Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

For 500 years
you endured the tortures of Hell.
Finally, your sentence
is coming to an end,
so why are you doing this?
Won-hyung, come with me.
I will take you back myself.
Please step aside.
I have unfinished business
with Weol-ju and the Crown Prince.
What is it that you are planning?
It was the Crown Prince who beheaded me.
And with that, he put an end
to my ambition.
So isn't it only fair
that I get to end his too?
That wench he returned to
even after his death.
When Weol-ju fails her mission
and ends up in the Hell of Extinction,
he will cry blood and feel pain
like he never did before.
You have already
caused them so much pain.
But all that pain doesn't even come close
to the 500 years of suffering
I've endured in Hell.
This is only the beginning.
They will get what they deserve.
All of it.
You still
disappoint me.
Don't fight it.
You're not powerful enough.
You've always sided
with the Crown Prince, Father.
Even in my dying moment.
Why haven't you once
taken my side?
Have you ever considered me your son?
Can't you see that everything I do
is because I want to be loved by you
like a father loves his son?
Sunglasses, check. Salt, check.
I'm ready for work.
I think it's best
to make my feelings clear.
I don't have feelings for you.
I can avoid seeing ghosts
by wearing these,
but what can I do about
seeing Yeo-rin again?
Mr. Han, did you get some rest
on your day off?
-You weren't feeling well.
-Well, I'm feeling better now.
What good will being healthy do
when his heart is still broken?
Didn't it work out with Ms. Kang?
We've even sent you home together
after dinner.
I guess it didn't work out.
That's odd though.
She seemed genuinely worried
that you were sick.
That's right. I saw her come by here
a few times yesterday.
I'm sure it was for another reason.
Anyway, thank you for looking out for me.
Look how quick you've given up.
Kang-bae's not the type
to sweep women off their feet.
He's more of the "grow-on-you" type.
Mr. Ma, the best way
for colleagues to become close
is to have them work together.
Yes, of course.
Why did Mr. Ma send me to sort the--
What you should do
is try not to make eye contact
and don't be startled if you do.
You should look elsewhere
as if you didn't see anything.
All right. I'll act like I didn't see her.
Don't be startled and look away.
Young man, can you see me or not?
What are you doing here?
All right, I'm sorry!
I'll be good. I promise.
Where did she go?
She was here a second ago.
-Did I imagine that?
Was someone here?
Can you even see with those on?
These? Well, it's bright in here
Anyway, what brings you here?
I was collecting the carts
while patrolling.
-Here. Let me.
-I'm fine.
No, let me.
Sorry about that.
Please stop being this way.
-Stop walking on eggshells around me.
Why do you always keep apologizing?
I should be the one apologizing.
I'm to blame for all this.
What exactly did you do wrong?
I kissed you out of the blue
Oh, that.
It was my first kiss,
so it hurts that you feel
you need to apologize.
-Jeez, I should have said--
-Me too.
It was my first kiss too.
I've never kissed someone before,
so I just took a chance and went for it.
I'd appreciate it
if you didn't read too much into it.
You too?
-Were we each other's first--
-Just stop.
Let's get back to work, shall we?
You should clear those carts.
You're friends with Samsin
and you can talk to
Yeomradaewang privately.
Why are you seeking a fortune-teller?
I want to know my odds
and ask if there's anything
I need to be careful of.
Just ask me instead.
Stay clear of alcohol and you're golden.
That must be him.
Hello, ma'am. My aunt and uncle
are here to check the room with me.
Come out wherever you are
Let me settle your grudge for you
Him again?
Doesn't he look like the fraud
that we saw at Ice Witch's place?
It's him, isn't he?
The spirit of a young man
has been clinging onto you.
That's why you can't find yourself a man.
What? Really?
How about a talisman? You really need one.
-How much is it?
-Just 50,000 won.
It's a bargain
considering how it'll change your life.
A young man's spirit, my ass.
Your grandmother passed away recently,
didn't she?
