Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Ms. Weol-ju?
What are you waiting for?
Eat up and take your medicine.
I don't want to.
I've worked so hard to cook you this.
-It may not look like much but--
-That's not it.
It's too precious to eat.
This is the first time
anyone has cooked for me at home.
I'm touched, Ms. Weol-ju.
I need you to get better
so that we can get back to work.
Being all sentimental
is a luxury we can't afford.
Right? We have a job to get back to.
It's tasty, Ms. Weol-ju.
I mean it.
I'm glad you have a good palate.
So what's your favorite dish?
My favorite dish?
I like dumplings.
-Yes, they're tasty.
They're packed with meat and vegetables,
and all you have to do
is simply steam them.
Is that what you think?
Do you have any idea
how much work goes into making them?
I only buy frozen dumplings at the market.
It has to be me?
That's right.
Out of all of us, you're the fittest.
-The fittest?
-Come on.
Consider your feeble seniors.
Mr. Ma suffers from a sore back
and my knees aren't what they used to be.
Didn't you injure them
playing soccer in the military?
So how could we possibly
enter the competition?
You, on the other hand,
have a straight spine
and healthy joints.
The grand prize is two million won
to spend on a team dinner.
Can't we enjoy
an all-you-can-eat beef barbecue?
No way.
I'm not good at being in the spotlight
and being in close proximity to others.
We can't only do the things we like
while at work.
I remember how you always made excuses
to get out of participating
in company events.
Consider this as your chance
to make up for all those instances.
The company's in-house
couples dance contest
is an event to improve communication
and synergy between the teams.
The winning department
will win two million won
and how well you do
will be considered
in your performance review.
Please choose partners among yourselves
and hand in the application forms.
I can't even dance.
Maybe I shouldn't have come.
I need to settle in,
so I should be up for anything.
Why exercise all of a sudden?
You saw Kang-bae pass out.
Well, it's not just him.
When I get exhausted these days,
I get lethargic and highly irritable.
It's probably
because I'm going out of shape.
It's just your nasty temper.
-Yes, exercise.
Being fit is the most treasured quality.
That reminds me.
Is it true you made porridge for Kang-bae?
don't you think you should
take care of me better too?
Let's face it.
I'm the one who does the heavy-lifting.
You didn't even care
when I pulled my back the last time.
It happened because you lack
muscle strength, so work out more.
Lift your elbow at 90 degrees
and squeeze your core.
Is that how it's going to be?
I'm too tired to go grocery shopping now.
I can't take another step.
Carry me back, will you?
I can't even feel my own arms and legs,
so move!
Carry me back.
Please carry me!
-Aren't we going to open today?
-Off we go!
Why is it so difficult to pedal?
Is the bike broken?
Are you sure you're pedaling
You must be in a good mood.
What was that?
Did you say something to me?
I said
I'm dying trying to pedal for us both.
Lose some weight why don't you?
I'll return to the Afterlife soon,
so what's the point?
I'm going to eat everything I want
before my time is up.
I want a bite.
This again?
Stick to yours.
It's so good. It's octopus-flavored.
Do you want to swap?
I'd rather have that instead.
Why not get this in the first place
instead of asking for mine?
I didn't know it was octopus-flavored.
Unbelievable. Fine, go ahead.
What are you guys doing here?
-Yeombujang, what brings you by--
-No, please sit.
Shouldn't you get ready
to open the bar for tonight?
Did you come all the way here
to spy on us?
-Well, we were getting some exercise.
On this?
Are you two on a date?
That's just disgusting.
So what brings you by?
Oh, well. Hold on, why am I here?
Right, I had a favor to ask.
I've been having trouble
tracking down a wandering spirit.
I need to be at the Death Workshop
for the entire Asia Branch
so I don't have the time
to track it down myself.
Can you idiots
I mean, can you help me out?
As if I have the time for that.
I'm still far off from meeting my quota.
The clock's ticking and Kang-bae is sick.
I'm antsy as hell.
-Then let me--
-Don't you dare.
You always leave your post
to chase spirits.
Just go back to being a cop then.
In the meantime,
I'll report you for neglect of duty.
What's with that temper of yours?
At least hear me out
before you bite our heads off.
I'm not asking you to do this for free.
