'm sorry. Bye.
Hey, Byeong-jae.
I got it. Fine. I'll move out, man!
I wanted to let you know
that I got the rent.
Some girl came by and paid it yesterday.
She paid all the rent you owe
plus this month's.
I think she said her name was Yu-mi.
So I broke up with her.
It was actually my pride that made me
feel pathetic and useless.
I couldn't accept that
and ended up hurting Yu-mi.
She was a really kind girlfriend
who always put me ahead of herself.
Hey, this is so sad.
It's heartbreaking.
Why does love always hurt so much?
If love hurts too much,
it wasn't love.
It sounds like
you've been hurt by love before.
Go on. Embarrass yourself some more.
Not me.
I was thinking about my friend.
So tell me.
Is your wish to get back together
with your girlfriend?
I didn't get the job.
How could I want that?
Nothing would change
even if we got back together.
Then what is it?
I at least want to know
why I didn't get the job.
I thought I did everything I can,
but I don't know what the problem was.
I have to know so that I can try again.
Then, I can go back to Yu-mi
without feeling sorry for myself.
That's simple. It's a piece of cake.
It's nothing.
I want to pour you this drink
to cheer you up.
Take it.
Thank you.
If I know why,
I'm sure I'll
Please introduce yourselves in English.
-Mr. Han Kang-bae.
Me? Must I do that, too?
If you don't want to, why are you here?
Please leave
if you don't want to participate.
No, I'll do it.
Gosh, an introduction
My name is Kang-bae Han.
I'm fine, thank you.
And you?
His level is elementary.
It's not that bad.
It's easy to understand.
Hello, my name is Byeong-jae Park.
Before we move on any further,
it's an honor to be here.
I graduated from Hankuk University
major in Hotel Management.
While I was in school vacation,
I worked part time at Sangil Hotel
for a short period of time,
and I've gained an enormous experience.
I'm sure I know about Sangil Hotel more
than anyone who's in this room.
I'd like to find an opportunity
to use my career experience
and aptitude from this company.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm Sang-ho Byun.
-Is that all?
Excellent, indeed.
I can sense your confidence
just from a single sentence.
Simple is the best. Yes.
All right. Please tell us
about our hotel's characteristics
and its unique selling points.
Sangil Hotel is the best tourist hotel
that features a casino, water park,
and a full-scale concert venue.
This is an achievement of Sangil Hotel
whose vision is to expand the hotel
into a landmark
for culture, leisure, and entertainment.
As a future employee of Sangil,
I would like to lead tourism and culture.
Thank you.
I agree with him.
My goodness. What a weirdo.
All right. What about you,
Mr. Byun Sang-ho?
I don't know much about the hotel,
but the food here is good.
Who is this idiot?
Impressive, indeed.
He knows what's important.
Of course.
He's the ideal type of person
that Sangil wants to hire.
Something doesn't add up.
He killed that interview.
It doesn't matter if he did well.
Those jerks weren't even listening to him.
I heard the other applicants talking
on the phone in the restroom.
They said this was only a formality.
They said their parents got them the jobs.
This definitely looks suspicious,
but how deep do you think it goes?
Does Byeong-jae have any other memories
regarding Sangil Hotel?
We need to dig a bit more.
Please stop.
I just want to talk to HR
about the interview.
I said no.
The results are out.
Why are you doing this?
What's going on?
He probably wasn't
recruited for the opening.
I don't know if he's dense or naive.
How could he apply
without having a connection?
Why not? You don't need
a connection to get a job here.
Even if he does,
he'll end up breaking his back
and never get promoted.
I heard a son of an assemblyman
was hired this year.
There's more. A prosecutor's daughter and
niece of a newspaper agency's director.
All of them had impressive connections.
All of them?
Then, did all the new hires
have connections?
So they all got the job based on favors?
They never hired employees
based on grades anyway.
Come on, this isn't your first day here.
But who are you?
I've never seen you around here.
The Chairman is coming.
-Hey, let's go.
Sir! I applied for an entry-level job
this year. I'm Park Byeong-jae.
I would like to know
why I didn't get the job.
I just want to know why I didn't get it.
What is the requirement for passing?
Sir! Please!
He was born a failure.
What can I do?
He has no one to blame but his parents.
Please! Please I'm begging you.
I told you no.
What is all this fuss about
at this late hour?
Lord, my mother has been murdered.
Someone set the temple on fire
and stabbed
Please find the culprit!