Yes, that's right.
She's telling you
to stop asking others
why you can't find a man
and put yourself out there
by going on blind dates or casual parties.
-She's telling you to get a grip.
-That meddler.
That's what my grandmother
always used to tell me.
Is she really by my side?
Yes, so stop wasting your money
and get the hell out of here.
No, wait
I'll do it for 30,000 won.
-Have a good day.
-No, wait!
You're that lady from the other day.
Why do you keep chasing my clients away?
That's because you're scamming people.
Keep running your mouth off,
and you'll put not only yourself
but others in danger too.
Great Lady Weol-hwa,
we must leave immediately.
Consider this as advice
from your superior!
I should go tarot card reading sometime.
To pick a fight with the tarot reader?
You're being weird.
What's gotten into you?
I've been having these
odd dreams, that's all.
The doors are closed wherever I go.
Can't you design your own dreams?
It would be great to have
nothing but lucky dreams.
Not even hairdressers
can cut the hair on their backs.
Lady Weol-hwa.
I need your help.
Did he follow us here?
You helped the spirit
attached to the house.
Can't you help settle my grudge,
when you can even help the dead?
A grudge?
I may not seem like it,
but I used to be a gifted shaman.
But I kept losing my touch
and now I can't even see any ghosts.
Soon I won't even be able to
make a living.
This could count as settling a grudge.
Can't you help me see spirits again?
I want to stop scamming others
for a living now.
Your spiritual vision may be gone,
but you came to the right place
You can no longer see spirits
because the spiritual vision that connects
the Afterlife to the Living Realm
has been closed off.
Thank the heavens
for running into me when you did.
Then you'll
Yes, I'll open
your spiritual vision again.
Open the door.
So this is where the door is.
Like I told you,
opening and closing it is a piece of cake.
Once I come here to close Kang-bae's door,
he'll no longer be a special case.
What the hell?
Won't it open?
Pull here.
What the
Let me see.
Hold on.
What's this?
It's been shut down?
-The Door of Spiritual Vision?
Why was it shut down?
You must have not heard.
Well, the law has been revised
after an unfortunate incident.
-An incident?
-That's right.
For the first time in a thousand years,
the Jade Emperor had decided to send down
a powerful monk
to the Living Realm
in order to save mankind.
But last year, someone closed
his Door of Spiritual Vision.
I can't believe it!
Your six-year-old wants to become a monk?
You must be worried sick.
Well, have a drink first.
What? Who'd do something that ludicrous?
Beats me.
Whoever shut it didn't just shut the door.
This will keep it shut forever, right?
That's another grudge settled!
Someone welded it shut?
What a nutjob.
That monk would have saved countless souls
if that door wasn't welded shut.
So what can one do now
to open the door for humans?
It can't be done.
It can't be closed either.
Only the order from the heavens
and the force of nature
can open and close the door now.
That's the revised law.
Hold on a second. Can't you at least
give me one chance to open the door?
What? Of course not.
The laws of the Afterlife cannot be bent.
That's enough, Weol-ju.
Let's just send him home.
He'll just have to find another job.
Have you lost your mind?
What about Kang-bae?
Oh, gosh. Kang-bae.
Please let us operate the door
just one more time.
Just this once, please.
Poor Kang-bae.
Why the hell did you weld that door shut?
His mother was in despair,
so I helped settle her grudge.
How could I have known?
There was no need
to revise the law because of that.
You should have checked
before signing him on.
Why do I bother?
You always dive into things head-first
and cause trouble.
Could there be a way around this?
That contract you had him sign.
Can I see it?
He truly is a special case.
People tell him their worries
when they come into contact with him?
Ever since she recruited Kang-bae,
she had been steadily filling
her quota again.
He's the striker of our little team.
- Striker?
- Yes.
The one that scores on a soccer team.
So his service is crucial
when it comes to meeting Weol-ju's quota?
You say that like
you didn't know what he was capable of.
