Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

The winning couple of
the Kapeul Mart dance competition is
Han Kang-bae and Kang Yeo-rin!
-Yeo-rin, we did it.
-I know!
-Thank you.
What the hell?
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Kiss him!
-Mr. Ma?
Mr. Ma, no!
-That happened in your dream?
And it was vivid.
The jade ring looked familiar too.
What do you think it means?
No one reads into dreams like you do.
It's obvious.
Isn't Mr. Ma the one
you find difficult to deal with?
-Every time you see him,
your heart starts to race and you stutter
because you get anxious.
That's right. How did you know that?
there's no need to hide it anymore.
Just so you know,
I'm not judgmental when it comes
to one's sexual orientation.
You can relax.
What the hell are you saying?
Miss, is what he's saying true?
-It sounds like a conception dream.
-What? A conception dream?
You said you received a jade ring.
My mom dreamt of a jade ring
before she had me.
What do you mean I appeared in your dream?
It's beneath my dignity.
Still, it's a good omen
to have received a jade ring.
Mr. Ma, you should buy
lottery tickets this week.
Don't be ridiculous.
Dreams like that mean nothing.
Right, I guess I was just stressed
because of dance practice.
Yes, honey.
What? Really?
Are you kidding me? That's great news!
Okay, I'll be home early today.
My gosh.
-My wife's pregnant.
-No way.
You'll soon be a father.
See? What did I tell you about jade rings?
Was it really a conception dream?
Conception dreams can also be had
by people around you.
Then the jade ring
you dance lessons start today, right?
Let me know if you need a break.
I'll supply you with unlimited snacks,
drinks, and meals.
Wait, you hate physical contact.
Then have a great day today.
I wish you both the best.
-You too.
-Have a good day.
What conception dream did your mother have
when she conceived you?
My conception dream?
It was quite grand.
There was a vast field
Move it back a little. Okay, now!
I can't believe you missed that.
Move. Let me try.
That's odd. I thought I had it.
Hold on. Let me try it once more.
Can't we just go?
We have a lot to buy today.
I'm not one to back down from a challenge.
Give me some money.
Just a little.
A little to the front.
To the right.
The right!
How on earth can you miss that?
It's all in the flick of the wrist.
Flick. Like this.
Step aside. Now, watch.
Just like this. There we go.
See how easy that was?
What the hell?
-Come on!
-Let's do this.
-Come on up.
-Damn it!
I got it!
Excuse me, but I want to play too.
You're still here?
Go home and do your homework!
Yes, this isn't for kids. Go home.
A bit more. You're almost there.
I got it. Wait
Just a little bit more.
I got it this time.
Let's start with the basic steps.
Seven and eight.
One, two, three. Five, six, side.
One, two, three. Five, six, and again.
One, two, three. Five, six
-Mr. Han.
Right hand and left foot.
Left hand and right foot.
Right hand and left foot.
Left hand and right foot.
Mr. Han!
Straighten your back, lift your chin,
and give me a strong gaze.
-Dancing is all about confidence.
-Got it.
We'll take it from the top.
One, two, three. Five, six, seven.
One, two, three. Five, six, seven.
One, two, three. Five, six, seven.
One, two, three
You really need to work out more.
How can you get tired
from a few dance steps?
That's right.
This is because I'm physically inept.
There's nothing more to it.
Ms. Kang, that'll be all for today.
-Mr. Han, not you though.
Stick around for another 30 minutes.
I couldn't be more grateful.
Please teach him well.
I don't think
I need to stay behind though.
Yes, you do.
You can't take the stage in this state.
All you can do is work harder.
At least, with dancing,
you can get better with practice.
That's hardly the case
with many other things in this world.
Sure, I'll stay behind.
Weol-ju, I need more money.
Don't you have any?
I spent all the money I had on me.
So what do we buy groceries with now?
I forgot to bring my credit card.
That's right.
We were going grocery shopping.
It's too late to go back now.
Let's borrow some from Kang-bae.
What are you doing? Take my hands.
Could you teach me the basics steps again?
I forgot.
Sure thing.
-Look at him trying to avoid contact.
-Back, back and front.
-Back, back and front.
-Can we barge in there
when he's in the middle of a lesson?
Should we not open the bar then?
Just get in there and borrow the money.
Excuse me.
Ma'am, are you all right?
