Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Your smile
blinds me.
Your beautiful voice
makes me go deaf.
Oh, Romeo!
Your gaze split my heart into two.
Half of it is yours,
and the other half is also yours.
-Romeo, Romeo!
Snap out of it!
I forbade you from loving her!
Father, I can no longer ignore
the cries of my heart.
Don't be ridiculous!
-Follow me, Juliet.
-Father, please!
-I love him.
You love my enemy's son?
That is absurd. Move aside.
I may give you to a dirty Juliet--
No. I may give you to a dirty dog,
but I will never give you to that man!
Hey! I never allowed this either.
I know that dating younger men
is the trend,
but they're a decade apart!
My son can do better!
You wicked Montague!
You evil Capulet!
Stop it!
I'm a fool
who's taunted
by fate.
I'm a fool who's given her all for love.
Mr. Manager of Mystic Pop-up Bar,
how about you stop gaming
before I break your phone into two?
I'm not gaming. I'm reading.
Juliet's Temptations?
It already sounds fishy.
You should take up reading.
This web-novel is the most popular
these days.
I knew it. It's X-rated.
No wonder you were so fixated on this.
You lack cultural refinement.
That's not why it's X-rated.
Philosophical ideas about life
are hidden in this masterpiece.
In order to comprehend
the many layers of love,
you need to be a full-grown adult.
Hey, guys.
Hold on.
What have you done to him?
What's wrong with him?
He's been acting that way
ever since the dance contest ended.
He's been smiling
from ear-to-ear ever since.
Wait, that face looks familiar.
Didn't he look like that
when we made him kiss
his girlfriend in his dream?
You're right.
That's not true.
It's just that the weather's so nice.
As if. All that dust is suffocating me.
-Be honest.
-You're wrong.
Make sure the table
is clean enough to kiss.
Yes, make sure
it's clean and lovely.
Don't worry about it. I'm good at this.
I'm going to make some soup
that's so delicious
that people fall in love with it.
You kissed!
-You kissed!
-You did!
-Come clean.
-Whom did you kiss?
It's obviously Kang Yeo-rin.
How did you know?
The last time I kissed was 500 years ago.
Lucky you.
You must be happy. I'm jealous.
It wasn't anything that great.
I'm sure it wasn't.
I bet you only smooched for 0.3 seconds.
Look at how young and virile he is.
When people his age lock lips,
there's no end to it.
We just touched lips.
Did anything else touch?
You still have a long way to go.
At least he has somewhere to go.
Take your time.
Good luck.
-Have a good lunch.
-Thank you.
What have I done?
I bet he'll ignore me now.
Did I startle you? Sorry.
I was just happy to see you.
You were happy?
To see me?
Why would you be?
Because it's you. We're partners.
That's enough. I'm busy, so I should go.
Do you want to have lunch?
You want to have lunch with me?
Yes, I'd like to treat you
to something delicious.
I'm sorry, but I'm going to eat
with my friend.
That's a shame.
Then we'll take a raincheck.
Have a good day. Good luck!
"Good luck!"
All the men I've liked so far
ran away the moment we touched.
But this time, you guys smooched,
and yet he's still wagging his tail
whenever he sees you.
That means I don't like him, right?
I was pretty sure you did, though.
Then why did you even kiss him?
It was all because of you.
You said if I was destined
to remain single forever,
that I should at least kiss.
You're right. I did say that.
So it was kind of an accident
because my words triggered
all the pent-up lust
you had to burst, right?
Yes, exactly that.
It was merely an accident.
What do you think?
The room is nice,
but I'm getting the chills.
That's just because it's vacant.
It's southward,
so you'll get a lot of sunlight.
It's perfect for one person.
I'm sorry, but it doesn't feel right.
-Hey, Mr. Rooftop.
Wait. Come here for a minute.
We have a vacant room.
Would you like to check it out?
Thank you, but I don't have the money.
Come on. I'll give you a cheaper offer.
How about half the original price?
It'll be much better than the rooftop.
Half the original price?
Wow, it's nice.
It's more spacious than I thought.
Get out. This is my house.
Get out.
What? You want me to get out?
No. You should get it
before someone else does.
I said, get out!
If I see you in here again, I'll kill you.
I don't think the walls are soundproof.