Right, of course.
Could you perhaps pull some strings?
You probably have
many connections in the Afterlife.
I'd love for that to be true,
but it's not.
Then give that back.
Why read the contract
when you're just as helpless?
Is she the only one that can help me now?
That's what I'm talking about!
Okay, fine.
There is one way.
What is it?
A human who can
pop in and out of the Dream World
and also see spirits?
It means he's enveloped in yin energy.
Partnering him with a human
who is full of yang energy
will neutralize his yin energy.
Plus, minus, equal to zero.
That's the harmony of yin and yang.
Someone with plenty of yang energy?
Someone who was born that way?
Or someone from
a country with a warm climate?
That won't even get half the job done.
I mean someone with a soul
that has nothing but yang energy.
At least someone who is
the reincarnation of the Cinnabar.
The Cinnabar?
This is the Cinnabar.
I've never encountered
such a mystical rock before.
It's beautiful.
When chasing spirits away from humans,
nothing works as well as
a talisman written using the Cinnabar.
Because of the yang energy it emits,
spirits can't stand to be around it.
It works even better on evil spirits.
The stone chases spirits away?
That's not all it does.
It repels pests
and even has the power to heal.
Then we should scrape off more of it.
Even rocks have souls.
A spiritual object such as this
is just like any person.
Humans can easily recover
from a nick here and there,
but what if you cut off their limbs?
Spiritual objects can't survive
if you take too much from them at once.
We must be cautious
and only use it when necessary.
Spiritual objects
Are you saying that the Cinnabar
was reincarnated as a human?
Yes, as a woman.
She suffered a lot
in her past life, you know.
If only she can meet
a nice guy who loves her this time.
That's actually great news.
Kang-bae's a sweetheart.
He's kind, diligent, and
You saw him, right?
He's the type that girls dig these days.
Don't I know it.
He's like a sweet little puppy.
How nice would it be
for two heartbroken people
to become good friends?
Being good friends
isn't enough
to bond the yin and yang energy.
A true love's kiss.
A true love's kiss?
So Kang-bae is like a cursed
fairy-tale princess?
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
Jeez, it's one hurdle after the next.
They need to be attracted
to each other then.
How old is this reincarnated Cinnabar?
Where does she live? What's her name?
Let me see. Her age?
Gosh, how silly of me
to yap away like this.
No way.
The reincarnation of a spiritual object
must never be disclosed.
Come on!
Okay, fine.
I come bearing free coupons
for the coffee truck, so take them.
I wasn't kidding about it being a secret.
I'd be crazy to fall for
one of your tricks again.
-Give up already.
-I never said it was a joke.
I couldn't be more serious.
Fine. If not the coupons then
Name your price.
Are you seriously
trying to send me to Hell?
-Leave. Get out of here!
-Get out.
-Samsin, wait.
Don't be like this.
Could you please read this?
Thank you.
Could you please read this? Thank you.
Thank you.
Please read this.
Could you please read this? Thank you.
Please read this. Thank you.
Do you need any help?
-Here. Let me take some.
Could you please read this? Thank you.
Could you please read this?
Thank you so much.
Could you please read this? Thank you.
Please take a look at this.
I'm here.
-Yeombujang. Hello.
-Hi, Kang-bae.
I've brought someone today.
These are the people
who find missing people.
Please have a seat.
We need to find someone?
She's looking for her long-lost son.
won't the Afterlife Police Agency
-be able to track him down?
Send them a photo.
Even though I didn't have much time,
I managed to make a few dishes.
That's how good I am.
Please enjoy the various foods.
Thank you. I will.
What's wrong?
Don't you like rolled omelets with cheese?
We can make one without cheese.
My son's favorite dish was rolled omelets.
I hope he's not starving somewhere.
I'd give anything
to cook this for him again.
The flyer says that
he went missing quite some time ago.
It's been 15 years already.
I lost him when he was seven.
When he was five,
my husband passed away from renal cancer.