Perhaps it happened
because she deserved it.
How could you say such a thing?
An innocent woman was wrongfully murdered.
Not everyone is born equal.
Must my sleep be interrupted
because a mere shaman died?
"A mere shaman"?
How can you say that?
A woman died.
A woman died!
You bitch.
You have no one to blame
but your ancestors.
Your mother who is low of birth.
And all of her ancestors
that came before her.
You shouldn't have been born
in such a vile family.
Am I right?
Don't just stand there.
Get her out of here.
-Yes, lord.
-Yes, lord.
-Get out.
-Let go of me!
-Get out of here.
-Get off me! Let go!
-My gosh. Just get out of here.
-Let go!
Hey, wake up. Wake up now.
I must have fallen asleep. I'm sorry.
That's fine.
Do you recognize him?
Yes. He was at the interview with me.
He made a social media post
that he got the job at Sangil.
He got the job?
It makes no sense.
Yes, it does. Why? Look.
He's the son of an assemblyman.
Doesn't it look like his father is chummy
with the chairman of Sangil?
You never had a fair chance at the job.
Do you get it?
No. How could this be?
But Sangil Hotel is a public enterprise.
This makes no sense.
No, it doesn't.
The thing is
that some things in this world
don't make sense.
you're saying that hundreds of applicants
including myself were just fillers.
And I made my parents and my ex-girlfriend
go through all that trouble
when I was just a filler.
Byeong-jae, you at least know that
it wasn't because you were lacking.
It'd be better
if I wasn't good enough for the job.
To fix this,
I would have to die and be born again.
Why is it so hard to get a goddamn job?
Ms. Weol-ju.
You startled me.
Be ready tomorrow.
Be ready? Be ready for what?
-Sangil Hotel.
-To help Byeong-jae?
What do I need to do?
Just tell me what to do.
You really shouldn't.
If you want him to be punished for it,
we need to secure evidence.
You know that we can't solve this problem
by doing a few tricks in the Dream World.
Politicians and businessmen
are involved in this, too.
Do you want to turn this country
inside out just to help him?
I don't care who's involved.
I don't care if this country
is turned inside out.
That bastard, Chairman Choi.
I'll deal with him myself.
What are you talking about?
I can't do it.
Please get me another client.
I don't want to waste my talent.
"Waste your talent"?
Have you been working for free?
Have they been paying you
with toilet paper instead of money?
Chairman Choi is a criminal.
The people who really to be protected
are his victims.
How can I keep guarding him knowing this?
I cannot work
while cheating my conscience.
I can neither eat nor sleep
because of this.
Kang Yeo-rin.
I've been nice to you because you're good.
But you may have the wrong idea.
You're not a police officer,
you're a bodyguard.
A bodyguard who protects a client
in exchange for money.
People like Chairman Choi
are our clients and our meal tickets!
-But at least--
-Can you pay for breaching the contract?
Come on.
If you're a professional, act like one.
Don't cause trouble and do your job
until the contract is over.
Got it?
What? I said no interruptions!
I didn't order any drinks.
We happen to receive
a very special bottle of liquor.
I brought it here because I personally
wanted to serve you a glass.
It's on the house.
My gosh.
Is that so?
All right. Why don't I have one?
Hello, sir.
Don't you have a meeting this afternoon
with Assemblyman Byun?
Yes. Right.
I needed to grab something.
Wait. I don't think I've seen him before.
Where's Ms. Kang Yeo-rin?
What? Well,
I see. I heard he's better than her,
so I hired him instead.
Look at him.
Doesn't he look strong and reliable?
Yes, he sure does.
All right. Let's get going.
Hello, sir.
Hello. Thank you for your hard work.
Well, let's see.
Which floor
was my office on?
I'm sorry. I'll press it for you.
Excuse me.
Where's this onion smell coming from?
Oh, my.
By the way, you really look like him.
But I can't hold this appearance for long.
It drains my energy.
My gosh, it feels tight.
-It's amazing, huh?
-I can't believe what I just saw.
By the way, any word from Weol-ju?
No, not yet. Did something happen?
Sir. A suspicious individual
has entered the hotel.
The individual
might be after the VIP list.
What is this? Look at this.
What was my security team doing?
Ms. Kang.
Browse the security footage
and catch the intruder.
Yes, sir.
Could someone have
switched out the flash drive?
-Would you like to check?
-Yes. Give it here.
What? Who's waking him up?
-Hey. You.
