Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

I have encountered my fair share of people
living in this palace.
Do you know of
the most foolish kind though?
Those who wish for things
they can never have
and end up losing all that they have
as a result.
You are just like them.
Did my acknowledging
your help in saving the royal family
go to your head?
My Queen,
I was only--
I do not wish to see you again.
If I happen to see
the face of yours again,
you will not be able to go back alive.
Mother, what do you mean marriage?
-It does not make sense.
-Of course it does.
It was only pushed back
until you regained your health.
I am not--
Do not worry.
Your bride-to-be has already been chosen
as Lord Kim Jin's daughter
whom you have always been fond of.
you should know
that my heart beats for another.
My son, in order
to strengthen royal authority,
you need power and armed forces.
Let your feelings for that girl
only remain in your heart.
Better yet,
erase her existence from your heart.
Erase her existence?
-How could--
-If you will not,
I will do it for you.
Do you finally believe me, Crown Prince?
I once woke up from a coma
after being in an accident.
Ever since then,
I've been able to remember my past life.
The memories are vivid
as if I experienced them yesterday.
How did you recognize me though?
Because I'm your mother.
Because I was your mother.
You take after your father a lot.
However, your eyes were a dead giveaway.
I could tell you aren't
from the Living Realm.
I see.
Ever since I began
to remember my past life,
I thought about my son who lived
a heart-aching life.
Has he been reincarnated?
If he has,
would he be living peacefully?
But then again, I even worried
if he'd be haunted by his past life
like I am.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
It's my fault for not realizing
the extent of my son's feelings.
I'm the one to blame.
Please don't.
There's no need to apologize
for what happened 500 years ago.
I don't deserve it anyway.
I'm the son who did the unthinkable
and broke his parents' hearts.
It's me who should apologize.
I must've been reincarnated
so that we could meet again.
But may I ask why you're living this way
without being reborn?
I'm trying to keep the promise
I was never able to in my past life.
Why is it just you? Where's Guibanjang?
He met a friend on the street.
He doesn't have any friends.
I know what's going on.
Which spirit was it?
It was actually a human.
An ordinary woman.
A woman?
He thinks he can slack off
now that I only have two more to go?
You're right.
You only have two more to go.
At the beginning,
even one seemed impossible.
Remember how you used
to bring over just about anyone?
And you also stole my ssanggapju.
I still remember
you weeping in the Dream World.
I did that, didn't I?
Miss, what if we keep on doing this?
I'm sad to see it come to an end
when I've only just gotten the hang of it.
You wouldn't say that
after helping 100,000 souls.
Talk about it being tedious.
How about another 10,000 souls?
No, just about 1,000 more.
I know I can do even better now.
Is this because you know
I'll be going to Hell?
You'll be doing a good deed,
so why can't you just ask--
It's like I said.
I'm no longer attached to the Living Realm
and have no desire to be reborn.
It may be like that for you,
but I don't want to see you go.
I really don't.
Even if we never meet again,
I want you to live a peaceful life
or a happy one as someone new.
That's what I want.
I didn't agree to serve this punishment
so that I could stay away from Hell.
There's another reason.
Because of my actions,
someone precious to me
has been suffering for 500 years.
That person's suffering will finally end
once I reach my quota.
there's no way for me to make up
for the 500 years of agony.
It is why I have no one
but myself to blame
for ending up in the Hell of Extinction.
So let's not talk about it anymore, okay?
Got it?
How dare you!
You are not royalty down here, my boy.
Who do you think you are
choosing your own destination?
You must have lost your mind.
You can throw me
in a pit of fire or vipers.
All I want is to be with Weol-ju.
Please let me be with her.
Shut it!
You are a murderer who not only
beheaded his childhood friend
but took his own life.
You are going nowhere
but the Hell of Repetition.
There, your flesh
will be scored and slit
and you will sit in your own feces
while insects eat away at you.
However, had that Won-hyung lived,
many more would have died.
You eliminated a threat
which I am willing to take into account.
Yi Hon, you do not hesitate
to fight against injustice
and are a skilled warrior.
It is why I am sending you
to the Afterlife Police Agency.
Repent of your sins as you uphold the law.
I am truly grateful.
However, I would still like to know
where Weol-ju is.
She is also serving the punishment
that she was sentenced to,
so there is no need to worry.
Instead, focus on your task at hand.