I can clearly hear
the people upstairs fighting.
It's chilly here.
The contract for the rooftop
hasn't ended yet, so I should go.
Thank you.
Let's see.
"Ice Witch"?
Who is this?
There are so many mails.
I got myself a job
so that we could be together.
A job?
Please don't tell me you're a deliveryman.
Don't worry about
your father's disapproval.
I left my family yesterday,
and I no longer care about
my family's wealth, reputation, or honor.
I'm happy as long as I have you.
But still, you shouldn't have left home.
You should take over
your father's business.
It's worth a hefty sum of money.
Don't you worry.
I also have my own business.
I'm a businessman myself!
Oh, come on. This isn't right.
Did I bewitch him too much?
This is exactly why
women shouldn't date boys.
Juliet Capulet.
I heard that your father's business
went south.
Here. Take this
and stay away from us.
What do you take me for?
Can you really not understand
my sincerity?
Don't tell me you're still going on
about love or fate.
Don't be foolish!
That is right.
I'm a fool.
I've turned my eyes away from the truth
and hid in the shadows like a coward.
But I won't hide my feelings any longer.
It's not Romeo whom I love.
It's you.
No way.
My palms are sweaty.
There are numerous twists.
Isn't this so shocking?
But most of all, I love the character.
What an amazing character
-Romeo is.
-Juliet is.
You're amazed by her?
Yes. She's so wise and realistic.
At the mere age of 16,
she knew that love
wasn't the answer to everything.
I should've been like her.
-Oh, you're here too.
Kang-bae, stick the fish cakes
into the skewers.
-Would you like to eat anything?
-I'm good.
How is everything? Good?
Yes, but I guess you have something.
You've been visiting us more than often.
Well, I found an evil spirit,
and it's been in full swing lately,
so I was just checking in.
The one that escaped from the Afterlife?
You still haven't caught it?
-Then you should go get it,
not loiter at our bar.
How could you say that?
I voluntarily came all the way here
to check if you were safe.
I'm warning you to stay safe
since the evil spirit may be around.
Are you that elated?
I thought you didn't like
physical touches.
But that proved to be wrong last time.
Right, you were
very passionate and touchy.
That was
I just wanted to win.
I had no other intentions.
You can be honest with me.
You dreamed about our conception dream.
I should repay you for that.
So come clean.
How close are you two as of now?
Ever since the dance contest,
we didn't really get to talk much.
I feel like the timing isn't right.
Timing. Life is all about timing.
So you mean you need some sort of a reason
to upgrade yourself from a colleague
to someone she flirts with, right?
Come to think of it, shouldn't we have
a get-together with the prize money?
Let me help you this time.
Here you go.
You're a professional.
Someone taught me that.
Congratulations to Security
and Customer Service for their victory.
-They're cooked now.
-They are.
Yeo-rin, have some.
They're perfectly cooked.
-Hold on.
It'll taste better if you dip it in this.
Guys, let's give a round of applause
to Han Kang-bae and Kang Yeo-rin
for allowing us to gather together
and eat Korean beef.
-Han Kang-bae!
-Han Kang-bae!
-Kang Yeo-rin!
-Enjoy the meat.
Han Kang-bae! Kang Yeo-rin!
What should I do?
I'm trying to ignore him,
but he's treating me so well.
Yeo-rin, have some.
And what about those hands?
They're so white, long, and pretty.
Thank goodness I don't like him.
If I did, I would've grabbed it.
Snap out of it.
Gosh, why would he look at me like that?
Did he think my heart would flutter?
He has the face of a cute Fennec fox
and kept smiling at me.
Gosh, thank goodness I don't like him.
If I did, I would've
This won't do. I should make myself clear
before he gets even more hurt.
-Have this.
-No, you can.
That one's not cooked
You know, rare tastes the best for beef.
It's so juicy and nice.
You eat so deliciously.
You eat so well. Right?
Shot glasses are too small.
She can drink well.
How's your liver so strong?
You're so amazing.
Before we move
-Here, have one each.
You too.
-Take this.
-Thank you.
Eat it and sober up.
We're going to the karaoke now.
-Let's go!
-Yeo-rin, are you okay?
I should go home first.
Let me take you home.
No, I'm okay.
You can trust him.