No matter how hard I try,
I can't get pregnant.
I've been receiving
infertility treatments for two years now.
is the first day at work
after giving up hope.
Two years is a long time.
At first, the IVF process didn't even seem
like a hassle.
I had hoped that I would be pregnant soon.
I even quit my job
and focused solely on having a baby.
Not long after, a miracle happened.
This is our baby.
Is this really
I felt like
someone had given me the universe.
-My gosh!
-The old saying was right.
Hard work really did pay pay off.
I had no one else to blame but myself.
Maybe it all went wrong
because I acted too hastily.
Maybe it's because
I wasn't strong enough.
Maybe I was never
-meant to be a mother to begin with.
-Don't be ridiculous.
How is that your fault?
The doctor and my husband both said
that it wasn't anyone's fault.
But I didn't see it that way.
I felt like a loser.
All I wanted
was to be a mother.
What? This fast?
It hasn't been that long since
the miscarriage.
Your body needs to rest.
I'm as good as new again.
I should get back to receiving treatment
so we can have a child.
I see.
Sure thing.
I'd cry and cry
but the tears wouldn't stop pouring.
Going through that for two years
exhausted both me and my husband.
Where are you going?
Where else? I'm off to buy tampons.
Let me come with you.
Why? Should we get a truck-load of tampons
since I can't get pregnant?
I know you're on edge about this,
but we knew it'd be an uphill battle.
You're acting like it's nothing
since you saw this coming, right?
And I'm the only one
who's suffering every month.
Am I right?
Why aren't you asleep?
do we have to keep doing this?
What do you mean?
I'm worried that this might destroy you.
-It's all right.
-It's not.
You are exhausted.
Physically and emotionally.
What matters more
is us.
We come first and then the baby.
For two years, we tried our best.
When was the last time
we laughed with each other
or had a pleasant conversation?
I don't want a baby anymore
if it means I have to
watch you suffer like this.
I'm exhausted too and scared.
I feel like a terrible wife.
And I'm terrified of
not being able to live
like other married couples.
Don't be silly.
We can build a life that's ours.
I know it will be hard
but let's end it here.
Let's do that.
That's what we promised,
but I still don't know
if I made the right choice.
You still want to have a child.
Of course it isn't easy.
It's not something
you can give up on that easy.
How silly of me.
I can't believe I talked about my
personal life on the first day of class.
I'm sorry.
There's no need to be.
You can never move on
unless you talk about it.
Here you go.
Don't keep your sorrows bottled up inside
and come by whenever you want to.
We'll be all ears.
Thank you.
What a heartbreaking story.
I didn't expect that
from someone as charismatic as her.
Tell me about it.
So much for the gods.
I'd love to hand over
the conception dream I had,
but Mr. Ma took it.
The one with the jade ring?
Conception dreams
can't be traded like that.
Samsin just hands them the dream
after she sets everything up.
You two go to the bar without me.
I need to go somewhere.
What? Where are you off to?
Where is she?
-What the hell?
My gosh, you made me drop it!
I was only greeting you.
I told you not to disturb me when
I'm extracting conception dream marbles.
This requires delicate handling, you know.
My gosh!
No way. Like always, you're the best.
This is my choice for the day.
I have a favor to ask.
Of course.
Why else would you come to see me?
Selfish as always.
I'm busy, so maybe next time.
Come on. Please.
I'm sure she's around here somewhere.
Who are you looking for?
I know almost everyone here,
so let me help.
You've only spent 500 years
going in and out of this place.
I've been delivering conception dreams
for 5,000 years.
-Don't get cheeky with me.
-Right, of course.
I guess you're right.
There she is.
-Yes, you.
Show me your hands.
Here you go.
Hold on. Are these walnuts?
Yes, they're your future children,
so raise them well.
Just a second.
Thanks for the gift,
but does this mean I'll have a baby boy?
You'll have to give birth to them to know.
Can I get a different one?
You want to swap them?
Yes, I want to have daughters, you see.
You can't trade conception dreams,
and you can't return them.
Kids these days have too many requests.
Forget it.
Take what I give you.
You have no idea how exhausting it is
to bless people with offsprings.
-I'd like iced coffee.
-Hot coffee for me.
-I'll get this.
-Now you're scaring me.
I'd rather pay for my own coffee.
Don't be ridiculous.