I was terrified to raise him alone,
but I hung in there for Jun-u's sake.
I'm his mother after all.
You made a rolled omelet.
You love it
even though you eat it every day?
Yes, I love it every time I eat it.
It's delicious.
I'll make bulgogi for dinner today.
Mom, you should eat too.
Then you'll go to work
and I'll go to preschool.
Jun-u, I may come home
later than usual today.
I'll cook dinner for you before I leave,
so eat it once you get home.
Gosh, slow down.
And I'll take your toy while you eat.
Dig in.
My gosh, slow down.
Good boy. Don't forget to chew.
Have some soup too.
Hyeon-ok, I'll leave the groceries here.
I'll tell the boss when she gets in.
Hyeon-ok, here you go.
Isn't the boss here?
Then how about we grab a cup of coffee?
Please stop.
This is where I work
and you're making me uncomfortable.
Then meet me sometime for a meal.
As if I have time to spare.
I'd rather spend it with my son.
Come on!
You can ask your boss to babysit.
you're only someone
who I went to elementary school with.
I never thought of you as anything else.
Besides, raising Jun-u
is my one and only priority,
so don't waste my time and step aside.
Jun-u, I'm home.
Where is he?
Is he at the playground?
After that day,
I never got to see him again.
I just want to know if he's alive or not.
If he wasn't in an accident
Is there anyone that you're suspicious of?
I did suspect a man named Sang-cheol.
Did you talk to the police?
I did.
But on the day when Jun-u went missing,
he had an ironclad alibi.
The police let him go.
But what's more suspicious is that
Sang-cheol cut off all of his contacts
and disappeared.
I doubt that you have a photo of him.
You went to the same elementary school.
Tell me the school name and his age.
He was born in 1976.
We went to Mido Elementary School.
But why do you need that?
Hold on.
I shouldn't have left him alone
even if I had to work.
It's all my fault.
If your son was kidnapped,
it's the kidnapper's fault.
How is that your fault?
God considers harming children
the biggest sin that a human can commit.
Those sinners face a punishment
called the Cycle of Pest.
This is where they are born as insects
while retaining their memories as humans
and repeat the cycle of life and death.
I got you. This fly might be that jerk!
Jun-u will come back.
I know it's painful to bear,
but please hang in there.
Thank you.
Please eat.
You must eat to stay healthy,
so you can look for Jun-u.
Yes. Is that so?
Thank you. I'll check on it.
What's the word? Did you find her son?
There's no data on him.
If he's dead,
they would at least have a record.
The overseas branches
might have some information.
I sent a request for their cooperation.
So it will take a few days.
Gosh, this is getting complicated.
For the time being, I'm going to pay
Joo Sang-cheol a visit to get some leads.
Really? Where is he?
Right here.
He's nearby.
Right. That lady has
such a heartbreaking story.
Escort her to her house, okay?
Sure. Will do. Bye.
Bye. I'm leaving.
It's cold.
Kang-bae seems to
sympathize with the lady.
I saw her go into her house.
She was smiling and thanking me.
But it looked like she was crying.
It made me really sad.
How can a parent
who lost a child live a happy life?
Those who haven't gone through the agony
can't even imagine the pain.
Parents who lost their children
can't even die in peace
in case their children come back.
I want to find her son fast.
Let's get going.
Kang-bae, you should go home.
It's getting late.
And you must be out of energy
now that you're seeing ghosts.
I feel safer when I'm with you guys.
Let me tag along. Please?
I really want to help
the lady find her son.
Then, don't do anything.
Just stay next to us. Okay?
Who are you?
Did Hyeon-ok send you?
-Did she?
-You abandoned a boy.
I didn't leave him somewhere dangerous.
I left him at an orphanage.
It was at an orphanage.
Please spare me.
I'll tell you where he is. I promise.
No. There's no need for that.
I'm not interested in that.
I just came here to make sure
you won't be able to tell anyone.
Why don't you wait in Hell first?