I will keep tabs on you
and send you to Weol-ju
if you do your due diligence
and serve the agency well.
Do you mean that?
Thank you.
Thank you, Yeomradaewang.
A young man and woman
should want to be connected at the hip.
Don't give up on Yeo-rin
and try again with her.
I haven't given up.
I heard that I'm the type that
grows on people, so I'm taking my time.
You probably don't approve though, right?
What? Why would I not approve?
Saying that would land you in Hell.
Didn't you say
that Yeo-rin seemed like the type
to string men along.
My gosh.
That was my way of complimenting her.
Girls should know how to play hard to get.
Not being able to do so like me
won't get you very far.
You don't know how to play hard to get?
You're as sly as a leopard cat
if you ask me.
A leopard cat? What's that?
He's talking about a wildcat.
And he's not wrong.
How am I a wildcat
when I'm this innocent and naive?
I mindlessly believed
a man's confession of love
and believed him
when he said he'd protect me.
I'm in this mess right now
because I blindly trusted the man.
The man who betrayed you?
The one who betrayed her?
Jeez, it's dusty in here.
Did you mop the floor today?
I'll just have to do it again.
Guibanjang, you dropped your necklace.
What's that? Isn't it a jade ring?
Is it for this woman you're seeing?
Of course not.
Gosh, you're old-fashioned.
Who likes jade rings these days?
There should at least be a diamond.
As if I have the money.
It's not like you pay me, Weol-ju.
The salary you owe me
would be enough to buy trucks of diamonds.
She's Weol-ju?
My son,
you're with Weol-ju
like you have always wanted.
Ladies and gentleman,
thank you for shopping at Kapeul Mart.
Customer Service is currently
holding onto a book
It's called On the Express Train to Hell.
If this is yours,
please pick it up at Customer Service.
Thank you.
I'm glad he's at work today.
What the hell?
You startled me.
So you like him.
You like Kang-bae.
I just saw you smile while looking at him.
-I didn't.
-As if.
You're head over heels for him.
Anyway, this is great.
He likes you and you like him.
Everybody's happy, so what's the problem?
Start dating as of today.
The CIA must be bored these days
to meddle with others' love lives.
Don't exhaust yourself
by trying to play hard to get.
Life is short
and you never know when it'll end.
You should enjoy a tasty romance
while you're still young. Okay?
-You're not just old but also weird.
Who are you calling "old"?
That little minx Kang Yeo-rin
is the reincarnation of Cinnabar?
Of course.
No wonder Kang-bae's ability
didn't work on her.
Yeombujang couldn't overpower her either.
The rock that chases away spirits
was reborn as a human being.
That makes her a walking talisman.
Anyway, I can't believe
they're actually colleagues.
This must be Heaven's blessing.
As if.
She already turned Kang-bae down.
And now he has to smack one on her lips?
No, it must be a kiss.
One that's sticky and wet.
A deep kiss of true love.
Being a former rock makes sense
given how you're as stiff as one.
Is she the Cinnabar?
She is!
Wow, unbelievable.
Kang Yeo-rin's the Cinnabar?
That's supposed to be secret
Actually, I didn't say anything.
It was your guess, okay?
How can one not know when
you're practically forcing them together?
Does it mean they need to kiss?
Gosh. This must be a joke.
It's not. I'm sure she likes Kang-bae too,
so we just have to give them a nudge.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What now? Where are you going?
It'll only take a second.
I just need a favor.
Kang-bae, the lid won't open.
Can you help me?
This is what you dragged me here for?
Stop talking and just do it.
That's odd. Hold on a second.
My goodness. Look at your muscles!
That's right.
Strong and muscular
is how we like our men.
My gosh.
This seems to be glued on tight.
-Let me get you another bottle.
-Try again, Kang-bae.
-May I try?
Look, it's open. Thank you.
Here you go, Ms. Weol-ju.
Are you sure you shut this properly?
She opened this?
But I made sure to glue it on tight.
Kang Yeo-rin isn't some ordinary girl.
Showing off his muscles won't work,
so let's try something else.
Like what?
There's a post online
that lists the moments
girls fall for guys.
What about this one?
Driving the car in reverse
with the parking stub between his lips.
We took our car to the auto shop recently,
so no.
How about this one?
The bigger one might be better.
A bigger one? What about this?
-The one on the top.
-This one?