You're a hero
tackling the issue of low birth rate.
Treating you to coffee
is the least I can do.
Is that so? Then can I also
take the coupons for myself?
Yes, of course.
You can also have the ones
I collected so far.
No way. You collected five already?
You must have one hell of a favor.
Tell me. What do you need?
Well, it's nothing big really.
Could you give me a conception dream?
What? You want what?
Since young people these days
refuse to have kids,
I figured you could have a spare marble
for me to give out.
There's a married couple who needs help.
What are their names?
Chae Su-gyeong and Kang In-ho.
All right.
I don't see any babies
for this couple yet.
I wouldn't be asking for a favor
if they had been.
Can't you just give them one?
Blessing people with children
isn't a game, you know.
That's preposterous!
All parents are blessed with children
in their own good time.
It's not their turn yet.
When will it be then?
At least tell me that much.
How should I know?
That's up to those above.
Come on.
You're being ridiculous.
Could there be a better moment
than when a couple desires a baby
and is ready to raise one?
Couples who aren't ready
conceive all the time, so cut the crap.
Please come by sometime.
Drinks and snacks are on the house.
Please come by sometime.
Stop by sometime.
Where were you? We were busy.
Did you have dinner?
Let's go in.
After hundreds of years,
here we are again.
You're here.
Have you been well?
You seem to have recovered
from your illness.
I'm relieved.
Yes, thanks to your concern.
Are you sure it's thanks to me?
It's okay. You can relax.
This is an old friend of mine.
My name is Kim Won-hyung.
He is the only person I can open up to,
so I've always wanted
to introduce you to him.
We studied together as children,
and we're like brothers.
You don't have to worry.
I see.
This is Weol-ju,
the lady I told you about the other day.
What do you think? Isn't she beautiful?
Your Highness.
Yes, now I can see
why you fell in love with her.
I knew you'd understand, Won-hyung.
How are you?
Your old friend is finally here,
Your Highness.
You asked her for
a conception dream marble?
You're unbelievable.
Do you expect her to give you that?
What could I do?
I had to ask at the least.
Maybe I should have just stolen one.
Forget it. That counts as a special theft.
Yes, it does sound dangerous.
Didn't you say you'd kill me
if I steal ssanggapju again?
Did I? Shut up.
"Shut up"?
-Kill who?
-Well, nothing.
There are so many flies these days.
I'll kill them all.
-Hello, Yeombujang.
I hope you guys
aren't up to anything stupid.
Gosh, I'm hungry.
Can I get a bowl of udon?
Udon? Sure.
You haven't eaten yet?
Give him some pickled radishes.
Don't get me started.
Not a day goes by without trouble
in the Afterlife.
Hello. Yes.
What? Someone escaped again?
This is driving me crazy.
There's no one who can help me
over here either.
All right, I get it.
Just send me some information
on the spirit that got away.
Is it another evil spirit? Where is he?
Just finish your udon and leave.
We're in a hurry too. Do you understand?
If it was a wandering ghost,
we could settle a grudge,
but for an evil spirit,
you just lock it up.
Still, he's supposed to be
around here somewhere.
-He's nearby?
two, three.
One, two, three.
Spin around.
-What were you doing?
-You startled me.
What would Yeo-rin be doing
in the men's changing room?
It's nothing.
I thought I saw her for a second.
You're already seeing things?
I guess you have to hold hands
and make eye contact
while dancing with her all the time.
No wonder you start having feelings.
But Yeo-rin could even take down a bull
by herself. Will you be okay?
A bull?
What are you talking about?
You have no idea how cute,
and lovely
she is.
Feminine and lovely? Are you sure
we're talking about the same person?
You must really like her.
All right.
Good luck.
I guess a workplace romance
has its charms.
A workplace
A workplace
A workplace romance?
A workplace romance.
How did the extra lesson go?
I hope you've mastered
the basic steps by now.
It went well.
I've been practicing on my own too.
I'm a little better now.
A "little better" won't do.
Do you remember our goal?
-First place.
-Yes, first place.
See you.
Speaking of our goal,
what are you doing tomorrow?
-It's our day off.
To win first place,
in addition to dancing well,
we should wear the right costumes.
Here we go.
I don't think these are really my style.
I'll just wear a simple black dress.
No. You look great.
You look absolutely gorgeous.
