Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Ms. Weol-ju!
of course my actions were unwarranted.
I admit to that.
But isn't it normal for everyone
to hit a few bumps at work?
A few bumps?
Just because I've been nice to you,
it doesn't mean you can flout
the rules of our realm.
Am I a joke to you?
Of course not.
I won't retrieve the child
that was already given to the parents.
-Thank you, ma'am!
the case will not be counted
towards your quota.
-Yes, ma'am!
Of course.
It's only fair since we bent the rules.
Weol-ju and Guibanjang.
You are sentenced to 120 hours
of community service in the Afterlife.
The bar will be confiscated
until you're done.
Hold on.
My deadline is drawing near.
A sentence of flogging
or days at the Hell of Oil Cauldrons
will be short but more effective.
I've been meaning to tell you,
but you seem to think that you're here
as a customer at some ice cream store.
Here you are
picking out your own punishment.
Why don't I introduce you to the 31
different options we have for you?
No, of course not.
That's not necessary, ma'am.
She's just in a bit of a shock
and that led to a slip of the tongue.
She'll serve the hours.
Byun Tae-sik.
You fed poison to people for decades.
What poison?
All I did was sell a little junk food
here and there.
You waxed the surface of fruits
to give them a shine
and added tar dye to sweets
in order to color them.
If that isn't poison, what is?
So for that reason,
you are rated to a reincarnation grade
of C.
What's Grade C?
Grade A is human. Grade B is an animal.
Grade C is an insect.
An insect? Are you calling me an insect?
Are you people nuts?
There's no insect this big!
How dare you raise your voice
in front of the committee members.
-Just stand there.
-Yes, sir.
As someone in the food industry,
I can't condone what he did.
He should be made to eat dung
for the rest of his life.
Well, that sounds reasonable.
Byun Tae-sik,
you will become a dung beetle.
We have here such brave
and courageous firefighters.
You ran into a burning department store
and brought 300 people to safety.
Please let me express
my sincerest respect for you.
Grade A. There's no doubt about it.
Just let us know
what you'd like to be reborn as.
Your wish is our command.
We're grateful for the offer,
but all we wish to be
is a pleasantly cool breeze.
We will be content if we become
a cool breeze that wipes away
the sweat off hard-working people's brows.
You deserve to enjoy
what life has to offer.
-Being a breeze won't cut it.
-She's right.
Since you seven already have
impeccable teamwork
How about they take the world by storm?
By storm?
How about you are reincarnated
as a seven-member boy band?
The Breeze-like Souls. BLS for short.
What do you say?
Sounds good. BLS, wow!
The seven firefighters
will be reborn as BLS,
the seven-member boy band.
This way, please.
You'll go in one by one
starting with Byun Tae-sik.
Will my memories be washed away
once I step in the shower?
Why do you ask?
Are you scared?
Yes, a little.
Don't be.
In a few seconds,
you'll even forget that you were scared.
Now step inside. We don't have all day.
-Are you still scared?
I don't quite follow.
I find myself missing Kang-bae.
The two of us
would always wash the dishes together.
I wonder how he's doing.
He'd better not be crying his eyes out
because he misses us.
I'm sure he's busy
rehearsing for the dance competition.
We won't even be on his mind.
We need to hurry back
to the Living Realm though.
It's already been three days, so 27 hours.
When will we complete
our 120 hours of service?
When we get back, we'll only have
a few days to complete your task.
-This is bad.
Not for you though.
Even if I fail to settle 100,000 grudges,
you can go back to the Afterlife Police.
Meanwhile, I'll go straight to Hell.
Still, you were able
to settle 99,995 grudges
so far.
Won't that reduce your final sentence?
I mean,
you could beg for a Grade C reincarnation.
I am a bit jealous of those being reborn.
They get to live a new life
while forgetting the past.
Meanwhile, I've been living for 500 years
feeling the pain of my actions.
If I could, I wouldn't mind stepping into
the Shower of Oblivion myself.
Was your past that painful?
Painful enough to want a fresh start?
Yes, I want to forget about it all.
It wasn't a happy life.
I see.
Everything though?
Wasn't there a single thing
you enjoyed in your previous life?
No, not even one.
Wait, that's not true.
I had my mom.
-Your mom?