Yes, that one. That one!
My goodness,
I didn't know you two were here.
This is where you can find the pots.
I'll leave you to it then.
What the hell are you wearing?
Where do you even buy things like this?
-Are you off to lunch too?
Goodness me. Sorry about that.
Coming through.
-Excuse us.
-What is this?
This elevator is tiny!
You easily catch on with other things,
so why couldn't you do so
with Yeo-rin at the mart?
I didn't know you were trying to help.
It's our fault for trusting
an online post.
Women don't fall for
a man's biceps or abs.
-Then what?
-They like humorous men.
Why do you think comedians marry so well?
He doesn't have
a single funny bone in him though.
He only knows how to be diligent
and talk back to me with clever remarks.
He can always learn how to be witty.
As of today,
consider me as your coach.
Coach Gui
Please guide him, Coach Gui.
You must leave everything to me,
Ms. Weol-ju.
I will. I certainly will.
Will you put up with everything?
I'm asking you, Miss,
if you're sure you won't regret this.
I am ready to do anything if
it can lead to Kang-bae getting the girl.
Constantly doubt yourself.
First, let's start off with a simple test.
What do you call a doljanchi in English?
A doljanchi?
In English?
-"A first birthday."
-Oh, dear.
A doljanchi in English is called
rock festival.
Unbelievable. Shall I rip your jaw open?
Ms. Weol-ju, please calm down.
What a load of crap.
I should take out the trash.
"Dol" means rock in English.
Is Guibanjang here?
Handsome young man, we meet again.
-Is this where you work?
Do you know her?
Yes, she's Guibanjang's friend.
He just left to take out the trash.
Then I'll wait.
Could I get some tteokbokki?
We're closing up.
Sorry? Don't tent bars
usually open around this time?
That's for the owner to decide.
We're closed, so leave.
No, I'll get it for you.
Ms. Weol-ju, you shouldn't be rude
to Guibanjang's friend.
-Thank you.
-Please enjoy.
By the way, don't you have the kind
that was served in the royal courts
instead of this one?
I can't eat spicy dishes, you see.
You know what that is, right?
-The one served in the Royal--
-Royal, my ass.
No, we don't serve that here.
"Royal" is the word I hate the most
and hearing it makes me want to puke,
so leave if you're going to say it.
All right.
Wait, these are flour rice cakes.
I prefer those made from rice.
-Why you
-Ms. Weol-ju, please.
We shouldn't be rude to customers.
Her face creeps me out.
Is it me you're talking about?
The mother of the man who betrayed me.
The bitch who killed my mother.
She looks exactly like her.
Weol-ju, just so you know, Yeombujang
cracked up at the rock festival joke.
Isn't that right?
Yes, it was a good one.
Shin Ji-hye?
do you know her?
She's a fashion designer.
I met her when I went to buy an outfit.
Right? What brings you by?
That's right.
I was hoping to talk
to the owner of the bar.
You must be here to see me.
Shall we take it outside? Let's go.
Go on.
Weol-ju isn't aware that
you're the Crown Prince?
Shouldn't you have
cleared the misunderstandings she has
regarding our family?
What misunderstanding?
I'm the reason
Weol-ju died.
I promised her I'd protect her
but I couldn't
which makes it a betrayal.
Still, this isn't right.
Is there anything I can do to help?
I'll do anything
to bring you two together again.
I can't get into any details,
but she's been repenting of her sins
and she's almost done.
Opening up old wounds
might make her lose her focus.
But she's the one
you've been desperate to be with.
What Weol-ju needs right now
isn't someone who loves her
but someone who assists her.
I'm happy
with being the latter.
Kang Yeo-rin?
Aren't you Yeo-rin?
It's just that you gave me the creeps.
The moment you touched me,
it creeped me out.
Whatever, I'm scared.
What is doljanchi in English?
Rock festival!
It's been so long.
I didn't expect you to work
at a place like this though.
Don't people naturally avoid you?
Honey, what's up?
Who's she?
Remember that girl I mentioned
who used to give me the creeps?
That creepy girl?
Did she actually exist?
My fear of physical contact
was brought on by her.
But you fixed me, darling.
I'm scared it might come back.
Yeo-rin, is something wrong?
Who's he?
We went to the same college.
And who might you be?
I'm her boyfriend
and I heard what you said.
Please apologize
for speaking about her in such a way.
