Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Why can't I get a refund?
I bought this two days ago!
I'm sorry, sir.
You lost the receipt,
so we need to check--
Do you think I'm lying?
Do I need to get aggressive with you?
I didn't want to do this,
but you're making me get physical.
You darn little
Who the fuck are you?
I checked with the manufacturer
and this product is only sold online.
Sir, you can't receive a discount online
and bring it here
for a refund at the original price.
You heard him.
Do you have anything else to say?
If you wish to get physical,
you can do so with me.
No, it's fine.
Sorry about all this. I'll get going.
Have a good day.
-What are you doing here?
-I can ask you the same thing.
Is this your next target?
No, I work here.
I'm not a fool.
You think I'd fall for that lie?
You're coming with me to Security.
Why don't you talk to me
instead of getting physical?
So who are you people?
-You infiltrated a five-star hotel
and exposed its corruption to the media.
That's not what
regular supermarket employees do.
Well, we're
You see
-We can't disclose--
-Just tell me already.
It's not like
you're secret agents or Robin Hood.
Robin Hood?
I wish.
He can target anyone whenever he wants to.
Meanwhile, we're dying over here
trying to meet the quota that's been set.
A quota that's been set?
Do you work for the NIS or something?
Something like that.
But our operation
-is on the larger scale.
-Such an organization exists in Korea?
-In Korea?
You need to think bigger.
That's right. Think big.
Ms. Weol-ju,
aren't we telling her too much?
She's a civilian.
She helped us score last time,
so this is the least we can do.
Anyway. Come in, Mr. Smith.
Agent Ju, that's ridiculous.
You've exposed yourself
and that's not enough,
you had to call me!
Is this really happening?
Who is this man?
I'm sorry, but it's better
to let her see for herself
instead of letting her speculate
and get ideas.
I do apologize for letting a civilian
involved in this mess.
My name is John Smith.
Why do you look familiar?
I know I've seen you before.
You probably saw him on the news.
The CIA!
The director of the CIA?
He's too low in the ranks
to know these things.
Have your questions been answered?
Right, so mind your own business
from now on.
You know what'll happen.
You don't have to tell me twice.
My career as a bodyguard was ruined
because I caught up in your mission.
I'm truly sorry about that.
It's why I'm asking you
to not tell the others here about me.
Don't even acknowledge me, okay?
Once people find out,
I won't be able to get a job anywhere.
Got it. You don't need to worry. Take care.
-Take care.
-Bye, Yeo-rin.
Hello, nice to meet you.
I'm Kang-bae Han.
We're good here now.
-There's no need to be tense.
-Your Korean is amazing.
Do you know me though?
Of course I know you.
What a stupid question.
Wait. Didn't you know it was me?
How can you be so dense?
Your weird condition
doesn't seem to be your only problem.
I'm worried.
Let's get back to the groceries.
I'll get the noodles,
you get the vegetables.
Vegetables. Okay.
Goodbye, Kang-bae.
He's so fluent in English?
Young lady!
You can't buy
all the noodles on the shelf.
Give me a few, will you?
No can do. Have a good day.
Don't be like that and hand over just one.
My grandchild wants noodles for dinner.
I have mouths to feed as well.
Good day.
My gosh. You shocked me!
Were you about to steal from my cart?
You haven't paid for them yet,
so they're not technically yours.
Besides, I'm an old lady who wants
to cook noodles for her grandchild,
but you won't even let me have one.
You people think age
is the card that trumps everything.
You really want to test me, lady?
Never have I had
such a young lady
challenging my age before.
Fine. Let's compare ages. How old are you?
Twenty? Twenty-one?
Seriously? You think I'm 20?
Gosh, do I look that young?
Yes, look at that taut skin you have
and fine soft hair on those cheeks.
What about your hair?
It's jet black and all shiny.
And these hands.
They're both soft and smooth as if
you haven't worked a day in your life.
See for yourself!
Look here, old lady.
-How perceptive of you.
-Of course!
You want noodles?
Would this be enough?
I apologize for having been rude to you.