I'll send someone
to keep you company soon.
This is the place, right?
The door is open.
What? Hey.
Hey! Joo Sang-cheol!
Is he dead?
He's alive, but he'll die soon.
Do you think he can live?
No. He has a few minutes at most.
We have no choice, then.
We must hurry inside and find a lead.
This is dangerous.
If he dies, we won't be able to come back.
We'll be trapped forever
in his Dream World.
This might be the last chance
we have to find Hyeon-ok's son.
-I have to do it.
-I'm coming with you, then.
-Me, too.
Kang-bae. You stay here and watch him.
Call us out when it looks as if
he'll die. Okay?
Okay. Be careful.
What are you doing here, Jun-u?
I'm waiting for my friends.
Your friends?
Your friends aren't coming today.
Do you want to go to a nice place
and play with me?
No. I'll just go home
and play with my mom.
With your mom? Again?
Do you know how hard
you make things for her?
You're hurting me. Stop it!
I could have Hyeon-ok all to myself
if you weren't here.
-That jerk.
-Damn it.
Ms. Weol-ju! Guibanjang!
Please come back!
Hurry! He's about to die.
What should I do? Oh, no.
I think his time is up.
Let's get out of here.
We have to find out
what he did with Jun-u.
That bastard.
Hey, we can't stay here any longer.
Let's get out of here.
Hold on. We have to know
which orphanage he was sent to.
Over there!
That was close. Are you hurt?
No. You're fine, right?
Ms. Weol-ju.
This bastard abandoned Jun-u
at an orphanage, while he was injured
and unconscious.
My goodness.
How could he do something like that?
I don't know who took his life,
but I would have done it myself
if he weren't already dead.
But we got the name of the orphanage.
We'll be able to find Jun-u
once we call them.
That's a relief.
But he can't just die like this.
Shouldn't he pay for what he did?
The Heavens know what he did.
Although he wasn't punished
in the Living Realm,
he will spend all eternity in Hell.
I guess you can see me.
Don't come near me. No, stop it.
Play with me.
I'll be nice to you.
Are you all right?
Thank you.
I thought this would happen,
so I came to check on you.
This won't help you at all.
We need to get you fixed quickly.
Being able to see the true side
of people is tough.
The truth?
It just sounds good.
But sometimes,
truth can be uglier and dirtier.
A lot of people wanted to deceive
and take advantage of others.
That's why I was afraid
to make any friends for a while.
Others will be afraid of you, too.
Everyone lives with their personal demons.
Selfishness and ugliness
that they cannot dare show others.
They try their best to keep
their demons inside them,
but you keep bringing their demons out.
Of course, they fear you.
So we are afraid of each other.
But thanks to Ms. Weol-ju and Guibanjang,
I began to look on the brighter side.
I've met people who truly miss others
and are concerned about others.
And when their grudges were settled,
they were happy and grateful.
I could see those feelings were sincere.
Thanks to Weol-ju and Guibanjang?
What if they are taking advantage of you
and deceiving you?
Weol-ju and Guibanjang?
My gosh, no way.
Your touch doesn't work on them,
so you never had a chance
to look at their sincere feelings.
How can you trust them?
I just
trust them.
Didn't I tell you?
Everyone lives with their personal demons.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The orphanage just called.
They found Jun-u.
He's in the States now,
but he was planning to come back.
That's great news.
Right. I'm so glad.
But I can't be happy for them because
my heart feels heavy for Kang-bae.
When he comes later,
we have to tell him the truth.
Let's make him quit.
Give me some time.
After getting the call about Jun-u,
I was going to visit Samsin again.
She said she could never tell you.
For the sake of the argument,
let's say we found out
who Cinnabar is reincarnated into.
A true love's kiss?
Whoever she is, we don't have
enough time to help them fall in love.
Weol-ju, if you keep stalling like this,
you'd be deceiving Kang-bae.
I'll take care of it.
Don't say a word about this to him.