I wouldn't have survived
the past 500 years
if it weren't for my memories
of being with her.
I was happy being my mom's daughter.
I wonder if she was happy too.
Having a child like me
would've probably been rough.
No way. I doubt it.
I'm sure your mother
enjoyed her life thanks to you too.
And how would you know?
Let's just say I do.
My mom hasn't seen me for 500 years.
She probably won't even remember my face.
You never know.
She could be watching you
without you knowing.
As if.
Can you clean up here?
I'll dust the library.
Are these the list of the reincarnated?
There's a lot.
Gosh, it's dusty.
I knew Princess Pyeong-gang would do good.
She did such a good job
transforming your dense husband
and now she's working as
a successful lecturer.
After making all those delicious meals,
Lady U-reong became
the proud owner of a restaurant.
I guess they all keep doing
what they're good at.
You never know.
She could be watching you
without you knowing.
All these files are for the surname Kim?
When will I go through all of them?
These seriously need to be digitized.
You can trust me.
I will protect you no matter what.
-Yeomradaewang is asking for us.
Got it. I'll be right out.
Sure, let's hurry.
Out with it.
You've been spacing out all day.
I'm worried about someone.
Look at you.
You're head over heels for her.
Still, you'll be meeting her
for dance practice shortly.
What? What do you mean
-Who are you talking about?
-Isn't it obvious?
The one walking over here.
Your shift is over, right?
We need to talk.
Mr. Kang.
Why did you miss practice yesterday?
You didn't even answer my calls.
Sorry about that.
I went someplace to check on something.
Why are you being so vague?
What did you check and where did you go?
I'm sorry.
My head's just not in the right place.
Okay, fine. I apologize.
I read your message,
but I fell asleep
before I could answer it.
I thought about replying after I woke up.
That's right.
You ghosted me the other day.
It's not like I ghosted you but--
I had forgotten about that.
Then why
I don't think I can make it to practice
because of my duties with the CIA.
I'm sorry but I should get going.
-I'm sorry.
It's been three days already.
Yes! He did it!
Now, face me directly.
-Lift your arms.
Good job.
Ms. Weol-ju, Guibanjang,
I hope you're both all right.
Are you doing well?
Come to me in my dream and let me know.
I'll be waiting for you tonight as well.
He seems to be a natural
at playing hard to get.
He's a player if you ask me.
He doesn't look like it.
He asked you out to the movies first
and then texted you when you got home.
But now he says
that he forgot about it all?
Only a player
would light a match and let it burn.
He didn't light anything, okay?
I'm not some dry wood.
Of course you are.
You're parched right down to the core.
Even at that age, you haven't even
properly dated or kissed a guy.
You're dryer than the Sahara Desert.
Well, it's not my fault, you know.
When I start to like someone,
he runs away.
What can I do?
Then do it before you develop feelings.
-Do what?
-Plant one on him.
A kiss.
Do it before you start to like him.
That's your conclusion?
Or else you're going to end up
dying a virgin.
By the looks of it,
you'll fall hard for this guy soon,
which means it'll be over.
Me and Han Kang-bae?
So do it before you start to like him.
Just kiss him.
Cut the crap, will you?
Look at all these different treats.
What's the occasion, ma'am?
Community service has been tough, right?
I thought you'd appreciate
a little sugary pick-me-up.
I smell something.
What do you mean?
They're fresh from the store.
It smells like bribes and favors.
Aren't I right?
No, of course not.
You see, I have a little
vor to ask.
A "vor"?
A favor.
Oh, a favor.
You need a favor from us?
I made some kind of mistake.
I knew it. Now, we're talking.
You see
Damn it.
Are things good here?
-Yes, ma'am!
-Yes, ma'am!
Right. Carry on then.
is this the best you can do?
The evil spirit that escaped
should have been caught by now.
My apologies, sir.
I'll get right on it.
I'm sick of hearing that again and again.
I should strip you of your rank.
My gosh.
Gosh, no, sir. I'll do my best.
Shouldn't he know that
managing Hell isn't a walk in the park?
If I could, I'd just--
My gosh!
I heard that the emperor
almost bit your head off.
At least I have a good friend in Samsin.
Did it break?
-You little--
-I'm sorry, ma'am.