Who are you?
And what about you?
He's taking a nap.
You shouldn't wake him up like that.
What did you put in his food?
So what?
He does whatever he wants
with other people's lives.
-Sir. Please wake up.
Seriously? I told you not to wake him up.
Look at you. It's been a while
since I've had a good fight.
What's going on?
Why is it so loud?
Yes. It's in a book.
There's a USB flash drive in the book.
But I couldn't see the title of the book.
He woke up now. So make it quick.
It's not here.
-Damn it.
Hello, sir. What?
Sir, you went up to your office
just a while ago.
What? Who went up to my office?
You went up to your office, sir.
But here you are again.
What are you talking about?
Send my bodyguards upstairs now.
My goodness. What's going on?
I found it.
We found it.
Hey, hurry!
What's that sound?
What should we do now?
-Hurry up.
Damn it.
There must have been a misunderstanding.
I came to the wrong room.
Don't just stand there. Get him!
Catch him! Catch him or you're all fired!
My gosh, where did he run off to?
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh!
Give me back the thing
you stole from this room.
We're on the same side.
My gosh.
I'm sorry!
Where are you going?
-What are you--
-It's okay.
Tell me what's on your mind.
What do you think you're doing?
You just heard a bell ring, didn't you?
It's okay. I'm ready to hear you out.
Go ahead and tell me.
Go on. Go ahead.
What bell, you pervert?
What are you doing?
I said you can tell me everything.
Tell you what?
Just give me what you stole.
That's weird.
You're supposed to feel something.
-Didn't you feel anything?
-Cut the crap.
You can't just touch me
all over the place.
No, not there.
Stay still if you don't want
to fracture a bone.
Do you even know what that is?
It's evidence to prove that the chairman
hired people based on connections.
Every new recruit this year was hired
because of their connections.
We're just trying to expose that.
We're doing it for a good cause.
My job
is to protect my client
and his belongings.
Ms. Kang, we lost the guy. What about you?
-I just--
-Is it okay to ruin
people's lives as long as you get paid?
Are you willing to ruin lives
just so that you can protect your client?
A guy who graduated from college
as the top student
got a perfect score on the entrance exam,
and earned multiple qualifications
but he still wasn't hired.
He was born a failure.
What can I do?
He has no one to blame but his parents.
-Chairman, sir!
-He was fooled by the chairman.
He wasted years of his life
and lost someone he loved.
Is it your job to make sure that his life
remains in ruins?
Are you going to let the chairman
continue to ruin
thousands of other people's lives?
Is that your job?
Ms. Kang.
Ms. Kang.
With that, we can set things straight.
Please help us.
Are you giving me this?
You're going to let us do this?
Thank you.
There's a stairway for employees
on the far left of the corridor.
Use that to open the door.
He's over there! Get him!
Over here to the left!
Kang-bae, get in.
Hey, stop!
Hurry up!
Damn it.
Did you really hire people unfairly?
How many did you hire unfairly?
What are you talking about?
It's all a lie!
It's slander! It's a lie!
President Choi,
how could you let this go public?
I will hold you responsible if I don't
get elected because of this.
This is very upsetting.
You talked as if we were a family
when you asked me for favors.
As much as this is
a difficult situation for all of us,
we should team up like a true family.
Don't you agree, sir?
I'll try to do what I can.
My grandson will be working there.
I can't let the company's reputation
go down the drain like this.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, of course.
Hey, it's me.
About the Sangil's
unfair recruitment issue
Let's just cover it up.
Just say some guy who didn't get the job
got angry and made up a lie
to get back at the company.
Yes, that ought to do it. Okay.
Loyalty is thicker than blood.
This is what families are all about,
Here you go. Drink up, everyone.
My goodness.
-I sent it.
-You did? Really?
Yes! I sent it!
Good job.
-People are furious.
-Turn on the TV.
-Yes, sir.
We just got this video clip
from an anonymous source.
It is a private conversation
between Chairman Choi and the people
who were suspected to be involved
in the unfair recruitment at Sangil Hotel.
Chairman Choi,
how could you let this go public?
I will hold you responsible if I don't
get elected because of this.
This is very upsetting.
You talked as if we were a family
when you asked me
-for favors.
-What is this?
What is this?
Damn it! Who recorded this?
Where's the camera? Find it right now!
What should we do?
The investigation team arrested
Chairman Choi
and the executives of Sangil Hotel
along with the congressmen,
senior police officers,
and high ranking executives who asked them
to hire their family members
and filed for an arrest warrant.