He'll take you home safely.
We'll be going now. Goodbye.
Let's go.
That's the wrong way.
Be careful.
-Are you okay?
Damn it. How long do I have to pretend?
Kang-bae, I was just pretending
to be drunk.
I think it's best
to make my feelings clear.
I don't have feelings for you.
Right, so
Then why
I do admit that what I did last time
on the rooftop
could've given you the wrong impression.
I'm sorry about that.
The dance contest made me all excited.
I misinterpreted my feelings
and thought that I liked you.
Perhaps, you're wrong.
No one else understands me better
than I do.
I'm grateful for the way
you've been treating me,
but I'm sure you don't feel that way
toward me.
After all, there's not much
that we know about each other.
That's how all couples are
in the beginning.
Can't we just get to know each other?
The closer we become,
the less you'll like me.
Then we'll just get hurt.
How are you so certain?
I just am.
I'm that kind of person.
let's stop being confused.
I'm truly sorry.
What did you just say?
You two are getting married?
That is right.
Say hi
to your stepmother.
Hi, Romeo. I hope we get along.
Why are you doing this to me?
This is all a lie, right?
Tell me the truth.
My son. To be honest,
I'm in the last stage of cancer.
-I have three months left.
I'd like to love passionately
before I die.
Hello, Father!
Hi, sit down.
-I said, sit down!
-Sit down.
What are you looking at?
So I hear that you love my daughter.
Yes, sir. There's no doubt about that.
Mr. Capulet, you and my father
are archenemies.
Will you truly allow this marriage?
Of course! There's no better man than him.
He's wealthy, dying,
and in love with my daughter.
What's there not to like?
What happened to our love? Tell me.
You're my burning heart.
My true love.
What an impudent brat you are.
Watch what you say to your mother.
What? "Mother"?
Yes. From now on, I am your mother.
I'm your mother.
-I'm your mom.
This isn't right.
They can't do this.
What do you mean?
This is the right thing to do.
The writer knows
a thing or two about life.
What about Romeo's pure love?
That is the most useless thing
in this world.
If Romeo was smart enough,
he would've convinced his parents first
and gained power.
After that, he would've introduced her
to his family.
He's just acting like a whining baby
by being so reckless.
Was he like that? The man you loved.
I guess he was similar.
He didn't care about his surroundings
and only cared about his feelings.
Countless people suffered because of him.
You must resent him.
How could I not?
He sounded like he'd do anything for me
and told me to trust him.
I cursed and resented him.
I'd like some water.
Anyway, when will the next episode
come out?
It's the final episode.
You're right.
It should've been released already.
There's an announcement. What is this?
"Rest in peace"? What does it mean?
"Due to Ice Witch's passing,
the series has ended."
How could this be? This is absurd.
Does this mean the final episode
of Juliet's Temptations
will never be published?
This is unbelievable.
I thought you had a get-together today.
I'm here as a customer.
One soju bottle, please.
What's gotten into you? You rarely drink.
So she rejected you
even before you could confess
your feelings?
I can't understand her.
Was she toying with you or what?
Then why did she even kiss you?
No wonder she rejected you.
You look so pale for a man.
She said she misinterpreted her feelings.
Also, she said the closer we got,
the less we would like each other.
But then again, what do I have?
What's wrong with you?
I'm an orphan and was bullied in school.
I'm a part-time worker,
-and have been single all my life.
-Hey! Forget about it.
She's obviously the demanding type.
I hope she breaks her nose.
That was a bit harsh.
Not at all. Look at how heartbroken he is.
How dare she judge him?
Should love be conditional? Should it?
There's no point in dating someone
who knows nothing about love.
But you just said it was wise to--
It's okay. It only hurts in the beginning.
Get rejected a few more times,
and it'll feel like nothing.
You look like you're destined to live
the single life
until the day you die just like me.
Sir, why have you been talking nonsense?
Aren't you done drinking?
I was about to leave anyway.
You should be grateful for my advice.
Thank you.
Were you able to hear him?
-Could you see him?
He's unbelievably rude.
a spirit.
He stopped by for some udon
before moving to the Afterlife.
He's a spirit?
That can't be. I could see him.
Sir? Wait!
-What do you want?
-Just a second.
I need to head upstairs.
-I'm already late.