The Death in charge of this spirit
said that she took off
because she didn't say goodbye
to her family.
So instead of bringing the spirit to me
I can help her enter
her family member's dream
and score easily by setting her grudge.
Exactly. That's what I mean.
So do the math.
You'll score another soul
and my problem will be solved.
Where does she frequent?
It's been some time
since my mother passed.
Do you think she's resting in peace?
We can only hope that she is.
I still remember the moment she passed.
Even with her last breath,
she kept calling out for you.
That's how much she wanted to see you.
I was too busy at work
to be by her deathbed.
That reminds me.
Where are you meeting your sister?
I'm meeting her at her house.
You know how she is.
Whenever we go somewhere,
she always brings beverages and snacks.
She'll need help carrying them.
Don't worry about the money
and enjoy a delicious meal
with your sister.
-You should get going.
-I'll drop you off at work.
Don't worry. It's only a short cab ride.
Go on.
Sure thing.
Drive safely.
-I'll get going.
Thank you.
Poor guy.
Do you perhaps
know that man?
-It's me.
There's no need to be moved again.
I'm making them
because I want to eat them myself.
I'll sort out the cutlery.
What's going on?
I thought you loved dumplings.
It's nothing.
Don't be like that and tell me.
Well, I entered the company's
couples dance competition.
-A dance competition?
-It's not just dancing.
It's a couples dance competition.
There's no way I can do this
without physical contact.
What if everyone at work
finds out about my condition?
How on earth did you
end up in a dance competition?
Didn't I tell you to fly under the radar
and keep to yourself?
You need to conserve your energy there
for when you come to work here at night.
There are some things you can't help
as a mere employee.
I was forced
since I'm the youngest and fittest
-Is that why Yeo-rin entered too?
The girl who isn't susceptible
to your touch?
You can partner up with her then.
She acts like I don't exist,
so she'd never agree to it.
You said you can't get out of it,
so what other option do you have?
I guess you're right.
Anyway, you'd better focus
because today's mission
is a million times more important.
Why are we at an apartment complex?
This is where
the wandering spirit used to live.
All we need to do is wait here
and get her
when she comes to see her family.
It's nice and plump.
They're delicious.
Of course they are.
Why? Because I made them.
You deserve to boast about them.
I love dumplings
so my wife makes them for me often.
Her shrimp dumplings are the best.
You're right about them being delicious.
I love them too.
My mother also enjoyed them as well.
Even while she was battling her illness,
she'd easily empty a plate
of my wife's dumplings.
It was also the last meal she had
before passing away.
It must have been hard for you.
My wife was the one
who had it the hardest.
She had to look after
her sick mother-in-law.
By the way, has anything strange
been happening to you
at home or at work?
What do you mean?
Have you been seeing things
or feeling chills down your spine?
It's nothing.
Do your thing. It could give us a lead.
Sure thing.
I forgot to give you this.
Thank you.
There's something on you.
I searched the area but found nothing.
-Did you see anything?
-Nope. Nothing.
The lady at the grocery store out front
told me that
he always used to return home late.
But the funeral must've left him
empty inside because
he's been coming home early ever since.
What if the wandering spirit
isn't following him around
but waiting for him at home?
Has she attached herself
to the house then?
I'm afraid we'll have
to search inside the house.
Sorry to bother you so late in the evening
but the unit below yours
has been complaining about a water leak.
Could I perhaps check
if everything's all right?
-Sure thing.
Let me see.
Maybe it's the bathroom pipe.
Could it be one of the pipes in the rooms?
Everything seems fine to me.
Sir, could I perhaps check
the master bedroom?
-Go ahead.
-Thank you.
That's odd.
She's not at the house.
Where do we search now?
Why didn't Kang-bae's touch
have any effect on him though?
I'm just as baffled.
Are you sure it's working?
It didn't work on that Yeo-rin girl.
It's happened twice already.
I don't know what's going on.
I'm sorry for not being any help.
If only I could see spirits too.
Kang-bae, if you had the ability
to get people to spill their beans
and see spirits,
you would've been better off
working as a shaman.
Imagine the dough you'd rake in.
The dough?
Talk about being a bad influence.
Being a shaman isn't easy, you know.
People curse you out
and come at you with knives.
What? Knives?
How do you know all this stuff?