I should've looked where I was going.
Right. Well, it happens sometimes.
It's all right. You can go.
It's fine.
That bastard emperor
What is this?
Why's she asking me that?
You crazy bitch. What have you done?
Why did I send it to him instead?
He really might fire me at this rate.
Oh gosh.
Hold on a second.
Just relax.
Calm down and ease your mind.
"Sir, I was I must've lost my mind"
What? It's out of battery?
You've got to be kidding me.
Hello? Is anybody here?
What the hell? He's doing his rounds?
What's with all the cords?
Am I just supposed to stand here?
Are we done or what?
Are you done?
Sorry, I had to use the restroom.
-Yes, I think it's done.
-Then come this way.
So he went back to the Living Realm
without having his memories erased,
but he then disappeared on the way.
Could you perhaps
locate this spirit for me?
Shouldn't you put in a formal request
at the police agency--
Are you insane?
They're busy as it is
because of that evil spirit.
If word gets out, I'll be fired
I'm saying that this issue
must be handled discreetly.
-For what price?
-What? A price?
Don't play dumb with me.
I've been making deals
for the last 500 years.
Hold on.
Is this why you had my bar suspended?
I see. Is that it?
No, of course not.
I'm not that kind of person.
It's a huge coincidence, that's all.
In order to cover up a mistake,
a high-ranking executive abused her powers
and purposely summoned
Afterlife employees.
I won't turn a blind eye to this.
I'll inform the Jade Emperor immediately.
Hold on. Let's sit back down and talk.
There you go. Let's talk. All right.
I'll let you reopen the bar.
And no more community service.
You have the Jade Emperor's number, right?
-Hand me your phone.
Wait. Hold on.
And I'll count this towards your quota.
-Okay, Deal.
In addition,
extend my deadline by ten days.
-Ten days?
-Take it or leave it.
Okay, deal. Sounds good to me.
Okay. Who is this guy?
-I'm out.
Subject, Jang Bok-su.
-His goal in life was to hit the jackpot.
-No way!
To fund his gambling habit,
he took money from his family and friends.
You traitor.
He died in a car accident
while running away from loan-sharks.
He's a lowlife thug. How about Grade B?
It's more than what he deserves.
-Grade C--
Are you kidding me?
I never assaulted or killed anyone.
Grade C for stealing chump change?
Why is this so heavy?
Okay, fine. I'll calm down.
I was going to pay them back.
Just one win.
Then I would have been able
to pay them all back and then some.
See? He still doesn't know
what he did wrong.
Grade C seems fitting.
Guys, let's not get worked up over this.
Let's discuss this.
So we've decided.
The committee has come to a decision.
Subject Jang Bok-su
caused financial damage to others
and brought suffering upon them.
For that reason,
you are ordered to bring joy and happiness
to others in your next life.
Grade B. You will be reborn as a chicken.
The chicken we eat?
Am I supposed to be that egg?
And they're my new family?
You crazy bastards!
What if they fry me for dinner tonight?
I could have turned my life around
if it weren't for that bastard.
Do it. My life is already ruined anyway.
My gosh, look at this.
You laid a beautiful egg today as always.
Well done.
What's wrong with this geezer?
Is he dead?
He's breathing. Did he pass out?
Being an old man is better than
being a fried egg.
I could have gone to pick up the egg.
-But where's the egg?
There wasn't any egg yet.
I didn't see one.
That's odd.
Mr. Chairman, your meal is ready now.
It's back.
We're not open yet.
Come back at night.
My gosh, damn it. I already lost my spot.
People just seem to know
where all the good spots are.
Ms. Weol-ju! Guibanjang!
What took you so long?
Oh, my. Were you worried?
Of course!
I thought you were taken
to the fiery pits of Hell
and had your body torn to pieces,
-or deep-fried in burning oil--
What on earth are you on about?
She has a point. Deep-fried in oil?
We haven't sinned that much.
Actually, you're the one
who seems distressed.
I couldn't get any sleep because
I was worried
I'd never get to see you again.
Oh, my. I see. You couldn't sleep at all.
You shouldn't have skipped meals.
You have nothing to show for
than your build.
Look how sunken your cheeks are.
What will you do now?
I should feed you some meat.
Anyway, everything falls apart
when I'm not here.