Then are you really
Popping back and forth from
the Living Realm and Dream World must've
widened your spiritual vision.
You're now seeing
those from the Afterlife.
This is the side-effect
you warned me about, right?
You said I'd see spirits
and people will spill their secrets
when we make eye contact.
Is this how it all begins?
Kang-bae, this will soon be over anyway.
Once I settle 100,000 grudges,
I'll enter your Dream World
and close your spiritual vision.
That will put an end to everything,
so don't worry.
Right? We only have
four more grudges to go,
so I'll be as good as new again.
Why isn't he here?
Did he not come in today?
Are you here for Kang-bae?
No, I was just doing my rounds.
Have a good day then.
Just so you know,
Kang-bae called in sick today.
He's sick? Why? Is it bad?
What? I don't know the details.
How can you not know
when you're his colleague?
Why has he fallen sick?
My gosh.
Why are you here at this hour?
What about your day job?
I took the day off.
Because you couldn't face Yeo-rin?
Yes. And I'm scared that
I'll see spirits again.
Right. Of course you're confused.
I've been thinking about it,
and if you don't want spirits
to circle around you,
you have to hide the fact
that you can see them.
-Well, relax first.
What you should do
is try not to make eye contact
and don't be startled even if you do.
Also, you should look elsewhere
as if you didn't see anything.
-Close your eyes for me.
-My eyes?
Open them after counting to three.
One, two, three.
I'll open them.
What the hell? Shit
What the hell did I just see?
You've got to be kidding me.
You scared me!
This is exactly what you shouldn't do.
I told you to ignore them.
How can I when they're that scary?
This is bad.
I guess I have no choice.
Take this.
It's one of my treasures,
but you can have it. Here you go.
Not seeing the spirits
will definitely help.
Thanks, Guibanjang.
-By the way, where's Miss?
-Beats me.
She went somewhere yesterday
but still isn't back.
Gosh, this is heavy.
Where the hell were you
and what did you bring?
-Get me a glass of water.
My back's killing me.
Are we out of salt?
It's for you, you dolt.
This salt was harvested from
the most pristine village down south.
It's 99.9 percent sodium chloride,
free of impurities.
In other words, pure salt.
That's where you went last night?
My goodness.
What can I do
when he's scared out of his mind?
Carry around a handful of salt and
sprinkle it at spirits when you see them.
They'll run for their lives
since it's of good quality.
You didn't have to go
to all this trouble for me.
Thanks, Ms. Weol-ju.
So what's with the shades?
-Cool, right?
I gave them to him so that
he could avoid eye contact with spirits.
As if he'd be able to do that.
Being the softy that he is,
he'll end up listening
to every sob story that comes his way.
He would've never ended up here
if he were able to turn
a blind eye to people.
Was yesterday the first time
you saw a spirit though?
Nothing weird happened before that?
I think I heard a weird sound.
-A sound?
When I went apartment hunting,
I heard her voice telling me to get out
that it was her place.
I guess that spirit must have
attached itself to the apartment.
But her name was eerier.
I saw the name on her mail,
and it was Ice Witch.
Hold on. What's the name again?
Ice Witch.
That's the author of Juliet's Temptations.
She died recently
No way. And she got herself
attached to the house?
We might be able to read
-the last chapter!
-The last chapter!
Come out, come out wherever you are
Is there really a spirit here?
Yes, a poor soul is occupying this space.
Can you tell me your name?
Oh my god!
Mr. Rooftop?
Hello, ma'am. My aunt and uncle
are here to check the room with me.
Who's he?
You see, the previous tenant died.
I just had this eerie feeling
so I hired an expert to cleanse the space.
-Please have a look around.
Where could you be?
Guibanjang, can you see her?
She's right over there.
Yes, that's her.
Quiet! Can't you see
I'm talking to the spirit?
The guy seems too upset
to leave this place.
It's so sad that he died
at such a young age.
I'm afraid you'll have
to comfort his soul.
But I died of a heart attack.
She's a young woman in her 20s,
and died of heart failure.
What are you saying?
That's right! The tenant was a young lady.
She died of a heart attack.
Who are you people?
How dare you interrupt!
May I present the Great Lady Weol-hwa.
She trained for ten years
up on Mount Gyeryong
and another ten up on Mount Jiri.