It's all right.
Besides, you made it up by buying this.
It seems like
your parents raised you well.
You said you were cooking noodles.
Where are the meat and vegetables?
My noodles don't need any of those.
These days, people add
eggs, meat, the whole shebang,
but that was a luxury
we couldn't afford back in the day.
We'd wash some ripened kimchi,
finely chop it,
season it with soy sauce and sesame oil,
and plop it on some cooked noodles.
Then I pour
some anchovy stock in the bowl.
My grandson eats two bowls of it
every meal.
Ripened kimchi and sesame oil?
Anyway, for what event
do you need all these ingredients for?
Well, there's a field day
and I'm going there to make money.
Make money?
You said you weren't married yet, right?
What if I set you up with my grandson?
He works in customer service here.
Why don't you meet him?
Customer service?
Yes, his name is Choi Jin-dong.
He's sweet and works hard at his job.
Choi Jin-dong?
My gosh, look at the time!
I'm afraid I'm a little busy.
Take care, ma'am.
What were you in your past life?
-Me in my past life?
Hold on. What was I again?
Why do you ask though?
You have good handwriting,
so I was wondering if you were educated.
What? My handwriting?
This is bold lettering art.
I learned it at the cultural center.
I paid 30,000 won for six classes
and extra for the materials.
Of course. You don't exactly
strike me as a nobleman.
I may not seem like it, but
Why do I even bother?
Are we all set then?
Let me see.
I have the true or false questions ready.
I didn't think you'd be this enthusiastic.
Why wouldn't I be?
It's my chance to easily score
without having to hear sob stories.
There's the Weol-ju I know.
Kang-bae can have the day off then
since there's nothing to do.
Don't be ridiculous.
These tables will be packed.
Why should I serve customers
when I have a part-timer?
You never give people a break.
All right then. Squeeze these people
like you would with the noodles.
Are you done?
We should head there and set up.
-What about Kang-bae?
-I already have that sorted.
You just heard a bell ring, didn't you?
It's okay. I'm ready to hear you out.
Go ahead and tell me.
Go on. Go ahead.
What bell, you pervert?
Is she worry-free
or doesn't my ability work on her?
What the hell could it be?
I'll know if I touch her once more.
If only I could--
What is this?
Why are you following me?
Following you? No, I wasn't--
You have been
since we left the supermarket.
What are you up to this time?
That's not it.
I'm just going in the same direction.
I mean it.
I do.
Then go first.
I have to ask.
Do I really not give you any feelings?
Feelings? Of course you do.
Right? I knew it.
Awkwardness, annoyance,
discomfort, and frustration.
The feelings that make me
want to stay the hell away from you.
Ms. Weol-ju!
Ms. Weol-ju, she's immune to my touch
The dead from Seoul.
The dead from South Chungcheong Province.
The dead from South Jeolla Province.
South Jeolla Province?
Where am I?
I'm at the right place.
What the hell is going on?
What is this?
Kang-bae, over here!
-You're here.
-Get over here.
The dead from North Jeolla Province.
Guibanjang, where are we?
The Dream World.
You know the place, right?
You're at the annual
Dream World Lottery Battle.
Think of it as a field day for the dead.
The dead?
-Are you saying that they're all
-The dead for
They're playing the lottery?
The winner gets to
enter its descendants dream
to relay the winning numbers.
People who won lotteries
after they dreamed of their ancestors
are all descendants of the people
who won the Lottery Battle.
The dead from North Chungcheong Province.
So are we here to sell snacks?
Would I be here
if that's all there was to it?
Every one of these people
constantly worry about their descendants.
Escorting the winner
to its descendant's dream
will automatically count as a score.
It'll be the easiest score ever.
-The dead from Jeju Island.
-Table number three.
-Hold on.
Here you go.
The lottery numbers this year
are mine to take.
My grandchildren deserve to be rich too.
Your descendants can
at least afford a yearly rent.
Mine can still only afford a monthly
rent in a small single-room apartment.
Do you know how painful it is
to have passed down poverty?