How could I not know everything
when I've spent 500 years here already?
If this spirit
wanted to say goodbye to her family,
she should be trying
to get in touch with them,
not wander around.
That's what I find odd.
Starting tomorrow, we'll have to
put him under proper surveillance.
Not even a wandering spirit
would voluntarily get on this bus.
Focus, Weol-ju.
Don't fall and draw unnecessary attention.
You're lucky to be so tall.
What the hell? Why isn't he getting off?
This is where his office is.
What is it? Did you see something?
Don't look.
-It's here.
So now what? Do we go after it?
It's in possession of
another human's body.
We'll cause a scene by going after it now.
When people get off at the next stop,
we should
-Hold on. Sir, the door.
-Let us off!
Damn it.
Get out of his body, evil spirit.
What? That's not the spirit we're after.
Watch out!
What are you doing?
Are you all right?
It's just a scratch.
I got lucky
considering it was an evil spirit.
I see that being a cop
isn't a walk in the park.
Hold on! Have you been whining
that the work at the bar is tough
when you used to do
something even more dangerous?
Of course.
You were genuinely worried about me,
but it only lasted for about ten seconds.
I'll take him back to Afterlife,
-so get some rest at the bar.
No, I should follow
the guy back to his office.
Could the wandering spirit
have turned evil already?
-Damn it.
What the hell? Is he still not at work?
-Sorry about this.
I don't usually take the bus
-so I missed my stop.
-I see.
-You need to be at the executive meeting.
-Got it.
Hey. Hey, you. Can we talk for a second?
I already found you.
We'll get you even if you run away.
Come here. Okay?
Okay. Fine. I got it. I won't go near you.
Then, please hear me out
from where you are.
I understand why you're doing this.
I've also
left behind someone
who I cared about and loved when I died.
But this won't change a thing!
This will make things harder for you
in the Afterlife.
Take a look at yourself now.
You can't even talk to him.
What else can you do
except for hovering around him?
Why don't we make this
into a win-win situation for both of us?
I'll help you settle your grudge.
Stop running away. Come with me.
We should
go to my pop-up bar together.
We can
Damn it!
Are you the one who gave this out?
-Hey, get out. Get out of here.
I'll smack you if you come back again.
This is my training session.
It's just for today.
A training session?
How dare you set up shop on my turf?
I ought to Get lost!
I'm watching you.
-Excuse me.
-Excuse me.
-Let me in.
-Let me get in, too.
-I'm going down.
-Don't push me.
-I must hurry.
Let's go upstairs first.
What is it?
Did you find a dance partner yet?
No, not yet.
Same here.
So let me ask.
-What is it?
So if you decided to participate
in this event anyway,
do you want to make this easy
and partner up with me?
"Make it easy"? Easy for who? Me?
Well, since we know each other
Look, Kang-bae.
Pairing up with me
might be easy for you
because I know you're in the CIA.
But knowing your secret
makes me uncomfortable.
No, that's not why I said it.
It's a personal reason.
How should I explain this to her?
Yeo-rin, you're special to me.
You're the only person who doesn't feel
a thing when you touch me.
So I have to partner up with you.
If my fist touches your face,
my knee touches your solar plexus,
or my foot touches your shin,
how will that feel?
So she rejected you.
Yes. It's not easy as expected.
It'd be better if someone else--
You're bound to face hard tasks at work.
If you have a problem,
you need to solve it.
He's right.
In my opinion,
the problem with you is that
you are so used to accommodating others.
A man who begs to partner up
isn't attractive at all.
Women prefer bad guys over timid guys.
He's right.
Men are all about their confidence.
-How do you show your confidence?
-For example
Yeo-rin, do you want me?
I haven't found a partner yet.
But I still don't want to
partner up with you.
-I doubt that.
I doubt that. You will want to partner up
with me in three seconds.
Wait and see. Three, two, one.
Kang-bae, you're so cool.
Please be my partner.
Did you see that?
You'll want to do it with me
in three seconds.
Wait and see.
Three, two,
-Are you out of your mind?
That method might be dangerous.
Can I sit with you?
-Other tables are open.
-I'm just glad to see you.
Excuse me.
A bowl of hangover soup, please.
Hello. Is there a table for me?
Yes, come this way.