I needed to see the scorned woman
who was giving Hell a run for its money.
No wonder it has been so chilly in here.
Lady Weol-hwa,
I'm glad you're here.
Could you please help me out?
-Why not?
-Thank you.
What are you going to do
with that guy over there?
Get out here!
-I'm just tired today, that's all.
Get the hell out of here, you fraud!
How dare you try to fool me.
I'm just tired these days, that's all.
Hold on a second.
Damn it. There goes another score.
Who the hell are those people?
Hi, there.
You're Ice Witch, right?
The author of Juliet's Temptations.
Who are you people?
If you're here to drive me out, forget it.
I'm not leaving.
That's not the business we're in,
so don't worry.
I know it's not my place to ask this,
but did you write the last chapter
before passing away?
The curiosity is killing me.
Could I perhaps read it?
Must you be so insensitive too?
She just passed away.
Kang-bae, please.
We're not asking for personal reasons.
I feel like we have a duty to
let her grand work see the light of day.
Don't you worry.
We'll make sure it's published.
So where's the manuscript?
Is it with your other belongings?
How about we go and look for it?
Forget it.
Parcel delivery!
It's here!
Can you ask the landlady
if any parcels were sent to this address?
Who orders this stuff online?
The same with this.
Shipping would've cost more.
Please know that
we're not here to remove you.
We're here to help.
These two are huge fans of your work
and experts at settling grudges.
at settling grudges?
There must be a reason
why you ordered so many items online.
If it's okay with you,
we'd like to hear your story.
I went by the name of Ice Witch,
the author of X-rated web-novels.
Because of my heart condition,
I had to stay home most of the time.
So I didn't have many friends.
Still, I was happy when writing my novels.
Because they would take me
to all kinds of places
and a passionate love was possible.
That's when I met him.
Parcel delivery!
My gosh. Did you pull your back?
Wait here.
You're all set.
Thank you.
Parcel delivery!
It's delicious.
Before I knew it,
I looked forward to receiving parcels
which meant seeing Do-yeong.
We soon became friends.
So you're an author.
No wonder I detected this special aura.
A calm and intelligent vibe.
Oh, please. I haven't even
published any work yet.
I find it hard to write
more than three sentences.
What's the genre?
Mystery? Romance?
I guess it falls under romance.
It's a literary piece
like Romeo and Juliet.
Gosh. Just as I suspected,
you have such elegant taste.
I'd love to read
some of your work sometime.
Wow, this looks delicious.
Dig in before it gets cold.
Is it okay to meet more often
and enjoy meals like this
at restaurants?
What, often?
At restaurants?
-A delivery guy?
Of course he has no chance.
He's just being used,
but he's getting clingy,
and it's just so annoying.
Exactly. Of course.
Of course, it is.
It's why Juliet
pushed Romeo away at first,
but he won her over in the end
with his love.
The pure love of a man
changes a girl's view on life.
How cool is that?
Anyway, I'd better go.
I have a date with my boyfriend.
Sure thing. We'll talk again.
He should be here by now.
I haven't been able
to reach him ever since.
He changed his phone number
and someone else
took over his delivery route.
He must've misunderstood
what I was saying that day.
My gosh.
If only you had been honest with him
from the get-go.
I just couldn't tell him
that I was the author
of Juliet's Temptations.
It was too embarrassing.
I thought that he'd judge me.
No way. I'm sure
he still would've liked you.
When you truly like someone,
you find that person to be pretty, cute,
and admirable.
Because of what I write,
I may seem like an expert on love.
But I've never been loved
by anyone else before.
That's why I couldn't be honest.
My life may have ended,
but I want Do-yeong to know the truth.
He's the first man I loved
and someone precious to me.
I can't let our relationship end this way.
Juliet from your novel
is a smart and confident woman,
but you're the opposite.
And love is keeping you here
in this realm.
What can we do to help you?
Any misunderstandings will be cleared up
if he reads my novel.
I especially wrote the last chapter
while thinking of him.
Could you get him to read it?
You can't set up your bar here.
It's in the way of my truck.
Finally, you're here. Mr. Kim Do-yeong?
Do you know me?
Who are you people?
We are acquaintances of Ms. Shin Bo-ra.
We came to give you something.