You look beautiful in this.
Sir, would you like
to try something on too?
This was made to go with that dress.
Oh, my. Unbelievable.
It looks great on you.
Try standing next to each other.
I want to see you two together.
Put your hands down.
Perfect. Let me take a picture of you.
Can you try doing a salsa move?
Here we go.
One, two, three.
-Should I carry that for you?
-No, I'm fine.
Where are you going? I'm taking
a bus on the other side of the street.
See you.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I happen to have some free movie tickets,
and they happen to expire today.
Wait, I happen to have
exactly two of them.
What should I do?
Since I happen to be with you,
should we go see a movie together?
They're out of caramel popcorn.
What movie are we watching?
A Legend in Seclusion.
It's an action movie.
I think you'll love it.
I hate that kind of movie.
Then what do you like?
I like that kind of movie.
-That hurts!
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-I have gout.
-I have gout.
You have gout too?
Goodness, you too?
Gosh! It's my gout.
That hurts!
My face!
What should we do?
Even my breath hurts you.
They say even the wind hurts you
when you have gout.
Can we really
stay together?
We love each other so much.
Why can't we be close to each other?
Let's break up.
I don't want to
hurt you anymore.
We can't even hug one last time,
can we?
It's supposed to be a romantic comedy,
but I don't understand
what's funny about it.
It's the saddest movie I've ever seen.
The ending was tragic.
I understand how they would have felt
when they broke up.
When you know how much
the other is suffering
but can't do anything about it,
it's excruciating.
It's difficult
to be in love.
It's the hardest thing in the world.
So? You saw a movie together?
Yes, it would have been a shame
to waste those free tickets.
Free tickets, my foot.
I told you he has a crush on you.
Aren't you going to read it?
I can't be bothered.
Ridiculous. If you can't be bothered
to even read a message, how do you live?
How do you even eat and breathe?
That's not it.
He said I don't make him feel anything.
He wants me to be his partner
because he can relax around me.
You don't make him feel anything?
You have to ask him out.
-Think of all the guys in the past.
Even when things were going well,
as soon as you asked them out,
they all freaked out and ran away.
What was that?
They'd even take a detour
on their way to school just to avoid you.
And Min-su, I think it was,
even transferred to another school.
Because you kept scaring guys
by asking them out,
you even got the nickname "Date Bully".
What was that?
What did you just do to me?
I didn't do anything.
Go away. Right now.
I don't want to see you again.
At least tell me why.
Why are you leaving me?
It's just that you gave me the creeps.
The moment you touched me,
it creeped me out.
Whatever, I'm scared.
For some reason,
all the guys I ever liked ran away
the moment I touched them
for the first time.
They looked at me
like I'm some kind of monster.
I've had enough.
I don't want to get hurt anymore.
Exactly. All the guys
have run away so far,
but this guy doesn't feel anything.
Isn't that a big progress?
It's the most romantic thing
that has ever happened in your life.
I'm sure it's destiny.
I'm not interested in romance anymore.
My only interest is working out.
Cut it out. Just read your message.
-Forget it.
-Come on.
Kang-bae, stop staring at your phone.
Are you waiting for a message
or something?
No. My message hasn't even been read yet.
The one you sent to Yeo-rin earlier?
I thought we had a good time today.
Did I do something wrong?
She probably just hasn't checked
her phone yet.
At least she hasn't read and ignored it.
Oh, she read it.
She did?
She ignored it.
She definitely did.
-Will they be late?
I think they'll be here soon.
It's been a while. How have you been?
Same old, same old.
Su-gyeong, nice to see you.
Nice to see you too.
Guys, say hello.
Hi, Si-hu and Yu-ra.
Do you remember me?
-You don't?
-Do you?
Why not? How could you forget me?
-How old are you, Si-hu?
-I'm six.
You're six? What about you, Yu-ra?
I'm seven.
You're seven?
You're a year older than your brother.
Look how chubby your cheeks are.
Who bought you this cute dress?
Hi, Mom.
How come you never call me?
I'm sorry. I've been busy lately.
Is everything okay?
Nothing much is going on here.
How's Su-gyeong?
Why am I even asking?
She must be heartbroken.
Your dad found out that you closed
your savings account for IVF
and told me to send you some money.
Buy Su-gyeong some good food
with that money
so you can try again.