Thank you.
How could he bring a dog to a restaurant?
That's so inconsiderate.
The dog's hair got in the kkakdugi.
I lost my appetite.
I'm sorry.
You don't need to be sorry.
Enjoy your meal here.
Ma'am, guide dogs are allowed by law
to enter restaurants.
Our law guarantees the right
to use public transportation
and enter public places
and accommodation facilities.
That's absurd.
What kind of crappy law is that?
Even if that's the law,
people should come first.
How can we put dogs over us?
People must come first.
Ma'am, we, human beings are considered
to be the lords of all creation
because we can understand
and help each other.
Even that dog is helping someone.
Why don't you behave like a human being
if you want to be treated like one?
Apologize to him.
I'm sorry.
I guess I was wrong.
Enjoy your food.
Excuse me. Get his order, please.
Yeo-rin, you are really cool.
"The lords of all creation".
How did you know the laws
about guide dogs?
Oh, that.
By nature, I have a hard time
being around people,
but I'm comfortable around animals.
So I studied a bit about animals
and did a bit of volunteer work.
-I don't want to.
-Look at your fingers.
They'll come right off when I work.
Shut it. Tell me more about that guy.
I think he likes you.
As if.
He wants to partner up with me because
You're the only person who doesn't feel
a thing when you touch me.
So I must partner up with you.
Forget it. Anyway, he's out.
You can't work at a bar
with your hand like that.
I'm only doing this
because you have to work.
I don't want to scare away the customers.
I didn't say anything.
My goodness.
All right. I should peel
all the onions I didn't get to.
Hold on.
Do you want to eat meat?
Meat? All of a sudden?
We exercised a lot today
and went all around town
for the case, so I'm a bit tired.
I need a boost of energy.
I can't have barbecue alone. Come with me.
Why is she so talkative today?
What was the passcode?
Why did you come home so early?
You should have stayed out a bit longer.
Socializing can be exhausting.
Staying at home is the best.
If I didn't come home tonight,
you would have spent the night out there.
You're right.
My gosh, thank you.
-I must be getting old.
I'm becoming more forgetful.
I even got off at the wrong stop
this morning when I was distracted.
Really? You're too young for that.
Could it be because you're getting weak?
Do you want some herbal tonics?
No. The food you cook for me
will be more than enough.
Okay. Go and wash up quickly.
I'll set the table to restore your energy.
Gosh, that was so close.
That wandering spirit
I almost persuaded the spirit
by appealing to her with
kindness and embrace.
You didn't yell, threaten,
-or scare her?
I'm serious.
I was just like Oprah Winfrey.
I was really empathetic
when I was talking to her.
I can picture how it went.
You probably drove her crazy
with your words.
That must be why she ran away from you.
You should have waited until I got there.
You should stay put
or you'll mess it up again.
I just felt bad for her.
I pity her.
The trip to the Afterlife
is already scary as it is.
But she has to leave behind
her loved one in this world.
That must be utterly painful.
Personally, I feel more sympathetic
for Mr. Oh Sang-gun
since he's the one left behind.
"In her final moments,
what was I doing?
Was I eating at a restaurant?
Or was I working at the office?"
He will be living his life
tortured by these thoughts in his head.
It must be scary for him too.
"But in her final moments,
I didn't know anything."
He would feel sorry
and powerless.
He's not the only one
with the painful thoughts.
You know that death doesn't mean the end.
Even when you're dead,
you can see and feel everything.
I'm sure you know it's just as painful
as being left behind.
Ms. Weol-ju. Guibanjang.
You're here.
Why aren't you guys eating?
There's so much meat left.
We already finished a plate.
You have this.
Can I have some soju?
What a surprise.
She turned me down
when I asked her to be my partner.
Hey, slow down. You'll get drunk.
Here. Have this before you drink.
Thank you.
You know what?
She shouldn't play so hard-to-get.
She seemed very heartless.
That's not true. Yeo-rin is really cool.
She may seem cold and indifferent,
but that's because
she just has a clear boundary.
She takes initiatives
when she sees people who need help.
She's charismatic.
Then, why doesn't she like you?
You're the guy who needs the biggest help.
What did you tell her
when you asked her to be your partner?
Well, I told her
that she was special to me
and it's nice that she doesn't feel
a thing when she touches me.