At least you had something to pass down.
My family didn't even have that.
The rich can survive three generations
after they're ruined,
but poverty can't be escaped
no matter what you do.
Here's your pajeon. Please enjoy.
You wait and see. This is the day
that I finally
sever the streak of poverty in my family.
Jin-dong, just you wait!
-Here. Have a drink.
Choi Seok-pan?
Choi Jin-dong?
Are you by any chance related
to Choi Jin-dong who works at Kapeul Mart?
Yes, I am.
How on earth do you know
my great-grandson?
Hello, I'm Han Kang-bae.
I work with Jin-dong.
-Is that so? It's good to meet you.
Hold on.
Why on earth are you here though?
Goodness. And at such a young age too.
You poor thing.
This was the one trip
you should've postponed.
Oh, well, you know how life is.
Right, death doesn't hit according to age.
Since you're here though,
do many good deed as you can
to guarantee a long and healthy life
when you're reborn.
-What's your name?
-Han Kang-bae.
Go, Kang-bae!
You too.
You can do it!
I can do it.
-Go, go.
-Good luck.
-Go for it.
The lowlifes just can't keep it down,
can they?
Kang-bae, come on over and say hello.
He's Death from the Yeomra World.
Call him Yeombujang.
-Hello, I'm Han Kang-bae.
I saw you once with Ms. Choi
although you probably didn't see me.
Ms. Andong?
Am I able to see you
because I'm in the Dream World?
You'll also see me in the Living Realm
if I'm not doing Death duties though.
We'll grab a drink sometime.
It must be hard to answer
to a temperamental boss.
Your pale face says it all.
Enough with the chit-chat
and begin the race.
-Let's go!
-Go, go!
Mic test. One, two. Hi.
The 2020 Dream World Lottery Battle
will soon begin.
Will the ancestors
quickly gather in the field?
Let's do this.
-First place, here I come.
-Let's go.
Let me show them how it's done.
All right, everybody.
Just don't get hurt yourselves.
-Mr. Choi, good luck.
-All right!
May the best dead win.
Gosh, he's a nobleman.
-Mr. Choi, good luck.
-Here we go.
May the best dead win!
I'm sure he had his reasons.
-Gosh, don't eat so fast.
-Got it.
Just how exactly are they related?
The woman's father
is actually the young guy's birth father.
He had his blood tested to see
if he could donate his liver to his son,
but the doctor in charge
is the son's rival.
Is that so?
Then this is what'll obviously happen.
The doctor would fabricate
the father's test results
to help out the young lady.
She'll find out and be torn
with what to do.
Gosh, that's the best guess ever.
You could be a screenwriter yourself.
Here you go.
What's this?
It's for your back surgery.
I've been saving up
and the installments ended this month.
It's fine.
Your pocket money is yours to spend.
This isn't pocket money.
Besides, I'm 29 now.
Exactly. You're 30 soon which means
you should be thinking about marriage.
So save up as much as you can.
It'll be at least ten years
before I get married,
so let's get that
back of yours fixed first.
Hold on. I'm supposed to wait ten years?
You're the worst grandson ever.
So don't be stubborn
and be married by next year.
Please get the surgery
and stop enduring the pain every night.
The doctor said that I'm too old
for the surgery to make a huge difference.
I can manage the pain by taking it easy,
so take back the money.
Right now!
Dream World's
true or false quiz!
First category, common knowledge.
Snails have teeth. True or false?
What's the right answer?
Is the statement true or false?
Snails live off grass,
so of course they need teeth.
How else can they
I got it. It has to be true.
True. It must be true.
It's true!
Step back into the crowd. Back!
It's true!
The answer
is true!
Nice. I knew it.
Of course snails have teeth.
Snails have 10,000 to 25,000 teeth
which makes them
the animal with the most teeth.
Those who answered incorrectly
can hop on the Afterlife Express.
All right.
My gosh.
You can do it.
Damn it!
Oh, no.
You're out.
Just a little bit more.
A man should have a strong back.
Come on.
-A man with a strong back!