I was only reminiscing
since I was happy to see her
after all this time.
You were reminiscing?
Would you think that way
if someone from your past
called you creepy too?
What creeps me out even more are people
like you who make fun of other people
by bringing up their most vulnerable side.
-Honey, you should apologize.
Yeo-rin, I'm sorry.
It hurts.
Sorry about that.
I was just really pissed off.
Did I blow it with her again?
-Hi, sir.
-You're here.
Hold on a second.
Where did Weol-ju go?
She went to spot a new site for the bar.
Because Ms. Shin could come back.
She must still be in pain
to have a similar-looking person
open up old wounds.
The grudge one harbors as they die
stays vivid
as if it happened yesterday.
But with two more scores,
she'll be able to forget about her past
and live a new life.
A table for one? Please have a seat.
-Can I get a bowl of udon?
-Coming right up.
-I'll have a bottle of soju first.
Here you go.
He seems to be troubled.
Touch him.
I need to go to the restroom.
what's wrong?
Why did you let all those customers go?
What is it? Did Weol-ju
say something to upset you again?
No, that's not it.
If I keep doing what I've been doing
I know.
You've been seeing spirits,
so I know you're scared
to use your ability.
But we only have two more to go.
Once you're done, Weol-ju will fix you up.
It's not easy to restore trust
after it breaks.
She didn't tell you
how she'll fix you, right?
How can he get to work
when he can't trust her?
That much trust lies between us for sure.
He would never purposely let Weol-ju
go to Hell because of some trust issues.
Am I wrong?
No, you're right. I'm trying
not to send her to Hell.
You're trying not to send her to Hell?
What do you mean?
What are you talking about?
Kang-bae, tell me!
You see
I can tell you what you desperately
wish to know.
But instead,
you must be willing to take responsibility
for disclosing what's confidential.
What will happen to me?
You will lose your chance
to be reincarnated
and will be sent
to the Hell of Extinction.
I'm glad there's still a way to help.
Is this true?
Weol-ju truly did that?
Samsin told me in person.
Anyone who discloses what's confidential
will end up in the Hell of Extinction.
In exchange for
the secret Samsin told her,
Weol-ju wrote a contract that guaranteed
a spot on the express train to Hell.
She did it to find a way to fix me.
So it doesn't matter
if Weol-ju settles 100,00 grudges.
She'll end up
in the Hell of Extinction either way.
She'll be taken there right away
after the final 100,000th score.
No wonder Kang-bae
has been refusing to make people talk.
Why does she always act as she pleases?
Only two more to go
Can't you see that my disgraceful behavior
is a way for me to be loved by you
like a father loves his son?
She's not afraid of going to Hell?
I can't make it so easy for her.
Will she be able to leave behind
the person
she's been pining for so easily?
I can't wait to watch
the heart-rending sight.
Hey, how about here?
Many people are passing by.
Wait, did Kang-bae find a client?
All right, let's go.
Are you crazy?
Why would you sign a contract like that?
Gosh, I can't believe Kang-bae.
If you're going to Hell anyway,
what's the point of
solving cases and running the bar?
Calm down.
I'm responsible for what happened
to both Kang-bae and the Sacred Tree.
I should sort it out.
Who cares about that damn Sacred Tree?
You never know.
Someone might be suffering somewhere
because I brought the Sacred Tree
bad luck.
Cut it out.
Stop settling grudges until I find
a way to nullify the contract.
Why are you so worked up?
Who do you think you are?
What do you think?
I'm the manager of the bar.
Exactly. As the manager,
focus on meeting the goal of the bar,
solving 100,000 cases.
What do you care
if I end up in Heaven or Hell?
Just do as I say.
I can't let you
end up in the Hell of Extinction.
My goodness. What's the matter with you?
Do you like me?
Do you have any idea
why I was a detective for 500 years
and what I went through to be here?
I'm not giving up.
Gosh, you're one elite detective.
What? Are you worried
I'll leave a stain on your career?
Settling the grudges of 100,000 people?
I didn't know Weol-ju was
being punished that way.
What happens after she pays for her sin?
Both Weol-ju and the Crown Prince
will be born again,
and they'll never see each other again.
Isn't that such a shame?
That's it?
I hope they can at least clear up
their misunderstanding before that.
How about you help them?
I doubt Weol-ju will believe me
even if I tell her the truth.