You're so frustrating.
Are you trying to start a fight?
What am I supposed to say?
Listen up, Kang-bae.
When you want someone,
you don't say that you need that someone.
Tell them,
"I want to be the person you need".
That's what you say. Okay?
"I want to be the person you need."
When I am with you,
I am the most peaceful.
If I could spend
the rest of my life with you,
I wouldn't have any other wish.
You should not say such things.
I'm not just saying it.
I mean it.
You must spend the rest of your life
with a lady from a respectable
and virtuous family, Your Highness.
Being with a girl of a lowly status
like myself would be preposterous.
Since you have recovered,
you don't have to keep me
by your side now.
I'm not keeping you by my side
because I need something from you.
It's because
I want to be someone you need.
Do you consider yourself indebted to me?
If so, please do not worry about that.
I only fulfilled the task
that was given to me.
Was this
just work for you?
It was love for me.
I don't consider myself indebted to you.
I just want to love you.
From that day
I heard your voice in my dream,
my heart belonged to you.
I ask that you accept my love.
Ms. Weol-ju.
Hey, aren't you going to eat more?
I'm done eating.
Finish your meal.
Mr. Oh.
What on earth are you doing here?
Are you out of your mind?
-The chairman from China
had to wait for three hours.
He's livid right now.
He said he wouldn't proceed
with the contract.
What are you talking about?
The meeting with him is tomorrow.
There's no way I would forget--
His company sent you an email
to reschedule the meeting for today.
They even received
a confirmation email from us.
Didn't you send it?
Hold on.
Mr. Han, don't just stand there.
Go and stop him from leaving. Okay?
Yes, sir.
Wait. Let me go with you.
-I should--
-Where do you think you're going?
I want you in my office.
Mr. Oh.
I'm sorry for yelling at you
in front of your subordinates earlier.
It's all right, sir.
I made a huge mistake. I am sorry.
Why did you want to see me in your office?
Okay. There's no point in stalling now.
The company will undergo
restructuring soon,
and your name will be on the list
of laid-off employees.
Before that happens,
why don't you resign voluntarily?
Wouldn't it be better to receive
half of your annual salary?
I have dedicated my youth to this company.
I know I made a mistake,
but I don't think I deserve this.
No. It's not just
about the mistake you made.
Well, actually, from what I've heard,
people are saying
you've been acting weird.
I read the reports and proposals that
you looked over before handing them to me,
but they are incoherent.
And you're making many mistakes
unlike before.
I've become a bit forgetful these days.
I'm just fatigued, but I'll be fine
once I rest up for a few days.
I can finally afford
to send my wife on a trip.
I still have so much to do.
What are you going to do?
We thought you were just shocked
from losing your wife,
so we overlooked your mistakes
and tried to be understanding.
Get a grip.
What are you talking about?
My wife
didn't die.
Don't tell me that you also forgot
what happened to her.
I'm sure your wife went to a good place.
I believe you have vascular dementia.
You need to receive treatment.
Why do I
You made dumplings.
Your dumplings
You know, don't you?
That I love your dumplings.
My heart breaks for my husband.
How is he going to live alone?
But you can't just wander around here.
I'm sure you know
if you become a wandering spirit,
you won't get a favorable ruling
in the Afterlife.
I'm sorry.
I just couldn't leave him
all alone like that.
We promised each other
to live with one another
until the end of time on our honeymoon.
But now,
I just want to bid him farewell.
Where are you going?
I'm glad you're here. Come with us.
Where are we going?
To say goodbye for the last time.
What's with the screen?
I guess this is how his mind is right now.
His past memories are all mixed together.
Maybe that's why
he didn't react to my touch.
Yes, probably.
He must've had a tough time.
Hey, there they are.
This is really nice.
I'm sorry I didn't bring you earlier.
I'm just happy
that we finally got to come here.
I'm really happy
that we got to live together.
That's nonsense.
I put you through so much hard work.
My goodness.
I'm glad you know.
I begged you to quit smoking and drinking,
but you never listened.
You're nagging until the very end.
Today is really our last day together.
You know that, right?
I shouldn't have
sent you on that trip.
You died because of me.
What are you talking about?
It wasn't your fault.
Please do me a favor.