I'll try to do what I can.
Hello, this is Sangil Hotel's Audit Team.
Are you Mr. Park Byeong-jae?
That's me.
First, we'd like to apologize
for the unfair treatment you received
during the recruitment process.
We noticed that you didn't get hired
even though you got the highest score.
Therefore, HR has decided
to hire you right away
without any additional requirements.
It's delicious.
Do you see that?
I worked so hard to get him a job.
But he's eating at another restaurant.
Humans are unbelievable.
Cut him some slack.
You know why he wanted to eat there.
I have to say, I'm jealous.
They're able to connect with each other
just by holding hands.
Why are you jealous?
You can get people to open up to you
with even the slightest touch.
That's not what he meant.
He just wants to hold hands with a woman.
Oh, I see.
No, that wasn't my point.
I'm jealous that they can connect
without even having to talk.
People I come into contact with
tell me way too much.
But there are only seven more people to go
until I'm cured.
Right, Ms. Weol-ju?
Of course.
Hang in there, Kang-bae.
If you want to hold hands,
you can hold mine.
Should we lock fingers?
No, it's okay. No.
I'm not that desperate.
Why? You look very desperate.
-Come here. I'll hold your hand.
-No, it's okay.
-Look at Ms. Weol-ju!
Oh, my gosh.
Are you okay?
I'll hold your hand.
When you run a race,
you either come in first, second, or last.
But it's important to have a fair start.
But you suffered because of those
who used money and power
to get a head start.
I bet you think it's all over
now that you got a job.
But this is only the beginning.
I hope you survive in this jungle.
You and your girlfriend
should support each other
Or not. Whatever.
Gosh, they need to take it down a notch.
They should just get a room.
Whatever. They're on their own now.
Hey! Wait for me!
You were born to peel onions
You are always peeling onions
throughout your entire life
Kang-bae, what are you doing?
Get ready for business.
Don't zone out like that.
What's this?
Oh, right. I need to return this.
Oh, the bodyguard?
Yes, I never even got to thank her.
It'll be dangerous to go back
to the hotel, right?
If you want to get stabbed, just tell me.
There's no need to go all the way there.
Exactly. I shouldn't go.
By the way,
I had a really weird experience.
I had a lot of physical contact
with that bodyguard, but she was fine.
Nothing happened after she touched you?
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm serious.
She touched here, here, and here
Anyway, I've never met
someone like her before.
Maybe she's just free of worries.
She might not have had anything to say.
Do you think so?
Cheers to Kang Yeo-rin,
the apostle of justice!
Apostle of justice, my ass.
More like the apostle of unemployment.
Who knew they would have
the security footage of me letting him go?
I got fired right away.
You're competent enough
to find another job elsewhere.
You don't know what you're talking about.
They say I'm the bodyguard
who sent her client to jail.
My name is on the very top
of this industry's blacklist.
I have nowhere to go.
Darn it. I must've been crazy.
If it weren't for that guy
Was he handsome?
-If he was able to convince you--
-No way.
He looked so common, and he's so clumsy.
He's nowhere near my type. Never.
You've never even dated anyone before.
You might not know your type yet.
Why do you have to hurt me like that?
Weren't you here to console me?
But I'm still very proud of you.
You saved so many people's lives.
I saved other people's lives
only to ruin mine.
All my life, all I've ever done
was sports and martial arts.
How am I going to make a living
now that I can no longer be a bodyguard?
I really have no idea.
Why can't I get a refund?
I bought this two days ago!
I'm sorry, sir. You lost the receipt,
so we need to check--
Do you think I'm lying?
Do I need to get aggressive with you?
I didn't want to do this,
but you're making me get physical.
You darn little
Subtitle translation by Won-hyang Son
Dream World's true or false quiz!
-May the best dead win!
-May the best dead win!
People who won lotteries
after they dreamed of their ancestors
are all descendants of the people
who won the Lottery Battle.
My dear, your suffering is over at last.
My goodness gracious.
Choi Jin-dong is going to die?
Weol-ju, you're the only one
who can help--
I'm on a tight schedule myself.
I'm not a philanthropist
with time on my hands.
Gosh, this is bad. We don't have time.
I'll stop Death from the outside.
You stay inside
and keep an eye on Choi Jin-dong.
-What's going on?
-One more written apology won't hurt.
You asked for it.
Don't go.
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