Keeping this a secret from him
isn't the problem.
If you don't have a way to fix him,
we should make him stop working here.
-What did you just say?
You can't fix my case?
Why are you so flustered?
It's like I caught you red-handed.
Kang-bae, listen.
You're pulling a prank on me, right?
Ms. Weol-ju, you can fix me, right?
Well, that's
what we thought.
Are you sure there's no way to fix me?
Ms. Weol-ju, please answer me.
You said you could fix me.
I'm sorry, Kang-bae.
You can't.
You really can't.
you've been lying to me all this time.
Was it just to use me
because you needed me?
Sit down.
-Let's sit down and talk.
-Let go of me.
You hated people who only exploited
and didn't appreciate others.
How are you any different
from those people?
I trusted you.
I believed that you and Guibanjang
were different.
If you're looking for Kang-bae again,
he's on sick leave again.
Another sick leave?
Is he seriously ill?
in my opinion, I think his immune system
was weakened due to stress
because somebody broke his heart
to pieces.
I wasn't asking for your opinion.
You don't even know what's wrong with him.
What kind of colleague are you?
Next time,
I'll accompany him to the hospital,
get the doctor's note, and give it to you.
As his colleague, I ought to
take care of him. Sure thing.
Why doesn't she just go check up on him?
Why does he keep getting sick?
He's making me worry.
I'm sorry.
I'm also responsible
for letting this happen.
I guess this is what I'm destined for.
Perhaps, this is my fate.
My attempt to become a normal person
must have been an overly ambitious goal.
-I'm fine.
Being used and abandoned like this
is nothing new to me.
Don't you have a spot in your class?
Can you take Han Kang-bae?
I can't stand him.
Same here.
When I'm with him, I keep oversharing.
It creeps me out.
Do you think
he could be cursed or something?
You might be onto something.
That must be why his parents left him.
Gosh, he's so creepy.
Starting now,
you will be living with us, Kang-bae.
I'll cook you a delicious dinner at home.
What do you think about this toy?
Do you like it?
If we at least have a kid,
he'll stay home some more.
He acts like he's a bachelor or something.
What? How could you say that
in front of a kid?
What's the point of having a child?
He's not even mine.
To be honest, I'm putting up
with you because of your family's money.
Just wait.
In a few years, I'll take your money
and divorce you.
I knew it. That's what you were after.
Yes, that was it.
-Be honest. You married me for my job.
-The Cursed Boy.
-All you've got is money.
-That was my nickname.
I was creepy and unpleasant.
Who would look after someone like me?
Everyone came to me
and told me their feelings
and they hated me.
I also want someone who I can lean on
and share my troubles with.
But why can't I do that?
Why not?
I'll lend you my ears.
We can listen to you.
You and Ms. Weol-ju were the only people
whom I could trust and talk to.
It even made me think that
this was how it felt to have a family.
Even if my spiritual vision
couldn't be closed,
I thought I'd be happy
if I could be with
you and Ms. Weol-ju.
As for your case,
we'll find a way no matter what.
-So until we do--
I won't do it.
I don't want to trust people
only to be disappointed
and hurt in the end.
Please leave.
And I don't want you to
see you again.
Weol-ju, please calm down. Please?
Goodness. Calm down, will you?
Do you know how many
conception dream marbles are inside?
I don't care how many there are.
Tell me who the cinnabar
reincarnated into.
If you don't,
I'll break everything here and go to Hell.
Do you mean that?
Are you sure you want to risk that?
I even hanged myself on the Sacred Tree.
Going to Hell won't be a big deal.
If you're willing to face Hell for this,
I'll tell you who she is.
But what made Samsin change her mind
all of a sudden?
She said it was the secret of the Heavens.
Hey, boss.
What made Samsin change her mind?
I guess she felt sorry for Kang-bae.
Then what's taking her so long?
It's so frustrating to wait.
I'm sure we'll hear from her soon.
Let's wait and see.