Please accept the fact
that you're not well,
and start receiving treatment, okay?
Don't ever think about giving up.
I promised to grow old with you
when we got married.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep that promise.
If I knew this was going to happen,
I should've asked you
to drive me to work that day.
I should've talked to you more.
I should've looked into your eyes
for a closer look one last time.
I should've done that.
I was so lucky to have
a woman like you as my wife.
And I fear that I might forget that.
I'm so scared.
I'll remember everything.
Once you grow old,
and we meet again after you die,
I'll remind you of everything.
From start to finish.
So don't worry.
My goodness.
You're such a crybaby, honey.
I'm sorry.
I love you, Jin-suk.
This can't be.
I swear I saw him.
What did you see?
There's nothing in here!
How could you say that right now?
I'm sorry, sir.
She must've been greatly mistaken.
I want you to fire her right now.
If you don't, I swear I won't stay still.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
An apology won't cut it.
I want you to get on your knees
and beg for forgiveness.
Then I might let you off the hook.
If you don't,
I'll write about this online!
Are you really not lying?
Mr. Han.
Are you guys kidding me?
What do you take me for?
Look inside! Look!
You're right. It's not in here.
Of course it's not in there.
If I put it in that bag, the alarm
would go off, and I'd get caught.
When we do stuff like this,
we normally do it in pairs.
I steal something
and switch the bag with my partner.
Then my partner hides, takes off the tag,
and quietly leaves.
Then where's your accomplice?
There he is. You have the liquor, right?
What the
Are you crazy?
-Check the bag.
-Let me go!
Hey, let go of me!
Let me go.
It wasn't me. It was him!
Why did you do that?
You could've gotten fired as well
if you weren't lucky.
But of course, I'm grateful.
Because you needed me.
You needed someone to trust you
at that moment.
When we first met,
you trusted me
even though we were complete strangers.
So when I met you again at the mart,
I told myself
that I'll also do the same for you
when you need someone to trust you.
I see.
I'll be off.
Mr. Han.
Did you find a partner?
No, not yet.
Me neither.
Would you like to be my partner?
Are you going somewhere nice?
You look awfully happy.
Yes, I'm on my way to meet a friend.
I'm moving to his neighborhood.
You must be happy.
Where are you moving to?
Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province.
Don't you have a family?
I do.
My son is in the States.
He's planning to come back to Korea soon.
As for my wife,
she's no longer alive.
But she's a very cheerful woman
so I'm sure she'll be fine
until we meet again.
My goodness, I'm sorry to hear that.
Here are your shrimp dumplings. Enjoy.
What do you think?
The dumplings taste nice and warm.
They taste familiar for some reason.
I can't remember.
I enjoyed the food.
You're going to Yangpyeong, right?
I actually have business there myself.
This is great. Let me give you a ride.
We can go together.
No, it's okay.
I'm asking you for a favor.
It's boring to drive alone.
Come with me and keep me company.
Then thank you for the ride in advance.
Sure. Let's go.
Are they gone?
Yes, come on out.
They're gone, right? They're gone.
They're gone now. Come on.
Do you feel better now?
Yes, thank you so much.
It was very nice to see him
eat so well.
Okay then.
We should go now.
You should wipe off your tears
before you leave.
Your makeup is all smudged.
It was very hard to leave behind
the person I love.
But thanks to you, I got to say
farewell to him for the last time.
Thank you.
Don't mention it. This is my job.
You told me you also had to leave behind
someone precious, right?
You act all tough.
But I can tell by the look in your eyes
that you're lonely.
I hope you'll one day
be able to meet the man you loved.
Where are you, Weol-ju?
Is she not here yet?
Your Royal Highness.
Please forgive me for leaving you
without saying goodbye.
If fate really exists,
we will surely be able to meet again.
Subtitle translation by Ja-won Lee
-My gosh, you made me drop it!
Come on. Please.
What? A conception dream?
My mom dreamt of a jade ring
before she had me.
-Can I get a different one?
-You can't trade a conception dream.
Excuse me.
No matter how hard I try,
I can't get pregnant.
I don't see any babies
for this couple yet.
-Can't you just give them one?
-I'm sorry.
-Why are you doing this?
Why are you trying so hard
to help this person?
Tell me.
I was once in love with a man.
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