-Good job.
A man with a strong back!
Good luck. You can do this.
You're out.
-Hold on.
-I wasn't watching.
You passed!
-Mr. Choi, you can do it!
-You can do it!
-I can do it!
-You've got this.
The 2020 Dream World
Lottery Battle Finals.
The one-legged fight.
Choi Seok-pan versus Kim Du-yeong.
Kim Du-yeong versus Choi Seok-pan.
Who will win the lottery numbers?
The game starts now.
Contestants, please step into the ring!
-You can do this!
-Let's do this!
A nobleman like me can't lose
to someone of a low birth.
I may be of humble birth,
but my love for my descendants
is not humble at all.
I will win this game by all means
and give my dear grandson a bright future.
Ready, get set
-Let's go!
-You can do this!
-Kim Du-yeong!
-Choi Seok-pan!
Let's do this!
-Kim Du-yeong!
-Choi Seok-pan!
-Kim Du-yeong!
Come on!
Like this!
Come on!
-Kim Du-yeong!
-Choi Seok-pan!
What happened?
-Come on!
-Kim Du-yeong!
-Choi Seok-pan!
I can't give up like this.
Here's my secret weapon,
the hurricane windmill technique!
The winner of the Dream World
Lottery Battle
is Choi Seok-pan!
-Choi Seok-pan!
-Choi Seok-pan!
Choi Seok-pan
-Choi Seok-pan!
-Choi Seok-pan!
Thank you.
Yes! He did it!
What's with you?
It's not like you won the lottery.
He gets worked up over things
that don't concern him.
Things that don't concern me?
I care about Jin-dong!
Jin-dong can finally quit his job now.
Mr. Choi, you can do it!
Kang-bae! I can do it!
I can't believe that lowlife.
Customer number one, how may I help you?
We're serving customer number one
right now. Could you wait for a moment?
What are all these numbers?
My dear,
your suffering is over at last.
Goodness, my sweetie.
have all the participants gone back
to the Afterlife?
Yes, except the ones who stayed behind
to clean up.
Shall we get back to work then?
Give me the list.
Sure, here's the list of people
who will die tomorrow.
Let me see.
What's this?
Yeombujang, we're back!
Well, did everything go well?
As always.
Anyway, when Jin-dong wins the lottery,
make sure my number goes up right away.
Of course.
You should hurry up and go back
to the Afterlife.
Spending too much time in the Dream World
clouds your spirit.
I will.
-Thank you so much.
-I haven't seen this before.
-Is it new?
-Well, yes.
Fancy. I guess the Yeomra Chung
has received some extra funds.
-Please give it back.
-Come on!
What's this?
Choi Jin-dong is going to die?
-What did you say?
Jin-dong dies?
What are you talking about?
"April 21"?
That's tomorrow.
No, that can't be right.
He dies?
My sweet little boy, Jin-dong?
Why does that poor boy have to die?
-No way.
Jin-dong dies?
-What about my quota?
Will it go up?
You can forget about it.
I made a ton of noodles
and worked my butt off all day!
Ms. Weol-ju, is that
what you're worried about?
What about Jin-dong?
Can you please reconsider it?
not something I can decide.
How could you be so cold?
He was raised by his grandma
in such a shabby house,
but he has never done anything wrong
in his life.
He can't die before he even gets married!
This isn't right!
This is bad.
I'm getting emotional.
I beg you.
Please save him.
There's one thing you could try.
To change a person's destiny,
you have to change God's mind.
And that takes a great deed
that even God would be touched by.
I've already checked,
and the good deeds you performed
fall far short.
Is there anything I can do?
There is, actually.
-What's that?
-What's that?
What he can do is
-The thing is
Hurry up! Are you announcing
an audition winner or something?
You're neither Jun Hyun-moo
nor Kim Seong-ju.
I was about to say it. I was, right?
All right.
What you can do is acquire good deeds
from another dead person.
But it's illegal to acquire
good deeds for free.
You must give that person
something valuable in return.
I was a servant all my life.
I have nothing valuable.