How exhausting.
You're back for good, right?
They won't take you away again, right?
Well, we'll have to see
if we're back for good or not.
What is it?
Tell me what it is. I'll do anything.
This is the house.
The egg the fugitive
was assigned to is at this house.
The owner raises chickens?
He seems to be quite an environmentalist.
If we fail to collect the spirit,
we'll have to go back to volunteer work.
Then, realistically speaking,
I won't be able to settle 100,000 grudges.
So you're telling us that we have to find
a lead from this house, right?
What? He's the chairman
of the supermarket I work at.
Transform into the chairman.
-Hold on.
-Hey. Be quiet. You're draining my energy.
Are you guys busy?
Can I ask you just one question?
They must be feeling down today.
They won't talk.
-You should give it a try.
Gosh. But I'm not sure
if my ability will work on chickens.
Try it anyway. We got nothing to lose.
Hurry. Do it before someone comes.
I can do it.
I can do it.
I did it.
There you go.
He went inside the body
of the Kapeul Mart's chairman?
Yes. The hen definitely saw it.
Then, what happened to the chairman?
Does it mean he's dead?
No. His body is just possessed
by the spirit.
The chairman must be locked inside
his own subconscious.
If it were up to me, I would have
beaten the spirit out of him.
I wonder if he'll even listen to us.
For now, let's approach the chairman
when he's alone.
Follow him.
Sir, these are the documents
for our foreign branch that you asked for.
What? Okay.
I'll read this later.
Yes, sir.
Gosh, being a chairman is exhausting.
What? That's
Don't be like that.
Please lend me some money.
It's urgent this time. I'm serious.
For what?
So you can gamble away the money again?
No, I won't!
Cheol-gu said that
if I don't pay him back by today,
he'll kill me. He really will this time.
How long are you going to keep this up?
You're always borrowing money to gamble
or running away
because you owe someone money.
Is this how you'll live?
I thought we were friends.
You're the only one I can rely on.
Damn it.
I'll cover for you this time.
I'll give you my savings
What? You're here?
Hey, Jang Bok-su.
You're some friend!
No. Hey, Bok-su!
I can't believe
I thought he was my friend.
Right. I died because of you.
That traitor.
I'll make you pay for what you did.
Stop the car over there.
-Damn it.
-What are you doing?
-You're pissing me off!
-Break it.
-Don't do anything.
-Stop it!
-I'm going to crush you!
-Stop it!
-Get out of my way.
-Don't move.
-Pay back what you owe!
-Oh, my.
Pay us back.
Damn it.
Good job.
Thank you.
By the way, how did you know about me?
Is it an honor?
Of course. I hope I can continue
to work for you in the future.
Lower your head more.
Yes, sir.
-Where did he go?
-There you go.
-Hey, he's over there.
-This is how you'll greet me from now on.
You moron.
Bye, sir. You have my respect.
Should I step in?
Hold on. I think
something is going on there.
Given the circumstance,
he might cause more trouble.
Right. He has money and power.
Since this is his second chance at life,
he will go nuts.
I just feel bad for the fruit vendor.
The chairman used to be such a nice man.
At this rate, he'll become a criminal.
Look at what he did today.
I bet he's dying to get out
of his subconscious.
Unless he's spiritually gifted,
he won't be able
to break free of the possession.
We must stop him
before it gets out of hand.
We have to make him drink ssanggapju.
Should we set up the bar
in front of his house?
We haven't gotten the bar back yet.
The bar is still suspended
until we solve this case.
Kang-bae, you have to go, right?
Yes. Tomorrow is the dance competition,
so we have a final rehearsal.
Let's try again.
Stand behind me. Let's practice.
-This one.
Just pretend to be good.
All right, everyone.
The chairman came by to cheer you on
for tomorrow's competition.
Hello, sir.
Everyone is working so hard.
You guys look great.
He's brought snacks for you here.
Please enjoy them.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Mr. Chairman!
-What do I do? This might be my chance.
-Mr. Chairman!
Should I touch him?
What kind of wish will we get this year?
A wish?
Last year,
we all had fried chicken together.
Two years ago, you sent
the employees' parents on a trip.
Well, to be honest, everyone
is looking forward to making a wish
more than winning the cash prize.