She won't if you tell her.
But you can still show her the truth.
Memory never lies.
Lure Weol-ju into your Dream World.
Your memory of your previous life
will show her that the Crown Prince
didn't do anything wrong.
After that, we'll let her know
that Guibanjang is the Crown Prince.
The two can go back
to the way they used to be.
Stop, that's enough.
Why can't you two leave me alone?
Do I look like a pushover?
Where's the contract she signed?
Give it to me right now!
I said, it's not here.
It's already been approved
by Yeomradaewang.
You're lying.
I'm sure it's hidden here somewhere.
It has to be.
Hon. Yi Hon!
I can't let her go
without telling her the truth,
without doing anything,
I'm sorry.
How could you, of all people, do this?
You know Weol-ju.
I do.
I know her better than anyone.
Then why did you do that?
You should have stopped her.
No matter how determined Weol-ju was,
you should have stopped her by all means.
I didn't want her
to sign that contract either.
But I had to because I know her.
I know her too well.
You should stop.
You've done enough.
If I can't save Weol-ju,
I might as well have done nothing.
What should I do with those two?
You're not having lunch?
I don't have much of an appetite.
There's a really nice cake shop near here.
Do you want to go?
It's very good.
That's great.
You should eat even if you don't want to.
You have to work all afternoon.
I looked like an idiot yesterday,
didn't I?
It's all that jerk's fault.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Kang Yeo-rin the Date Bully.
That was my nickname.
Every time I asked a guy out,
they all ran away.
I don't know.
They said I gave them the creeps.
They'd turn pale
as if they'd seen a ghost.
In the end, I gave up on dating.
I didn't want to be hated
by someone I like anymore.
That's also why I turned you down.
Do you know what my nickname was
at the orphanage?
The Cursed Boy.
They said I bring bad luck to people.
That's why I've always avoided people.
Like a hermit crab.
Is that a turtle?
But I've decided not to hide my feelings
or run away from people anymore.
And you're the first person
that I want to get close to.
But you said you didn't feel anything
when you touched me.
What I meant was
I was relieved that nothing bad happened
when I touched you.
I see.
Ridiculous. How could I not feel anything?
Just sitting in front of you
makes me so nervous and happy.
Then I'll tell you how I feel too.
I like you.
I want to like you.
Can I like you?
Hey, that's great. I'm so happy for you.
No matter what I did,
she wouldn't admit her feelings for you,
but I could see right through her.
It's all thanks to you and Guibanjang.
You don't have to peel
any more eggs today.
-You can leave.
This is such an important day.
It's the very first day
of your very first relationship.
You shouldn't be peeling eggs here.
Go on a date with her. Go now.
I'll be going then.
See you tomorrow.
My goodness.
Why are you back?
Why are you back?
What are you doing back here?
I just remembered that I never got to try
your tteokbokki last time.
Can you make some more?
Hey, there's a snack bar
across the street.
Try that place instead.
It's just that I don't want to eat alone.
Isn't a bar like this a place for people
who have no one to turn to?
It'd be even better
if you could drink with me.
Why would I drink with you?
Then can you at least keep me company
while I wallow in self-pity?
When you're wearing designer clothes
and I'm wearing an apron?
Well, wearing expensive clothes
can't seem to fill the void in my heart.
It's about this man.
We were deeply in love,
and we even got engaged.
But his parents didn't approve of me.
It's the same old story, I guess.
Why didn't they approve of you?
They made up all kinds of excuses.
They didn't like what I do,
the way I look, and everything.
I agreed with everything they said,
and they thought I had low self-esteem.
In the end,
they even disapproved of
what my parents do.
What can you do, get new parents?
What makes them think
they're so much better than you?
The guy took my hand and told me
I could trust him.
He said he'd protect me.
That's the only reason
why I stayed in that relationship.
All of a sudden, he announced
that he was marrying another girl.
That was the last I heard from him.
That's crazy.
Why did he even tell you all those things?
Why did he do that to me?
I still wonder.
What did I do wrong?
You did nothing wrong.
After betraying you, he didn't have
the courage to face you and disappeared.
But how can I be sure?
Unless he tells me himself.
So? You want to know why he left you?
This is unbelievable.
Have a drink. It's on the house.
Drink it.
You'll feel much better afterward.
Thank you.
Fine, I'll find out
why in the world he deceived her.