The winning numbers.
What would money mean
if Jin-dong has to die?
Why don't you exchange
the winning numbers with good deeds?
Can I do that?
Well, it's not impossible.
But the problem is,
money doesn't solve everything here.
What matters the most here
is relationships.
You can only acquire good deeds
from someone who has something
to do with your family.
Gosh, that's it. We can't find
such a person so fast.
Jin-dong has less than a day left.
Mr. Choi, you'll have to give up
this time.
Give the winning numbers to your grandson
when he is born again instead.
Then at least he will be rich
in his next life. Okay?
I should hurry up and find another case.
Let's go.
Please. Please help me.
As a dead person,
I can't travel back and forth.
Weol-ju, you're the only one
who can help--
I'm on a tight schedule myself.
I'm not a philanthropist
with time on my hands.
Without me,
he wouldn't even have been born.
I'd go to hell for him.
Please understand how I feel
as his ancestor.
Mother, no!
Mother, wake up!
In my next life,
I'll be your slave.
Please save my little boy.
Slavery's been abolished.
That's so old-fashioned.
After all that hard work,
I can't give up so easily.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Hurry up and go back to the Afterlife now.
Your spirit is becoming weak.
Thank you so much.
Choi Jin-dong, Kapeul Mart,
11:03 a.m., an accidental death.
Be sure to bring good deeds by then.
Okay, got it.
Even if you're just a second late,
there will be nothing I can do.
I need to view a family register
and the good deeds records.
Can I get the keys?
We don't have the reference room anymore.
What happened?
Was there a fire or something?
You didn't know? We have a new coworker
who has amazing computer skills.
He computerized our old database.
That's him over there.
Can you find someone who has records
of good deeds and has something to do
with Mr. Choi Seok-pan?
Just a second, please.
Gosh, that's fast.
"Lee Kkeut-sun."
She sure did many good deeds.
Yes. With so many good deeds,
she'll probably be a billionaire
in her next life.
A billionaire?
Your good deeds affect your next life?
That's why people regret
not doing more good deeds while alive
when they enter the Afterlife.
Here, good deeds
are more valuable than anything.
People would steal them if they could.
Where can we find her?
There's an orphanage here?
The spirits of children
who died before their parents stay here.
-Who are you?
-Who are you?
-Who are we?
-May I help you?
We're from the Dream World.
Can we have a word
with Director Lee Kkeut-sun?
She's talking to someone right now.
You'll have to wait.
Have the kids eaten yet?
It's lunchtime soon.
Do we have any ingredients left?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Enjoy, guys!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Eat slowly.
-Guys, eat slowly.
-There's more.
Tell me if you want more.
Is it tasty?
You wanted to see me?
Her grandson must still be young.
Poor Jeom-rye.
We're here to ask you a favor.
Is there something I can do?
Please tell me what I can do.
We can save him
if you share your good deeds with us.
You did countless good deeds in your life.
I'm sure even God would be moved.
You can have them. Of course.
I owe Jeom-rye so much.
Here is
a winning lottery ticket
from Jeom-rye's father-in-law.
I can't take it.
You have to
according to the Afterlife law.
Do whatever you want with it.
Well, if you insist.
All right, here you go.
Please take good care of Jeom-rye.
Jin-dong, come have breakfast.
It's almost time for work.
Give me a pen.
A pen and a piece of paper. Hurry.
-Give me a pen and a piece of paper.
What's with you?
Let me see. Where are they?
There they are.
-Here you go.
My goodness.
What's that? What are you writing down?
In my dream last night, an old man
Wait, if I talk about it,
it might become useless.
It's nothing. I'll tell you later.
How do you feel
having visited the Afterlife?
You must be the first living person
who has ever been here.
I don't feel very happy.
I feel sorry for those kids.
I hope Director Lee
takes good care of them.
They wait there until their parents come.
Will they meet their parents someday?
Yes, everyone dies someday,
so they eventually meet.
That's a relief.
It's different in the Living Realm.
What do you mean?