We're not involved anymore,
so please move your bar.
Juliet's Temptations by Ice Witch.
It's the novel written by Ms. Shin.
Read it and we'll move the bar.
I'd rather not.
I'm done for the day anyway,
so I'll move the truck tomorrow.
Wait. Hold on a second.
At least stay for a sandwich.
We came out here just for you, you know.
I bet you worked on an empty stomach.
I speak from experience.
He's right, so have a seat.
We won't bother you with anything else.
It's not poisoned, you know.
Oh, right.
It's delicious.
I bet your mouth's drying up.
Here. Have some milk.
I'm tired than usual today.
That's odd. Why am I feeling so drowsy?
Your smile blinds me.
Your beautiful voice
makes me go deaf.
Oh, Romeo!
Your gaze split my heart into two.
Half of it is yours,
and the other half is also yours.
I got myself a job
so that we could be together.
A job?
Please don't tell me
you are a deliveryman.
Don't worry about
your father's disapproval.
I left my family yesterday,
and I no longer care about
my family's wealth, reputation, or honor.
I'm happy as long as I have you.
What did you just say?
You're getting married?
Say hi to your stepmother.
Hi, Romeo. I hope we get along.
All right.
My guide to the bitter afterlife.
My guide to an ugly death.
Shatter me into pieces!
my love.
Romeo, no!
What happened?
Did you drink it? Did you swallow it?
Spit it out right now!
Juliet, what are you doing here?
Isn't today your wedding day?
There's only one person who should
be standing next to me at the altar.
It's you.
At first, I did it for the money.
My father and I came up with a plan
for me to join the House of Montague
and take it for ourselves.
But Romeo,
you're the reason
why my heart started to beat again.
you should've told me sooner.
The secret must've been
eating away at you.
I couldn't say anything
because I didn't want you to despise me.
But now I'm going
to be honest with myself.
I promise you this.
love you.
I also
love you
for the way you are.
A deliveryman and Juliet?
Is this story about us?
So Bo-ra's spirit
is still here?
I've been waiting for you, Do-yeong.
Bo-ra, I'm sorry.
took me too long, didn't it?
I couldn't swallow my pride.
Bo-ra's sorry
that she wasn't honest with you.
She was embarrassed
to show you her work.
Nonsense. I enjoyed your novel, Bo-ra.
It made me laugh
and also cry.
I finally know how you truly feel.
If only I said this sooner too.
I bought it for you
so that
I could tell you how much I like you.
But I thought you were a bad person
and hated you over a misunderstanding.
Will you forgive me?
I don't care if you think
I'm a bad person.
"But I didn't want you to feel hurt
for the rest of your life
because of a misunderstanding.
That's what I was worried about.
You were truly loved,
and you are
an amazing person who gave me
so many happy memories.
Please don't forget that."
Thank you, Weol-ju.
If only I'd had a friend
who could listen to me like you do
when I was alive.
Thanks to you,
I can leave without any regrets now.
We all need
someone who listens to us.
Your Highness.
It was you.
I heard you comforting vengeful spirits
in my dream.
Raise your head.
It is okay. Come on.
I wanted to see your face.
Thanks to you,
I feel more and more at ease every day.
That is great to hear.
If you are feeling better,
I will be going--
Tonight, I would like you to listen to me
instead of them.
But I am not allowed
to have a conversation with you.
We are the only ones here.
It will stay between you and me.
I see, but still
Come on.
Does it look like me?
You are prettier.
Do you know that you are like the moon?
What do you mean?
The moon shines so bright and is so small
that it fits between my fingers,
but I can never bring it home.
Whenever I see it,
I marvel and despair at the same time.
It is also only seen at night.
Because you are so fond of the moon,
I am not getting enough sleep at night.
I am sorry.
Thank you for being my excuse
to leave the palace at night.
Do not worry.
I quite enjoy telling her
about all the mischievous things
you did as a child.
What? Did you two talk behind my back?
When did that happen?
He always walks me home
every time we meet.
That's right.
I do not wish to see you again.
If I happen to see
the face of yours again,
you will not be able to go back alive.
Was this just work for you?
But I fell in love with you.
So please
accept my love.
Who could it be at this hour?
-Is it you, Mother?
It is me. I came to see you.