That's right. We ought to do
the same this year.
-Get back to your practice.
Here. Try some.
My gosh. Look at this.
This is good. It's nice.
They gave you snacks for dance practice.
So, the chairman
is going to make your wish come true?
So, what's your plan?
It's simple. I'm going to win first place
at the dance competition tomorrow.
And for my wish, I'll ask for a drink
alone with the chairman.
I'll bring him to my house.
What do you think?
That's a good idea.
Okay. That's a great idea.
Then, go back and practice some more.
Right? Okay. I can do this!
You can do it.
Let me take one. Just one.
Win first place.
That would be great.
It sounds pretty simple enough,
but will that work?
We'll make it work.
Let's take a break.
At this rate, you'll pass out
before the competition.
No. I don't have time to rest
if I'm going to win first place.
Why are you working so hard
all of a sudden?
Is it because of me?
It's nothing.
Damn it. What's wrong with me?
I sound like I'm self-obsessed.
This is totally humiliating.
I really want to win first place, too
for someone who's really special to me.
He's talking about me, right? No?
Gosh, it's confusing.
Is he playing hard-to-get?
I think I memorized all the moves.
Should we try it out together?
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Six, seven, eight. One two
Just kiss him before you
develop feelings for him.
Kiss him.
Yeo-rin, I didn't mess up
at all this time.
No, you didn't. You did well.
I guided all of today's deceased
to the Afterlife.
Okay. Good job.
This is awful.
Since the pop-up bar is gone,
we now have to pay for our meals.
Why did Weol-ju have to break the law?
-Don't break the law, okay?
Sir, did you look at the profile
of the fugitive spirit I sent you before?
Oh, right. I forgot about that.
Damn it. I have so much work
that I keep forgetting things.
He's not to be taken lightly.
He vanishes into thin air.
The officials on his case are having
a hard time locating him.
-This is him.
Raise it way higher.
-Move it to the right.
-That way.
We'll start soon. Please hurry.
Is this absolutely necessary?
Well, but then again,
I have no choice but to do this
for the greater good.
Ms. Kim!
Why don't you drink this
while you practice?
You didn't have to.
Oh, right. Mr. Jang. Did you memorize
all the routine? Let me see.
You messed it up yesterday. Show me.
Why don't we do that after you drink?
This isn't important.
I'll drink after I check.
Hurry. Show me.
Wait. Gosh.
-Left, right.
-Right. Hold on.
Let's practice after you drink it.
Forget about the drink.
Do you know how much the cash prize is?
All right. Let's try again. Start.
Left, right, right, left. Left, right.
There you go. Yes.
If something isn't working,
you make it work.
Left, right, right, left. Left, right.
-Ms. Kim, I can't do it anymore.
-No. Let's try again.
No, try again. One, two, three, four.
Left, right, right, left.
I can't do this anymore! My goodness.
My gosh. Come on.
We will now begin
the Kapeul Mart Couples Dance Competition.
There you go!
Where did Guibanjang go?
Damn it.
What? She seems perfectly fine.
What the heck did he do?
Seriously? Both of them are so good.
What is it?
They are too good.
I don't think we can win first place.
Should I give up?
Life is all about mentality.
If you're scared, you'll achieve nothing.
All we have to do is
just give it our best shot.
-We can do it.
-We can do it.
-Looking sexy!
-My gosh.
You're doing great!
Did something happen to him?
I didn't know
medicine these days is so strong.
Damn it.
Oh, no. Wait.
The winning couple of the competition
-Are you curious to find out?
Right. I'm curious as well.
The winning couple is
It's Han Kang-bae and Kang Yeo-rin!
We did it!
All right.
The chairman will now present the prize.
Winners, calm down and come forward.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Congratulations to both of you.
The Kapeul Mart Couples Dance Competition
comes with a tradition.
It's time for the chairman
to make your wish come true.
Ms. Kang, why don't you share yours?
I'm working here
as a contract worker here.
I'd like to work here until the day I die!
You can't be here until the day you die.
But I like your attitude.
A permanent position here?
You know what?
You got it.
All right. Mr. Han, what is yours?
I would
like to have a drink with you, sir.
Could I invite you to my home?
A drink?
That's an easy one.
Thank you.