In the Living Realm,
most kids at orphanages
never meet their parents again
no matter how long they wait.
And I was one of them.
I hope we can make it.
Let me see. The sun is
We have more than enough time
before his expected time of death.
I'm hot and thirsty.
Here's some barley tea.
The good deeds pouch!
Thief! Get him!
Hey, stop right there!
Hey, Kang-bae!
We need to get back.
-What about the good deeds?
-We don't have time.
Let's go back and protect Jin-dong.
I'll stop Death from the outside.
You stay inside
and keep an eye on Choi Jin-dong.
Hey, Jin-dong.
Why didn't you pick up your phone?
I was worried.
Sorry, my phone was on silent.
What's the matter?
I was just worried about you.
How are you feeling today?
Are you sick or anything?
What's with you?
How did you know I bought this?
A lottery ticket?
The thing is, I had
an extraordinary dream last night.
You'll see.
If I win the lottery,
I'll take you on a trip to Hawaii.
That sounds awesome.
I can't wait.
This one?
Wait, ma'am! I'm sorry.
What's with you?
I'm always like this.
Where are you going? That way, please.
What's going on?
I'm stretching.
Stretching is the best.
-Join me.
-Forget it.
Choi Jin-dong.
Life and death are in the hands of God.
There's nothing I can do.
I'm sorry, Seok-pan.
Gosh, you startled me.
Why are you so early?
A gentleman should always be
ten minutes early.
The good deeds pouch will be here soon.
Just hold on a second.
Didn't I tell you not to be
even a second late?
Why are you glaring at me again?
Are you going to hit me?
I've always wanted to hit you,
but I've never had any excuse.
But if I hit you on the job,
wouldn't that count
as an extenuating circumstance?
Hold on. Why would you clench your fists?
Is that Choi Jin-dong?
Jin-dong, let's get out of here.
This place is way too dangerous.
The warehouse? All of a sudden?
Yes. I'm getting so anxious.
If you want to get out of here,
hurry up and help me.
Gosh. Jin-dong.
Jin-dong! Wake up!
Wake up!
Did you wake up? Do you recognize me?
I've been on more than 50
blind dates so far,
and I've been shut down every single time.
Can you believe that?
What? What are you talking about
Am I that unattractive?
I really don't understand girls.
I see.
The first girl
Hey! Get off me!
If I do, you'll take him.
I have no choice.
It's his destiny. Get off me!
Whatever, I don't care.
What? Unbelievable.
-Is that how you talk to Death?
-That's right.
After 500 years in the Living Realm,
I'm not afraid of anything anymore.
My goodness.
What's taking Guibanjang so long?
Special larceny
and obstruction of justice.
If something happens to Choi Jin-dong,
you'll be charged with murder too.
When is the next ferry?
In two hours?
When so many people die every day,
shouldn't it run more frequently?
This is bad. There's not much time left.
Whatever, I'll give it a try.
Gosh, my back.
How could you shove me
to the floor like that?
You were about to run the guy over
with that cart.
How do you feel
now that you got your butt kicked by me?
I have to submit a written apology now.
Don't worry. I've submitted
countless apologies so far.
I'll send over the best ones
so you can copy them.
There's no need. While I'm at it,
one more written apology won't hurt.
You brought it on yourself.
I changed the cause of death.
Why do you keep cutting in?
-Who's there?
What's wrong with this? Is it broken?
Oh, no.
Be quiet.
Kang Yeo-rin.
The elevator on the first floor is broken.
Restrict customers from using it.
Yes, sir.
It used to work fine.
What's wrong with this? Gosh.
My stomach feels bloated.
Was the food too salty?
Did I eat too much sodium yesterday?
Stop it already.
This time I'll blow you away at one go.
Here's the good deed.
Goodness. My back.
Goodness, I'm tired.
Does it hurt a lot?
It comes with the old age, you know.
But life is good because I have Jin-dong.
That's good to hear.
You should take care of yourself.
Did you eat?
I'll make you some noodles.
It's okay. I already ate.
Thank you, Jeom-rye.