-I already told you--
-Try a few more times.
I know there are many happy couples
without kids these days,
but without kids, married couples--
Mom, I'm driving right now.
I'll call you back.
Do you remember?
When we just got married,
you often came home from work
with swollen legs.
Then I'd give you a leg massage,
and things always heated up in the end.
Your legs still look just as amazing
as they did back then.
This brings back memories.
What are you doing?
What's the point?
It's not like I can get pregnant anyway.
Why do you say that?
when I saw how much you adore those kids,
I felt bad.
You can't become a dad because of me.
-Without me--
-What is that supposed to mean?
I can't face your parents
because I feel so guilty.
Why would you feel guilty?
Because you can't get pregnant?
Are our lives meaningless without kids?
Does it mean anything to you
that I love you?
I just can't give up!
This is too painful.
I'd rather end our marriage.
If I was alone, at least
I wouldn't have suffered because of this.
What? Don't you like dakgangjeong?
That's not it.
Both my husband and I love it.
We used to have it all the time.
But I stopped eating it
when I started trying to get pregnant.
It's been a long time.
I see.
You're right, what you eat is important.
It must have been hard.
I tried to eat healthy.
From shampoo to toothpaste, I swapped out
all the products with harmful ingredients.
You must be a perfectionist.
I knew it. You were very meticulous
when you taught me how to dance too.
"Hard work pays off" has been my motto.
But I learned that sometimes,
hard work doesn't pay off.
I keep being harsh to my husband
because I've been having a hard time.
I lashed out at him
before coming here too.
Worry about that later
and eat this before it gets cold.
Thank you.
Hold on.
Don't you guys know better than that?
Dakgangjeong tastes better
when it's cooled down a bit.
That's right.
As the syrup cools down,
hardens the coating,
and it becomes crispier and sweeter.
I see.
Life is like that too.
No matter what's making you
suffer right now,
things will settle and pass eventually.
Hang in there until then,
and you'll find yourself stronger.
How about you let go
until everything cools down?
You're right.
Until everything cools down.
Oh, I didn't tell my husband
where I was going.
I should give him a call.
Why don't you take this home
and share it with him?
It should have cooled down
when you get home.
You should do that.
I'll walk you home since it's late.
Box this up.
Oh, I almost forgot. Take this too.
It's wine I made with bokbunja.
It's really special. Have a glass
and get a good night's sleep.
Don't you worry about anything.
Thank you for the precious gift.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
I was worried about you.
You went out to buy these? Wine and
I felt bad for lashing out at you.
I shouldn't have said those things.
I wanted to apologize too.
I shouldn't have expected you
to give up on it so easily.
You don't have to apologize.
I realized
I'm happy as long as I can enjoy
good food with you and chat with you.
I had forgotten that for a long time.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You're really going to steal it?
What's with you?
I used to be the Afterlife
detective squad chief.
Do you expect me to participate
in this illegal activity?
I can't.
You don't have to. I can do it alone.
Why are you doing this?
Why are you trying so hard
to help this person?
Tell me.
What is it?
I was once in love with a man.
My dream was to marry him,
have his children,
and enjoy ordinary happiness,
but I couldn't.
He wasn't an ordinary person.
Neither was I.
In the end,
I died without fulfilling my dream.
I understand how Su-gyeong feels.
How she wants to have a baby
that looks like her husband
and to raise it well.
I know how desperate she is,
and how precious her wish is.
That's why I'm doing this.
I didn't know.
I know
I'm being emotional and irrational.
I won't ask you to be understanding.
My mom is the only one who understands me
in both the Living Realm
and the Afterlife anyway.
Just don't stop me.
Let's go.
Now there are two people
who understand you.
Hi, I'm back.
Let's go!
What? Where to?
A great place. Well
Let's go.
That was terrible. As terrible
as the weapons of mass destruction.
What has she been eating?
Are those conception dream marbles?
Yes. Let's just get one
and get out of here.
Hey, mute it.
-Hurry up.
-Turn the sound off.
Kang-bae. Stand guard.
Keep an eye on Samsin.
What? It smells over there.
Just go!
Let me try.
We got it.
-You can do it.
-Ms. Weol-ju.
Hurry up.
It looks like she'll wake up soon.
Darn it. I should've practiced.
Hey, you try.
I've never done this before.