If he tries to make up
some lame excuse, I'll
This place is
I do not wish to see you again.
If I happen to see
the face of yours again,
you will not be able to go back alive.
I hear that your mother raised you alone.
After all she has done for you,
you should not do anything
that might harm her, should you?
really was the reincarnation of the Queen.
The Crown Prince's wedding
is only five days away.
Make sure everything goes perfectly.
Yes, Your Majesty.
You do not have to worry.
We are welcoming
the beautiful and bright daughter
of the well-respected Lord Kim Jin
into the royal family.
It is truly a blessing to the country.
Congratulations, Your Majesty.
I can not wait to see the Crown Prince
next to the Crown Princess.
You look absolutely
majestic and dignified.
All my wishes have come true now.
It is for the country
and the royal family.
So you lived happily
even after I died.
Why did you do that to me?
Let's get out of here.
Just a second.
I have to ask him something.
I told you not to do this. Let's go.
Your face,
your voice
I knew it was you.
Why are you here?
What more do you want from me?
After trampling on me and my mother,
you want to see me
being punished for 500 years?
You want to laugh at me? Is that it?
It's only in my memory,
but it's all my fault.
There's something you should know.
-I came to show you the truth--
-That's enough.
Ms. Shin, please leave now.
Tell me.
What's the truth?
Five hundred years ago, the Crown Prince--
What do you think you're doing?
Lord Kim Jin told me
that Weol-ju can access people's memories
in their dreams.
I wanted to let her know the truth.
It's for you too.
You haven't
changed a bit.
If you two get back together,
my long-held grudge will be settled,
and Weol-ju will get closer
to her 100,000th case.
It's good for everyone, don't you think?
If Weol-ju settles more grudges now,
she'll be sent to Hell.
Please listen to me.
You're neither the Queen
nor my mother anymore.
So please stop meddling in our lives
and live as Shin Ji-hye.
I beg you.
You can't enter here!
I know that. Let go!
I'm sorry.
I know I shouldn't barge in like this,
but I'm in a bit of a hurry.
You're in a bit of a hurry?
Do you remember me being transferred
to the Mystic Pop-up Bar a year ago?
When I asked you
what you wanted as a reward
for being a detective with
the highest arrest rate for 500 years,
you asked to be sent to Weol-ju.
Yes, and you were the one who told me
Weol-ju might be sent to Hell
because it was taking her too long
to solve 100,000 cases.
I know you sent me to her
because you were worried about her too.
So how
could you do this?
Is Weol-ju's sin so grave
that she deserves to be sent to Hell
even after being punished for 500 years?
Disclosure of secrets is a grave sin.
Someone must take responsibility.
Don't you know
that's the law of the Afterlife?
And Weol-ju took over the responsibility
of her own will.
How can I stop her from doing that?
You can't stop her?
I guess you can't stop me either.
I'll take over the responsibility
from Weol-ju.
You already paid for your sins
by working at the Afterlife Police Agency.
You even volunteered
at the Mystic Pop-up Bar after that.
You've done everything you--
I may have paid for
killing my childhood friend
and taking my life,
but not for making Weol-ju
die alone.
Is it Weol-ju again?
allow me.
Let me
go to Hell for her.
Well, did Ms. Shin ever come back here?
She did. It doesn't end there.
She lured me into the Dream World
and showed me that she is
the reincarnation of the Queen.
Did you see anything else?
Guibanjang interfered.
Darn it.
Why did she do that, by the way?
She said she wanted to show me the truth.
I don't know what she meant by that.
It's been bothering me.
I think I should go see her.
That's a good idea.
You don't want it to keep bothering you.
Why don't you get going
before Guibanjang shows up?
Everything's okay now. Everything's okay.
What do you mean?
Weol-ju's contract
-has been nullified.
Gosh, what's wrong?
I'm sorry. I got too excited.
What did you say?
Who am I? I confronted Yeomradaewang,
negotiated, and solved everything!
Explain so we can understand.
It couldn't have been that easy.
Of course, it wasn't easy.
That's why I stepped in.
There's something that fell into my hands
while I was working as a detective.
Nuclear bomb. Boom.
A nuclear bomb? What do you mean?
Well, as a detective,
you happen to find out about
the higher-ups' dirty little secrets
even if I did not intend to find out.
It was a detective's instinct.