Thanks to you, I lived a fruitful
and worthwhile life.
Let's not talk about the old days.
You're making me blush.
I'm sleepy because I cleaned the fridge
this afternoon.
-Goodness, my baby.
Everything will be fine, Jeom-rye.
Until you come,
live healthy and well.
Wasn't that the panacea?
It's hard to get.
Yes, I bought it with the lottery numbers.
Because I heard Jeom-rye has a bad back.
You did a good thing.
Isn't it interesting
how we can help each other like this
thanks to our relationship
from the Living Realm?
You're right.
So everyone needs to get a hold
of themselves and live a good life.
Saying something nice to someone
and sincerely helping someone
all come back like this.
That's right.
That's the way to live.
Grandma, I'm home.
Goodness, I dozed off.
Grandma, I'm hungry.
I'll get you something to eat,
my sweet pumpkin.
Darn, no match.
I thought my ancestors would help me.
I thought so, too.
Why did they come
and make you get your hopes up?
Grandma, leave it there. Let me do it.
Wait a minute.
-My back doesn't hurt.
What? Wait.
-It doesn't hurt? Really?
-Really. Wait.
-It doesn't hurt.
-Can you do this?
-It doesn't hurt at all.
-How can this happen?
This is strange. It's really weird.
The ancestor must've fixed my back
instead of letting us win the lottery.
That's really great!
Are you having fun?
You should peel the onions.
I've finished.
My goodness.
You have to peel the garlic, too.
They're done too.
-What about the potatoes?
-Of course.
I see. Then,
remove the poop from dried anchovies.
Hey, don't you think this is too much?
I used to be a detective squad chief
at the Afterlife Police Agency.
I shouldn't be doing this.
But you aren't the chief now.
If I hadn't been transferred here,
I would've been the chief of police.
-You can complain then.
You can complain
when you're the chief of police.
I'll remove the poop.
If you say so
I'll have to do it
There are so many. Gosh.
What have I done to deserve this?
Remove the poop
Love, love, love
It's poop of love
Ms. Weol-ju.
I finished sweeping outside.
-Hey. What's wrong with him?
Hey, get up. Sit here.
-I'm okay.
-Are you okay?
Wait. His body is burning up.
He must've worked too hard
the past few days.
-What should we do?
-All right.
I'll take him home. You clean up.
-Come here. Let's go.
Hey. Can you take him alone?
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
Call me if anything happens.
Is the part-timer sick?
Where are they going?
Yes, I think he's sick
because he's overworked.
No wonder he has no energy.
A living person crossed
the River of Oblivion to the Afterlife
and came back to the Living Realm.
He's really unusual, isn't he?
Anyway, Choi Seok-pan says thanks.
Kim Du-yeong was sentenced accordingly.
I see.
By the way, how did you end up
removing anchovy poop?
Say no more. I've heard enough.
Gosh, you used to be
a detective squad chief
catching evil spirits.
Well, this is fun, too.
-Would you like to try?
By the way,
the police chief mentioned about
your reinstatement.
Later. It's too soon.
Come on.
Well, talk of the Devil.
Hello? Yes, Chief.
Okay. I'll be there, sir.
Hey, there's an evil spirit in the area.
Let's go.
Having wrestled Weol-ju at this age
really wore me out.
Think of it as being respectful
to your elders and come with me.
Gosh, my back.
He'll have to eat something
to take medicine.
Gosh, what a pain in the neck.
Don't go.
I could not save you after all.
If there is a next life,
I will be sure to find you.
even if I have to sacrifice my soul,
I will protect you.
Subtitle translation by Won-hyang Son
Yeo-rin, you're special to me.
I want to be the person you need.
It's difficult to be in love.
There was a man I loved.
You're dating, aren't you?
That's just outrageous!
I think he likes you.
You must be crazy.
Do your thing.
I forgot to give you this.
There's something on you.
Are you sure it's working?
Have you been well, your majesty?
I understand why you're doing this.
Get out of his body.
-I've died
-Get out of the way!
for someone I cared about,
someone I loved.
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