He's got quite a perseverance.
-What happened?
-You startled me.
What's wrong with you?
A lot has happened
after the forbidden door opened up.
My goodness.
I cooked bossam with my special recipe
after I heard that you'll be visiting.
It looks delicious.
Will you wait?
-Eat up, sir.
-Okay, thank you so much for the food.
I'll use this to make a wrap
and put this on top.
There we go.
And I'll finish it off
with some salted shrimp.
Then I'll wrap it like this
and put the whole thing in my mouth.
You really know how to eat.
You know your bossam.
The meat just melts in my mouth.
Kang-bae, your aunt is an amazing cook.
Yes, she is.
Sir, let me pour you a drink.
I'm so honored, sir.
But let me ask you something.
Why do you live like this?
You should dream big.
Back when I was your age,
I didn't live like this.
How were you?
Life is do or die.
When will you afford to get a better place
with the job you have now?
Don't work too hard.
You just need just one shot.
You should dream of making a fortune.
"Making a fortune"?
I'm actually very interested in that.
What can I do to make that happen?
-Well, you see--
-That's a bunch of nonsense.
There's a process for everything
just like this bossam.
You must pick out the right kind of meat,
get rid of the bad smell,
and boil the meat as you constantly
check the meat and adjust the fire.
You need to be careful
with every single step.
Without that effort,
you won't get this kind of bossam.
Do you think life is about
hitting the jackpot? That's rubbish.
If you go after easy money,
you'll end up in trouble.
Don't you agree, sir?
Yes, of course. You're right.
You'll get in trouble.
I knew it.
You and I are very similar, sir.
Why don't we have a drink?
Oh, okay. Sure.
50,000 WON
Who dropped all this?
I went to the fruit shop to collect money,
and I ran into Jang Bok-su there.
He started running the moment he saw me
as if he ran into the Grim Reaper.
The owner of that fruit shop
is really amazing.
He paid off that jerk's debt
just because they're friends.
I know, right?
He always paid the interest on time
and told me not to bother
Jang Bok-su again.
He thinks Jang Bok-su started gambling
and took out a loan because of me.
He blamed me for ruining his life.
-It's totally crazy.
-That can't be.
-He was apparently nice and diligent
-That can't be true.
in the past or something.
Is this because of Bok-su again?
Why do you keep doing this?
You know he's hopeless.
You know why I'm doing this.
-Yes, I know.
Ten years ago, he moved out of his house
so he could give you the deposit
to help your mom get surgery.
But this is too much.
Think about how you lived after that.
You spent the money
you had saved up for college
and to get a new truck for the business.
You're even going to spend
the money you saved up for our wedding?
How long are you going to keep doing this?
You know what?
I'll let you do what you want.
Go ahead and take care of his mess
for the rest of your life.
Gyeong-a, wait.
What do you think?
He's your one and only friend,
you've ruined his life.
Do you still think life
is about the jackpot?
Let me talk to him.
I want to apologize to him.
I didn't even know
I made a huge mess of his fruit shop
because I had no idea.
I'm going to wake up. This is a dream.
So I'm going to wake up. I'll wake up,
get him a bigger shop,
buy him a new truck,
and support him so he can study again.
You still haven't come to your senses.
That money isn't yours.
It's the chairman's.
Do you think your friend will want you
to help him with someone else's money?
It'll only make things worse.
Then what am I supposed to do?
What do you think?
Just do what you can do.
Go back and receive punishment
for your sins.
This time, you'll get a C instead of a B.
But instead, we'll take good care
of your friend.
He lived a good life.
Are you sure about that?
Okay, fine. I'll go.
I'll go back.
I don't think you're ready yet.
What? Why?
Put that down.
Who takes cash to the Afterlife?
Oh, okay. I'll leave it there.
Are you happy now?
We won the competition thanks to you.
No, you also did your best.
It's nothing.
By the way, what are you guys going to eat
with the prize money?
Jin-dong keeps saying
he wants Korean beef.
We always had rice soup for team dinners,
but thanks to you,
our team will get to eat Korean beef.
He's crazy about Korean beef.
What? What did you say?
Where are you guys
having your team dinner?
I'm not sure. I'm sure we'll decide soon.
I want to tell you
that I had a lot of fun.