I had put together
all those secrets into files,
and I handed them over.
You were holding on to those?
Yes, and I gave them up for you.
You owe me big-time.
I know. Thank you.
Hold on.
So Weol-ju doesn't have to go to Hell
even if she solves 100,000 cases?
She has to solve 100,000 cases
in order not to end up in Hell.
We have to hurry.
We wasted too much time
on that darn contract.
Where are you going?
I'm going to meet the Queen.
What? Why?
Ms. Shin is on a business trip to Paris.
She called me
and said she was feeling bad.
She said she'd be abroad for a while
and asked me to cheer you up.
Something doesn't feel right.
She knew that I didn't like her.
Why would she show me her previous life?
When is she coming back?
Just let it go.
We have to solve more cases.
You just almost ended up in Hell.
Please don't get into trouble.
Can you go grocery shopping?
Salt, garlic, green onions
We're out of so many ingredients.
While you're there, tell Kang-bae
that you're not going to Hell.
He must be worried.
All right, see you.
See you.
She should never meet Shin Ji-hye.
Where did I put her business card?
Settling the grudges of 100,000 people?
What happens after she pays for her sin?
Both Weol-ju and the Crown Prince
will be born again.
Weol-ju will get closer
to her 100,000th case.
It's good for everyone, don't you think?
If Weol-ju settles more grudges now,
she'll be sent to Hell.
The Crown Prince has no reason to lie.
Did Lord Kim Jin lie?
Why? What for?
I should meet the Crown Prince first.
Lord Kim, what brings you here?
Are you going somewhere?
Yes, I failed last time.
I'm going to meet Weol-ju
and try to clear up her misunderstanding.
What's the matter?
Because the Crown Prince
has been acting up,
my plans have changed.
I'm here to tell you
that you won't be able to clear up
their misunderstanding.
I'm going to
get rid of you.
What do you mean?
Who are you?
Now that I look like this,
everyone seems to tell me what they think.
Everything's become so easy.
This is the first time
my father has been of any help.
Won-hyung, how
I quite enjoyed my time in Hell.
So much so that I'm here to take your son
and Weol-ju with me.
Isn't that nice of me?
After all these years,
you're still nothing but good at
deceiving and tormenting people.
I didn't expect your last words
to be such a compliment.
Do you want to do this now?
No, I'll do it later.
Look at those lovebirds.
Being all lovey-dovey
Kang-bae, this is supposed to be
your break.
Thanks for your help.
Was this just work for you?
It was love for me.
Was this just work for you?
It was love for me.
Do you know that you're like these carts?
I'm like these carts?
I want to take you everywhere
and give you
all the nice things in the world,
but I can't bring you home.
You make me marvel and despair
at the same time.
Do you know that you're like the moon?
What do you mean?
The moon shines so bright and is so small
that it fits between my fingers,
but I can never bring it home.
Whenever I see it,
I marvel and despair at the same time.
Stop teasing me.
Are you grocery shopping?
did you hear those words?
What do you mean?
The thing you just said.
"Was this just work for you?
It was love for me.
I despair because I can't bring you home."
You just said that.
Oh, that? What do you think?
Do you think she liked it?
Where did you hear it? Who said that?
Who else? Guibanjang told me.
He said it worked very well for him.
Isn't it much better
than that rock festival joke?
When you want someone, tell them,
"I want to be the person you need".
He must have wanted to be with someone
he loves
"In her final moments,
what was I doing?
I didn't know anything."
He would feel sorry
and powerless.
Now there are two people
who understand you.
Was your past that painful?
Painful enough to want a fresh start?
Was he like that?
The man you loved.
You must resent him.
Do you have any idea
why I was a detective for 500 years
and what I went through to be here?
I can't let you end up
in the Hell of Extinction.
This number should be right.
Why isn't she picking up?
What happened?
Why are you back already?
What about grocery shopping?
What's wrong? Did something happen?
are you?
What are you talking about?
Who are you?
Subtitle translation by Hye-lim Park
You guys dated in your previous lives?
Did I do something wrong?
Yes. You're so handsome.
I asked if I look good in this outfit.
Yes, you look incredible.
No! Don't you dare!
What in the world are you talking about?
Show yourself.
I said, show yourself.
Who are you?
Please tell me. Who are you?
The mother and the daughter
had such a tragic end.
His name is
Please. Trust me this once and--
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