-You're driving me nuts.
Why isn't this working?
-It worked.
-We got three.
It worked.
Hey, get the bag ready.
Yes, the bag.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go.
She should be here by now.
Why isn't she here yet?
She has to fall asleep,
so she can come to the Dream World.
Was the wine too weak?
Did you add enough ssanggapju?
I think I added too much bokbunja.
No wonder.
You were all over the place today.
Samsin will be at work soon.
Do you think she'll notice?
What's going on?
Is it broken?
I think it needs to be fixed.
What's wrong with this?
What's this?
Mystic Coupon.
Weol-ju. Why you little
She must be asleep. There she is.
She's coming.
She's here.
Ms. Weol-ju.
You throw it.
We have to hide.
There. Let's go.
It's a lotus flower.
It's pretty.
Get it.
How can she miss that?
-Ms. Weol-ju.
We have more.
Yes. You throw it this time.
Okay. Me?
-Yes. Hurry up.
-Do it.
Over here!
Go ahead and pounce on that woman.
Hey! Come here! Please make just one jump.
It's spacing out.
He doesn't know how lucky he is!
Of course he doesn't.
The zookeeper told me.
I guess tiger conception dreams
are popular.
He said Hodori pounced on
17 women last night.
I was told he'd be tired.
So that's why he isn't moving at all.
Gosh, her timing is terrible.
-It won't even look at us.
-This is bad.
Give me the last one.
Mother. Father. Please take my bow.
Thank you, Su-gyeong. Congratulations.
Don't fight with your husband
and live happily.
This isn't what I should be doing.
Please hold this.
-Ms. Weol-ju, we don't have time. Hurry.
All right.
Don't miss it.
I knew you were up to no good.
This shouldn't be given out carelessly.
You really freaked me out.
Get her!
That was close.
-Catch her!
Get her!
-Get her!
Get out of my way when I say it nicely.
You're driving me nuts. Samsin, I'm sorry.
What do you mean you're sorry?
-Get it!
-Give me that.
-Here, Guibanjang!
I'm tired.
-Give me that!
Where are you going?
I got it!
She got it!
I did it!
Hooray, peach.
Those punks.
This must be how Samsin feels every day.
She must be happy to work.
You're right. This feels strange.
I hope the baby grows up healthy
in the womb,
and becomes a healthy kid.
It will.
Think of the peach conception dream.
It was almost taken away,
but it went to its mom in the end.
It'll be a strong kid.
My last throw did the trick, didn't it?
Hey, without my pass,
it wouldn't have been complete.
What are you talking about?
It's all thanks to me
yanking Samsin's hair.
-Come on.
Look. The peach was rolled,
and I caught it.
And then there was the dance. Look.
Everyone has a wound that pains them.
I was once in love with a man.
It's because
I killed 100,000 people.
The moment you're willing to
reveal that wound you wanted to hide
is when you find someone
with the same wound.
"I know. I'm in as much pain as you are.
So you can cry in front of me."
As you show them your true self,
and when they do exactly the same,
you begin to get to know each other
little by little.
-Dance like this.
-You can do it.
-This is it.
-Shall we have a drink as usual?
-Shall we? Wait, what should I make?
Who are they?
Excuse me. Hey!
-What are you doing?
-What are you doing?
-You can't take this.
-You really can't take this.
-Give it back.
-Why are you tearing it down?
You are suspended.
Says who?
Yeombujang, you can't do this.
This is unreasonable.
Please give us a chance.
Give you a chance?
Did you think you could get out of it?
It's Yeomradaewang's order.
For breaking the laws of heaven,
stealing the conception dream marble,
and blessing a woman with a child,
under Article 3 of the Special Theft
and Life Care Act,
Weol-ju's Mystic Pop-Up Bar
will be suspended from business
Subtitle translation by Soo-hyun Yang
Be quiet!
Weol-ju and Guibanjang are sentenced
to 120 hours of community service
in the Afterlife.
Grade A is human. Grade B is an animal.
Grade C is an insect.
It's better to be an old man
than a fried egg.
I think he's more than
just an ordinary guy.
I'll inform the Jade Emperor immediately.
I'll let you reopen the bar.
And no more community service.
And I'll count this towards your quota.
Okay. Who is this guy?
When I start to like someone,
he runs away.
What can I do?
Just kiss him.
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