This might sound weird,
but it's normally impossible for me
to do anything with anyone.
So thank you.
How could an evil spirit be so strong?
Do you think I wandered around the country
because I was on the run?
I was busy devouring all the evil spirits
to gain strength.
That is why it took me so long.
This isn't enough.
You just wait.
It will be your turn soon.
This tastes best
when you shake it like this.
Here's your drink.
I really wanted to see Kang-bae dance.
I heard they were really good on stage.
What? Oh, okay.
You're totally out of it.
Did something happen
between you and Yeo-rin?
No! Nothing happened!
Gosh, I spilled all the alcohol.
So what if something happened?
You didn't have to spill all that alcohol.
By the way, about that loan shark.
I reported him to the cops,
so he got arrested.
And the fruit shop owner
got his money back
and is back together with his girlfriend.
That's great.
You guys really are the best.
You played a big role yourself.
Yes, you're right.
It's all because I won the competition.
Yes, I'll give you credit for that.
Yes, you're bound to get an A later on
when you get graded by
the Reincarnation Grade Rating Committee.
I wonder what I did wrong in my past life
to suffer like this in my current life.
Do you think I killed someone?
If you commit murder, you get a C.
You would have been an insect.
That might have been better.
Hey, if you were born an insect,
you wouldn't have met me
or Guibanjang.
And we wouldn't have been able
to drink together.
Does that sound good?
No, I guess not.
My life without you guys
Gosh, it'd be too boring.
I felt so lonely
when you guys weren't here.
Were you?
Well, once we settle four more grudges,
the pop-up bar will disappear,
and we'll no longer be around.
Oh, dear.
I can already imagine
how sad you're going to be.
Can't you just stay
even after you're done?
I'll keep working part-time.
Hey, once this is over,
you'll no longer be in this state.
So you should get yourself a girlfriend
and enjoy your life.
You deserve to enjoy your life
way more than others.
Do you understand?
She's right. Once that day comes,
you won't even be curious
about your past life.
But if you ever go to the Afterlife again,
please find out what I was.
No, that's a top secret.
And even if you find out,
it won't do you any good.
You saw Jang Bok-su.
Being born again with the memory
of your past life is the worst.
You'll be living a life
that you've already once lived.
It'll be impossible to live a normal life.
I personally think the Shower of Oblivion
is the best service
that the Afterlife provides for humans.
You must have suffered so much
for the past 500 years.
Your anger
and resentment.
I will help end your pain.
Come to me,
Let's all sober up.
Let's go for a second round.
Yes, I need to sober up a little.
Let's go. A second round is a must.
Hey, let's go to a karaoke room.
I'll be off now.
Hey, where do you think you're going?
That's a very popular dance
in the Afterlife.
It's okay.
I'm taking you all the way to Hell.
You jerks.
Yes! Nice timing!
Do you know how much I missed you guys?
What a joke. You didn't miss us.
I'm serious. Do you know
how much I've spent
in convenience stores
because the bar was gone?
I missed you, Mystic Pop-up Bar.
I knew it.
From now on,
you'll have to pay for your food.
Hey, I've been a regular for 500 years.
Sir, we're going for a second round.
Do you want to join?
You should come with us.
Now is your chance to buy us food!
Okay, fine. It's on me tonight.
You can eat whatever you want.
-Let's go!
-Let's go somewhere nice.
-Let's go!
-Let's eat something good.
-The karaoke?
-Let's go.
-My goodness.
Make way for me!
Hey, do you have everything ready?
Yeombujang, come on!
You didn't prepare anything?
Subtitle translation by Hye-lim Park
I'm a fool who's taunted by fate.
I don't have feelings for you.
I'm a fool who's given her all for love.
Parcel delivery!
A delivery guy?
-He's just being used.
Forget about it.
Should love be conditional? Should it?
-But you just said it was wise to--
Hold on. What's the name again?
-Ice Witch.
-We might be able to read
-the last chapter!
-The last chapter!
Who are you people?
How dare you interrupt!
I needed to see the scorned woman
who was giving Hell a run for its money.
So Bo-ra's spirit is still here?
Was he like that?
The man you loved.
Do you know that you're like the moon?
You are an amazing person who gave me
so many happy memories.
Please don't forget that.
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