I need to drop by the hospital.
Jun-u is apparently really sick.
He got hospitalized
as soon as he came back.
My gosh, what's with all the bad news?
But he'll finally get to meet
his mother again today.
That's what matters.
Jun-u, it's me, your mom.
Jun-u, I'm
I'm sorry it took me so long to find you.
I'm sorry I lost you.
I'm sorry
I gave you such a weak body.
I'm sorry for everything.
From now on,
I'll stay by your side.
I'll always be with you no matter what.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, my son. And I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Jun-u.
This is all because of me.
I'm sorry, my sweetheart.
I envy you.
At least you got to see your son.
Unlike you,
I never even got to see my son.
Samsin, do you have what I asked for?
So who is Cinnabar?
Samsin, what brings you here?
My gosh, you really are handsome.
My goodness gracious.
Oh, right. Wait. Why am I here?
You can't be here to give me
a conception dream.
Oh, I remember now.
I'm here to talk to you about Weol-ju.
I have nothing to say about her.
I never asked you to talk.
You just need to listen.
Weol-ju isn't selfish enough
to use someone to her advantage
just so she could avoid going to Hell.
Unlike how she seems,
she's warm-hearted and loyal.
To be more exact,
she has a habit of sacrificing herself.
The reason she's been
doing this for 500 years
is because she wants to save
her child's soul.
"Her child"?
Did she have a child?
Yes, she did.
But she didn't know either.
Weol-ju hung herself on the Sacred Tree
500 years ago
after she had been through
a terrible experience.
But she didn't know that she would
end up killing two more lives as well.
She killed the Sacred Tree
and the baby that she was pregnant with.
Due to bad luck,
the Sacred Tree's sorrow
entered the soul of the fetus.
And because of that,
the baby was destined to live
thousands of miserable lives until
the Sacred Tree's grudge was settled.
Was I
pregnant with a baby?
So, will you go to the Hell of Extinction?
The baby did nothing wrong.
It's just a pitiful baby
who had to die
before it even got the chance
to be born into the Living Realm.
How could you be so cruel
to a baby who only ended up this way
for having met a bad mother?
Like you said, it's just karma.
What will you do?
I can let you be ripped to pieces
and disappear forever as you wish.
No, Yeomradaewang.
Did you say 100,000 people?
I will do it.
I will
receive the punishment.
That's how Weol-ju ended up
having to settle the grudges
of 100,000 people
on behalf of the Sacred Tree
so she could save her baby's soul.
I see.
So that's why she took all those risks.
That's why she's always so eager to help
whenever it has something to do with kids.
I know Jun-u's mother
searched for her son for 15 years,
but I bet it's even worse for Weol-ju
considering that it's been 500 years.
I had no idea.
Even Guibanjang and Yeombujang
don't know about this,
but the reason I'm telling you this secret
is because she was never like this.
I've never seen her care and worry so much
about a living human being.
She was worried about me?
My goodness.
"Contract for the transfer of sins"?
What's this?
I can tell you what you desperately
wish to know.
But instead,
you must be willing to take responsibility
for disclosing what's confidential.
What will happen to me?
You will lose your chance
to get reincarnated.
And you will get sent
to the Hell of Extinction.
Here's the contract.
I'm glad there's still a way to help.
Are you sure about this?
Once you hit 100,000 lives,
you'll get a chance to reincarnate.
Do you really want
to throw that chance away like this?
I never wanted to be reincarnated.
I don't think it's a waste
because I'll get to keep
the promise I made to Kang-bae.
You're unbelievable.
Are you going to tell me
as soon as I sign the contract?
No, I can't tell you right away.
There's going to be
an internal screening process,
but you're promising to go
to the Hell of Extinction,
so I'm sure it'll pass.
Are you scared now that you have to
sign the contract?
I'll sign it.
No way.
Do you get it now?
This is how much she cares about you.
Weol-ju won't be able to tell you
how to fix your condition in detail.