Your Highness.
What are you doing here?
Did you come by yourself?
What if someone saw you?
Why are you not saying anything?
It will take me all night
to explain why I am here.
I just want to look at you like this.
If you do this,
you will get not only me
but also my mother in serious trouble.
Do not worry.
I will have to protect
the whole kingdom in the future.
I can, of course,
protect the woman I love.
Trust me.
I will protect you
by all means.
Master. Master!
My mother has been murdered.
My mother
I got into a fight with an assassin
that came out of your house.
When I got back there,
the house was on fire.
And your mother
The assassin was there to kill me.
But my mother got killed instead.
You have to leave this place right now.
Please bring me to His Highness.
I beg you.
You cannot meet His Highness again.
-What do you mean?
-His Highness
is going to marry a woman
chosen by Her Majesty.
He wanted to meet you
one last time tonight
to tell you that.
Oh, the number went up.
Only 3 more cases to go
until we reach 100,000!
Kang-bae, you can finally start
a new life soon.
On this happy day
Why are you drinking soju?
Hey, eat some food too.
You'll get cirrhosis.
I've already died once.
It's not like I'm going to die again.
No, you aren't,
but you'll still get a hangover.
Gosh, you don't want to work tomorrow?
He's right.
Bo-ra was so grateful to you
for listening to her
and settling her grudge.
Don't you feel proud?
Do you?
I think it's ridiculous.
Sorry? You think it's ridiculous?
Here's something I realized
while doing this
for the past 500 years.
People can live
as long as they have one person
who listens to them.
The thing is,
I had no one.
The whole world turned away from me.
They never listened to me
and only criticized me.
One of the two people
I trusted the most died.
The other
betrayed me.
And here I am listening to others
even after I died
and being thanked for it.
Isn't that ridiculous?
No, it's not ridiculous at all.
I'm proud of you.
I always hated
my ability to make people
speak their minds.
I thought I was cursed.
Even after hearing everything,
I couldn't help them.
It only made me feel bad.
But you can actually help them.
Every time someone thanks you at the bar
and the number on the screen goes up,
I couldn't feel more proud of you.
You seem to become a better talker
when you talk back to me.
Do I?
From now on, tell me
whenever you need someone to talk to.
I will listen to you.
So will I.
I wanted to be a bit sentimental tonight,
but you guys ruined it.
I want to drink alone.
You guys can go home.
No way. Let's drink together.
You don't know what she's like
when she's drunk. You should go.
Wait, you might see a spirit again.
I'll come with you. Let's go.
I'll be going then. Don't drink too much.
Do you have the salt with you?
Of course. You went to so much trouble
to get me this.
Don't drink too much.
I already cleaned up.
Let's go.
By the way, you're going to see Yeo-rin
at work tomorrow, aren't you?
What are you going to do?
Why do you suddenly bring that up?
Well, I'm just worried, that's all.
I'm really worried, I mean it.
Stop feeling so upset about it.
Good night.
Good night. See you.
See you.
Never mind.
See you.
Hey moon.
It must be hard for you too.
I'm sure so many people
must have made wishes upon you so far.
But you know what?
I'm just like you.
Just like you keep waxing and waning,
I keep changing my mind between hating him
and longing for him.
I should completely give up
to be finally be free.
But that's
not so easy.
Love, hatred, longing
Each and every relationship I form
eventually adds to my karma
and hits me back.
So let me make a wish upon you.
Just one.
Please set me free
from this misery before I become
attached again,
Subtitle translation by Soo-ji Kim
Let me open
the Door of Spiritual Vision for you.
Open the door.
-We can do it!
-You can't open that door.
-And you can't close it either.
-Could you please give us a chance?
Well, it was my first time too.
A kiss of true love.
A kiss of true love. True love.
Please take a look at this flyer.
I've got a new customer.
-She's looking for her long-lost son.
You're right. I I abandoned Jun-u.
If he dies, we won't be able to come back.
We'll be trapped forever
in his Dream World.
Ms. Weol-ju! Guibanjang!
-Please come back!
-Please calm down.
-Tell me.
Tell me who the cinnabar
reincarnated into.
I finally get to meet you,
Your Highness.
So you've been just deceiving
and using me so far.
Was it just to use me
because you needed me?
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