As you can see, it's confidential.
That's why I came.
I figured you guys should reconcile first
in order for Weol-ju to help you
fix your condition.
No, I can't let her do this.
This is wrong.
I'm fine living the way I am.
So can you please undo this?
I can't let her go to Hell
without a chance for reincarnation.
My goodness, there's no turning back.
This is as far as I can help.
So from now on, it's up to you guys.
Thank goodness we got there quickly.
If we were five minutes late,
he would've been dead.
Then she never would've met her son,
and Weol-ju would have missed her quota.
It would have been a disaster.
It took you five minutes
to find all the necessary information.
About Joo Sang-cheol
It didn't seem like he was killed
by a human being.
I think
he was killed by the evil spirit
that escaped.
Should I look into it?
No, don't worry about that.
You should focus on Weol-ju.
If she fails to help 100,000 people,
she'll get dragged away
to the Hell of Extinction.
Yes, you're right.
But what if he's trying to hinder us?
Why would you think that?
I'm sure it was a coincidence.
I'll look into Joo Sang-cheol's death,
so you should get going now.
Okay. I'll leave you to it then.
-Bye the way, sir.
Why aren't you eating noodles?
Must I eat noodles?
This is the first time you didn't
eat noodles at a convenience store.
Oh, I already had some.
That's probably why.
I think I had some already.
Yes, you're probably right.
Okay then. I'll be off now.
Take care of yourself.
Ms. Weol-ju.
I was just about to go see you.
Why did you do that?
Do what?
Samsin came to my workplace earlier.
And I saw
the contract you signed.
My gosh, she has such a big mouth.
She scared me so much
saying it's confidential.
So did you run over here
because you got touched?
You don't need to go
to the Hell of Extinction
just so you could help me
fix my condition.
That's not necessary.
I've been alive for 500 years,
so I don't want to get reincarnated.
Then just go to heaven.
Why would you sign a contract like that?
With this temper?
Whatever the case,
I can't let you go to hell.
Let's find another way.
I'll do everything I can to help.
I'll tell you what you need to do.
Help me soothe the souls
of 100,000 people,
fix your condition,
and assist me
so I can finally leave honorably.
Do me a favor,
The reason she's been
doing this for 500 years
is because she wants to save
her child's soul.
Okay, I'll help you.
Okay, great.
From now on, just do as I say.
And by the way, make sure you don't tell
Guibanjang and Yeombujang
about this contract.
I have no time to fight with them
over the contract.
You know that, right?
Okay, I won't tell them.
Ms. Weol-ju, what should I do first?
First of all,
go and buy some eggs.
We're out of eggs today.
Hey, Kang-bae.
What are you doing here?
I'm back.
I'm glad you're back.
What did I tell you?
I told you Weol-ju will find a way.
My goodness, I'm glad
Hyeon-ok got to meet her son.
Everything wrapped up nicely.
I heard Jun-u is sick.
Hyeon-ok is going to get tested
for a kidney transplant.
Family members show a high success rate,
so let's wish them good luck.
Her son was very close to dying,
but she finally got to see him
after having waited for 15 years.
I'm sure it was part of the grand plan
from up above.
"The grand plan from up above".
Do you think I'll also get to meet
my mom one day?
I'm no longer going to think
that they abandoned me.
Who knows?
They might actually be
looking for me right now.
I feel bad for hating them
for no reason now.
I finally get to meet you,
Your Royal Highness.
Subtitle translation by Won-hyang Son
Coach Gui
You must leave everything to me,
Ms. Weol-ju.
So you like him.
He likes you and you like him.
Start dating as of today.
Don't you have the kind that was
served in the royal courts?
-The one served in the Royal--
-Why you
Why can't you two leave me alone?
Do I look like a pushover?
Why would you sign a contract like that?
Why are you so worked up? Do you like me?
Was this just work for you?
It was love for me.
Erase that girl's existence
from your heart.
She really was
the reincarnation of the queen.
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